Telefilm: The true story of Naseem Hameed

Published: January 8, 2011

Amina, played by Amna Sheikh, is not like any average teenage girl growing up in a low income area.

I applaud a tele-film “Bhaag Amina Bhaag!” which was recently aired on Geo Entertainment. The play is a tribute to Naseem Hameed, the Pakistani athlete who became the fastest woman in South Asia when she won a gold medal in a 100-metre event.

Amina, played by Amna Sheikh, is not like any average teenage girl growing up in a low income area. She is bold, gutsy and naughty as hell. She grows up surrounded by boys – three brothers and her childhood friend and neighbor a handicapped boy – and gains all the traits of a tomboy. She is completely unaware of her own talent until the day her friend Haris, drags her to participate in a school sports event. Lack of confidence had never been a problem for her but the lack of direction was. Participating in the even gives Amina the direction she needed but as we see it hers was not an easy path to follow.

I do not know anyone who has gotten to the top without hard work.  The lesson of the film is clear:  If you have a dream, live it every day. One day you will achieve it!

For those of you who missed this master piece can check it out on YouTube – a must see if you have a dream to achieve.


Yousuf Rafi

A Karachi based technology student who writes on gadgets and software development.

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  • muhammad arsalan

    it’s nice that naseem has received overewhelming media coverage as it will show our girls that there’s an alternative to a life spent hidden behing the 4 walls of a house.But our news channels have a definite bias against ppl from pakistan’s largest province.On the other hand,anyone from an urdu speaking family is given maximum tv coverage & that too,positive coverage.All mud is thrown the way of ppl from the largest province who continue to suffer silently.Recommend

  • Maha

    Yup i watched it. Amina was great in this role and she did justice to the character. A must see for everyone, specially for Pakistani women.Recommend

  • Ehtisham Rizvi

    @muhammad arsalan: You must be joking, right? the biggest province is suffering silently? really? What is it that the province is suffering from? kindly explain.Recommend

  • Noor-ul-ain Hanif

    awesome telefilmmm!!! Amna acted well over all the theme the dialogues all were excellent!Recommend

  • parvez

    I liked the write up but missed watching the film. Thanks for drawing my attention to something good.
    Mohammad Arsalan try being positive, its hard, but try.Recommend

  • Mariam

    The title reminds me of Forrest Gump : D

    Great to see someone other than cricket being so famous.Recommend

  • Fazl Hussain

    i saw telefilm..that was good.but there was much need to improve the story line…story did not go in a sequence..but it was nice effort to portray Pakistani girl .who do not have fear…..Recommend

  • Yousuf Rafi


    now you can watch on YouTube.

    @Fazl Hussain:

    come on bro its was an excellent effort to promote something good for the first time… I think we should appreciate it from the core of our heart.Recommend

  • Fazl Hussain

    Ayousaf Rafi..Sir i didn’t say it .tahat it was bad effort..I admired it too much…My point was about the story line..indeed it was good.Recommend

  • Mila

    i like this film idea but just cannot watch it as there seems to be a lot of bad language and violence. the father is trying to hit mother and the father or someone is always trying to beat amina. i cannot watch such violence and remain calm. we get the idea, they need ot be so harsh. but i really like the story line and how amina’s mother supports the idea of her going to college. if they could just cut the violent scenes out, and then I can show it to my family.Recommend

  • Yousuf Rafi


    come on friend its okay… when the lesson is good we can ignore the negatives can’t we… just appreciate!!!Recommend

  • fazal hussain

    @Yousaf Rafi…you are too concerned about ur Blog dude…hahahahahRecommend