So today, I came across a hilarious news item

Published: August 3, 2016

Scrolling through my newsfeed, I came across a hilarious news item. Amidst the chaos of problems the nation is facing right now, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has chosen the funniest one: ban Doraemon. It has actually become a popular trending hashtag #PTIvsDoraemon. The Japanese cartoon is currently being dubbed in Hindi and has been entertaining our children for around four years. The nation, already starved for entertainment, has found yet another thing to laugh about along with many amusing Twitter reactions to follow.

  • 19640909rk .

    So the real issue is Hindi language, not the cartoon itself.Recommend

  • Gurpreet Minhas Singh

    Why would you promote a language that was created out of hatred for Urdu and Muslims? Did you even bother to do your research in regards to how and why Hindi was made in the first place?

    Here in Punjab nobody speaks Hindi…India tried hard to destroy Punjabi, but we didn’t let them. Punjabi TV does better than Hindi TV here…we consider it to be a fake language…a Sanskritized version of Urdu basically. Same views are present in Kerala, Bengal, Tamil Nadu…basically outside of the Hindi belt, this language isn’t given the light of day, and for good reason. Anytime India tries to shove Hindi down our throats, we protest…I’m surprised Pakistanis don’t react as harshly as us, considering the history of Hindi. I’m going to have to educate you.

    Urdu (or Hindustani) are terms which are synonymous with one another…both terms are intertwined. Hindi is a bastardisation of Urdu. In the late 1880s, north Indian Hindu nationalists were fed up with Urdu becoming the dominant language of the subcontinent. After the failed 1857 War of Independence, the British banned Persian…this led to the explosion of Urdu. From 1857 to the 1880s, Urdu became the fastest speaking language, outpacing Bengali.

    The north Indian Hindu nationalists particularly in Bihar didn’t like that…they saw Urdu with its Persian script as being a reminder of the past – where a minority Muslim elite ruled over the majority Hindus for close to 1000 years.

    So in the 1870s, they began the “Hindi” project…they took all the Persian based words in Urdu and replaced them with Sanskrit words and changed the script from Persian alphabet to Devanagari. This resulted in the formation of Hindi….in 1881 it became the official language of Bihar.

    Basically Hindi is Sanskritised Urdu written in Devangari script. The language literally was formed out of religious hatred. It has NO history at all – this is why nobody with any self respect speaks this language in India. You get slapped in Punjab for speaking Hindi in the markets.

    It’s no different from Croatian-Serbian language dispute. Balkan language is spoken in both Serbia and Croatia. Originally this language was written in Cyrillic alphabet, as Serbian language is today. The Croats in an attempt to differentiate themselves from there Serb enemies took the language, and changed the script to from Cyrillic to Roman…and called it “Croatian”.

    The same thing happened in regards to Hindustani/Urdu and “hindi”.

    Doesn’t hurt to educate your own people.Recommend

  • Fahad Javed

    Fatima Majeed needs a bit of education or a better understanding of the world. Of the many times I had to watch this cartoon not ever did the show should a way to deal with bullying rather it shows how every action of protagonist is useless against the big bully. Rarely it teaches of bravery but in almost every episode it does have heavy doses of lethargy, abuse of power and disregard for hardwork. The pre-teen is too early an age to expose the child to love interest in Shizuka (as wikipedia puts it!) and cunning and arrogant attitude of Suneo. We regulate the show strongly in our house and do not see anything but negative values perpetrated by this program. Perhaps presenting it in Punjab assembly is a bit strange but if PEMRA needs a resolution to ban it then I would have presented it to if I were an MPA. THe point of Hindi dubbing is just moot. It doesn’t matter. Chota bheem, motu or patlu are hardcore Indian cartoons but they are not as worthless and destructive as this cartoonRecommend

  • Ali

    At least they realize it is problem. you people are not even accepting it. Some one can do dubbing so our children can learn Allah instead bhagwan or Hanuman.Recommend

  • Khadeeja

    I wonder why you wasted so many words on such a wage judgement. It’s not about language but the content. Exclude “Hindi” These cartoon are very harmful for young minds. The kid goes around deceiving and lying to his parents and friends.

    I guess tomorrow you will say what’s wrong if teens/adults watch porn?

    And what PTI is doing can be summed up like “Necessity is mother of invention”. Take away such cartoon and we will be forced to look for better entertainment options.

    P.S: our parents forced us to watch National Geography, Discovery and Animal Planet (excellent substitutes)Recommend

  • vinsin

    Yep, based on TNT, it is an issue.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Urdu is 99% Hindi and has origins in Sanskrit and Prakrit. Language is not the issue.

    “The show goes on to teach children some very important lessons as well,
    including always being kind to others standing up against bullying and
    it explains that despite having fancy gadgets, there are no shortcuts in

    The cartoon is secular and what if Muslim children become kind to non-Muslims?
    What if non-Muslims start standing to bully of Muslims? What shortcut when Pakistani Muslims are sitting on properties of Hindus and Sikhs?Recommend

  • vinsin

    Your argument for support of Indian Cartoons is against TNT.Recommend

  • MR.X

    Amen brotherRecommend

  • Anum

    Issue is not Hindi but the bullying and violence in that cartoonRecommend

  • SamSal

    What exactly is wrong with watching porn?Recommend

  • Sam

    So you are blatantly accepting that your country marginalises minorities?
    That other people’s beliefs have no value in your country

    Btw I’ve watched doraemon when I was a kid and never heard the word “hanuman” in it

    And “Bhagwan” is just the HINDI (not Hindu) translation of the English word God !Recommend

  • Sam

    Where do you get your facts from?
    How do you manage to make stories that are so delusional!

    Hindi existed long before Urdu
    Urdu was the persianized version of Hindi
    Wow I’m amazed at how delusional you can be!Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    “The kid goes around deceiving and lying to his parents and friends.”

    Assuming that kids would stop lying for not watching a particular cartoon is like saying other cartoon shows do not have the same content, you are smart though, you have given alternatives in channels about animals.

    It would be interesting to see how you would react when these channels are also banned by Pakistan claiming they belong to the infidels, despite all your sugarcoating, you know the real reasons deep down, isn’t it?Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Woww…Pakistan is all of a sudden concerned about its kids learning bullying!Recommend

  • Sardar Hashmat Khan

    Writer is the perfect example of ignorance. PTI submitted the petition because of the content, not a language.Recommend

  • Gurpreet Minhas Singh

    Hindi did not exist until 1881. Urdu (Hindustani) has over 400 years of rich poetry and literature. Hindi does not…Hindi which concocted in 1881 by North Indian Hindus who viewed Urdu as a reminder of Muslim rule. So they took Urdu, changed all the Persian words with Sanskrit words and changed the script from Nastaliq (Urdu/Persian) to Devanagari.

    Simple test. Show me Hindi literature from 1600s. Can’t find any. Why?Recommend