Edhi from a French point of view

Published: July 13, 2016

His dream was to make Pakistan a model of social revolution. PHOTO: ORAINE ZERAH

Abdul Sattar Edhi has passed away. And it’s safe to say that he was no less than a hero to the nation, a legend that can never be forgotten. He was a humanist, philanthropist, and a man with a big heart who took care of the poor regardless of their religion, race or culture. 

“No religion is higher than humanity” was the key tenet of Edhi, and those working with him. And this was apparent from what I saw as I visited the different centres of the foundation.

A country that is defined by its religious ideology, where fundamentalists try to impose their vision – Mr Edhi never gave up on his charity work and continued to help those in need. His dream was to make Pakistan a model of social revolution.

I was more than just impressed when I met him. And I even told him that this world would be a much better place to live in, if there were more people like him.

He was an exemplary figure.

And unfortunately he is no longer with us.

I would like to share the following pictures that were taken to capture the essence of his contributions to the society:

May his spirit continue to live among us!

All photos: Oriane Zerah

Oriane Zerah

Oriane Zerah

The author is a french photographer, and has spent lot of time in Pakistan. She tweets as @OrianeZerah (twitter.com/orianezerah)

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