If Trump can’t even comfort the parents of a war hero, how will he manage a nation?

Published: August 3, 2016

Hate the Clintons or not, you have to admit that they have one heck of a smart team.  Donald Trump who feeds on people’s fears, irrationality and bigotry to get votes just got played. And how!

One of the key points in Trump’s campaign is his stance against Muslims in general. Known to all by now, he plans to bar Muslims from entering his country if he is elected president. Of course, he also plans to build a wall along the US-Mexico border and make Mexico pay for it, but let’s just put that rant aside for now.

One of the supposedly most low-key expected speeches at the Democratic National convention turned out to be the strongest and most popular too. Pakistani heritage lawyer Khizr Khan, with his wife firmly by his side, recounted the story of his Muslim American war hero son, Humayun Khan, who was killed in 2004 while serving in Iraq.

A car had blown up taking his life after he instructed his troops to stay back while he opted to inspect the vehicle on his own. He saved many lives of the soldiers he supervised that day. He was only 27 and was awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for his bravery posthumously.

His Gold Star parent shamed Trump for being intolerant and for not sacrificing anything or anyone like he had. Khizr Khan made it clear that had things been Trump’s way, his family (unconstitutionally) would not even have been able to come to the US. He even offered to give his copy of the constitution to Trump to read up on!

Trump is known to speak before thinking, to hit below the belt without any filters, and to attack rather than save face. Hillary Clinton and her team definitely knew this and no doubt, expected such a reply from him when they presented Humayun Khan’s story; Trump delivered!

Instead of appreciating his sacrifice as an American soldier, he instead defended his own “sacrifices” and then verbally attacked the mother, Ghazala Khan, insinuating that she had been forcibly silenced because of her Muslim faith. The perfect response to this as seen on Facebook was:


First of all, what sacrifice is he talking about? Just taking some of his father’s money as opposed to all? That kind of sacrifice? Or that he has decided to stick to wife number three for now? Or the sacrifice that he stays quiet sometimes while his own sons go around hunting endangered animals for fun?

Donald Jr. is seen with the tail of an elephant he killed during the 2011 hunting trip.
Photo: HuntingLegends.com/Hunting Legends

Brothers Donald Trump, Jr. (left) and Eric Trump (right) are pictured with a leopard that they killed on their trip to Zimbabwe.
Photo: HuntingLegends.com/Hunting Legends

As for Ghazala Khan standing beside her husband; if listening to him talk is being forcibly silenced, then what is Mrs Trump doing here? His words were,

“If you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say. Maybe she wasn’t allowed to. You tell me.”

I think we need to ask him the same question now.

As for Ghazala Khan standing beside her husband; if listening to him talk is being forcibly silenced, then what is Mrs Trump doing here?
Photo: Facebook

Of course when she does speak, it is usually a plagiarised speech! But again, that’s another matter altogether.

Ghazala Khan, on the other hand, gave a very apt response in an op-ed on Washington Post clearing her up side.

There is not enough damage control that could fix this. There are many republicans who chose Trump and put him right there on his seat, now rushing to make sympathetic remarks to the Khan family and apologising. Trump played right into Clinton’s hands and quite literally has hit himself on his own head.

And as the days go by, his comments regarding this whole matter, the constant attacks against the American war hero and his gold star family have started to create doubt in the minds of his supporters and has had many turn away from him. But can you really blame them? If he could not even bring himself to comfort the family of heroes, how is he to, as the US president, comfort an entire nation?

To him I say, Trump, bigotry will only get you so far!

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Shamila Ghyas

Shamila Ghyas

The writer is the author of the Aoife and Demon series. She also writes for Khabaristan Times, The Nation, Express Tribune, Dawn and other publications. She can be reached at @ShamilaGhyas (twitter.com/ShamilaGhyas) and www.facebook.com/shamilaghyas

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  • G. Din

    When he has always been against Muslims and doesn’t want any around him, why, in the world would he want to “comfort the parents of a (Muslim) war hero”? Why do the Muslims always think that they can be mean and bestial but they are entitled to be mollycoddled? If so far Muslims have been appeased, it was more from cost-benefit angle. A little appeasement is well worth getting an obnoxious adversary off one’s back. Not any more. That has evidently not panned out. The world has now decided that there will now be strict reciprocation. It is upto Muslims: be mean and get ready for even greater, unimaginable amount of meanness in return.Recommend

  • Rahul

    Hillary Clinton was looking for the Dad of a Muslim war hero to attack Trump and Khizr Khan fit the bill. The Republicans are not going to forgive and forget. they control both houses of Congress and 30 State Governors. Khizr Khan is a lawyer that specializes in EB-05 (Investor Visa) Immigration. The Republicans will get their prosecutors to scrutinize each and every application Mr. Khan has filed and each and every client Mr. Khan has sponsored. Mr Khan probably deals with rich Pakistanis who don’t pay their taxes or Pakistani Politicians, Civil Servants or Army Officers with questionable sources of wealth who covet US citizenship and have the means to buy it. All they need to do is to find a couple of applications with some wrong doing or a couple of clients with something to hide and they will cut a deal to give evidence against Mr. Khan. It will not take them much to get Mr. Khan locked up for life, and you will see how quickly Hillary drops him like a hot potato. Cap. Humayun Khan already lost his life. Why has Khizr Khan waded into this stupid argument with Trump and be used as a tool by Hillary. This is not going to help Pakistanis, Muslims or bring his son back to life. Politics is a dirty business everywhere and very soon Mr. Khan will find that the constitution that he carries in his pocket and brandishes can be used to deprive him of his liberty. His Business is already dead because who will hire an immigration lawyer who is political Kryptonite.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Ok so while you were hibernating he did say and I Quote ” ‘They’re not coming to this country if I’m president'” back in Dec 2015. Thats WHEN for you. Why to comfort the parents is for a simple reason tha would be his job description to console the families of fallen soldiers irrespective of faith.
    Now your Xenophobic mental query about Muslims appeasement and cost benefit analysis is in your own world. The world has decided contrary to your beliefs that a religion should be banned, so please roll back to your slumber.
    Savvy !?!Recommend

  • Mr Obvious

    “Trump is known to speak before thinking, to hit below the belt without any filters”
    Yep – and that is his Achilles heel which will be his downfall. Most American’s don’t have anything positive to say about Hillary but Trump falls into a unique category – his policies are appealing – his ad-hock comments aren’t.Recommend

  • Parvez

    On this one Trump put his foot in his mouth and then went on to shoot himself in the foot …. he messed up big time.
    What observers are watching to see is how will he turn it around and salvage himself because if he can’t from a situation like this…. he certainly does not deserve the top job.Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    if they were living in Pakistan and this had happened to them in Pakistan, these parents would have said ANY positive or kind or patriotic words about Pakistan. They would have immediately migrated to Canada or US like every other miserable pakistani with no backbone.
    But in the US, all sorts of crimes can happen to them and yet they will stay their like 2 papers glued to each other. Hypocrites. Thrown them out please ( in trump context )Recommend

  • Arshad

    When Muslim leaders in the Muslim majority countires cannot comfort non-Muslims after their daughters are kidnapped, raped and forcefully married to Muslim men; after their houses are burnt, their valuables and saving lost; telling them what jobs they should be given; they cannot be appointed on SENSITIVE posts because of their religion (they might spy for the enemy); can they be called LEADERS? If they can, then why cannot be called Leaders of American?Recommend

  • Kulbhushan Yadav

    Mr. Khan forgot that Trump is trying to save the “American way of Life” for which Mr Khan left his country, Pakistan. If Trump does not stop illegal immigration, US would be come Pakistan.Recommend