An open letter to Indians

Published: October 1, 2016

File photo of Indian army on LoC.

Dear Indians,

As someone whose recent family history is very much a consequence of partition, I am no stranger to the divisiveness of Pak-India politics. Despite a shared history and culture, we stand today as two nuclear armed nations that have fought three wars against each other.

Hatred for the other is fostered in both countries – neither India nor Pakistan is innocent as far as propagating hyper-nationalist aggression is concerned, but this time around, it feels slightly different. This time around, your government, sections of your media, and sections of your civil society (in concert with the government) are behaving in an exceptionally immature and dangerous manner. They are committing themselves to positions that are harmful to regional stability and to the prosperity of both countries.

In short, they’re making a mistake and they’re embarrassing your country. Here’s why:


Both your government, and to a worrying extent your media, are unwilling to accept the grave seriousness, and the indigenous nature of the Kashmir problem. Terrorist or freedom fighter, love him or hate him, Burhan Wani was an inspiring figure for thousands of Kashmiris.

Remove yourself from the politics of it for a second and consider that at face value: a separatist who’s killing drew hundreds of thousands at his funeral, and thousands upon thousands on the streets for months after – that’s indicative of a serious underlying problem that your government is either failing to recognise, or worse, has recognised and is now foolishly trying to quell by force.

They’re pulling the wool over your eyes by blaming the problem on Pakistan, and by labelling dissenters as ‘terrorists’ and the unrest as ‘Pakistan-funded’ they’re playing on your nationalistic sensitivities to divert attention from a very home grown, very Indian problem.

The reason the bodies of dead protesters are being wrapped in Pakistani flags, the reason some Kashmiris support Pakistan against India in cricket matches, the reason that slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ are chanted in Kashmir is not because of some elaborate ISI conspiracy that’s now coming to the fore (as your media would have you believe).

The reason is simple; the people in Kashmir, and especially the younger generation, are sick and tired of a 700,000 strong force that routinely beats, shoots, blinds, rapes and murders them. They’re sick and tired of living under occupation, under a law that is so draconian (Armed Forces Special Powers Acts or AFSPA) that it’s startling to me that anyone in India is surprised by Burhan Wani’s popularity.

Kashmiris don’t raise Pakistani flags because there’s some mysterious ISI handlers coordinating it behind the scenes; they raise them because the world has been silent to their suffering, and because (for better or for worse), Pakistan is the only country that decries these atrocities and places moral support behind their right to determine their own future, especially when so much of their past has been robbed from them.

Any Kashmiri who is my age (24) has essentially been born into, and lived their whole life under the AFSPA and has been witness to unspeakable excesses committed by the Indian Army after the Pundit exodus.

If you have actually read the AFSPA and have heard about how the Indian Army has treated people, then it should come as no surprise why protestors take to the streets every single day, despite knowledge of the fact that they will be shot at with guns that could blind and/or kill them. Peddling the view that the unrest in Kashmir is Pakistan sponsored ‘terrorism’ is a deliberate strategy employed by your government to hide their own repeated failures in the region.

It’s convenient, and it’s easily believed (because Pakistan has a bad track record here) but in this instance, it’s simply inaccurate. The indigenous nature of recent unrest in Kashmir is blindingly (morbid pun not intended) self-evident, and a direct consequence of the centre’s inability to reconcile with a rightfully aggrieved population.

Please stop buying into the lie that the recent unrest in Kashmir is Pakistan’s doing because it’s short changing the Kashmiri people’s opportunity to highlight their plight. It’s making them guilty by association – when they’re really not.


The attack on Uri had barely wound down when your government/media started hurling accusations at Pakistan. This is not only dangerous, it’s pretty unprofessional from a journalistic point of view. What evidence? What markings? Food wrappers? Really? Is this the standard that ‘the world’s biggest democracy’ holds its press to?

Your media/armchair strategists then took it one step further – they started talking about a ‘befitting response’ and ‘the whole jaw for a tooth’, ‘hot pursuit’ and ‘surgical strikes’ and other nonsense to that effect. All of this before any kind of formal investigation into the incident had even taken shape.

Please make no mistakes: this is equal parts stupid, dangerous, and delusional. Pakistan is a sovereign nation – any encroachment or direct attack on Pakistan will be considered (rightly so) as an act of war. Your ‘befitting response’ will beget its own ‘befitting response’ and before you know it, a chain of events get set off that culminate in nuclear war.

And for what? Some political point scoring? So Narendra Modi can look like the tough guy he purported himself to be? So war-mongering Indian news anchors (who are honestly some of the most amusingly aggressive people I have ever come across) can finally be satisfied? I can almost hear them shouting ‘khoon ka badla khoon’ (blood is avenged by blood) or something equally Bollywood right now.

Please, my Indian friends, do not be swayed by these embarrassments to the profession of investigative journalism. They’re mouthpieces of your government and their post Uri behaviour is telling of a level of aggression syndicated by your government that was/is independent of what happened in Uri – an aggression that is pre-planned and in-line with your PM’s decision to support terrorism in Balochistan. The kind of aggression that Pakistan has always feared and always prepared for.

Nuclear war is no joke, neither is it some distant, far-off possibility in our fragile sub-continental context. Nuclear war is mutually assured destruction (MAD) of the worst kind. Nobody wants that. Not even you Mr Goswami. Come to think of it you don’t look like you’d be very comfortable in any confrontation outside of a shouting match, let alone a nuclear war.


Your PM has taken a position of open, overt, unapologetic interference in Balochistan and your government is now offering asylum to a man who is directly responsible for the deaths of Pakistani soldiers. Think about this for a second – this would be like Pakistan publicly declaring its official intent to fund and arm members of the Khalistan movement and then start offering them citizenship and hosting them on our talk shows.

In Pakistan, we’re all aware of the fact that India has been funding terrorism in Balochistan, but when it becomes the official and declared policy of your PM it becomes a very serious problem. It’s akin to the difference between a situation in which you know your neighbour’s dog s***s on your lawn and you hate him for it, to a situation in which your neighbour makes it his Facebook status that his dog does in fact take s***s on your lawn, and that he intends on allowing this s***ting to continue unabatedly. The former, one can live with (albeit grudgingly) – the latter has consequences.


Your government is now taking a position where it is signalling that it either intends on violating the terms, or unilaterally pulling out of the Indus Water Treaty. The Indus Water Treaty has been in place through the 1965, 1971, and Kargil wars. It’s sacrosanct because it is a shared resource that millions of people depend on for their livelihood. Cutting off water supply, or choking the water supply coming into Pakistan in violation of a treaty would be considered no less than an act of war, as it signals intent to do mass damage to both life and property. Such a move would be dumb as it leaves Pakistan with no choice but to react out of self-defence.

It’s also a dangerous game to be playing since China could easily get involved (they’re upstream of you) and beat Modi at his own nasty game. Water is a vital resource without which crops will die and people will go hungry, which would lead to serious destabilisation. A destabilised Pakistan is not good for India, especially when the destabilisation can be clearly attributed to Indian policy.

The international community may view India as a rising star, but this rising star status is likely to be dampened if your PM keeps behaving like a nutter. He’s overreaching and will find himself out of his depth, causing serious loss of face on his part. The prospect of this loss of face might even persuade him to double down on his current strategy, which would of course be the recipe for a perfect storm.

Consider that Modi’s policy of diplomatic ‘isolation’ is already falling flat on its face: Pakistan is holding its first ever joint military exercise with Russia since 1947, just got the US to signal that it doesn’t support India’s position on Balochistan, and got China to chime in that it would stand behind Pakistan in any cases of foreign aggression.

So, isolation? Not really.

Try again Modi, or better yet, calm yourself and come back down to reality.

The ‘terrorism’ hypocrisy

Your government and your media propagate a view that Pakistan is some sort of rogue state that functions solely to export terrorism. What they don’t tell you or what you choose to ignore is that Pakistan is a much greater victim of terrorism than India – we have lost over 8000 soldiers and 80,000 civilians in the fight against terrorism just in the past 12 years. We’ve taken on jihadi outfits left, right and centre – even ones that we had a hand in creating.

For your every Pathankot, we’ve had 10 Pathankot’s. For your every Mumbai attack, we’ve had five Mumbai attacks. Our cities have been plagued by suicide bombers and fear, and your government has been complicit in some of this terror. It has funded anti-state militants in Balochistan as your PM all but admitted to, has sought to destabilise Karachi through Altaf Hussain and has also used consulates in Afghanistan to fund the TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan) through RAW. When your media launches a tirade against Pakistan as a sponsor of terror, they fail to point out that your own government has actively pursued a policy of sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan.

Whether you agree with this policy (you might well think that it’s a justified tit-for-tat response to perceived interference in Kashmir) is irrelevant – rather what’s important to understand is that Pakistanis these days operate (rightly so) under the assumption that the Indian government is doing everything it can to actively destabilise the country through nefarious means.

For all the Indian friends I have made over the years as a student in the US, I’ve never met a single one that hasn’t expressed a desire for peace and cooperation between our two countries. Granted, I’ve had extremely heated debates, but regardless of our disagreements over specific issues we’ve always netted out on the shared belief that the future of our region should hold less, and not more, of what we’ve become accustomed to our entire lives. This knowledge is what motivates me to write this out – the knowledge that there’s a divide between most Indians and Indian government policy, and that there are reasonable people on both sides of the border that should be actively engaging with one another.

If you have not already, I implore you to open your eyes to the reality in Kashmir – the reality of crimes committed against a civilian populace, the reality of rapes and shotguns, of mass graves and curfews. The reality that what’s now happening is somewhere between civil disobedience and an intifada and that the fault is primarily your government/army’s.

There are hawks on both sides of the border – people who benefit from aggressive posturing and the possibility of war. These are the same people who are doing a disservice to the majority of their countrymen who are just regular people that want to live peaceful, prosperous lives.

I think it’s also important to point out the amount of amusement Pakistanis treat the scrambling of your politicians and Director General of Military Operations with. In an attempt to divert attention from Kashmir and placate the hawks in India, your government/army is now telling you fairy tales of how paratroopers crossed into Pakistan, killed a bunch of terrorists, and then somehow flew back unharmed, in what they’re calling a ‘surgical strike’.

Make no mistake – these are such lofty fabrications that people in the Pakistan Army don’t know what to make of it; they’re somewhere between amused and confused considering that if there was a surgical strike, it was so damn surgical that there are no signs of it whatsoever. What has been established is that at least eight of your soldiers have been killed and one has been captured.

So, surgical strike? More like surgical blunder.

I hope that after reading this you will leave with at least some sense of perspective – some sense of how the other side sees the moves your government is making, and some sense of how this is likely to play out if left unchecked. You’re better than Modi, Ajit Doval, and the RSS, India. Don’t let them monopolise your country’s future and stop letting them embarrass you as a country.


Ibrahim Pataudi (a regular Pakistani citizen)


Ibrahim Pataudi

The author is the director of business development at TapFwd, a startup based in San Francisco.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Rajesh Rao

    Close your letter and throw it to the dustbin. You are unable to accept the reality on ground. Just having a nuclear power doesnt make you an equal. You love your country so much that you are studying libral arts in USA as you cant do so in your own country. Why dont you speak to the Nobel peace prize winner from your country who wouldnt step into it any more or the baluchi brothers.Recommend

  • aditya vishnu

    Dear Pakistanis

    Lets talk objectively. You say we have created Kashmir a hell for Kashmiri Muslims. Do you forget who funded them ? Do you forget who sent in terrorist since 1989? Do you also forget about your boy Ajmal Kasab? Was he not even your citizen singing like a parrot in our jails post murdering hundreds in cold blood? Before I forget, Osama was your house guest before surgical strike took him out. Or was that also imagined? Talk of hypocrisy and delusion

    Why do you even talk of pointing fingers at us when you are seen as what you are , nation hijacked by Army,terrorist and Mullahs? And no media is free from its bias including yours but may Allah bestow peace upon you while your economy runs on American dollara. Oh shit I am being delusional now, even uncle Sam is cutting of alms. No money for F16 huh? No nuclear deal? And if you listen carefully, you can hear the world not giving a crap about your rants any more . Build your economy . Feed your poor and let us live in peace. Thats all we want . Not a lecture from a dumb 10 year who lives in his own well. Or hell. Recommend

  • Ravikanth

    We don’t see the conflict between India and Pakistan as a fight between India and Pakistan. The biggest losers in case there is friendship between India and Pakistan is a small segment of elite army in Pakistan. This faction benefits heavily because of the conflict. As Shashi Tharoor says, “India is a state which has a military. Pakistan is a military which has a state”. The people in the right places in India clearly recognise this very clearly. They know Pakistan is not the enemy. From what I read you probably wont find Indian people much different from Pakistan people. By the way I am not even an expert. This is common knowledge in the slightly well educated Indians.

    All the efforts are to neutralize this small segment of conflict beneficiaries. Recommend

  • Machiavelli

    Dear Ibrahim Pataudi, please learn to read something out of your ISPR propaganda also. Please refer international neutral writers or your own neutral and sane thinkers and intellectuals. You can start by refining your history books which poison your minds at a very gullible age. Please consult those Pakistani army majors and lieutenants who saved you in 1965 by going against the insane mediocre top brass. They were also blinded like all innocent Pakistanis are today. When they felt and knew the reality they corrected themselves and saved you. If you truly ask yourself you’d know that the Biggest damage to Pakistan has been done by your own army.

    India has major boundary issues with China and Bangladesh but we’re wise enough to put it on back burner and continue with growth and stability. Ask yourself, is Kashmir so important for you that you don’t hesitate in threatening a nuclear war?

    Make your choices wisely. Learn something from the Chinese atleast. Recommend

  • Rita

    All the way from first sentence to the last one…the author whoever he is….just made me more proud of my Prime Minister Mr. Modi.
    I get it that my PM is making u crazy unlike the ones in last sixty years…I am happy for it.
    The Author is stationed in US and talking abt kashmir…that makes no sense at all.
    I thank him again for a good laugh I had after reading this article.
    You will get kicked again if u try to do URI again. JUST A REMINDER. Recommend

  • AwakeIndia

    Dear Writer: How you can be so ignorant about India? Excellent Copy Paste Job!!!Recommend

  • Rita

    I hope u have guts to publish my thoughts. ..Recommend

  • Radical Guy

    Ibrahim Pataudi , you are clearly
    delusional, your country sponsors terrorism and they themselves have admitted
    it before you were born, you buy into the nonsense that your government which
    is not even a Democracy, its run by the army, the ISi, your country has
    created Jihadis, which you yourself have stated, they created the
    Taliban, they gave shelter to Osama bin laden, Alman al- Zawahari, they
    let people like Hafiz Saeed, who is responsible for 26/11 roam freely your
    government and its policies is about creating unrest and exporting terror which
    has been going on for decades. Kashmir…… the kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir
    acceded to India in 1947, why the did your countrymen invade and divide
    Kashmir, if you are so concerned then why not give back POK to Kashmiris and
    let them live with the brethren that they miss across the LOC.Your country and its generals have been fomenting trouble not just in India , but also Afghanistan, Bangladesh, whichthankfully you guys don’t rule over any more, what a blunder that was and you send yourterrorists through Nepal Kashmir and as
    has been proven by sea, [26/11]… and what right do you and your countrymen have to interfere in Kashmir, youcant take care of the country that you have and you want Kashmir… dream on….all you can do is what you
    have been doing taking pot shots through “ NON STATE ACTORS” and now with our
    surgical strikes we will ruin you to kingdom come not because we want to but that’s
    the only language you understand.TCRecommend

  • rajeev mohan sharma

    The writer seems to be living in fools paradise. He is unable to view the shift in Indian Govt Stand. The only solution, to the current status is that Pak will have to change its good terrorist policy. If Pak continue to follow the same policy , it will be self destructive to your own country. World scenario is totally against Pak. So act positive.Recommend

  • Raj

    Ok. For the argument sake, let us say we agree to the points raised by you as above. But, in the same vein can you write an open letter to Paksitanis as well to take tehm action against Hafeez Saeed, Masood Azhar, Salahuddin who are either UN designated terrorrists or internationally designated terrorists. Can you write to pakistanis to take action against JuD, LeT and come out of the denial mode. Can you also write to pakistanis to take against terrorirists who perpeted the Mumbai attacks, Pathankot and Uri. Can you tell pakistanis to handover Dawood ibrahim instead of being in a denial mode. Can you tell ISI and Pak army not to give protection to international terrorirists out to destroy the neighbours such as India, Iran, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Can you write to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Bangladesh by unnecessarily commenting on their juidicial system, Can you write to Pakistanis not to treat Afghanistan as a client state, Can you write to pakistani to honour human rights in Balochistan and stop kidnappings, rapes and killing. These are only few. If you also write like this, then i can also understand and agree. Otherwise, from an Indian point of view this is just one sided with the usual biased approach by a pakistani. Fit to go to dustbin. That is all. Hope you write to the pakistanis as well.Recommend

  • Rita

    By not posting my thoughts. .u r proving that your thoughts are very wrong..and u r being ashamed so much that u can’t post my points…thanksRecommend

  • Jayman

    Open Letter to Pakistanis Please stop supporting terrorists like Maulana Masood Azhar, Hafiz Saeed, Salauddin, Dawood Ibrahim et al. You have a military that is meant to defend your nation. Don’t use these outfits and then claim innocence. India will use all tools at its disposal to reply in kind. Dr.Manmohan Singh is not the PM anymore.Recommend

  • Level Headed

    Sorry, I can’t agree with your letter. It is funny when you say Pakistan is also victim of terrorism and your people also have died. Because that’s a straight result of your country’s anti-India policies. You allowed radical religious forces to take root there, in the name of opposing India. Now-a-day, almost every terrorist attack in the world (including the recent New York and New Jersey one) has a Pakistan connection. Naturally, those forces turn against you too, once they don’t get enough of what they want. So don’t cry if your pet snakes have started biting you instead of your enemy.

    And it is also amusing to see your threat that “China will get involved” in the fight between Pakistan and India. Pakistan armed forces have not won a single war they have fought from 1947 and so they need China’s support for victory in case of another war. For that, you have to play the China card with India. China is a s**t country which has no care for International rules. Their politicians’ childish behavior in case of South China sea is an example. So we cannot expect them to be nice to us even if we are nice to them. Let them get involved. We will have to handle them when that time comes. We can’t sit idle being scared of China. Even small countries in South East Asia are realising that and starting to take a tougher stand.

    Lastly, if India really is involved in instigating trouble in Balochistan, I will be extremely happy. Because Pakistan has been doing that in Kashmir from 1947. I always used to wonder why Indian leaders are spineless and not doing anything in Pakistan. Now I am very happy to know that they are playing the same game with Pakistan.

    I agree with your Indian friends that two countries should have good relations for regional peace. Thats plain common sense. But the first step towards it is for Pakistanis to forget the dream of installing another Islamic Sultanite in Delhi. Ask your politicians and armed forces to mind what is inside your country’s borders. Peace will automatically happen.

    BTW, you are telling Indians not to believe what Indian politicians are telling us. By the same logic, you should not believe what your politicians are telling you too. Now, I am interested in knowing how you are so sure that the strike did not happen in Pakistan Kashmir, while you are sitting in California. Naturally, you believed what your politicians are telling you, correct?Recommend

  • Ajay

    So basically this is what you believe…
    1. People of Kashmir are “people fighting for their own rights” and people of Balochistan are “terrorists”
    2. India is “supporting terrorist activities in Balochistan” but what Pakistan is doing in Kashmir is “supporting rights of Kashmiris”
    3. Indian media allegations against Pakistan are fake but Pakistani media showing doctored videos of killing Indian soldiers as real. [The strike happened at night and Pakistani news channels are showing videos of soldiers being shot at in broad daylight… seriously??]

    This is hypocrisy at its best sir. Thank you for your letter.Recommend

  • N.D.Jain

    The author needs some sense.Recommend

  • Bulldog

    So according to the author ,the India is responsible for everything bad happening in Pakistan including but not limited to Panama leaks, creared afgan mujahideen in collaboration with CIA to defeat Soviet Union and now you are saying India is funding terrorism, bravo bravo

  • Arash Babar

    You’re equally good with pen as with the polo pony…..Thumbs upRecommend

  • kamal

    Remove the breeding grounds of terror from the soil of Pakistan , then there will not be any problem neither for IndiaAfganistan nor for the whole world. Did you realise your gov still denies the presenece of Osama and Dawood ibrahim. Have some shame before embarking a big moral lecture to all Indians on public space.India is an open country, we oppose any party in the power or opposition and army takes command from government. Kashmir will become a small ISIS if the Pak designs are succeded, this is not my government opinion but my personal analysis. There is flawed power structure in Pakistan, Army (owns 40% of GDP producing units) holds the real executive power, elected government makes some dramabaazi in parliament about panama papers while yesteryears playboy leads the opposition, mullahs rule the streets and civil society. Before venturing morals for others look into your own society. By the way are you still supporting killing and dumping the bodies of freedom fighters of Baluchistan? On the final note whether you belive the official line of Paksitan denial of surgical strikes, you have catch22 situation, the whole world is laughing at you. Now do not play either you are victor or victim tamasha nobody in the world belives you anymore.Recommend

  • demon

    The funny part is, ALL discussions in Pakistani media starts with ” both nuclear armed state” or nuclear war. & then there is kashmir. Everyone knows that it was Indian forces which came to help Indigenous Kashmiris when they were looted & raped by external invaders (& i will not say WHO!) & then Ruler of Kashmir asked both nations for help, Pakistan refused (wikipedia) & hence signed instrument of accession.
    How calmly you talk about ‘Pundit exodus’. Were they not part of Kashmir? Or being a minority there, they lost there rights to that region? If you don’t know, it takes a long time to destabilise a region. As you are saying that there is no conspiracy in recent unrest in kashmir… which is very hard to believe, the seeds were sown long before.
    You People seem very much concerned for well being of kashmiris. I am sorry to say but if you want them to excel, let them be with India. As fact of the matter is we are developing at much faster rate than you & we will take kashmir with us to top much before you. To be very frank if there was no militency in kashmir, the process would have started much before.
    As far as unrest is concerned, every chid becomes angry with their parents once in a while, it doesn’t mean that the mother will give that child to her neighbour.
    Dont preach that Pakistan has nothing to do with terrorism. Ok, leave india for a while, but What was OSAMA BIN LADEN doing in your country? Is your intelligence system so weak that it didn’t know they are having a mass murderer just minutes from your military base?
    I think you feel proud when you say for every one mumbai attack in india we have five. My dear friend this is not something to be proud of! Here we count every life we lost to terrorism.
    You call Burhan Wani a peaceful leader ? just see his video. He looks like a lost kid. His farther said “he wanted to join Indian army when he was 10”
    I can go on & on with all this but to be very frank I don’t have time for all this. Kashmir is part of india, realise this fact & try to live with it. It is for kashmiris & EVERY INDIAN TOO, like islamabad is there for anyone in rawalpindi (pun intended). They have a democratic system in place, they elect their own government. Our military will leave when they will realise there is no one just sitting & waiting for another Kargil (Just waiting to enter the house when no one is there).
    Move on my dear neighbours, try to outclass us in some other fields like prosperity & all. You know deep down you can’t beat india in a straight war ( hence you cry nuclear war every time). Your bluff is been called. Still if you want to do it, just get on with it. We are not afraid to die for our nation. If our soldiers can, we can too. But beware, we will be pushed a 20 years back by a nuclear war (or may be less) but you will be blown to STONE AGE.Recommend


    Want to catch up on REAL news that matter, check out and

  • Pandiyan

    Lot of anomolies in your lengthy script buddy. First and foremost the news about silent and peace loving majority in J & K don’t appear in the media and you think whole of J & K is against India. Second, If India is presumed to occupy a part of Kashmir, then what about POK? It should have been vacated firsr by the Pak people from POK.
    What do you think of the parliament attack and mumbai attack, if you feel Pak is not responsible for attacks in J &K?
    When you believe the army-tailored stories of Pak media, why can’t we believe our media reports, which is comparatively fairer and open?
    Sorry dear, you can not sell your story here.

  • Ankita Chandran

    I think the various conflicts leading to terror anywhere, have one thing in common. In broader sense they are not one religion against the other. They are ‘all religions in general’ against ‘logic and science’. Permanent and lasting solution to any problem is not possible unless we make logical criteria and adopt scientific outlook. One should not live in past glory or harp on one other’s wrong-doings, but consider this vast population of south Asian sub continent which has to feed and provide for some 1.8 billion persons, almost a quarter of the world population. The politics related narrow minded persons and institutions that are concerned with only their own interest, will sacrifice the public to achieve their own bigoted interests. What all south Asians, especially youth, need is not BJP or BSP or PPP. They all need LSP; the Logic and Science Party. In present scenario, the only logical and humanitarian solution is to take a referendum in Kashmir and Baluchistan under UN supervision on the issue of self government, and respect the outcome even if it goes against one’s interests.Recommend

  • Concard_007

    If your message is to Indians then better write your letter in 30 odd languages Indian constitution recognizes otherwise you have wasted of time pal, no one wants to read it. As a language fanatic even I refuse to read it. Write this letter in my own native language.Recommend

  • Umakanta Mishra

    Dear Ibrahim Pataudi
    Because of your immaturity and ignorance you are eulogizing a terrorist, Burhan Wani. A terrorist can not be good terrorist or bad terrorist. Good for Pakistan and bad for the entire world /humanity. Not only you, this grave mistake was also committed by no other than a prime minister(Mr. Nawaz Sharif) of a country while addressing the UNGA. Pakistan over the years has become a rough state where violence is the norm of life. If you are openly funding and supporting the cause of Kashmir, there is no reason to stop India for raising the human rights conditions of Balochistan. India is the country of Mahatma Gandhi, the epitome of Non-violence. India is a multi religious linguistic country having a robust democracy and an independent Judiciary where Rule of law is the essence of life. Your country is not governed by a democratically elected govt( Mr.Musharraf says that ” the army has often played a prominent role in the governance of Pakistan as democracy has not been tailored to its environment,”) You are imprisoned by your Army. Pakistan has been cornered and isolated by the world powers for your open support for terrorists. You are in a mistaken world. Although both India and Pakistan are twins, but India has made tremendous progress in all spheres of life be it science, technology, Education, agriculture, food production etc, but Pakistan is lagging in all spheres excepting exporting terrorists.Recommend

  • pk

    Mumtaz Qadri’s funeral was attended by 1 million people. By that logic you should declare him Baba e Quam. Why you hanged him?Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Excellent article. Everything relevant has been presented concisely and coherently. Let’s hope it finds readership on both sides of the border.Recommend

  • wb

    “Hatred for the other is fostered in both countries”

    I tend to disagree, sir. Hatred for Hindus is taught in your country and secularism is taught in our country. Believe it or not, I used to argue with my Hindu friends that Kashmir should be handed over to Pakistan for the sake of peace. Only later did I learn that 1947 bahaana tha, Kashmir Thikana hain, Hindustan Nishana hain (Hamid Gul’s words twisted a bit)

    “Terrorist or freedom fighter, love him or hate him, Burhan Wani was an inspiring figure for thousands of Kashmiris.”

    Agreed. 100%. Pakistan has lionized all Jihadist militants from Osama to Wani as heroes. Burhan Wani was a self declared terrorist of JeM. And not me and not you can deny that.

    “that’s indicative of a serious underlying problem that your government is either failing to recognise, or worse, has recognised and is now foolishly trying to quell by force.”

    Contrast to that, we recognize the problem very well. In fact, too well.

    The valley’s Sunni extremists want to join with Pakistan at the expense of Hindus, Shias, Barelvis, Sufis, Sikhs, Jains, Christians, Buddhists.

    Do you understand it now, sir?

    “the reason that slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ are chanted in Kashmir is not because of some elaborate ISI conspiracy that’s now coming to the fore (as your media would have you believe).”

    100000% agreed. It’s not ISI conspiracy anymore. It’s ISIS conspiracy, dear ignorant sir.

    “The reason is simple; the people in Kashmir, and especially the younger generation, are sick and tired of a 700,000 strong force”

    Dear sir, which Kashmiris? Sunni, Barelvi, Deobandhi, Wahabi, Sufi, Salafi, Shafi, Ismaili, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Christian. Make up your mind, sir.

    ” has been witness to unspeakable excesses committed by the Indian Army after the Pundit exodus.”

    Nice try sir. So, you’re basically implying…I mean saying that Pundit exodus was an Indian conspiracy to implement Afspa…sir…you can easily replace Asim Bajwa.

    “The indigenous nature of recent unrest in Kashmir is blindingly (morbid pun not intended) self-evident, and a direct consequence of the centre’s inability to reconcile with a rightfully aggrieved population.”

    Cheap pun, absolutely intended…blinded are those Kashmiris who are victims of Pak propaganda (pun absolutely, 100% intended)

    ” What evidence? What markings? Food wrappers? Really? Is this the standard that ‘the world’s biggest democracy’ holds its press to?”

    Before you question India, you must question your own country on 1948, 1965, 1971, 1999. Liars can’t be accusers.

    “Pakistan is a sovereign nation”

    Sir, do you want me to laugh or cry or just stupify? You lost your soveriegnty in 1947, dear sir.

    “Please, my Indian friends, do not be swayed by these embarrassments to the profession of investigative journalism.”

    Wonderful…now imagine, half-naked, beggar with a begging bowl in his hands, with his body parts already amputated coming to you and give you this advice.

    We laugh at this, my dear sir.

    Sir, I can’t go on and on and on and on about your garbage. But understand this…I’m 10 years older than you’re and in any given IQ test in the world I can bean you fair and squar even if I’m drunk on Scotch Whiskey.

    Good night and Good luck.Recommend

  • seira

    You know nothing about my country,you’re putting the blame on India without even seeing what your country does. Your media and PM are pulling the wool over your eyes and what’s worse, is that you’re allowing them to. Please look at your country before pointing fingers.-_- And at at least we didn’t have Osama Bin Laden hiding in our country. Says a lot about your country and your people-_-Recommend

  • Wah Sarkar

    Eye opening piece. Not sure why the world can’t understand that Pakistan is a model state that needs to be replicated. Nothing quite like a rabid army ruling over the country with a range of terror organizations at its dismissal. This article provides perspective not only for India, but for the whole world. Hey World – you are all wrong, and Pakistan is right.Recommend

  • ultrafast sugeet

    Brilliant article! However, too many counter narratives, things which you believe to be facts but we don`t and vice-versa! Let us, both sides just agree to disagree!Recommend

  • Pukka Indian

    I think Mr I Pataudi should look at the state of his own country before passing judgement on us Indians
    Jai Hind Recommend

  • Santy

    Good Article. Shows the extent to which one is brain washed. Every set back has an explanation. Wish you all the very best on your jingoistic expedition. Most of the issues claimed as a fallout of Indian propaganda is what the world believes Pakis are responsible for. If that is claimed to be successful diplomacy on India’s part then Pakistan better find out why it is so. Avoiding a self assessment will only take you deeper into your morass. You feed a snake expect it to bite you. If you still keep feeding it will only be a matter of time before it kills you.Recommend


    @ the Author – I understand your pain but it seems it only appears when Pak is violated.

    You are asking the evidence for Uri. Tell me what did your govt. do when Mumbai blast evidences were given ?

    You talk about Burhan Want. What did you do when Akbar Bugti was bombed ? Wasn’t he the actual freedom fighter and was engaged in Peaceful protest contrary to militant Burhan ?

    You talk about Water issue. Go and check how much allowed water over all these years were actually utilised and how much just let wasted to join Arabian sea ?

    You talk about terrorism hypocrisy. Go check why majority of UN designated top 10 terrorists reside in Pak and Musharraf admitted those were your Heroes ?

    Your problem is that you think Pakistan is the Messiah of all muslim countries but discover that those muslim countries in the south china sea, Central asia and ASEAN are much at peace in contrary to Pak & Middle east.

    Its time to think about it and divert your intellect towards improving your country rather than pointing fingers. Try to share your knowledge to those in need at your north & western borders. East is much better than you think.Recommend


    Continuation –

    Also, Don’t think China is going to help you. They are helping themselves and guarding their interests. FYI, Chinese investments in India are much higher and they already are getting returns in contrary to CPEC which will take years to yeild.

    Pakistan has already committed a mistake with USA and you can’t afford that anymore and repeat with China.Recommend


    @ the Author – I understand your pain but it seems it only appears when Pak is violated.

    You are asking the evidence for Uri. Tell me what did your govt. do when Mumbai blast evidences were given ?

    You talk about Burhan Want. What did you do when Akbar Bugti was bombed ? Wasn’t he the actual freedom fighter and was engaged in Peaceful protest contrary to militant Burhan ?

    You talk about Water issue. Go and check how much allowed water over all these years were actually utilised and how much just let wasted to join Arabian sea ?

    You talk about terrorism hypocrisy. Go check why majority of UN designated top 10 terrorists reside in Pak and Musharraf admitted those were your Heroes ?

    Your problem is that you think Pakistan is the Messiah of all muslim countries but discover that those muslim countries in the south china sea, Central asia and ASEAN are much at peace in contrary to Pak & Middle east.

    Its time to think about it and divert your intellect towards improving your country rather than pointing fingers. Try to share your knowledge to those in need at your north & western borders. East is much better than you think.Recommend

  • cautious

    The fact that Pakistan suffers terrorist attacks from Pakistan TTP doesn’t let Pakistan off the hook for providing sanctuary/support to terrorist who attack your neighbors. Pretty obvious to the rest of the World — FIND A NEW LINE!Recommend

  • bsdbs

    Another One Sided Article..You Guys Need to read UN resolution first..Pakistanis see one side of story..Everyones freedom Fighter is another mans terrorist…Pakistanis need to see beyond religion..Recommend

  • Desikan R

    For all the lofty ideals which the writer tries to preach, he refuses to admit the war that is being done by Pakistan on India with the help of militant groups. You may have faced more Mumbai type attacks but they were not due to Indian origin militants. But it is conclusively proved and accepted by Pakistan government itself that Mumbai attacks were done by militants based there. But what else we can expect from Pakistanis except denial which of course Pakistan government is an expert.Recommend

  • SKChadha

    Dear Mr. Ibrahim Pataud, you are just acting as another Madarassa Educated Islamic Joker studied under Zia’s curriculum without having knowledge either of Kashmiri or British Indian history? What you are expressing here is no less then the hyper-nationalist aggression. I will come one by one on your blabber:

    KASHMIR: Neither you nor your government have any right to either peep or comment on other’s house. First ask GoP to include Kashmir as Pakistan’s territory into Article 1 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan (if they have guts)? Pakistan by its own admission before UNSC in its reply dated 15.01.1948 is an aggressor in this area. Ask GoP to publish its reply before UNSC in India’s reference and understand the facts. And surprisingly, you talk about freedom fighters ..! Read more about ‘Operation Rah-e-haq’, ‘Tirah Valley clashes’, ‘Operation Zalzala’, ‘Battle of Bajaur’, ‘Operation Sherdil’, ‘Operation Black Thunderstrom’, ‘Operation Rahe Nizat’, ‘Operation Fair Play’, ‘Operation Lal Masjid’, ‘Mohmand Offensive’, ‘Operation Clean-up’, ‘Operation Khyber’, ‘Operation Umeed-e-Nuh’, ‘Operation Searchlight’, ‘Operation Tupac’ ‘Orakzai and Kurram Offensive’ ‘Blockade of South Waziristan’, ‘Operation Rah-e-Shahadat’, ‘Operation Rah-e-Rast’, ‘Operation Jarb-e-Azb’ etc. etc. …. ??? THESE OPERATIONS WILL MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT WHAT IS ATTROCITIES BY AN ARMY AGAINST ITS OWN CITIZENRY … :-) And when you talk about AFSPA, please understand that POPA, 2014 is still in force in entire Pakistan. Read provisions of both Acts and understand more about provisions of law. Wait, the entire financial trail of Pakistan’s support will be out, if GoP continue its foolishness of interference in J&K …. :-) WAIT AND WATCH THE TAMASHA.
    Uri: Forget Uri for a moment, what is your take about Kargil, 26/11 or Pathankot? I know the jokers like you won’t believe India, Indian Media or Indians. So please watch at: .
    Now as to blaming Pakistan on Uri Attack, please read sec. 110 of Pak CrPC and understand what is the meaning of “Das Nambari” and their rounding up in crime …. :-) If you don’t believe in it, ask GoP to delete this provision from their laws … :-) Please also explain entire Pakistani citizenry about the Hamid Mir’s investigative journalism who traced Ajmal Kasab’s house or reported facts about Baluchistan? If you have no knowledge, I can post you amble links on such issues.
    You have no knowledge about Kashmir and its Kashmiriyat. Read the history of Kashmir since Chak Dynesty and how Kashmiriyat is destroyed it by Mughaliya Sunni Wahabism?

    Baluchistan: Bro, now read the history of Baluchistan in detail. You suggest “equating Balochistan with Kashmir is factually incorrect.”? Sir, read history of Balochistan, where Pakistan has to fight number of full-fledged Wars with local population (including Air force raids)? I request your specific comments about the wars by Baloch first in 1948 led by Prince Abdul Karm Khan; second in 1958 by Nawab Nowroz Khan; third in 1963-69 by Sher Mohammad Bijarani Marri; fourth in 1973-77 by Nawab Khair Baksh Marri and fifth which is going on since 2004 to till date in which Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was killed by Pak Army? You may also enlighten us about Turbat Killings and the uprising of Mir Suleiman Dawood and missing persons in Baluchistan. Isn’t it correct that Baluchistan declared its independence on 11.08.1947 and Jinnah witnessed it? After “Simla Agreement” in case Pakistan is raising any issue relating to any area on Indina side of the Border or LOC, it invites from any similar or any other response of India’s chosing.

    WATER: As to IWT Please read Annexure D The IWT where there is no restriction on dam height as a part of ‘run-of-river’ plant. The Appendix requires only communication of details about dam, spillway, intake, outlet works etc. for taking necessary management at its end.
    Further, the maximum pondage is restricted to twice the pondage required for firm power? Now there is no stipulation as to firm power which India can generate on any plant which it conceive unless it affect the Pakistan’s firm power generation on any existing plant? The restrictions in run on river projects is on receipt and delivery of water within specified period and is aimed for controlling flooding and droughts during peak and lean seasons? The features of power generation plant are aimed only regarding safety of the structure to avoid disaster. Nothing more Sir.
    let me make your perception clear about IWT which is not only just & transparent but give much more to Pakistan then what it deserves under present International norms. Mere crying is of no use as in jingoism India and Pakistan both are losing benefits of nature’s gift i.e. Indus Waters. This is our shared heritage for generations. Its waste will lead to economic deprivation for which our generations will never excuse us. It is inhuman if we fail in power generation, flood control, irrigation, drinking and commercial industrial uses of this natural resource.
    Even today over 5 maf to 11 maf of Ravi, Beas and Satluj water flows into Pakistan as per GoP’s own documents and over 135 maf water from Pakistan flows into sea in absence of dams. We both can build barbed wires along Indo Pak border, but can’t build dams all along the border due to grumblings &rehtorics? It is horrifying that even today Chenab’s annual flows at Baglihar Dam site alone is 25,000 mcm against Pakistan’s ‘Pondage’ or live storage demand of only around 6.22 mcm. Which is not even a fraction of today’s total flow in Chinab River? Indian’s designed storage is 37 mcm which is less than 3 days total flow. Out of this only 30% of it flows through turbines. Poundage, for which hue and cry is made in Pakistan is just 0.13% of the annual flows. Even 100 more dams shall not pond even 1% of such waters. In case of Kishanganga Project where Pakistan gone to CoA at Hague had accepted India’s right to divert waters of western rivers, in a non-consumptive manner, for optimal generation of power. From this stream Pakistan demanded 100 cumecs without any basis or data and India based on national and international studies and data, was agreeable to provide only 5 cumecs. Pakistan’s demand of 100 cumecs without any basis and it just desired to allow it to flow to sea and causing misery of floods for its own people. The final verdict specified that only 9 cumecs of natural flow of water to Pakistan is sufficient and that to for maintenance of environment downstream.
    IWT provides 80% of available flow to Pakistan of three western rivers based on 1960 data and Pakistan’s claims are even weaker position by present data and norms. If IWT to be renegotiated today, it is a cast-iron certainty that Pakistan would receive fewer benefits than it currently enjoys. Choice is of Pakistan …. cry or cooperate for mutual benefit. In its own pride today Pakistan is denying offer of India for Power supply of 500 MW through Punjab. Tell me who are suffering? I CAN WRITE A LOT ON THESE ISSUES, THE DIFICULTY IS THAT DEAD BRAINS LIKE YOU WON’T UNDERSTAND IT. SO GOODLUCK TO YOU.

    TERRORISM: This subject need no further comments from an Indian as the world has observed that all terrorists have their root in Pakistan. As to Pathankot read facts handed over to Pakistan about Masood Azhar, his brother Abdul Rauf, and Shahid Latif and Kashif Jaan – The four fidayeen of JeM, identified as Nasir Hussain from Punjab, Abu Bakar from Gujranwala and Umar Farooq and Abdul Qayum from Sindh, were in regular touch with their handlers in Pakistan during the 80-hour attack. The calls also linked to Al Rahmat Trust (JeM’s financial arm).
    The investigation traced their WhatsApp, Facebook, Tweeter and all other social media accounts other connected mobile and telephone numbers and communications in this connection.
    I try to shed off my narrow mindedness but Saali Dimag Kee Sui Saaree Duniya Ghoom Kar Wapas Pakistan Par Aaa Ke Tik Jaati Hai …… :-) Forget the killed toothbrush heads like OBL, Maulana Mansoor etc. by USA, Just watch the international terrorists like Maulana Masood Azhar, Mufti Abdur Rehman Rauf, Hafiz Sayeed, ZakiurRehmanLakhvi, Ayaman Al Zawahiri, Hammad Amin Sadiq, Shahid Jamil Riaz, YounasAnjum, Jamil Ahmed, Mazhar Iqbal, Abdul Majid, Dawood Ibrahim, YasinBhatkal, Arif Qasmani (Samjhota Express accused), Fazlullah etc. They all are jumping and still doing Mulla Dance in Land of Pure Jungle …… 

  • Rohan

    Embarrassing and pathetic by a typical paki hater , you’re a failed terrorist stateRecommend

  • Arpit

    I don’t believe in trolling, so I will keep it brief. Open letter format if fine, but they are usually meant to start an “intellectual” discussion. You won’t start any discussion with a rant, and that’s what your “open letter” looked like. India has issues with China too, yet our relations are not THIS bad. Introspection would be a good place to start for both our countries.Recommend

  • Common Man

    terrorism – some thing we both should avoid. The things which you have mentioned are necessary and important steps taken by INDIA than WAR. More over we actually don’t know what is happening at borders ..but one thing is clear ..26/11 attack.. Believe it or not 100% sure terrorists came from PAKISTAN. Please let us both stop terrorism.Recommend

  • Pankaj Agrawal

    Typical response from a failed country.Recommend

  • Prem Janardhan

    If you are happy thinking of this strike as a fabrication, we are happy to leave it at that. We would rather strike against terrorists without escalating the tensions. Chest thumping is less important to us than actual security.Recommend

  • dipun dipu

    This is not the kashmir problem , this a muslim problem and India know it very well.
    Muslims cannot coexist with others any where in the world. thats there DNA problem.
    If there number is less in some state. They will talk about equality with other, will create minor problem. But If there are in majority then they want a separate state where they can impose sharia law. they want they should be governed by sharia law. they donot believe in democracy. you can guess how many islamic country has democratically elected government. why only kashmir want freedom, why not jammu and ladakh? because In jammu, hindu used to stay and in ladakh buddist are staying. they have no issue. Have you heard there is any separitist leader who is hindu or budhist.
    So this is not kashimr problem this is muslim problem because muslim is majority in kashmir. Kashmir has to live as indian whether they like it or not. By giving kashmir freedom india don’t want to create another 1947 situation where lakhs will get killed. India cannot put 1.2 bn people life at risk for the sake of 30 lakh kashmir muslims. poeple of pakistan also should understand this. Modern states don’t trade teritories . then why you keep on dreaming which is not possible. India can go to any extend but it will not give freedom to kashmir.

    every pakistani talk about UN resolution. the first condition in that resolution is , pakistan is the agressor in kashmir, so pakistan has to withdraw all forces from kashmir which you country didnot oblige . if very first condition you will not obey then why you are talking about UN resolution. you didnot fullfill first condition thats why it didnot get implemented. you should bame youself for this otherwise this could have solved b4 1960. At that time india was weak. you have international support, you have USA support, you have everything but now time has changed.

    second thing, Neheru promised plebiscite in kashmir at UN of which pakistan was a party. The pakistan which was party at that time is not the pakistan today. At that time banglasedh was a part of pakistan . Now bangladesh is not with you . So you have no moral right to ask for plebiscite because you are not the same pakistan , that existed in 1947. why bangladesh is not talking abt kashmir? you will loss every thing for kashmir but you will not get kashmir. kashmir issue will ruin pakistan. India will not get affected because of its size and economy. it can afford easily . Your leader are fooling you specially army.


  • Vikas..The ultimate safari…

    Pakistan and India,both are not willing to cede their position on this issue.The biggest constraint is the fact that both of them are armed with nuclear weapons.As far as India is concerned,I dont think that it is going to give away Kashmir.Keeping rhetoric aside,both sides have a big professional armed force which makes the situation even more complex.Popular uprisings in Kashmir or Baluchistan can create some sort of turbulence but the current scenario doesnt seems too conducive for their demands.Both India and Pakistan should intiate trade and buisness first.Our bilateral trade has immense potential,and for starters we should focus on our economy.Let the future generation solve this dispute as who knows after 40-50 years we may become partners like Germany and France became since WW II.Recommend

  • Vineeth Gopalakrishnan

    We all live with our delusions, whether in India or Pakistan. I admit that the presence of domestic discontent in the valley among young Muslims is real. I mean, who wouldn’t? Hardly any jobs to go around, no source of entertainment, and the ever presence of the military boots. But equally real is the fact that Pakistan wants the region so badly that they could control the rivers. They have realized after many wars that it is impossible to take it back through military means. The solution? Send in infiltrators to draw down the morale of the enemy through sneak attacks and help turn the local population against them by compelling the enemy to stage a crackdown. But all delusions, have to face up to facts on the ground. India is not going to give up on Kashmir, not even if the situation gets a thousand times worse. India having a much larger and stronger economy and well-connected friends (a.k.a West) can afford to hold on Pakistan’s jugular vein for a far longer period of time than Pakistan can withstand. There are no second guesses who will lose ultimately if the current climate of confrontation persists. Not India. Recommend

  • D Rasool

    Dear Pakistani Brother,

    I request you not to look at URI incident as an isolated case. The reason Indians jumped into conclusion that its Pakistani sponsored is because of the history of such attacks. Why don’t you ask your government the truth of 26/11 or Pathankot or the terrorists who was caught live here. The truth is bitter and unless people in pakistan don’t stand up for it, they will lose their own country very soon. Understand the frustration in a common Indian citizen. It is all due to no response from Pakistani government when it comes to taking any action. Hafiz sayeed spews venom against India. He is a UN declared terrorist. You expect Indians to feel good about it? Pakistan’s policy is India centric, India’s policy isn’t. Pakistan keeps on poking India and believes in bleeding India with thousand cuts. India wants peaceful Pakistan. Religious extremism in Pakistan has led to islam getting engrained in the foreign policy so much that a common Pakistani hates India because it is majority Hindu. Until and unless you teach your kids real history and teach them not to hate hindus, your army men will keep taking advantage of emotions of people to fuel hatred and violence against India. Its time for you to speak up, for truth and what is right.Recommend

  • PS 64

    Not worth discussing as totally one sided & heavily biased. What about the actions of a failed Army dominated state unabashedly spreading terror globally with special treatment to a neighbour. ? Lousy article & the author can shove it where the sun does not shine.Recommend

  • Shashi

    As a regular Pakistan citizen, what is your obsession with Kashmir?
    I feel a normal citizen would study, get a job, get married, have children, give good education to his child, ensure his child gets a good job and life goes on.
    So what is the priority for a normal citizen?
    He should see his government ensures good education, good health facilities, creates employment and maintains law and order.
    However what we see in Pakistan is
    1. Dawood Ibrahim, a mass murderer settles there and gets his child married to Pakistan cricketer’s family.
    2. Masood Azhar lives happily spitting venom on India after his men hijack a palne and put normal citizen under trouble.
    3. Hafiz Saeed who is declared terrorist by US roaming freely and spitting venom on India.
    4. Rehman Lakwi getting government protection who is accused of 26/11 carnage in Mumbai killing innocent Mumbai citizens.
    5. Syed Salahuddin declaring jihad on India from POK and still your government does nothing.
    6. Osama bin laden captured by US in your country and you are proud of it.
    7. Mullar Omar killed in your country and you are not worried about it.

    I feel Pakistan is terrorist state.
    Even your mental status is doubtful and you should be thrown out of US by the US authorities for writing such an article.Recommend

  • abdul kalam

    We are absolutely fed up with soft congress govt whom you took for granted. Narendra modi did his best to reach out by inviting to swearingIn, then dropping there on nawaz birthday and inviting ISI for pathankot. And now uri turned out to be breaking point. What you dont realise there are multiple power centers in pakisthan, rectify it first. We are not better than Narendra modi or ajit doval, Reason why we elected them.Recommend

  • Vineeth Gopalakrishnan

    Heightened tensions between India and Pakistan hurts one nation more than the other. I hope Pakistan realizes this before it continues on the suicidal plunge in the name of Kashmir. Honestly, I’m really not sure if the Western world has the appetite to see yet another hotbed of Islamic extremism coming up in Kashmir.Recommend

  • Sorabh Trivedi

    Buddy its really bad for your country itself if you show this much ignorance towards your army, isi, govt and policy of state as terrorism. All you said is what was told to you by Pakistani paid media, may not be paid but afraid and not so free media. India never do any wrong and will not do any wrong. Best example is even a regular Pakistani citizen like you never missed to mentioned that Pakistan can use nuclear warheads on India. Think what is your mentality. In your post it looks like govt of Pakistan directly or indirectly dictated you to write this letter. Its looking like your are playing victim card, but you know you are looking like a loser citizen of loser country who never expected this reaction from India.

    I would say well try to make a point on social media. Recommend

  • pepe

    Bro, whoever you are, please comment/write articles based on inhand experience. Have you ever visited Indian state of J&K or say the so called POK? The Kashmir unrest is only based on the religious hardliner policies taken by separatists. On the one hand why India has never been able to expand it’s real development schemes to that area is only due to the infiltration of Pak based terrorists who poor Kashmiris believe to be their brothers. Just compare the work done by governments in India over the same years with that done by Pak. You will realize the basic truth and pl don’t use Islam religion to grow hatred.Recommend

  • Bobby

    Just answer one question? Kashmir problem is due muslim majority.. where ever muslim majority is there, there lies a problem or you guys create a problem for your so called heaven.. due to ur heaven dreams u guys take up guns and kill others.. Jerusalem or kashmir, u invade other places, occupy them for centuries and then try to convert whole place or country into a muslim state or into shariat law.. kashmir may be loving pakistan as its a muslim state and not bcoz its a great country.. What india given or invested in kashmir is priceless, without india the same kashmir youth may have joined ur terror factories and got killed in other places.. your article is good but its one sided, i accept few kashmiris are against india but i dont know why they hate, and what they get if join pakistan.. will they get gold or gun if they join pakistan? yes u guessed right, Gun.. Atleast in India, kashmiris can join IITs, IIMs and other educational institutions and excel in life.Recommend

  • Partha Majumder

    Give us Hafez Sayed. Give us mulla umar and dawood Ibrahim.
    Don’t act innocent.
    Agree with the indians that you pakis teach wrong history.
    Can you pakis can restore population of Hindu and other minority as it was at the time of 1947. Recommend

  • Yaqub Gujjar

    the Sikh cant live with hindus nor a dozen other minority groups you are blinded by your own liesRecommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Author might expand his horizons by writing about Pakistan’s Good Taliban terrorist proxies like LeT, LeJ, Haqqani, and Afghan Taliban! These groups openly operate in Pakistan with no fear of the government because the deep state supports them!Recommend

  • zoro

    Have you got your answer about the ” Surgical strike ” as yet ???Recommend

  • Rajan Singh

    Mr. Writer you are a Dumb..Even a Class 9th student here in india can write a better story than your highly Biased one sided meaningless story. So it would be better to come out of your dream you don’t deserved be a writer.Recommend

  • Bipin Shah

    Ibrahim: you are climbing a wrong ladder on this issue, because all your wisdom should be taught to Pakistanis and their military first, who are converted Muslim from Hindu population. Their conversion was affected by the outside force who will call Mlechhas. Islam is not your religion or your forefathers but it was the faith of Arabs who live in deserts. Your DNA have roots in India. Islam and Jihad is not the way to solve the problem and in reality the partition should not have taken place except due to pissing contest by Jinnah whose origin is just a stone throw away from my region.. You should reread the correct version of Koran and Hadith.Once you have read that, then you should appeal to Wani like figures and Haffez and Azar to give up the arms and sit down with us. You and your people are in delusion. The military is pocketing people’s labor and making average person poorer and poorer. May Allah grant you peace and freedom from decadent dictators of Pakistan !.Recommend

  • S. WAQAS

    The organizations you name are no different than RSS and MNS who specialize in chest thumping and inciting war. Only difference: one wears saffron and other green! Recommend

  • Saurabh Kudterkar

    Did they delete your comment because it was too uncomfortably close to reality. Yeah, they did that with my comment as well.Recommend

  • Atin Hazra

    Ibrahim, your profile shows that you are an undergraduate student in Usa but your words are like of those dirty, filthy, uneducated pakistani mullahs.
    Don’t you people have shame that you give refuge to hafiz sayed, masud azhar and daud ibrahim??? Even osama was your guest!!! Just admit one fact… pakistan is a ‘FAILED STATE’ and nothing else matters!!!Recommend

  • BlackHat

    I can say with confidence that hatred for Pakistan is not a result of official inculcation. It is an acquired taste. It is the result of the shenanigans of your establishment, Army in particular.

    Please don’t compare the governments and societies of the two countries. The very ethos and outlook of the two are totally different even after admitting that India has more than its share of faults. Somethings have changed in the Indian attitude and it will not be the same as past for Pakistan.

    You may need to write more open letters in the future, but, they better be addressed to Rawalpindi.Recommend

  • Priyadarshi Raghav

    No one is going to buy the Pakistani contention that it is very honest in its intentions of piously cohabiting with terrorists. Everybody knows that all new brands of terrorism are emerging from the soil of Pakistan. All the neighbours of Pakistan are not happy with the state policy of terror.Recommend

  • Shilpa

    You paint Pakistan as a victim of terrorism, but perhaps you don’t know your Govt’s policy of encouraging “good” terrorists, i.e. terrorists useful for your army and Govt. that were waging war on India and wanted to “bleed India with a 1000 cuts.” Now, those terrorists have come back to bite you and you are “victims” because of that? Oh, I will agree on that point too, but then why are the likes of Hafiz Sayeed and Masood Azhar roaming your streets and allowed to collect funds to wage jihad in India? Are they, as some Pakistanis claim, involved in charity work? You talk of hypocrisy, well this is hypocrisy.

    These Hafiz Sayeed types are termed “non state actors” and allowed to carry out attacks in India, and when India asks about them to Pakistan, you guys say, “Oh well, but these are non state actors and we have no control over them.” What do you then expect India to do. If you guys can’t control your so-called “non state actors,” then India is within its rights to take action against them.

    You can’t write a long article and sermonize Indians when your own narrative is filled with hypocrisy and denial of the reason why Indians feel so much hate towards your military-political establishment and support Indian Army action against these “non state” actors. You have your own awful human rights situation in Balochistan, but again hypocritical that you can’t see your own army’s brutal handling of it with mass disappearances and mass graves. Your army likes to deal with Baloch seeking independence by abducting them and then dumping their bodies. You even have a problem with them teaching their own history and confiscate their books. You bomb them and kill an 80-year-old Akbar Bugti for what?

    We support our country’s support to the Baloch. They deserve our support. Since you choose to throw stones from your glass house, we reserve the right to throw stones at you. Since you choose to not mind your own business, we choose to poke our noses in yours and besides it’s morally right too. You have a problem with it, deal with it from now on.

    It’s funny that you equate Pathankot or Mumbai with attacks on your soil. Difference is those attacks are carried out by the terrorists who came home to roost. They were parented by Pakistani agencies and now they are biting the hand that fed them. Who’s to blame? You, right?

    As far as Kashmir, it is our matter to deal with. Those waving Pakistani flags are limited to a few pockets in the Valley and mean nothing. If it was Balochistan, they won’t be waving any flags and would be found in mass graves. Your army would bomb them, including the Baloch version of S A. Geelani, who despite being pro-Pakistan for so long hasn’t been bumped off by Indian Army. While Baloch separatists have to leave your country and seek asylum in Europe and now in India, Kashmiri separatists don’t have to fear for their life and openly can take about their point of view.

    Burhan Wani was no “leader” as you PM chose to describe him in front of a world audience. There’s umpteen number of pictures he posted on social media posing with AK-47s. What a leader isn’t he? Who chose violence and died because of that and is being hailed as a leader by Pakistan now. I mean if this guy was a Baloch separatist I would have wanted to know how many Pakistanis would be hailing him as a “freedom fighter” and “leader?” Again, hypocrisy!Recommend

  • tyler durden

    false equivalences. your country is a terrorist stateRecommend

  • pritesh

    I don’t really get what the author was trying to do here. Were you really expecting that while riding on a moral high horse, putting all the blame squarely on India and teasing and taunting Indians, you would some how gain sympathetic feelings from them. Seriously delusional. You Mr. Ibrahim are just another hawk who pretends to be a dove. If you really had been a dove, you would have put at least half as much effort as you put in blaming everything on Indians, to self reflecting on what mistakes Pakistanis have made.Recommend

  • abhi

    When I read the heading “open letter” I thought it would be something a common Pakisntai wants to write about but it turns out to be ISI propaganda. I realy don’t care how much Pakistan is hurt by terrorism because it is their own doing. If you doubt please find out who created and still controls Taliban. Pakistan interference in Kashmir is not secret and Pakistan gov. never hides it so all the blabbering about AFSPA is not going to help you there. What is your position on Haifz Saeed and Masood Azahar know terrorists given asylum in your contry? When are you going to put them behind bar? This duplicity must end.Recommend

  • Farrukh Malik

    True perspective of Indo Pakistan present standoff, the Indians are always obsessed with Pakistan Army and are no match with the courage and professionalism of our soldiers and officers. We have served together in United Nations Peace keeping Operations and observed that Indian Army Officers are never satisfied with their state policy and more importantly their Job. Before any misadventure Indian State Officials must think and weigh the consequences or else they will be wiped out from the globe, Long Live Pakistan and Long Live KashmirRecommend

  • Jasvinder Singh Marwaha

    Kashmir problem is a problem between Azad Kashmir and India- why is Pakistan jumping. As per point 1 in the first UN resolution non Kashmir, Pakistan was to withdraw from Kashmir & status ante was to be restored, Pakistan has met with the conditions, made the part of Kashmir under their control Azad (independent) and is therefore asking for implementation of UN resolutions.Recommend

  • Realist

    When you tell your kids about the truth so will we.Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    Yes, now you have a tea boy for a PM. Good going.Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    Your media or govt. presented no solid proof on the URI incident yet you believe it blindly. Bravo, rather idiotic than being over confident on your media/govt.’s intelligence I’d say. The eight soldiers Pakistan killed in response and the one captured say otherwise though. Time for you to own up to your talk about “just a reminder”… since our army’s already plastered their response.Recommend

  • Realsit

    If you all Indians are done with your childish ignorance, then would you please leave this PAKISTANI website. Clearly you people have nothing better to do with your lives than comment on an “enemy’s” opinion.
    Also 17 SOLDIERS died in the Uri attack, and you people threaten to declare war. You also killed 2 of our soldiers, now are we going around wailing and declaring war, no. This highlights the infantile nature of India. And let’s not forget that the entire ideology of having soldiers is to fight for that country and the people who sign up for this post should realise very well that they are going to get killed, so why are you making such a massive deal of it.

    P.S. to avenge 17 soldiers’ lives, those who you do not even know the names of, you are going to mass murder hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians? WOW, you people are even worse than toddlers. Seriously people get a hold of your lives.Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    Wake up Mohan… Your country is also actively sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan. The proof’s already been announced plenty of times. And don’t forget what your army is doing in Kashmir.Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    Guess you’re in more need to join those IITs and IIMs since your statemen is backed up by bullsh*t proof.
    And Jerusalem? You mean Israeli occupied Palestine right? Shame on you, shame.Recommend

  • Kannan Ramanathan

    Just what the B* shit columnists are doing? All of these people , I think are writing articles under the influence of some Bhang.
    no one , either, India or Pak are giving proper info.
    Kashmir- half of it in Pak control, which pal gave it to China for what? the crumbs they give in CPEC ?
    what do PAk want? kashmir as a whole? so that they can sell half to china? why do they need it, if they can’t even take care of what was in their occupation, given to chinese. don’t the common public think about this? are they such dull heads even to see this?

    when partition took place, it is true kashmir was left out in 1947, But, then the Maharaja of Kashmir,in 1948 acceded to India. So basically it became indian territory. But with special powers. like autonomy etc. Pakistan military , tried using the various tactics, since then to get the kashmir under their control. creating a wahabiism, chasing all the hindus out ofkashmir, occupying half of jammu and kashmir , ( i do not know which Indian PM was the traitor, who agreed for this?) and militancy- jihadists. spineless Indian government was watching all the ethnic cleansing, and mass exodus of Kashmiri pundits, but they kept quiet because, of personal gains? vote bank politics. Farrow Abdullah, another , should i call him a traitor, had screwed up the whole of kashmir under his rule.creating a divide along the religious lines. having double face. his son is doing the same.evidenced by the instigators tactics he did when Burhan wani was killed. Pakistan on the other hand has been brainwashing people from young. saying India is their enemy – in their text books, twisting facts about history, creating lots of lmadarassa and destroying modern education, keeping people poor , so that they do not have time to think about politics or development other than how to earn for their daily living. Fat military men and politicians were becoming fatter with money and rich places and properties everywhere in the world , and leaving the people to rot in the filthy dungeons. Indian politicians are also not to be left out, they had their share in this. one can see how they profited. just look at the wealth of the previous cos of Jammu and kashmir and congress leaders.
    use of jihadists and gangsters were done , by military in POk and also by the way f silence, by Indian politicians. Just see how Ishrat Jahan was used for getting Modi out, firstthey tried to take his life out, but when that did not happen, Ishrat Jahans death was used to spoil his name. Dawned Ibrahim, when one can see the history, seems that he had also helped some of the leaders. why would they otherwise keep quiet and as till recent times you can see lots of communications between Dawood and some of the Indian leaders. So this whole thing stinks and common people gets brainwashed and take to streets shouting slogans , while these corrupt politicians and others of either side amass wealth.
    question is- why should any one in either country- meaning common sane public believe these people?
    Pakistan has been telling- through media and previous president too, that all jihadists and terrorists are taking up their arms for a cause..silly men. what ever it is , when you kill people it is called terorrism, not patriotism. more over no sane public men are thinking about this.. whether it is 9/11 or any other attacks of terrorism in the world, either in africa, france , britain, india or other places– all had links to pakistan- the came to pakistan for training!. can’t you see people of pakistan- you are famous now. you are the epicentre of teroorism. and this are all done under the guise of religion. are you not ashamed?when some one points this out, some guys argue that other religion also has terrorism too. soo one bad will be ok for other bad is it?

    what an insane arguments – some one puts it and all people like brainless idiots nod their head- for example, they said 26/11 was stage managed by India- really? are you that brainless,? will some one from their own family kill themselves to create an image? they also said the same thing about pathankot and Uri- ministers of pakistan said this and people in media and public nodded their heads as if they can’t think any thing straight because of intoxication with Bhang.

    So why should some one create all these dramas? ok if India did it, what about US? did they create drama when they took off osama from abottabad? all these are fiction . is it? what about terrrist attacks in UK, france, Usa, Africa and Afghanistan, all of these are imagination of these countries . is it? does any one think, why should the whole world gang up in pakistan,if there is no truth in the terroristit links with pakistan?

    finally- when the whole world is burning, in this case pal and india burning, people wanted to have cultural exchanges, artists working in each other country and mushairas. are you insane, on one hand you fight with the other hand you greet is it?

    time to end this drama. Kashmir has already been divided , Pok and IOK. just let things as such. don’t interfere in each others place. turn ones attention on development, and hey politicians if you cannot, keep doing the wealth squandering in name of development. leave Kashmir alone.Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    Your reply is as pathetic as your comedy shows.Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    First of all, we’re not going to lose Pakistan. Worry about your own country, not ours. Secondly, we have proof of India’s involvements to destabilize Pakistan since ages through spies based in Pakistan and abroad who are on your country’s tab.
    If you come for an open discussion, come with all the facts.Recommend

  • RK


  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    What are you blabbing on about?!Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    Jugular vein? Joke. You couldn’t even hold a “surgical strike” even if we left the border open.
    Basically what you mean to say from your comment is that India will keep on killing innocent people in Kashmir. Well done. Bravo.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Mr. Author please grow up.
    The problem in Kashmir is entirely created by Pakistan and funded by Pakistan.
    For ten long years Pakistan was “helping” USA in war on terror and in last the entire World saw where Osama bin Laden was found.
    As for regional stability and peace it’s better if Pakistan mind it’s own house first instead of giving lectures to others.

    You say you are victim of terrorism , NO you are not. you created this monster which turned against you.
    If Pakistanis are seeking any ‘Sympathy’ they are wasting their time.You created terrorism now face it on your own.It’s none of our business.Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    This is what you call talking objectively?Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    We gave a more than fitted response to the URI drama, count how many we put down (and 1 for the road). Best to check reality than blab about whatever comes to mind.Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    Forgot about Altaf Hussein who’s on Indian payroll to destabilize city of Karachi which is the hub of Pakistan? This is just one name you left out amongst the dozen others.
    That is why my brother had to write the article to remind you one track blind miceRecommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    Awake India, anything to say about the Kashmir issue? Or sleeping on that one?Recommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    Please update your rusted artillery before talking rubbish or aiming for warRecommend

  • Saad Ali Abbasi

    Also please let me know why Indians have to go to places like Dubai and every part of country to earn a living if India is such a heavenly place? @your comment about studying in USRecommend

  • Reddy

    first do not ever try to view modi and us as two separate entities,i elected him… when modi speaks,he is speaking on my behalf and you do not have hawks on your side, what you have is terrorists ..none of our hawks waving klashnikovs or even seen one in their life for real..let’s make that distinction very clear … acc to your own story,you killed 8 soldiers in a strike that wasn’t ?, yet cudn’t find one of their bodies,it took 3 days for your army to allow your own journalists to visit these areas even that is controlled and chauffeured by army.and finally get real,we don’t have time or patience to put up with your nonsense anymoreRecommend

  • ashwani raina

    Dear writer

    You are not aware of the weapon market all conditions in th present world and terriorist organistions were the need of weapon marketing. Weapons are bought n sold by the countries if the crises of war continues there is no issue of kashmir or jihad in the world this is only a weapon market where weapons are sold n fear of in security in the country is the first need of weapon marketing. Economy and national income of many countriesare depend on weapon market so they support n create such type of crises dont blame indian army for all thisRecommend

  • Ashish

    I also advocate peace between these two countries, however we both must understand what wrong we are doing in our act and not driven by the line of nationalism only.Recommend

  • Lamba

    What is more unfortunate is that privileged people like you studying in top universities of the world, write such articles instead of raising your voice for changes in Islam.

  • Ashwani Raina

    Dear writer

    Your views are narrow its not an issue of kashmir or jhid its an open market of weapons terriorism and feelings of insecurity among countries are required for weapon marketing national income of some countries are depend on export of weapons to terriorist organisations and affected countries both pakistan and india spend many crores in the weapon market to buy weapons. Whole benefit of this type of crises goes the weapon erporters weather weapons are exported to the nations or terriorist organisationsRecommend

  • G. Din

    I could rebut each and every point of yours but it will not serve much useful purpose. If a citizen of a country which initiated all the wars and got routed in each and everyone of those is still unconvinced about the rogue status of his country, he cannot be convinced by any arguments. You say :” This knowledge is what motivates me to write this out – the knowledge
    that there’s a divide between most Indians and Indian government policy,..” I will say this; “Sir, that you do not know what democracy means even after living in one of the most democratic countries of the world, US, is what convinced me of your sincere, self-serving ignorance. By saying what you have, you have insulted not only my government but myself, too. In a democracy, there is NO divide between the citizenry and the government. Should it however materialize, the citizenry corrects the situation promptly. India has done it notably when it overthrew Indira Ghandy’s goverment after it assumed draconian powers. Which brings us to AFSPA. Trust me AFSPA is applied in Kashmir with the full knowledge and concurrence of Indian citizenry. So your appeals will not serve the purpose you want it to serve. A Democracy is the most vibrant form of governance there is but even that form of government will not allow itself to be undercut by sedition. Once you engage in sedition, you lose all the protections you seek under the constitution. From then onward you are as good as the enemy. Enemies cannot claim mercy. Those who do are immature and do not think they are accountable for their acts. That does not mean they are.Recommend

  • M.Saeed

    “— without India the same Kashmir youth may have joined ur terror factories and got killed in other places.”
    Wonderful ignorance! What makes you believe that, without India in Kashmir, still there would have been terror in the world?Recommend

  • Sonu Yadav

    A typical pakistani guy with full of ignorance of facts. No doubt Pakistanis suffering from terrorism but why have you ever thought ? Let me tell you, because of your politicians and more because of army generals. You had various mumbai and pathankot . Why someone should care if your government and army don’t care about you? You even lied that your army is taking on terrorist left right and centre, a white lie.Recommend

  • sylmarkhan

    Just like you support hindu terror chief in Kashmir. Black afsap law. Kashmir you think is not disputed but internal. Commit war crimes against Kashmiris who ask for azadi with 700000. Shows how serious you are dealing with Kashmir. If you can not change your mindset. Then please you have nothing to offer. You make worse life of Kashmiri then all you tell about stop funding mujhadeen. What have you done when there was no mujhadeen. Did you thought we will give you free admission to destroy Kashmir. Arming of mujhadeen happened because of your arrogance. Once you’re arrogant behavior stops then there will end of Kashmir mujhadeen. Sorry that you missed pre 1989. We can’t give you peace while you torment Kashmir. Have a nice day. Stop worrying about mujhadeen and pre 1989. You have 700000 troops what are they here for. To kill Kashmiris. While Pakistan just watch what happens. You must be blind asking for ceasefire and end of armed revolution. While you nothing to offer. Typical hindu chovinistic. Recommend