Leave Veena Malik alone!

Published: January 22, 2011

Veena Malik's behavior is being judged by the media and public

When Pakistani film and television personality Veena Malik went to India to participate in popular reality show “Big Boss 4” she was doing a job – as an actress not an ambassador. According to Malik one of her tasks on the show was adding melodrama to the program – which she did. She was also, apparently requested to display a certain degree of intimacy with Indian model and actor Ashmit Patel.  This was where it all went wrong. The Pakistani public’s moral barometer hit the roof at the sight of a “quom ki beti” cuddling in the arms of an Indian man. There was a general outcry as Malik was supposed to be “representing the country” not besmirching it. The question is was she really representing Pakistan?

We hate you; who are you?

Certainly, nationality is an important part of one’s identity while travelling abroad. When an entertainment or sport celebrity travels to another country under the management of a government organization; it can be said that they represent Pakistan. However, if anyone visits a foreign country in a personal capacity even to perform publicly this does not necessarily mean that they are representing the country. Honestly, how many of us even knew Aisamul-Haq was ‘representing’ Pakistan in tennis tournaments abroad for ten years before he made it to the semi-final of the US Open 2010 and came into limelight? As an adult, Veena Malik has the right to participate in any show she wants. Her behavior, whatever one may think of it, represents no one but herself.

What’s the big deal?

Let’s assume that Malik was representing Pakistan just because everyone on the show knew her as an actor from Pakistan. Why does the entire nation feel so ashamed of her intimacy with Ashmit? Would it have made a difference if a male actor from Pakistan had developed a relationship with an Indian woman? Did Pakistanis react the same way when former test cricketer Mohsin Khan, not only acted in Indian movies but also got married to an Indian, half-Muslim actor Reena Roy?

What’s slutty for the goose is cool for the gander

The way Veena Malik defended herself on Express News’ show with Kamran Shahid’s was awe-inspiring. She was pitted against Mufti Abdul Qavi and his main contention was that Malik had trampled the honor of the nation. I’ve explained already that it shouldn’t matter to us what she did but the actress raised several important points:

1. Why are people obsessed with the vulgar side of things? Why are our minds so filthy?

2. Why are people singling her (Veena Malik) out when there is plenty of obscene material being produced right here in Pakistan?

3. Doesn’t Pakistan have bigger problems?

The Mufti was left with no arguments except a rather random example of Sania Mirza. Apparently, since Mirza is the wife of a Pakistani cricketer, she has now become the nation’s darling. Does Mufti sahib realize that as many as three fatwas have been issued against Sania in the past six years for wearing shorts on court, for promoting safe pre-marital sex and for allegedly living with Shoaib before marriage?

For me, Veena Malik won the debate when she asked Mufti sahib to focus his attention on the issue of maulvis sodomizing young boys instead of attacking her. True, the Pakistani nation never feels ashamed when a woman is gang raped and paraded naked in the streets. At that time our ‘honor’ vanishes in thin air! An independent woman’s decision to behave in a way that we see as “unladylike” is apparently enough to spark a national debate.

I applaud Veena for standing up for herself in the face of this ridiculous public trial; for giving words to the feelings of those countless people who fear to speak out in public even on real issues faced by our society.


Ayesha Umar

Interested in current affairs, cultural and gender-based issues Ayesha religiously tweets @ayeshaesque. In her free time she blogs at Fifth Junction and indulges in random photography.

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  • Raqib Ali

    True. All hypocrites are criticising her.

    If you create opportunities in Pakistan, build your film industry and you can have Indian actresses coming here. If I have the right to come to Europe for work, she has the right to go to ANY country to find work. Recommend

  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here.

    In yesterday’s show Veena pwned Mufti sahib very well. What we need to realize that she is from the entertainment industry, you cant expect her to sit in a burqa and sham her serene side. That was supposed to be an entertainment show, where viewers expect fights, romance and everything that could make its way to juicy gossips. Plus she was representing herself, just like Waseem Akram did. I wonder why no one from our land of pure pointed fingers at Waseem’s character when he went out for dinner with Sushmeta Sen.

    We have a tendency to relate honor with women of our country only, as if men here got no honor (no pun intended).Recommend

  • Usman

    Awesome!!! To the point and mature.Recommend

  • http://www.ctl360.com Sarah

    Excellent, I one hundred percent agree with you

    yet another example of how our supposedly “pious/religious” people have some serious double standards. Where the HECK was the “nation” every time a poor young girl got raped?

    I have seen some appalling comments even from our “educated” people and feel disgusted. Recommend

  • Ali Hassan

    Nice blog.
    She clearly won the show, very brave.
    Maulana saheb and the host were talking in a very rough, arrogant and disrespectful way.
    We are at the height of hypocracyRecommend

  • MM

    The whole show.. though so high was it’s anticipation/ hype quotient that i stayed up to watch the re-run at 2:00AM, was a complete and utter piece of supreme rubbish with Veena coming out the melodramatic female protagonist of the whole sorry saga :-p
    WHY O WHY & WHO came up with the (NOT SO) Bright idea of pitting Veena against a MULLAH! :-D

    I mean, so congratulations Kamran on getting her to admit that she along with the entire “Entertainment INDUSTRY” women are Suppose to Strut as Sluts and that She WAS in fact on the show with a “personal agenda” (of roping in Bollywood offers) but other than that the show did nothing but have one squirm at the sight of Veena’s Waning Make-up streaking down her two-tone cheeks. (poor girl – she needs to seriously invest in water-proof make, if she is to do any more of her tearjerker talk shows :-)

    I am of the LIBERAL ILK and what i would have wanted to do with the show had i been it’s sensible producer was to have a few Jeans and Tees clad young people with a Bajya type responsible adult come on TV and laud Veena for her very bold and risque but effective effort of trying to pawn her lollywood persona onto the bollywood blitz but also seriously SMACK her down for the stupendous way in which she dragged Pakistan’s image both culturally and socially into the ground during her throes of passionate “friendly” gestures towards her housemates in skimpy outfits.

    Heck what “entertainment industry women” do in their (no one is watching them any way) mahesh movies or what they wear or do out on their personal time (or any one for that matter) IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS! BUT IF SHE IS BEING INTRODUCED AS “THE ACTRESS FROM PAKISTAN”, on a FREAKING “REALITY SHOW” (not fictional movie platform) then YES SHE! HAS A RESPONSIBILITY to her NATION & she should own it!
    Twits all of them; the chick, the mullah and the gaping mediator! Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    A few important points you have made here, our so-called morality brigade is overly sensitive and they do not understand the concept of live and let live. Secondly just because we are Pakistanis and Muslims do not mean we have to be stereo typed to followong only a certain set of behaviour and have a so called typical set of values. I have experienced people’s intolerance towards diversity first hand, the personal attacks on my personality and my character and my individual identity have been very common because according to a lot of people there is nothing Pakistani about me. Veena Malik might not be the brightest person on tv, but im with her on this.Recommend

  • misbah

    yeah thats the point…leave her and move ahead..we fans still love veenaRecommend

  • SB

    Its very strange that ppl who criticised Veena, also made it a point to watch the entire Bigg Boss season….why watch if youve got a problem !…dont watch it if you think its crap and if Veena is doing stuff unislamic….hypocrites….Recommend

  • Gia

    I never thought I would think of Veena Malik as a modern Joan of Arc, a Salmaan Taseer like icon of all thinks liberal and anti-Mullah – but it seems that is exactly what she has become. Her overtly sexual behavior on Big Bss 4 is a cry from the feminist of the 60’s – she is saying that women too have needs, desires and emotions. Despite our pseudo-liberalism this is a statement that we are gar from accepting.

    We are quick to say “she does not represent us”. Most Pakistani women are will not act on sexual desired, hug, pet or god forbid – have sex. This is a lie. We will. Many of us will have sex. We will not do this on TV but than most of us do not have the good fortune to look like Veena Malik either. Are we penalizing her for her good looks? For her sexuality? Or for our inability to accept that we too or just as vulgar as she sometimes behaves? Recommend

  • Ali

    Brilliantly written. The hypocrites must look into their homes first instead of pointing others. Recommend

  • fahim

    Arrey ….She went to India as Pakistani actress to perform in the show. What she did, is humiliating of Pakistan and her self. She is celebrity and not a common person of the country. Recommend

  • Shireen Khan

    @MM. I am surprised that people have the audacity to judge Veena, she is a professional who performed in a programme, not a diplomat representing her country. What she dared to say to the Mullah is what very few people utter out loud- the suicide bombings, murders, rape of women and children are an issue we should tackle and not Veena Malik. Recommend

  • Ozy

    Hurray for Veena!!!!!!Recommend

  • Ali

    @Fahim: She is an actress not a diplomat representing Pakistan. She has a right to go abroad and work similarly you have a right to go abroad and work anywhere in the world. So please for God sake clean your dirty filthy mind and concentrate on other disgusting issues happening in our country. Where is your voice when a child is raped? when two young kids are beaten to death in front of everybody? When a son of a mother is shot in front of everyone??Where are you then?? Recommend

  • MM

    @ Shireen; haha.. read my two bits of BS on this non-issue just one more time… :-) i am surprised at myself for actually spewing so much rubbish on such a silly topic… but honestly while i am all for female lib/ rights and all that…. I think comparing Veena to the Joan of Arc is taking this a bit far.. she is nothing but an ambitious starlet who is playing the game just right :-) The Mullah was a dimwit and she was on one of her agendas (i have not watched the big boss show only the juicy bits that cropped up on facebook uploads of her friendly disposition n those seemed just a bit much (u can google and you tube veena’s escapades for reference :-)
    PS. I gave a lecture today to a bunch of budding mullahs on the real champions of a liberal society like taseer and ghamdi.. almost got killed myself but my make remained intact ;-) Recommend

  • http://www.noor-ul-ainhanif.blogspot.com Noor-ul-ain Hanif

    right but leave this topic!!! every channel discussing it and now tribune tooo ahhh!!Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Aftab

    veena is doing very wrong in india….her acting is totally against the teachings of islam…she is pakistani..nd she should know about traditions and customs of pakistan…one hand she is doing wrong things on the other side she proud happy…………………shame on you veena malik gRecommend

  • http://[email protected] mehtab


  • http://raheelaijaz.blogspot.com/ Raheel Aijaz

    I think the mullahs are just pissed coz they arent ashmit.

    Plus this is the Mullah Republic of Pakistan fellas. Veena should take tips from adnan sami and sell her soul to bollywood. once she’s there, well, she can do whatever and whoever she likes. xDRecommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/143/taha-kerar/ Taha Kehar

    I applaud Veena Malik’s courageous defense! The arguments presented by that bigoted Mufti were particularly flawed. Firstly, he claimed to speak on behalf of the entire nation and not in the view of “preserving the precepts of Islam” which Veena had so shamelessly infringed. Secondly, he indicated an almost wretched form of hypocrisy by referring to Veena as a “sister” he has great respect for and then calling her immoral. If I distinctly recall, he even mentioned that God had made her beautiful. Are these the kind of people who should be our role-models? Shouldn’t we value the opinions of those who can actually put forth valid arguments rather than shrouding everything under the garb of religious norms that never were?Recommend

  • shoaib

    Thousands of boys are being raped monthly in Pakistan. Most especially in Khyber-Pakhtunkwa. Daily suicide blasts are killing Pakistanis in vegetable markets in the name of Islam and where are the protests? Yet we protest Veena Malik attracted to Mr. Patel. Recommend

  • Majid Maqsood

    I think there is nothing to pride but its none of business of Muftis and co. but it was her personal character, even in UAE many arab Muslim girls perform in night clubs and they are not objected because its their profession, when lawmakers said, prostitutions are widespread in Punjab but no one took their notice, it means there is something close to reality so there are many things in our country to make in order and its high time for these muftis to preach for healthy society and many things on the name of religion are being done here, must be stopped. Recent murder of Salman Taseer has left many questions unanswered for these muftis, many muftis are saying, Salman Taseer was Shaheed even in other muslim countries but our Mullas had given Fatwa against Salman Taseer and they refused to offer prayer of his last right. so Veena Malik did nothing wrong according to her, She did what she has been doing in own country. Recommend

  • Alnoor

    I like the blog and comment and good to see that people are giving celebrity some personal space. I think artist from entertainment industry shouldn’t appear on our new channels as their host don’t know how to differentiate their talks between show biz people and politicians. Such interviews needed to be appear entertainment channels with soft anchors who understand the industry. Recommend

  • wellwisher

    come back INDIA we welcome u onces againRecommend

  • maheen usmani

    How come Veena’s wearing western attire or cohabiting with others on a reality show “tarnishes” Pakistan’s lily white image, thereby assaulting the pristine sensibilities of creeps like Kamran Shahid, Mufti and side kicks? How come these jokers don’t get offended by smiling assassins, creepy bigots, violent assaulters, child molesters, avaricious politicos or deranged mullahs?Recommend

  • http://confusedwithpersistence.blogspot.com/ Ali

    Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn’t this been covered already?Recommend

  • Kiran

    @MM: very well said MM…Recommend

  • Majid Urrehman

    Is everyone here not commenting only based on her performance in recent Kamran Shahid show?
    Please think about this matter being out of the box of Kamran Shahid show and think what she did and what she could do.

    Every Pakistani is an ambassador of Pakistan while abroad. Am I right? You may like to negate me but this is stated even on the very Passports of every Pakistani that they are ambassador of Pakistan! It directly implies that every Pakistan must show a character which is representative of Pakistani culture and its society.

    Do any of the female above who have supported her testify that her doers were representative of Pakistani culture? Can any of the female above who have supported her on this article do anywhere in the world what Veena did in India?

    Does Veena Malik represent you, Ladies?Recommend

  • Mastishhk

    @Aftab….As per you its just the women who are representing Pakistan. When Veena Malik was in Pakistan, was she acting any different ???? Pakistanis abhor women who take their own decisions and are capable of looking after themselves. Veena Malik acted in a certain way on BigBoss because she was hardselling herself to Bollywood. If the trick works , good for her , If it doesn’t , she doesn’t have dearth of fans in Islamabad. The antics that Veena displayed on Bigboss were not any different from what she has been doing in Pakistan. Noone deemed it fit to raise her voice against her while she was in Pakistan, but the moment she decided to carry this image abroad, all hell broke loose.

    @ Taha Kehar… You rightly pointed out that the “Respected Mullah” who addressed Veena as “Sister” didnt fail to take notice of her beauty. He even called her immoral for being Herself. If God made her beautiful then God is also responsible for her behaviour, which in noway was anymore outrageous than The Mufti’s utterings. The moment we stop treating women as second class citizens (cattle), we will find that Veena Malik is no different from us, may be even better.

    Islam doesnt need any Moral Brigade, Mullah or Mufti to protect it…Islam is bigger than all of us put together. A Veena Malik cannot tarnish Islam’s image, but the conduct of a Mullah surely can !!!!Recommend

  • http://grsalam.wordpress.com Ghausia

    Honestly, how many of us even knew Aisamul-Haq was ‘representing’ Pakistan in tennis tournaments abroad for ten years before he made it to the semi-final of the US Open 2010 and came into limelight?

    raises hand I did, my parents did, my siblings did, my tennis freak friends did, my chachi who used to know his parents did. Does that mean I’m speshul? :D

    That aside, I don’t have a problem with the ahem, cuddling. Its the, man she was so ew! I mean, the constant neck-kissing, the weird flirting, I saw a YT clip where she was dancing in the bathroom and Ashmit comes up and is teasing her that are you going to mess with me, you really want to do that, that was…I’ve seen a friend’s boyfriend flirting with her this way, okay, that is, its gross because this wasn’t her flirting, it was her being a friend. Blegh. Plus a lot of times on the show, it was obvious that people were mocking her and the poor thing didn’t know or just didn’t care. Lets face it, they invited her to the show because she would boost ratings with her antics, plain and simple. They picked the dumb blond, and the controversial cross-dresser, for more than obvious reasons. (No offense to Indians here btw, that is how the media industry works I’m NOT trying to imply that this was an evil India scheme!)

    That being said, yes she was ew and creepy and made me scream for my mommy several times, and yes she could have tried to remember that people would first and foremost see her as a “Pakistani” actress and try to you know, behave a bit. But you know what? She has a lot of nerve doing what she did, so kudos to her. I say let her do her weird dancing and flirting if it makes her happy and plus, anyone that pisses off the mullah brigade is my hero!Recommend

  • parvez

    Loved the write up and have always appreciated Veena Malik and people like her who have the courage of their own convictions.Recommend

  • Syed
  • maham

    “i applaud Veena for standing up for herself in the face of this ridiculous public trial”
    and i appaul you the way to fight for the respect of (what she appears to be) a woman of questionable character!!!
    u did accomplish a mission impossible but it does leave the persun feel as disgusted of u as one does for that veena malik. so apparently standing up for what is vulgar n obsene is ur idea of being forward? i pity that. no wonder, in pakistan , its victorian agtaht’s prevalent.
    wider feeways but narrower viewpoint!
    ppl like u are …..so moderately enlightened…..tch tchRecommend

  • Snuffles

    She reciprocated back very well to that fundo- molve. i am totally in love with her. i really liked her from the scratch as being a strong headed girl who atleast had courage to mouth out her opinion and disgust against anyone.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Well, We can watch their songs and movies in our homes along with our kids, and parents too. We can see and allow Lahori stage drama’s and their disgusting songs, we can allow fashion industry to do everything to cope with international fashion market, we allow everyone to get things done in shortcuts by all means, we allow politicians as well as dictators to ruin our lives and country, we allow everyone 2declare one a non-muslim in matter of few seconds and called dem Wajib-ul-qatal. C’mon Guys get a life..stop being judgmental. That molvi said I never saw her and simultaneously he is saying Allah gave my sister so husan-o-Jamal and Qadd (height), no one is saying anything 2him. He accused her of something which some one told him and he never saw himself, dont you think he showed be punished for accusing a woman without any evidence and just listning 2some ones. What she was doing there wasnt something novel. In fact our actresses, politicians, army generals, bureaucrats,judges,lawyers and every sector of society is doing such things (not privately but publicly too), we being a nation neva stood up against dem. but our honour get blemished when we saw veena in India with an Indian guy. why such a double standards?Wana go with Girl friend but at the same time wana keep sister at home with all veil and Chardiwari..thats what your Islam teaches you?thats what Holy prophet taught us?
    I am not defending her acts, what ever she was doing was right according to Islam, but she shouldn’t be subjected to criticism only. If you feel hurt then stand up against all these scums who reside in Pakistan, who is so much in ourselves now. change Yourself first then point finger to other..Recommend

  • Talha

    Veena Malik should be appointed as our Ambassador to the world at large.Recommend

  • Aiman Mughni

    its time we realize how hypocrite we are as a nation. why watch an Indian show coming from an Indian channel, and then be judgmental and dislike our own actress only because she dresses western.
    If you don’t like someone, just switch the channel. why watch it, and then continue to scrutinize & find faults? get a life people.Recommend

  • mohsin bajwa

    I m unable to understand some peoples thinking. why r we talking about veena malik. why media . doing such progrrames. Mulvi VS veena.
    what rubbishRecommend

  • Umer Farooq

    Veena,,,,, you did some thing others dr to do,,,and teh second thing you did in Front Line,, was stunning,,,you rokd the show…you won VeenaRecommend

  • http://www.LiaquatAli.com Liaquat Ali

    Since I don’t watch TV on a regular basis I have no interest in what she did or did not do at Bigg Boss I have no interest in.

    However, I totally support her when she stood up to the clueless, illiterate and ignorant mullah the likes of whom are terrorizing Pakistan through their speech, behavior and violent actions.

    My only worry is that one of these illiterate mullah will call her “wajib al qatl” and she will have to run for her life.Recommend

  • faraz

    Our all kinds of morals and ethics narrow down to a single thing, a women’s clothing. Atleast she doesnt condoned murder as these mullahs did in case of Taseer. You need to have something special to stoop so low to celebrate the death of an innocent person.


    So Veena Malik is bound by your moral standards even if she is doing something in an other country? Why did you watch this vulgar and obscene show at the first place? Its not about good or bad, its about a persons right to freedom of thought and action. Recommend

  • Farzana Sheikh

    Veena was massaging her legs, massaging Ashmit, kissing Ashmit, hugging Asmit in front of the camera.
    Can any girl here who is defening Veena do what Veena was doing in public or in front of the camera??
    Can any guy here who is defending Veena see his sister, or mother, or daughter doing the same in public or in front of camera what Veena was doing??

    The answer would be NO. So I request you people to shut up and go on with your life!Recommend

  • Ahmer Ali

    Assalam-o-Allaikum Warahmatullah.First of all,all the true muslim believers men and women especially women who want to join showbiz world especially modeling and film must read complete Surah Noor with complete summary,translation and references and if not possible then only two verses numbered 30 & 31 with complete translation,references and summary and don’t listen to any mulla,molvi or mufti and then decide yourself either they have to enter showbiz world or not because all the commandments are revealed in this Surah for both men and women.And as far as Veena Malik is concerned and what she has done in Indian Program Bigg Boss 4 even a true muslim believer woman can never think about that because Veena showed the greatest effrontery and meanness on the name of freedom of expression and to promote Pakistani entertainment industry.Veena must has to repent before Allah Almighty for her blunders and sins and in the future must refrain herself from these unislamic things.Being a muslim Veena didn’t do good for which she is being praised.Recommend

  • Uzair

    hi im uzair me chata hu k veena malik ko pakistan say nikal dia jai.Recommend

  • anie

    veena showed that mullah whos boss!Recommend

  • Asif

    You guys are crazy. Please be brave enough to say wrong if something is wrong. Its not about veena as an individual that some people are criticizing. Its about how she represented our country Pakistan in a foreign country over there.

    Please try to read indian news sites and blogs. What they are saying about Veena Malik.. Also, Meera is in the line for next Bigg Boss season. If you don’t criticize Veena then it would be someone else doing the same.. then it would some other girl and it will continue.

    So please say wrong if it is wrong. This is not a personal matter at all since she is representing me over that. Recommend

  • http://@shani ch.abdul salam

    so veena malik is boound by your moral stands even if she is doing somting in an othetr? Why did you watch this vulgar and obscene shw at the first place? its not abut good or bad,its about a parsons right to freedom of hought and action.Recommend

  • http://kij mudasar

    wah g wahRecommend

  • faraz

    @Farzana Sheikh

    If Veena’s relatives have no problem with her behaviour, then who are we to object? Everyone has its own standards of morals, you cannot impose your morals upon others. You have the right to maintain your own standards of morals, you can stop your sister, daughter etc from appearing on TV. Similarly, Veena and her relatives have the right to develop their own standards of morals. Recommend

  • sanity

    As an adult, Veena Malik has the right to participate in any show she wants. Her behavior, whatever one may think of it, represents no one but herself.


  • Asif

    Veena can do whatever she likes, you are correct. But with her name there is a huge label that is “Pakistani”. She is represented as a Pakistani in all the shows and interviews. So, she can dance naked in the streets inside Pakistan and we won’t care… but decided to take part as a Pakistani with a Pakistani passport. This is the issue here.

    I am really cool with her drinking and sleeping with other men if she can do it in private. But as soon as my country name is comes in middle of it. Then here it is my job to criticize it. Recommend

  • http://www.LiaquatAli.com Liaquat Ali

    @Farzana Sheikh: The land of the hypocritical pure ranks #1 in Google search for pornography. http://www.medindia.net/news/Ranked-No1-In-Sex-Searches-Pakistan-Dubbed-Pornistan-71421-1.htm It also ranks near the top on corruption.

    Need I say more?Recommend

  • http://www.LiaquatAli.com Liaquat Ali

    “True, the Pakistani nation never feels ashamed when a woman is gang raped and paraded naked in the streets.”

    They use soft targets because they can, and that gives them sense of moral superiority.Recommend

  • kazim agha

    mullah and veena both are wrong,infact this entire nation are wrong because they discuss wrong issue.there are so many problum which should be discuss.Recommend

  • khan

    @Ahmer Ali:

    I think it is time Mullahs, Muftis and others of that ilk started to look at the reals problems affecting Pakistani Muslims: massive corruption, emboldened criminal classes, endemic poverty and a prevailing culture of lying, avarice and hypocrisy.

    If Veena Malik is all that Mufti Abdul Qavi can get heated about, then he is in dire need of mental health care as he came came across as a whining windbag.Recommend

  • khan

    What makes you think she is representing you?

    Actually the people who represent us when they go abroad are the likes of Zardari, Gillani, Altaf Hussain, Fazalur Rehman, etc and that I find that extremely embarrassing.

    Veena Malik is just an actress from Lahore. It is bit like an Americans protesting that the late singer Michael Jackson represented the US when he stupidly dangled his baby over a hotel balcony in Berlin. Would not make any sense, would it?

    Please get a focus on reality my friend.Recommend

  • Nur

    @Farzana Sheikh: Nobody’s about what she did or did not do. It’s about personal choice and free will. (2) all that you mentioned happens in Pakistan too. So I don’t think people were really appalled by it.Recommend

  • sherry

    yes i agree veena did wrong….but its her personal life.there are good and bad people in every country every whereRecommend

  • Sanya

    I totally agree with you, and Im glad that so many others have applauded her for her courage. I’m glad that she took a stand and stood up for what she thinks is right.
    I just watched another show with Veena Malik and Syed Noor – whoever HE is. Anyway, he openly declared that it would not have been that big a deal if she would have done all that she did on the show in England, or Somewhere else.
    It left me SHOCKED. Utterly bewildered.
    On one side, you’re judging her (which btw you do NOT have the right to) character and on the other hand you’re SUGGESTING that it would have been “kinda” okay if she would have done all that in England.
    Then, Syed Noor sahab very openly discloses another one of his OUTRAGEOUS opinions as he says that it would not have been this big a deal if it would have happened in a movie. Well, may I remind him that what portray in your movies, REFLECTS your culture, your lifestyle .. what you believe in.
    How can you POSSIBLY defend all of it just because it’s happening in movies or it’s happening in another part of the world?
    Or why are others suggesting that she should leave this country and go reside some place else?
    She is a Pakistani and she may live in Pakistan as long as she desires. Neither me, nor anyone else has the right to kick her out.
    I may have passed a few sarcastic comments, or mocked her once in a while when she was on Big Boss, but I support her completely now and wish that she – with her bold attitude – would make some simpletons see sense.

  • Romm

    Come to India, buy property here and India Government shall deprive you from everything with single piece of paper like we did with Adnan Sami.Recommend

  • g

    Veena showed extreme acts of vulgarity….As she was a Pakistani actress & was selected in the big boss as being a Pakistani..Secondly Actors acts on media are NOT their private matter…

    Did any other girl on big boss showed any such vulgarity?NO
    Even there had a fight in the big boss house with Dolly due to her vulgar activities….Not to mention the indian media which made fun of veena & said that she has made the big boss a vulgar movie.Recommend

  • Paki_Women

    Veena should marry to an Indian businessman from Bandra or Mumbai now. She is totally like an Indian women actress now so its better to take out Pakistan name from your identitiy.
    Why can,t Veena marry NRI Indian now so she can also change her passport now and like Adnan Sami she will stay in India forever.
    We Pakistani now hate to see Veena now in our country and its better India take her beauty queen from here forever this time.
    Shoaib Malik, Adnan Sami and lot other singers departed from here so she is the first lady love to deport from Pakistan to India.
    Best of luck Veena and I hope you to be popular like Kareena or Sallu even Srk can find or be u future.Recommend

  • rehan

    That program was the only time I LOVED THIS LADY!! I agree with the points Veena put forth to defend criticism against her(Mind you she wasn’t really defending a lot that what she does is right.What she was trying to drill into Mufti Saab was that why her alone?)And yes..she would have glued the Cleric’s lips(which just wouldn’t shut)had she asked him something like this..”Sania Mirza jab apna Husn o jamal Knickers aur tight Blouses mein dikhati hai tou kya Maulana Saab aap kahan hotay hain?”Recommend

  • http://www.bonfriends.org/ask-super-sis/ Aisha Khan – Relationship

    Awesome post!! true to core. Veena malik should be left aloneRecommend

  • Waqas Rao

    State Protection should be given to her well it should be taken away from zardari and given to veena malik for being herself. I believe a true pakistani or a perfect citizen of any state is an individual who is himself and does not fake anything in-front of others and through his or her actions does not harm other human beings.Recommend

  • faisal

    @Raqib Ali:you are tiking non sense.she was doing all those thgs which makes her a hindu not a muslim.she was doing all those things only for the publicity .Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/265/haris-masood-zubairi/ Haris Masood Zuberi

    Excellent post Ayesha. Very well articulated. Thumbs up!Recommend

  • haroon

    VEENA ur the best… Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/194/saad-zuberi/ Saad Zuberi

    A very well-articulated piece, Ayesha. It’s comforting to know there are others out there who think along the same lines as me.

    I’m sure more than half our problems will vaporize if we learn to let God be the judge of people, their characters and actions.

    There are hundreds of other much more pressing issues in Pakistan that could use the same kind of conviction from people who’re ready to stone Veena right now. People are randomly being killed in the streets, women and little girls are being raped by their own family members, political giants are ripping the country off, inflation rates are going up at an astronomical pace, hundreds of children go to bed with empty stomachs, the education system is in shambles and just about everyone is looking to make a quick buck under the table…
    Veena’s clothes and conduct and whether she represented Pakistan nicely enough comes much much MUCH later. Recommend

  • qasira

    well said Ayesha…..Recommend

  • sonheri

    she is local version of rakhi sawantRecommend

  • http://www.stylechanel.com/ sumera

    If you create opportunities in Pakistan, build your film industry and you can have Indian actresses coming here. If I have the right to come to Europe for work, she has the right to go to ANY country to find work.Recommend

  • Babar Yahya

    Being modern dosen’t mean that we misbehave openly. This is not emotions we are witnessing here it is plain infatuation. What the hell!!! There is no bravery here atall. It’s pure cheapra chichorapun bay sharami. Tell me honest to God is this a noble act????? Sharam ani chahyay jo is bakwas ko bravery kehtay hai. She could have waited for the show to get over to indulge with that guy physically. Also all this neech act of her’s is giving her the much need media coverage needed to survive commercially. COMMERCIAL WOMAN.Recommend

  • Babar Yahya

    according to the holy quran and it’s rules what she has done is wrong.
    full stop. nothing left to say anymore. tc

  • Saad Durrani

    Doesn’t Pakistan have bigger problems?

    That concludes the discussion.Recommend

  • Ammar

    veena does not represent all paki women. neither do the molana brigade. for all who support her should explain how would they feel if their sister or daughter or wife would do that in public, or worst! on the media.if you are okay with that, i would love to know you more:P
    and for all those molvis out there, dont u just wish she did all that to you?Recommend

  • Mj

    @Uzair:really on what basis??? that she was in a reality show representing only BUT HERSELF!!! grow upRecommend

  • Ammar

    there you go Ayesha. what other proof do u need about your own insolence that you censor out my comments that you thought could go against you. deep inside i hope you know the reality of you and your journalism.Recommend

  • mekaal ahmed

    veenas matter is not about islam, its a matter of our culture.is it pakistani traditions and culture which she had been expressing in big boss.actually she proved that a third class boy asif did right to kick her out after all that she did for him she deserved all dat.Recommend

  • roma

    excally wht i dnt understand is if we hate her tht much thn y are we discussing her so much!!!
    there are million more topic to be discussed instead of tht y are we jst running behind it!!!Recommend

  • Sara

    The weirdest thing is we will move on commenting on something as stupid as this.Recommend

  • Sara

    Well wait even if she did represent Pakistan. Why are you guys going mad about it? This is what actually Pakistan is now. Correct yourself if you really care about the imageRecommend

  • http://emmefemme.wordpress.com/ Emme

    This issue has been dragged long enough, no?Recommend

  • Arslan

    WHAT an awful article. It is like saying since there are already so many probs lets all do more rofl. Miss there is a thing called national integrity and your argument re What’s slutty for the goose is cool for the gander is totally out of line as the moral code is defined by the society at large. Want an example?
    Let me give you the one you would get. Even in States no one can go TOTALLY NUDE on the beach as society takes it as offensive. Breach of rights or invade of privacy? No? Rule of law? You guys are such a hypocrite lotRecommend

  • Ahmer Ali

    Assalam-o-Allaikum Warahmatullah.When you commit a sin it doesn’t mean on behalf of one already committed sin you do another sin and if you favor or provoke the others to do sins it means you are helping the others to keep doing sins after each sin.Recommend

  • shazia

    i cant belive you guys like veena my gosh shes is such a desperate dirty slag you dont have to snuggle upto guys and show your body jus to be famous she is slag and she needs a gud slapRecommend

  • Zarmeena

    Unfortunately our mullas and other bigots are the only ones who have pain in their *

    Pakistan is currently encountering bigger problems than Veena Malik.We should rather invest their energies in solving those problems.

    VEENA MALIK is an entertainer, i think she should be given enough space!Recommend

  • Asim

    when Mohammed siddique khan exploded the trains in london few years back, they linked him with pakistan as his parents were originally from pakistan. even though he holds the brit nationality he was still considered to be a paki…why??u r what u r! u cant change it…
    it stays personal until ur not televised!!
    the stupid writer!! give me a bigger picture of the production company?? cant you see the brains of hindu zionism there??? listen to what ali saleem has to say…he clearly explains that the producers of the show had there own agenda, they invited 2 most controversial figures from pakistan(one being a guy dressing up like a woman and other who got famous through Fast bowler, Asif’s scandal). remember it came out of Ali saleems mouth, so you can imagine…its not just about veena, lots of people got hurt in pakistan…
    when sania got “married” to shoaib, did u not see how indians reacted?? i was in london n i have lots of indian friends, who were actually pissed off, sania! remind u! she got married and did not had a fling or became a drama queen…they still hate her!
    so the reaction of pakistanis on Veenas issue is purely natural and legitimate…Recommend

  • Ayesha

    @Asim: Don’t mix the issues of entertainment and sports with terrorism. The 7/7 bombers were linked to Pakistan because apparently they had been in touch with accomplices in Pakistan. It was a case of studying criminal profiles and joining the links together.

    The 7/7 news hasn’t died by the way: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12351849

    If people think Pakistani artists should not go to India than they should urge the government to chalk out policy regarding it. Recommend

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    [link text][1]

    [1]: http://www.zeekaind.com/ Veena looking good girl but her heart feelings in india Recommend

  • Rehan

    If this act is her personal act, then why she is defending her self in every program. she is just saying she had not done anythng in the show. she had not done this no done that. it was just a game and bla bla…..
    If she have to said the its her personal matter. then she shud not defend herself like this. she shoud close the speech by saying this. so that no one else coud say anymore to her. no one can can lame her especialy media or show biz people. as showbiz is a like a rotten eggs. as any bad political person cnt blame other bad political person.

    if we are doing bad we shud nt defend it. we shud simply say that this is my personal deed. if there is any policy or law against this u can go to rit that…Recommend

  • Sharmeela


    That’s the problem: not only the crazy illiterate maulvis but many educated apparently progressive Pakistanis do not know when someone else’s business becomes their business. Recommend

  • sadaf

    if u thing there r other more important issues than veena and mufti sahib y on earth u all r commenting….leave it …neither the mufti nor veena is justified in wat they say.simpleRecommend


    when i started watching bigboss i started liking it because of veena she is woderful female i salute herRecommend


    its not the responsibilty of veena to represent the pakistan what abt the maulanas politians she i being respected by each young muslim girl like meRecommend

  • Fozia F.

    Firstly, I’d like to be clear that I am not in favor of Veena Malik or the maulvis or Kamran …i think it is her personal life and she can do whatever she wants to….

    However, you all are missing out on a big point here my friends….She went to INDIA…
    India and Pakistan were not friends, are not friends and will not be probably no matter how much we try…..that is why our population is very touchy about her behavior in that particular show…..

    I live abroad and i have indian friends here…However, when it comes to Pakistan, I support Pakistan…and I think in a way or other, actors do represent Pakistan. Please don’t forget that this country came into existence for islam or we were be better off indians, right?

    With that said, if there are rapes, if there are double standards of moulvis, if there is vulgarity in our movies and stage dramas, does not mean that Islam teaches all that. Instead of promoting vulgarity, we should work on improving ourselves.

    You all are taking sides of Veena, however, let me ask my male friends just one question:

    Would you like your daughter and sister to go as a celebrity in India and represent AS CELEBRITY how she represented herself?? It is just a programme but how many would like our sisters, daughters to get inspired by such celebrities? You don’t have to give me the answer, just answer yourself would do. :O)Recommend

  • Kaneez Iqbal

    I personally think we shouldn’t be bothered with what Veena Malik does. It is her life and she is entitled to do whatever she pleases to.
    Don’t bring religious beliefs in her life, don’t try to portray her as a Muslim woman, simply because she is not one and neither is she trying to do anything that declares her to be. I like her bold steps and gutsy behavior, not a lot of Pakistani women have the courage to do what she did, you may call whatever you like but I think it needs a lot of guts to do what she does.. My only concern was that she went from Pakistan so in that manner she was representing the country, she could have hold respect for the country, but her ambitions I think were more important to her than her country and she choose to do what she felt was important: ambition, fame and money and got quite successful for that.. Recommend

  • Nobody

    Yeah because Pakistanis are the epitome of Islam right now…………………..shame shame Veena, you show skin. No worries that our people are ruthlessly murdered or raped or degraded everyday. Woh tho kui baath hi nahin.Recommend

  • Nobody

    @Farzana Sheikh:
    Ahh, once again ridiculous double standards rear their ugly head in your every word. Recommend