Brawl in the susral: Is Faryal Makhdoom really as innocent as she claims to be?

Published: December 18, 2016

Stay tuned as the whole, cheap show plays out to its final thrilling conclusion. PHOTO: FILE

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! And welcome to the main event; the fifth monthly featherweight bout between the susral and the bahu for the Pakistani masses. We’d like to thanks our judges for tonight; social media, bad journalism and you!

The people-with-nothing-better-to-do! The stakes have never been higher! The winner of this match will receive a tea-cup full of sasti shaurat (cheap fame) and absolutely no title belt what so ever, because this is not important! Now, introducing first: In the red corner, we have the upholder of moral values, the traditional immigrant sob-story, the clean, the mean, the Khan family! In the blue corner, we have mildly famous fashion vlogger and random ramp-walker extraordinaire, Faryaaal Makhdoooom Khaaaan!

Both sides are raring to go! The referee’s giving them their instructions and there goes the bell. The fighters are squaring off and – Oh! Faryal delivers a volley of abuse allegation punches on Snapchat! Bullying! Name calling! Divorcing a pregnant woman! Straight up physical violence! Look at her go! The Khan clan is backing towards the ropes. They’re trying to cover their sides and deliver a few nasty comments, but it looks bad for them!

There’s the first bell! The family looks battered but their body language says victory. The fighters square off for the second round. This time the family’s doesn’t wait! They’re hitting back with interviews to the tabloids! Ouch! Denying everything! Faryal not looking fazed. D*%$! Here comes the moral high ground! They tell the world that her clothes are not decent! Really folks, this is a classic South Asian move! A move that we’ve seen time and time again in this ring and the audience laps it up just like always! Faryal is on the defensive now.

And there’s the second bell! Both the fighters look winded. But they’re up again in no time and this time the Khans take the lead again with a TV interview about her clothes and – Wait! What’s this? The husband is climbing into the ring! He’s telling them they’re both wrong! He’s giving both sides a warning! He’s being dragged off by security! Sorry Amir. That’s not the narrative that the people in the stands have come to see! They want action! They want blood! They want something to distract them from the never-ending existential crisis that is their life!

The next round’s starting afresh! Faryal wastes no time in giving a TV interview of her own about being called a gold-digger! The Khan’s are not taking this lying down! They are swinging in with details about how they’re ready to reconcile, but the evil bahu isn’t! They’re playing the our-son-works-so-hard-but-she’s-ruining-his-life card! And the ominous warnings just keep on coming! Faryal hits back but her father-in-law’s not giving her room to manoeuvre.

What a feeding frenzy this is turning into, folks! And all of you have front row seats to the intense drama. Is this fight being overblown unnecessarily? Should we forget that Faryal knows how to manipulate the social media very well? Are the Khan family allowed to attack their daughter-in-laws fahash (obscene) clothes given the fact that their own son stands accused of a string of infidelities; pre and post extramarital flings (one barely a week after his daughter was born)? Not to mention the fact that his partying habits can hardly be called Islamic. Most importantly, is this incident helping or hindering the very real issue of abuse by in-laws that ordinary women regularly face? Or is this just another tawdry attempt at getting attention and money?

Stay tuned as the whole, cheap show plays out to its final thrilling conclusion. Or you may decide that you have better things to do. There goes the bell for the next round!

Sakina Hassan

Sakina Hassan

The author is currently studying for an Mphil degree at the Centre of Excellence in Solid State Physics.

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  • Parvez

    Ha, ha…loved reading that. On a lazy Sunday morning NFP in Dawn ( worth reading ) and now your blog have made my day.
    On this Amir / Faryal ridiculous brouhaha, I would see the pictures read the caption and pass …… now in one step you have brought me up to speed.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    It takes two to tango.Recommend

  • M. S. Chaudhry

    Very cheap shot. Watch movie “The Fighter” and try to understand how great Khan would be feeling about it.Recommend

  • farhan

    Bring things on social media, Insult someones parents without any proof or witnesses. WOW. Thanks feminism. Amir khan is such a disrespect to his parents should be ashamed. Any man with honour would have set her up straight or divorce her if she did not comply. He lost my respectRecommend

  • only truth is nature

    Amale’s infidilities in pakistani culture should not be taken seriously.A female without scarf is the biggest sinner who should be severely punished. So the noble parents of the boxer are justified in criticising their daughter-in-law.Recommend

  • Alex Sal

    Live from Pakistan…Recommend

  • rumi52

    Divorce is the answer to everything isn’t it? Perhaps you have been watching Pakistani dramas too much. If there is even a slightest chance of reconciliation why not? Instead divorce should be the absolute last option. Unlike the Catholic religion where divorce is not allowed, Islam does allow divorce but Allah makes it clear that he does not like divorce and it is only allowed as a necessity. Yet we casually say talaq, divorce over the slightest insult. Remember there is a small child to consider. Anyway if Amir’s alleged adultery is true she has more legitimate reason to divorce him. By the way I wish both parties would get a room and sort this mess out privately and who knows what the real story is and who is really to blame. However she should not have gone to the media.Recommend

  • Aamir – Toronto

    Why are you bringing up Pakistan in this mess, they are UK national !!!!Recommend

  • Sane

    Faryal is the only culprit in this fiasco.Recommend

  • MR.X

    he said if she dosent comply divorce her which she clearly did.. She also posted nudes of his brother after insulting his family etc.. I rather live alone than with such a women. i have this sense of self-respect. Divorce by women in islam is not easy, Lol ..Go read Bukhari and islamic law. Its rather a khula which the qazi decides according to law wheter khula is acceptable. If women were allowed to divorce divorce rate would drastically increase due to their emotional nature. In the west nearly 3/4th of divorce are initiated by ’empowered’ womenRecommend

  • farhan

    I never said divorce quickly. I said if she dosent comply(As amir said keep of the media) which she did not and posted nudes of his brother.Shes asking for it from any self-respecting man.Women cant divorce and can file for khula which a judge decides is acceptable or notRecommend

  • rumi52

    Interesting….Saudi Arabia has one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Only recently has there been a increase in khula cases in Saudi Arabia as well. (google Saudi Arabia divorce rate). You are right in the west women initiate divorce more than men but that does not mean that the polar opposite is a better situation. I am aware that a man can divorce easily in Islam and women have to go to a qazi. I will take your advice and read Bukhari. I am happy to take advice on increasing my knowledge. I was however talking about divorce generally no matter who initiates it. She posted nude of his brother staying the night at a girl’s house after his family accused her of unIslamic behavior. Please I don’t want to get into defending the wife here or the parents. We don’t know what the truth is only what each side chooses to tell the media. The only personal opinion I will offer is that not surprised at this situation. The lady in question seems to come from a modern background and Amir’s family come from a traditional conservative background. This is something Amir should have thought about when marrying her.Recommend

  • rumi52

    This same brother on twitter made fun of his elder brother’s wife, his bhabi. He called her Michael Jackson because of alleged plastic surgery by her. Would any self-respecting man allow his younger brother to insult his wife in public. Twitter is a public forum. I am not taking sides, who knows what the real truth is. Also remember they are married under UK law as well. She could take half or at least a good amount of his money in the divorce settlement….there that will give some people more reasons to curse western society.Recommend

  • farhan

    is it the same as posting nudes. ??your failed logic.. That is no reason to cut of your ties with your brother and that itself is self-respect dear. I know that UK rule of marriage, thats why there women are spoiltRecommend

  • farhan

    Your a joke Saudi arabia has the highest rate in the world! Yes divorce rates are increasing but in the west they are easily highest. Saudia is not even the top 10..You must be a woman using Rumis name???Your talking all emotions and less logic.Recommend

  • MR.X

    Saudia isnt even in the top 20 countries of divorce rate. But yes divorce is increasing thnx to the westeren mediaRecommend

  • Ammar

    Wow, the misogyny is here is horrible. More then 95% of divorces in Pakistan are initiated by men. Some cases leave women is despair because they weren’t informed. The concept of the wife patience (sabr) is too abused, women are not emotional anymore, some men are getting way more emotional, because they want a “better” wife. Most men live in rural area, other dont know english, so it aint “western media’s” fault
    Nevertheless, financial situation is considered the reason for the increase in divorce in Pakistan due to the developing status of the country, not some “western media”

    In the UK an oxford study has shown that the main cause of divorce there is also financial constraints, while familial issue is considered the main reason for divorce in the south asian descent communities. (For example, Amir khan forced to deal with both his wife and parents)

    It ain’t no “emotional women” fault here. If that was the case pakistan’s divorce rate would be decreasing, and KSA would have a far lower divorce rate. The reason for Saudi arabia’s high divorce rate is because men can divorce so easily, and cheaply, back when they weren’t richer, they wouldn’t divorce but now, with the increased wealth they can.

    Read some books, they have countless studies in the subject, its a topic in every sociologist, marriage counsellors even psychologists. Its always high in richer countries and its mainly financial constraints. You guys are crazier then the parliamentarian who thought that there was an increase in divorce because of the lack of gas on the stove. Recommend

  • farhan

    Women are more emotional..And reason why men initiate is due to Shariah laws.go educate yourself. Westeren media has its effects on bollywood. Dont try to act smart as it is the reason for divorceRecommend

  • Vanessa Antonio

    My husband has recently advised me that he wants a divorce and wants to leave me and our children to move back to our home town.I needed help to protect myself, and determine if it is someone else with the proper help of [email protected] i was saved.Recommend