Why should I live in Pakistan?

Published: January 16, 2011

What Wali did wasn’t something extraordinarily brave.

It’s not okay when you switch on the TV to find out that someone you know has become a victim of target killing. It’s not okay to see that because it leaves you with a hundred unanswered questions about why you are still living in this country.

That’s how I felt yesterday when I heard the news that Wali Khan Babar, a fellow reporter and my senior in university, was shot dead in an incident of target killing.

As the news kept flashing images of him over and over again, I was reminded of him – clad in huge sunglasses and a red T-shirt – around the corridors of my department. It’s hard to know that someone I laughed with was killed in such a way.

Although I am not in a position to judge him professionally, I can say that he was definitely a funny and caring guy.

What he did wasn’t something extraordinarily brave – he had a normal job as a reasonable journalist. But what he received in return is what is extraordinary – death.

In my opinion, this country is not worth living in anymore because Wali’s death speaks volumes of how Pakistan has become an out-dated noun.

In international relations we learn that the basic unit of the whole system is a country which comprises nation and state.

Nation denotes a people who are believed to or deemed to share common customs, origins, and history; and state refers to the set of governing and supportive institutions that have sovereignty over a definite territory and population.

However, in Pakistan one gets killed for belonging to a certain ethnicity, for speaking your mind about religion, for being poor, for being honest, for being rational and with all that happening there is no writ of the government.

How can you live in a county when it’s not even a country anymore?

I chose to stay in Pakistan while my friends moved abroad. I made it my home because I have my people here.

But, I feel, that maybe I made the wrong choice. I ask myself, why I should stay here now, when the state cannot even guarantee the security of the people I know?


Natasha Raheel

A Karachi-based sports reporter for The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Talha

    Like Musharraf said, it’s a happening place.

    That is why you should live in Pakistan.Recommend

  • SBk

    “This country is not worth living in anymore”…………..that’s a painful statement. Wali Khan’s death is a sad incident but you should not be saying such words for your country. The dilemma with this country is this that those who have brains do no have patriotism and those who have patriotism for Pakistan do not have tolerance.May Allah protect all of us. Recommend

  • Sonia

    I ask the writer- how safe as a MUSLIM will you be elsewhere?????

    You will still be a terrorists- NOT at your option:)

    Atleast what you describe here is civil war- Pakistanis vs Pakistanis – not war against terrorism- all religions vs Islam.Recommend

  • Zubair

    Pakistan is my country,my life,my EVERYTHING. Pakistan possess so many flaws but whats the point in giving up ? Millions gave their lives for this great country so why give up now ? I say,we should STILL move on,fight injustice,intolerance …and Improve this country. It will take time,long time but we are a stage where we must fight it all out.

    Pakistan need Pakistanis more than ever. you can move abroad all you like but this country has given me a sense of pride and im happy with it. we have problems of terrorism,intolerance,drowning economy etc etc but this is my home and Im willing to fight for it.Recommend

  • Rida Tahir

    Running away from your problems is not always the right option. Do not ask what this country has given to you but what you gave to this country. I surely condemn his death in such a brutal manner but we have to fight it back until its solved, and not get a visa for US or UK and make ourselves safe. Death can follow us anywhere.Recommend

  • Abdul Bari Nizamani

    Look every time your decisions can’t be rational. If you will calculate pros and cons then yes you may thing that this country doesn’t worth staying. But why should I stay then? This is my country I was born here. I have the believe we will overcome these problems one day. As an individual I feel this is my responsibility fight and run away from this situation.Even US has seen civil wars but over the period of time they overcame those problems. Our country needs us and we can’t leave it. You can’t run away from your death. So stay firm and face the problems and don’t show your back to this country.Recommend

  • Sidra

    I also do feel the same as writerRecommend

  • Talha

    @ Sonia.

    There are many Muslims who live abroad and they have achieved a lot without any hindrances.

    Don’t know where you get your thinking from?Recommend

  • faryal amin

    sorry for ur friend..but rather than saying that u will fight these enemies who are involved in target killing u r saying this! being a writer??…since the independence we are sacrificing lives either civilians or military men … if MQM leader Imran Farooq can be killed in London! what do u think.. u think u are safe else where ??
    ill die for this land ! this country is my everything..no matter what it takes!Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/265/haris-masood-zubairi/ Haris Masood Zuberi

    Well expressed Natasha. This is exactly how helpless many Pakistanis now feel, and it takes no extraordinary imagination to gauge how detrimental this mind frame shall prove for Pakistan’s future. But we can’t blame ourselves. Pakistan was never ours to run or shape. Recommend

  • Amer

    @Author: Even though I have never been to school in Pakistan or lived there for longer then 2 months at a time, I do understand why you are thinking like that and I do agree to your thoughts to some extent (my parents lived in KSA even before I was born, so plz don’t start judging me etc). I was crying with tears when I saw the news of Wali’s death on GeoNews. Pakistan is still our country and we it’s citizens, no matter where we live… I feel that Pakistan has become Iraq of the recent past, we don’t hear of killings and blasts in Baghdad anymore, it’s Karachi where we hear of these things now. It’s the criminal politics of settling scores by giving body counts. Unless the killers of Wali and many people like him are caught and the real reasons behind the terror in Karachi are found, Pakistan (specially Karachi) will continue to be a very dangerous place for anyone to live in, that’s the reality and we can’t run away from it. I can also relate with the feelings of other commenters on this blog, Pakistan will always remain our identity, till the day we die, there is no running away from that, infact we should be proud of it and work for to improve things in Pakistan. Many before us have given their lives for this country and many more will continue to do so…
    Lastly, I think Wali Khan Babar would have stayed in this country and worked for it’s people if he had a longer life. His reporting on tolerance in society which GeoNews keeps on repeating, shows us that he loved his country, his city and it’s people. He would have wanted a better Karachi, a much better Pakistan for himself and the generations to come. May Allah bless him and give him a high place in Jannah. I hope the law enforcement authorities in Karachi catch his killers soon. Ameen. Recommend

  • http://www.pkr101.blogspot.com Auroch78

    This is a question that a mojority of educated young pakistanis will ask in the close future. With the economy tanking its only a matter of time before large scale brain drain happens and that might prove to be another nail in the coffine.


  • http://syedaabidabokhari.wordpress.com The Only Normal Person Here.

    Heart felt post.And I dont know what else to say.Recommend

  • Ali Hassan

    Very nice / touching piece. Lets hope and pray that things get better soon.
    This reminds me of one of my friends who always says “Pakistan say Zindabhaag”.Recommend

  • Majid Maqsood

    You mistaken and must flew abroad.Recommend

  • rehan

    I have a gut feeling that those who cry as to whether they should stay in this country or ‘leave it’,have a Passport which is not GREEN. ‘Cos if you do have a green PP then you have no choice other than to look at things with some hope.And don’t tell me that even with a Green PP you can settle abroad..it aint that easy now.. Recommend


    I have no words 2 say ….Recommend

  • Jun

    ofcourse Pakistan is one of the most dangerous place to live .People who are living here are those who cant find an opportunity to escape .Recommend

  • umair

    You never abandon your home , even if its burning in flames, you come back to it even if its turned into ashes, i have seen people after catastrophes sitting on the scrap of their demolished houses, lets call for helping each other in putting out the fire, not letting it burn to the ground because in the end , it will be us who ‘failed’ , and NOT the state .Recommend

  • Ali Haider

    run…if you think its not for you…you did not really need to say this out openly…Recommend

  • parvez

    To go or to stay is a very personal choice and a difficult one.Recommend

  • Umair Waheed Sheikh, Khayban e Hafiz,Karachi

    Well you stay if you want I am off to India!!Recommend

  • Princeton

    Pakistan is crumbling, and the reason for that is because all of the intelligent professionals–whom Pakistan groomed, sheltered, educated, and provided a life for–up and leave to America and Europe. How can a country progress when it suffers such a massive brain drain? Take my parents for example. They were educated in Pakistan and their entire childhood lives were based there; but rather than staying to help their own countrymen and give back to the country that gave them so much, they came to America and help racist southerners here with their medical problems. This is something they regret terribly. That is why you should stay in Pakistan; it needs the smartest people who can give back to it. Otherwise, it will keep declining.Recommend

  • http://natashasuleman.wordpress.com Natasha S.

    //I ask myself, why I should stay here now, when the state cannot even guarantee the security of the people I know?//

    The same reason why you didnt opt for a life abroad earlier. Your people.Recommend

  • SR

    I get what you are saying and agree with your point of view Natasha. Sad but true!Recommend

  • Anoop

    Get out before the West closes the door for Pakistanis.Recommend

  • http://grsalam.wordpress.com Ghausia

    Why should I live here indeed? Because I don’t have a dual nationality. Hellooo, life in Pakistan. Doom and gloom indeed.Recommend

  • jbutt

    aur support karo democracy ko. its the best revenge.Recommend

  • Ali Mohsin

    @SBk: Well said sir!Recommend

  • bilal

    its sad that he died but Natasha, u should know that its the people that make the state not the state that makes the people. The day people like you stop criticizing and actually do something usefull otherthan write a pretty artical, we will have a better pakistan. otherwise boree bistra uthao aur bahir chalay jao and good luck finding a job there with a degree in journalism lol. start by having a positive outlook. There are a lot of people who are living a normal life if not the most comfortable (with electricity shutouts). so if u believe that “this country is not worthing living in”, please leave. You hurt the feelings/sentiment of every pakistani and people who sacrificed thier lives. your only discouraging people from coming to pakistan. think about it for next time :)Recommend

  • bilal

    agree with u 100%Recommend

  • Najmul Hassan

    “Why should I live in Pakistan?” answer is simple i dont want to be second class citizen of first class economy i am better as first class citizen of third class economyRecommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/93/khurram-zahid/ Khurram Zahid

    Sher ki ek din ki zindagi, geedar ki 100 sala zindagi se behtar hay… Wali Khan Babar was a brave man and he lived a life of a Lion…. Recommend

  • zahid

    @Rida has truely describe the situation….nice viewsRecommend

  • http://billaytoot.wordpress.com Bilal

    ” Aah ko chahiye, ek umer asar hotey tak”…Recommend

  • shoeb

    All we do is talk, i see comments from arm chair patriots who dont know a think about the conditions in which people are living in Pakistan.

    People talk about making a difference, and most of lala land native here will tell me that if i have problems with the system i should try to change it! but can anyone tell me how the freaking hell!

    i can not speak my mind and if you believe your free think again there is no freedom in this country and am not talking about the comment section of tribune, try telling how you feel to someone who comes to your office every week asking for bhatta, try telling how you feel to someone with political connections, try reasoning with someone who wants to mast there political leaders photo on your house wall just try and you will know what i mean.

    Coming to the point what i can do: I can’t join a political party cause i dont trust anyone of them, i can not make a party cause i dont want early death to me and my family, i cannot join any civil service cause i cannot afford the bribe money required for any post, i cannot even vote, who to vote for just tell me who? all i can do is blog, talk and talk and freaking talk and you know what that is USELESS.

    I tried to think positively believe me i tried but the patriot in me is dieing there is no hope for this country and i have the same question as the author why should i live in Pakistan? Recommend

  • Ghufran

    i would rather say this country’s people are worthy to live with.
    hundred of people have been killed in hundreds of incident but we never think about it. it is only when some-one we know.
    we are an ignorant nation. thats why our country is not a country anymore.
    there are only two ways:

    accept what you can’t change OR Change what you can’t accept!Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmed

    You should live in Pakistan, because there is no home but Pakistan.
    Rather die a first-class citizen, than live as a third-class citizen.
    And I lived in England for six years, so I know what I am talking about.Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmed

    Join PTI… surely you trust them. I know many people who joined the civil service and did not pay a single penny as bribe. I also know individuals in the police who are so honest that they dont have a house to live in once they retire…
    There is good everywhere… you need to look for it… and not cry, crib and use excuses all the time.
    Vote for PTI… you have tried all of them, but not PTI. This time vote for change through PTI.

    Secondly… We have never given bhatta to anyone… no matter how long they have come for… how many times they have tried to be violent… in principle what is wrong is wrong. You need to learn how to take a stand. And no I have no political connections, I am not a wadera, and I dont have personal baochi guards with huge moustaches and ak-47’s. Im just a normal business man taking a stand.

    Media is free… freedom of speech is definitely NOT one of the issues in Pakistan. People say all kinds on tv to these politicians, sometimes even going over board, but they do.

    Stay positive brother… change is coming soon.Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmed


    I know MANY individuals who left their respective countries, after finishing uni, to come and settle in Pakistan… with the idea of giving back to the country that gave you all.
    We all had jobs, I had a job with Clarksons in London, but home is home… and we need to give back to Pakistan. Thats why we live in this country.
    No, I wasn’t thrown out, wasn’t refused a visa, wasn’t fired… I just left. Coz Pakistan is, was and always will be home.Recommend

  • http://billaytoot.wordpress.com Bilal

    @Adeel Ahmed:

    Agreed ..and vote for PTI..Recommend

  • Naeem Siddiqui, Australia


    You are being too emotional, this is another problem we have as a nation, we become too emotional and start think about extreme.

    Its true losing a university friend in such a way is painful, I myself lost one of my beloved friend who died in bomb blast in Imam Bargah, he was much better then me in academics and I was a bit jealous of him, but the day I heard the news of his death it felt like someone punched my heart to core, he was a Shiite Muslim and I am a Sunni he always contradicted me by arguing that attack on Shiite cannot be done my Sunni Muslims its the work of foreign forces. But I knew we have evil within which we ourselves supported and nurtured.

    I remember how I manage to reach to office on the next day of Benazir assassination people were looking at me like I was a nuts and I was not alone there were few others.

    But all these adversaries and hardship never make me think to leave the country; I have worked in Pakistan for a decent period of time and gained lots of good experience and made lots of fantastic friends. I am in Australia because this country wanted my skills and I had an opportunity to explore my field more. I am out of Pakistan not because of security but for my profession, my success in my profession is based in Pakistan not anywhere else.

    So don’t be so dis-hearted, If you want to go abroad for the good of your profession I wish good luck, But if you want to leave your country for security reasons then these people will not respect you.Recommend

  • http://mysticsmuses.wordpress.com Le Mystique

    Well done Adeel! We are proud of you and we need more people like you!Recommend

  • Salman

    Honestly … this piece of blog is a very emotional statement from a friend for her friend ….. It would have been better if writer had cast some light about her and her friend’s family turmoil instead of judging Pakistan as a country…..

    I wonder, What Pakistan has to do with it as a country?…Why you did not denounce the gang-wars or political fights for making this happen….. and Why every writer start summing up every murder together into one basket of tolerance ??? … Target killing in karachi is happening since May 11, 2007…… or even before that…..

    Leaving the country is not an option… its an escape….you leave the country and believe me 1000 more of Wali Khan would be killed daily….because the people who had the sense to fight for justice had already left the country …..

    I understand your pain….trying to blow it out of proportion and make it a case for proving that Pakistan is a bad country is a denounce-able act…..Recommend

  • Salik

    I totally agree with the Author and shoeb…..its been long that we have had this patriotism in us which has kept our minds with the though that things will change, things will change but WHEN?? is now the question, i have seen Karachi burning ever since i came to the age of discretion in the early 90’s and it has not changed ever since.

    I knew Wali Khan Babar(RIP) personally he was one of my childhood friends we grew up together and when i saw his dead body at Abbasi Shaeed Hospital i just could not hold my emotions at that point in time, i just could not believe it had happened, the cries of the family and friends just couldn’t get out of my head. And i was left with the same point of view like the Author that WHY should i live in Pakistan, where there is no value for ur life where u dont know that u will be coming back to see ur loved ones when u leave for ur office in the morning , where there are problems of electricity, gas, water and cost of living is sky rocketing every second. i wish i could do something but the problem here is i cannot, coz here if u want to make a change ur fate will be like Wali’s.

    i was perhaps one of the most patriotic person, i had always wanted to stay here, where i was born where i lived my childhood where i have my family and friends, but this feeling had started to change in the last couple of years with all that is happening around and with the sudden death of Wali (May ALLAH Bless his Soul) the feeling has strengthened. i read the arguments put in by the people here but in reality changing systems is not as easy as writing a comment on a blog, ppl have tried and failed miserably, basically we as a nation are reluctant to change, we let things happen the way they are and keep hoping that some day some one will come and change the whole situation for us, but i m very sorry to say Unfortunately i dont see that happening in the near future ……..I hope i m wrong.Recommend

  • rukun

    are you sure we are first class citizens here? thats kind of the problem isnt it, we get treated bad in our own back yard, and to no end. Recommend

  • http://www.webexpertsonline.blogspot.com Ghazanfar Mir

    Well no doubt it was the very unfortunate event like many others that have been taking place in this country over the past few years. This is indeed something that let us down in every aspect, either we are living within a country or abroad; we all share the same feelings.

    Though it was a good piece of read yet let me remind in case some of people may have forgotten here that this country was brought into existence after very great loses. We sacrificed our ancestors to get this nation from the hands of British Empire. Having said this, I am surprised how easily our people are giving up at the time when this nation need them?
    Please think over again and decide do we hold any responsibility being a nation?

    I am sure, majority of people will say YES, we hold responsibilities to defend our country rather than fleeing and branded as coward by our later generation at some point of your life.

    Pakistan Zindabad.Recommend

  • shoeb

    @Adeel Ahmed
    As much as i want to agree with you i can not cause whatever you said was just a counter argument not a solution.

    I hope of all the hopes that am wrong and your right it not about winning the argument but the points you stated are very very rare they do not even sum up to 0.005%.

    Am glad that you have been lucky with the bhatta khors but i have numerous examples of people getting shot, shops burned, children kidnapped of people who refuse to abide by there rules. Brother the term Jangle k kanoon signifies the current state of law in the country where might is right and the small animal is a prey to the bigger one.

    You tell me to vote for PTI, this is a very romantic idea but the realities are very different. If and there is a big if PTI wins some majority in the election they are not a big enough party who can form a government by themselves only they will have to go into a coalition with the thugs and they will bend over to there rules if not the thugs will leave, assembly will get dissolved end of story.

    Freedom of speech and press what they do mostly on TV is gather some naive dimwit from every party and make them call names at each other or some journalist with his/her own political agendas and backing call politicians on there show make them sulk and becomes a hero, if someone really attempts to make a difference he ends up like Wali Khan Baber.

    His death was the final nail the only thing we thought was free and might make a difference (media) died with Wali Khan. Recommend

  • http://www.bonfriends.org/2011/01/12/top-5-comparisons-of-life/ Aisha Khan

    Living in Pakistan is getting horrible these days, especially for women!! I wish i could go abroad and live peacefully Recommend

  • Yousaf

    aaah!! for Wali, yes we are sorry…

    but mind it there are millions in the worst state comparing to you… so be happy, thanks to Allah and live your life at full. Work for those who are not as good as you. Recommend

  • Saif

    Cometh the hour…flee-eth the men?Recommend

  • Maha

    If your home is set on fire then what do you do? Put out the fire or run to neighbor’s home. Surely you will try to put out the fire.
    Now using this analogy, if your country is in trouble then you don’t run away. You help and you struggle for your country. Country is like home. You live here out of love and patriotism. You have no other place to live. Simple!Recommend

  • Ali

    reality bites! those that can leave will!!!Recommend

  • Ibrahim Shakeel

    A friend of mine who lives in Canada recently posted on his Facebook status, “To be a second class citizen here beats being a third class citizen, in a third class country.”

    I can relate to this blog on many levels. Leaving isn’t a problem, it’s just the nagging bit of…’doubt’ which is keeping most of us here at the moment.

    Seeking refuge in the ‘land of God’, i.e. planet earth, shouldn’t be such a traitorous thing to do, right? Yet there’s still…doubt.

    Well written. All heartfelt and whatnot. :DRecommend

  • Maha

    @ Natasha
    First of all sorry for your colleague’s death. The murder should be condemned in every possible. It is indeed a sad affair.
    As for leaving the country, go ahead. Noone is gonna stop you but keep that in mind that you will be a second class citizen in every country other than yours and being a Muslim, terrorist as well.
    If you want to leave then do it quietly. What’s the point of telling it to everyone? If you don’t need Pakistan then Pakistan doesn’t need you as well.
    As for those people who are saying that Pakistanis are only living in Pakistan because they have no other option are seriously mistaken. I could live in any country that i want to but i will prefer to die in my own home and i have no regrets.Recommend

  • http://www.pakspectatogooutr.com Sana Saleem

    Despite all that is happening around us, we have to live here. I believe that Good Days are very near as this is the climax of injustice and there is a downfall after the climax. We will have to rise up and protest and bring about revolution against the criminals !Recommend

  • Sonia

    Well i get my ideas from people who havenot achieved alot and havent been so fortunate!!!!

    Everyone isnot happy out there. And those who are have made sacrifices. If you have to make sacrifices then y not here.

    Can you please elaborate the hindrances people HAVE faced becoz that will clear your point?????Recommend

  • brachioradialus

    @ author.. hope is the last thing to die my fellow, so keep hoping because this youth is Alhamdullilah aware of its rights and responsibilities and pakistan will rise very soon inshallah.
    and you may never know, Wali khan’s murder may be a conspiracy by those who actually want you to think and write this way and who actually want you to regret being a pakistani… so think positively and spread optimism! Recommend

  • habib

    look gentleman
    you might have been having resources to go abroad but where those poor fellows should go who do not have even two times meals for themselves and their families.Running away is not the solution to the problem.you might leave but mind you that you will leave your loved ones here.Again you will feel sorry when you will hear some sad news through media about your loved ones back here in pakistan.how will you feel then?solution is only to keep doing right things on your part for this country.God bless us allRecommend

  • Raqib Ali

    Worrying for situation in Pakistan is quite normal but such statements can only come from Pakistan.

    I have never heard an AMERICAN say this (why should I live in the US!!!) thing after someone shot a member of Congress and innocent bystanders without any reason!!Recommend

  • Meerza

    @Adeel Ahmed

    Does standing/waiting on roads for hours and hours for the sake of our VVIPs’ security arrangements make us “first-class citizens”? How many times have Brits (or even immigrants) waited for hours to let the royals pass by safely? Recommend

  • Humanity

    How many did an act of kindness this day, no matter how small? Please respond.

    I urge people to please start to walk the talk. Please start to look ate others as humans, with compassion. Please spread the germ of kindness. There is no other way out of the mess ..Recommend

  • Maria

    Just remember that the people or agency that killed Wali Khan Babar want you to write this type of article and think this way. This is reason enough to work harder for Pakistan so as not to give them the satisfaction. Pakistan Zindabad.Recommend

  • Ajaz Hussain

    Wali Khan’s death is really a big demise “May creater give his soul peace”-(Ameen).

    The problem is not with the country but with the polititions whichever political party they belong. I think we need this country is not for them to live here.

    If we reject all these polititions and remove them from here than, I think this will be one of the best country on the earth to live with security and prosperity.Recommend

  • Ali

    I encourage everyone to read this article on why one would want to live in Pakistan. I found parts of it rather influential.Recommend

  • http://www.thedoctorsinfo.com ansir

    tu shaheed ha or shaheed kbi mra nhi krtay………..! we are love u my dear brother wali khanRecommend


    @Sana Saleem:
    Well said Sana, This brave message is for all including the author who wants to leave Pakistan due to adverse conditions. I sincerely hope that more rationale people join this revolution and bring stability in your country. Best wishes and God bless. Recommend

  • http://www.simple.com.pk Rez
  • http://www.simple.com.pk Rez
  • kazim agha

    why i lived in aboard when foreign people called me terrist becuse i,m muslim.why i live in aboard when those people called me now u suck my country.similarly whenever your own house dig in the problums and you not leave your house in any situation.now why i leave my country..Recommend

  • jahanzaib ahmed

    there will be no PATRIOTISM for the new generation let me tell you people very clearly… I, being one of them, I dont care what happened in past, how many people give their lives for this country, but I care more about much life is worth now here.

    Muslim/Non-Muslim, is anyone safe here? except for those who can afford an army of private guards! You people must understand the thoughts before this writing before start critisizing any ones statement. I m very thankful to Allah subhanutallah for everything he gave me, but it is my right to raise my concern for well being of this country.

    Why cant we understand that problem here, in this country, is not of any specific nature…. but the biggest problem is the make the people self sustain on their own, and how will this happen? USAID? Benazir Income Support Program? PPP’s Moto? PMLN’s Moto?Mutahida’s Moto? ANP’s Moto?

    Let me tell a prediction, this country will ONLY progress when more then 50% of its population will start getting education uptill graduate level. Properly co-oridnated up-to-date religious + scientific Education for each individual is the solution to the Pakistan’s problem. Not all problem, but its hell of a good start. Recommend

  • A.

    @Adeel AhmeD
    That is exactly what my father says!Recommend

  • kashif

    Countries which we call peaceful haven’t been peaceful since the beginning . All the countries faced difficult times and our country is also passing through the same not soon but for sure Pakistan will solve its problem. Its never like this if we face some problem we don’t run away but solve them . Recommend

  • Tehmina Tariq

    How many of our loved ones need to die before we are guaranteed and provided security by the miscellaneous security agencies?

    When will our elite realise that hiring foreign guards and digging tunnels will not save them from the tentacles of robbers, killers, rapists? When will they realise that increasing ‘their security’ only decreases it in real terms….a) less people to hunt criminals, b) makes them more visible and c) increases their risk of having an angry young person attack them!

    The solution is ensuring that security agencies do their work well. That they are held accountable and given due security and support by our justice departments. If judges are unwilling to try and punish criminals then this talk of increased security is just only talk.Recommend

  • ahmed

    nobody forces anyone to stay. its an ethnic world and nationalities matter. You are going to know that on the first airport on your way out. for me i prefer to stay an fight for my countryRecommend

  • tehmina tariq

    If one was to stop watching the sensational, negative TV channels, forget the past, be involved and start interacting in a positive way with members of our community, we may get out of this depression about our country. We need to have the courage to publically condemn those who only preach hate and are absolute hypocrites. Maybe then we can start moving forward. What we give is what we get.Recommend



    If you are really tired of living here, go ahead, move to the country of your chose. If u donot need your country then i being Pakistani say to you that we also donot need you people. We can make things right by our own, we true patriots are more than enough to make things normal. A country that was born on 27th of Ramadan could never remain in such a crises forever, change is near…Recommend