Valentine’s Day is a scam!

Published: February 8, 2011

Maybe I hate Valentine’s Day because every Tom, Dick and Harry goes overboard to celebrate it.

Disclaimer: I am single and not looking for a relationship at the moment. I may sound like a bitter party pooper, but I am not. The following views are my own and I do not mean to ruin anything for you.

I dread February 14 every year because it turns normal people into lovesick, drooling idiots. It is, however, refreshing to know that some people aren’t big fans of this stupid day.

Maybe I hate Valentine’s Day because every Tom, Dick and Harry goes overboard to celebrate it. Has love been locked up in some closet for 364 days a year, and unleashed for 24 hours on February 14?

Wake up and smell the coffee you fools, because it’s all a scam!

Cliché lines and mushy dedications

TV channels milk Valentine’s Day for all it’s worth. The biggest offenders are the music channels catering to the youth of Pakistan, with their countless live shows, ticker tape for dedications and stupid love songs. Last year, I had to turn off my TV because I was sick of reading silly dedications on the ticker tape running at the bottom of the screen. Lines like “you complete me” or “life is nothing without you” are unoriginal.

Valentine’s day was probably invented by greeting card companies who needed an excuse for people to spend money on stuffed toys, cards, chocolates and balloons

Put some thought into it

Instead of going all out and buying foolish presents on just this day, a better idea to keep each other happy would be to do something special. Give him/her a massage, cook a meal, take her out for dinner when she is feeling low, give her something thoughtful. Isn’t that time well-spent in solidifying the foundations of a marriage? This advice may not be valid for all relationships in Pakistan unless the couple lives together.

So, don’t celebrate just Valentine’s Day. Make every day special through thoughtful gestures instead of wasting time and money on cheesy gifts.

Shoaib Taimur

Shoaib Taimur

An IT graduate from Middlesex University who has been blogging for the past 7 years. He is a big fan of tennis, house music and Bjork.

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  • Madiha

    i totally agree..Recommend

  • Ahmad Ali Latif

    First of all the blog was… rather short. But still funny, in the way it is written. I do ‘sympathize’ with you as you must be out of your head looking at all those commercials, flowers and everything associated with valentines day.
    Still, it is a charm to celebrate valentines, though not at all mandatory. On which note i do agree with you regarding the commercialism associated with V,day.

    What i couldn’t understand was why would you be reading the ticker at the bottom of the screen if you are not really bothered by the day?

    Everyday is special but maybe spending a day is better.Recommend

  • Said Chaudhry

    totally agree!Recommend

  • Amer

    Agreed! Recommend

  • Happy Man

    You complete me, Author :P

    Two Thumbs up!!!!Recommend

  •, Muhammad Nadeem

    I am not agree with this fake tradition. It is very muh against with the rules of Islam.Recommend

  •!/adnan.hashmi1985 Adnan Ahmed Hashmi

    The writer has done a great job by expressing it so precisely. I second his thoughts and agree,you dont need a single day to express your love, People come and say that the valentine day is not for the cheesy relationships of love only with your Girl/Guy,i ask,why do we have to celebrate mothers/fathers/frienship etc day,.Recommend

  • Shahzeb Ahmad

    Totally Agree! Time wastage!Recommend

  • Rabab Khan

    I wonder if the tribune editors even bother to read posts, gauge the tone (before they ruin it) and then link the words of the writer to other posts. Linked posts can have a huge impact on the tone of the writer and, as in this case, negatively affect the piece. Recommend

  • Paksitani

    short but to the point..well written and something new and fresh to read from ET..loved it!Recommend

  • Kamran Yusuf

    I read express tribunal a lot but this would be my favorite post ever. Life on the 14th of feb sketched at it’s best.

    P.S: Being single is awesome :DRecommend

  • sohail taj

    i was thinking people will come out with rather sarcastic content regarding valentine’s day but on this platform… i was not expecting this!!!
    dear writer… in this part of the world we are already facing too much of problems. if some people can chill out by giving flowers, gifts and teddies what wrong with this?
    coming to your second point being happy on every day not just on valentine’s day… then why there are too many of festivals eid, Christmas etc. let people live happily or if i may say…. please let them live don’t make their lives a critic. Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmed

    The first thought that came to my mind was … “No wonder he is single” :P

    Then I thought maybe he is bitter because he is single and does not have someone to send these silly love messages, gifts, cards to…

    But I do agree with him… why choose one day to celebrate love, when you should be doing that all year round anyways…
    And anyone who is saying Valentines day is UN-Islamic… you are a bigot. There is nothing UN-Islamic celebrating a day with your wife/mother/sister, etc who you love… doesn’t HAVE to be your girl friend… Recommend

  • shobz

    @Sohail: For starters my post has been edited so it has lost the message i was trying to convey. My point is that we don’t need to celebrate love on one day. Love should be expressed everyday instead of a holiday reminding us about it. If a person is feeling stressed out or wants to express him/herself they can do that. They don’t need a holiday to make a love.
    @Adeel: I am happily single and even when I was in a relationship I never celebrated Valentine’s day as it’s a stupid day.I can easily send gifts and cards but I don’t need Valentine’s Day to tell me that.Recommend

  • Saira

    I do relate in some stages of your opinion. Valentines Day is for youngsters basically, teenagers who are most probably unable to express themselves in those 364 days of their spent life for being either shy, courageless or plain ignorant of their own feelings for others . Now probably they find it easy to express it specifically on this day alone, it is their choice.

    I believe it is simple ENTERTAINMENT!! … This day can be celebrated for anyone for that matter, may it be family, friends, relationships or married couples.
    You can just ignore & let people enjoy themselves in their own way :)Recommend

  • Amna

    you sound like a bitter girl, live and let live man. rather love and let love.Recommend

  • Humayun

    “Instead of going all out and buying foolish presents on just this day, a better idea to keep each other happy would be to do something special. Give him/her a massage, cook a meal, take her out for dinner when she is feeling low, give her something thoughtful.”

    I do agree with this part of the write up.I think the way its highlighted and celebrated is a little off the hook, otherwise there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some quality time with someone around.Recommend

  • ashmit

    Dont celebrate anything. All is scam and conspiracies :)

    No festivals, No occassions AFTER ALL Has LOVE FAITH been locked up in some closet for 364 days a year, and unleashed for 24 hours on any particular day.

    Wake up and smell the coffee you fools, because it’s all a scam!Recommend

  • Ghausia

    Hah I love the opening paragraph! :D V-Day is just depressing man.Recommend

  • Neeraj, India

    Dude, you have come up with another conspiracy theory. Let me tell you something, if you ever find a girl for yourself, you can keep on expressing your profound love for her, on all 364 days, but, on Valentine’s day, if you fail to go to her, armed at least with a red rose, mark my words, she would kick you out of her life there and then!!Recommend

  • N

    maybe u havent fallen in love yet to understand the meaning of love…….Valentine’s day is just a day selected to celebrate it……… what if ppl buy gifts and chocolates, etc…..and not all couples do that……..and u probably give eidi to ur younger brothers and sisters and cousins on eid………..its just like thatRecommend

  • N

    BTW honestly speaking… many married couples would give chocolates and cards to their spouses on any other normal day?????Recommend

  • Mastishhk

    (Give him/her a massage) ?????????

    R U SURE ????

    I hope you are talking about married couples.Ur blog , I believe is addressed to lovelorn teenagers. Suggest some remedies for them !!!Recommend


    true…..m agreed as wellRecommend

  • soHni

    it is amazing…:)
    well.. me tolal agree… i dont knw y aewl r v wasting our tym on it??
    well…media is playing very important part to intensify the celebartiions of this day…Recommend

  • soHni

    i dont knw we here u awl r discussing abt eid n other occassions???
    as u awl knw that they are oyr holy evnts.. valentin is nt our holy event.. if u r celebrating this just sake for luv then y dont u feel it everyday…??
    i knw it is easy to say bt on the other han it is totally dpnd on us hw to do ds in a way…? Recommend

  • soHni

    why we al r discussing*Recommend

  • Someone

    i strongly agree!

    and plus since they say its all about “love”…but think about those people whose heart are torn into pieces.. because they realize that their crush/love doesn’t love them after all and many other reasons!!

    its pathetic!
    And honestly pakistanis are leaving their own culture behind and moving on to meaningless things over time.Recommend

  • Asad

    This is something we should spread deeply into the youth & teenagers block. The media is very successful in fantasizing the young minds. Besides religious or any other ground based on morality and ethics, it gives very frivolous impression to take your spouse/partner on “date” on 14th of one month and boastfully associating all the love & affection to some unknown and unproven phenomenon. While completely ignoring the basic ingredients of life (love, care, affection) rest of the year. Recommend

  • Ali Suleman

    I didn’t find the article convincing. It lacks arguments.Recommend

  • Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    Valentines Day is for those nations and communities who need to celebrate it or have space for it. For country like Pakistan, this day is pretty dangerous. Firstly, our own society is relatively narrow minded and secondly the Mullah Brigade is on loose on anything they deem Un-Islamic. What happened few years back on Valentines Day in Lahore should be worrisome when a lot of property got destroyed and a couple of people lost their lives. As a nation we don’t have space for an event like this and I would agree with author that why limit the love to one day and not spread out to others?Recommend

  • shehryar

    TOTALLY AGREE!!! waste of money… just a way to make people fool by marketing ‘SPECIAL’ products… huh!!!Recommend

  • parvez

    Everyone knows that V-day is a conspiracy hatched by the “Hallmark” card people and it does help the economy a teeny tiny bit as its all about promoting and selling stuff.Recommend

  • Mango Man

    Usko “Bachi” na mili, jis nay Sabaq yaad kiya :(Recommend

  • Ehtisham Rizvi

    All I know is that people who sell cards and roses make good money on that day, just like people who make kites make money at basant, people should have the freedom to celebrate what festivals they want, and others should be tolerant about it, if you dont want to see valentine’s day transmission on TV, then watch a movie instead, might I suggest Austin Powers Trilogy, it will be a nice 3 hours of laughter and you wont get depressed, neither will you depress others, win win :DRecommend

  • IZ

    It is a scam. But amongst all the many, many scams that lie in the heart of this country its a relatively harmless one.Recommend

  • Nadeem Faizi

    My Dear your are very right. So, dont celebrate anything. All is scam and conspiracies against our new generation.Recommend

  • Aryan Chatterji

    Don’t celebrate Haj ! Airline companies mint money from Muslims all over the world. How can Allah expect poor people to fly Air Emirates or Qatar Airways and reach Mecca from far countries ??

    P.S : I am not against any Muslims… just trying to associate the logic with the author’s views.Recommend

  • Narmeen

    Allah doesn’t expect the poor to perform Hajj. Hajj is only obligatory on those who are financially well off and physically fit. Recommend

  • Mansoor

    Just Show Of Stupid Peoples ……………….Nice Thought Recommend

  • Maha

    Well i am not a fan of valentine’s day either but the fact is that if it gives some people happiness and joy then why we should object that?As for the full media coverage to Valentine day, i guess it’s better if you don’t turn on TV. You will stay happy too.People want to celebrate this and they will whether you like it or not.

    Companies use every occasion for their advantage.Nothing new. What about Eid cards and Eid gifts? Your argument lacks sense.Recommend

  • saqib sharif

    Excellent………….100 points….thumbs up!!!!!!Recommend

  • shobz

    Dear people
    The point of my post was to talk about how commercialized these holidays are. Spending money on material goods to make gestures of love is really stupid. Love exists within and one can do it without waiting for a holiday which celebrates love. Unfortunately my post was edited in such a manner that it changed the message I was trying to convey. We don’t need a holiday like Valentine’s Day to celebrate Love as it can be celebrated every other day. There is no need to focus on one day to highlight love.
    @Maha: Eid is a totally different holiday as we know what it’s all about. However I don’t like the way people try to cash in on Eid as well. Furthermore people have the right to be happy but do they really need Valentine’s Day to celebrate Love? Celebrating Valentine’s Day is not a get out of jail free card as you still need to work hard the rest of the year to keep your relationship alive. Recommend

  • http://Islamabad Shahbaz Younis

    Very well write up… thumbs up… :)Recommend

  • zee

    Dear Author,

    using offensive words like ‘stupid’ for those who celebrate it is not civilized. n who says the ones who celebrate 14th feb don’t love their spouses/partners on the other 364 days? u know wot, life is too short n full of stresses, if we can make ourselves n the ones v love happy for some moments whats bad in that? the way time’s running we hardly greet each other…and come on all 364 days can’t be made special…the love’s there all the time but one day in a year to express it(for those who aren’t that expressive) is not bad. whats wrong in having a day in a year to be dedicated to ur loved one? its like celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, eids,christmas etc. you always love ur mother throughtout 365 days but wots wrong in dedicating one day to her when she can be made to feel special? will u also say that mothers day or fathers day should also not be celebrated? try stopping for lil moments to cherish them. Its really fun.
    (valentines day is a working day)

  • shobz

    Dear Zee,

    I am not asking for the day to be banned. This post is a mere rant against why I don’t like this day. It expresses my point of view with some of the reasons why I don’t like it. People are free to celebrate this day the way they choose. My only point is that you don’t need a holiday to feel special mainly because it it’s too commercialRecommend

  • Syeda Zunaira Zubair

    @Neeraj, India: Many of my friends don’t celebrate this day and still their relationships are better than many of those who celebrate it. Love cannot be confined to giving roses and gifts on a single day.Recommend

  • mehmood khan tareen

    its an un importent metter,, we should not waste the time on this un importent issue. Recommend

  • mehmood khan tareen

    i m 100% agree with ur view [email protected] Zunaira Zubair: Recommend

  • http://deleted Sabeen Masood

    @Aryan Chatterji:
    Poor muslims do not perform Hajj only those do it who can afford it. Because Allah has not ordered poor Muslims to perform Hajj. Why can’t you stop criticizing Muslims on every logical an illogical issue?
    (sorry ET I am again breaking your rules by answering an Indian but I can’t help it)Recommend

  • Babar Khan Javed

    One of these days I’m going to get you a puppy!Recommend

  • Amna

    @Aryan Chatterji:
    Too bad you didn’t do your research. Allah doesnt expect poor people who can not afford to go for Haj. Also, Valentine’s day is not a religious holiday, so you talking abour Haj, really doesnt make much sense. Nice try though. Recommend

  • Zarmeena


    I rather feel sorry for the author who is over and over again defending himself since people are taking his point of view as a final verdict leading to a complete ban for Valentine’s Day Celebration.

    The article on the real grounds is depicting one single notion “We should spread love everyday rather than spreading it on one particular day”.The article meant to prompt different views which we came across.

    I have no detest for those celebrating Valentine’s Day and neither I consider those as poopers who are not celebrating this day.

    Its my humble request to keep Islam out of such trifles since one’s religion is sacred to himself only.Recommend

  • Humayoun (Lahore, Pakistan)

    Most people are hypocrites in Pakistan, just this morning on express news, I just so happen to catch the last few minutes of the morning show where Maria B was the guest. It funny how they both were taking about how we, Pakistanis, have adapted ‘hindu’ cultures in various ways and how they affect our lives, especially the female genders. Maria B also stated that Islam doesnt allow this and that yada yada. Then a caller calls in to ask the host to wish her husband ‘birthday’ on Feb 14th, in which the host glamorously goes ‘ ooooo Valentines Day’ and this is right after Maria B spoke about how we have adapted the Hindu Cultures!
    Two things here: 1. Stop contradicting yourselves and 2. Learn Islam and its True value and you’ll figure out that, let alone Birthdays, Valentines and all other Hindu or non-hindu traditions are NOT part of Islam. Recommend

  • Yousra

    cool !! I agree !! all this red fever on velentines day makes me sick like anything!! Recommend

  • The only Indian here

    @ Sabeen Massod and Amna – I am trying to say that while performing Haj, Airlines employ lot of business strategies to earn profits (which is absolutely fine), similarly greeting card companies employ business strategies to earn profits during V-day !! So, I am asking the author that if he can criticise those greeting card companies, then why not the posh airline companies of the gulf ? Because, its upto the people whether they want to celebrate V-day or not. Moreover, calling this day stupid only justifies his stupidity because, celebrating V-day doesnt mean that the remaining 364 days you dont love anybody.

    Regarding Allah’s expecting poor people to perform Haj was a mere sarcasm which you people thought that I am anti-muslim.Recommend

  • Quratulain Khalid

    Well said!

    To the Author and other people who commented:

    I think Mister Shoaib has clearly mentioned before he even began with his views that what ever he is writing is his own personal opinion so let’s not get down to his throat. Every person is entitled to his or her own opinion however, I do feel that author could have worked a bit on the tone of this article.

    Personally I dont think there is any harm is celeberating this day cos a woman being a woman would want to be treated special on this specefic day =) (blame the guy who came up with the concept of valentine’s day). I agree with the author though that all the love and exchange of gifts and gestures of love should not be limited to this day only.

    PS: If I get this cute treatment throughout the year, then I would expect an even CUTER treatment on valentine’s day :D hahahah sorry but im speaking like a woman and like any other woman out there :) Recommend

  • retrograde

    a compelling readRecommend

  • Awais Khalid

    a nice writupRecommend