Pakistani ‘sex gangs’ who don’t prey on British girls

Published: January 11, 2011

There should be no shame or fear in condemning the racialised discourse that is framing the very grave issue of sexual exploitation.

Allegations that Pakistani men acquire sexual perversions as a result of their sexually oppressive cultures, by many commentators, including David Aaronovitch, former Labour MP Ann Cryer, and now Jack Straw—and coverage of these views by more-than-delighted right wing publications like the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and The Sun—is fast becoming an accepted universal truth.

The increasingly frenzy follows a half-baked investigation by British newspaper The Times, which ostensibly concludes that Asian British men are specifically targeting white girls between the ages of 12 to 16 for “street grooming” and sexual exploitation.

Following this, prominent Labour politician Jack Straw warned that British Pakistani men regard white girls as “easy meat” for sexual abuse.

As media coverage of the investigation becomes broader, these statistics are being used to erroneously construct a profile of the psycho-sexual disposition of Pakistani men in Britain.

Not only are a very small sample of the thousands of cases relating to sexual abuse of underage girls examined, but the statistics are deliberately tailored to indict men of Pakistani origin, and set up a dialectic between them and “young, innocent, vulnerable white girls.”

Pakistani men out to get British girls?

The profiling is flawed on many levels; it manipulates statistics, picks and chooses which to report or investigate, clumsily homogenises Muslim culture, and generalises the experiences of British men with a Pakistani background. Ultimately, it is a calculated effort by The Times to indict men of Pakistani and Muslim origin by manipulating statistics, thereby setting up yet another racial dialectic where whites are targeted and victimised by Muslims in Britain.

The proponents of this investigation are presenting their argument with a vital disclaimer which serves to hinder attempts at rebuttal. There is the suggestion that there has been a deliberate cover-up of these issues, because organisations and institutions are too afraid to broach the race element, for fear of being branded racist. The effect this has is to preemptively dismiss or deflate any criticism that arises on the grounds of being racist.

But let us not be deceived. The investigation is intrinsically racist in its very methods and presentation of statistics, let along the shockingly racist and patronising conclusions that commentators are drawing from it.

Muslim response

Pakistani and Muslim communities are floundering for an adequate response. Chairman of the Ramadhan Foundation in the UK, Mohammed Shafiq, has been brought on by many media outlets to comment. He wrote in The Times:

“The simple answer is that these people think that white girls have fewer morals and are less valuable than our girls […] a form of racism that is abhorrent and totally unacceptable in a society that prides itself on equality and justice.”

This is, however, a gross and unfounded extrapolation, which only serves to echo cultural stereotypes.

Rather than responding to the incriminating evidence with apologies and offers of appeasement, Pakistani and Muslim communities and organisations should challenge the authenticity of these allegations. Labour Party’s Ms Cryer’s claimed:

“many of these men are already married or have been promised in marriage to someone they’ve never met, some cousin from their village in Mirpur who is almost certainly illiterate…”

This is shockingly patronising, founded in false stereotypes, and should be exposed as such.

Times journalist David Aaronovitch self-assuredly concludes:

By and large the seducers come from formerly rural communities that tend to both idealise and oppress women. The notion of what the “good” woman is as a mother, wife, daughter, may be enforced without significant regard to the woman’s own wishes. And one of these notions concerns the importance of virginity before marriage.

There is no evidence or research to support these assumptions – they are pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey style guesses, and entirely fallacious.

There should be no shame or fear in condemning the racialised discourse that is framing the very grave issue of sexual exploitation. It would be far more accurate for Mr Shafiq to turn his haughty accusations of racism away from the “Asian men” who single out white girls — a “fact” that is absolutely impossible to prove from these statistics — to the manner in which this is being discussed by politicians and the media: in itself, “a form of racism that is abhorrent and totally acceptable in a society that prides itself on equality and justice.”

Iman Qureshi

Iman Qureshi

A freelance journalist currently based in London. Qureshi recently completed an MSc in postcolonial literature at the University of Edinburgh and tweets @ImanQureshi

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Disco Molvi

    I’m a medical student at a private institute in Karachi. I know a lot of my highly educated colleagues and teachers who keep a low opinion of the ‘white’ women who, according to them, are ‘immoral’ as they don’t cover themselves up and, to them, are of ‘loose character’, deserving of ‘punishment’ in this world and destined for ‘hellfire’ in hereafter.
    If the educated ones have this thought pattern, you can just guess what notions the illiterate ones must harbouring.
    As much as you want to label it as racism against Pakistani Muslims, it’s in fact a reality which you’ve got to wake up to.
    And I have to agree on what the Chairman of the Ramazan Foundation has said.Recommend

  • Khan

    I live in the UK and I have never preyed on ‘white girls.’ I have never been attracted to them anyway. I’m getting married this year in september to a Pakistani girl. Doesn’t apply 2 me. haha!Recommend

  • aq

    Pakistani Males are more attracted to Pakistani Girls rather then white women.. the truth of the matter is 90% of paki men are NOT attracted to white women …

    This is more likely a one off and a bunch of low lifes who jst wanted a quickie.. they should be locked up for life …Recommend

  • Raakin

    Denial is a river in Egypt, Iman.Recommend

  • Akhtar

    As usual Blaming others. Pakistani men have a bad reputation build over decades,hence the namePAKI.
    Thre is above average number of Pakistani men in prison
    Thre may be racism etc but overall blame lies with Pakistani men Recommend

  • Ronny

    i completely agree with Disco Molvi…..even in India “conservative” hindus and muslims tend to have a VERY LOW OPINION about white girls.

    Sad but true!Recommend

  • Nabi

    This sort of thing is against Islam. A few rotten apples should not give a whole group a bad name.

  • Indocanuck

    Paki/Muslim men are not attracted to non Muslim women because they do not consider them “human beings”.
    Here in Canada, there are countless cases of Pakistani boys sowing their wild oats as it were with non Muslim girls, and marrying a nice hijab / burqa wearing Muslima from the home country.. chosen by ammi and abba.
    The premise of these articles is that the boys consider non Muslim females “meat”, to be used , abused and thrown away. This unfortunately, is what you teach them in your culture.
    Shame on Ms. Qureshi for defending..nay, condoning the mindset that fosters such bigoted thinking . Being a woman yourself, and presumably an educated one at that, one would expect a wider breath of vision from you…instead, you do what your country men are best known for: blame the victim for your crime.
    Kindly go out and walk a few yards in the shoes of an abused victim before spewing your myopic prattle.Recommend

  • Maria

    @Akhtar: It’s not a question of blaming others. There may well be some bad apples among the Pakistani expatriate community who seeks out easy sex with european women. If it’s the custom there, they take part in it the same way they take part in drugs and alchohol. But by no means should we make a generalization of all Pakistani men in the diaspora. This would be grossly unfair and ignorant of the facts. I know that in Europe they used to make mean images of jews cavorting with euopean women as a way of scaring society against the Jews. In the US they used to demonize blacks by making ludicrous claims of black slaves wanting to rape white women. The truth is that most Pakistani men I know abroad prefer their own Pakistani women since they believe in the Pakistani ideal of beauty. As for the word Paki conjured up by some racist British for all brown skinned foreigners, you need to know that similar words exist in other European countries for Arabs, Turks and Afghanis.Recommend

  • babar farhan

    the author instead of having a knee jerk defensive reaction should have the courage to accept reality:pakistani men consider women as sex objects only if they aren’t their sisters,mothers or daughters.pakistani men don’t accept women as bosses or sports personalities or heart or brain surgeons.
    any girl in jeans or top is considered a girl of loose morals deserving of being raped.Instead of living in denial ,we should accept the truth & try to change these attitudes.women like this author instead of indulging in knee jerk defensive actions should raise the problem faced by working women because of the stone age attitudes of pakistani men.Recommend

  • Shahryar Ahmed

    Unfortunately, we have not done anything lately to enhance our respect as global citizens or the name of our country. We have been in the news for all the wrong reasons & have played right into the hands of our detractors.

    We have not only brought a bad name to our country, nationality as well as to Islam as well. Recently, we have only been associated with bombs, terrorists’ havens, sexual maniacs, cold blooded killers (thanks to Qadri AKA Tasser’s killer), so in truth we have to share majority of the blame for all the international media picking on us.

    We should stop blaming others & take a long hard look at ourselves. Recommend

  • Yousuf

    Hold on for a second! It says “Asian Men”, doesn’t that also include the Chinese?Recommend

  • Marina Khan

    What an article. Trust me, pakistani men donot leave a girl without starring inspite in burqa, so how can a white girl can be out of their vision. Pakistani men can become dogs for white women, n trust me, i am saying this with experience.Recommend

  • zaigham

    What Jack Straw say is not entirely wrong…
    Most Pakistanis have a low opinion of “white” women…
    One group abhors them and the other loathe them for the very reasons…
    however both are unanimous that ‘white’ women are an easy lay…
    Both the educated and the non-educated has the same view…
    Education has done little to change their mindset…Recommend

  • Imran Khalid

    Well written article. The comments on this article are obviously made by individuals who are ignorant of the racial bias inherent to Mr Straw’s statement. The statement is an unfortunate indictment of the United Kingdom where some politicians and media harken back to the colonial days of yore. There are important issues that the Pakistani-British community needs to address but that can be said of all communities in the UK. This is indeed bigotry at its worstRecommend

  • Morbid Isolation

    Jack Straw may not have statistics to prove his point and (as per this article) neither do you…this is one biased opinion against another biased opinion. Seems like you’re just writing to defend something,anything against Pakistanis. Yes marginalizing and stereotyping British Pakistanis is ridiculous especially in this case but it is not far from becoming semi-legitimate. Pakistanis have a stereotype of their own i.e. Foreign women are loose,promiscuous and have no inhibitions or moral inclination towards things taboo in a Pakistani society,hence,they are ‘easy’. This mentality,coupled by genuine lack of sex education and various prohibitions towards mingling with the opposite gender, has created a hollow idea about western women and sexual activity itself. So although not all Pakistanis are sexually aggressive,they definitely have some stereotypes of their own about the west and it’s women. Many go without transgressing the moral implications of such a thought but some do and the numbers of those ‘some’ are increasing every year…Recommend

  • Tyrone

    I though white women were only viewed as potential converts not sex targets? Seriously in defending against a generalisation we can’t help but generalise!

    I’m left handed so trust me! :)

    However if the research is wrong the author should be publishing her rebuttal in the UK press right?

    Is Jack Straw of any consequence?

    Can Iman answer why almost all Pakistanis who come back from the UK, blame the ‘blacks’ for crime and spoiling the place?Recommend

  • Ali

    The fact that a group of men of Pakistani origin were caught doing such heinous things is shameful. They should be punished using Sharia law. This will certainly send a message to all others who would dare to do this that the ramifications are huge.Recommend

  • Deen Sheikh

    Hate to break it to you Iman, but such discrimination is being practised right here in the affluent areas of Karachi and Lahore, all men who patrons without females accompanying them are being discriminated at establishments and events. The justification that women here are giving for this that, such policies safeguard and protect them from all the potential rapists, cheap arses and gawking pervs out there. Dont you think this is a type of sexism and discrimination, dont you think this is stereo typing that all men are inherently bad? Your living in the UK, come to Pakistan and see for yourself if you do not believe me.Recommend

  • Amadeus

    Jack Straw is correct. period.Recommend

  • Umair

    Denial. Denial. Denial.

    as a result of their sexually
    oppressive cultures,

    oppressive cultures, period.

    Pakistanis are a pretty screwed up bunch. A few exceptions aside.Recommend

  • san

    u are v right about this
    “The simple answer is that these people think that white girls have fewer morals and are less valuable than our girls […] a form of racism that is abhorrent and totally unacceptable in a society that prides itself on equality and justice.”
    they don’t know about humanity. i am also Muslim i feel shame on the acts nd thinking of our people:/.Recommend

  • J. Ndluli

    The facts presented are that 9 Asian men are being investigated on criminal charges involving 14 White teenage girls (aged between 13 and 15yrs).
    By any yardstick, this is to be regarded as child exploitation! What the world wants to know is – why is the local Asian community not doing more to assist police in this case? Instead they appear to be closing ranks (again) and immediately going on the defensive. Recommend

  • Jay

    To the author of this article and to many of you who posted – the fact remains that what happened in Derby WAS a racist crime by Muslims against whites. San you are right to be ashamed and it takes a lot of courage to stand up and say so. We should not be afraid to call it what it is – race crimes against whites and non-Muslims.

    What bothers many non-Muslims is that the racist aspect was played down. I know for a fact that what happened in Derby is the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to multiculturalist celebrate diversity politics in Europe many people are afraid to stand up against this degenerate side to Muslim culture for fear of being called Islamophobes, and for fear of Islamic violence if the truth is known.

    What should be recognised is that inasmuch as non-Muslims are bullied into accepting Muslim culture and mores, many indigenous British non-Muslims are realising that they too have the right to demand Muslims accept and respect British culture (at least what is left of it). Whatever people here think – the views of ordinary non-Muslim Brits are NOT represented by the views the UK Government chooses to exhibit. Until the authorities face up to the fact that we non-Muslims in the UK have a real and worrying (to say the least) problem with the attitude of many Muslims, and until the authorities take steps to make them understand that the UK is not a Muslim country and as such Muslims must accept and respect British law, customs and culture – then the problem will become worse.

    As a non-Muslim I do not want to see Muslim-only enclaves in my city, I do not want to see my council caving in to threats and bullying if Muslims deem themselves insulted. I want the kind of respect from Muslims that I am required to give them.

    The threat of being called racist and Islamophobic does not bother me in the least, by the way.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Aquiring “sexual perversions as a result of their sexually oppressive cultures” is absolutely true. Remember the “Donkey Sex” Google Trends news which New York Times had cracked? And, the study that greater percentage of Saudi Arabia and Iran’s population surf the net for Porn than any other nationality?

    Makes perfect sense if you think about it.Recommend

  • Tamur

    You have got to be kidding me. Pakistani men (at least the ones with a good pair of eyes and a few other senses) are NOT attracted to white women at all. No offense ladies but that’s how it is. Above all we value our own cultural values and lifestyle in our women. This propaganda not only tries to uncover the “plight” of “poor defenseless white women” against the “evil” and “secular” ways of Muslim men, but also creates a scenarios where white man once again has a reason to create hatred for another group. How many times history has repeated the same lesson already? well here it is once again.Recommend

  • Laila Mandviwalla

    i totally agree with the author, these statistics are completely frivolous. Anyone with half a brain knows that!Recommend

  • Shumaila

    I would have to agree with one of the commenters above that while these accusations seem merely more anti-muslim or anti-pakistani propaganda, you have not supported your statements with any statistics and thus you could be pulling all of this out of thin air for all we know.

    Kindly support your arguments, or don’t waste your time making them.Recommend

  • Raqib Ali

    Have to agree with the writer. There maybe a small Muslim minority that has done something which is very UNISLAMIC, i.e. having sex without marriage and drinking etc…

    As far white girls, they know that Muslims usually marry within their culture. Mostly those who go out with each other do it on the understanding of ‘no strings attached fun’ (even that should not be done by a practising Muslim).Recommend

  • Jun

    i dont see any reason for defending criminials here .This is known fact that Pakistanies do not have good reputation in Europe and reason is their bad deeds.Its not necessary to find jews , hindus,isralei conspiracy behind everything.Recommend

  • Kuku

    Jack Straw comments are just racist. He should have been sued for it big time.
    But if he said so, why then Indian makes were excluded. How on Earth, Indian males are different from Pakistani males in that respect, if he said so. This is utterly ridiculous.
    Western culture produce those girls who are chasing Asian, Blacks and all other males.
    Those girls should be blamed for their frivolous behavior, not males. Those rotten western societies should have been learning from East, especially from Muslim countries, how to treat women with respect. It is all upside down in Jack Straw’s universe. Recommend

  • DR. E.

    So if Pakistani men are not attracted to white women the what are they continually having sex with many of them over a protracted period of time? You keep dreaming.

    This case is simple. Pakistani men in general have little respect for women and even less respect for ‘infidel’ women.Recommend

  • vague twenty eight

    I agree with you totally Recommend

  • vague twenty eight

    i second your say Miss Maria Recommend

  • Tyrone

    ‘Mostly those who go out with each other do it on the understanding of ‘no strings attached fun’ (even that should not be done by a practising Muslim).’

    Do you seriously think that Christianity, Hinduism or even Judaism etc allow such ‘no strings attached fun’ ?

    The religion and the practise of followers are two different things! Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    and what on earth we south Asians doing in that “rotten western society”. Its all very well to label british society as “rotten” and yet we all will go at any length to be in there and be a part of it. And God forbid, if our women folk try to be a part of it, then? will suffer fate of that Bangledeshi Harry potter star I guess.Recommend

  • Ali

    @Marina Khan:
    well.. thats racism ma’am
    and with dua respect. i think all men are equall even if they r paki, indian or even chinese. nobody leav a girl. but with my experience i have seen alot of girls from india and china who r so much frustrated that they can do anything to get a guy. why always balme guys????/
    girls giving escort services are there too
    so dnt just blame guysRecommend

  • UAL

    Ok May be Pakistani man hav litte or no respect for woman
    But there are thousands of women who get raped & violated by WHITE man every year in Europe n US

    Then y loathe Pakistani men only ???????Recommend

  • Sana Saleem

    The guys are not only responsible for this… I Agree with Ali… May be the Girls want to get aprey to these boys…Recommend

  • Iman Qureshi

    Thanks for all your comments.

    For all those who asked for counter-statistics – I am not writing to fight statistics with statistics. Statistics are inevitably flawed, and should never be heavily relied on. It would be like fighting racism with more racism.

    What I am disputing is the reliability of these stats, and the legitimacy of the conclusions drawn from them. Whilst the statistics may correlate, that does not mean they cause. To quote someone else’s example:

    “100% of people with kidneys have hearts; but possessing kidneys does not cause people to have hearts. Relating this to the case in question, it would also be true that, since all humans are mammals, 100% of rapists have hair. So, if we are going to pay attention to statistical correlation and probe for causal relation, we should seek to ask what about having hair causes people to rape.”

    Do you see how statistics can be flawed? Just because many rapists are Pakistani, doesn’t mean that being Pakistani CAUSES them to be rapists.

    It is also far too presumptuous to suggest that all Muslims believe the same things, or are brought up with the same cultural influences, which is what many media outlets and politicians are fallaciously implying. Just think how much dispute and disagreement over Islam there is in Pakistan.

    Furthermore, it is incredibly disappointing to see the number of prejudiced viewpoints being expressed here, be it against Pakistanis, or “white girls” – it displays ignorance as well as a lack of understanding, kindness and humanity.

    I hope these few points clarify. Recommend

  • Dr.Imran

    @Sana Saleem:
    Yep ! These girls have some role to play as well. One of them even committed in court that She said Yes only to Get it done and Get rid of him.
    Lood like a plot against them as i said we are under suspicion now a day. Be Careful.Recommend

  • Noor-ul-ain Hanif

    agree with youRecommend

  • vague twenty eight

    @Disco Molvi,
    Well i think if you have not witnessed the West you may be not in a position to state what you have already, its not knew and has been going on for a long period of time, but the matter has been bought forward now but but its not new or hidden, “let alone the matter of loose characters” you go to places like Birmingham, Alum Rock Bradford City, South-hall, Manchester One Mile Road, and you will witness the “low and pathetic” behaviors and mischief towards girls covered or not covered of our so called “Muslim” brothers in U.K, than and why not they have a right to take action against or raise their voice lawfully, they are in the right. I don’t know which world your living in and uumm just a thought for a second a Mullah, Molvi means a teacher of Islam and you have turned it into a thing which discriminates Islam “Disco” wow like you have an opinion, please next time get your facts right.

    DR.E has said this because its a mere solid fact and a very true statement which i will back up and day 101%

    “So if Pakistani men are not attracted to white women why are they continually having sex with many of them over a protracted period of time? or for the “Red Passport” you keep dreaming.
    This case is simple. Pakistani men in general have little respect for women and even less respect for ‘infidel’ women”Recommend

  • Confused

    @Shumaila: This is supposed to be an article from-the-heart. What are stupid statistics gonna prove?

    Just because you have a kidney doesn’t mean you have a heart!Recommend

  • Mani

    Excellent analysis Iman – well done.Recommend

  • ribtickler

    It is not only Indians and Pakistanis that think white girls are so & so (which is just you and your friends I think).

    Even some white people will have low opinions of others. This does not generate necessarily generate a perversion. Recommend

  • ribtickler

    good article though. The evidence is very weak. To reach the generalizations based on those sorts of figures is bad analysis with an agenda.

    The vital disclaimer you’ve wrote about is astute of you. This has been building up to its crescendo when the Times launched its article. Recommend

  • kazim agha

    for some instance i accept because many of the pakistani men do the sex and the reasen is very simple because they never seen such modreate atmosphare in pakistan.and when they go to abroad and seen such charming and attractive atmosphare women on the road wearin a scrt and limited clothes its definantly attractive hahahaRecommend

  • ribtickler

    kazim, that would apply to many people from Asia and Africa, not just Pakistan. In any case almost all these gangs are british born men. You personally might have a problem in this respect.

    I think instead of generalizing a personal perversion you have, look at the figures displayed. That is what the article is about. There are no evidence or figures to support these assumptions. But we’re told it happens in the white, black, and other communities. Do you believe in criminalization by evidence or through what a judge feels on the day? Recommend

  • Big Daddy

    in every community we have GOOD AND BAD people, we cannot blame the whole community for the actions one or two people.
    if we look at the least no of rape cases in the world it is saudi arabiai why?
    because the way girls/women dress their they are fully covered only their face and hands are visible, unlike hear in uk or other countries where women expose themsleves by wearing skirts, half sleeves tight clothes etc. thats why more rape cases.Recommend

  • vikas

    @Big Daddy:
    right broRecommend

  • ribtickler

    saudi arabia has no rape cases because the legal definition of rape is a lot different to other places in the world. Recommend

  • QuranVsHadith

    If the shoe fits!!!Recommend

  • Vidyut

    I want to say something important here.

    For all those who are claiming that white women hold no appeal to Muslims and think this refutes anything about the allegations:

    Sex crimes and rapes are rarely based on attraction. It is a process of contempt and degradation – a very personal assault and rarely committed on someone they respect.

    Please get an idea of the serious crimes that led to this uproar before rushing to defend. It may turn out that you shame yourself by defending some things.Recommend

  • Vidyut

    Here are the statistics. Defend them if your conscience allows.

    “But researchers identified 17 court prosecutions since 1997, 14 of them in the past three years, involving the on-street grooming of girls aged 11 to 16 by groups of men.

    The victims came from 13 towns and cities and in each case two or more men were convicted of offences.

    In total, 56 people, with an average age of 28, were found guilty of crimes including rape, child abduction, indecent assault and sex with a child.

    Three of the 56 were white, 53 were Asian. Of those, 50 were Muslim and a majority were members of the British Pakistani community. ”

    Read more:

  • ribtickler


    Can you read what you quoted? The victims came from 13 towns. First, do you know how many towns are there in the UK? Second, those court cases were only from 2 areas where these crimes were committed.

    Now here’s where you need to engage that brain. Those 2 areas will represent only a very very very small fraction of the total number of areas/courts where these prosecutions take place. Take a third area where these court cases are prosecuted. Some of the victims from the 13 areas may have had this crime committed on them in this third area. This third area might be predominantly white and the criminals that operate in that area might be predominantly white.

    In fact if you look at the statistics, it is impossible for the majority of areas to be predominantly pakistani dominated for this crime. So what you see is more crime of this type being committed because the two areas have a much higher density of pakistanis in the local population, or criminals of particular ethnic groups operate in different areas.

    The percentages show quite clearly that pakistanis do not form any majority for any type of criminal offence in the uk. If in 2 areas pakistanis do, it just means that in other areas the majority of offenders must be non pakistani. Deduction is not your strongpoint. Recommend

  • Le Mystique

    Thanks very much Iman for writing such a great article!Recommend

  • Anglofile

    This controversy was launched by none other than Jack Straw,whom I respect immensely and who is not a racist by any stretch of imagination.May be a little jealous of the success of some Pakistani competitors.

    Have a heart Jack; -Boys,after all.are boys and British girls including the ones from diverse ethnic backgrounds are pretty and worth pursuing. To label such a pursuit to Pakistanis alone is being out of focus.There are Silvio Berlusconis everywhere and among all races of men.Recommend

  • Mana K

    Culture and race is very important and relevant to our understanding of the problem of sexual exploitation, particularly in understanding why certain men feel it is okay to abuse, rape and manipulate some young women for their own sexual gratification, and not others. However, what I think this discussion is the fact that the same Pakistani men that rape young girls in their cars, in their homes and on the street, also return home and rape their wives, control their sisters and oppress women within their own communities. Pakistani women are also victims of sexual violence. I have dealt with many incidents of widows being propositioned and raped by men in their extended family because they no longer have a man to protect them. I have heard of Pakistani men, blackmailing women from their own community and exposing them as ‘whores’ by using intimate texts, images during their courting.Unlike white women, these women have to carry the burden of shame and embarrassment and do not report their experiences for fear of reprisal, which can mean death or forced marriages in Pakistan. Race and culture helps us to understand how women experience sexual exploitation differently, and sometimes unequally. If we are to deal with this problem we must realize all men have a role to play in enabling sexual violence and we can not find excuses, or hide the facts for fear of upsetting the boat.Recommend

  • Aamir

    Agreed with bid daddyRecommend

  • Haris

    lol quoting from the dailymail one of the most rightwing newspapers in the UK these guys get sued numerous amounts of time for libel for printing misinformation you should have pulled papers out of a hat and it would have been more believable hahaRecommend

  • Nobody

    @Big Daddy:
    First of all, Saudi has “less” cases of rape because their definition of it differs, DEFINITELY not because they don’t have frequent rapes there. And second, rape has nothing to do with SEX. It’s about power and violence. Men don’t rape because they were walking down the street, saw a scantily clad woman, and just felt oh so horny they couldn’t control themselves. How ridiculous! I still find it amusing when eastern men try to blame rape in the western world on less clothing when rape happens just as much, if not more in the eastern world. It just goes unreported. People’s ignorance still surprises me. Recommend

  • Asma Ali

    dear Iman,
    During my study in Coventry University , I had a tough time to save my self from Asians and espicailly Pakistani boys than the ones from UK. The Asians are generally take girls as sex objects.I agree with report. I think It is time for soul searching rather than reacting irritionally and taking refuge in conspiracy theories.Please leave that job to the Islamic Narcissists.Recommend