The biggest treasure we can give our kids is to teach them about Edhi

Published: July 10, 2016

He was not a mystic, an angel or someone from out of this world. He was a common man. He was from amongst us who stayed true to his roots and taught people a better way to live through his actions.

What made Edhi stand out from everyone else was not by any sort of divine miracle, but because of the actions he took and decisions he made in his life. He faced poverty, lack of resources and odds (like all of us do) but he did not bow down or shy away from challenges; whenever he was faced with a choice he took a principled stance.

Edhi taught us how to live and, quite frankly, there isn’t any other better way of living. He has left us with one responsibility; to learn from his teachings, to observe his work and to follow in his footsteps.

He did it for us to show it’s possible.

In order for us to ensure that Pakistan continues to produce humanitarians like Edhi we need to make Edhi our national narrative. Edhi is the counter narrative to any form of extremism, discrimination and intolerance.

The biggest treasure we can give our kids is to teach them about Edhi.


Jibran Nasir

A lawyer and civil and political rights activist. He is the co-founder of Elaj Trust, Pakistan For All and Never Forget Pakistan. He tweets @MJibranNasir (

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