5 things I hate about being single on Valentine’s day

Published: February 14, 2011

Hanging out with couples on V-day is a big mistake.

We have all been there. Love is in the air and there’s a flicker of romance in everyone’s eyes but you’ve just gone through a bad breakup and are a member of the ‘loners club’.

Your friends excitedly make big plans for D-day. They have already bought new outfits to wear along with gifts for their loved ones. But all you can do is listen with a poker face as they share ideas and ask for advice resisting the need to scream. You begin to hate your newly acquired relationship status for various reasons:

5)  Paraphernalia

Malls, shops and bookstores are displaying chocolates, teddy bears and  heart shaped cards. Sadly, no one who will buy them for you.  You can’t buy them for yourself  because the shop assistants will look at you with like you are pathetic.

4) Love-obsessed media

Radio stations play love songs which couples dedicate to each other. You, of course, have no one to dedicate anything to. Radio jockeys dish out advice as if they were love gurus. Morning show hosts harp on about the importance of the holiday. They invite happy couples on their shows who share stories which only add to your misery. Watch any TV channel and you’ll see romantic specials. So, be ready to have lots of tissue handy, along with a big bowl of chocolate ice-cream.

3) The colour red

Red is the colour of the day. It is worn by every other person and if you decide to wear black (because it’s your favourite colour), you are looked at with suspicious eyes and that adds to your embarrassment

2) People in general

Your friends and cousins send you Valentine’s day ‘forwards’ through text message even if your facial expression clearly says you are not interested.

1) Pity

Making plans to hang-out with your friends who have dates on the day is  a big mistake. The sight of those couples will make you sick.


Madiha Akhtar

A freelance writer, an avid reader and a blogger, she has worked as a field reporter for a brief period and has written articles as a freelancer for different publications. She tweets as @mistful83 (twitter.com/mistful83)

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