Who is the mastermind behind this presidential election?

Published: November 8, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton shake hands at the conclusion of their presidential town hall debate. PHOTO: REUTERS

The current political climate is a hurricane, and we, the people, are trapped in the middle of it. We, the people, of the United States (US) – sound familiar? – are to decide who the victor of this presidency will be, and our choice within this Democratic Republic will determine whether or not we escape the eye of the storm. The same two names have been spoken about, ridiculed, condemned, and praised for what seems to be centuries at this point, but we fail to recognise the pattern at which the incoming news about each of the candidates has revealed itself.

The GOP debates, the Democratic National Convention, the slanderous language that has been used, it has all been constructed by a force. Is the force a person? An organisation? Or an entity? Times have changed, and the people move along with it. The jokes, the lack of seriousness in the election, the lack of attention to what our world may become if we choose a president who will abuse the presidential position (which I frankly believe both will) are all pointless and a distraction to the corruption that has followed politicians over time.

How is it that certain issues, having nothing to do with the government protecting our constitutional, unalienable rights, take up such significant roles in our debates and discussions about upcoming policies? Who controls what we view as important? Who decides what is covered by all sources of mainstream media and whether or not the time it is covered is planned or purely coincidental?

I understand that this is a very controversial topic to be speaking about. Many people are certain in their beliefs about who controls the media: the government. Governments have broadened their areas of control with examples found in the US, but how far are they able to go? The leaked emails, the confidential federal documents, the dirt on the opposing candidates; the government chooses what is released solely based on whether or not the upcoming news clearly shows that the government is a biased, unreliable source, only hungry for power.

Or, that’s what some people believe.

As I stated earlier, times have changed. Our power as a populous has changed. Social media has captured the minds of many, and many can argue whether or not this is a positive or negative extension to the human population. We see the latest trends just moments after another event on the other side of the world. But, social media is also controlled by the people. Governments do place restrictions on these sites and platforms, explaining the reason why “privacy does not exist on any internet platform”. We are so vocal about our opinions, but why have we not, on a national level, paid attention to what our elected officials do behind closed doors?

What is stopping us from finally ending this? Secrets?

Another theory is that there is some type of barrier between us and the government, and we haven’t decided if it is a physical or mental barrier. Social media is an extremely dangerous but informative source of information. What trends these days is laughable. We come across forms of entertainment, heart-warming stories about a cancer survivor, people with vocal opinions about social issues including feminism and equality, but never about the secrets of the government. We may have some form of freedom about what we say on these platforms, but why have we never found the mind-set to come together and say what we are all thinking about our leaders? Who is in charge? You or me?

Donald Trump, a business man with an unfiltered speech. He has slowly changed the definition of ‘political correctness,’ meaning “inoffensive or non-discriminatory,” and has found ways to make previously offensive terms seemingly okay. He speaks of walls and terror, illegal immigration, and does not speak highly of the current health care policies and his opponent’s methods of action. He has spoken about women, voicing his inappropriate words as ‘locker room talk,’ as if it is something to be dismissed and that more important issues, for instance; ISIS, should grasp our attention.

Hillary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton, businesswoman, former Secretary of State, ‘doting grandmother, among other things’. We’ve seen them. Donald Trump has recently been introduced to the world of politics yet is blamed by his opponent for political issues that have been present for years in end. Hillary has been there, but where?

Every alternate week is a new story on one of the candidates. Groping women, emails by WikiLeaks, charges of rape by Donald Trump, the investigation involving Hillary’s lost emails has been reopened involving Anthony Weiner. Politicians rarely recognise the emotion of compassion, hardly anything being said shows a large percentage of genuineness from the speaker. If that was the case, then fallacies and contradictions from what people had said just a couple of hours before would not exist. We wouldn’t change our opinion from one sentence to the next.

In conclusion, the ‘apparent’ mastermind behind this election remains anonymous, and probably will remain that way despite numerous suspicions. We are falling into this deep, never- ending void of what will bring our world to its inevitable end. Disconnections between people through technology, people not knowing what is supposed to go on in our governments, lack of interest about what is going on in the world around us and how it affects the stability of our planet, all of these factors are making it easier for the perpetrator, the force that brings out new information in a twisted manner, to slowly cause our minds to disintegrate and realise what is important.

Mina Ahmed

Mina Ahmed

The author is an American-Pakistani adolescent. She is old enough to recognise the different patterns in this election, and because certain events have troubled and taken her attention so greatly, she decided to use her voice to state her opinions and views.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

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