Bacon greased bullets? Really, America?

Published: October 15, 2016

I want Trump to turn himself in. PHOTO: YOUTUBE

As I write these lines, I’m in the middle of mourning the loss of my friend, Jim – a fine gentleman, who, as a young man, fled Robert Mugabe’s brutal Zimbabwe and took refuge in the United States. Like millions of others, Jim regarded America his home, the same America that despite all its fallacies and futilities remains, with malice toward none, the greatest country on earth.

You must be wondering why I am bringing up a friend’s passing away in a political conversation. You see, in order to connect the dots of the anomalies that surround us, one must have the courage to recognise and relate to the different events and episodes of insanity, delusion, and chaos that characterise a certain environment.

Yes, I’m referring to the current wave of nastiness, negativity, and hatred that’s going around here. This is a time like no other in history. We’ve entered an unchartered, gruesomely intense and ungraciously unbridled era of politics.

The transformation from a somewhat politically imperfect but a respectful and civil society to an unfettered and lewd environment has been nothing but ironical, one that has disregarded all sensitivities and pummelled the great American values that we’ve become so used to live by.

Just like Jim who found solace in raising his family in suburban Washington, refugeesBlacksLatinosMuslims, and everybody else, including the women who Trump groped and assaulted – who consider this country the last frontier, the final bastion of humanity and the ultimate resting place (metaphorically speaking) are under attack from a disaster called Donald Trump and his followers, also ‘fondly’ known as Trumpsters.

Trump and the Trumpsters are like termites that went into hiding in the post-Civil Rights Movement era. With the help of the KKKs and the Jerry Falwells of the world, Trump has masterminded the resurgence of groups that, for instance, represent white supremacist or extreme right-wing religious crazies.

A blatant sexist, one who doesn’t know even the first, basic lesson of Civics has literally turned the richly diverse US landscape so much that people in small-town America who neither (thankfully) represent mainstream, aware electorate nor have the capacity to think beyond certain settled mental limits are now chastising sections of people who either don’t look like them or share their religious beliefs.

This frenzy and the idiocy can be gauged by a rather moronic act in a 900-odd people town of Gurley, AL, whereby the town sheriff has collected hundreds of bacon-grease covered bullets (remember Enfield rifle?) for use against Muslims. Ironically, Gurley has not even one, single resident belonging to Muslim faith!

Upon inquiring about this obnoxious act by the sheriff, it appears that he bought the bullets in question purely to hurt the feelings of Muslims and to prove that Muslims are an unwanted commodity in present-day US.

That intention is clear from the fact that Sheriff Barry Pendergraft posted photos of his prized purchase on social media and was able to catch attention of certain media outlets and few others including the Alabama Council on Islamic-American Relations. That’s all he wanted from his sick adventure.

Regardless of Pendergraft’s stupidity, it’s not the ignorant imbeciles like him who are directly responsible for this kind of victimisation and causing havoc. It is, in fact, Donald Trump who has given a new meaning to “politics as usual” and turned political discourse into petty locker-room banter.

It is Trump who has managed to ignite the Islamophobia fire, one that he purposely failed to put out even when he was literally handed over the opportunity to do so on October 9th. He represents the evil rhetoric ever witnessed in US politics and wants it to continue because he is the inciter-in-chief.

Trump wants Muslims to report, say something when they see something. Guess what? As an ordinary observer, I see Trump as the greatest public offender of our time. His statements right from the word go, his preying on public sentiments, his scare tactics and sex assaults make him the most contaminated presidential candidate ever in US history.

I want Trump to turn himself in because he doesn’t have a leg to stand on as a civilised citizen of a country that cherishes the concepts of rights and responsibilities. It is him, not Hillary who should be in jail, for it is not his opponent but he himself who has insulted and raped the American consciousness.

While I find myself somewhat dead spirited today on account of Jim’s untimely death, there are many who feel the same way about the on-going political process – let down and dejected by the Trump tirade. The good news, however, is that tyrant Trump’s chances of winning the presidential elections are getting slimmer by the day.

Hillary is no saint but she is human enough to let people breathe easily, be it refugees who fled the Mugabes, the Assads and the Kim Jong-Uns of the world or be it the Christians, the Muslims and the Jews. One is confident that despite all her ‘crookedness’ she won’t demean and degrade minorities, work as a peacemaker and bring this country together. However, before anything else, come November 8th, we must defeat the rapist on the loose and show the dumpsters to the Trumpsters!

Ahson Saeed Hasan

Ahson Saeed Hasan

The writer is a proud American, a peacenik who has traveled well over 80 countries and lived in four continents. He likes to share his experiences and reflect on the worldly surroundings. He tweets @tweetingacho (

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  • Parvez

    The mind set and thinking of Sheriff Pendergraft goes back a few hundred years. Its part of the American landscape and very visible . So, every wave of new immigrant has to acclimatize themselves to this and they do so because the rewards outweigh the discomfort. All Trump has done is use this mindset to further his prospects ( let’s not forget that others have done the same, quite recently, with positive results )….. yet Trump is destined to fail, but the mindset will prevail and if the immigrant fails to assimilate and insists on sticking out like a sore thumb, it will not help matters.Recommend

  • cautious

    Yeah we get it – you don’t like Donald Trump – figured that out when I read your Sept blog.Recommend

  • Hitesh Sachdev

    What a bigoted piece of writing !! You have to understand that America as also the rest of world is at war against terrorism which is mainly coming from Islam. And in order to win that war, in order for humanity to exist, if America or any one for that matter has to use anything so be it. And as far as Hilary is concerned, you really want a person who looked into the FBI’s eye and lied with a straight face as the president of the most powerful nation on earth ??Recommend

  • Anon

    When Trump speaks about 2-nation theory, he is a bigot……when Jinnah says that, he is Quaid-E-Azam.Recommend

  • Imtiyaz Khan

    So as white people attack schools and shopping malls should they be profiled aswel and Hitesh you have to understand that if you attack a Muslim country and the population fight back they are called terrorists and if a Hindu in India attacks another religion they are called defenders and become prime ministers Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Jim regarded America his home, the same America that despite all its
    fallacies and futilities remains, with malice toward none, the greatest
    country on earth.

    And Mr Obama who was accredited with the Nobel Peace ward is still the president of this great country on whose watch more muslims have perished than before and Donald Trump is nothing more than a loose canon who brags about his conquests with women who is simply aiming to replace him! No Sir, the world throughout its history have come across these dark shadows, always one worst than the one before. America is no longer the greatest country in the world and no one can rescue its nose down fate?

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • jim

    whitish, suspect u look like a ‘ mooslem’.
    get ready for some vetting if trump gets electedRecommend

  • Patwari

    So then, by your brain’s reasoning using/doing ANYTHING is kosher.
    That’s the difference between jingoist third rate teeth gnashing
    coconut you. The thing that separates offal from
    sane people is “moral high ground”. Which you will never understand.Recommend

  • Arnald

    Do you even know bigoted means? How would he be bigoted? You should look up hubris.Recommend

  • Vindrel

    Are you suggesting, that convention laws of war do not apply to the US? Really? Despite US asking other to do the same?Recommend

  • Jack

    Says the western wannabe Indian. Humanity is going to die? Fat chance.Recommend

  • Henry

    I don’t western society being humanity. That would shocking, it mean other countries are shackled with international law. Oxymornic, problem who corrects US of doing wrong? Two wrong don’t exist in equal measure. That’s hypocrisy and hubris. But be good Indian and play dumb, it’s good reason why world doesn’t think much of your country except Modern day Ghetto.Recommend

  • Paul

    Ghetto boyRecommend

  • Canon

    Not same thing. Try again.Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    All should note that Obama received the Nobel Peace prize soon after being elected president, solely for accomplishing that!
    Also note that Rex Minor somehow missed naming the present “greatest country in the world” after saying that America no longer is!
    So please tell us which country now gets the Rex Minor vote for “greatest country in the world” so we can judge your perspective?Recommend

  • Hitesh Sachdev

    Well, the courts did clear the prime minister for his alleged role in riots. Now if you don’t want to believe the courts that is your problem. Recommend

  • Hitesh Sachdev

    Humanity is dyingRecommend

  • Hitesh Sachdev

    Well said..Recommend

  • siesmann

    Trump doesn’t belong in a prison.He needs confinement in a mental asylum.He is a danger to humanity as it stands now.Recommend

  • Guy

    That’s what happens when one is hit under the belt. And the comments like your’s completely endorse that when faced with facts stooping to the low level of writing is what the first rate meat eating protein rich people like you resort to. Turning a blind eye to the world problems and playing innocent by putting the blame on others don’t let you walk scott free. For once use your intelligentsia to figure out who is culprit : the one who uses the “other” to achieve his objectives or the one who gets “used” for return of $$$. Moral high ground….. really so please tell us … how do you define it. The world is too naive to understand this complex logic.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    So please tell us which country now gets the Rex Minor vote for
    “greatest country in the world” so we can judge your perspective?

    The straight answer is ‘None’ though there are several who are at least aiming to become one, where the human dignity is guranteed by its constitution. Neither wealth not the power makes a country great in todays world but its standing on human rights. Todays America lacks both.Recommend

  • Sane

    Kangaroo courts. The court that gave death penalty to Afzal Guru admitting that there is no substantial proof, but considering public opinion, death penalty was given. You are talking about such courts?Recommend

  • Hitesh Sachdev

    Kangaroo court ? It was the Indian court that gave the sentence.Recommend

  • Daft

    Exactly the same thing!
    If Muslims couldn’t live with other religions and needed to form other country, they should stay out of countries that are not Islamic in their form!Recommend