I am a Muslim and I would vote for Trump

Published: October 16, 2016

Trump should indeed be the President of America. PHOTO: REUTERS

On July 30, 1788, William Lancaster (an anti-federalist delegate to the North Carolina Convention) warned the participants of the possibility of a Muslim becoming the President of the United States and that there was nothing in the constitution against it. I can only see two scenarios where a Muslim could become the President of the United States.

First, when all of America becomes Muslim, it would be their prerogative right to elect one of their own. Second, when all of the values, principles, beliefs and rights America stands for can only be found in someone who is a Muslim, then a Muslim should be the President of America. Fast forward two and a quarter centuries and a more appropriate question now is, “Can Trump be the President of the United States?” And the scenarios remain the same: all of America becomes the like of Trump and all of the values America stands for can only be found in someone like Trump. If that’s the case, as it increasingly seems to be, then Trump should indeed be the President of America.

Trump is not merely a name; it is a mindset, a phenomenon to cash on peoples’ sentiments, to fire-up their inner desires that cannot be expressed otherwise due to societal norms and common belief-sets given by the constitution of the country we are deciding to vote for. It is a psychological war, a hate-mongering marathon, an almost communist propaganda to give the power, influence, rights and wealth where they do not belong. And now the changing America wants us to believe in that.

By the way, America is not changing, it has already changed right before our eyes since the past 20 years or so and we’re busy enough not to witness this evolution. Do you know that all six U.S Nobel Laureates of 2016 are immigrants? Do you know the majority of US universities are led by foreign-born academicians? Do you know foreign-born professors make up almost 40% of US engineering professors? Do you know 51% of billion-dollar startups in US are founded by immigrants? Do you know you can’t find a reasonable sized hospital in the US without an immigrant doctor? Do you know you can’t find a construction site in the US without a Mexican, Hispanic or someone from South America working as a worker there? Do you know America has outsourced 2.3 million jobs to the world in 2015 alone for the cheaper and better workforce for as little as 25 cents to $1 an hour?

Do you know that 13.3% of the total immigrant population contributes to roughly 3% of the highly skilled workforce in the US? Do you know immigrants drive the real-estate market and property prices in the US? Do you know the contribution of immigrants in US innovation, where 24% of bachelors and 47% of PhDs in science and engineering are immigrants? Do you know the immigrant science and engineering workers account for more than half of the net increase in the US science and engineering workforce? Do you know that the top ten US companies alone have more than 20,000 job openings that immigrants can fill easily? Do you know that native born US citizens’ percentage in STEM programs has dropped from 74% in 1985 to 54% in 2006? Do you know that 40% of Fortune 500 companies are created by first or second generation immigrants that create 10 million jobs and yield $4.2 trillion in revenues? Do you know that seven out of top ten global brands are founded by 1st or 2nd generation immigrants (Apple, AT&T, Google, GE, IBM, Marlboro and McDonalds)?

Do you know 60% of Top 25 tech companies are founded by immigrants? Do you know that 42% of scientists in top US cancer research centers are foreign-born? Do you know a single H1B visa holder creates almost five new jobs for native-born Americans? Do you know that roughly 15% of the US economy is driven by immigrants? Do you know that healthcare in US alone employs 1.8 million foreign-born workers? Do you know that 60% of foreign US students are enrolled in STEM? (Walk into any college graduation and witness personally). Do you know 55% of PhD students in engineering, 45% of PhD physicists working in the US, 50% of the US Math Olympiad team, 30% of US Physics team, 25% of Intel Science talent search team, 60% of top science students, 65% of top math students, and 80% of post-doctoral chemical and mechanical engineering workforce is foreign born? Do you know international students make up 70% of Rice and Carnegie Mellon University’s graduate program and this percentage goes up to 94% for universities like San Diego State and Texas A&M? And do you know what is common between Goldman Sachs, DuPont, CapitalOne, Pfizer, Merck, OmniCare, Sun Microsystems, Google, Intel, Verizon, eBay, AT&T, Qualcomm, Comcast, Kraft, Sara Lee, Kohl’s, Chobani, Nordstrom, P&G, TJX, Honeywell, Big Lots, BJ’s, Radio Shack, General Dynamics, Cigna, Eaton, Fidelity? They are founded by immigrants.

And yet, we are rapists, should be banned to enter, and a wall should be built to restrict the transfer of us zombies into the United States. We work tirelessly so that America can afford the luxury of their work-life balance; we work more, get paid less than our American counterparts, endure being harassed and stereotyped. The probability of picking us “randomly” for security clearance or secondary interview at the airport is 100%. Let me ask you one thing: look at my face, an educated, bearded man from Pakistan, who left behind everything for the opportunity America has to offer. I am everything America stands for: education, opportunity, free-will, tolerance, better life, justice and humanity. We didn’t come here to be politicised, to be used and abused for your election rhetoric, to corroborate our sufferings and be labelled according to your whims.

I guess time has come for us to part ways. America enjoys the hegemonic power of Supreme Being. For anything that happens in my country, America is either responsible for that due to our national sports (conspiracy theories) or America is responsible to give us money to get out of that problem. We always look up to America. Now is the time that we own our own problems and I truly believe Donald Trump can help us do that. At the same time, America will also realise how much we helped her to become what it is today and how not to vandalise the sentiments of her friends. Seeing my own son at the bare age of seven, bullied and attacked for being Muslim in America, tells me a different story. It is not the America I’ve left everything for, it is not the America I have studied in, it is not the America I believe in and it is not the America where I wish to raise my family. Enough is enough; the best way to cure this is to vote for Donald Trump, so that America can see the sufferings we immigrants are going through and understand what it feels like to be part of something you have nothing to do with. He can certainly make America great again, a great that no one will care about. America is the best place on earth to give you the environment to nurture and grow and become whatever you want to be. I guess this is Donald Trump’s turn now. Let’s vote for Donald Trump; it would be quite an entertainment to see him as the President of the United States and the commander in-chief of US forces.

God bless America! Donald Trump has won my vote!

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Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani

Zeeshan Usmani

A Fulbright Scholar and an Eisenhower fellow, Zeeshan works at a private company and lives in Islamabad. He is fascinated by anything that has a direct impact on the lives of a common man. He tweets as @zeeshanusmani

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  • Patwari

    You are also disturbed and want your 5 minutes of fame by
    writing a sickening blog. You need to seek help. Urgently.Recommend

  • Reeba

    Immigrants are still welcome in America and America is the proof that through determination and hard work any one can achieve their dreams. Americans have a problem with illegal immigrants and not legal immigrants. The only legal immigrants who have issues are a small number of muslims because of islamic terrorism. So painting a picture of America being anti immigrant is not right. If you keep your religion private and assimilate, muslims also can see the beauty of America.Recommend

  • Allah Hafiz

    Even I would say o anybody…Please check a pakistani atleast 3 times at airport and check atleast one in any other place in your country..they are very notorious..you can come here and see in bradford here if u have any doubt..conversion,kidnapping and what not..Recommend

  • Micky Singh

    I’ve been Bradford, never heard that. Sounds bull, don’t tell me you’re those Indian passport beggars from India? lol.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    America is anti-muslim and anti illegal-immigration. The authors suggests that America is anti-immigrant. Thats just not factual. America was not anti-muslim before 9/11. Time for the author to stop playing the victim card and think about how his community contributed to the chain of actions which led to his child getting bullied and beaten.Recommend

  • Test Test

    Dont fake your name atleast. Anyhow Indians are not beggars.Recommend

  • Test Test

    And where will you go to..Back to Pakistan, the paragon of equality on the planet. US atleast allows you to criticize policies and debates about Trump. What does Pakistan do? Look at Aasia bibi case. The Supreme court judge recused himself of the case because he is afraid. What is her crime? Apparently she drank water from the same glass that was kept for muslims. Yep..You get the liberty to speak in the US and Europe and all secular countries. In muslim majority nations, they just lock you up or kill you or torture you. So while I can understand your anguish about Trump, I totally dont trust you because you come from an area where you have just committed an ethnic genocide of minorities.Recommend

  • Akbar

    i agree with the authors basic position. I want to see Trump as president because I believe Pakistan needs to move away from America and look inwards and eastwards in the future. Recommend

  • Citizen

    Your profile is of a Fullbright Scholar. Aint they supposed to come back to serve their country according to the pledge they take before embarking on this journey . Recommend

  • Keyboard Soldier

    Democracy is forbidden in Islam. Shariah does not allow democracy. It is plain and simple.

    It says that in Mawsoo’at al-Adyaan wa’l-Madhaahib al-Mu’aasirah. The democratic system is one of the modern forms of shirk, in terms of obedience and following, or legislation, as it denies the sovereignty of Allah (Muslim God).

    Your argument here, is thus, irrelevant.Recommend

  • LS

    What non-sense.. Everyone is an immigrant in America unless you are a Native Population and the native population does not amount to much given that they have been reduced to living in Reservation where most of them are on drugs or alcoholic with a few exceptions where some of the tribes own the Casinos.. As always.. clueless…

    There have been hundreds and thousands of people who are beaten or attacked for being different.. It started with Native Indians, then Blacks, Then Chinese, Then Latino/Mexicans… or other immigrants. ONLY MUSLIMS cry ISLAMOPHOBIA.. ONLY MUSLIMS play VICTIM CARD.. where as their own track record of oppressing, forcibly converting, worse human rights records, Killing people of minority, raping them at wanton, is glaringly well know..

    When you yourself cannot treat others with the treatment you expect from others you got no moral high ground to complain.. ISLAMOPHOBIA is a term created by MUSLIMS to pretend that they are VICTIM while they continue to kill minorities in their OWN countries.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Nothing more sickening than your ignorance and stupidity. Do you even know the story behind Mr.Usmani’s Pain and grievance, and what his family had to go through?

  • Chai Walla

    One of the most deplorable things I realized as a Pakistani living in America that there are people in America that Trump has given permission to be racist but I am blessed by the fact that not all Americans share his view. The schism that started when Barak Hussain Obama the first black man in American history became President. It was not supposed to happen as at one time no black people were allowed in the White House.
    The beauty of America is that is has no single religion to bow to unlike Pakistan minorities are scrutinized by the Blasphemy Law and Pakistani are too cowardly to delete this as not to offend the Mullah in the background. Sorry to let Zeeshan Usmani down maybe the heroin from Afghanistan might help him realize that Trump will never be elected. America mistakes but unlike other countries learns by its mistakesRecommend

  • Zubair Khan

    You said it excellent. Do not worry Americans are not that stupid to have him as President. Writing is already on wall. Just keep on enjoying. Every thing will be okay soon.Recommend

  • Bharat

    If you do not want to raise your children in the USA, the perhaps you should move back to PakistanRecommend

  • FAZ

    How much the immigrants from the middle east make up in all the list of immigrants you just mentioned above. I just checked the Nobel winners. Don’t have time for the restRecommend

  • Patwari

    Trust a hindu cyber warrior to show with his Ganga laced holy water
    and his flat feet in his mouth.
    After all this ET. A hindu newspaper.Recommend

  • Micky Singh

    I’m not, you deranged Indian brown trash. And accusing someone without any proof, how civilised is barbaric India. All Indians who enter the UK are uneducated beggars. Maybe your family guys here.Recommend

  • wb

    Here is the thing. It’s a simple challenge. You pass, you win. You don’t, you’re a munafiq.

    You announce on this blog, replying to my comment in this section the following words: “American Constitution reigns supreme to every American, including myself. I, Zeeshan Usmani, consider American constitution above Quran, Sharia, Hadees or Sunnat. Only in case of conflict between Constitutional stipulation and Islamic traditions, I will at any cost choose the constitution over Islam.”

    If you dare announce that, you’re a true American and no Trump should bother you. But if you refuse, then you are a Wolf hiding under sheep skin.

    Simple challenge man. Make me happy. Make me believe that there are truly honest Muslims left in the world.Recommend

  • wb

    Well, use your brain. If someone is begging for Indian passport, he hasn’t gotten it yet. If he hasn’t gotten a passport, there’s no question of traveling to Bradford.

    Looks like too much beef fat has corroded your brain.Recommend

  • Mohinder sandhu

    I understand your pain and anguish,but where will you run to 🙈Pakistan?I don’t think so,if it is any better,may be worse.The best solution is to fight Donald like mindset.America will always be secular,free and good human rights

  • wb

    If America doesn’t elect Trump, you’re all doomed. Learn your lessons by others mistakes. India was kind to Muslims 1400 years ago when family of the prophet took refuge in India to escape the brutalities of the followers of Rashudun.

    In 1947, instead of sending all Muslims to Pakistan, Gandhi allowed many of them to stay here.

    Look what happened to India. Muslims became 15% from 10%. Added poverty, illiteracy, backward practices to India. They added a great deal of criminality to our society. They sucked on government largess and subsidies. They gave back nothing to India. Their productivity to India is zero. Their only dream is to slowly and surely turn India into an Islamic country because the prophet of Islam has already prophesied Ghazwa E Hind.

    Today, we Hindus are carrying the burden of these 15% of our people.

    Don’t be daft. Look around the world. Read books, learn history. What happened to Jews of Arabian Peninsula? Where did they vanish? What happened to Zorostrians of Iran? Where did they go? What happened to Hindus of Indonesia, Buddhists of Afghanistan, Hindus/Jains/Sikhs/Christians of Pakistan?

    Where did they all disappear? What happened to Pandits of Kashmir? What happened to Christians of Central Asian countries of Kazhakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajakistan? What happened to the Coptics of Turkey?

    This is history, dear. These are facts. This is not a phobia or hate-mongering.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    If you keep your religion private and assimilate, muslims also can see the beauty of America.

    Religion is not a private property, but ones faith is! One does not usualy assimilate but try to integrate into the community where one lives. If you were to live in the so called bible counties of the USA, you will have to give up alkohal which is strictly forbidden for the residents. Surprised, Sharia is practiced in the the heart of the USA, Paki muslims should inform themselves of their rights and obligations in the adopted country and defend it.

    Rex Minor

    Anyone who lives and works in America and pays is taxes, is a legal immigrant, never mind the rhetoric of MacDonald Trump who is on the verge of filing his fifth bankruptsy.Recommend

  • Vishal

    I suggesting you don’t use fake usernames, usually with Indians it’s projection. They think they can cheat the world, so funny. Indians are not beggars? Really? You know every 1.3 Billion people and dispora in the world? In UK only freeloading Indians comes, they’re so bad even native born Indians hate them.Recommend

  • Stranger

    Your son was only bulled and you anger was seen all over the social media. The sons that have died because of that country’s hunt for oil, what you want their father to do. Maybe they should support Trump because America will become great. I can only say that may GOD Bless you and give you strength to come out of state of denial.Recommend

  • Vishal

    Speak for yourself, there’s no shred of sanity and full of lies. Like racial card never appears in the court? Honestly, if anything suggesting violence on random people proves how savage the Hindu community is in India. It won’t be long, till Indians lose their free ride on scams, murder and rape. Many Hindus are flocking abroad.Recommend

  • Rahul

    Non-sense coming from someone who doesn’t think racial card is played in America and suggesting violence on random people. If anything you’ve proven Islamophobia? What’s even your point? How sad.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    I don’t want to catch malaria, hence I avoid Mosquitoes and don’t allow them inside the house even though I know all mosquitoes do not carry malarial parasite. But if I allow mosquitoes inside, the chances are that some of them might be infected and bring sickness into my house. Am I being Mosquitophobic?Recommend

  • As
  • Dalit Raper

    Democracy is forbidden in Hinduism, too. Read Shruti, any authority isn’t above Brahman caste. This is against Dharma, we need aristocratic movement placing my caste above your lower dalit caste.Recommend

  • BraRat

    Because democracy and political reforms are wrong?Recommend

  • Rahul

    Racism doesn’t exist in US? You mean people can’t express their religious values outside their home? I think I love UK a lot more.Recommend

  • Failure Failure

    Fake name alert. Indians don’t have poverty?Recommend

  • Kevin

    Looked your post, how long are you going to use fake username? Recommend

  • http://www.theblazingreel.wordpress.com Khalid Rafi

    People keep on talking about how terrible Trump is. To me, he’s just too much of a clown to be taken seriously. But what people don’t talk about is how terrible Hilary is. I mean, she is a vicious woman, almost singlehandedly responsible for destroying Libya. And knowing she is already out to prove a point, you expect her presidency to be just as vicious. Just wait and see.Recommend

  • Steve

    I guess learning manners is still on the agenda in US? Even I know this is fake account, your Indian bias is noted.Recommend

  • http://www.theblazingreel.wordpress.com Khalid Rafi

    Yeah well, religion has nothing to do with government and government has little to do with religion. This is 2016 and the Quran is not the constitution. So stop associating both those things.Recommend

  • Liberal Caitlyn

    An American’s opinion thinks it’s country is learning and great others aren’t. Recommend

  • Gurmukh

    2008 isn’t the same 1800’s of slavery and lynching. Catholic church would disagree. In my opinion American isn’t learning it’s failing, China and Russia has learned so much these days. This isn’t befitting a global superpower yet a country that preaches human rights. Insulting Zeeshan is petty and just proves your don’t have point aside from trolling derange fantasies of failed country. As much as we love your cheap point on comparing global superpower to small south asian nation but seriously you dim witted and childish of self-reflection and bafoonish demonising is just too petty for myself. Maybe Americans have better point than drawing trivialisation on other countries.Recommend

  • Milk

    Well in India they call you anti-national, torture you by police, threats, violence. Eating beef? What’s the big deal? How about beating someone for not agreeing with them on beef? What did poor guy do? Nothing serious, just whatsapp message. Harmless Funny, how someone avoided this. Yes, an idiot indian troll doesn’t trust people. I’m so happy, people with questionable integrity doesn’t trust someone. It means something good.Recommend

  • Corry

    Glad someone with an invested interested has positive outlook on their country? Recommend

  • Corry

    You mean black and hispanic don’t play victim cards? Honestly. If anything what does your argument prove, Islamophobia is real. It’s interesting enough, no mention on Hindus. It’s epidemic for Hindu trolls.Recommend

  • Corry

    One question why you need to come to Pakistani newspaper to being with? Recommend

  • Magical

    Supreme court isn’t Pakistani then?Recommend

  • Micky Singh

    You mean you can’t travel on Visa? Recommend

  • BraRat

    Troll post.Recommend

  • Salmond

    If you refuse to do something degrading and offensive, you’re evil? No thanks.Recommend

  • BraRat

    Really? If so shouldn’t this apply to Hindus too? They should allow military to use Hindu idols as target practice.Recommend

  • Salmond

    Half of the people haven’t disappeared.Recommend

  • Salmond

    So why is racism wrong then?Recommend

  • Salmond

    To bad you didn’t, people travel on Visa. I don’t need Indian passport to visit India now? Recommend

  • Henry

    Here’s the thing, if there’s stipulation on constitution than it should be followed on Hinduism also. I think Hindus have to destroy their idols, to show their loyalty.

    Make me happy, show me Hindus aren’t bunch of cowards hiding behind western skirt like beggars.Recommend

  • Michael Carr

    This is oxymoron, since the constitution itself allows people like Zeeshan Usmani to practice his religion. Suggesting his religious source of conflict is insulting, I think we as Americans need to review Indians’ human rights.Recommend

  • Michael Carr

    Wild fantasies and delusional argument. What more can I expect from someone who think you can’t visit a country without the country’s origin passport.Recommend

  • R.K

    More incentive to be dishonest, it’s not Hindus are known for honesty. Look at you and your family.Recommend

  • Michael Carr

    Yes it’s called VISA.Recommend

  • wb

    Sorry I’m too stupid to know a visa.Recommend

  • wb

    If you google all these points, see how wrong I am. I’m just delusional hindu, who think hindus do know wrong?Recommend

  • Michael Carr

    Because Mosquitoes are people? Really?Recommend

  • Gurmukh

    There’s thousands of Sikhs living in Punjab province. This is the usual hindu trolls. I’m sure you’re going to accuse being Pakistani or Muslims. Please.Recommend

  • Milk

    Wow, mature. Pssh.Recommend

  • Azadi

    Sounds like hate mongering.Recommend

  • Salmond

    Maybe not.Recommend

  • Zed

    Facts from a person who taunting Zeeshan above. Hatemongering it is.Recommend

  • Zed

    lol. ;)Recommend

  • Zed

    Which would be violation of constitution rights of arbitrary interference on individual affairs. Can’t love the constitution and contradict it? Then again who needs deadbeat Hindu telling others. added crass, condescending and demeaning attitude. Post back when you have something more than fantasies of religious superiority.Recommend

  • Asad

    First prove you’re honest Hindu. LOOL. Can India survive without Pakistani identity? I think not.Recommend

  • Milind A

    How true!!! And the author is trying to be economical with truth when paints all immigrants with a broad brush (“we immigrants”), while extolling about the contributions of immigrants to the U.S. If he does a breakup of each group of immigrants he will notice, that Indians, Chinese and other groups except Pakistanis/Muslims have contributed much more. The 55% of PhD holder, 42% of scientists, 60% of startup founders are mostly Indians, Chinese.. hardly any Pakistanis / Muslims.. However Muslims would constitute 85% of the shootings, bombings happening on US soilRecommend

  • Milind A

    Fine… We’re ready to change our religious texts and discard such atrocious practices. Are you ready to change your holy texts in Islam??Recommend

  • Milind A

    Trust a brain-dead Pakistani Muslim to turn incoherent, as he runs out of facts, when countered with logicRecommend

  • Dalit Raper

    Shows what little value your religion has.Recommend

  • Barry

    This is funniest, made up facts I have seen. 85% seems farfetched since Blacks have largest incarceration in prisons. I assume rest is nonsense too, especially categorization is on oddly on religion mixed with race which would be no sense on any census.Recommend

  • Zayd

    Doesn’t make sense.Recommend

  • Zayd

    Trust someone using disparaging sweeping statement and indoctrination as logical? Neither logic nor relevant.Recommend

  • Zayd

    85%? Muslims don’t make sizable population to make these kind of statics. Any census is measured by one figure, using religion then stating race as another would be disproportional and just wrong. Ironic coming from a person claiming to be logical. I guess it proves Hindu need to lie convince themselves of their own bullRecommend

  • Zayd

    I don’t know last time I checked many of them there. It’s funny how biased this is poised at Hindus in general. I guess defrauding westerners is their earning, 3rd largest economy with credit rating of Junk, added with 21% in poverty mainly Hindus population make poverty demographic. Possible the most globally isolated country because it’s disillusions of religious supremacy.Recommend

  • Zayd

    With Hindus they are. They worship monkeys, toads and gorillas so who knows.Recommend

  • Paul

    Where did vanish? That’s question not answer. Speculative at best.Recommend

  • Moooo

    No, because any citizens has right to challenged the constitution it’s been done before. Zeeshan has right to believe what he wants, it’s his right. Suggesting an individual’s rights to be revoked challenges the Indian conforming to UNHR charter. Which bogs down will India ever get its UNSC? I don’t think, such a petty country of ingrates.Recommend

  • David Smith, NY.

    Wow, curtailing legal rights to defend themselves, is India even civilized? These Hindus need good butt kicking.Recommend

  • Safety Check

    Trust an Indian Hindu to be coherent?Recommend

  • Safety Check

    Who killed the blacks then?Recommend

  • Safety Check

    Don’t be daft? Then I read your posts.Recommend

  • Safety Check

    Or he can not do it and be ordinary person. I’m sure you like to be happy, but does anyone care about you? I mean come on, you come here looking for attention. You try so desperate to lie. I mean what sort of a person are you in real life. Recommend

  • John80224

    First off, please understand my challenge is with how immigration POLICY is used to generally bring cheaper workers as substitutes for domestic workers, not with immigrants themselves simply attempting to find their best life. I do take issue with studies that in their fervor to show immigration in its brightest light resort to a great deal of deception and misdirection. They wind up painting a picture of America being a nation that only for a constant flow of outside talent does not collectively drown in its own stupor-driven drool. Reality is that immigrants are humans, too. They are not intrinsically superior.

    So many of the studies and statistics you cite are laughable. Many are from Partnership for a New American Economy and Stuart Anderson who calls himself the National Foundation on American Policy, both of which specifically exist to push for ever expanding immigration. PNAE’s study pointing to how the Fortune 500 would hardly even exist without immigrants (40% of companies having been immigrant or their children founded) also, yes in the same study, shows how 95% of all Fortune 500 companies are native-born founded as well. They play tricks with numbers and definitions, but in the end, their studies really generally prove immigrants are people who succeed, on average, a little better or a little worse than domestics.

    Do you really believe that every H-1B creates five jobs? That study, aside from a liberal definition of its downstream jobs, also conveniently ignores the difference between association and causation (coincidence vs. source) while conveniently ignoring that it is existence of the role, not the fact the role is filled by a guest worker that would cause these jobs anyway. If this math is correct, imagine how many jobs a higher paid individual who essentially remits none of their salary out of the country would “create”.

    To entrepreneurship, many of your cited studies, when considering their definitions and where they study, point to very low participation. For example, one study has pointed to nearly 50% of Silicon Valley startups being immigrant-founded. while using the same PNAE trick of one founder = full credit, it also glosses over the fact that over half the workers in those fields are foreign. If a group comprising over half a population only musters a quarter of the participation, that is actually a very bad argument for your case.

    To education, advanced degrees in many immigrant-heavy fields tend to have somewhat marginal returns. Their greatest value is an enhanced opportunity to stay in the US, hardly of any value to domestic students. Factor in that the assistance programs (stipends, etc. for TAs, RAs, etc.) are barely enticing to domestic students, universities are turning the programs toward full-pay foreign students–often even turning away domestic in the process. It’s becoming self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Again, my point is not foreign Muslims nor other immigrants are a problem. It is that they are not inherently superior as laundry lists of fantastical statistics imply and that the POLICIES around immigration are skewed to replacing and ignoring US workers and deterring US students.Recommend

  • Jyotirmay Nandy

    Wrong, first democracy in the world was established by Bharat in whose name country was later named as Bharat. have knowledge then talk.Recommend

  • Jyotirmay Nandy

    You don’t become great by undermining other religions.Recommend

  • wb

    If you need to believe convoluted stories, where the person can’t be bothered to google half of his meaningless question, then you have no sense.Recommend

  • wb

    Does anyone believe you have brain in there?Recommend

  • wb

    Must be drinking gunga laced water. I see.Recommend

  • wb

    So you’re admitting your religion is outdated? So what was the point of defending something meaningless?Recommend

  • wb

    Or you’re lying coming from someone who has biased on Hinduism how convincing are these “truths”, especially when Indians can be Muslim too. Makes no sense.Recommend

  • Arnold

    Good for you, doesn’t that make your religion cheap? I mean look you south Asians, you need to compare yourself to white. You don’t even any cultural values.Recommend

  • Arnold

    Mostly bull, when merged Muslim and Pakistan into one group it’s funny.Recommend

  • Arnold

    No with Visa? How dumb is that?Recommend

  • Arnold

    Good luck with that, I don’t think anyone cares about you.Recommend

  • Solo

    I fully agree with your statement. These backward molvi brains want to drag us down to Mawsoo at al books nonsense and we must counter their campaign.Recommend

  • Arnold

    Haha, Muslim invader myth, debunked so many times. Try a better angle than usually copy pasted drivel, pseudo-factual nonsense. If this was true, you think India would have ties with several muslim countries?Recommend

  • Arnold

    America doesn’t learn, just whines and bows down to arrogance.Recommend

  • Arnold

    Because womanizer would help people? Recommend