For shame Imran Khan, for shame

Published: November 22, 2016

Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan (C) talks to media outside his house in Islamabad, Pakistan, November 1, 2016. PHOTO: REUTERS

Imran Khan, you perpetually misguided political novice. You inherently misinformed self-proclaimed leader of the youth. You have done it again. First the fiasco with shutting down Islamabad, and now the reaction to Erdogan’s visit.

Just when we think you’ve gained some much needed sense, you prove us all wrong. And you don’t do that in your average every day way. No, sir. You do in the most spectacular of manners, debunking every delusion we may have had of you finally mending your ways.

Over 80,000 people dead, more than 48,000 of which are civilians. Blood splattered across the streets of Pakistan, Karachi in tatters, your own Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) ripped apart to shreds and the sanctity of life tucked away where the sun doesn’t shine. Yet somehow you find it within yourself to blurt out nonsense after nonsense. The bacterium of terrorism enters the country’s skin deeper and deeper every passing day, yet your focus only deviates to Raiwind and Nawaz Sharif. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and its various factions shake the very foundations of the country, yet your focus remains on conjuring accusations of dollar hogging to rigging in the 2013 general elections.

The time for self-reflection, the time to ponder, and the time for correction – it is all but gone. This is not a test drive Mr Khan. This is the real deal. The promises you made before the elections, the wave of euphoria you rode on, the chest beating support base you gathered, it is shrinking and before you know it, the only people supporting the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) will be over-enthusiastic teenagers going through their first exposure of naïve populist politics. But maybe it is pointless to bring this up. You have been at the receiving end of so much slack that you have become immune to any criticism tossed at your conspiracy theory loving ways.

History is the most brutal of avengers, and you Mr Khan, will feel its wrath eventually. You may find everything dished out your way to be above and beyond you, but that is not the way history will land its knockout punch. History will break you down, inch by inch, scrutinise you till no end, and then come up with a conclusion that we are all too familiar with. The books they will write, the essays they will compose, anything and everything will rip you apart in shreds. It will paint a picture that people will remember for ages to come. Your legacy will be answerable to your legion of supporters when they throw away their PTI blinded shades and face the cold hard truth, and then there will be nowhere to hide.

No military man will protect you. No religious faction will take your side. You will be out in the open, at the mercy of the vultures that have already started circling over your fast decaying political career. And when that happens, you won’t be able to point fingers at imaginary third forces. Not the media you claim has sold out to dollars, not the government you claim licks the boots of the Americans and not the drones you claimed only take innocent lives. No, Mr Khan. You will be exposed in a manner not imagined before. Not because you are a violent criminal. But because you’re an ideological criminal sinking the state of Pakistan down the pool of its own blood every passing day.

You single-handed, gave a whole generation hope. You single handed, made promises that a whole generation was naive enough to believe. You singe handed, exposed them to political hard-lining. You single handed, made them treat your word as law, and you single handed, incorporated your twisted political ideology in them, polluting their minds.

While you reside in peace at Banni Gala, your shrinking support base breathes its last on the ventilator of childish agitational politics. While you roam around in your air conditioned Prado, every non-Muslim goes to sleep at night not sure if he will wake up alive the next morning. While you pass horrendously foolish statements, every Muslim who is not a Sunni walks the streets of Pakistan not sure if he will go back home in one piece.

And then you have the nerve to claim that the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) is root cause of all problems in Pakistan.

Shame on you.

salman Zafar

Salman Zafar

The writer works in the Education Sector and tweets as @salmanzafar1985 (

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  • Tahir

    I wonder how this blog made to ET. Lines are not coherent. Nowhere explained how IK is responsible for the issues mentioned. Utter non sense.
    Look at the timing. It says all.Recommend

  • Ahad

    oh God … wao that was owsum seriously .. even I didn’t know these things which you remind me ThanksRecommend

  • Dr Hizbullah Khan Dawar

    It is now a new norm that if you want to be noticed or read then write in for or against Imran khan and people will read it no matter if it is true.Recommend

  • ab

    writer was having a bad day. Maybe he didn’t slept right. from no where i come with this

    ”’While you roam around in your air conditioned Prado, every non-Muslim
    goes to sleep at night not sure if he will wake up alive the next
    morning.”’ LOL you could have a different post for each of the topic. one for imran khan bashing and other for pakistan bashing regarding non muslims.

    writing was a pure entertainment. work of art.Recommend

  • Umar Burney

    The author was so engrossed in trying to be eloquent that he forget to add any substance to the article. Keep trying :)Recommend

  • Wasim Ahmed

    This is the most rubbish article I have seen. While I don’t agree with all IK policies, but he is the only one highlighting the corruption and other issues in our country. Why don’t you write a strong article about corruption in all sectors, lack of access to good medical care, clean water, lack of accountability etc etc which has been prevalent in the system for so long. Recommend

  • Kashif Shazad

    Thus the term Lifafa or Corporate media was tossed.Recommend

  • tarzon1

    What a nonsense article. Shame.Recommend

  • Amal Kazi

    What an abrupt ending. A totally biased piece written. Why not elaborate on your reasons behind holding him responsible for all these problems in Pakistan, writer? This article is nothing but accusations, on no specific or solid issue.Recommend

  • Frhan

    This person just want to shout on imran khan. If your political leadership is strong all the problems can be sold. He identifies the issue that only belongs to poor and corrupt leadership.Recommend

  • Haseeb Ahmed

    Other than showing off the writer’s vocabulary there seems to be no point of this pieceRecommend

  • Saim Ehtesham

    Complete nonsense this article.. Its like blaming the loss on the substitute who claimed he could have won the game had he been playing, while the actual players on the pitch go unaccountable.. I guess we can expect such rubbish to be published on ET as it gives them their ratings, which in all logical ways makes them even worse that the corrupt leaders we have in our government.. Honesty in our country is like suicide, no one will support you, those who do will be called lunatics, and a the end of the day the everlasting feudal / landlord system prevails, making rich richer and poor poorer.. But we are all too blind to see that.. In our country, if you promise 10 things and deliver 8, you are a bigger liar than the one who promised nothing and delivered nothingRecommend

  • Samee’a Jamal

    The writer seems to be venting his personal thoughts. The article is full of ‘curses’ with no logical background or justification.

    This man you’re talking about is fighting for the whole nation while your PM is concentrated on increasing his wealth letting the the nation suffer. Sadly, this article is not only biased, but baseless.Recommend

  • Adnan

    That’s cheap try to defame a true leader. Sounds immature and as though carrying preplanned agenda.Recommend

  • Junaid Iftikhar

    as if IK is problem to all cause .. if you are so frustrated do something about itRecommend

  • Talax

    A blog isn’t a place to release the frustration and anger of your own personal bias. I think you really need to rethink how to write an objective opinion with facts cited.
    Right now this reads as a piece by a fanatic…… Recommend

  • Parvez

    Imran Kan has many faults and many shortcomings and a strong tendency to repeatedly shoot himself in the foot and you have correctly called him a political novice …….. but to be fair blaming him for the sorry state the country is in today especially the aspect of religious intolerance giving rise to terrorism and also rampant corruption that has put the economy in a tailspin, is not right.
    In reality the PTI is the only true opposition in this so called democratic system of ours and bad as it may be, it’s all we have……it’s a shame you refuse to see this.Recommend

  • Ali Waqas

    Thanks for Reminding LIFAFARecommend

  • Kashif Majeed Salik

    These lines are quite provocating and biased: ‘——, every Muslim who is not a Sunni walks the streets of Pakistan not sure if he will go back home in one piece’.
    Many Sunni died too even more——.Recommend

  • Saad


  • Muhammad Nasir

    Imran has no personal gain in fighting these politocians,Imran can live a life of which we all can only dream,but he had and is sacrificing his today for the future of Pakistan.Recommend

  • obaid Khan

    Never read stuff like this…Recommend

  • Jaleel Ahmad

    Yes, IK is responsible, why he is against corruption? He should do corruption and stop working for people. NS is really good leader, he is looting our country and deceiving every Pakistani, So what happens? Recommend

  • Mehroz Ali

    Pls stop talking none sense… he is already living a life which we all can only dream of. He has not sacrificed anythingRecommend

  • hore choopo

    Sacrificed his family.Jamima Khan,sons,London, What else?(I am not his supporter).But such such he.Recommend

  • Muhammad Nasir

    ironically IK is owning properties abroad.Earning billions through his factories making billions out of SKMH alas Imran is burning his blood for the wrong ppl.Recommend

  • Khurram Farooqi

    “every Muslim who is not a Sunni walks the streets of Pakistan not sure if he will go back home in one piece” Wow what great statement go and check the stats about people killed in terrorism that how many were Sunni and I am sure more sunni were killed then people of other sects. Recommend

  • Wasif

    Imran Khan – The biggest wrongdoer ever to enter Pakistani politics and open the floodgates of sewer in mainstream politics. The man (very much like our Trump) opens his mouth and there is nothing but divisive, hateful, vulgar, pitiful and distasteful venom that spills out. It is no wonder that no Woman could ever live with him or bear his hateful personality for long. You can start counting from Sita White days…

    He surely is the Altaf Hussain of Punjab/KPK and is using every trick in the book to pit Pushtuns against Punjabis with his hateful rhetoric. The man is nothing but an extension of talibans and as the government in Punjab cracks down on illegals Afghan settlers in Punjab, he will twist it as anti Pushtun campaign to bring a stop to it.
    This is the most “Patheecher” human being not just in politics but in entire Pakistan and he was wrong on deceiving Punjabis and while he hates that zaat by refusing to accept the heritage of his father, and while constantly abusing Punjab and shedding tears for terrorists, I wonder how long will it take before he gets exposed to the fullest.Recommend

  • Jahangir

    I’m not a follower of Imran or any party but I can see what our country has become our Pakistan is capable of doing anything it wants without the need of American aid and sold out leaders.
    Imran has shown and highlighted to the public that Pakistan would never have seen or done anything about its ok talking and writing about this and that be a proper voice for Pakistan and make a change. wake up or keep quietRecommend