Veena: Warrior princess

Published: January 23, 2011

I am a fan of her self-confidence and laid back attitude.

Veena Malik is my new hero. Really, she is. And not because she looked absolutely stunning (someone had to mention it!) on Kamran Shahid’s train-wreck of a show the other day.

My newfound respect is not just due to the fact that I have become a fan of her self-confidence and cool, laid-back personality over the last couple of months, but because she is the only person in Pakistan’s ultra-holy green-tinted limelight right now who isn’t afraid to say it like it is.

She’s bold, honest and pretty straightforward, which is something I can’t say for many Pakistanis out there. Sad, I know, but true. We’re all busy being pathetic and jealous and confused, while this woman has, as a friend aptly pointed out, displayed something lacking from not only our so-called saviours but the country at large: balls.

What about TV ratings?

You won’t get any brownie points for guessing just how disappointed I am with the way people who instead of  owning her success in India’s highest rated television show, are dissing her because of things that are essentially none of their business. But then, who are we to object because this is what makes for good TV, right?

Cornering a strong, resilient woman and bombarding her with extraneous allegations will surely ‘up’ the ratings a notch or two…and it’ll be great for the show if she cries and smudges her makeup, so let’s work on that as well.

Intellectual debate appears sexy to those deprived of such discourse, but let’s not forget that even such discussions have the potential to turn deadly these days, especially in our dangerously volatile society. Have we forgotten how just three weeks ago, Governor Salman Taseer was assassinated in broad daylight by a man who thought he was doing Allah a favour by ridding this holy country of a man who had only a few days earlier been declared wajib-ul-qatl?

Everyone cashed in on the hullabaloo; hundreds of articles and blog posts were written and dozens of talk show hosts toyed with Mr Taseer’s remarks to spark further controversy and awaken the inner jihadi of every potential mullah in the country. The result: a human being—father of seven and a source of income for hundreds of Pakistanis, mind you—was shot twenty-seven times and left in the middle of a road in the country’s capital.

Think before you speak… or else

In retrospect of the horrific incident, I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that the entire fabric of society needs a revamp. Things we mistakenly thought we were mature enough to say and discuss openly must still remain on the hush-hush, lest someone totally lacking the capacity to comprehend an argument or respecting another viewpoint but with access to cable TV and an ear for warped religious interpretations of manic mullahs and overexcited anchors should take offence and decide to embark upon the holy mission of protecting their religion and morality.

Veena in danger

Veena could very well be in danger and should take a vacation from Pakistan for a while. Who knows, somewhere some bigoted saviour of all the goodness Pakistan is basking in these days might be fuming with rage at her bold arguments which ricocheted all the bland allegations being fired against her by the hypocritical mufti and all the people who are undecided whether they want to ogle at her or denounce her un-Islamic ways.

Showing the mufti who’s boss

My respect for Veena has gone up sizably after the Frontline episode, and I will strongly back her until the mufti comes back on television and convinces me otherwise by answering all the questions put forward by Veena.

If anyone should make a public apology, it’s the mufti who had the audacity to declare her “beghairat” without watching the show. What does Islam say about that? According to the guy, he hasn’t even seen what Veena Malik looks like. Just how endearing is that? Last I checked Islam wasn’t big on lying your way out of sticky situations or bold rhetorics by someone who isn’t afraid of answering back.

You know, mufti sahab, after all said and done, I’d much rather have a “beghairat” actress who wears shorts and hugs kaafir men represent me and my country than pseudo mullahs who not only lie but go around issuing reckless fatwas against innocent men and women that get them killed.


Saad Zuberi

An Economics graduate with a post-grad in International Relations who’s currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy while working as a freelance writer for a number of local publications.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ghausia

    Oh. My. God. Hell. To. The. Bleeping. No. You did not, you did not compare Veena Malik to Xena. Please tell me if this was your decision or the editorial team’s so I know who to be annoyed at! I mean, seriously? SERIOUSLY?! Xena was empowering for women everywhere, she didn’t demean them with her antics like Veena did! I mean, yes I don’t honestly care and I think she shouldn’t get the negative backlash that she did but that doesn’t mean I’ll lie and say oh no, she didn’t do anything wrong. She did, but she’s a big girl and that’s her decision. But Warrior Princess? Really?

    Once again, oh my God!

    Lucy Lawless would probably kill herself in shame at the comparison. Tauba!Recommend

  • muhammad asad

    it was nice to see a pakistani woman standing upto the bigoted,misogynistic mindset in our patriarchial society.The show perfectly illustrated that misogyny is present not just in the religious fanatics but amongst the clean shaven,suit wearing men who’ve got a ‘pait ki darhi’.
    Veena, atleast had the courage to stand up to the men who were hell bent on pigeonholing her into label that gives them power & deprives the women of all power or confidence.
    If we had more self confident,courageous,self assured women like Veena in pakistan,then there would be a bright future for our beloved land.Recommend

  • rehman

    kick KS out of tv!!!!what a hypocritical show..its website is working in suport of her and the channel itself wanted to malign her!!!!shame on express tv!!!Recommend

  • sarah

    i think we all have to decide first which type of confidence and courage is need of pakistan, being vulgure, huggng and doing wrong deeds on a reality show cnt help our country to move farword. iam very disapponted by the acts commited by veena. she was on the show as a representative of our country. is she is sayng that she was not represnting the country thn i dnt agree with her as on the show again and again it was mentioned “veena malik from pakistan”, how can she neglect her own identity. all she did was against our culture and norms. n being a pakistani girl i feel shame on veena,s character.Recommend

  • Aaminah

    Really? What about all the mock-hate Meera and her English went through? This isn’t about ridiculing women. It’s all about ridiculing Islam. Shame!

    My point here is to raise the wrong meaning taken out of this show – that Veena was being ridiculed coz she’s a woman.

    Hell, I’m a woman, I know my limits, if I cross them, you have every right to question me.

    But we made scoreless remarks on Meera and her sorry English, We still ridicule Zubeda Tariq in spite of her age – oh but why? Coz she’s a woman? Oh I am so not amused.Recommend

  • Ali

    she is the looser!Recommend

  • saad

    !!! veena wasnt in big boss with a mufti. n wat has she proved by her behaviour? all she provided was a put on accent and an act with a two bit actor called ash-mit who is notorious for an mms. if she thought she would walk into bollywood while changing into her 500 pairs of high heels then she forgot meera had been ‘there’ and in a movie with the same guy. reminder: she acted in indian punjabi movies some years back so what was the connection that she got the roles? lastly i dare your gutsy veena and her like to step out on the streets of karachi and lahore dressed like she did on bb, n make a style statement (at least) to see how the public responds. Recommend

  • saad

    btw wat did u know about veena before she made news with bb? when veena and meera behave shamelessly then they have all the right to coz they come from dubious backgrounds and are not some phds from respectable families out to make a statement about women’s lib. for them anything for money, and fame at any cost. Recommend

  • Adeel

    Weird people have started taking nakedness, and silly statements as a element of boldness… people favoring her must be those who feel proud when their mothers and sisters give massage and hug people !!! As said in a HIDITH that Near Qayamah nudity will become common ! Surely there are several wrong things going in Pakistan but this cannot be an excuse for another wrong thing…Recommend

  • Sana

    @ Aaminah, Everyone in this world has been given the right by God Himself to make a decision as far as one’s personal life is concerned. The maulvis and mullahs of the country who have no knowledge of Islam whatsoever preach their own version of religion, which has nothing to do with what has been actually said in Islam. Moreover, they have no authority to question anyone for the personal choices people make on how to lead their lives. Meera did not receive derogatory remarks for speaking English incorrectly. She was made fun of for being ridiculous. And so was Veena. But there is a big difference when you insult some one by personally attacking their character because in ‘your’ opinion they may not be modest. Well it is not for any human to decide. God has kept that authority and power to himself. Women in Pakistan at all levels of the society face a lot of problems because people like these maulvis or who have the same mind-set cannot tolerate a woman making decisions for herself. Please don’t encourage this kind of attitude any further.Recommend

  • Haris Hussain

    wow.. a lil emotional speech on a TV show and she is a HERO now.. Tribune Editorial Team get a life..!Recommend

  • Aiman Mughni

    why are we so hypocrite as a nation? we should stop finding faults in others and start acknowledging the good deeds other do. I respect and absolutely like Veena Malik. Recommend

  • Asad

    What a well written article. Explains and defends everything she did in an amazing way.
    I do not say what Veena did was right. No one can declare that. But its neither of us’ business.
    If every Pakistani in India represents Pakistan then every muslim represents Islam. And what Sara Khan did was not tolerable. But since she was out of reach, we took a soft target and unloaded all our anger on the woman.
    She did what she wanted to, no matter good or bad, and nothing she did represents any sect or group of people. So just stop being dramatic, people!Recommend

  • Noor-ul-ain Hanif

    she is a big daramy baz the show so called frontline didn’t do justice. It seems the show was scripted!!Recommend

  • Sana

    nice article. i totally agree with you…it is VERY irresponsible of our electronic media to highlight veena’s “unislamnic” ways like this…no matter what she does or says, she’s still a human being and her life is the most important thing!
    no one has the right to question her like this…she’s an actress for crying out loud, not a religious symbol!

    everyone talking against her and the people who are favouring her needs to get a life. if you want to live in the 12th century forever its your own call…some of us actually want to progree and have a normal life in todays world.Recommend

  • Aamir Khan

    Veena should be made prime minister! She’ll do much better than the good-for-nothing monkeys in the office right now! Recommend

  • Reaper

    Veena is right one click on the internet will bring up pictures of pakistani actresses. and of all the mujras that go on in this country. These people are blind that they live in a country with clubs, parties, booze, drugs, sexual perversity. homosexuality, pedophilia, acid-attacks on women, mujras, scantily clad models, disgusting punjabi movies with sexually perverted songs, suicide bombers, corrupt politicians, uneducated people, youth that burns public property, murders of shias/ahmedis, child abusers, rapes, wife beating, forced marriages, men who cheat on their wives, and they are saying veena has represented pakistan badly? VEENA HAS REPRESENTED ALL THAT IS GOOD LEFT IN PAKISTAN. These SICK fundamentalists and masochists have given NOTHING to pakistan.Recommend

  • Shahab Siddiqi

    What I found most infuriating was the behaviour of the host Kamran Shahid ! If Veena’s words and actions in India were “representing Pakistan and it’s values”, will Mr. Shahid admit that the language and tone he used talking to a lady represent the values and behaviours he was taught at home? Should we automatically assume that other people of his house-hold are just as rude? How about people of his native locality? Sounds unfair, doesn’t it? Recommend

  • Aleem

    Nice post, Saad!!
    I’m so disappointed in Pakistanis….Please first take care of your real issues and then vandalize an actress who’s bold enough to admit she’s not perfect.

    Have we punished the killers of Silakor brothers? Have we punished the rapists of Mukhtara Mai and a million other women who are raped in the ISLAMIC republid of Pakistan?

    open your eyes people….how a grown woman conducts herself is her own problem….how you sling mud on others just becasue you weren’t offered to be on a super hit television show with Salman Khan is your problem!Recommend

  • Reaper

    veena is amazing. She has opened a pandoras box as to what is wrong with this country. was watching 50 minutes and the blatant lack of professionalism in showing a report on her appalled me. Further the kids in the crowd had arguments against her that were so stupid and petty that it was reflective of what sheep our youth has become. The show host had called syed noor (HAHA What a laugh) to comment on veena’s morality? Gotta love the mechanics of the vulgus mobile!Recommend

  • Asyaa

    the only message being given here is that as long as it is being done in pakistan it is ok but when you do it in india it tarnishes our ‘image’. teaching your kids hypocrisy…not islam.Recommend

  • Ayyaz Ahmed Khan

    I thnk the mufti was just emotional and not upto the task to face such a girl who has faced the media before and has quite an experience to face the moral brigade. Let it be the issue of m. Asif where she lied all the time and confessed in the end or the big bossRecommend

  • Usman

    All those who dont understand what is being said should get lost!!! That’s the least I can say! It’s her personal matter. Where are losers like you when a girl is gang-raped and paraded naked, female children are buried alive, women and girls are killed for so-called ‘honor’, little girls married off to sick people, young children raped by the so-called ‘mullahs’, various minorties and even muslims get falsely accused of blasphemy, women and the weak are murdered ruthlessly?

    You all are losers to say the least. What Veena did was not right. But we have nothing to do with it and we have no right to say anything about it. What she did was in her own capacity. She was not representing Pakistan by any means.

    All of you can watch porn all day long and do all sorts of illegal activities away from the sight of anybody.

    Just go to videos of Veena in Bigg Boss on YouTube and read the comments. You will get an idea of how pathetic our society really is.Recommend

  • bilal


    i would just say shut up open your eyes and have look around this city and country every thing she did happens in the elite society locked up in their own houses Recommend

  • Syed Sohail Nasir

    Muti Sahib failure to convince masses does not really mean that Veena had done right. The only question is, which Pakistani culture she was displaying across the border.. For a second if put aside our religion’s teachings, even then our Pakistani & eastern culture in particular is absolutely not matched in any way, what she was exhibiting there. She was not representing Pakistani women.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Mr Saad zuberi… go and study Islam first… before putting on your lame excuses for Veena’s vulgarity… You dont have the right to talk about Islam when u dont know about it!!Recommend

  • mrs.mazhar

    i really dnt think she did anything good at bigboss… she used her confidence in her vulgarity. look writer, whats happeneing in movie is the demand of the moveis… but wht she did in bigbss was not the requireent of th show! she did it only becoz of fame and to win but unfortunately even the vulgarity she showed didnt support her and she lost. she was there to represent pakistan but wht the hell she did! even Sarah was wearing indecent cloths but not as much as Veena did. she completely lost her limits. Recommend

  • Farzana Sheikh

    Dear mr. writer, would you be ok to see your own sister massaging a na-mehram’s head or her own legs, wearing less than ok clothes, kissing a na-mehram etc? I don’t think so!Recommend

  • Rizwan K

    @Farzana Sheikh.

    People like the writer of this column and whosoever supported Meera and her shameless behaviour in India don’t care about their sisters or daughters massaging na-mehrams, kissing them or dating other men. They are ok with it completely. Recommend

  • Sana

    @Anonymous: Please make an effort to actually read the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. (authentic sources only). You might be surprised, but respect for women (any woman) is an important component that should be practiced by all believers. So before you make a remark or comment about a woman’s vulgarity/character, kindly think about it and hold your tongue, cuz you might be committing a grave sin yourself!!
    @Farzana: How do u feel when you read about rape cases in Pakistan every day where there is no justice for the victims, instead the victims themselves are blamed for it? How do you feel about the numerous murders of innocent men and women both for which there is no accountability? How would u feel about it when the same maulvis justify all these heinous crimes when it comes to your family members? And yes, it could happen to any one. The debate is not about justifying what veena did or not. It’s about that a bunch of hypocrites should not be allowed to judge her for her personal choices; because it is her life and only God is the best to judge.Recommend

  • Agyr Basit

    **BRILLIANT ARTICLE!!! I absolutely agree with everything you said. BRAVO to you and to Veena!


  • googler

    @Aaminah: This is where you are wrong, Nobody has the right to question you. Women in Pakistan think they need to answer everybody before doing anything which is not correct.Recommend

  • nina

    These days sex and vulagarity sells, so if that is the only way she can feed herself then let her be!Recommend

  • Nur

    @Farzana Sheikh & Aaminah:
    Would you like it if tomorrow the mufti came and started telling YOU what is right and what is not right; that YOU should start wearing a burqa covering your face, that YOU should not talk to men, not study in co-ed. The point is that everyone has a different definition of right and wrong. Nobody is justifying anyone but nobody has the right to question YOU unless YOU have done something (like murder, rape etc.) which harms another human being.Recommend

  • Aleem

    @ Anonymous

    How typicially Pakistani of you for saying this!!!!!!

    Sharam karo…fear the azaab you’re calling upon yourself by calling a person you don’t know anything about a bad muslim. Sharam!!!!!! Recommend

  • Ali Hassan

    Very nice blog.
    And yes, she really looked stunning in that show.Recommend

  • Sanya

    I just commented another article which basically talked about the same thing.
    Leave Veena Malik alone!
    I agree with you. Im so glad that she has stepped forward and she’s taken a stand.
    Im with her on this one.Recommend

  • Sajid

    Islam has always protected the dignity and honor of a woman. Western culture may seem more attractive because as they say grass is greener on the other side of the fence. But in reality it has destroyed the honour and dignity of a woman. Consequently, in western society there are high percentage of teen pregnancies and irony is that many mother’s even don’t know who is their child’s real father because they have so many sex partners at the same time. And for those people here who give “injustice against women” as justification of going modern and losing all the dignity, faith and teaching’s of Islam, should know that those western countries who feel proud of having top human right’s record have their own problems. Just look at following sample of Amnesty Internationals records:

    In South Africa 147 women are raped every day (South African Institute
    for Race Relations 2003).
    In the USA a woman is raped every 90 seconds (US Department of Justice, 2000).
    In France 25,000 women are raped per
    year (European Women’s Lobby, 2001).

    Pakistan still has one of the lowest cases of violence against women. Unfortunately, those people who want to demonize Islam and it’s teachings just try to blame “mullahs” for everything going wrong in the society.

    Now coming back to Veena’s case, she really didn’t represent Islam or Pakistan. Women like that should leave Pakistan and stay in India because Pakistan is better off without themRecommend

  • Ahmad Ali

    As an Indian Muslim, I am offended by what she did. Pakistan is seen as an abode of Islam and the public displays of vulgarity that she has done are really not the kind of face , I would like to see from people of Pakistan. Those who support her in her acts simply are shameless, no doubt Hindus call Pakistan as Porkistan.Recommend

  • parvez

    Loved the write up and most of the nonsensical comments. We truly are a faltu lot, who love to pass judgement on others but can not abide being criticised ourselves. Its called hypocrisy.
    Veena = Warrior Princess now if that is not creative thinking, possibly a bit too creative. I don’t know what is. I thought that was hilarious.Recommend

  • anie

    VEENA LOVE YOU! you are right…i rather have veena represent me then these hypocrite mullahs!!!!Recommend

  • Ghausia

    Wow, there’s a lot of hate in these comments. geez come on people the only mistake she made was doing what majority of the population does on national TV. I don’t like it either but leave her be, at this rate, the attention, negative that is, that she’s getting, you’re going to get her blasted by some Qadri wannabe. Recommend

  • Haris Masood Zuberi

    Excellent write-up Saad! The masses tend to re-emphasize their very same hypocrisy mentioned above; they’re best left ignored. We’re a nation of hypocrites, and it’s not news any more. So why bother.

    Like Veena said the other day, Pakistan and Islam have tons and tons of other grave issues at hand to handle and resolve first before going nuts over what a single woman did or didn’t do in India. Indians must be laughing their heads off at this utter madness.

    It’s absolutely true, our nation is not mature enough to handle any open debate.
    If something unfortunate is inflicted upon Veena, Kamran Shahid will have to reap full benefits of his influence as anchor for provoking doubt against her! Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    Whoa… way to go. Good points you raised. Plus its about time our moral police realized that we all have long noses but we need NOT to poke it in others matters.Recommend

  • Haris Masood Zuberi

    Xena was a warrior, is there any doubt that Veena is one too!?
    And do you remember Xena’s ‘unholy’ outfits? Did they demean anyone!?

    Wow! How amusing–a text-book example of what everyone’s talking about.
    Where has Saad supported vulgarity or where has he interpreted any principle of Islam in the above write-up!?
    ALL that the above article says is that the madness and duplicity of the public as well as so called ulemas is unwarranted.
    Besides, every Muslim has a right to talk about Islam. Islam is nobody’s personal entity, and no one has the right to tell another Muslim that they don’t have a right to talk about Islam! So mind your attitude and reflect. And if you’re an Aalim yourself, make sure you practise basic Islam before you go out marching with Islam’s flag! Peace/Salam.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    @ Sana
    oh really?? what is a Woman respect? Plz tell me? as far as Islam is concerned… dont be a Hypocrite about it…as in Islam there are very insulting remarks for a women who even just shows her Hair to a Na-Mehram Men!! Have u read it somewhere? im sure NO… so go n read it first… bcz without having any knowledge u cant take this Vulgar Veena’s side! She did a lot more than showing her Hair…and thus should be condemned at every forum!! dont pretend as if Islam is as open as the modern Western culture.. bcz its is NOT!! Recommend

  • Anonymous

    @ Aleem
    Tell me ur stance… Why u so angry on my reaction to this senseless Article?Recommend

  • Emmon Khan

    @Ghausia: Cool down Ghausia Jee….SHE IS THE PRINCESS…No doubt about that. If the rest of Pakistani including you and me could show one percent of the courage and honesty she showed in front of attacking ‘mullahs’, one male-chauvisnist and the other ‘fatwa’ brigadier, we turn Pakistan into a heaven! I think any self-respecting, honest Pakistani should solute her!Recommend

  • rukun

    just for a moment, imagine the ks show didnt happen.

    now think who you’re supporting in this article, and in others on this site.
    to add to that, we are going to be humiliated in the wc without asif possibly because of this lady’s attention seeking behavior.

    fool me once shame on you. fool me twice shame on meRecommend

  • pl/sql

    She’s indeed a brave woman.
    – An indianRecommend

  • Hafiz Uddin

    @Farzana Sheikh: How shameful it is that women themselves like Farzana Sheikh (who commented above), are promoting violence and intolerance. It is not up to us to decide who is right or who is wrong – we have no power to condemn. Those who harness grotesque secrets and behaviors are the first to preach intolerance and find scapegoats in people externally different from them.Recommend

  • Liaquat Ali


    For the self professed champions of Islam everyone else except them and their tight groups is lacking in Islamic. If one to decide who is a Muslim and who is not, then there are no Muslims in the world.

    Ironically when it comes to counting the numbers of Muslim in the world these same people include each and every person remotely Muslim to be included in that number.

    Hypocricy thy name is the land of the pure !Recommend

  • Liaquat Ali

    This whole debacle forced me to watch a few episodes of Bigg Boss 4 on Youtube. Sure enough it is a typical of those silly “reality” shows where most of the shows are scripted anyway.

    I don’t see Veena doing anything that could be considered outside of a Bollywood or even a Pakistani movies.

    Veena is very sensitive about certain things. She confronted those issues in Bigg Boss as well.

    What I still like about her is the way she pounced on the illiterate mullah with confidence and relevant Islamic knowledge. We need more poeple to confront these illiterate menance of the Pakistan society if Pakistanis want to live in freedom from the petty religious harassment.Recommend

  • Maddy

    I would like to make a mention here, Phuleessee people don’t call veena as representative of the country. Technically she was not representing Pakistan as she was not detailed by the Foreign Office. She was wholly solely representing herself rather true self or whatever. It were the Indian producers who made it look like that in order to degrade Us. Altogether it was a big mess which led to some hypocrisy and blame game and what not. We just need a topic to make money, instead to make things right by discussing we end up in pointing fingers to the least bothered, mentally disoriented people. Recommend

  • Omar Wynne

    Okay. Yes. agreed. No. If you say so. Not really. Yes. Ahan….

    She pawned the mufti, she made it clear she wasn’t sorry, and in all honesty, i believe very soon some extremist is going to kill her. So all haters just wait and you can then rejoice the end of this “besharam” woman for speaking out her mind infront of the whole nation. Can we move on now please? There must definitely be other issues that are more meaningful and important!Recommend

  • Maddy

    I totally 100 pc agree with you, “she’s an actress for crying out loud, not a religious symbol! ” Its all media hype. For the past week every blog, every news headline, every article, social networks are stormed with Veena. Its really high time. Recommend

  • Rakshanda Javeri

    Enough with the hoopla-drama about Veena Malik. People those for her and those against her.
    Let me throw out some real facts then all of you can get a nice dose of REALITY CHECK.
    Big Boss 4 is a reality show; the theme of Big Boss 4 in India and Big Brother in other countries is to shock & awe you. The more drama the show has the better, the participants that are chosen for this show are carefully selected so they can cause the average viewer to be mesmerized by the antics in the house. As the antics rise so does the viewership which translates to advertise revenue and rating and so the bottom line is make money for the show.
    Venna Malik has donned many hats in the entertainment industry she has her fans and critics.
    If you think she was representing Pakistan – then you are a fool.
    If you think that she was representing women – then you are a bigger fool.
    She knew that camera were on and did public displays of affection- if you didn’t know that you need the DUNCE cap handed to you.
    Did she wear “western” clothes with spiked heels, if you did not catch that – you need your eyes tested.
    Was she able to introduce the brand “Veena Malik” to an Indian audience – check the Indian news papers that wrote constantly about her.
    For all the religious benders, the moral police, and the etiquette matrons – if you didn’t like what you see – Grab your remote control it has a power button & channel change mode – USE IT Recommend

  • Aisha Khan – Relationship

    she looked stunning?? she is hot?? Really dude?? Recommend

  • Waqas Rao

    I respect the women she is the product of our society and we should except her and her privacyRecommend

  • Aleem

    @ Anonymous and everyone here who’s against the writer and Veena:

    My stance is simple: Live and let live.
    You don’t get to judge people for their actions and decide whether they’re good Muslims or not. Let Allah be the judge of that. There may be a million things that you do or have done at one point or another in your life that are “un-Islamic”, but thats your and your God’s business, not ours.Recommend

  • Khan

    @ Aisha Khan -Relationship

    I can smeel your heart-burns all the way in London, sweetie! Control yourself. Itni jealousy sehay kay liye achi nai hoti!!Recommend

  • Khan

    *smell Recommend

  • http://wi-tribe Vazir Ali

    I think Veena followed the famous saying…..WHEN IN ROME, DO LIKE THE ROMANS DO.Recommend

  • Ghausia

    @Haris Masood Zuberi:
    Xena was a warrior that was empowering to women everywhere. Hell, within the show itself, she helped numerous women stand up for themselves and face the different challenges in their life. She did not demean women by sexualizing herself or being a a drama qeen. She did not constantly flirt with someone and then chalk it up to being friends with him and thus demean women. I’d like to repeat the fact that while I don’t like her antics and am mildly disgusted by them, that doesn’t mean I’m on the anti-Veena team because she doesn’t deserve the backlash. But comparing Veena Malik to Zena is like comparing Hitler to Martin Luther King!

    And as for Xena’s outfits, are you kidding me? Xena wasn’t a Muslim or a Pakistani, she had the freedom to wear whatever she wanted to and she did. Maybe you should have paid less attention to the outfits and more attention to the actual show. Unholy outfits, ridiculous. Next you’ll be talking about Pamela Anderson’s unholy bikinis on Baywatch or Angelina Jolie’s unholy movie scenes. Recommend

  • A Woman

    @ Ghausia
    I am a woman too and I’m NOT that easily demeaned. If you are, that’s your problem and you should start working on your self-esteem right away.

    I can’t believe educated men and women are making such a fuss about how an ACTRESS conducts herself on TELEVISION during a reality SHOW, which had the potential of earning that very same actress a LOT of money and fame…and PLEASE don’t embarrass yourself by counter arguing (read:lying) that you don’t secretly crave the very same things yourself,

    Grow up and own your irrationality. Islam is not a toy; and if you can’t practice it yourself, please do the world a favour and stop rubbing its weird, demented interpretations in others’ faces.Recommend

  • Liaquat Ali

    This whole debacle forced me to watch a few episodes of Bigg Boss 4 on Youtube. Sure enough it is a typical of those silly “reality” shows where most of the shows are scripted anyway.

    I don’t see Veena doing anything that could be considered outside of a Bollywood or even a Pakistani movies.

    Veena is very sensitive about certain things. She confronted those issues in Bigg Boss as well.

    What I still like about her is the way she pounced on the illiterate mullah with confidence and relevant Islamic knowledge. We need more poeple to confront these illiterate menance of the Pakistan society if Pakistanis want to live in freedom from the petty religious harassment. Such harassment could turn ugly if emotionally unstable people are sucked into taking law in their hands with religion as their excuse.Recommend

  • Pissed off

    Please wake me up when every other wrong in Pakistan has been corrected and i’ll gladly bash Veena with you all.

    Get a life people! People are DYING in this godforsaken country because of corruption and inflation, and all our youth can do is sit on their bums and condemn Veena for being herself!

    Have you seriosuly never seen a Pakistani woman in shorts before? Have you seriosuly never seen a Pakistani woman hug a man before?
    Do I seriously live in a different Pakistan from you all!!!??!??Recommend

  • Sana Khan

    I think, instead of fighting like this, you should all cool down and read the article again.

    I don’t see even one line in the post where Saad Zuberi has supported Veena’s behaviour, which IMHO isn’t all that condemnable in the first place.

    It is only in the last para where he says he’d much rather have her represent him than a suicidal mullah.
    Don’t you agree?
    What Veena does affects her only. What these mullah’s are doing affects hundreds of lives.

    Xena was a show. Veena is real. Xena had a lineup of writers all working to make her great. Veena is alone, as we can clearly see from the number of people writing against her here. You have to give her some credit. Recommend

  • Sara

    Is Syed Noor going to tell us what’s right and wrong now? Seriously? Have we really fallen this low?Recommend

  • Imad

    Absolutely true!

    She is a HERO. She is bold and confident. I just don’t understand that why do these mullahs always pay attention to issues not related to them. Veena was not there in India for “tableegh” she is an actress and portrayed herself very well. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

    We must be proud of her; at least there is someone who has the courage to stand up and talk.

    Well done! VeenaRecommend

  • Sara

    Please get over your fixation with Xena. Its creeping me out.
    I think the comparison, if there is any, is quite fitting.
    Xena wore a short skirt, Veena wore short shorts. Xena was quite a looker, so is Veena. Xena, as you say was a source of inspiration for women. Veena has taught me that I too can speak up without fear and have no reason to live like a second class citizen who’s Izzat is a toy of molvis and muftis who go about declaring people muslim/non-muslim as per their liking.

    I think this was an excellent blog. It has to be to attract over 60 comments and 400+ facebook likes in 20 hours. Good work, Saad Zuberi. I want to read more from you!Recommend

  • Haris Masood Zuberi

    With my respects. If you’ve read the article with attention, you’d realize, that the writer hasn’t once compared Veena to the fictional Xena in anyway! Writer’s thrive in word-play, and when it’s a witty catch, hail the writer. Appreciate the writer’s apt title for what it is–catchy and current! Writers are never responsible for readers’ comprehension.

    Moreover, while Xena was a product of imagination, Veena, Martin Luther and Hitler are all real. I agree that Xena stood and fought for the rights of women and the weak and wronged (mind you not just women alone), but since you bring the comparison up so zealously, don’t you think Veena Malik is also setting a precedent in standing up against bigots who want to control how an individual who happens to be a woman should live her life? Whose side do you think Xena would be on right now, if that’s the only way you’ll understand what’s being addressed…?

    As for your second paragraph, you totally proved that you did not catch my sarcasm in my use of the word ‘unholy‘. Nor understood what side of the divide I stand on.
    Essentially you and I are on the same side. I can only explain that in one way:
    If tomorrow some bigoted mullah rises to start harassing and issuing fatwas against all women who wear western clothes, go out to shop alone, work alongside men, don’t cover their faces or wear burqas, I won’t be on the mullah’s side, neither would you I think, nor would Veena, or Xena for that matter. Because regardless of what’s text-book right or text-book wrong, we’d believe that no one has a right to question or influence another individual’s or woman’s choice or lifestyle. We may approve or disapprove to the extent of our opinion, but have no right to humiliate anyone if they differ from our perspective.

    The only reason this debate is so big is that while as per our cultural and religious values, as well as anti-India sentiments despite being hypocritically head over heels in love with Indian entertainment, we as a nation felt that Veena’s antics were cheap, demeaning to Pakistani women and outright filthy at times–agreeable to an extent.
    However, the big difference between liberals and the bigots on this point is that while liberals see her doing some wrong they accept it as her choice, her matter, her faith and her relation with God and religion and are mature enough to leave her alone. The bigots on the other hand in their deluded fantasy of being on a hire-contract to protect Islam consider it their divine duty to shun her, have her punished, stoned, thrashed and ridiculed on satellite TV for the whole world to see and make fun of. Meanwhile, channels and anchors want to cash on her popularity for ratings and jump in to throw in their share or bigotry, and the fuming and jealous, failed and frustrated Pakistani film personalities (Meera, Syed Noor) also decide to jump in to make matters worse and spill their venom making matters al the worse.
    That’s all unacceptable and displays a dark-negative face of our society–we need to stand against that mindset united. Peace.Recommend

  • Fizza

    Arent there more people, more issues to be talked about than Veena Malik? She’s just an actress. Come on!! We talk about issues that are not even issues. I didnt hear any Indian lady saying she feels embarrassed by the language Dolly used on that show. Please be done with this pro and anti Veena debate now. Recommend

  • fazal hussain

    @Gusia i have sympathy for veena .i am second …i think we have other issues to discuss….Recommend

  • fazal hussain are first who said something right…Recommend

  • Caesar
  • Haris Masood Zuberi

    @Caesar, Awesome!Recommend

  • Bano

    Great piece, Saad! No wonder so many saviours of Islam are getting threatened by your viewpoints.
    I say, publicly hang the killers of Sialkot brothers and I promise I will personally make Veena apologize to Pakistan.Recommend

  • Saquib

    I think Veena Malick deserves a pat on her back for being not a MUNAFIQ she is what she is and speaks her mind…you may not agree with every thing she says and does but i give her props for being true to herself….its refreshingRecommend

  • anonymous

    i’m so glad there are people out here who are supporting veena also. i commend the writer and everyone who has taken time out to stand up for her.

    when i was a kid i was sexually abused by my maulvi sahab.
    today, twenty years later, a smart, brave pakistani woman has shown me that if i want i can speak up and fight for my right and bring him to trial without being afraid.

    if that’s not making a difference, i dont know what is.

    my respect for you is astronomical, veena. may you prosper and reach heights no pakistani has ever reached before. let people throw dirt at are above all that…kuch to log kehaingay…logon ko kaam hai kehna!Recommend

  • Haris Masood Zuberi

    Exactly! No one said it better–you’ve summed up the whole debate so precisely! Recommend

  • Taimur

    For everyone who is bashing Veena for drinking alcohol, here are a few FACTS:

    Quaid-e-Azam, the man who not only represented Pakistan in every possible manner but was the FATHER of Pakistan, used to drink all the time.
    Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the father of Pakistan’s so called democracy was a drinker.
    Actor Shahid, the father of our holier-than-thou anchor Kamran Shahid, was a noted alcoholic and womanizer.
    90% of other Pakistani actors drink.
    Go to a high society event in Pakistan today, and you will see just how many people have wine glasses in their hands.

    Does this mean they all deserve to be penalized on a public forum like this? If yes, then lets start with Qaid-e-Azam….Recommend

  • Amer

    @Saad Zuberi: Ignore is a bliss! I think you will be happy if you are raise with Veena from the grave on the day of judgement, won’t you? Recommend

  • Amer

    @Taimur: I don’t know where the hell you get BS like the Qaid used to drink… Your comment is totally crazy! So, if all these people used to drink.. it makes drinking alcohol OK? What a logic! Recommend

  • observer

    @Syed Sohail Nassir

    The only question is, which Pakistani
    culture she was displaying across the

    A culture better and more acceptable than one displayed by Ajmal Kasab and his 9 gang members.
    .. Recommend

  • Ali

    Yeah She is brave cause she has nothing to loose . periodRecommend

  • @Amer

    I’m amazed at how a man can make an utter fool of himself in less than 50 words!
    You go on and keep your eyes closed to reality. Its best for people like you. Taimur.Recommend

  • Maryam

    The minds of Pakistani public have begun to scare me. Seriously.Recommend

  • @Taimur

    Nice one! You reminded me of when President Zordari said that Quaid-e-Azam was non-graduate!

    Seems like all the fools get their information from the same source. Recommend

  • Hussain

    This is totally ridiculous!! Where is mentallity of Pakistanis going?? Why have we started to think that by showing vulgar and by getting naked, we are getting superior??….

    Why have we started to think that if women get NAKED, they are getting freedom??

    I agree with you on the point that one has the right to do whatever he/she wants. But in this case VEENA MALIK was representing Pakistan! You have to understand this point!! Everyone in INDIA knew VEENA as a Pakistani Actress!!
    Whatever she did in that show i.e. giving a na-mehram massage, sleeping with him etc..was as a pakistani girl which the whole world was watching on TV!!
    Veena Malik was representing girls and women in Pakistan! So what example are we trying to set here that our girls and women are this much vulgar!!
    Just think, can your sister or mother massage a na-mehram or sleep with him? and are you going to let them do it??
    And if there are alot of other bad things happening in Pakistan, this doesnt mean that its okay for someone to do vulgar acts on tv representing Pakistan!!
    According to me, not only Mullas are against this, but all the sane pakistanis, who know WHY pakistan came into being and why we are in this world will be against such act of VEENA MALIK!!Recommend

  • hc

    People are scary::(, we victimize and target each other for what ratings, to make ourselves feel better or maybe for our religious beliefsRecommend

  • Talha

    I declare Veena Malik to be ‘Daughter of the Nation’.

    Veena is No.1, hope she becomes President one day.Recommend

  • Mila

    i love your article and i completely agreeRecommend

  • Momo

    Its funny how so many people are arguing over whether Veena represented Pakistan well enough in India. We’;re all such losers…the writer is right when he says we’re all just a bunch of jealous good for nothings who can’t handle how popular she’s become in the world’s largest entertainment industry.

    If you still wanna talk about representation, please explain why there are no such uproars when our president vacations in italy when the country is drowning in flood waters? why don’t people speak up like this about ajmal kasab and that freak in new york? why doesnt anyone question dr aafia siddiqui’s shady background and activities prior to her arrest? why dont people protest gang rapes like this? why don’t people stop going to pakistani weddings that are an excellent example of unislamicness. oh, wait, that’s not the same thing?? your sisters and daughters wearing sleeveless skin tight clothes and capris that reveal 1/3rd of their legs is OK…but how dare veena show her legs on TV!!?!???

    Pathetic. Recommend

  • Balal

    You spoke my heart out.Recommend

  • Haris Masood Zuberi

    Excellent post with 1000% accurate facts which our nation doesn’t want to accept. Let the ignorant live in their shells, worrying about other people’s personal habits.

    Good one!

    I must add, there was no uprising in our pious nation when our federal minister for information who is always representing Pakistan way more than Veena could ever be held liable for, ended up among dancers in NY! No body had any pangs then… Recommend

  • Caesar

    Humayun Saeed hugged and kissed Noor in presence of Faisal Qureshi on Dr Shaista Vahidy’s show live on TV.
    Watch the 40 second clip here:

    Is anyone ready to shun or boycott Humayun, Noor, Faisal and Shaista!? Will anyone stop watching their programmes…? Any volunteers!? Recommend

  • Atif

    It is very disappointing for us as a nation that we don’t have even the ability to choose between right and wrong. Those who are supporting Veena for the deeds she committed in India should be ashamed of their selves. It is evident that whatever she did was absolutaly wrong. First, as a muslim and secondly as a Pakistani. We Pakistanis have made ourselves a sources of permanent source of amusement for the world either it is in the filed of games, politics or media. India wants to impose her culture to Pakis through her media and she is accomplishing this task by using our own actors and singers. We, the young generation of this country should open our eyes and utilize our energies in right direction taking the country out of this chaos. Committing a sin is a sin, but, if you don’t admit after committing it, it is even a bigger sin, and this is what Veena is doing on TV channels. She has become fool in the hands of Indians who have fulfilled their agenda by using her. Veena should realize her mistake and should apologize the nation. And those who are supporting Veena, please, remember the ideology of Pakistan. It is an Islamic country not a secular one. What would you feel if your sister, mother, wife or daughter performed the acts like Veena. Would you appreciate it? Be proud Pakistnis. Don’t let yourselves begging before Indians. Pakistan Zindabad Recommend

  • Neha Ahmed

    Great article! I disagree with one point though. Veena is not the only one who isn’t afraid to say it like it is…there are a few writers out there who’re doing a pretty good job too! ;)
    How come you only write one article in 5 months?Recommend

  • @ Atif

    Would you please explain why is Pakistan so weak that it’s ALWAYS so threatened by outside cultural and religious influences?
    Make yourself strong. Support your people. Then others will respect you and you can do whatever you want to do. Recommend