Raymond Davis: Who dare point a finger at an American?

Published: January 29, 2011

Raymond Davis has been accused of double-murder

Earlier this week a US ‘diplomat’ shot two Pakistani men in broad daylight. Despite the dramatic nature of events there have been rational elements in our society who are still trying very hard to look at the issue objectively.

In the interest of presenting a fair picture the media has produced criminal records of the men who were shot, there have been those who have tried to justify Raymond Davis’ actions by saying that Qartaba Chowk, the area of the shooting was unsafe and there are even some who have maintained that a ‘gora’ in Pakistan is always at risk.

While many of us play devil’s advocate at home it is clear that the international media is doing us no such favours.

While news stories are supposed to be objective and free from personal opinion the way this incident has been reported in foreign wires shows a clear bias. The first story to hit the wires claimed that:

“a US consulate employee shot and killed two gunmen in self-defence”

Considering this report came hours after the incident and there were no confirmed reports (in fact mystery still shrouds the case), the piece assumes that the employee took the shots in self-defence and that perhaps his actions were justified.

This is not all.

As almost all news reports about Pakistan, this one too ended with the familiar lines:

“Pakistan is a vital US ally, but anti-American sentiment runs high in the mainly Muslim nation. Three US Special Operations soldiers were killed in a bomb attack last year in northwestern Pakistan, where militants are very active.”

By choosing these words the story manages to tilt the readers’ opinion. Is murder really murder in a “war-torn, terrorist haven” like Pakistan?

The reaction of the foreign media and the local government is entirely predictable.

It is depressing to know that we may never know if Raymond Davis is guilty or not because international pressures and diplomatic immunity will end up allowing him to bypass the laws.


Hira Siddiqui

A sub-editor on the Karachi city pages of The Express Tribune who enjoys reading South Asian fiction and loves nature

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Saad Durrani

    This is a test for our democracy and sovereignty. Davis should be tried just like Aafia.Recommend

  • Blithe

    He should be hung from the nearest lamp-pole. He shot both men when they were not facing him. He used excessive force. He is NOT a diplomat by any definition.
    Why didn’t his car have a dipliomatic number-plate?

    I woould like to see the Government and PML-N show some spine on this isssue. Recommend

  • http://www.regeneration-dot-com.blogspot.com Sajjad Ahmed

    All a psychological perception game – till a lie becomes an accepted declared truth.
    Like Orwell said : “All Animals are equal, but some are more equal than the others”.

    Unfortunately, we are creatures of habit ruled by thought control, and any ‘change of order’ by someone who thinks otherwise would be neglected as false and a ‘conspiracy theory’.Recommend

  • Blithe

    A private contractor inspired by one too many many Bogart movies (http://hyperion-protective.com/services.html).

    A diplomatic immunity for a private contractor??? Laugable!!! He is a rogues element who must be brought to book/ made accountable military conflict.Recommend

  • parvez

    Everything is still up in the air as far as this case is concerned. You appear to have jumped the gun in your assessment.Recommend

  • rehan

    Excellent analysis.Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Zohaib

    Although Aafia gets 86 years prision therefore Davis should be getting 90 years jail. This will be a fair trial :)Recommend

  • Adnan Tariq

    @Saad Durrani:
    Agree with u completely bro……… nice article by the way…..Recommend

  • Nuram Barak

    The US should withdraw all troops from Pakistan and stop giving them money. See how that works out for their “democracy”.Recommend

  • http://www.wahipandhirustamani.blogspot.com Inayatullah Rustamani

    Pakistan has been established in the name Islam, thus Pakistani rulers must follow the Islamic injunctions and initiate a trial of Raymond Davis in a Pakistani court to meet the requirements of justice. If he is let free without any trial, this will create many negative views about the rulers. The country is already under a plethora of crises, and his release may cause much pressure on the ruling class.

    Hence, it is the essential requirement of sovereignty and in the interest of country that Raymond Davis must be tried in Pakistan in the way as others are tried and no pressure and dictations should be accepted from the US.

    Inayatullah Rustamani,

  • Muhammad Haris Zohaib

    I agree with you, Hira.
    Another, now in Muzang Chowk, Lahore! Nonetheless no criminal, yes no criminal can be shot dead on the spot and both of them were mere suspects. If Raymond Davis was so very sure that there was something black at the bottom he could have sought help from the Local Law Enforcement Agencies and/or the US Consulate where he works. Shooting them dead just from a suspect standpoint not only violates the local and international laws but at the same time makes everyone inquisitive about struggle for peace by US and its alliance.

    As per the International Law of Crime,the use of deadly force is prohibited when one is in a position to use non-lethal means to subdue the perpetrator. But Raymond seemed to have found himself above the sky. The shooting was not the only adversity to have taken place but the vehicle in form of aftermath that crushed away the innocents.Whatever the consequences be, I would hate to condone the reality that much to our surprise was the absence of local police and agencies which should have promptly reacted on the scene instead they were media-trialed to play a part.

    Now the news from the desk is that Raymond has been held in local police custody for investigation but will it be only a mere interrogation for a few days to dramatize it the other way and make public forget about the incident by spiraling petrol prices?Recommend

  • Raqib Ali

    EVEN IF Raymond Davis acted in self defence, even then he DSERVES YEARS behind bar for illegal arms and roaming around without govt permission!Recommend

  • Talat

    Good work. Objective reporting is always free from personal opinion. No emphasis required. :)Recommend

  • Zarmeena

    @Saad Durrani:
    Aafia has proven a terrorist ,how can you defend somebody with so much assurance when the ground reality is beyond somethingelse ? Why do we negate the evidences against her? Just for the sake of the fact that she is a Muslim, a Pakistani or for the sake of fact that sentimental people of Pakistan in majority are supporting her?

    Aafia has been identified as Al-Qaeda’s facilitator.This is something Al-Qaeda has claimed themselves.


    For people out there claiming Aafia as “Qoom Ki Baitee” ,I’d rather call Veena Malik “Qoom Ki Baitee” for the fact that she is not a hypocrite,neither a punk and last but not least she is not a terrorist.

    As far as Mr.Raymond’s case is concerned ,I won’t like to comment on that since nothing has been proven yet.The facts are still obscure.Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here.

    Well done. It was a golden chance for the Govt. of Pakistan to win the confidence of people by putting Davis on trial. Even if it was done in self defense, he killed two innocent Pakistanis, he would HAVE to pay damages for his negligence. But ALAS. Recommend

  • sher

    We should accept the fact that Pakistan is a lawlessness country where no Justice system or fair trial exist.
    So American consulate did what he suppose to do in the land of lawlessness, otherwise he would have been history by now like the Sialkot brothers.Recommend

  • Sher Afgun Khan

    I agree with your assessment that Raymond Davis will get away with it scot free, but I need to know as to who is supposed to present the truth to the international audience? We have only one English News Channel (Express 24/7), I doubt if it has a high number of viewers abroad. Is the Internet the only medium? How can we tell the world about what really is going on in Pakistan? Recommend

  • Eeman

    Before signing Vienna convention, you could have considered everything. Recommend

  • Salman Orangiwala

    Wahts the diff between this Davis and the deaded drones ?
    Arent the drones executing extra judicial killing in Pkaistan’s soil every other ?

    This was bounf to happen , the yankees take all granted . as the army and the Govt of Zardari is being PAID in dollars .

    Mr.Davis and his patrons must be made to understand ,we have a law and they have to folllow it . Or do we have one ?Recommend

  • Amna

    How ridiculous is it that you’re against media bias, yet you fail to even MENTION that the men he shot were ARMED and wearing ammunition belts? Recommend

  • Shameel

    This article is assuming he is a diplomat. At this moment, the Government of Pakistan and the Government of the Punjab are both disputing his diplomatic status. Recommend

  • Saad Durrani

    Before making sweeping generalization and getting all dramatic on this matter, please notice that I said “tried” not “sentenced”, tried is when you go to court to decide he was innocent or not whereas sentenced is when one prove guilty and sent for punishment. My point is if American can bring Aafia down in the court, run a trial, why not we can do the same for Davis? Surely, he is not heaven-sent.

    Pakistan is an independent, sovereign nation where the judiciary is said to be ‘free’. A trial for Davis is not unusual. He shot 7 bullets of specification which are illegal in Pakistan. He was roaming about in a private car. If he has acted in self-defense, it is for the court to decide.

    Furthermore, I never supported Aafia and I am not in the 100% support of Veena. Both women have acted quite amateurish for their age.

    Lets not forget, they never pointed a gun at him.Recommend

  • Sami ul haq Satti

    Lets Hope That Investigation process goes clean and if he is found guilty than he should be hanged and a clear massage should be given to America That Pakistanis blood is not their property.Recommend

  • Zarmeena

    @Saad Durrani:
    I think it would be fair enough if the trial for Davis takes place in Pakistan but I would never want that Aafia’s trial taken place in Pakistan, why ? Because of the majority bigots living down in Pakistan.If they can lynch Salman Taser and prove his murder legitimate, how can we ever expect for justice?

    I was never a big supporter of Veena Malik till what I saw in her interview on “frontline”.I don’t negate the fact she might have acted ameteurish but after watching the mullah’s immoral dialogue with her on Tv, I rather felt ashamed for that mullah who claims to be the preacher of Islam. Is this what Islam teaches us- Even If a girl commits a mistake,you unveil her mistakes and make her naked infront of the whole nation? Then you issue fatwas simply because she is a wayward.

    Our people simply don’t peep into their own life full of flaws and instead they feel intense pleasure in pin pointing others.

    “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
    Mother TheresaRecommend

  • Saad Durrani

    What a very nice reply. I do disagree but that does not matter. What matters that Davis gets a trial in Pakistan. Self-defense or no self-defense.Recommend

  • Seerat

    strong text As always no justice will be given to the unfortunate nation. He would be set free and we will be left gasping and stumbling.Recommend

  • http://ahandfulofdust.wordpress.com/ Mariam

    Good to see that Pak government is tough over this issue till now at least. Though I have a feeling that he will be released, sooner or later.Recommend

  • Syeda Zunaira Zubair

    I totally agree with you. Dr. Afia was a Muslim, Hafiza and she used to do parda I believe, that was enough for pumping the sentiments of this so called ‘nation’. And why only Afia? Even if Salman Taseer would have been killed in US then there would have been several road blocking rallies for ‘quom ka beta’.Recommend

  • Ch Allah Daad

    Everyone has to die some day, but death through an American killer is a real fortune. All our renowned Mullahs and political leaders are visiting homes and praising those who were killed by an American. Only hours before and not far away a suicide bomber killed many innocent Pakistanis including Policemen on duty, but nobody bothered to say few words to victim families nor any anger was shown towards killers. Just few days have gone and everyone has forgotton those unfortunate victims, because they were not killed by an American. Who says all are equal in death. Recommend

  • Emmon Khan

    @Blithe: Silly idea…is Pakistan a Talibanistan where people are hung from posts and trees? Why can’t we instead uphold the cause of the laws of our land?Recommend

  • syeda zubair

    We don’t treat pakis like this in the USA. Even your government police have admitted he was being robbed with guns by criminals.

    A dead criminal is a good criminal.Recommend

  • http://www.sorcim.com nauman

    PAK Courts, Police, Govt and ISI (on grounds of spying) should not be lenient to Raymond Davis and deal with him according to LAW with no injustice to anyone including him. And do not allow mullah brigade to exploit and ruin the whole matter in the name of anti-Americanism.Recommend

  • Ramzan+Ali

    Aafia Do
    Davis Lo
    We all know that our govt will not do anything they will make ways Davis to run away from back doors…………..Recommend

  • Humanity

    Had a desi killed the robbers, the matter would have been brushed aside as good riddance.

    BTW, aafia do davis lo is a very good deal for the US tax payers. People should start to riot, bun a few cars and shops of the people they dislike, and kill a couple of minority while they are at it as a bonus to demand the exchange. The superior Muslims will kill more than one birds with one stone.Recommend

  • http://www.bonfriends.org/ask-super-sis/ Selina Gilani – Relationship

    It is shameful that he is free to go anywhere after killing three pakistanis. Where is our law and order??? How come no politician is raising his voice against that bloody americanRecommend

  • http://raheelaijaz.blogspot.com/ Let us not digress

    Its foolish to fight against the tide of public opinion, which happens to be against our supposed national stability. The US govt will do what it can to protect its diplomat. Thats what govts do. They will never abandon him. But we have to stick to our guns and bring him to justice, even if it means release.Recommend

  • Zain Gilani

    Just want to say one thing here : Hypocrisy galore !!Recommend

  • Safwan

    By choosing these words the story manages to tilt the readers’ opinion. Is murder really murder in a “war-torn, terrorist haven” like Pakistan?

    Absolutely true!!!Recommend

  • Anon

    Poorly written article with no analysis. Portrays too simplistic a picture.Recommend

  • Akhtar Hassan

    * U.S. Provides Forensic Training and Vehicles for Punjab Police

    U.S. Consul General Carmela Conroy presented four special vehicles equipped with laptop computers, still and video cameras, microscopes, portable fingerprint workstations, ladders and generators worth Rs. 16 million ($195,000) to Punjab Provincial Police to investigate crime scenes.

    Food for Thought ?????????

    The Mystery of Raymond Davis ???????

    The rules were very clear that US consulate staff were not to go anywhere without escorts, usually that meant three cars…two armed escort and the one carrying the foreign worker in the middle of the pack. If he was out there on his own the US consulate would have some questions for him…”

    The area (Mozang) has little to offer to any foreign official. ?????????

    * Raymond Davis is the contractor of US consulate for Forensic Training & Vehicles for Punjab Police ????

  • Akhtar Hassan

    * http://pakistantoday.com.pk/pakistan-news/Lahore/10-Jan-2011/South-Asias-best-forensic-lab-being-built-in-Lahore

    LAHORE – South Asia’s most modern forensic laboratory is being built in Lahore, which will prove to be a milestone in eradicating crimes, bringing criminals to justice, investigating crimes on scientific lines and providing justice to people, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said on Sunday.
    He was addressing a meeting during a visit to the under-construction Punjab Forensic Science Agency near the Thokhar Niaz Baig. The Punjab Police inspector general, Punjab home secretary, Punjab health secretary and other senior officials were also present on the occasion. Shahbaz directed officials to accelerate construction work of the forensic laboratory. Forensic Laboratory Project Director Nayyar Mehmood gave a detailed briefing to the CM. Shahbaz said that the project is of international standards and has vital importance, which would not only help curb crimes but also trace criminals involved in heinous crimes for bringing them to justice.
    He said that establishment of this unique and latest laboratory would not only benefit Punjab but other provinces as well. The CM said that protection of life and property of citizens and eradication of crimes is top priority of the Punjab government and establishment of the forensic lab is an important step in this direction. He said that every life is precious for the Punjab government and funds are being provided for this important project by curtailing other expenditure.
    Shahbaz said that most of the work on this project would be completed by March 31 and the laboratory would start functioning by its full capacity within a few weeks. The CM said that modern training of laboratory experts has been arranged abroad and crime scene investigation, computer forensic, pathology, polygraph readers, toxicology, trace chemistry, fingerprints and death scene investigation and other sections are being established in the forensic laboratory.
    He said that high standards of construction work are being ensured and only local material is being used for implementation of the project. Shahbaz said that he would preside over a meeting on January 27 to review progress of the project and remove any hurdles in this regard. Briefing the CM, Mehmood said that the laboratory is being constructed on 0.2 million square feet land.
    He said that a public awareness campaign would also be launched by holding seminars and the print and electronic media would be requested to highlight the forensic laboratory’s importance. Earlier, the CM inspected different sections and crime investigation units of the laboratory and asked workers about their foreign training.Recommend

  • Zarmeena

    I agree with you to quite an extent.

    The title used by the author is bias and is inviting majority people’s wrath.

    It is inappropriate to jump to conclusions and create a hype for the reason of fact the guy the killer is an american.Its absurd to criticize our government and police.Let the evidences become clear and the case reach a conclusion.Why can’t we expect justice ??? What we believe in ,we eventually get to see it.So why not lets be optimistic this time.Lets not speculate.Recommend

  • Nisar khan

    It is horrible to see how zenophobic our society has become.dont forget that it is common in pakistan to burn alive the suspected thieves and robbers.it has happened many times in karachi and lahore.
    and then no one cared it or even people celebrated this inhuman killing of their fellow citizens.
    Ist day when this incident happened many witnesses said that these young guys pulled the gun on Raymond.
    Any way case is in the court and may be we should control our emotions until the case is decided by court.and now a days our courts are quite impartial.
    and if he got eminesty under vienn convention then hemust be deported or we should pull out of this convention.Recommend

  • http://www.formerlydelirious.wordpress.com Delirium

    The FIR has been registered and the matter is sub-judice. A lot of hype will engulf the case with the judiciary and govt. subjected to immense pressure both from US and religious parties. Lets see if the authorities are able to hold their ground under the circumstances.Recommend

  • ahmed khan

    Who dare point a finger at an American? the title of the above writing.

    The so called Civil Society who demonstrated for Salman Taseer murder should point finger.Recommend

  • Salik

    Aafia Aafia………………………….

    Hang him after getting as much information as possible………………Recommend

  • Dr.Asad

    I am not against any person or any belief of this world because I believe that every one is created equal and has all rights to life as much as every one else does. The dilemma is what happens when these so called ‘rights’ are compromised? Then these very people forget all the humanity and dignity turning into animals, acting out impulsively with a rationale or a moral. To them it may feel right, to us it may feel utterly wrong, and vice versa; proving everyone right at the end of the day by their own standards. Regarding this case, I am as informed as every joe who watches the goggle-box. In my opinion, this guy should be tried in a ‘real’ court of law and conclusion should be reached as to what really happened? There should not be any bias and the trial should be transparent. As for the deceased (may Allah rest their souls in peace) there is query in my head that is yet more perplexing… Why were the deceased carrying guns? Were they undercover agents? Political workers? What was their reason to be ‘armed and dangerous’ apart from the ‘amreeki’?Recommend

  • Ali

    This is the time to make pakistan the tunisia and egypt…we should come out on streets ..this is the end of oppressive and western agent regimes..enough is enough..corruption,unemployment and poverty is at peek,,now we will not suffer any more from the price hike,political instabilty,inequility of wealth distribution..drone attacks ,no security to the citizens..NOW the sun will rise with the blessing on us..Now the matter will be decided on streets till the end of this oppressive regime and capitalist syste,mm
    Raliies are announced on friday at islamabad and karachi ..Its a request to all muslims to come out and bring the friends with u..jzkRecommend

  • Naeem

    Our democratic spine will bukle at the first hint of money dangled by Americans!Recommend

  • http://nil masood

    The matter should be dealt with absolute justice. US GOVERNMENT should act with responsibility. Why they spoiling their image because of WRONG DEED of one citizen. I think it will create positive image of US Government in PAKISTAN if they LET our COURTS to deal this case Recommend

  • Ajaz Hussain

    this issue is a test for sovergnity of Pakistan that, whether we can independently proceed any tial concerning to US without US interferenc and presure?Recommend

  • shahid Zubair

    This is the time to make pakistan the tunisia and egypt…we should come out on streets ..this is the end of oppressive and western agent regimes..enough is enough..corruption,unemployment and poverty is at peek,,now we will not suffer any more from the price hike,political instabilty,inequility of wealth distribution..drone attacks ,no security to the citizens..NOW the sun will rise with the blessing on us..Now the matter will be decided on streets till the end of this oppressive regime and capitalist syste,mm
    Raliies are announced on friday at islamabad and karachi ..Its a request to all muslims to come out and bring the friends with u

  • shahid Zubair

    GOOD bye USA

    Thank you Raymond, Thank you Faizan and Faheem
    You wake up Pakistani nation, Heat is growing each day in public.

    Good bye our so called ally USA
    Fall of US POLICY Start
    Dawn of new days is appearing
    Thank you Shabaz Shareef
    Thank you Pak Media
    Live long Pakistan

    Good bye Lovely USARecommend

  • Mir Zubair Waqas

    i think pakistani government wil not be able to face any american pressure and after few days they wil release raymond davis……and pakistani public can see this show.bcz we have lost our identity that what we were and what we are now at this stage …….Recommend

  • farrukh naveed

    dear,you have all the claims to prove Afia as terrorist who did not committ any murder rather was guilty to just point gun over CIA officials and awarded 85 years imprison.On the other hand Raymond is guilty of killing 2 innocent boys just over being suspected.The irony of situation is that US govt is trying to abet him in the plea of diplomat.These duoble stadndards create frustation as no one is above the law.Justice shuold be in the proportion to the crime committed rather to racism.Recommend

  • Farrukh

    you are much inspired by the veena malik and convinced that islam does allow to unveil the immoral acts,very true,but how u will defend her when she is all the way trying to gain the cheap popularity by exposing her in media and doing bizarrerie acts.There were other female actresses also in the programme but they carried themselves in dignified way, she made her controversial by clever move and ameteurish acts.hay naaaaaaaaaRecommend

  • swede-pk

    Do americans think us like sheep and cattle? the widow of Faheem (one of the victim of rymond) has committed suicide being despaired, as the establishment is trying to release the culprit.Recommend

  • Tariq

    Assalam o Alaikum, First of all at this condition when we know that a person who has been found with a banned weapon according to Pakistani Law, with Beer bottle in his car, and with a fake number plate of his vehicle. These charges are enough to ask him who he really is? and after all these aspects, should he be given protocol? It has already been circulated in news that he is not a diplomat and even his name(Raymond Davis) is fake as well. Then we come to the case. If he was trying to defend himself then why most of the shots are on the back of the two victims? He was upto some serious mission. There must be no pressure accepted because this matter is going to decide where Pakistan stands, what is its position and what will it be in future. Pakistan is at an equilibrium with U.S if they warn to stop supporting us. then Pakistan must strongly move back from so called War on Terror as we are already suffering billions of rupees on it.Recommend

  • Muhammad Hussain

    Raymond Davis can be traded for Dr.Afia.Recommend

  • Kamran

    *I still didn’t get the thing ; Why did he come to police station and surrender to authorities by his own will ??? It’s some provocative action and game !!! If you spy and kill someone then run to your shelter – embassy , and don’t show the nose out ….really strange * Recommend

  • Kamran

    Zardari – bhai has already a price tag for that accident :)))……$$$ Cost of Pakistani democracy ! Recommend

  • Abdul

    The undeniable fact is Raymond Allen Davis had deliberately murdered two innocent Pakistani men in cold blood.

    Raymond Allen Davis lies by saying falsely that after one of the young men allegedly brandished a pistol at him, Davis opened fire and killed both of them with his own 9mm Glock pistol that was not licensed. Davis claimed to the police his actions were in ‘self-defense’ but we all know that he is a pathetic liar. Lahore’s police chief, Aslam Tareen, said no finger prints had been found on the triggers of the pistols found on the bodies of the two men and the laboratory tests showed the bullets remained in the magazine of their gun, and not the chamber. (Source: Diplomatic Immunity or License to Kill, timesofindia.indiatimes.com, Feb 11, 2011).

    Faizan and Faheem received three injuries each from the back side. The murderer himself admitted that he fired at Faizan from the back when he was running. So it was not self defence but a ruthless horrible murder that caused the deaths of four innocent persons. The witnesses say that the victims did not aim at the murderer.

    **The horrible murder caused the death of an innocent Pakistan woman. The murderer’s American accomplices also murdered an innocent Pakistani man on the same day of the horrible murder. These horrible murders reflect the terrorist, corrupt, immoral and ruthless US regime that is terrorizing Iraq, Paksiatn and Afghanistan and mass murdering innocent people in the countries.

    According to Vienna Convention on Consular Relations on 24 April 1963, Pakistani police can arrest Raymond Davis because he had murdered two innocent Pakistani men.**Recommend

  • Abdul

    @Muhammad Hussain:

    Dr Afiaa did not and does kill anybody but she is framed, tortured and imprisoned by the terrorist and ruthless US regime so she should be released. On the contrary, Raymond Allen Davis had murdered two innocent Pakistani men in cold blood but the terrorist US regime shamelessly tries to release him so the murderer must be hanged to death in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Zain

    Brothers and sisters. It’s time to decide k kutay ki zindagi jeeni hai ya insaano ki. Recommend

  • http://NIL M.Ibrahim Khan

    The way Barak Obama has intervened has revealed many aspects of Raymond case. It is now clear that he is not a diplomat. Drone attacks have come to a halt ever since his arrest. What does it mean? He is connected to these attacks in one way or other. He must be brought to book and handed the due punishment.

    What Obama administration fears most is the possibility of extracting more and more information from Raymond. That will prove to be fatal for US interests in Pakistan and the region.

    M.Ibrahim Khan

  • Akhtar Hassan

    Subject: Punjab Forensic Science Agency near the Thokhar Niaz Baig

    Who will dare to dig out the hard facts sheet on the above subject?????

    In fact, Raymond Davis is the contractor of US consulate for Forensic Training & Vehicles for Punjab Police, being the disguised “” AGENT ” of CIA-USA and an Army Officer of USA ( working here without Uniform ) under the Protocol ( USA + PAK ) signed in March’2008 ( under the Regime of Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf ( who was care-taker FM of Pak ????? ).

    This is a big Question ???????? Who will accept this Challenge, either Free Judiciary or Free Media >>> ????????

    Why Suo-Moto Actions are being taken only for cases like ” Mukhtaran Maiee “” ??????? Recommend

  • murad khan

    Its really annoying to see such scenarios in ur own country,where a foreigner is assassinating ur country men. Pakjistani Government should take a brave stance on this issue. Davis does not deserve any immunity at all.He is supposed to be taken to the task.Recommend

  • Amna

    Iam all for the fair trial and I completely trust in Pakistan judiciary for that matter.If he is proved guilty,than he should be sentenced to jail for life.We need to set a fair example as we are a concious democratic country and just like any other responsible country,we also would nt tolerate any foriegn element (agant etc) to exercise such brutalty on false pretense(e.g self-defense story).He is clearly NOT a diplomat or else he would not have been roaming on a public road with an illegal number plate car and unaouthorized weapons in his possession and showing such arrogance by taking picture of the dead persons at the spot.He is a beast.Recommend

  • NS

    @ Zarmeena i strong disagree with your opinions on the but then i would be wasting my time pointing out many things that have already been pointed out. Perhaps being well read on both sides helps? But then you do a good job contradicting everything you said in your Theresa qoute. Dig deep to understand the qoute in it’s totality. Raymond Davis should be tried in Pakistan be we a country of bigots or not murder is murder and i dont think we should sell our citizens so easily. Recommend

  • NS

    @ zarmeena again i wonder if your comments on afia are simply your means of gaining attention as you have considering that you are such a big fan of veena malik secondly i would like to consider the fact that you are no eye witness to afia’s alleged crimes or are you? To pass extreme judgemental comments one should be in the position to do so. Thirdly American is a nation widely known to convict incorrectly brought to light by none other than their own media. OJ simpson was he guilty or innocent tell me zarmeena are you in the position to comment on that read up and then come up with a convincing judgement. He was tried too wasn’t he ? 50% thinks he’s guilty other 50% thinks he is. Just becoz a person is proven guilty or otherwise does not mean we are truely aware of the whole situation humans are never only Allah is. Recommend

  • Kalim

    Dear Naeem

    Why this contempt against the Democracy. What about the Khaki Masters of Pakistan. They are the ones who have failed us every time. So much for the so called ISI and the Military Intelligence Net. A bunch of idiots and incompetent operativesRecommend