Should Muslims celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Published: February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day should become just another excuse to spread the love that Islam encourages.

The internet has been inundated with emails, Facebook posts and videos encouraging people to boycott Valentine’s Day and claiming that Islam prohibits the holiday.

One video made by a group of young boys quotes historical references to prove that V-Day is un-Islamic. I received a text message that said “Speak against the kuffar and boycott Valentine’s Day!”

A student in one of the classes that I teach said:

“Celebrating Valentine’s Day is gunnah.

While another said:

“Do you know the Americans came up with this event to mess with us? They’re trying to take Muslims away from their faith by showing them such celebrations.”

Perhaps these ideas are encouraged to arouse anger among the youth or to make those celebrating this day feel guilty. But my heart skips a beat every time an educated and seemingly enlightened individual says something so misguided. This ‘us’ versus ‘them’ attitude is rooted in insecurities.

We reject other cultures and new rituals because we have a have a paranoid fear of everything that is foreign. Muslims, especially in Pakistan, have become habitually intolerant and blinded when it comes down to the real message of our religion.

Doesn’t it tire us to think about anger and boycotts all the time? Boycott this, reject that, hate the west, throw a tantrum, burn a tyre and love… only myself?

Is that the kind of Islam that Muslims want to represent?

We can redefine the meaning of modern cultural trends that clash with more Islam’s modest ideologies without rejecting them. Instead of closing doors, we should work on welcoming modern traditions with open minds.

If we approach the holiday as a celebration Valentine’s Day should be just another excuse to spread the love that Islam encourages. And this doesn’t mean that you need a significant other to celebrate love; you can express your love to your family, find an excuse to send flowers to your friends, do something fun at your school or make a difference for your country.

For instance, a group of youth activists called the Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA) in Lahore is taking out a peace rally to show their love for Pakistan.

So, use this day celebrate joy, not hate.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Muslim brothers and sisters!

Kiran Nazish

Kiran Nazish

The author is an award-winning journalist and co-founder of a global network of support for women journalists, called the Coalition for Women in Journalism, based in New York. She has covered several countries around the world, including Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Mexico, India, Afghanistan. She tweets at @kirannazish (

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    i would say…
    because we have nothing in our minds…
    ` we are confused…..fear from our own values????
    have they ever celebrated our any day??????????Recommend

  • Asma

    As our big Days like Eid days are loosing importance due to our hectic life why we are giving importance to Valentine’s day… :/Recommend

  • parvez

    Very nicely written. Excellent reasoning and practical advice given by you.
    Our habit of constantly bringing religion into every discourse is doing us more harm than good.Recommend

  •!/adnan.hashmi1985 Adnan Ahmed Hashmi

    The writer should google “HISTORY OF VALENTINE’S DAY”. Islam has given enough days to celebrate peace and love among the humanity namely as EID DAYS,FASTING DAYS,HAJJ DAY,LAILATUL QADR DAY,SHABB-E-BARAT DAY,12TH RABBIULAWWAL DAY ETC,the list goes on and on, i want to ask the writer, is valentine’s day so into your blood that you dont feel like writing an article when it comes to celebrate the EID DAYS, but when whole muslim nations is standing united against this day, this so called writer comes up and want to celebrate this day. If friends need to be wished,we have FRIENDSHIP DAY, if Parents needs to be wished, we have MOTHERS AND FATHERS DAY, if love need to be wished,we have 365 days and not merely a single day where every tom dick and harry comes up and show their FLIRTY love to the opposite sex.Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    Love the image
    Sadly, our country lacks the Live and Let Live mentality
    the religious kind in particular want the other’s to follow their way of life, often claiming and arguing that they have an obligation to follow God’s will on earth and make others come to the righteous pathRecommend

  • Waqqas Iftikhar

    cue a firestorm of bile coming your way….it is unislamic…..foreign….promotes loose morals….of course our morals our so brilliant that we are one of the most corrupt nations in the world….yes! US!!! Islamic Republicana de Pakistan..Recommend

  • Adeel |

    I think for spreading love we do not need to have a special day… you can express your love to your family & friends at any time any where…what you say?

    Yes Islam asks us too spread love and peace but didn’t ask do this only on some specified day (which is specified by non Muslims i.e. Valentines Day).

    I appreciate the love of Pakistan Youth Alliance for Pakistan, but it will be great if they show on 14th August…

    In the end I must say there is no modernization in Islam, Islam is completed 1400 years before When Prophet Muhammad Sal Allah Ho Aly he Wasalam declared in Khutba Hajj tul Wida. So we do not need to include modest ideologies in Islam.


  • Nazish Irum

    Absolute rubbish… without any reasoning.

    Do you write blog just for the sake of it ??Recommend

  • ALmas

    Well I disagree. . .
    Valentine is not for the family or friends
    it is purely for the couples , we name them as girl friend boy friend :)
    we do not condemn this day as a message to spread love. . .
    but I condemn it as it is a usual day for us
    and at least my love for my family my friends does not need a days like valentines day, mothers days, fathers day etc etc
    Every day is to love and share happiness with family and express your love with them

    if this day is celebrated just for to spread love its al-rite
    but it is message to spread love and dating in girls and boys :p
    this is wot our Islam does not allow us to doRecommend

  • Hamza Baloch

    So if people her can defend veena, than y not valentine.

    Carry on!Recommend

  • Osama Ahmed Momin

    Dear Friends,

    This is the way they are attacking us, by destroying our religious values and norms. Girl friends / boy friends, affairs, time pass these all are useless things. Time is money so spend it well. this earth is just an examination hall, where we Muslims just giving our exams which we have to pass by following the Islam and bringing others to the right path, bringing others to right path makes your believes more strong. Muslims don’t need valentine day just to spread love, Muslims have many other days on which they can express there love with there family and friends.Recommend

  • vicky

    I really got disappointed after reading this article. It got no reasoning. Recommend

  • Mimi


    You know, Love according to them, ‘starts from morning of 14 feb and ends at the end of day’ =)Recommend

  • Amer

    This blog is absolute rubbish… without any reasoning or thought process. Did you write this when you were in an absent state of mind or something?
    I never “celebrate” V-Day etc but my moto is “Live and Let Live”….. LOL
    People need to learn this virtue and get on with life. Recommend

  • Waqas Qureshi

    Wel , i have personally realized that bloggers of Express Tribune are more pro-western than having simple Islamic ideology .

    Why you are emphasizing to celebrate Valentine’s day ? is this the only day left in whole year for spreading love ? have you forgotten the beauty of Ramdan where we use to exchange meals . Eid where we use to exchange gifts ,

    “IN ISLAM EID IS the rupreme day to forgive anyone and spread Love”

    For a Muslim Every things is in Islam and religion is not sperate from our Society as Christians , Jews , Hindu’s or anyone else. Recommend

  • waqas saeed khan

    Dear Writer,
    you are very gud in writing,just show me any example from Prophet Muhammad Salalhoalihiwasalm’s life that he has celebrated this day,father’s day, mother’s day etc etc…you can never bring even a single example neither form his life nor from the life of Those who were in rule after him.
    Surely islam is teaching us abt love but not the way which u are thinking.Do Remember last Sermon of Prophet that today everything is completed so no add no remove in islam from now onwards…..
    Did u ever seen any non Muslim is celebrating eid with us or celebrating Eidul Edha as Ismail Day….no and never…..

    Thing is we are trying to give ourselves a wrapper of Westernized Thinking by following them , but still our heads are under their shoes….Just take urself lil bit out of this thinking and think ISLAM is the Best Religion in this world forever….and be proud to follow our own culture and festivals rather than promoting useless things….

    there are ppl who dont have a single thing to eat and you are saying lets celebrate V Day…..just go and help them but in the name of Vday as this has no concept in islam , help thm as they are our brothers,sisters,mothers…..

    Hope you never mind..


  • Fizza Rahman

    Why in the world do you need a very single day to express your love to your brothers & sister Kiran? And btw, visit Quaid’s mausoleum just today to know how liberal our breed of generation is in adopting the so-called valentine you are trying to promote:D
    Love is a universal phenomenon, but as Muslims we are bound to some moral and religious ethics. If not follow them, atleast respect them. We dont condemn this day because we dont have an insight to cheer for the western days, rather this day specifically is promoted to induce unethical behaviours by youth. Youth are kids, raw brains.. they like whatever is different .. but wont you beleive if i say that a guy dating his lovelife at this valentines would kill his sister if she is doing the same with her boyfriend. Our system is not adjucted to celebrating these days. We need to grow up and think bigger,Recommend

  • Faiza Qureshi

    i agree with adnan and nazish!! very well said both of you. i just want to add taht the the writer seems to be one of those people who will go to any length to label themselves as a liberal and peaceloving people while they are actually a bunch of less informed and self indulgent indivisuals. does the writer really thinks that she can spread islam by enjoying and celebrating non islamic events????? and what about this, ” my heart skips a beat when an educated and seeminly well informed person say something si misguided…..” rubbish!!!! why didnt your heart skip a beat when our beloved PROPHET (SAWW) was made fun of??? why didnt you write something when a priest was threatening to burn Quran????? i think everyone can clearly see that you are the misguided one here. Recommend

  • Sana

    It is age of globalization and yeah cultures have come close together and have even penetrated each other.I don’t understand the insecurity.Recommend

  • Bilal

    @Adnan Ahmed Hashmi:

    When Eid approaches, articles are written about Eid. When 12th Rabbi-ul-Awwal approaches, articles are written about it as well. You are speaking for yourself when you share your point of view NOT ‘the whole muslim world’.

    ‘whole muslim nations is standing united against this day’

    Just because you are against Valentine’s Day does not mean the entire Muslim world is against Valentine’s Day. Your view does not represent the view of the whole Muslim world.

    ‘If friends need to be wished,we have FRIENDSHIP DAY, if Parents needs to be wished, we have MOTHERS AND FATHERS DAY, if love need to be wished,we have 365 days and not merely a single day where every tom dick and harry comes up and show their FLIRTY love to the opposite sex.’

    Theoretically, we should express our true feelings towards our parents and friends every day but most of the time sadly that doesn’t happen. If there are specific days in a year on which people are happy and express their true feelings towards each other, then what is wrong with that? In these stressful and depressing times, such days are hard to come by. As far as married couples go, what they do is their business, not yours. If you think valentine’s day is only about flirting, then that is your misconception. Recommend

  • kazim khan

    I dont need a commercial holiday to tell my wife I love her. I dont need an innovated holiday to show my love for my Prophet (SAW). I dont need a Mother’s Day to be nice to my mother. Instead, everyday is a day I love my wife (or husband) and everyday is a day I love my Prophet (SAW) and everyday is a day that I am nice to my mother. Show your love for the people you love everyday instead of on some made-up holiday!Recommend

  • Amer

    Oh kazim khan…You put it sooo wonderfully! Just awesome! Recommend

  • AHR

    Everyone is free to celebrate whatever they want and whatever they don’t want to celebrate. But please don’t bring in religion to support or V-day. If someone has objections, they shudn’t celebrate it, if someone thinks it’s fine they shud go ahead and celebrate it. We can do away with forcing one’s twisted opinion on others, be it liberal or orthodox – this is what is called extremsim and intolerance. Recommend

  • Angelos

    No surprise, we can defend Mathira, Veena and now………Recommend

  • Hamad Rashid

    I hope this article was a joke because I don’t see how one is supposed to take the author’s perception seriously. Maybe if you asked those “misguided” people what aspect of celebrating Valentines Day they are against you’d understand the reason of such pages on Facebook or other websites.
    Those pages aren’t anti-love like the “misguided” author seems to think but rather against the kind practice it promotes and leads to.

    By the author’s definition, Muslims should start celebrating Christmas as well. After all, it IS to celebrate love for Jesus who is still our prophet, right? Great, I’m looking forward to Easter too and why not add Hanukkah in there as well? Hallelujah!Recommend

  • Muna Kazi Pathan

    I used to find it absurd when people started celebratng Valentine’s Day here as to me it seemed hardly part of our culture and most people did this without even knowing why. But now I feel that as culture is becoming more and more global and multifacetted why not? What can we define as only western or eastern anymore. I would ask all these people who sent sms’s about not celebrating Valentine’s day because it is a western concept, why they are using mobile phones and sms as a method of communication. why are they allowing their doctors to give them injections considering a Jew invented the syringe.

    And frankly we Pakistanis have very little left to celebrate. Why not celebrate love for once instead of hatred and intolerance. So Happy Valentine’s Day to all who want peace and love to prevail on this earth.

    In fact it is not a American conspiracy. The Romans always celebrated The Feast of the Luperacal on the 15th of February celebrating the god of fertility.The lives of young boys and girls were strictly separate. However, one of the customs of the young people was name drawing. On the eve of the festival of Lupercalia the names of Roman girls were written on slips of paper and placed into jars. Each young man would draw a girl’s name from the jar and would then be partners for the duration of the festival with the girl whom he chose. Sometimes the pairing of the children lasted an entire year, and often, they would fall in love and would later marry.

    Under the rule of Emperor Claudius II Rome was involved in many bloody and unpopular campaigns. Claudius the Cruel was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join his military leagues. He believed that the reason was that roman men did not want to leave their loves or families. As a result, Claudius cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome. The good Saint Valentine was a priest at Rome in the days of Claudius II. He and Saint Marius aided the Christian martyrs and secretly married couples, and for this kind deed Saint Valentine was apprehended and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, who condemned him to be beaten to death with clubs and to have his head cut off. He suffered martyrdom on the 14th day of February, about the year 270.Recommend

  • SH-H

    do u ever go out n hav a look at the obscenity tat goes on, on Feb 14? hav a look?
    i m not making any religious statements here but agar main ek milad rakh loun to every Tom, Dick n Harry will come up to criticize me k main ek Biddatti houn, shirk kar rahi houn, gunah-e-kabeera hai, n bla bla bla. they will not think of m…y niyyat, they will not ask me, they will not come to see wats happening…only sweeping statements…about an event tat is religious…im happy about the birth of my Prophet (PBUH) … agreed its nowhere in the Quran but so r so many other things not in the Quran…yahan inhain Quran yaad ayega…they will not see k waha koi fahashi nahin ho rahi, koi bepardagai nahin ho rahi, Allah ka kalam or uski hamd, us k rasool ki muhabbat main chand muhazzib asha’ar parhay ja rahay hain, ameeroun AUR ghareeboun ko khana mil raha hai.
    on the other hand, they will go for celebrating valentines day…is this not hypocricy??Recommend

  • Munni

    Look, first of all, this celebration is not WESTERN per se. It has it’s origins in ancient ROMAN times. It’s a PAGAN festival, NOT a Christian tradition. It can’t be said that we’re rejecting western culture. I have nothing against the expression of love in our society, in fact I promote it. I think we should express love towards others EVERY day, not just on a single designated day. Isn’t that what our religion teaches? To love all, big and small? Everyday, not just one day out of the whole year?
    I have another point to make. Valentine’s day, in principle, CAN and MAY be celebrated with loved ones such as family and friends. But what does the media generally portray it as a celebration of? Romantic love, NOT platonic love. Everywhere you look, we are encouraged to buy nice things to woo that ‘special someone’.
    It is one thing to buy a beautiful bouquet of roses for your mangetar, and an entirely different thing to get some roses for a hot chick at school that you want to go out with, eventually sleep with and then dump. Islam allows for interaction among men and women, true, but it should be within the bounds of modesty. It does not encourage young boys and girls to go around dating, making a mockery of the word ‘love’, and fornication. THAT is what valentine’s day seems to promote in the media, and it is THIS image that most of the Muslims you have interacted with seem to reject.Recommend

  • Hassan

    Jo kuch marzi hay karoaur jo din jee main aa’ay manao yaa naa manao itni baat yaad rakho keh keh as Muslim we have our individuality and every Muslim is very much aware of that. So that is the threashold which should be kept in mind all the time. Recommend

  • Hassan

    @Hassan: If moderation means Aitadaal, yes then I mean moderation. Recommend

  • rehan

    Just another ‘run of the mill’ topic for bloggers to write about and “peel the skin off the hair”.Recommend

  • Ahsan Ali Khan

    @Adnan Ahmed Hashmi:
    well said Mr. Hashmi, Islam has a way of accepting new things, innovations, that is Ijtehad, but if something is contradicting with the basic teachings of Islam how we can accept that? Its not our culture, if somebody has immense need to embrace western culture than why not they join christanity or jewism or hinduism….Recommend

  • faraz

    Over 45,000 policemen will be deployed in Punjab to provide security for Eid Milad, when muslims will be celebrating the birthday of Prophet (pbuh). Last year many were killed in Faisalabad and DI Khan when people of rival sects attacked Eid Milad rally. Imagine the sickness of a society, where muslims kill muslims for celebrating the birth of Prophet! Islam does not provide the schedule for every hour of every day of the year. If we celebrate eid, then it doesnt mean we cant birthdays, anniversaries etc. Anything not prohibited in islam, is allowed. Islam provides a set of general principles, it doesnt provide any political system or specific culture.

    And is blogging a part of our culture? Culture never remains stagnant, it evolves over time. In 1947, hardly 4 % people spoke Urdu. And now in lahore, atleast 90 percent youngsters speak Urdu, and they have little connection with Punjabi culture. Even village folks have stopped wearing their old dhotis.

    We are a culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse society. Let people act according to their beliefs. Why do we want to impose a single identity on the entire society. Is it necessary that all the people perform a certain practice at a given time. Why cant we enjoy our diversity.Recommend

  • No Cupid For You

    This blog is a futile attempt to justify celebrating a non-Islamic holiday. It is sad to see that a vast majority of Pakistanis just celebrate this ‘commercial’ holiday as one of their own holidays. While I strongly believe in freedom of expression and freedom of press, I must also say that Pakistani electronic media has played a big role in promoting this Christian event. Look at any major news channel and you will see special shows and dedicated programs for Valentine’s Day. The hosts and their guests are wearing red and celebrating Valentine’s Day more religiously than 14th of August or Eid. What irks me are pre-Valentines TV shows that tend to create unnecessary buzz, hype, and peer pressure to celebrate V Day. Then come the actual V day shows that go overboard to try to ‘remind’ us that V day has nothing to do with being Muslim or Pakistani and it’s all about love. Sadly they are wrong on both fronts. Then the day after V day, the media continues to ask people how they celebrated it. So in essence, these media outlets spend nearly a week and huge amounts of money that really has nothing to do with being Muslim or Pakistani. What a waste of time and resources! If you are one of those V day proponents who think I am some narrow-minded person, you are wrong too.
    So to answer the blogger’s question “Should Muslims celebrate Valentine’s Day?”, the answer is no. Also if you think I am making all of this up, please check out Wikipedia’s article about V day. Happy reading :-)Recommend

  • Noor-ul-ain Hanif

    Nice article. I agree with you V-day is just a day to express your love to your love ones that includes family, friends not only bf or gf. We remain busy the 364 days why don’t we spread our emotions to our loved ones a single dayRecommend

  • Waqqas Iftikhar

    @waqas…..there were no cars in the Prophet’s (PBUH) time…should we not use them either? neither were there aeroplanes, nor cricket, hockey, should we not partake of any of this either?

    be reasonable please and combat the ‘lakeer ka faqeer’ syndrome

    for the record…i find valentine’s day kinda pointless but whoever wants to celebrate can…and should it shouldn’t matter to me or to any of the moral thaikaidaars around here.Recommend

  • Kiran N

    @Nazish Irum:

    Check out the original article with reason, here:

  • Shumaila

    Kudos to you, Kiran, for writing this. And as Waqas pointed out, here comes the bile on your head from all the haters out there.

    I personally hate the cheesiness of the day, but I don’t see a reason to ban it or boycott it. Why give it so much importance in the first place? You’re right, I don’t get the fear, I don’t understand the extreme insecurity that must prevail for such responses. People are so weird.Recommend

  • http://Faisalabad Mubarak

    Let us seek Taliban’s help to celebrate ‘slaughter day’ today instead of valentine day.Recommend

  • Pakistani


    and if it is genuinely against the religion, why do we flare up when basant is objected? oh that is our local culture, right? it is ‘not islamic’ culture, remember.

    we are happy to take a day off on 25th December, since when Islam accepted to celebrate Jinnah’s birthday? or the May Day? or the Independence Day? or our very own birthdays?

    Islam does not even allow celebrating eid-e-milad-un-nabi, or shab-e-barat, or anything except Eids, did we get a ‘WAHI’ on us to take days off then and enjoy the feasts?

    just bloody hypocrites, that’s is what we are, including the mullahs, the educated, and the non educated ones. Insecure masses of useless protoplasm who fear their identity. Recommend

  • Cosmo

    Veena is my hero !!Recommend

  • Cosmo

    @Hamza Baloch:
    Veena is my hero !!Recommend

  • Maliha

    i would just like to add that defying or hating things that people other than “us” celebrate will not make us better muslims. we should focus on the things that will. such as developing tolerance, honesty, and credibility. muslims who hate valentine’s day and christmas, but dont have the guts to speak up against bigger issues involving people’s physical and mental beings – thank you but that’s not my concept of being a muslim.
    good work, you :)Recommend

  • Maliha

    i think the author’s point was to try and make us see that as a nation, we are quick to judge days and events which other cultures celebrate. I myself am not a big fan of valentine’s because i hate the way the concept of love has been industrialized/commercialized. but at the same time, the fact that i am ok with true love being celebrated does not mean i am ok with fahashi or pointless hype. i agree that in the name of celebrating valentine’s, youngsters often go out of their way to “express” what they believe is love, in ways that are not necessary, if you get what im saying.
    but on the other hand, i also do not agree with fuzool ka time wasting and spending money on milad waghera in the following sense: i have seen people who cannot afford it, ging out of their way trying to outdo the others in celebrating eid-emilad-un-nabi (pbuh). now that is where i would not approve of it. Allah Rusool se pyar jatana hai tou akalay main karne main ziada sukoon hai, especially if you cant afford large arrangements which become more of showing off etc.

    so coming back to the article, i think what the author is trying to say is k we as a nation lack tolerance. and i agree with the author. cos what i remember from my history lessons, is that our Quaid founded this nation on the basis of certain values, tolerance being one of the top priority ones. so in that sense, if this is a christian tehwar, we should not “judge” them the first instant we get. similarly, if some muslims wanna celebrate it, i think it;s ok, unless they’re indulging in blasphemy directly affecting us. also, i think there are bigger issues which we as a nation need to attend to as compared to stoning the 4th of feb.Recommend

  • Maliha

    plus, cultures change. and in order to function smoothly and sanely, they need to not merely change, but evolve, which again requires tolerance on the part of those belonging to the same society but different cultures. so its all good. live and let live. you can enjoy or stay neutral, if your values are strong enough, you will not allow what is happening in the world to affect or change you. so why create a fuss about it in the first place :)Recommend

  • Humanity

    Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there ~Rumi…

    Please share generously with love & smiles through FB, twitter, SMS, and word of mouth, today and all days of your life!Recommend

  • sherry zaidi


  • seher

    in fact it is a non issue in a country at war against its own people killing hundreds of innocent sons of the soil while maiming those who survive the idiotic assaults,a land ravished by calamities of epical nature, a nation who’s been sneered and jeered at does not matter if we celebrate V day or we dont.but must we commemorate those hapless souls who lost their lives due to the insanity overcasting our skies.if we spare jst a single minute of silence to ponder over why and how it happened,it will do the job of spreading love and feeling of unity amongst us. Recommend

  • Said Chaudhry

    every other person in pakistan has his or her own ideas of how life should be lived. i wish they’d just stop & let everyone be who they want to be. No one in the west encourages anyone to celebrate or not celebrate valentines day and i wish it were the same in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ere Thomas

    You do not need the Holybooks to justify love, but no better tool has been invented to justify hate.Recommend

  • Muhammed ale

    Happy valentines day to all of you and to my Allah and prophet s a w whom I love alot!Recommend

  • Faisal Arshad

    the writer seems to be looking optimistically at the brighter sides of the day. In that context I completely agree with her. So why not make a little research of it. Make a simple hypothesis then: Valentine day does NOT entail dating, flirting and does not relate to encouragement of any injusfiable romantic experience. Take a random sample of gifts, couples at parks, restuarants and the like places and see if they really relate to the brighter side or what. If, after surveying, it is proved that the sample lied in the brighter side, then I must accept the writers p.o.vRecommend


    Good article! lets promote love,peace,equality, brotherhood, tolerance, freedom of speech and expression. Though we don,t need days for this, it is part of a good Muslims up bringing that he should love his parents, sisters n brothers , wife and his children. And while he does Huqooq-Allah (Duty to God) he should also do Huqooq-ul-Ibad (Duty to Man).

    Its is time we unite as one nation in our minds and hearts and whether we celebrate Valentine days or daddy’s day or mother’s day is irrelevant. These days should be celebrated everyday.
    I have lost both my parents and I know what it feels. We should cherish life and all the good moments and loved ones, instead getting boggled in this trivial arguments of whether its good or bad, passing fatwas on who,s a better Muslim, this is not not for us to decide but Allah SWT who is the final authority, we should first learn to behave as good human beings and follow his guiding principles, instead of making our own ridiculous rules.Recommend

  • Shahrukh

    Thank God someone wrote this. I have been so turned off by these messages too … those who dont understand a loving religion like Islam, they are on the loosing end. But Kiran, thanks for writing this piece really! Its good to know someone gets it.Recommend

  • Morbid Isolation

    who cares? a knife can be used to slice an apple or a throat. Whatever it may be, love, religion,society,technology,culture,a feather,a cucumber…anything can be used for good or bad. This is the dichotomy of life. Valentines day can be used as an opportunity to slow down and smell the roses or to exploit it for nefarious purposes, but that is the same case with science,religion,television,the internet there are people who will exploit these and others who would use them for humane,peaceful and joyful reasons. A hammer can be used to construct as well as destroy,what it depends on is the nature of the person holding it. If we are so insecure about the Christian faith and any other ideology overtaking our very own cultural values then it is clearly a chink in our armor. Besides, humans are flawed by nature, trying to control their shortcomings will be as flawed as the reasoning its trying to suppress.Recommend

  • Maria

    well,what i believe is that first of all we being the muslims should promote our religious days and islamic trends.Once we are through in doing justice with our relegious values then we should extend the circle and reach out for picking up other events from other cultures and societies.Frankly speaking,if I am not spreading love and tolerence on my islamic days…i am not promoting my relegion, then what right do i have to go on celebrating other ‘out of the circle’ events.My first reposibility being a Muslim is to promote my relegious teachings so that people from other societies and relegions get inspired by our events rather than we getting inspired by them. Being a muslim its my FAITH, that Islam gives us a complete way of living “the zabta-e-hayat” (without any loose ends) so if we take a closer look we are not only blessed with such peace n love spreading days but also peace spreading hours (i.e 5 times a day !! ).The teachings of Islam for showing love to your parents,spouse and siblings are incomparable (so we must be reading and practising those then we will not be complaining that we donot have time for our family and we should do it on the V-day coz we couldnt do it the other 364 days ! )
    So,if we are so keen on having peace around us then our relegion Islam gives us enough time and motivation for doing so…which is better than any other social event.Recommend


    Islam does not confine the Spreading Of Love & Affection to any Particular Day. It emphasizes to IMPART the SMILE at every second. It stresses on “Keep on Smiling” every moment by saying that the SMILE is also a SADQA, Naiki (Good Deed). It does not allow to KISS, HUG or to EMBRACE the OPPOSITE SEX ADULTS to sooth their SEXUAL INSTINCTS in the name of SPREADING LOVE.

    The Persons or the Communities, which promote hatred by their Actions, feel necessity to Show the Fake Smile to balance their Inner Most Concealed Hatred; as the people must be knowing; that few years back, our Police Used to Celebrate the “Week of Good Morals” or “HAFTA E KHUSH-AKHLAQI” to compensate their Disgusting Image.

    In Europe & American Societies, MOTHERS have no time to meet their Young & Teenage Children; they used to say, “I LOVE YOU SUNNY/NIKKY” and “I MISS YOU, DEAR” only on the phone, so they need to celebrate MOTHERS’ DAY.

    In our society, Mothers DO NOT LEAVE their CHILDREN and the Older Children do not keep their mothers aloof. So we don’t feel any need to celebrate Mothers’ Day as we always Serve our Parents & the Parents always Care for Us.

    The VALENTINE DAY is the Symbol of Animal Desire, and not that Love which signifies the Pure Affection towards the Holy & Pious Relationships. It indicates the Sensual Desire which is the Ultimate Result of the Sexual Needs.

    According to the Wikipedia;

    ………It is traditionally a day on which **LOVERS express their LOVE for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”). The DAY FIRST became associated with ROMANTIC LOVE in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the HIGH MIDDLE AGES, when the tradition of COURTLY LOVE flourished.

    Modern Valentine’s Day symbols include the HEART-SHAPED OUTLINE, doves, and the figure of the WINGED CUPID. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to Mass-Produced Greeting Cards……….

    The VALENTINE DAY CELEBRATIONS are funded by the Multinational Companies in order to create their Market for their PRODUCTS World Wide. This is why they have created & spread An Atmosphere based on SHAMELESS & MORAL-LESS FOUNDATION.Recommend

  • Wasim Ali

    Sorry Madam I am not agree to you at all. Recommend

  • Habib Ullah Manjotha

    Yes, It should be celebrated in an Islamic Way!Recommend

  • ayman

    the writer must have enough knowledge about the religion before commenting on issues such as this one.islam promotes halal love everyday and does not encourage the illegal love which valantines day promotes Recommend

  • Bilal

    We are intolerant because we are preached only one hard side of Islam. If all we know about Islam is that How many Hajjs will take you to heaven, How many namaz and fasting will make you pious over your fellow brothers…… We hardly care about love and rights of fellow beings….

    we will argue on if valentine is haram, but we never argue if rights of women are over whelmed by men in our society.. that is right…we never argue about children’s rights over parents that they are supposed to educate them… if we have some thing to argue thats the most irrelevant stuff…

  • HSN KH

    i think v r following western culture… our religion did.t allow this type of things… another thing which i would like to share with all of u is that most of us do such type of things to show their self as modern….. plz avoid such attitude..Recommend

  • Fariya

    Now, don’t kill me for blaspheming. But all you “the Prophet never did this” arguers. I’ll give you a list of things that the Prophet absolutely NEVER did, which you are doing.

    Used the Internet
    Took a Panadol
    Took transportation other than his own feet, a boat, or animal-driven vehicles.
    Used plastic
    Used an electric fan/heater/AC
    Drank soft drink
    Used the English language.
    Used the Urdu language.
    Loved Pakistan.

    So if everything the Prophet never did is automatically evil, congratulations. We’re all going to Hell.

    And if you don’t want to, well then grab a camel, and try to find a corner of the world that the Prophet lived in, and which has remained EXACTLY THE SAME for the past 1400 years.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    we are going to hell anyways – there ain’t a chance. Islam has never been degraded and tampered with so much in the last 1400 years, as done by our beloved Pakistanis within last 30 years. Recommend

  • Faust

    I’m not a fan of the day either, even as a Western guy, but I fail to see how some can this this as Western attack on Islamic ideals, honestly get over yourselves, this a Western tradition that you’ve picked up, unless you think we spend out nights and days dreaming how to undermine you.

    And it was never meant to be sleazy, just a way of sending a ‘I like you’ note to someone.Recommend

  • Kiran kHan

    its a wakining up article penned down by kiran nazish. I have found similar article here..

  • Asad

    either I consider it good or bad, I would never link it to Islam. Recommend

  • Kanwal Nasir Khan

    hahahahaha It is ridiculous people are even discussing this day :D…. why to give this day a “damn” to even think? or discuss :-P…. writer … I am sorry, but you are the same so called Open-Minded, Liberals , etc. etc. let us live as conservative :-P…Recommend

  • Ahmed

    So we should celebrate V day because you said so and PYA is alos doing it!!, comon, get some content in your blog. Chill out, Let me assure you i was in italy this 14 feb and i was shocked to see the people were least bothered about v day, one or two bars had hearts on them and thats about it. where as in pakistan we celebrate this day with jjosh and kharosh with tv showing messages about valentines, some even send them to their parents. Its people like you who have caused this confusion. Valentiines is for lovers, dont confuse it with platonic love thing. Recommend

  • Shahbaz Younis

    Useless, article I have ever seen on express tribune, the writer is clearly biased, and reflects her pro-western attitude. Recommend

  • said

    @Bilal: I gree with you. Why we muslims make big deal out of every little thing? It is a just a day that people chose to celebrate their love. Excatly, what is wrong with that?
    Who cares about history? Lets live now and love each other. There is nothing wrong telling your family and friends that you love them. Recommend

  • said

    If people have changed it to be the day to celebrate family love and friendly love. What is wrong with that? How can we spread love among each other if this is how we feel?Recommend

  • said

    Happy Valentine to you too Kiran Nazish.Recommend

  • Hammad Siddiqui

    I personally feel that it is waste of time and money. You spread love for one day and fight rest of 364! What is the point?Recommend

  • Humanity

    Stop fussing about Islam is this and Islam is not that.

    To learn the meaning of Islam, read ..

  • Humanity

    An on this day and all days to come , I wish you enough! Please learn to live and let live.

    I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how gray the day may appear.

    I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more..

    I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting.

    I wish you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger.

    I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting…
    I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

    I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good- bye.

  • Ahmed

    @said: and it had to be valentines day, comon dude, dont tamper with the day. valentines day is for lovers only, why dont you make bank day for your family love :)Recommend

  • Syeda Zunaira Zubair

    I don’t actually celebrate this day. But religion has never been the reason behind it. I don’t like the way the guys loiter on the roads on that day (actually on every occasion) and making life miserable for girls. And I also don’t like wasting money for so called relationships. But I have never stopped or questioned people celebrating it. And for all those who are referring to Islam and uswa-e-husna, then tell me why do you people even celebrate your birthdays??? And again birthday comes once in a year, then why even celebrate it? Make 365 days special! But we do need occasions. Plus we are facing so much.. So if a single day makes us forget all the miseries, then why not? Make life easy for yourself and for others as well. Thumbs up to the author! Recommend

  • ox

    very nicely written.. half of the above ppl commented against celebrated this occassion but they still says it against islam… Recommend

  • Devil

    Islamic or unislamic, I don’t want to get into the debate… I simply hate this day for various reasons. One of them being that valentines day inadvetantly promotes celeberations at a commercialized level. Media bombards us with red colors and rowes n what not onlyto convince ppl to buy stuff from gift shops, so that these companies can earn money in the name of something so pure as love.
    Its just a lame reason for the wanna-be crowd to act all liberal and modern. And I feel sorry for those gutless guys who need a reason to approach a woman, and they wait the whole year to do that – courtesy valentines day…. Loser stuff I swear!!!Recommend

  • NafBaig

    Islam does not allow muslims to celeberate a day following non muslims and which has no basis in religion
    ALLAH Pak says in Quraan

    If u call it a reason to spread love then i would say our religion teaches us to spread love in HALAL way 365 days a year, singling out 1 day following Kuffars is not allowed in Islam. and by the way best thing is to follow our great Muslim leaders if you want to follow celebrities rather then some xyz St. Valentine.

    May ALLAH (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) give us hidayah to spend our lives as per teachings of Quraan and Sunnah. and me HE (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) give us hidayah to not immitate the kuffar in any of matters but to follow ISLAM in each n every matter. (Aameen)Recommend

  • Aaqib

    Kiran (author) , Accepting other cultures does not mean you start practicing their culture and traditions, the West does not celebrate our special days, why should we celebrate one of their lousy commercial days, it makes no sense. Maybe you’re too inspired by Western customs and traditions, but We, the enlightened Muslims of Pakistan are not stupid to fall for such idiotic celebrations.

    I would advise you to follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and if you do, you would end up showering Love on all those around you each and every day……..and that would end up as a Valentines Year instead of a single V. day.

    And for those misguided people who say we should’nt bring religion into everything…….Dude……Islam is a complete way of life…….everything you do has to be according to Islam (your religion if it is). So either you practice it or you keep your mouth shut, but don’t say things that are against it. Recommend

  •!/pages/Jahanzaib-Haque/149352001744540?ref=ts Jahanzaib Haque

    @NafBaig We do not allow direct quotes of religious texts due to the possibility of incorrect quotation/purposeful distortion by commenters. Best regards (Web Editor)Recommend

  • NafBaig

    @Jahanzaib Haque:
    I would appreciate brother if you could provide me Link of the SOP or code of conduct to post at this website.

    n secondly instead of deleting you shall get the authenticity checked of the reference, as i gave clear reference for both of the quotes.

    And blocking or deletion shall be done to those who try to misquote or do something else which isnt allowed.
    sorry to say, you are just not letting the Quran and Hadith teaching posted because of no reason and to make jobs easy for a few.

    May ALLAH (S.W.T) guide us all to the straight path. (Aameen)


  •!/pages/Jahanzaib-Haque/149352001744540?ref=ts Jahanzaib Haque

    @NafBaig – we currently do not have the hr to verify all posts. Best regards (Web Editor)Recommend

  • Ashamed

    So you want to say that Islam is not for all the times to come and it was only for 700AD …??
    If that is so then you are really really wrong….Islam is forever…
    which other religion gives scientific truths in its holy book like ISLAM…??? Quran has in depth knowledge about Human beginning, Birth as well as future predictions for Transportation, atomic bombs, ozone hole and so much other things…you do not study and learn quran and then say that islam is old….!!!! we should be ashamed to say such things…..
    What shariat says about things which have not been mentioned in islam for one or other reasons…
    Islam says: Do only that which does not hurt your zameer and do only those things which do not leave slightest of doubts in your mind and do things only if you are sure that if others know about it then it will not be take as something bad….lastly stay away from jhoot always…if you stay away from lies then you will see all the new fangled things will be cleared from your repertoire and only the necessary ones will remain with you…
    remember all the hadeeths which at least indirectly show what Prophet PBUH would have done if those things were to be doen back then…example: Hubulwatn minal imaan….means loving one’s country is part of imaan…so even if Prophet did not love PAKISTAN at least he showed teh way to go for it in future…if I go on to give reply to all your arguements then it will become a blog itself……so I leave the rest to you to understand…
    Lastly why to show love one’s spouse on one single day…I give gifts to my wife,mother and sisters throughout the year….so why on one day….????????????? Recommend

  • Muhammad Ali Raza

    No No wayRecommend

  • Khalid

    I think we should discourage these “days” bcoz our values and culture does not allow these types of activities. We should be adopting our own festive days, and should not follow blindly the west. Recommend

  • Abeer Khan

    We’re already such loving people. Ask any foreigner who comes to town. We treat him like a celebrity every minute of his visit. Why do we need a specific day to declare our love? Just make everyday count. Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Fariya please dont mock the religion just because you did not try to learn about it or you couldnot understand it. its just wrong what you said up there really wrong, it doesnot make you a person of 2010, it just shows you have issues understanding logic.Recommend

  • http://[email protected] speaker

    A friend of mine asked my opinion on Valentine’s Day and I told them that I personally don’t celebrate it because the idea of celebrating love on just a single day when everyone else is doing (and you feel it like an obligation) sounds extremely lame to me. When I asked them about their opinion, they said that its just the multi-transnationals way of making bucks. And for the record we had this chat in the west.

    Someone educate this nation please!! Recommend

  • The Patriot

    What useless debate!Recommend

  • Syed Bilal Haider

    Sure, why not? “Let there be no compulsion in religion”. Allah will judge me, not my fellow Pakistani citizens. Recommend

  • Lone Liberal

    What do Muslims have against celebrating love?

    Why have we made it a habit of taking every little insignificant part of our lives from nail-cutting to sleeping, and turning it into a huge Islamic affair? Why have mullahs and their paraphernalia made it a habit of adjudicating matters across the board…practically dictating us what to do/not do with our personal lives?Recommend

  • Abdul-Mughis Rana

    Why must they?
    @ Ere Thomas: This is a matter of expression. May be someone’s expression made you think so but Islam does not put hatred in the hearts of Muslims towards any non Muslim but such activities are not required in Islam and if someone does it than its his or her own individual act, since Islam is a complete way of life.
    An example for a better understanding, a student of 10th grade at school has a course to follow for his final exams, he studies various subjects but not to the ultimate of those subjects but to the extent required in the specified course. Similarly, all Muslims are required to have a practical knowledge of Islam for the 24 hourly every day life till death now this does not mean that every Muslim has to be a Scholar of Islam but generally Muslims comment in media as per the requirement of the moment but at times they need expert opinion and one must resort to expert opinion there is no harm and it does not belittle anyone if he does not have a complete knowledge of Islam.
    One of my respected & learned teacher used to comment in such a situation that on two subjects everybody wishes to be an authority 1. Religion. 2. Medicine or Health Care. Recommend

  • NafBaig

    @Lone Liberal: Dear! To answer your question i would like to state that Islam is a Deen i.e. a complete way of life, if you are not muslim then we have to talk it in a bit different way but if you are a muslim then i would ask you that if some1 ask you that what Deen you follow you say Islam, and as mentioned earlier that Islam is not a pick n choose things its a complete way of life. When you declare shahadah you are infact submitting you to ALLAH (S.W.T) and Prophet (S.A.W), then you have to carry on as per the teaching of ALLAH (S.W.T) and Prophet (S.A.W)…..and yes indeed from nail cutting to sleeping inshaALLAH.

    and even if you are a blessed muslim or not a common sense thing is that why to show just on single day that you love some 1 haan….quite weird isnt it???Recommend

  • S Minhaj Zafer

    Frightened Generation.
    We as muslims have a very peculiar way of looking at every concept other than our traditional concepts/believes. From Syed Ahmed to TV & coloured TV, to Praying wearing Pants, to having a traditional beard or a french beard..and especailly which form of Governance & how to go about it, beacause in this day & age of information and some still thinks we muslims can only be governed by a Danda, and mind you this comes out of lot of degree yafta ppl.
    With an exception of a minority of which I and U are a part, we fear every thing different. We like to live in a coccoon with no external stimuli to disturb or open anything new be it a concept/myth/fact of landing on the moon.
    Like all civilisations, when they reach their optimum, they expand, from ideas to physical things, they increase their influence, as we muslims have done in the past” when we were Too Good”.Recommend

  • S Minhaj Zafer

    @Lone Liberal:
    Not ur fault, we have been tamed, & trained not to question. Dont question Allah, its Books, its Prophets & Dooms day. Every other thing under the Sun should be questioned and critically understood, because Allah says in quran “Understand” couple of dozen times. How can u understand if u don’t question or ponder.Recommend

  • Azhar

    love is in everywher………Recommend

  • AJ

    Religion should not be mixed with social events Valentines Day is for love and only love can bring us out of our misery. Love in any form, loving your parents, grandparents, friends, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend whatever celebrate love everyday not just on this particular day. Eid is a religious event and bringing that into discussion is totally unnecessary.Recommend