Raman Raghav 2.0: Violence with a mix of dark humour

Published: September 24, 2016

After directing his commercial and critical flop Bombay Velvet (2015) last year, Anurag Kashyap is back again in the lowlife underbelly of Mumbai with his crime-thriller Raman Raghav 2.0.  

Raman Raghav 2.0 is a story of a scoundrel serial killer, Ramanna, who is heavily inspired by the real-life Indian serial killer of the 60s, Raman Raghav. And thus, the 2.0 in the title. As the story progresses, Ramanna’s strange obsession with a young cop by the name of Raghavan thickens the plot and reveals a strange connection between the two souls.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Raman Raghav 2.0. PHOTO: IMDB

But Raman Raghav 2.0 is not just the story of a serial killer. It promotes the idea of fate, where two souls separated at birth are reunited later in life. The film parallels the life of Raman the serial killer and Raghav the police inspector. The film engages in the notion that two sides of a coin can have more in common than one usually believes.

Raman Raghav 2.0. PHOTO: IMDB

Raman Raghav 2.0 is the territory that Kashyap feels most comfortable exploring – brutal violence with a mix of delicious dark humour. The film stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vicky Kaushal, and Sobhita Dhulipala.

Vicky Kaushal in Raman Raghav 2.0. PHOTO: IMDB

Does this film spell Kashyap’s comeback as the rebel filmmaker in the overabundance of Bollywood masala films?

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