How would you describe Pakistan in one word?

Published: August 14, 2016

People usually see Pakistan under a negative light, they describe it as unsafe, backwards, and hopeless; the list could go on. But when we went around asking people to tell us one word that described Pakistan for them, they didn’t have a negative word to say. We didn’t encounter a single person that had an unpleasant thing to say about our country.

Maybe it’s the spirit of Independence Day that brings patriotism in the hearts of our people, or maybe its the jazba that has always been there, but never discovered, or maybe their words are the truth. One thing we have realised is that not one of us could ever call any other place home. So today, let’s thank our country for being our pride, our love, our joy, our sorrow, our tormentor, our healer, our home, and most importantly, our identity.

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