Why America is the greatest Islamic Caliphate there exists

Published: December 18, 2016

Let’s pray to God to give us sense and help us understand that America and other western democracies are not our enemies.

Last Friday, Maulvi Sahab again said that God’s wrath is soon going to descend on the United States of America (USA) and the Muslim World will rise again. Although these are two entirely different things – fall of America and rise of Muslims more so the Asian Muslims – quite unrelated; nevertheless, he bundled them together as is the understanding in the entire Muslim world these days. So far so good.

For the last 30 years of my life in Kashmir, I have often heard this prediction being made by “God’s own middlemen” that this Islamophobic, zionist, kafir America will fall apart one day and recently after Donald Trump got elected as president, I saw America-haters full of hope again.

But 30 years down the line I have got an answer to why these predictions are not working at all and why they will never work in the future too.

I believe that America is the greatest Islamic Caliphate that has ever existed after the times of Rashidoon if we go by the true idea of a Caliphate and not its spurious and obnoxious version that we saw in the form of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

I’m saying this with a complete sense of responsibility. The universal ideas of goodness, the principles of Quran and the tradition of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) which Muslims and Muslim nations have intentionally and so conveniently excluded from their political and social life, Americans practice consciously and compulsorily in every bit they do.

Here is why America is there to stay and prosper and why America is in the good books of God.

1. On a morning walk in Baltimore, every American who jogged past me greeted me with a smile although I was a complete stranger to them. Baltimore is otherwise considered to be one of the least-sophisticated cities of the US and I didn’t expect these courtesies here. Forget a smile or a greeting, do we even look at each other with respect in our part of the world?

2. Whenever I’ve had to cross the road (and even if I wrongly crossed it like we cross it here) without waiting for the lights to be green, swanky cars would screech to a halt and the driver would smilingly ask me to walk over. In India or Pakistan, I would have either been run over or my past five generations would have been abused. Such is the courtesy towards a guest in the city.

3. At many places I saw give-aways kept on neat shelves for the needy. Clothes, toys, food, electronic items kept by unknown Samaritans for those who might need them. If you buy new sofas you can keep the old ones there and someone will come to take the old ones home. Focus is on giving rather than asking. Not unlike us that we will give a coin to someone and then talk at 50 places about it.

4. In a Maryland restaurant, the moment Shaida Andrabi and I finished eating, the waiter politely packed the leftovers and requested us to take it along. We had not even asked for it. For Americans, wasting food is a sin and the way we throw away heaps of half-pinched ristas and goshtabas after wedding wazwans, is nowhere else in the world.

5. Sarkari (government) schools are very well managed and rich people send their kids to public schools. Education is free and focus is on camaraderie, humanism, inclusiveness, tolerance and creativity. Teachers are highly respected. Education is being used as an effective tool to fight racism.

6. Police officers are very respectful to civilians and will come to your help wherever you want. But the rule of law is there. Bureaucracy is almost non-existent.

7. Most politicians begin their careers as members of the school management committees, not like us where mediocrity and criminal antecedents are a prerequisite to be in politics.

8. People are very honest in their dealings and you won’t be cheated in a bus or on a shop. If you tell a fruit-seller in Srinagar that you will choose the oranges from his basket, he will refuse to sell things to you. We consider cheating and short changing people as our birth right.

9. Americans are by and large extremely open to diversity. In most high-end locations in Washington DC and New York you can find that outsiders are living in large numbers. In our countries we don’t want anyone to come and live and do business. We are extremely insecure when it comes to facing competition.

10. American courts have very little pendency and justice is timely.

11. Americans are considered conservative and the notions of family, community, kinship are quite strong. But when it comes to nepotism it’s almost non-existent. Honesty is the rule.

12. Academicians, scientists, doctors and teachers are highly respected and people don’t show off their wealth or power. Charity and a sense of giving is extremely strong and both the state and the people are doing their bit for the poor and homeless people.

13. Most American Muslims are god fearing, with a progressive outlook and are happy there, praying to God to make it great again, unlike most of us who want a war back home but want our kids to study in America.

14. Now think of the 50-odd Muslim countries in the world and think of the freedoms, the democracy, the sense of justice and peace, economic prosperity and quality of life there. There is no match.

Let’s pray to God to give us sense and help us understand that America and other western democracies are not our enemies. Our enemy, blind faith and ignorance, is within us.

God bless America.

The post originally appeared here.

Shah Faesal

Shah Faesal

The writer is a Kashmiri civil servant and writer. He tweets @shahfaesal (twitter.com/shahfaesal?lang=en)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • omarsadiq

    You have nailed each and every point to the head! I live in the US myself and don’t get me wrong, I love Pakistan but when it comes to justice, fairplay and friendliness, there is no country in the forefront than the USA.
    Agreed, there are racists and bigots everywhere, plus there are a few localities where you might not want to wander around in the night or any part of the day, still its a lot safer compared to any city in Pakistan.
    The point 13 you mentioned is the BEST one and sooooo true.Recommend

  • Kmax

    All these good deeds are done by Americans without practicing Islamic fundamentals like Belief in Allah, Namaz, Reading Quran, Roza, Hajj, Zakat etc…
    This clearly shows that religion has no significance if you want to be a good human.Recommend

  • vinsin

    1. Americans have not seen Islamic Invasion and real Jihad yet.
    2. Let them get partitioned. Let guest become rulers, looters, killers and destroyer.
    3. Have they ever payed Jizya. Asked them will they partition for Muslims. Do I need to tell you how much Hindus have given to Muslims?
    5. Let the Muslims destroy this tolerance, schools and universities, just like in subcontinent. I can bet you will just watch, stand and celebrate.
    6. Let your generation demand Sharia law, and let Americans implement laws in Muslims ghettos.
    9. Diversity – unislamic.
    10. That is because they are secular and dont have Muslim appeasement laws.
    13. So they dont want partition, halal, circumcision, sharia and Jihad – not exactly true.
    14. True, because they are Islamic. If they Muslims countries wanted freedoms, the democracy, the sense of justice and peace, economic prosperity and quality of life – they would have not converted to Islam. Do I need to talk about prosperity during Arab Pagans rule?

    Author should have mentioned if America is so good then why not adopt her constitution as J&K constitution.Recommend

  • tman

    suffering from inferiority complex .. enjoy Trump’s americaRecommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    Mr. Faesal ,you summed it up very well. I have been living in US for almost 6 years now and trust me, it will take sub continent another 100 years to be what US is like now, in terms of the things that you described.Recommend

  • Mohammad

    I have been to America and my family too – I can say there is no country as beautiful as humble as America. You have complete freedom of life, and speech, to live, sleep, eat, drink, work, whatever you like to do.Recommend

  • Zubair Khan

    From general public point view you are correct. US and even other developed countries took all good things from Islam and implemented it practically. Contrary to it Muslim countries only possessed all this in shelves and never implemented. However at political or military elite level, for strategic and selfish interests, US and other developed countries do not adhere to golden Islamic principles. And may be these criminal acts against innocent humanity can cause the wrath of God all such developed countries are punished by God Almighty.Recommend

  • yousufrather

    A reality which shah faisal has put in a beautiful way.Recommend

  • Uzair

    I agree with every point except points 4 and 6. Food wastage is a huge problem in the US and policy brutality (especially against African Americans) is a big problem. Point to remember: Empirical evidence is better than anecdotes. Thanks for this article though!Recommend

  • powayman

    “Now think of the 50-odd Muslim countries in the world and think of the freedoms, the democracy, the sense of justice and peace, economic prosperity and quality of life there. There is no match.”
    Maybe – but it might be anecdotal evidence that many Muslims don’t appreciate those values. On the other hand it’s interesting to note that Muslims who live in the USA and Israel never seem to leave —- go figure.Recommend

  • wb

    You forget the great Satan has destroyed Muslim countries. You forget the great Satan eats pork and drinks alcohol and does drugs. You forget that the great Satan produces most pornography in the world. You forget that the great Satan runs his business with RIBA. You forget that the great Satan is controlled by the treacherous Jews and in recent times the EVER TREACHEROUS BRAHMIN BANIYA. You forget that the great Satan sides with the greatest of all Satans Israel to oppress and occupy our holy land Jerusalem. You forget that the great Satan considers his constitution supersedes the holiest of all holies the Holy Quran. You forget that there is no law and order in the great Satan because the noblest Sharia is not implemented.

    Shame on those who call the great Satan as the greatest Islamic Caliphate. Is great Satan greater than Hazrat Umar? Is great Satan greater than Abu Bakar As Siddiq? Is great Satan greater than Hazrat Uthman? Is great Satan greater than Hazrat Ali? Is great Satan greater than Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi? Ooops…sorry…scratch the last one.

    How can you compare great Satan to the most prosperous, most just, most peaceful, most progressive, most logical, most happiest, most generous, most scientific, most pleasing, most healthiest Caliphs of Islam?Recommend

  • hore choopo

    honest and truthful writing.Recommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    Hi, You are the same Faesal who topped IAS ? Congratulations. This article is just great.Recommend

  • Karachiwala

    You are absolutely correct.
    But i will delete point 6, or maybe change it otherwise.
    Police is racist here, most of them are whites. About Bureaucracy, hahaha lolz.. i guess you did not file for any thing with USCIS?Recommend

  • Essaar

    When will American Pakistanis stop trying to justify America? I find it bewildering that every time a Pakistani who has gone to live the ‘American Dream’ must start defending his new adopted home and pile on the ridicule on Pakistan. I myself have lived in North America and other countries but never found it necessary to ‘prove my allegiance’.

    Firstly, America is a secular state so stop comparing it to an ideologically religious government. Secondly, stop trying to generalize the US and other countries around the world. The attitude in cities like New York and Chicago is completely different then rural America. Stop trying to fit everything into a square, life is not black and white, yes or no. Stop behaving like you are at a McDonalds.

    Thirdly, the American civilization is a great achievement of the human mind but I would like to state some facts here to put things into perspective:

    1- Slavery was legal in the USA up till 1865 and segregation of black people from ‘sarkari’ schools was only abolished in 1964! We all watch American news and know how the minorities (read black Americans) still feel today about police shootings and incarceration.

    2- The United States has the largest prison population in the world, and the second-highest per-capita incarceration rate, behind Seychelles. Out of all ethnic groups, native Black Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, and American Indians have some of the highest rates of incarceration.

    3- In the U.S., more than 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year. 35% of the homeless population are families with children, which is the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. 23% are U.S. military veterans.

    4- In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, hate crimes against people of Middle-Eastern descent increased from 354 attacks in 2000 to 1,501 attacks in 2001. During the course of 2015, there were approximately 174 reported incidents of anti-Muslim violence and vandalism, including: 12 murders; 29 physical assaults; 50 threats against persons or institutions; 54 acts of vandalism or destruction of property; 8 arsons; and 9 shootings or bombings, among other incidents.
    5- I don’t think I need to mention Guantanamo Bay, collateral deaths in invasions of sovereign nations, support of brutal puppet regimes and corrupt governments, and the promotion of instant gratification mentality that has destroyed numerous pristine environments in search of more money.
    Don’t show your allegiance by putting down other people. Be an assimilated part of your society wherever you live and contribute positively. Humans do not become animals as you cross borders nor do they change into members of Khilafet e Rashidoon!Recommend

  • Parvez

    The saying of an Egyptian scholar needs repeating……When I went west I saw Islam but no Muslims, when I returned east I say Muslims but no Islam.Recommend

  • wb

    Thank you for reminding him what America is. You say: “2- The United States has the largest prison population in the world, and
    the second-highest per-capita incarceration rate, behind Seychelles.
    Out of all ethnic groups, native Black Americans, Puerto Rican
    Americans, and American Indians have some of the highest rates of

    now, let me remind you that “THE” highest rate of incarceration for any religion belongs to you MUSLIMS.

    1% of USA are Muslims.

    15% of US convicts are Muslims. Aren’t you a proud people? Taking proud in murder-rape, drug peddling, robbery-theft, cheating, battery, domestic abuse, terrorism…proud Muslims.

    Are you going to blame American government for this? I mean, you always do that. You’re the worst performing people in the world and you blame the entire world except your own faults.Recommend

  • Eddied

    as long as there are brainwashed religious fanatics who believe the lies the mulvis preach, there will be fools who have been taught to hate the west…they are completely wrong but are to uneducated to know it…Recommend

  • osama


  • Patwari

    Well, see, the same goes for hindus. See, there is this caste system
    in Hindustan. No hindu can escape it. That is why millions of hindus
    are spread worldwide, trying to escape it. Specially if you are a low caste
    hindu,…like an Untouchable….now that is bad karma.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Well, only a hindu will come up with a comment
    like yours.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    The author has more or less given a realistic account of The Situation a tourist comes across in the usa including prohibition in so called counties. Greetings to the author.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Ahmar Khan

    I don’t have a Disqus account so I can’t upvote your post here…but I agree completely with your views. The article writer puts up such a rosy picture of America without mentioning any of the ills. And not just ills in the sense of what Mullahs tell us..for instance,

    1. American Dream: He’s told us that Americans smile and greet him on the streets. Millions of Americans are also out of a job or work in dead-end, low paying jobs such as flipping burgers at McD’s or Walmart. For these people, American dream is working from paycheck to paycheck.

    2. Mass shootings: At schools, at Cinemas, at shopping Malls. This was going on even before the Jihadi brigade took up the task upon themselves. The second amendment specifically allows everyone to have guns and the crazies among them do use it. Pakistan is no paradise..but is America without a fault?

    3. Police brutality: It is considered common for Police to shoot and kill blacks and hispanics every now and then.

    4. US politicians: Almost every politician is bought by Big corporations and Wall Street. Doesn’t matter where they start their career if they don’t really represent the people of America does it?

    5. US materialism: US is one of the most materialistic nations on the planet. It is the center of Capitalism. It is where, status symbols are invented to be shown off. Designer clothes, branded jewelry, multiple SUVs in each household. upgrading phones/electronice every year is an american thing. Facebook and Instagram…literally places where people come to show off their wealth..were invented by Americans.

    6. US openness and diversity: For most of its history, America was a large piece of land with very little population. If you’ve read their history, Americans have always needed immigrants to come over and settle the continent. As soon as immigration no longer suited their needs, they’ve banned it. Ask the millions of Mexican immigrants who have been deported how welcoming the American people are.

    7. American courts: Your guilt and innocence is not determined by whether you are guilty or not but how much money you have to buy the best lawyers.

    8. People are very honest and don’t cheat or rob: This is just so asinine..I don’t even know what to say. Americans…like a person from any other country have needs and wants. Greed for material goods. Some of the biggest scams in history were committed by Americans. Burglaries, theft, arson, white collar crime happens…just as it happens in any other country.

    The only agreeable point is that there probably isn’t as much freedom, democracy and sense of peace in Muslim countries as there might be in the US. But to paint such a rosy picture that American’s are angels descended upon earth to recreate the Islamic Caliphate….is simply ridiculous.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Sure you can differ with his opinion, but don’t just shrug off the issues we have in the (so called) Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There is corruption, apathy, adultery, nepotism, narcissism in every corner of Pakistan.

    Admit that and put your energy into cleaning that. Stop pretending that Pakistan is ‘the better one’ out there.Recommend

  • Anjum

    I am acquainted with a taxi driver and he tells he would be paying off the local mafias to survive in business if he was in Pakistan. You are so correct. There are many problems in the US but compared to Pakistan this is a paradise.Recommend

  • Agarwal

    Comment below made me come to know that you are the first Kashmiri to top the notoriously hard Indian Administrative Services exam. Even though I am not from Kashmir, but as an Indian, it really feels good to see Kashmiris do well against all odds. Kudos to you. Your intelligence shows in the way you see the goodness in people of other cultures.Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    great tongue-in-cheek analysis!Recommend

  • SRK

    The writer is from India … and works for the Indian Govt. – so must be mostly living in India. Folks from India are generally more humble, accommodating and praise good things when they seem them (ignore the trolls you here – they do not represent the Indians I have come to know). Trust me, I have been around them long enough to start liking them more than others from all over our neighborhood.Recommend

  • wb

    So, somebody threatened ET and they promptly removed my comment. And this is the freedom of press in Pakistan!!!Recommend

  • Salman

    The purpose of the Islamic state or caliphate is to implement the Divine Laws and systems of society and to propagate Islam to the rest of humanity by spreading the authority of the state.

    America is a secular, capitalist state that spreads secularism and capitalism which completely contradicts Islam in doctrinal terms and seeks to achieve different goals for society. So how do you judge???

    What you have described are some aspects of a civil society which will be shared by many societies even those of opposing ideological persuasion.

    Just because Pakistan is a failed state doesn’t mean that a revived caliphate was go likewise. In fact, if established by enlightened muslims, the caliphate will be far more just, productive and progressive than America.Recommend