Pakistan is a donkey state

Published: January 8, 2011

Qadri was given a hero's welcome at court premises by educated lawyers who showered him with rose petals!

The key pillar of a democracy is the will of the majority. As the meaning of an Urdu couplet goes, the beauty of democracy is that we can always be ruled by donkeys as long as the majority is made up of donkeys.

So, if the base concept is the assumption that the majority should get their way regardless of the quality of their choices, everyone has to follow. By that token, I am now quite convinced Pakistan is a donkey state. Forgive me if I sound unpatriotic – I am not, I love my country (or what is left of it). What I have lost, is hope.

Salmaan Taseer’s murder, shocking as it is, was somehow not totally unexpected. The kind of threats he was receiving or the protests against him were no secret. All because his opposition to a controversial law and his support for a Christian blasphemy convict (where an official enquiry points to likely innocence), was in itself considered equivalent to blasphemy.

Coming back to donkeys. Not one of the political leaders have had the guts to publicly condemn the reasons for his murder while conveying their shock at the incident. Not one has said that the so-called fatwa issued for the governor’s head by small-time mullahs could be wrong. The murderer is being hailed as a Ghazi (conqueror) and given a hero’s welcome at court premises by educated lawyers who showered him with rose petals! No less than 300 lawyers have offered to defend him free of charge. Text messages are circulating on cell phones praising him for his heroic act and condemning those who oppose the assassination as equal blasphemers! Facebook has pages dedicated in his honour with thousands of fans. The largest Urdu newspaper runs a front-page story declaring, “There should be no funeral for Salman Taseer and no condemnation for his death.”

The voices of sanity are muted. From the public and civil society, no one can raise a moderate opinion without being subjected to condemnation and life threats. No debate on the blasphemy law will be tolerated. No discussion on rule of law (on the subject of this assassination) is acceptable. The sentence has been passed, the verdict carried out. The majority has spoken.

Those spending endless hours defending the country to the rest of the world saying extremists are in a minority and that there is hope; those social activists out there who still want to call out to Pakistanis to “wake up and shake it up;” who are we fooling?

I think it’s time to wake up ourselves. We may love the country, but make no mistake, this is donkey country.


Aruna Hussain

A former CEO of a Fortune 200 Denmark-based logistics company operating in Pakistan and Afghanistan. She blogs at

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  • Ali

    The much vaunted judiciary that went on long marches to save the nation garlands murderers. In still of promoting law and order they celebrate murder. I have more respect for street sweepers, at leat they earn an honest days wage. Recommend

  • Humanity

    This is nation of Firawn – afraid of the mullah and not Allah ! Playing God and claiming to protect the honor of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Who are they kidding?

    Allah kee lathi be-awaaz hae. Recommend

  • http://Faisalabad Mubarak

    Dear Aruna Hussain it is big insult to the donkeys by calling Pakistan a donkey country. Donkeys serve people by carrying their heavy loads. We have to coin new terminology to define Pakistan. Thanks for highlighting the real state of affairs of this unfortunate ‘land of the pure morons’.Recommend

  • abdul khaliq

    Assalam o Allikum.We gratefull to ALLAH,Who give us beautiful earth to live and send Prophets for our guidance,Holy Quran is the last book and complete guidance for all human being.ALLAH is Rab ul aalameen. MUHAMMED (PBUH) is the messanger of ALLAH.MUHAMMED (PBUH) is Rahmatt ul aalameen.Kindly study the basic(back bone) structure of life and then think what is right and what is wrong.THANK U. ALLAH BLESS U.Recommend

  • Hasan

    It isn’t a donkey country Aruna, you and I are donkeys here. Why is it that we don’t engage people around us in a friendly way and tell them what Islam really means.

    People like you are sidelined by dubbing them ‘liberals’ and ‘secular’ and they succeed in doing so. Islam is everyone’s religion, freedom of speech is valued in Islam, while some modern ‘clerics’ tend to control the masses by prohibiting this fundamental right of human speech. You should re-view Aamir LIaquat Hussains program which he did on 3rd December 2010 on ARY Digital and find out yourself who is the real culpritRecommend

  • MiP

    I agree 200%. The conduct of the ‘black-coats’ at the remand hearing a murderer in particular and generaly is despicable. They consider themselves above any law. Go to any ‘katchery’ or court and you will find more “LIARS” than litigants. The ‘Namoos e Risalat’ Jahailoon Brigade’ and the black coats are now twin-brothers. These lawers are the cause and effect of the rampant corruption in the lower coarts. They encourage it taking a cut in every deal. Recommend

  • afzal bhatti

    i agree with you Recommend

  • irfan qadri
  • spiral universe

    i so agree with the title. now i wonder who in this country is not an extremist!Recommend

  • Muted Silent Majority

    Thumbs Up !!!Recommend

  • muhammad salim

    excellent article,what our society lacks is self evaluation & introspection.We live in our self created delusion of being superior to others just on the basis of our religion.Religion doesn’t automatically make a person better or worse than the next person.Don’t know when this delusion entered our nation’s psyche,but a lot of ppl i’ve met in my life think that just because they were born into a particular religion makes them by birth better or superior to ppl of other religions!!Recommend

  • shy

    We are living in dark land.Recommend

  • Noor-ul-ain Hanif
  • Faisal Imam

    I am a Pakistani and ashamed to be one. Thats why I have vowed never to return to that country and have also changed my religion in didgust.Things like this just further the educated ones from Islam.Recommend

  • Majid Maqsood

    I agree with you what you meant to say.Recommend

  • Corporate Lawyer from India

    I never knew that lawyers in Pakistan are so irrational. Myself being a lawyer, I believe that Qadri has a right to be defended, but certainly not to be garlanded by a group of lawyers !Recommend

  • Qamar Khan

    true that, to all extent..
    i second this writer’s opinion to all extent possible .Recommend

  • parvez

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Recommend

  • Anees Razzak

    Pakistan is in a state because some people in Pakistan are just not rational and honest! thats the truth. from a political angle – you vote for liars and frauds – MQM, PPP, PML-N etc…and they lie and cheat from the country time and time again – yet they still win majority votes. this stupidity on a mindset is the problem. then you have a good honest, patriotic, charismatic leader that can appease both the secularists and extremists (IMRAN KHAN) – yet he is belittled. its this exact mindset and corruption in everyones hearts that need removing first. Recommend

  • vish


    Cause you are ruled by 3M, that is Mulla, Millitary,Militants and you were ruled almost 63 years, so what do you think.Recommend

  • Dani

    Nice article.
    These extremist Mullahs including Zia-ul-Haq have ruined our country, defamed Islam and Pakistan.Recommend

  • http://deleted abdur rehman

    sad but true. nice articleRecommend

  • Babar

    We are human cockroaches. I thought the issue was settled after Sialkot lynching. Why are we surprised on Taseer’s murder? Bad memory perhaps.Recommend

  • Milestogo

    You need to remove the burqa that is “Pakistan” and you will find four beautiful nations underneath – Punjab sindh baloch and Pathan who are waiting to be freed for last 63 years – let them see the sunlight – it is time now…Recommend

  • bold

    I’ve been saying this for more than 7 years that the real Liberal people of Pakistan are less than 10% and are the real minorities no different than Christians, Sikhs, Hindus. The reset are all way to either religious or mentally deluded. I feel like a complete minority in my own country which I have lived 25 years in. I am about to leave for another country and am glad that I will since Pakistan doesn’t ideologically stand for anything that I have stood for all my life. It goes everything that I believe in such as equal rights for everyone, equal opportunity for everyone, peace, art, culture, freedom of speech etc…The whole argument that people are not educated is a complete farse. I have seen many parhey likhey jahil mullah militants to notice that the issue is not with education but with Islam and the Pakistani culture itself.

    farewell Pakistan the only part of you that will be missed is my family and my home where i grew up in.. nothing more nothing less. This is indeed a failed state and Islam has destroyed this country inside out and life is just not worth wasting time with this…. there is way to much going on this beautiful and amazing world.Recommend

  • brachioradialus

    come on guys, who and what are we denying?? our own state and our own identity. well thats a pretty shame hearing that the so called “pakistani’s” who have spent their whole lying being brought up abroad, downgrading their own state. dont forget, whereever you are, you still are a pakistani. n yet its more shameful of you to turn your back to your religion; the reason is not because it is an unbalanced one, but the reason is that you fail to understand it. Recommend

  • brachioradialus

    and talking about our leaders, dont forget, they are but our own reflections, so groom the person witihn you, and the revolution will come in a day!Recommend

  • Maha

    Murder of Salman Taseer was shocking indeed but what i mourned really is the inhuman acts of my countrymen. What have we become?These were the people to which i belong. I can’t believe it myself. However, unlike some Pakistanis here, I have not given up.Recommend

  • inosent

    thats rite dear . i think its nothing more then a mess . its the rite time to perform the much needed surgeory . Recommend

  • inosent

    actually yu people are engaged in calling it this state and that state . i wont call it a state at all . the premitive concept of the state or the main objects for which the states were made were security and justice . these were the objects for which the state in premitive times were made . today the concept of the welfare state has emerged . now lets compare this mess with those premitive state which was responsible for the security and justice to their citizen . wat yu guys think where are we today . dont yu think we are going reverse . are we secure here ? do we have justice ? would yu call it a state ?Recommend

  • M. Basir Khan

    Aruna Hussain n Mubarak hope fully u both are not a part of Pakistan that’s why you are saying like this. The article is good but not conclude in this way. I just want to ask a very simple question from all of you who are in favor that to be a Pakistani is a big mistake and that is what you did for your country? is there anything you wanna share? and please do not say that what this country gave to you? the people who gave there lives in 1947 for there country in return country gave there child a free homeland an identity to the whole world. If you think that now a days politician are doing nothing then stand as a leader. But who will do hard work right?Recommend

  • Umair

    Even Fasi Zak has avoided writing another cockroaches post in case he too has to join Salman Taseer.Recommend

  • Abdul-Ghani

    As a Pakistani Nation we dont have much time left. Instead of seriously planning for Hunger, Power, Electricity and Population Control or to Fight Disease like Hepatitis we are wasting our time for Laws Like Namoosay whatever and also Killing each other.
    Arab has a bad history of Killing each other for Power and Politics involving religion . This Arabic ideology can not give us a Peacfull Harmonious Government ,if it did not give Peace among Ali and Ayesh at Battle of Jammal, when these two High Dignitories Killed 10,000 Arabs in one day. Hassan and Hussain were not killed by American or European Allied forces but by their own close Muslim Arabs and no one came to save Hussain .
    This is actually 1400 years old Ideology , it will destroy the civilizations and will make our generation non-productive and lazy.Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    Yes Yes Yes!!!!!Recommend

  • Rajat

    First cockroaches, now donkey? I guess we humans are not happy with who we are.. Quite understandable, as no other species kills each other so frequently as the ubiquitous Homo Sapiens.Recommend

  • Dr.Imran

    Liberal Decmocratic Party of Pakistan is born now I am the Chairman.
    We will fight hard with Pen and Gun to Kick out these Rotten Mullahs , Time has come to rise , We can not let these Fanatic Mullah to rule Pakland , like the Church did in Medieval times in Europe.
    Enough is Enough. All the PPP is now united and against these Putrifying Mullas who abuse the kids in Madressas.
    Its not only one Law but the whole System is 1400 years old and not compatible for todays life style , thats why there is No Sharia in UAE, Why dont they apply it first ? why UAE has Euoropean Life style ?
    Sharia will take us in the Dark ages. Thanks to the Liberal European Christian and Jews who got rid of the Divine Laws and Created the Modern world. No mullas or Imam has any invention in his name. all the credit goes to the Non-Muslim.
    People now have volcanoes as Butt said , very much ready to explode. We are fed up with this old Ideology. Dont Censur it Plz , if u show what Mullah says now let we Liberals Speak out and then Pakistan will realize that how many Salman Taseers are there. Recommend

  • Dr.Imran

    Oay! You made me cry Kaka. But dont loose hope, ups and downs are part of history.
    I am abroad as well , but deteremind to fight till my last drop of blood and last breath to do what ever possible for Pakland ( New Name for Pakistan Now By Liberal Democratic Party of Pakland).
    Murder of Salman Taseer is Sunrise for the Liberals and Pack up for Mullahs, Talibans and Tablighians of Raiwind.
    Bullah Shah was a Great Liberal , read him and u will find God inside u.
    God exist in u as Love ,Sympathy and Selflessness. [email protected] Recommend

  • Maria

    @Ali: In the western media, they were careful to make the distinction that a fringe group of lawyers who weren’t involved with the case of the killer were celebrating. I don’t think we can blame the entire legal/ judicial community of Pakistan for the fact that some misguided people were celebrating the actions of a killer. Even when the tragedy of Congresswoman in Arizona USA is unfolding some right wing fringe lunatics are expressing pleasure but they are a minority.Recommend

  • faizan

    true,MiP, I am also a lawyer. But I Have very firm belief that our system is not going to change unless we make our lawyers accountable and subservient to any law. They are always upto raise voice for reforms and rule of law , but I am sorry that is only for others not for themselves . If you ask any bar council how many lawyers have been even reprimanded for misconduct in any given year, the answer would be negative.Recommend

  • Majid

    @ all above, please leave Pakistan. Thanks.Recommend

  • Sirsied blvd

    Donkeys reside in Pakistan State is politically correctRecommend

  • Adeel

    Now what does that mean is there can’t be any debate between muslims and christians as far are their religions are considered. Wait here, actually muslilms can say anything what they want to say about Christanity but Christians just can’t defend their religion. They just cant respond even to “Mr. Zakir Naik”. Christians just need to keep thier mouths shut. Any thing they say in reply will be a blasphemy. Recommend

  • Ali

    The liberals of Pakistan are a bunch of liars and opportunists.
    Take the PPP variety such as Bhuttos. The young Bhutto in a recent broadcasr invoked Islam. Yet he is known to be keen partier. His friends refer to him as ‘Bill’, has never been near an Islamic or Pakistani event at his university. But he wants power. Money without work. What to do? Say you are a Bhutto and one of the masses (the sort that labour for a pittance so that Nawabs can revel in fun, fast and labour in the midday sun and observant Islam, you know the ones Dr Imran spits on)
    Liberals in Pakistan are a bunch of elites living of the fat of the land whilst the rest of country starves and only mention religion when they want a favour from the peasants. Recommend

  • Mariam

    The way majority of people and our mainstream political parties are supporting the murderer, it makes me believe that it is actually a donkey state.Recommend

  • Adeel

    I have never been so diappointted in my life as I am now. I am feeling like a “Minority”, I am feeling very insecure, I don’t know exactly when I would be declared as “Wajib-ul-Qatal”. I will be declared so if I speak in favor of Salman Taseer. I think we should now prepare ourself:” We are heading towards Afghanistan”. We will soon be a country like it. I think we deserve to be Afhanistan actually. Recommend

  • Awais Farid Khan

    @ Writer
    Excellent article for depressed people. You dont have to worry about Pakistan because i am still in Pakistan. What you all can do is to go abroad, enjoy life and come back to Pakistan after 50 years when you require a grave in this land. Pakistan does not require the hopelessness of oldies but the energies of Youth. Hope and Pride that is the game for the growth and prosperity. Always remember that
    1- Pakistan is the only country for you and me. Since it is our country, it is our job to run it. hardships are always there but it is up to us what we take out of it.
    2- Everybody in Pakistan is saying that there is a lack of leadership. We, the so called educated ones have searched everywhere except inside us. So find the leader in yourself.
    3- by calling Pakistan a donkey state, you have abused all those people who had sacrificed there lives for our freedom, sacrificed there family for our prosperity, sacrificed there dreams so that we van accomplish our dreams, sacrificed there time so that we can have the time to grow.
    4- The most important point is that we have neglected Pakistan. Just look at the map on the top of this article which is incomplete. We should understand that Kashmir is disputed territory and should be the part of the map. But we have erased that spirit not only from our memory but our maps too and not a single voice has been raised. The reason is that we like to erase our problems not solve them. Recommend

  • Mehroz Siraj

    Governance as a whole, whether its about providing security to its citizens, controlling terrorism or even about managing the economy, is an alien concept to the Pakistan People’s Party…

    For more, read,

    Any comments on the blog would be appreciated.. :)

    Mehroz Siraj,
    Editor, The Burning Issue Blog

  • Muhammad Farhan

    Can’t you immature little high-school journalists do anything better than defaming the name of your own country? Where the hell is your professionalism? Do you realize what the title of your article here says to the world… especially to the already demotivated people of Pakistan? Is this going to actually do any help?

    If you’re Pakistani enough, I challenge you to bring a change in the People of Pakistan. Unite them if you consider yourself a skilled journalist.Recommend

  • Atif

    Listen Mr writer whu ever you ev´ver you are.. i know and we all know after reading this article that you love your country .. so please if you realy love our country stop writing … Pakistan is not a donkey state… and we are all very much hopefull from our country and INSHALLAH we will grow and i am agree with my brother farhan that atleast stop writing these kind of articles if “YOU REALY LOVE YOUR COUNTRY” beacuse it is a difficult time for pakistan and we gona write these kind of article than this world is really gona decalaire it a failure state.. so this is our request mr TRIBUNE blog or watever..Recommend

  • sunny

    who are you MR Aruna Hussein??? to say this kind of disregarding remarks about Pakistan.If you are in the front of me i will slap you in face. I strongly appeal the team of express tribune to sack him from posting blog Recommend

  • Saim


    @Writer – nice article

    @Farhan and @Atif
    Is it the writer who is defaming the country? Wasn’t the country defamed when Salman Tasser was murdered in cold blood and the killer was praised? Wasn’t the country defamed when there were public demonstrations in killer’s support? When 80 Ahmedis were attacked and killed in their mosques? Where were you when this was happening? The country gets defamed when someone writes about it but not when the sick actions are actually taking place? Who is immature is very clear.

    How many people will you stop from writing such articles? If YOU love your country then instead of stopping people from writing about the wrongs why dont YOU go and stop the people who are doing the wrongs in the first place?

    Ya let’s go and slap the writer for expressing opionion. This is exactly why we are donkey state.Recommend

  • rehan

    @Okay..I ACCEPT I am a is the writer and so is the presient…so then what? What next??….Alas!1..We ALL are no need trying to be “INTELLECTUALS” by writing such empty articles.Recommend

  • Zarmeena


    First of all you need to learn the whole content of the blog before passing your judgement. Secondly if you want to show disapproval towards a blog then either chose the right words or refrain from saying anything.

    Pardon me but I strongly appeal from the express tribune that delete comments from such immature people.

    To the author ,I appreciate that you chose such an attention-seeking topic.
    Quite well written!Recommend