Banning Pakistani actors or Indian movies won’t stop me from dancing to Kar Gayi Chul

Published: October 4, 2016

Bollywood resonates so well with a Pakistani audience because it stems from the same base of theatre as our country. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Art is art. Art does not know a nationality or a region or a religion. Does a German heart move more than a non-German heart while listening to Beethoven’s symphonies?

What if nobody outside France ever saw the Mona Lisa, or the Starry night was only seen by Dutch eyes?

Art and artists belong to the world. Art is a reflection of the human condition, feelings shared by all of us universally. We all feel love, we all feel sadness, and we all feel loss.

The world was moved by the picture of a dead Syrian toddler washed up on a Turkish shore. Statuses mourning the loss of Prince and David Bowie were posted all around the world. A Beatles song playing in the middle of nowhere can create a sense of familiarity and spark an emotional connection with people you may not even share a language with.