Have you forgotten what India did to Nepal and Kashmir, Mr Ashraf Ghani?

Published: December 6, 2016

Pakistan could have looked the other way, like India did, but because Afghanistan is our brotherly Muslim neighbour, we did everything in our power to help your country regain its freedom.

We were not very surprised when you, Mr Ashraf Ghani, at the Heart of Asia conference in India, conveniently forgot how much Pakistan has done for your country. You criticised Pakistan viciously and blamed it for the problems that you are facing and are not able to resolve.

You must have been a young man when the Soviet Union invaded your country in 1979 and ruled it for nine years. While Pakistan immediately condemned the invasion, along with most of the civilised world, India supported the Soviets. When most countries, including Pakistan, refused to send their teams to the Moscow Olympics, India sent its athletes and won the hockey gold metal, owing to Pakistan’s boycott. Yet you still want to maintain cordial relations with India? Not only that, you are bending over backwards to support India’s vicious campaign to isolate Pakistan, which is meant to deflect the attention of the international community from its brutal treatment of Kashmir’s freedom fighters.

Have you already forgotten that it was Pakistan which organised the liberation of Afghanistan and compelled the invaders to leave your country? Pakistan could have looked the other way, like India did, but because Afghanistan is our brotherly Muslim neighbour, we did everything in our power to help your country regain its freedom. At least remember this, Mr Ghani, the next time you open your mouth to blame Pakistan for your troubles.

For the past 30 years, Mr Ghani, Pakistan has hosted three million refugees from your country, giving them shelter and jobs, thus causing many of its own citizens to be unemployed. One of the refugees, Mr Ghani, was your former boss and president of Afghanistan himself, Hamid Karzai. Owing to our hospitality, we have seen unlimited weapons and drugs flowing into our country, as well as terrorists causing the deaths of over 50,000 innocent people.

But of course all this doesn’t mean anything to you. In fact, you even refused to accept Pakistan’s generous offer to give your country half a billion dollars. And you have the audacity to advise Pakistan to spend it on curbing terrorism, which you say is emanating from Pakistan – even though you are harbouring many terrorists yourself, to cause devastation in Pakistan.

So, why don’t you advise Modi to keep the billion dollars he wants to give you and spend it to provide toilets for poor Indians? Oh, no, you can’t do that; you can’t afford to offend a man responsible for Muslim genocide, can you? Have you already forgotten what happened to Dr Mohammad Najibullah, who couldn’t be saved when the mujahideen took over Kabul?

Afghanistan is a land-locked country dependent upon Pakistan for transit trade. We allow you to import whatever you want, and quite a lot of your imported goods find their way illegally into our markets, causing many of our industries to collapse, threatening many others with closure.

Do you know how India treats its land-locked neighbour Nepal? India charges custom duty on all Nepalese imports at its sea-ports, then refunds to Nepal the duty amount collected at the end of the financial year. This way, India is able to use all that money for its own purpose for a whole year. But that is not all. Since Nepalese importers don’t want to suffer the hassle of their money being blocked in this manner, they are forced to buy only Indian manufactured goods. Only when they require goods not manufactured in India do they import from other countries.

Would you like it if Pakistan imposed the same conditions on Afghanistan? And how would you react if Pakistan asked all Afghan refugees to leave the country immediately and go back to Afghanistan?

Gratitude is something which crude and ill-mannered people like you cannot feel. It’s time to be grateful, Mr Ashraf Ghani. It’s time to speak the truth and admit that you said what you did and blamed Pakistan for your problems because Mr Modi asked you to do so.

Shakir Lakhani

Shakir Lakhani

Engineer, former visiting lecturer at NED Engineering College, industrialist, associated with petroleum/chemical industries for many years. Loves writing, and (in the opinion of most of those who know him), mentally unbalanced. He tweets @shakirlakhani (twitter.com/shakirlakhani)

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  • Syed Ahmad

    Well said Shakir.Recommend

  • AP

    Excellently wrote Mr shakirRecommend

  • Milford

    The stupidity in this blog is so thick you only see fogs and twisted narratives.Recommend

  • Thomas

    Okay, poor and idiotic comments……Recommend

  • Patwari

    Here come the Indians, with their poison pens!!!Recommend

  • Lalit

    No mention of dearest Talibans who are hanging students by trees and blowing up civilians and uniformed people alike….no mention where Mullah Mansoor was droned…or for that matter OBL.
    And the biggest tragedy you could look for which India heaps on Nepal is incomprehensive to even qualified people….
    India is home to almost 4 million migrant Nepalese who have all the rights as an Indian citizen would have.. Sikkim , an Indian state even has ethnic Nepalese as majority population.They can move all over India,buy property,get made PAN and Aadhar cards and even get enrollment in Indian defence forces including commisioning.You forgot to mention there is unrestricted movement of citizens between India and Nepal,and we share a unique relation among us.
    Pakistan has exploited Afghan migrants to turn them into Talibans and uses them as cannon foddder,which Ghani sees through.

  • Ahmad

    Good oneRecommend

  • 19640909rk .

    Dear ET, today is 6th Dec. You should start paying respects to the 3 million Bangladeshi victims Pakistan was responsible for.Recommend

  • Praneet Ahluwalia

    India provides free transit of all goods imported by Nepal. That means Nepal can use India’s infrastructure for free. The customs duty is rebated at the end of the year to ensure that no Indian takes advantage of this exception and doesnt pay customs.
    Please share with us which country allows that. one example would suffice and that would show you the depth of relationship between India and Nepal.

    And Pakistan liberated Afganisthan.. Please, the Taliban is your creation entirely. Pray on your sinsRecommend

  • PamerAFG

    Here comes Afghan view:

    Pakistan has caused an immeasurable mayhem to Afghanistan for the last 40 years. We have no ill feelings towards ordinary Pakistani people, but your government is the most evil thing existing. We receive Brotherly gifts from your government in form of suicide attacks. All these head-choppers are located in your land and are supported by your government. It’s called Karma..now you are having the same problems and rely on heavily on US AID. Pakistan is a sick nation that keeps spreading disease around its neighbors, this is what you are and this is the reason why EVEN your fellow sympathizer (Ghani) has chosen to cut a deal with India, as they say actions speak louder than words.Recommend

  • abhi

    This article looks like almost a joke. If Russians were so bad, why you are begging infront of them now? You have created the problems for Afghanistan in first place. Soviet wouldn’t have come to Afghanistan had Pakistan not involved in overthrowing the government with the help of Jihadis. You guys created hell in a peacful country and now you want them to be thankful for your “help”.Recommend

  • p r rao

    If you are fancied about writing something, you could also mention in your article how Pakistan has grown the Talibans, the Haqqanis, Lashker-e-Thayyaba, Jamat-Ud-Dawa so on and so forth to finger the neighbors.Recommend

  • Test Test

    Dumbest article. In India, there are millions of Nepalis living like Indians and not needing to hide their nationality. In Pakistan, the Pakistani government is calling Afghanistani refugees as foreigners and asking them to go back. India provides virtually subsidized fuel and gas to Nepal. Pakistan provides nothing to Afghanistan except terrorism. Millions of Nepalis get pension from India, Afghanistan refugees are hounded in Pakistan. Nepalis integrate inside India, use Indian currency and are brothers of Indians. Afghanistan refugees are treated as dirt by Pakistan. Do not even compare the two. What Pakistan did to Afghanistan is downright horrible, they were responsible for all the violence the Taliban undertook when they were in power in Kabul. Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Author as per Pakistani norms conveniently forgets Pakistan’s world famous “Good Taliban” terrorist proxies tasked with destabilizing its neighbors in search of Strategic Depth against India! LeT/JuD still openly operates and raises funds for its activities against India, while Afghan Taliban leadership (Quetta Shura) still enjoys sanctuary inside Pakistan, and Haqqani Group somehow escaped any attacks during Army operation against “Bad Taliban”!
    FACT: Afghans will long remember what Pakistan did TO THEIR COUNTRY!Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Maybe Patwari might tell us just who the “Good Taliban” are!Recommend

  • vinsin

    Having toilets in India or not will not have any impact on Afghanistan but if Pakistan stop supporting terrorists in Afghanistan will have impact on Afghanistan? As always you are not good in giving analogies. If Pakistani Hindus start bombing Pakistan, will you call them freedom fighters? why didnt you call Indian Army as freedom fighters?

    By killing 3 million in Bangladesh, destroying Afghanistan and killing Palestinians and leaving so many Indian Muslims in India after partition by signing Liaquat Nehru pact is your brotherly love – wow.

    Your brotherly love to make a Muslim a terrorists whether in Kashmir or Afghanistan.

    You got money for hosting Afghan refugees, why you demand money from UNCR for your brothers? Why no such emotions for Pakistani still staying in Bangladesh?

    You prove in any court in the world that Modi is responsible for Muslims genocide? You will be surprised to know that 25% of world population is of Muslims and you are a Muslim too, so when that genocide of Muslims happened?

    How many times have you shown gratitude towards Hindus for giving you Pakistan, allowing you looting, raping and killing?Recommend

  • Young

    Nepali don’t get PAN and AADHAR card in India, stop lies.Recommend

  • ingeborg Malik

    Dear Blogger do you remember how Pakistan Attacked Kashmir,Raped,Killed and Looted the people there??Or how you invaded Balochistan and did the same as in Kashmir?or better what you did in Bangladesh?Ethnic Cleansing one calls it and yet you speak of Muslim Brotherhood.Was also Modi tp blame for all this??Recommend

  • Yousef Faqeeri

    This article is awful. Every man and woman and child of Afghanistan knows exactly what Pakistan has done to Afghanistan. Manipulating pakhtoons and brain washing the poor and vulnerable into terrorists. The whole world knows what business Pakistan is in. Not only iis their products in Afghanistan, they are also all over the middle-east. The world will unite against Pakistan. They are the worlds largest supporter of terrorism. 40+ years of exporting terrorism. # COLD-WARRecommend

  • Ruby

    India did not support Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. And why will Nepali importers feel pinched/harassed if their custom duty is debited to their government late? The payment arrangement is between the governments. The pain of importing some goods to Nepal is as much as importing to India. Even Indian importers pass through the same hoops. And as for the late transfer of the customs duty, it is not some out of the world robbery of Nepalese money. There can be questions on efficiency of the mechanism, but it is not entirely an unfair mechanism, since the collection effort is entirely put up by the Indian government.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Afghanistan knows what they went through at the hands of Pakjabis. Islamists were sent in 1973 to destabilize and destroy Afghanistan, long before Soviet intervention. Prachanda’s Nepal is a project of alien powers who are going to destroy native Nepali culture, spirituality. If Nepal goes Pakistan way then it will have Xainity as state religion and non subcontinental imperialist power’s basis, making it land of conflict just as AfPak.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Nepalis get admissions to IITs, IIMs, AIMSs like any other Indian. In BHU Nepalis get free education because till recently Nepali king used to be chancellor of BHU.

    Pakistan gets funds for 3Million Afghan refugees but in reality there are only 800K. Even those 800K are self supporting and do businesses. All UN money goes into pocket of Pakjab baboos and jernailsRecommend

  • maynotmatter

    Here comes other Pakistani’s rant against reality. Boil your blood all your want.Recommend

  • Tommy Gunn

    This article seens like a rant of a 5 year old who just wants to blame others and refuses to introspect & change his own unruly behavior. Truly pathetic!Recommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    This is just a rant of a man who have failed to see folly of his own government and army about their strategic depth policy which has turned Afghanistan into graveyard of thousands of people. Ghani has seen through the Pakistanis and their darkest hearts. He is saying what he knows by experience.Recommend

  • Gingerman78

    Mr. Lundani, perhaps its for the same reason as to why Pakistan seeks the love of the United States despite being routinely slapped by them. Despite the drones droppings, CIA incursions, Abbottabad raid, zero F16s, sovereignty savaging, Pakistan still seeks the morsels of friendship from the US. Far smaller countries such as Cuba have shown far more dignity. Yet you continue to grovel for aide and approval. Whatever you accuse India of with regards Afghanistan, you have suffered far more direct indignities and yet your leaders visit with their hat in hand. A little introspection is in order before your preach?Recommend

  • Milind A

    “We were not very surprised when you, Mr Ashraf Ghani,xxx conveniently forgot how much Pakistan has done for your country.”
    This is the problem with Pakistan and Pakistanis.. They don’t realize that the world is driven by realpolitik wherein every country looks out after its self-interests.. They keep on chasing that mythical Muslim ummah and then complain about lack of reciprocation from those countries (Saudis, Afghanistan etc). The same script is being played with US… who was supposedly Pakistan’s best friend earlier… And I’m sure the history would be repeated with China once again.
    So wake up… don’t whine about how you were betrayed…. Practice self-politik, self-interests (subtly through diplomacy, statesmanship, foreign policy and not through the in-your-face ‘strategic assets’ or ‘non-state actors’).. Once this happens your relations with your neighbours will improve.
    P.S. : India’s relations with Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, China had gone downhill. But with Modi’s foreign policy these have improved. Sri lanka tilted towards India, border issues with Bangladesh have resolved, relations with Nepal are improving… Border disputes with China remain, but these no longer have the capability to damage the trade between both these neighbours.. In fact last month the Chinese and Indian armies held joint military exercises in Pune, IndiaRecommend

  • Mohsin Ahmed

    Spot on… Afghans are ungrateful people. No matter how much we do for them they will never realize. Time to close borders with Afghanistan and give them a tough lesson.Recommend

  • Irony

    childish really!!Recommend

  • wb

    “Gratitude is something which crude and ill-mannered people like you cannot feel. It’s time to be grateful, Mr Ashraf Ghani.”

    I’m speechless for the moment after reading this. I can’t catch my breath. So, I’ll let Khawaja Asif give you the right reply:”Kuch Sharam hoti hai…kuch haya hoti hai.”

    By the way this reply by Khwaja Asif is to all Pakistanis. You pakistanis ruined Afghanistan by supporting Taliban for 35 years now. You have destroyed their country and now shamelessly ask them to be grateful to you?

    Hai hai hai hai…kuch sharam hoti hai kuch haya hoti hai.

    In the great Tarek Fatah’s own words “You rape a woman all night and expect her to be grateful to you because you have her breakfast in the morning?”

    Hai hai hai hai…kuch sharam hoti hai kuch haya hoti hai.

    Besides, get your general knowledge right. KPK belongs to the Pashtoon people. It’s a land occupied by Pakistan and never recognized by Afghanistan. So, Pashtoon people are living in their own country.

    Hai hai hai hai…kuch sharam hoti hai kuch haya hoti hai.

    And you’re reminding them of Nepal and Kashmir? Do you want them to forget what you did in Bangladesh? Palestine? Balochistan? FATA? Sindh? Gilgit Baltistan? Occupied Kashmir? Have you forgotten what you did to Mohajirs?

    Hai hai hai hai…kuch sharam hoti hai kuch haya hoti hai.Recommend

  • wb

    Well sir, you Pakistanis may not know this, my dear sir…we can’t use pens to type in our smart phones, pads and computers. I know it’s an old Pakistani Punjabi joke that when Syed Saeed was asked to type in a letter in a computer, he asked for a pen.

    Maybe you’re still used to writing on computer screens using pens. Sir, we don’t do that anymore. We use our fingers to type in our thoughts and opinions.

    It’s understandable. But you’re welcome to come to India on a student visa and learn some basic computing, dear intelligent sir.

    P.S.: You have no idea how much I enjoy humiliating you every time. The problem with you is that you think you’re smart. You’re not half as smart as an average Indian. You keep changing your names, but your language is so uniquely bad and full of venom that I dig you out no matter where you hide. But remember, I’m your biggest fan and your biggest enemy. I’ll continue to humiliate you at every chance I get here on ET. Unless you change and become a civil person.Recommend

  • wb

    What did you expect from him? If you read his initial blogs, he projected himself to be a liberal Pakistani Muslim. But couldn’t hide his true nature in his latter blogs which are full of holes the size of Julia Roberts’ mouth.Recommend

  • Rambo

    awful side effect of Incestuousness.Recommend

  • soorajis

    Yes they do. I had classmates who were from Nepal, settled in my home state of Kerala. PAN and Aadhar are just ID cards not indicative of Citizenship!Recommend

  • wb

    Yes. Absolutely agree with you. But don’t think it’s only this man. This practice is prevalent among all Muslims in the form of cousin marriage.Recommend

  • Vineeth

    Obviously not as bad as what Pakistan did to Afghanistan through its Taliban proxies. Its evident, isn’t it?Recommend

  • Vineeth

    Yep. Afghans are ungrateful. Indians are ungrateful. Americans are ungrateful. The only guys who are grateful are the iron brother Chinese whom Pakistan has not harmed (yet).Recommend

  • Vineeth

    Is this article actually meant as a satire? Its the only way this rant makes sense to me.Recommend

  • Vineeth

    I guess the author forgot to add the following disclaimer at the bottom – “This article is meant as a satire and should be treated as such.”Recommend

  • PorkSmasher

    PAN and ADHAAR cards are given to native people only. The similar procedure followed across the globe. If any Nepali accepts Indian citizenship then he can get a PAN/ADHAAR.Recommend

  • PorkSmasher

    Dear Sir, Have you forgotten how you genocide your own Bengali Brethren in East Pakistan. May be we Indians dont have facility of toilets but yes we could give a helping hand to Afghan instead of giving them terrorism in form of Taliban.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    “We Hosted 3 Million” So For that you want Afghans to be your Slave forever? Minus Afghans in Pakistan, Is it a Holy Land? All Saints? They are even in your Capital Islo and Provincial Capital Lahore. We need to mend our own ways Sir!!!Recommend

  • angrybird


  • ingeborg Malik

    aptly said BrotherRecommend

  • ingeborg Malik

    you r ????Recommend

  • Scrutator

    Unfortunately, history doesn’t seem to be taught correctly in Pakistan. Pakistan is the root cause for ALL ailments!

    Pakistan (Zulfikar Bhutto) created mujahideen to stir trouble in Afghanistan long before Soviets moved into Afghanistan. Pakistani and its barbaric mujahideen (jamaat-e-islami) helped kill a secular president, Taraki (Yes, Afghanistan was secular at that time not talibanized by Pakistan as yet!!!) and installed its own puppet, Amin, as Afghani president.

    SOVIETS DID NOT INVADE AFGHANISTAN!! Taraki had sent numerous requests to the Soviets asking for soviet troops to be sent in to deal with the Pakistani terrorists that were threatening his country. Soviets largely ignored it because they didn’t want to get involved in Afghanistan. However, when Taraki was murdered by Amin with the help of Pakistani mujahideen, Soviets used the ‘official’ request for help from the deceased Taraki to move into Afghanistan to restore order.

    Pakistan cleverly got US involved, stole much of the aid money for itself; created taliban to control and create a hell out of Afghanistan.

    Pakistan shamelessly keeps claiming that it helped the Afghan refugees; but the truth is all the expenses were paid for by ‘United Nations’. Pakistan has been collecting money from UN (for each and every Afghan refugee) all these years!! So, technically the entire world has been supporting the Afghan refugees. Not to mention Afghanis became refugees because of Pakistani greed to control Afghanistan as a puppet state!!!

    Even today, Pakistan creates terrorists that kill Americans, Indians, Afghans and a whole lot of other peace loving innocent people in the world!!

    One has to give it up for the cunningness of the Pakistani establishment that it can still pull the wool on so many countries with its nuclear blackmail!!!Recommend

  • hayder

    look at bangalis, bulochis , afghans, did you forgot what Pakistan did to Afghanistan, bomb their school , mosque , wedding ,funeral,cemetery, market you name it .Recommend

  • Myrna Minkoff

    Do you remember what Pakistan did to its fellow muslims in Bangladesh? Maybe Afghanistan wants to avoid .Recommend

  • Vish

    HaHa. Looks like the recent Heart of Asia conference seems to have burned quite a few hearts in Pakistan. Looking forward to more such articles expressing Pak establishment’s heartburn.Recommend

  • Purna Tripathy

    I wanted to write something on this foolish article. But having read the already written comments I dont think any more thing need to be said. You have lost the plot boss. stop writing and start reading now.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Young…..grow up….and do some research.even foreigners residing in India can make Aadhar card.these cards including PAN are not considered as a proof of citizenship.Recommend

  • Lalit

    You don’t need to be a native or citizen of India in order to become eligible for these cards.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Had the hordes of Paki tribals not decided to make merry at Baramula in 1947 by looting and raping Kashmere women for a whole week,India would have surely lost Kashmir Valley…..this barbarity gave ample time to India to airlift her troops to Srinagar and kick the intruders out….Pakistani inability to resist has robbed their fortunes innumerable times.
    btw i loved the mixture of Emotional atyachar and threatening in a single post….Dr Nazibullah example was particularly aweful.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Grow up young Man and do some research…..Aadhar and PAN are not the proof of Citizenship and thus can be made by anyone residing in India including foreigners.Recommend

  • Lalit

    ”Mentally imbalanced”… author’s words, not mine to describe himself, sit really well to sum up the crux of this blog…..Recommend

  • Sane

    Ashraf Ghani is a tout and a joker. He does not have any credibility or power. His govt. is limited to his house only i.e. president house or palace.Recommend

  • Sane

    Why not an article on Kashmir or Khalistan? Would this work?Recommend

  • Sane

    What we did in Bangladesh, forget that. Just think what we shall do with you.Recommend

  • Sane

    We are learning this art from Hindu extremists. One thing is yet to learn as how to become innocent and propagate after killing masses.Recommend

  • Sane

    Soon, you will see how we genocide Hindu Fanatics.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    You will surrender like always. Punjabis have been surrendering throughout history to any foreign invader. The only time you ruled Pashtoons was when you were ruled by SikhsRecommend

  • Gratgy

    Barking dogs seldom biteRecommend

  • Allah Rakha

    I thought of commenting.. but then I thought.. he has already been criticized so much on every point he has made. That’s why being a Paki is used as a derogatory word (world-wide). So there is no point arguing with any of the Paki here.Recommend

  • PorkSmasher

    Please try and see by yourselves what will happen after that to you.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    My my, you do have a fertile imagination, have you ever considered writing a novel? So Pakistan got the Soviets to invade Afghanistan, and India supported the invasion! “Pakistan (Zulfikar Bhutto) created mujahideen to stir trouble in Afghanistan long before Soviets moved into Afghanistan”. Bhutto had nothing to do with mujahideen, in fact he improved relations with the Soviets (despite Soviet help to India in the 1971 war). And since everything that goes wrong in India is blamed on Pakistan, why don’t you say that it was ISI which advised Muslim-killer Modi to demonetize currency notes to cause mayhem in your country?Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    Why don’t you get toilets before trying to go to Mars?Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    The Chinese could have walked into New Delhi and imposed their own government in 1962, and Pakistan could have seized Indian-held J&K. Nehru went begging to the U.S. for aid (despite being an ally of the Soviets). India has been a beggar ever since independence.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    We are not begging, as you Indians did all these years. Russia has itself expressed an interest in investing in Pakistan. You are terrified that Pakistan will progress so much with Chinese, Korean and Russian investment, India will be left behind.Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    I’m still a liberal Pakistani. Being anti-Indian doesn’t make me a bigot. India is hated for its policies in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh, even if the governments there are subservient to India because of its huge army. It’s only Pakistan that is preventing India from attaining its hegemonic designs. And India will always be considered a desperately poor country as long as more than half of its citizens don’t get two square meals a day, and they don’t have toilets to clean themselves after defecating every morning!Recommend

  • ingeborg Malik

    yes you have the freedom to write on any subject,but,begin the Kashmir Story with the invasion of in 1535 ,the looting and Conversion which Muslim invaders carried out is a amtter of History…..but with Pakistanisshall never accept History as it happened.That is the reason why India has closed all Doors on Pakistan.What your threat of doing to Indians when you invade us??First Invade us and then follow through with your threats and see then what happens !!!Recommend

  • Patwari

    Looks like the hindus are going ballistic over the the blog.Recommend

  • Radler21

    Hahahaha, what a joke, India built a 20 million toilets in one year in 2015, look at Pakistan, a quarter of your population defecates in the open
    One city in India, Bangalore, city of 4 million, exported 40 billion dollars worth of only software in 2015, remember this is not machinery, cars, fertilizer, flowers,pharma, etc….just software, and i havent included volvo busses, toyota cars, pharma, all of which bangalore builds and exports. This is already quarter of your whole countrys GDP, remember, one city in India. You are so hoplessly outclassed, and the author talks like Pakistan is an equal, you are like a impudent worm that can squashed, your misplaced arrogance is amazing, im gobsmackedRecommend

  • Scrutator

    No body needs to wrack their brains to imagine an insidious plot; the truth of Pakistan’s past is hoary enough!

    I would strongly advise you to read up on history. As in, the real truth of the past decades – not the manure that ISI dishes out to the Pakistani citizens making their minds ‘fertile’ for hatred and bigotry! You’ll find that every word I had written is true.

    The less you defend Bhutto the better for you. Despite the paeans about him in Pakistani intelligentsia, one has to remember that he is the very dastard politician who refused to accept the results of the very first democratic elections for the post of Prime Ministership! He connived with the Army to get the true victor (Mujib ur Rahman) arrested and helped unleash a genocide on the Bengalis!

    Durand line has always been a pricking point between Pakistan and Afghanistan! Z.Bhutto helped create the first islamic terrorist organization (Jamaat-e-islami) in Afghanistan and also hosted its leader (Gulbudin Hekmatyar) in Pakistan; perhaps a practice run for hosting Osama Bin Laden! Afghanistan was a modern and secular country in early 70s. Z.Bhutto’s daughter followed on the foot steps of her late father and mid-wifed Taliban. (Bush Jr wasn’t the only offspring who went on to fulfill his father’s vile dreams!!!). Both the Bhuttos met with not-so-graceful end, as such their lives get glorified. But the fact is they were a scourge to the world. Zia ul Haq definitely played his part in pimping the situation to the Americans, who couldn’t salivate enough at the opportunity to kick some red ass! The Pakistani army/ISI profited immensely from the entire episode. Success has too many fathers – Americans were too drunk with victory against the soviets without realizing how they unleashed Pakistan onto the rest of the world!!

    The fact remains that had Bhutto not supported the Jamat-e-islami and Amin to kill Taraki, Afghanistan would have been a secular, modern and prosperous nation today. Taraki would have never requested for Soviet troops to be moved into Afghanistan before his murder.

    That said, every Pakistani leader worth his salt has a pretty familiar life pattern: Denounces his/her predecessor, becomes the hero of the nation, becomes corrupt, gets denounced by a new leader and is subject to jail, exile or the gallows or all of them. True democracies don’t witness this pattern. If you don’t believe, just follow the episodes on any Pakistan leader: Z.Bhutto,Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf, Bhuttos again, Nawaz Sharif again…

    The people of Pakistan need to wake up; take control of the country in a ‘civil’ way!!Recommend

  • Sane

    India has a history of invasions and all invaders were always welcomed by Hindus without any resistance.Recommend

  • Sane

    Anything looks joke to Indians if anything positive is about Pakistan.Recommend

  • sterry

    This article is spot on. The world knows that Afghanistan has been a willing puppet of India since 1947 for decades. The short sightedness of Afghan leaders who allowed their nation to be a base for Indian agents to attack Pakistan instead of working to improve lives of common Afghans only made Afghanistan poorer. Now look at the sad state of Afghans begging all over the world and smuggling for illegal entry and asylum in Europe only to live on welfare. The world knows the first Pakistani Prime Minister was assassinated by an Afghan national. They know that India has consulates there to mount terror attacks in Pakistan when agents like Bushan Yadav are picked up. Why was no one in US surprised when former US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said India uses Afghanistan as a base to conduct cross border terrorism in Pakistan. The whole world knows what business India is doing with 1 000, 000 soldiers in Indian occupied Kashmir and shame on Afghanistan for taking orders from such a diabolical entity for over 60 years. The Cold War was ended by Pakistan when it helped defeat Soviets in Afghanistan – even the poor Afghan refugees prefer to stay in Pakistan rather than go to India or home so what does that tell you? There is a limit to being thankless and that’s why Pakistanis want Afghan refugees to home or India- If US can make fence to keep out Mexicans, Pakistan needs it too to keep out Afghan refugees and Indian terrorists.Recommend

  • sterry

    Why doesn’t Afghanistan work to build a big fence and barrier to stop illegal movement across the border like Pakistan wants? I have no ill feelings to common Afghans but the world knows that Afghan governments have been the most evil entities not only to their neighbors but to common Afghans too. Instead of being puppets doing whatever its Indian master tells it, why doesn’t the government in Kabul work for its own people. Nobody believes any of the comments coming out of Kabul because the truth is there for all to see. Blaming others for you own problems but blindly following orders from the Indians. The same Indians who can’t get along and are despised by all its neighbors like Nepal, Sri Lnaka, China, and Pakistan. Even the country created by Bangladesh has problems with it. The real Karma has already it Afghanistan with the reality of Afghan refugees begging for asylum all over the world and living on welfare but according to you now it is only a matter of time until Afghanistan’s master India is also dealing with karma for its terrorism in Indian occupied Kashmir and the region.Recommend

  • sterry

    Pakistan gets almost nothing for hosting Afghan refugees but the damage caused by Afghan war, refugees and terrorism has cost the country hundreds of billions of dollars that the world owes Pakistan. There are no Pakistanis in Bangladesh – only Biharis that should move back to India which has Bihar state. As for Indian occupied Kashmir, why does India need 1 000, 000, 000 soldiers to crush the people there? Does that tell you something? Why don’t you just let the people vote for their own choice according to UN resolutions? This is not about Muslims and non Muslims but just basic rights. Have you shown gratitude to the British for giving you your own country called India in 1947 after 1000 years of Muslim rule? Learn some history and learn to thank the British who came and freed the Indian people. If you want to return to Mughal Empire like existed for centuries before the British, it’s up to you.Recommend

  • sterry

    FACT: Afghans have long been puppet state of India since 1947 damaging their own country by trying to serve as base to cause trouble in Pak but it backfired!
    FACT : Same Afghans who are refugees would rather stay in Pakistan than return to Afghanistan or go to India which gives orders to Afghan leaders in Kabul !Recommend

  • sterry

    You really have a fertile mind. Do you think any Pakistani needs a reminder as to the presence of millions of Afghan refugees who brought terrorism, prostitution, extremism, smuggling and other crimes with them? Why do think people are happy when more of them go away to smuggle into Europe and beg for asylum. Pakistan suffered hundreds of billions of dollars damage due to Afghanistan and Soviet invasion and no one has repaid Pakistan for its loss and suffering – least of all Afghan governments who make a game of being Indian puppets and then blaming all of their problems on Pakistan. No one believes the cry wolf story anymore. The pennies given for hosting millions of refugees and the untold damage it did to Pakistani society was engineered by India to destabilize Pakistan as part of its ongoing plan to harm Pakistan through agents in Afghanistan. I hope one day, Afghans wake up from their slumber and learn to think for themselves – they all prefer to be in Pakistan than Afghanistan – that should tell them something. India is the root of all conflict in South Asia which is why it has bad relations with all neighbors. Afghanistan has willingly become slave of that bully and only hurts itself in the process which is sad. Afghans need to wake up.Recommend

  • Pure Ind

    just brilliant luv u brother, patwari couldnt gt a better reply!!! literally my stomach ached laughing.Recommend

  • Pure Ind

    If by those standards India is poor then what should we call Pakistan?? Think about it,Recommend

  • Lalit

    Mr author your query proves your lack of intellect beyond any doubt….but what better can be expected from a nation whose so called nuclear scientist supports a water car….Don’t worry about out toilets,worry about your own existence…Recommend

  • Lalit

    And my aunt would have been my uncle if she had mushtaches….you also went begging to China and US in 1971…what happened…no luck…7th fleet…Iron friend never showed up..and 100k of your ghazis had to spend their time in Indian jails after meekly surrendering in front of rag tag Muktis and Gen Arora’s boys…your snobberies ,despite biting dust for nth time is hilarious and bewildering.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Lol….it is due to such liberals that
    Pakisatan today has become an epitome of tolerance and liberty….Recommend

  • Lalit

    Haven’t you tried it multiple times…each time eating humble pie…even parting with half of your landmass doesn’t seem to have brought you to senses..total annihilation is what you seek,i guess.Recommend

  • Lalit

    Investing in Pakistan…hahahahah….is equivalent to saying bye bye to your hard earned money….thats why people say Pakistan se zinda bhag….Recommend

  • abhi

    If a country can grow because of only investments Pakistan would have a developed country by now. BTW the peanuts you are getting from China are good to keep you dancing on their tune.Recommend

  • Lalit

    You seem quiet liberal with zeroes….it seems like a national malady of sorts ? You voluntarily joined afghan war….as you did again in 2001….why crying now..as for migrants..you showed your real trait by telling them to go to India….they were the ones who fought tooth and nail till last breath for the integrity of Pakistan in 1971 and today they are being advised to go to India….great irony..as for Mughal rule in India is concerned,Indians still cherish their Akbars and Bahadur Shah Jafars…so much so that when
    Hindu soldiers staged a coup in
    Meerut in 1857 they marched to Delhi and declared Jafar their leader…so much for a 1000 years oppression…but its not your fault,when have Pakistanis taught the correct history….

  • Scrutator

    I don’t see you refute any of the specific facts that I presented; so I take it that you have no strong rebuttal.

    All I see you do is present a case that all those nefarious plots of Pakistan did not really turn out to be very beneficial to the people of Pakistan and hence Pakistan must be innocent. For why would any rational society do things that will come back to bite?

    You argument is either naive or reflects a state of denial. You presuppose that the powers that be in Pakistan had a rational/moral discussion and weighed in long term consequences before their actions (even if they did, either their moral compass or their crystal ball or both were broken). Remember what Hillary Clinton once told you: ‘If you keep snakes in your backyard, don’t expect it to bite only your neighbors’. All the suffering that Pakistan had to endure (which I’ll agree that many innocent people had to) is because of the repercussions of its own nefarious deeds – chickens do come home to roost!

    Your argument is that of a Nazi in denial (in 1945) saying to himself: “Look how many Germans are dead, our economy is completely shattered. Germany is the victim here, so we must have been on the side of right all along!!”Recommend

  • Lalit

    Those who welcomed the invasions and converted at the first sight of a sword have become Pakistanis now…Recommend

  • Mohsin Ahmed

    well said sir.Recommend

  • PorkSmasher

    Is Open defecation not a problem in Pakistan also? or every Pakistani has a luxury to have a golden toilets? Considering a Population of India, It is true that India has to do a lot of work to eradicate Open defecation problem but what about Pakistan, If we consider the population of Pakistan, Pakistan should be free from the problems of Open Defecation until now? But Pakistan is 5th on this index where as India stands first. So basically You should not point your finger on others . Secondly if any nation is poor is it mandatory that the, Nation should not invest in science and technology ? Your whole article and your comment shows your sheer jealousy towards India only. If a Pakistan can not compete with India in Science and Technology you people tends to mock India on its negative side. We dont have problem with your negative comments, We know what we needs to do for a betterment of our country.Recommend

  • PorkSmasher

    WE are waitingRecommend

  • Sudhanshu Swami

    This person is emotional, he keep on writing unrelated, unverified, assumed ‘facts’, keeping logic aside. Find and read his other articles. Once he wrote entire article based on 25 year old data of $ earning per capita. Its quite interesting to read his article, after that you want to write comment to let him be aware of realities, but as you scroll down you find that tens of people already did that. And suddenly you come across his own counter comments, then you give up the tiny bit wish to comment. Recommend

  • Ranjan Dhungel

    Does India help nepal ? Yes they do. But are they not interfering or trying to interfere in nepalese internal politics? The main reason for mistrust between citizens of nepal and india is due to the fact that every instability in nepal has its links to india as well. Nepal has been blockaded thrice by india for several reasons. That makes us suspicious of india.So the help by india is always undermined by these facts . Border enroachment, market monopoly in nepal and influencing corrupt nepalese politicians in their favour make the common nepalese to be vigilant over indian policies. So india can only remain a suspicious friend till now. We want good relations with every countries that does good to us .but when situations like those arise ,the relation can only get worse. Recommend

  • LS

    It does not want borders because you have occupied THEIR land. That border would become de-facto border down the line.

    Evil designs over Afghanistan were started by pakistan in 1972 when ZAB sent 7 ISI agents to destabilize Russian Sympathetic government. Way before Russians actually arrived. So YOU started the problem, now that you are getting the same medicine you are crying foul.

    People do believe them, only pakistan does not. You aren’t the judge of how are relationships with our own neighbors. Just because your media constantly plays that record on your TV that India’s relationship is bad with its neighbor.. it does not become one.. Pakistan and China have BAD relationship with EVERYONE except CHINA and maybe NORTH KOREA (Two 3 Rogue nations)

    So when you poke a broken finger at your own body parts and it aches every time its poked it does not mean those body parts are broke. Its the finger that is broken.. That broken finger is yours.Recommend

  • LS

    So you think only pakistan can send terrorists and agents into Afghanistan since 1972 in Afghanistan and since 1945 in India? No one should retaliate back? Huh? Others are just getting started. Enough of your non-sense and terrorist activities. You have been at it for 4 decades in Afghanistan and 7 decades against India. There will be repercussions for your actions. If you were not prepared for its aftermath then you should NOT have started terrorism and Jihad narrative for money.

    What has Kashmir got to do with pakistan? Have you read resolution 48 in its entirety? The problem with you folks is you talk about all sorts of things you have NO knowledge of.

    You did NO favors to Afghans. You STOLE the money meant for them. All the money supplied by US-Aid or UNHCR for Afghans were embezzled to buy arms and ammunition. The terrorist factories were in pakistan to destabilize Afghans. Not India, You sent your ISI agents first because you wanted Afghanistan to become 5th province of Pakistan.. Pakistan government provides pennies on dollar to care for the Afghans and pretend that they are doing some favor to them, when all they are doing is looting what belongs to them.Recommend

  • LS

    Those are fictions.. Not facts or as world calls them LIES.Recommend

  • LS

    Lets see:
    – Your country ranks #11 in most hungriest nation
    – Your country has more than 60% of people who are poor (till date you have been providing pauperism data to UN deceiving your people and UN)
    – 80% of your population has no safe drinking water
    – 90% of women report domestic and marital abuse
    – 50% of people defecate in open
    – 90% of people either have no electricity or have inadequete supplies.. most of them just steal it.

    Yet you worry about toilets in India? Tsk Tsk… You see your world is limited to maybe 1% of population in your country and have never stepped out of your comfort zone. Travelling is not a paki thing.Recommend