If you can’t control rape, legalise prostitution

Published: February 1, 2011

It is futile to try and understand a criminal mind.

In 2005, thirteen year old ‘S’ was sodomised by a truck driver. After 5 long years in court, ‘S’ finally saw Mola Dad, his abuser get convicted. The judge has given Mola Dad the maximum punishment.  But for this monstrous act, even the maximum means only three years mprisonment, a Rs45,000 fine and Rs200,000 compensation.

So while the victim spent five years striving for justice, the criminal would be free in three years and can resume his life.

When “success stories” are like this, what can be said about the countless incidents that never reach the police station?

The street I grew up on

Back when I was a school girl, we used to live in a safe, middle-class Karachi neighbourhood. Almost everyone knew each other. An aunty could look out of her gate, spot a random kid and hand them some money to get anday double roti from the neighbourhood bakery.

It was the kind of place where my cousins and I could run around regardless of the time or weather. All of us used to run from one house to the other, playing cricket,  badminton and pitthu. The moms would come to complain but soon the complaints turned into gossip sessions and the ladies would stand at the gate or relax in the porch, talking endlessly.

But a few years ago that very same street – so safe and serene – became the scene of a crime.  An eight-year-old was kidnapped from the street. Her mutilated, raped body was thrown back in the wee hours of the morning.

The criminal mind

I have tried to be rational and understand the rising statistics of these monstrous crime but I cannot. What kind of sick satisfaction would a man get from raping a two-year-old baby?

I fail to understand how groups of grown men can mutilate a child or tear apart a young innocent body. Perhaps it is futile to try and understand a criminal mind. But it is not just criminals who confuse me.

What the government isn’t doing

I can’t understand how our lawmakers can be so fixated over Hudood laws and turn a blind eye to the monsters whose crime is much more heinous than any adulterer.

Recently, I saw a show discussing the state of laws for child safety. As the anchor quizzed the relevant ministers on the lack of proper child right laws, they had only one thing to say “We are collaborating with our allies.”

Somehow, it seems political allies cannot agree upon what rights a child has and whether he deserves protection or not. The PPP ministers openly confessed that the legislation has been delayed simply because the government does not want any of its allies to feel that they were not taken on board.

Frustrated monsters must be fed

So, in effect our government and our leaders think that the allies should be given more priority than the children who are facing severe abuse and dying as a result. They think that this so-called democracy is more important than giving justice to families who have become victims.

Here’s a suggestion for them:

If they can’t agree to protect children, maybe they should just legalise prostitution. With sex within easy reach, maybe some of the frustrated monsters would find another outlet.


Sadaf Khan

A broadcast journalist based in Islamabad who was formerly associated with Geo News and Dunya News. She blogs at ibteda.wordpress.com/

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://sheddy73.wordpress.com Shahid Javed

    Well, what I feel is that unfortunately we cannot implement ‘law’ in our society due to the intereference of strong people in any legal matter or police case. In such environment, prostitution can be legalised like in Australia, America, Middle East and Europe. I don’t call it Islamic but as we are not a true Muslim state, we have no other option left with us to save our innocent children, who suffer psychologically throught their life after such a brutal incident.

    Shahid Javed

    Sydney, NSW, AustraliaRecommend

  • parvez

    You are a brave lady who has the courage and understanding to write on sensitive subjects like this.
    You have been lenient with your criticism of our law makers they deserve to to tarred and feathered, paraded through the streets and pelted with rotten eggs. Yes I am furious.Recommend

  • Nadeem

    I understand your anger, Sadaf, but I am not sure whether legalising prostitution will help. We come across so many rape cases in countries like USA despite easy reach of sex. Also, I dont think sex is out of reach in Pakistan. It is well in reach..and not so expensive too. Recommend

  • mohammad iqbal

    It is not proper to pray for the legalization of prostitution in an islamic society. The media must continue its efforts to make the government understand the necessity to curb rape incidents at any cost. How can you expect that rape will be legalized in an islamic soceity. We are not Thailand or Russia.Recommend

  • Fizza

    Men are frustrating now don’t know why!! Everyday we hear such stories or watch in the news. Every god damn day!Recommend

  • Amna

    This has got to be the most ridiculous post I’ve ever seen on here. I’d like to see more informed comments please. Pieces that were actually thought out thoroughly before being written and sent in in a fit of frustration. Recommend

  • Amer

    You have really got to be kidding me! Do you think it’s hard to have sex for money in Pakistan? Sometimes reading blogs like these make the mind boil, not because of an insensitive suggestion but because they are nothing more then a drawing room suggestion with no substance or research behind them!
    Have you done any research into the human trafficers that are free to do whatever they want under the patronage of the law enforcement agencies and the government?
    Do you know that women are sold like cattle in the capital of Pakistan?


    I don’t wana go on and on with the reasons why your suggestion is crazy… I have a few solutions, I guess gather one solid solution…
    The law needs to be change to award the death penalty to a rapist, Period. There is no other solution! There should be a quick verdict on it and the sentence should be carried out within 1 month of the verdict with no appeals.
    There are child molesters even in the UAE and the lawmakers are in the process of making more laws that protect children in the society. I have been following a story in the gulfnews over the last month, read it below:

    I read numerous comments from people around the world who work here in the UAE but not a single sane person mentioned prostitution when child rape was the topic of discussion!
    You know why? Because they were thinking of their own children and how to protect them, they were asking the government for new rules and laws to protect their children. They were not working on some crazy idea that if the rapist was satified he wouldn’t prey on their children!

    You suggestion is like the work police in Karachi does… you wana fight terrorists, Ban Double Sawari!!
    We all know how that works!Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    One of the problems behind sexual attacks including those targeting minors is because Sex has been treated as such a huge Taboo in our society, and especially with the rise in gender segregation which is itself due to heightened religious sensitivities as well as rising religious extremism, in other words, we treat sex as if it is most taboo thing to have ever existed, especially if it is pre-marital sex, this contributes to sexual frustration in society as whole. Women are not the only one’s who got raped, a few years ago in Karachi’s affluent Zamzama, a domestic worker was abducted by a group of women, raped and thrown back on to the streets the next day, the media only covered it very briefly. Sexual crimes against men also happen.Recommend

  • Rehan

    This will be again unlawfull to legalise the ilegal things. Our english law and police culture is the encourgement to the criminals.

    If there is implementation of law: cutting hand of the theif….some one will only think of crime.Recommend

  • Obaid Mustafa

    Sadaf your point of criticism is right but the ‘Hudood’ law has given women a right to stand against there rights and a law support by the Government as well. Legalizing prostitution will create a chaos in the society and no social respect will be left. The law should be check and proper system has to be defined by the higher officials Recommend

  • Asad Shairani

    I’ll hope you’re kidding – as far as your suggestion is concerned. Even if you ignore that getting sexual services is very, very easy in Pakistan, there is no strong evidence which suggests that legalizing prostitution has resulted in a decline in sex-related crimes anywhere in the world. Your title and the suggestion seem to be a demented way of getting attention and comments. Recommend

  • yaarku

    any one raping children doesn’t need a prostitute, that person needs a psychiatrist.may Allah keep all in His peace.Recommend

  • nadiyah rahman

    We are talking about paedophiles here. How in God’s name legalisation of prostitution could help. The post is beyond insane. Needs immediate removal!!Recommend

  • Omer bin Ishaq

    I miss the 90sRecommend

  • zaigham

    Pakistan democracy is always going to be a revenge on the people. People simply don’t exist for them. And I disagree with the proposition that legalizing prostitution would make things better. Most of such monsters are insane and have had their share of &%$§/#*. Its their twisted instinct of curiosity that drives them to seek pleasure in such heinous ways.
    Society as a whole is on decline. We crave for blood and always go for the harshest position among the possible ones. All the emphasis in our HOMES is on how to be socially presentable with little or none on what you are on the inside. As long as people think of you as pious, honest and decent, all is well. This kind of upbringing is the reason of this twisted generation and many more to come. When you are not reproached by your conscience and the people around you for smaller corruptions, you not being reproached for bigger ones is inevitable.Recommend

  • Aisha Aijaz

    Is it Tribune or eik rupay wala ‘awaam akhbar’? Surprised who selects these rubbish blogs to be published :SRecommend

  • Dureshahwar

    very well written, Lady Sadaf.. I highly appreciate your efforts on this crucial and sarcastic problem around Pakistan by a singular gender known as “Female” in our society!

    Well at a realistic part prostitution be legal won’t make any difference as in our society the desperate male gender have no demarcations to their hawas. They need a lesson for their so-called brave ** for a lifetime!Recommend

  • Salman Shah

    Hmmm..its confusing ma’am. Its hardly any solution. Sex for money isn’t a problem here anymore. Prostitution has rose to unprecedented level in last ten years or so but it hasn’t stopped the molesters to prey..specially the child abuse is getting sickening now.

    Instead of legalizing, the law needs to be changed. Just hang these animals with no ifs & buts attached. Yeah its not as simple as it may sound because for the law to be changed this way, we have got to get some gay Mullah brigade on the board too but they,’m afraid, have more important things to do. Like glorifying a sick murderer. Recommend

  • Adeel

    Such a silly heading of this article. If we cannot stop crime we should make it legislative to do some acts which will ruin the society. How must say how the prostitutes would feel about this. A lady talking such nonsense. I always thought we as a nation should have done something to stop prostitution as it is the exploitation of females.
    Tell me if some educated guy cannot earn should we legally allow him to rob??? Recommend

  • Asad Shairani

    @Aisha Aijaz:
    Ditto – the blogs are pathetic.Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmad

    To all those criticizing the ‘legalize prostitution’ approach – here’s one for you : “Ever heard of sarcasm? “. Recommend

  • zaigham


    But it’s a good writeup. It is quite a shock to know that after suffering the trauma from sodomy, suffering 5 long years in pursuit of justice, the boy only witnessed 3 years being handed down to the offender. Pathetic. He would have fared better without such a justice.Recommend

  • http://asad747.wordpress.com Asad

    Dear Sadaf Khan!

    Legal prostitution is present in many countries but rate of sexual crimes are also high in those countries. Thats not the solution and can never be.

    Sexual feelings cannot be control through the man made laws. The only solution is to develop a society which has deep recognition of Islamic laws & environment with Islamic moral values.

    unfortunately our society is going in opposite direction and such incidents are the consequences of it. So Live with it!!!!!!



  • Noreen Shams

    y tribune promoting yellow journalism ??? Recommend

  • http://Peshawar G.Khan

    Quick trial and Public Hanging til Death will bring rapers to their senses. Why they don’t commit same crimes in Saudi Arabia? Model already exists, lets implement it here as well. Recommend

  • Mehreen

    We don’t know what goes through the minds of such people. For all we know the aspect of raping someone is what they may enjoy the most. Sick, sick people out there! So legalizing prostitution, or any other suggestions that may have been put forth, wont help. Recommend

  • Ayesha

    Islam is right to give a death penalty to a rapist. Now the molanas should stand up and upheld the punishment set by the Lord and confirmed by his prophet (PBUH) and his companions. Why are their mouths shut on this? We hear cases of rape of minors now…. WE MUST IMPLEMENT ALLAH’s LAW of death penalty for RAPIST….. what a disgusting nation we are becoming. Who the hell set this law of maximum 3 years for rape when Allah said married or unmarried, the punishment of RAPE is STONING TO DEATH!

    Prostituition has same punishment…. so legalizing it does not solve anything. Who is trying to prevent prostituition is Pakistan…. noone but still look at the rape cases specially of minors???? Recommend

  • http://bitsstation.com We Need Leadership Development

    Well, let me clarify here!!! Cheap prostitutes are still VERY easy to get in Pakistan. I am not sure about the remote areas but in almost all urban areas or cities, you can get yourself “satisfied” for some hundred rupees and they are easily accessible. But actually it’s the criminal mindset of people that needs to be changed. legalising prostitution is not a solution. Btw is there anything legal going on Pakistan? Recommend

  • http://grsalam.wordpress.com Ghausia

    lol okay I got that the last sentence was meant sarcastically, but still, come on. Forget prostitution, its not very difficult to find a ‘funbuddy’ these days, or a boyfriend/girlfriend whose love for you extends the whole ‘I want to marry you’ schtick. The problem isn’t that men are frustrated and desperate for sex, when you’re raping a two year old, you’re beyond frustrated and into the land of mental illnesses. Most rapists tend to have a childhood of sexual assaults themselves, which affects them psychologically as well.

    Yes, we’re repressed, but how much? I mean, you can’t narrow it down to one particular section of the population, kids do it, adults do it, rich people do it, middle-class people do it, poor people do it, couples do it, engaged couples do it, it isn’t about lack of availability. Its about the fact that for some reason, this mental sickness is growing in our country and it needs to be investigated so that we can find a solution.Recommend

  • Sadaf Khan

    God people! This is suppossed to be sarcastic (Excluding you from this comment Ghausia) Please, READ before commenting. This post is not about prostitution. Why are all the comments on it?Recommend

  • Sankalp

    Bravo, well said Sadaf!Recommend

  • Sadaf Khan

    I know perfectly well that this is not the solution. I’m simply pointing out the duoble standards in our legislative system. When women / men can be hanged under hudood laws, why isnt child molestation/ rape / sodomy incidents tried under that law? And more importantly, if legislation requires all ‘parties’ to be on board, what kind of sick parties or leaders are disagreeing with securing the children? Is it even something that needs to be debated?
    Seriously guys! How can anyone actually belive I’m making this suggestion seriously? Recommend

  • Cb Guy

    It is a burning issue at the moment as it is getting more media attention now a days. It is good that such an issue has been discussed. We need stricter punishments and better , faster justice system. a Molester should be thrown in jail for long enough that he feels damage to his life. 3 years is nothing, may be 13 would be better. let em rot.

    As for legalizing prostitution, it wouldn’t do anything. In US, where there is total freedom of any kind of relationship and plenty of prostitutes available, there are still 3000 rapes a day. If we come closer to our Deen, both in our personal lives and in our justice system and follow it properly, these issues will automatically come down significantly. Recommend

  • Nadeem

    Sadaf, a good writer doesnt need to explain to readers what he intended to convey through his/her write-up. Please practice making more relevant and meaningful headlines and convey your ideas in a logical manner. Recommend

  • Ali Farooqui

    prostitution would not help as the dark fantasies of these monster (paedophiles) would not be fulfilled by mere prostitution. Steps should be taken to make an example out of these dregs of society and shame in the name of humanity Recommend

  • faraz

    What has rape to do with prostitution? A prostitute can be also get raped.Recommend

  • Amna

    I dont understand how legalizing prostitution solves the problem. They are criminals, they have a deranged mind obviously, its not just sex that they are looking for. They most probably have access to a prostitutes even though prostitution is illegal.There are many places in the world where men have no reason to be sexually frustrated, but pedophiles are present there as well. I think controlling rape and up-ing our law enforcement is the only hope.

    I totally understand and agree with your frustration with this issue, but your argument is very weak. You claim you can not understand a criminal mind, but you think you know them well enough to say that prostitution will keep them away from innocent children. Recommend

  • yasir

    Such cruel and ruthless people do not have the right to survive among our coomunities .

    They must be killed who commit such a henoius crime. Recommend

  • http://Geneva chrono

    Are there any statistics on the number of rapes in Pakistan? There should be as it is important to know if we’re making progress or not in the matter.Recommend

  • Aamna Saiyid

    People did you really take the suggestion of legalizing prostitution literally? Anyone who’s read the article properly can tell that the writer is being sarcastic.
    @Sadaf I’d like to add something here. Some psychologists are of the view that rape is a way for the offenders to feel (falsely) powerful, rather like bullies at school who are delusional enough to think that beating up smaller and younger children gives them the badge of power. So there is a dire need of addressing such people’s inferiority complex, attention deficit disorders and other related psychological issues. And of course implementing exemplary punishments for such heinous crimes. Recommend

  • Adeel Iqbal

    Sadaf even that was a sarcastic approach, you should have be very choosy with the words you were using. Please think twice before putting something in public which have influence on people. Rape and prostitution are two different chapter’s. You cannot correlate them.Recommend

  • Imran butt

    Follow Islamic laws , we can get rid of these crimes . Legal prostitut. Is not the solution . Recommend

  • http://www.pakspectatogooutr.com Sana Saleem

    This is horrifying ! But in a society where such things have become part of it, the family should itself take great care of their children.

    Where ever one suspects any person with such intentions, he/she should make noise and gather people as such people are coward. But the problem comes when such acts are committed by some very close relative or neighbour or friend and whom one trusts.Recommend

  • Tamoor Azhar

    @writer i accept ur point of view . the point is very clear to control rape .this exist in our society.Recommend

  • XYZ

    Well done to everybody who read this article, commented on it and managed to completely miss the point – I think the emphasis is on the fact that the Government isn’t doing anything to control the issue, and that justice needs to be less difficult to arrive at…the mention of “prostitution being legalized” is a, sarcastic and b, thrown in for shock value…Recommend

  • Atif

    One simple question. There are many countries where prostitution is legal, did this effect the rape caes. No! example is right next to us : IndiaRecommend

  • Atif

    And you may not know but finding a prostitute is as easy as anywhere else in the world.Recommend

  • Jehanzeb

    I hate to break it to you , but your sarcasm sucks !Recommend

  • anonymous

    prostitution should be legalized and taxed. Two birds with one stone.Recommend

  • Shahbaz

    There’r so many comments and hope for more but the point is that, how can we overcome this obnoxious act and why such frustrated or sick minds think to attempt this morally or unlawful act.I probably appreciate to Ghousia who tried to find out the basic reason behind this heinous act. BravoRecommend

  • ABC

    @ Writer..Ok I am still not able to understand how in the world is “legalizing prostitution” a sarcasm on not dealing promptly with child abuse ? There doesn’t seem to be an obvious connection there…one is forced and the other merely a willingful business! As far as I see it, its a very weak and stretched connection and hence hardly any sense of the so called sarcasm…Recommend

  • khan

    simple solution for all of us is to scrutinize Holy Quran and specially surah nisah or if u cant do this then dnt call urself muslim and start scrutinize Bible mehreen geeeRecommend

  • Shahzaib syed

    well everyone showing their agreement on legalizing prostitution in Pakistan should first answers this question

    How would you react when your daughter or sister choose prostitution as her profession????

    well every society has its moral limits and we should find solution with in those limits and we should find the reason for why Rape rate is increasing in our country??

    we better should take a stance and educate our people because most of these prostitution or women abuse cases are from areas where there is lack of education and in order to do so we have to eradicate the feudal system in our country and give equal opportunity to everyone to develop ourselves. An empty mind is a devils workshop and that what happening in our country people are jobless and frustrated and they remove their frustration by doing social crime.

    And if somebody is inspired by law of prostitution in middle east then middle eastern society is an example of Azab from Allah oil producing countries with so much wealth are terrorized by a bunch of Jews.

    For my confused brothers living in foreign countries with Dual nationalities you have lost right to even suggest any thing for Pakistan. Recommend

  • http://bakedsunshine.wordpress.com/ Shumaila

    Prostitution should be legal anyway. Its not like keeping it illegal makes any difference to anyone.

    Also, I agree with someone above who said that you don’t need to elucidate sarcasm, it should be evident. Your post sounds highly frustrated and that causes the suggestion for legalising prostitution to appear serious. Add to that the title’s faulty logic and it ceases to be a surprise why everyone’s commenting on prostitution.

    Even sarcastically its a stupid suggestion, as has been pointed out, because we’re talking pedophiles and rapists here, and they have more issues behind their actions than simple repression/frustration.

    Its a knotty issue, especially child rape, because punishment lengths are doubtful and psychotherapy doesn’t help cure the offender. Hanging isn’t a serious option (though damn I would string them up myself, gladly) so what do you do with people like that?Recommend

  • Talat

    Maximum punishment for rape is Not only 3 years, get your facts right. Dont sensationalize and exaggerate issues to get reader’s attention. Be a responsible citizen. Recommend

  • Fayyaz Mahmood

    Your idea should be discussed in Parliament, as this is a critical issue.
    But our Parliamentarians don’t have time to address these type of issues.
    Our society is needed rehabilitation. A strong societal reforms needed to rectify the situation. And if this start “JUST NOW” with full commitment, it will take time to settle down the issues.

    Economic Reforms
    Societal Reforms
    Political Reforms.

    A devoted and committed person “like me” is needed, who have the ability to do so.Recommend

  • http://Northampton,UK Jazib

    It is not a matter of legalizing prostitution. In my beloved Pakistan, something doesn’t have to be strictly legal to be practised, prostitution and sex is still easy in Pakistan. It doesn’t solve the problem. 15 year old girls get raped in the UK as well.
    But your article is well written, apart from the punchline. An important issue highlighted and ‘the street where I grew up in’ took me to my nostalgic memories of Pakistan, something I deeply revel in.Recommend

  • IZ

    Rape has as more to do with power and inflicting violence than it does with sexual desire. Prostitution, legal or illegal does nothing to solve the problem. It is cultural attitudes that need changing – as long as violence is so deeply ingrained in society and the drive to express power such a fundamental aspect of our culture this problem will persist.Recommend

  • muhammad aamir mazhar

    This is a real serious problem our society facing and needs attention. the point is where so much cruelity comes the answer is depression and unsuccessfulness in life now from this point mind powers push any gender to revenge from society sorry to say but most weak people are women and children and now if that person ethical norms are down to earth and he lived an unstable life he definately go for an easy crime in which 80% chances he think will remain undercover.
    now coming to the solution all of you know on every chowk of city lahore you get the prostitutes in evening so access to them is very easy but still this is happening because criminal people go for safe, cheap and undercover crime to remain perfect muslim in the eyes of society
    the best soulution first is safety and for this the distance between parents and children should be shorten because 70% of abusers are known so only trust worthy is parents and this should be clear in mind that what ever happened dont hide from parents and parents also need to work on confidence building between them.
    if you are powerful and feel some1 needs help provide help saving him without thinking i don’t know.
    the strict control of parents on children on movements but not on minds give them some relaxation and space coz now our new genration needs tust and confidence.

    the govenment and NGO’s can only spread awareness the can’t come in streets and homes or individual spaces this is our responsiblity to safe our generation.Recommend

  • GH

    I think your next demands will be;
    Hatts off writter for showing us the right path !! Recommend

  • Khalid Irteza Hasan

    One has to pay to a prostitute, but to rape he doesn’t have to, So comparing these two cannot be considered as a rational act. Sexual harassment is common in Western countries as well where one can find ample opportunities for having physical relationships, yet sexual crimes are more heinous as are in “illiterate” countries like ours. The way the author has tried to create a sensation on the issue is no solution. If we are “really” serious on this and other social issues we will have to create social awareness among the masses starting from the minor level. Instead of “rights” we need to create awareness on “common duties”. I request the Blog Administration as well to scrutinize to topics before posting them on blog page. Recommend

  • usman Baloch

    the most idealistic position she stands to get her personal interest and wishes to be legalized by the way of getting the comments and views of the people and letting the birds of same feathers to be happy on this matter . its much more ridiculous to legalizing the prosecution , only in response of some animal acts . few people of criminal mind must not be the point of ammendmensts in laws , for them their must be the proper implementation of law to safe our girls and childrens.
    she is critizing the child abuse but im shocked , she is not interested in female or girl rape. do you think that willful sex must not be funished ? Recommend

  • FF

    You cannot legalize prostitution in Pakistan, we are not that progressive sadly. How about starting a campaign asking women to give up being such colossal prudes in this country!

    The No.1 reason most desi men are more attracted to women from outside of their borders isn’t because of some popular media revolution, they are just not as high maintenance. Why did Bill Clinton go after all of those women over the years?

    Because his wife had shut up shop and didn’t uphold her end of the bargain after they got married.

    Women use sex as a tool to manipulate their husbands and their marriages. This CANNOT be denied as to be happening often. How do you defend that author?Recommend

  • Azam Mirza

    i second you each and every word you said Sadaf Khan. and i feel the same if these demons are that much frustrated so give them some prostitutes so they might then not do what they are doing i am sad but not hopeless. I think that day is not far when we will see progressed and shining Pakistan Inshahallah. AmeenRecommend

  • http://Karachi Haider Hussain

    Being a father of 5Y boy and 3Y girl, news like these make me shaky and horified but equally enraged. But legalising prostitution will serve no purpose because (a) rape cases are not rare even in highly open developed societies, and (b) sex is already available and very cheap in Pakistan. Only a harsh and strict judicial system, equally supported by law enforcement system, against child molesters can help in stopping crimes like these.

    ….Please recite “AIET-UL-KURSI” everyday for your kids’ safety….Recommend

  • Haseeb

    @Sadaf Khan
    After reading your article and first page of comments (including your replies), I conclude, You choose the right topic to be write on. But title is so confusing, you must admit you choose wrong title, thats it.
    @Amer, @Ayesha , @Ghausia.. You wrote what i want to, but after @Sadaf Khan’s replies please comment again.Recommend

  • Fizza

    Just a thought…. Sadaf you’ve written this blog at a time when Pakistan has ratified (on 01-24-2011) the UN protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, prostitution and pornography. Useless to ratify any law until there’s a strong judicial system.Recommend

  • Fizza

    Sorry, I mentioned the wrong date. Please edit that part of the older post.Recommend

  • Ayesha

    Sadaf is sooo right…. rape is ZINA BIL JABBAR and should have same punishment as ZINA (for the rapist only)…. I am surprised how this rapist got away with the Hudood Ordinance. So is there something wrong with the application of Hudood Ordinance or the Hudood Ordinance Law itself? Is it not as per the shariah defined by Allah?
    But I read in news papers that some other rapist got maximum 10 years…. This is strange….. why isnt the Hudood Ordinace applicable on RAPIST???? MULLAH and SCHOLARS should be on roads for this.

    I request everybody to raise their voice about this topic and punishment in Pakistani Law!

    I repeat Prostituition is not a solution to rape. I dont think in Pakistan sex is so hard to find when we have all heard about the red light areas of each city….. Prostituition degrades the society and brings in a lot of societal issues. The main reason ZINA has death penalty is b/c if shatters the family system. Shattered family system shatters the society as a whole…. and then the phychological issues etc come up.

    Please everyone raise your voices on all fronts and ask for a death penalty for RAPE.


  • Ayesha

    @Sadaf Khan:
    Sadaf so correct….. Write more on the topic. I request all the readers to raise their voice on this. This law has to be corrected. If hudood ordiance is not applicable on RAPIST then there is something seriously wrong in the Hudood ordiance law…. it should be mended. We need to have death penalty for rape…. As far as I have researched, no need of 4 witnesses in RAPE in Islam. There are so many ways medically to prove RAPE….. so I am equally frustrated why aren’t we following the law of Allah in this. We ned to protect these little angels being brutally raped and killed….. how can any human NOT CRY after hearing this. May Allah keep us strong and help us change.Recommend

  • Ayesha

    @Haider Hussain:
    Isnt it sad we live in such horrific times…. I pray for all the children and all the mothers and fathers. Ayat-ul-qursi must be recited everyday for every member specially our children. Its really frustrating that we are living in the time of maximum growth in terms of technology and knowledge and still it seems the same time of JAHALAT is back when girl childs were burried alive….. same is happening all around us. Please write to all news channels to raise this RAPE topic and ask the mollanas and our law makers to change the law and make it in accordance to Islam!Recommend

  • http://grsalam.wordpress.com Ghausia

    @Sadaf Khan:

    lol your frustration is so amusing, yet relatable, hang in there. :D

    I think the problem is that we as a people don’t make enough noise about this. Everyone was outraged over the Clifton rape case, but what about the little girl in Zamzama who just wanted to ask her uncle to buy her sweets? No one cares, so the politicians get off easily. And you know our media, one day, Asia Bibi, the next day, Salman Taseer, the third, Veena Malik, the fourth, Raymond Davis. Fine, its an eventful country, there’s a new controversy every day but geez, equal coverage and followups won’t kill you. Even when people do make noise about it, they get distracted by some other tragic incident. More than anything, it is imperative that we introduce sexual education in our schools, awareness of the topic is key here. Who knows, it might convert future sickos into good people, or teach children to speak out about their own abuse so they get the help they need and don’t turn out to be rapists as well. Recommend

  • Zain

    Well written article.

    I can’t believe, the hundreds of people here not commenting on the main issue which is the rape incidences, infact they are taking Islam into the context of how Prostitution is not legal.

    Wake up, rape is the main issue and since when are we in any way an Islamic country. My God, all of the religious zealots have no common sense. We all know prostitution is “haraam”, what about rape? As far as I know the punishment for “zinha” and rape are death. Where is the Islam here? The rapists should have his body parts severed, not even killed so that he has to live through life knowing the same helplessness that a rape victim does.

    Where are the religious JUI’s and Tehriks in these situations? Would our Prophet (S.A.W) stand for something like this? People here are thick….we will sit here and comment on how sad it is and how we should be careful? Where are our law enforcers? Oh wait I know, they are busy filling in there pockets or supporting religious nut jobs protecting a blasphemy law which is so unfair it is beyond belief.

    People just attend a few Dars or Tablighs and find themselves to be an expert on religion. Hate to break it to you, religion is subjective! Your views aren’t the correct views…only God will judge that.

    I feel sorry for all the victims of this crime. Oh yeah, and Bangladesh a muslim country has legalised prostitution…oh and their economy happens to be better than us, they also happen to be better educated than us. So, don’t bring Islam into this….there are many solutions provided by religion to such issues. It’s a shame we use religion for our gains rahter than spiritual.Recommend

  • http://deleted Sabeen Masood

    legalizing prostitution will make this country a hell. i once heard that crime can make other people criminal too. i never understood what does it mean. but now i do, you want the crime to maximize itself in this country. can you think of the magnitude of the problems it will create? prostitution open for all! this is absolutely disgusting!!!.Recommend

  • Nadeem

    @Sabeen Masood:
    There are dozens of countries in the world where prostitution is legal..but they are the most peaceful countries in the world..with zero crime rate. Recommend

  • http://facebook.com/sohail.taj sohail taj

    I wonder how we can be so much polarized! When on one side the strict rules such as “sangsar” are brought into practice our moderate society starts caring human rights. On other hand we ignore reason of crimes e.g., molesting and raping. we do not realize that their root lies in late marriages, dowry issues, inflation, demands from both families of groom and bride if we promote the marriages these issues will start derogating.Recommend

  • http://www.regeneration-dot-com.blogspot.com Sajjad Ahmed

    Its futile saying much on such an alarming sense of cheap blogging by Et, but still cutting the long story short on the matter – once we have laws available within our religion Islam, and once we have legislation on how to curb such heinous crimes, then why look anywhere else ???
    Light is within our reach, its so strange we just cannot see it !!!Recommend

  • http://www.noor-ul-ainhanif.blogspot.com Noor-ul-ain Hanif

    very nice post. I think songs like munni badnaam hoe and sheela ke jawani are working like an acid in this regard. These kindda songs are increasing the frustration! more and more. We should ban these kindda songs moreover now a day’s our tv channels are portraying bedroom scenes what they are trying to capture? stop this nonsense stuff. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/ow.radio Omar Wynne

    Please! This is more of a Dear Diary entry than a well thought & researched article. Hate to break to you you Sadaf but sex comes cheaper in Pkaistan than bottled water! Jaanay aap kon si dunya mein rehti ho?

    More effort needed.

    PS> Josh say zyada HOSH; get it?Recommend

  • http://Karachi Haider Hussain


    Ayesha, I think the bigger problem than not having law is having law without implementation. We have proper laws on murder, prostitution, drug-dealing etc, BUT when it comes to implementing these laws, we fail.Recommend

  • Mazhar Ali

    not that man are frustrate most of the news belong to rural areasRecommend

  • http://grsalam.wordpress.com Ghausia

    @Noor-ul-ain Hanif:
    Thanks for that, I needed a good laugh.Recommend

  • Irfan

    @Aisha Aijaz:
    totally agree with you, its just a tabloid, ET just love to print anti Pakistan and anti Islam materials, someday these liberals will ask to ban knives as it might be use in killing. Rape take place in societies where sex is free and prostitution is legal.Recommend

  • Shahbaz Younis

    I think there is no need to legalized prostitution, coz just implement Islamic law in society, last year I gone through a video about ganged rape of an 8 year old girl, and Saudi court ordered to hang them all in front of people on traffic signal pole. I think if such law is implemented in our society no one would even dare to commit rape. Recommend

  • http://wasioabbasi.wordpress.com Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi

    This is true that in Pakistan, prostitutes are easily available. Those people who go on Pakistan tour, particularly towards northern areas, nearly always come across people (read pimps) who offer them sexual services. Legalizing prostitution would mean setting up stalls all over the country and new companies, clubs and organizations registering under the banner of Service industry. It would be the only sector that would boom regardless of economy’s condition !!
    I would certainly agree on your take on Hudood laws. People so vehemently against any sort of alterations or even mentioning of Hudood Laws are simply silent over rape and sexual assault issues that it boggles the mind. If you think about it, what would be Holy Prophet’s reaction when someone tells him “xyz said accusatory words about you” and when someone informs “xyz is accused of raping a girl”. I am highly certain that the first one would have been ignored by the Prophet while severe action would have been taken in the case of the second incident immediately.Recommend

  • Grace

    Do you have any idea of the number of sickos out there in western society? Much more than Pakistan or any developing nation. In fact most of the sickos go to poor Asian nations from western nations to live out their sick desires. And yes there is already legalized prostitution in many of these western nations. Criminals exist everywhere but these type of criminals who target kids should be hunted down and given the full force of the law to be locked away in every nation of the world.Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/nubeals Nabeel Khalid

    And then what, it would be like in North America – the mutilated bodies thrown in the streets would be prostitutes. So kids will grow up to be prostitutes, first, and then get mutilated?

    No, you can’t kill one problem with another, more intricate, problem.

    You need a legal system IMPLEMENTED. Let’s start there. Because at least then, the real criminals will pay for their crimes, not the rich man’s poor guard paying for his boss’s.Recommend

  • Rehan

    As posted before
    Any bad-act/crime can be over come by
    1- To make law/punishment for it.
    2- most important than the first. To implement that law by hook or crook means.
    We already had laws. especialy i will go for the laws from Islamic shariya.
    But the implementation is not seen. So need to implement those laws.

    Trafic Laws are almost same in UK/Other and Pakistan. Then why the uk citizen obey it, because they are punished in POUNDS and for Cancelation of their License. Where as in Pakistan we know all..

    So the thing is to overcome any crime a law should be strictly applied/implemented.Recommend

  • Angelos

    Need to enforce strict laws against rapists. Also we need to study the root cause of this problem. Legalizing prostituion was a sarcastic line but still your sarcasm was poor sadaf.Recommend

  • http://deleted Sabeen Masood

    can u name a country like that?Recommend

  • nirvana
  • nirvana
  • Akhtar Ali

    In my humble opinion, this problem could be resolved to a great extent by if young men are facilitated to get married. At present it is very difficult to get married keeping in view the unnecessary customs and traditions. Holding mass wedding ceremonies is the best solution to lessen the burden on young men and their families.

    As we all know when a man proposes a girl, her family attaches a host of conditions which the man and his family find it difficult to fulfill. Young men should also take the initiate to marry girls without asking for dowry. Because many parents cannot arrange the dowry of their daughters. So all these factors contribute to increase in rape.

    The writer has suggested legalising prostitution but I would say that a problem cannot be addressed by allowing the people to indulge in unhealthy activities. A prostitute is paid for having sex. So if a person does not have money he would commit a robbery to pay a prostitute that will increase crime ratio in the society. Recommend

  • http://deleted Sabeen Masood

    so true. how deep our media can reach to attain attention. more pieces of stupidity like this and you will get more attention. Good. Keep it up. thats exactly what we need in time of crisis.Recommend

  • chitposh

    well written behanRecommend

  • Steven

    Do you have any concept of how much child porn and child molesters there are in western nations? There is a more liberal attitude to sex and prostitution in North America and Europe but it hasn’t stopped sexual abuse of children here. In fact I’m sure it’s more prevalent here.Recommend

  • Faraz

    @GH: Congratulations on failing to see the point, for failing to note the due sarcasm and intent behind the article. And again, thank you to people like you who perpetuate problems by insulting or deriding other people’s viewpoints, even when expressed in a well written and well presented article in an effort to bring attention to an issue. As long as we have people like you around, we’ll remain stuck in this quagmire. Recommend

  • Diplodocus

    Logic failed.Recommend

  • Mullah Non-Lover

    The idea of Legalizing Prostitution would provide the Mullahs in our country to break-free and smash all the traffic signals and windows of our country.

    Theoretically speaking, the idea of legalization sounds right but the practical possibiity of it is absolute Zero !Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/IAARACCOP I am a responsible and civilized citizen of Pakistan

    Nice work by author and nice comments of readers. I agree with the majority that legalizing sex in the Islamic state is not the solution. It is the lack of education and especially the lack of Islamic education that rapes are increasing in number. Technological innovations have also caused a big trouble due to the flourishing of pornography on CDs, mobiles and internet; and they are adding to the sexual stresses especially of men. These technological developments, on the other hand, have distracted us from religion and religious teachings and we don’t live in accordance with Islamic principals because we don’t want to(practically, by paying heed to worldly pleasures).
    What I want to say is that rapists are the more sexually distressed people of society, and proper programs and campaigns should be started to curb the problem. Ulema as will as civil society can be part of such campaigns. They can induce people to get married at early ages and content themselves with it. That’s all. LEGALIZING PROSTITUTION WILL NOT HELP. And already prostitution is on boom whether or not it is legal.Recommend