Will Lahore Se Aagey live up to its promising trailer?

Published: October 28, 2016

Director cum producer, Wajahat Rauf, is back to entice moviegoers with another road film Lahore Se Aagey. The upcoming rom-com is a sequel to his directorial debut Karachi Se Lahore (2015).

Although, Rauf’s first film received mixed reviews, his new project has been a much anticipated movie this year with Yasir Hussain and Saba Qamar as the lead pair. The short teaser, and now the trailer, has received an overwhelmingly positive response. The audience is rather pleased as it promises the right balance of humour, romance, music, and dance.

As per the trailer, the spinoff chiefly focuses on Karachi Se Lahore’s character Moti, played by Hussain. The forthcoming movie will explore Moti’s life in a lot more depth as well as his leading lady Tara’s, played by Qamar, who is a rock star. The short snippet shows that the story will revolve around the comedy, adventures, and romance of a lively couple who ran into each other by chance.

Saba Qamar looks stunning in her role. The on-screen chemistry of Hussain and Qamar also appears to be promising for the spectators.

Yasir Hussain’s screenplay showcases two odd characters that face a variety of problems, go through emotional upheavals and thus, grow as individuals. It all progresses over the course of an engaging storyline; but, all in a very comical manner. The amalgamation of hate, friendship, and love makes Lahore Se Aagey a very promising film.

The rest of the cast includes Behroze Sabzwari, Atiqa Odho, Agha Farhatullah, Mubashir Malik, and Rubina Ashraf who play small yet crucial characters. The three minute trailer also reveals that there will be many one-liners and witty dialogues to entertain audiences of all ages.

Asrad Khan’s cinematography looks absolutely breath-taking in the trailer and it seems that Khan’s camera work will compel a nature lover to fall in love with Pakistan’s beautiful and scenic landscapes in Swat, Kalar Kahar as well as Punjab and Sindh.

Out of a total of five, four songs have been composed by Shiraz Uppal. The remaining song, Tere Bina, has been composed by Syed Adeel. Uppal, Aima Baig and Jabar Abbas contributed to the vocals. Along with the catchy songs Zara si Laga Lo, Kalabaaz Dil, Be Fiqriyan and Ehl-e-Dil, there will be some great dances to entertain the viewers.

The film is set to be released on November 11, 2016. So, be ready for a fun-ride; if you want to just relax for a couple of hours and share a few laughs!

Tanveer Khadim

Tanveer Khadim

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