Pakistan’s mullahpoly: My way or the highway

Published: December 27, 2010

Why do we have to declare another faith null and void?

In Pakistan, it seems as though religious clerics have acquired a copyright over Islam, and are exercising this right in its full capacity, including its publication, adaptation, distribution and interpretation.

I can safely say that most of us believe that Islam is a religion for all humanity and everyone has a right to learn and practice it. However, the custodians of Islam in this country like to follow and impose their self proclaimed rule.

If “Islam Incorporated” was a company than religious fanatics would be the management. The creditors (Islamic sects) loan its goods and services; shareholders (madrassah owners) invest their capital (madarsah education) and the employees (jihadi brigade) who contribute their labour to achieve and safeguard vested interests

Why legislate faith?

My concern is why does the government not allow all people to practice and preach their religion? Why do some laws declare some faiths null and void?  We all know that Islam is the fastest growing religion and can never be erased from the face of earth but we are not ready to believe in Allah who has taken sole responsibility to save the book and religion till the end.

Bhutto’s motto and political gain

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto appeared on the political scene with his political slogan of:

“Islam is our religion, democracy is our politics, socialism is our economics.”

He won the elections but over the years, the notions of democracy and socialism faded into the background and Islam came to the forefront, especially when Bhutto proclaimed Friday as the weekly holiday and declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims. This was the beginning of the nightmare of religious intolerance.

Zia’s Islamisation

The nightmare worsened during the era of Ziaul-haq who handed religion over to illiterate mullahs and tried to Islamise all aspects of civil, political and social life from schools and hospitals to government offices. In consultation with the then religious scholars, he introduced law which resulted in the undermining of women’s rights.

The introduction of blasphemy law worked as an insult to the minorities’ injuries which led to hundreds of innocent people being killed and jailed on mere allegations.

These draconian laws are still thriving in Pakistani society, and “the privileged” majority think the right to declare anyone kafir or even kill in the name of religion just because they are allowed to believe that they are the true followers.

Sects and sub-sects

Different brigades of bearded men wearing black, green, white, brown turbans belong to different sects and sub-sects. They are more devoted to their religious doctrine than Islam. They claim to be a brotherhood but if you talk to them separately they don’t spare a second to “prove” another sect “non-Muslim”.

Pakistan’s religious cartel has been agreed on this: the minimum common agenda is that all Ahmadis are non-Muslims and their entry into the religious market might reduce their profit share in the cake. Thus, religious conglomerates of Pakistan have engineered separate laws to bar new players and (even after declaring them non-Muslims) have banned  them from practicing their version of Islam, let alone preaching.

A competitive religious market

Pakistan is the only country where dominating religious scholars have established such a “mullahpoly” that doesn’t allow competitors to even greet each other in an Islamic way or recite kalmah. Our traditional scholars are unaware of their competitor’s guerilla marketing strategy that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget.

In his opening speech to the constituent assembly, Quaid-e-Azam said:

“You are free to go to your temples; you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any caste or creed – that has nothing to do with the business of the state.”

But today’s Islamic Republic of Pakistan is an entirely different country than the one Jinnah had envisaged for us. He envisioned Pakistan as a moderate, progressive nation where minorities would be allowed to preach and practice their religion freely. Regardless of whatever logic our scholars present, they cannot justify curtailing religious freedom since that is a clear violation of Pakistan’s constitution and Jinnah’s thoughts. We are certainly living in the geographical location that Jinnah fought and struggled for, but in terms of vision and policy we are living in a chaotic mess with no improvement in future.


Tanzeel Ahmad

A UAE based marketing professional who is interested in politics and cultural issues. He blogs at

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  • Shalal

    You know wat dude? u got to read wat is in Quran and Ahadis.and then discuss this issue… they way u r saying it portrays u are tired of this.. as if u arent a muslim….Recommend

  • Mohammed Abbasi

    Mashallah, brave article. we have replaced Allah swt with the Mullah. Here even in the United Kingdom we are seeing an increasing mentality of Mullahism. But the question is how do with deal with this Bidah?Recommend

  • GM Shah

    Corporate story of Pakistani religion Mafia, good connection dudeRecommend

  • Syed Nadir El-Edroos

    The establishment gave the Mullah’s power, and now they are unwilling to relinquish it. So much so that they wont even allow individuals to practice their own faith. Surely its between the mere mortal and the Almighty to Sin and Repent – the Mullah is just the annoying middleman who refuses to budge.

    However, unlike the rest of society, the Mullah’s are able to mobilise protests at whim, they know that politicians and the military alike will pander to their wishes, and individuals in the face of Arabic accented oratory will fail to hold a counter argument. Recommend

  • The Only Normal Person Here.

    We will talk about the content of the article. But first, Mullahpoly…Whoa! Creative. I have a strong feeling that this term that you just coined, would touch the heights of fame like anything.

    Sky is the limit for Mullahpoly.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Tanzeel, While you have hit the nail on the head, I must warn you that this Mullahpoly has spread its roots from the ignorant masses to those who ‘claim’ to be enlightened.

    You will find Pakistani Ph.d’s, Journalists, soldiers, judges, lawyers and many more ‘educated’ ones singing the same song. Which is “Ahmadi’s are non-Muslims and we will die for Khatm-e-Nabuwwat….” and stuff. The Mullah is ignorant no questions about that, but what should we do about those ignorant (yet qualified) masses who follow these Mullah’s blindly?Recommend

  • Ali Hassan

    Very good post.
    This is true, everyone talks about Zia when it comes to Islamisation, whereas infact Bhutto started all this (with the intention of attracting capital from middle east and as a counter strike to to calm down the local religious political parties who were giving him tough times) all those eye washes like Islamic conference in Lahore, going to Mazaars and other similar things.Recommend

  • Ali Hassan

    Continued- I am not saying that Islamic conference or going to Mazaars is a bad thing, but using them to attract cheap votes is bad.Recommend

  • Tanzeel
  • Syed Nasir

    One of the most informative, constructive, itelligent, based on the fundamental teachings of Islam, this is one article which should be presented for international writer’s award. I personlly feel that Pakistan would have been one of the most civilized, devloped and proud nation, had Bhutto & Zia not sold the interests of the nation to the power-hungry mullahs. Isn’t it ironic that the end of both of them was made an example by Allah, for the mankind?

    The sad part is that our innocent masses have since been totally brain-washed by the extremist mullhas who have quite successfully defaced Islam throughout the world. And all inthe name of Islam….even defacing, and throwing the kalima nd Allah’s name in the gutter by the so-called “No Fear” representatives of our “Islamic” govenment. They are too busy either hoarding cash in their foreign banks or praising Benazir for giving her life to make room for the known DECOITS themselves to take over.

  • Kashif Chaudhry

    Very well written article Tanzeel!! You have rightly pointed out that Islam is being exploited by the Mullah brotherhood. I like the term ‘Mullahpoly’. :D Keep it up and keep writing.Recommend

  • Ali Agha

    Appreciate your article/blog. Your thoughts are well connected, and in line with all moderate muslims of Pakistan, but you failed to give any solutions.

    I feel you can’t separate religion from Pakistan, but what we could do is to nurther the philosophy of religious thinking than preaching religion. In essence, a religious thought teaches the spirit of humanity, and we need to induce these thoughts in our society to encourage interfaith harmony. It can start at a school level where open discussions and participation should be officially graded and acknoweldged.

    Few small measures that can be taken to pre-empt radicalization of the society:

    Only one mosque should be allowed to give a sermon of Juma/Friday Prayers within a radius of 2.5KM
    Friday sermons all over Pakistan should be in written formats and eventually be allowed to find a shelve in the archives of Islamic Center of Ideology in Islamabad for future referecne and cross check.
    Arabic should become mandatory in school at an elementary level; henceforth, your dependency on Mullah’s to comprehend Al Quran will be minimized
    No one should be allowed to write or Document Tafseer of Al Quran – as Allah (swt) himself said that You can’ even produce a single verse of Al Quran, and here people are fond of writing books and trying to explain their bias Understanding of any paritcular verse by actually documenting, printing and publishing various commentaries on each Surah and Ayat? Let readers get their own inspiration from Al Quran than from any of the bias Mullahs. Bottom line, you can’t go ahead and document your inspiration of Al Quran and justifiying that it’s the Final Word, because you understood it from your perspective of biasness?
    No one should be allowed to wear different color of Turbans in Public.
    Mosque should only be allowed if they can build a community center on the same premises allowing other healthy activities, such as, Sports, Arts, Community Halls etc.


  • Mariam

    A very well written piece. If we had followed what Jinnah said, Pakistan would be a better place. Pakistani Muslims are obsessed with religion and use it everywhere unnecessarily.Recommend

  • http://pakistans-mullahpoly-my-way-or-the-highway Subhan Basha

    Whether all the opinions are right or wrong, it is clear that Pakistan will not survive if religion is not detached from politics.

    Subhan Basha, KarachiRecommend

  • Iftikhar-ur-Rehman

    A very well written blog. All I can add is “KICK THE MULLAHS OUT”Recommend

  • Hasan

    Being a Muslim does not tie you to a Mullah. One should be allowed to research his/her religion and follow what they believe in.

    @Ali Agha:
    You said “Only one mosque should be allowed to give a sermon of Juma/Friday Prayers within a radius of 2.5KM Friday sermons all over Pakistan should be in written formats and eventually be allowed to find a shelve in the archives of Islamic Center of Ideology in Islamabad for future referecne and cross check.”

    Pakistan has all the 72 sects of Islam residing in it. Which sect’s mosque are you gonna build in the 2.5 KM radius?

    Islamic Center of Ideology is nothing but a Political apparatus used by the politico-religious groups for their own agenda.Recommend

  • Belal

    “especially when Bhutto proclaimed Friday as the weekly holiday and declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims. This was the beginning of the nightmare of religious intolerance.”

    Whats wrong if Friday was declared as a holiday, Friday carries a significance in Islam and in any case it does not hurt other non Muslims in the country. about Ahmedi read here

    I agree with author for rest of points ..Recommend

  • Auroch78

    Economic progress alone can bring about a changes in midset, empty stomach cant bring about a change and much less a revolution.


  • vish

    Due to mullas, allah became faint, so god bless allah, let allah kill this mullas

    Let god save your country from 3M’s


  • parvez

    Well thought out article.
    The Mullahs are in the “business” of religion to feather their own nests. The people are attracted to them as the state has failed to provide a decent alternative to occupy their minds. Instead of correcting these shortcomings our leader have actually encouraged this mullapoly for their own short sighted self interest, to the detriment of the state and religion.Recommend

  • Sarmad

    It is a tragedy that Mullahs have not only divided Islam into 72 sects but they have also distorted the beautiful face of Islam by, at one hand, attributing all sorts of hatred & violence towards it, while on the other hand, by attributing all sorts of Shirk towards it. Our beloved Prophet (saw) had foretold in detail about this situation.

    Watch Dr. Israr Ahmad admitting that this Hadith has FULFILLED & today Mullahs have actually become WORST AMONG HUMAN. {Video Link:}Recommend

  • Adeel

    There is one solution for the prosperity of Pakistan & to make create better impression of Islam through out the world, which is to kick the mullahs out of Pakistan
    As a first step we should follow Bangladesh, that to restrict mullahs taking part in politics.Recommend

  • Abdur Rehman

    good article. However, I think Islam is critical to ensure the unity of nation and ending the domination of clergy does not mean that Pakistan should become a secular nation.Recommend

  • Ali

    The Ahmadis have made a number of claims/beliefs that just make it difficult for main stream muslims to accept them as their co-religionists.
    1. Mirza Ghlam Ahmad was a non law bearing prophet.
    2. All ghair ahmadis are Kaffir according to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the 2nd Khaifa and promised reformer of Islam.
    3. When Ahmadis pray, they pray that Allah makes them prophets. This is because they mis translate verse 4:69 of the quran and claim it means that new prophets can come. Their prophet has claimed that the blessings mentioned in surah al-fatiah are those of 4:69.

    Mullahs should have their wings clipped because they are no good at running a country and they often sow discord between recognised and accepted Muslim sects such as Sunnis and Shias.Recommend

  • K

    I think that it will be very difficult to separate Pakistan from religion. Back in the days — before the independence — the idea of two nation theory was that a separate Islamic state was needed for the muslims of the sub continent, off course other faiths were welcome but it was the “musalman-e-Hind” that fought for independence under that ideology.

    Jinnah didn’t envision this Pakistan, other leaders who fought and worked along side Jinnah didn’t envision this Pakistan run by the so called Mullahs and Chors.
    The plans they had for the newly created country may be lost forever but we can do our bit by educating ourselves and people that surround us, then only we will be free of the “Mullahpoly” (creativity at its finest).Recommend

  • Talha


    Ahmadis consider all reciters if Kalima to be Muslims, dont spread your misinformation here.

    The third point, where do you people get this nonsense from, I haven’t even heard this and I am an Ahmadi.Recommend

  • A Khokar

    On 24 December country wide rallies were staged by the politico-Religious groups in favour of Blasphemy law that it should remain intact because it guarantees the required Tahafuz e Namous e Rissalat (Defending the prophet Hood of Muhammad (pbuh)) and warned that any proposed alteration made in the law by the government will be consequential.

    One is astound and perplexed that after all why this protection law is required by the Muslims in the country where they live with majority of 96+%.

    All the other mullahs are also seen becoming very active and Fazlur of JUI even after quitting the government has also joined hand with this rally, rather he has announced it as a movement.

    The Mullah has tried many ways even the extremism to come in the power in Pakistan. The new movement seems to be yet another effort to grab the seat of power by threatening the government and making her unstable through this movement..

    But how sad it is that every time this public of ours is so easily befooled by implying the name of religion;

    Previously Ahmadiyya sect was made a scapegoat and laws crafted in order to rally the public behind Bhutto, then Gen Ziaul Haq came who further issued a set of rules of blasphemy laws to prolong his regime and handed over the rein to Mullah and declared Ahmadiyya as the third rate citizen and the death sentences for them.

    Nawaz Sharif in order to be called ‘Ameerul momineen’ using the old recipe gave further twist to this law.

    It is ample clear when these craftier use the name of religion; they are not serving God but simply befooling the ignorant public who is kept in dark all the times and befooled in order to rally them behind them so that they may move in the houses of power.

    This time Mullas-ji under the auspice directions of Fazlur of JUI are proving to be the notch above the rest; they have made even the blasphemy law itself a scapegoat. They are expecting to reap some big gains.Recommend

  • muhammad bial

    biased mullah dont evr want to hear the mullah full with same fiqa you accept from them they listen quaid and others lolzRecommend

  • Atheist

    High-time for Pakistan to adopt french secularism. God bless Pakistani minorities. Recommend

  • Auroch

    Straighten the economy, let people have hope for a better future for themselves and thier kids and that will stop them from getting thier dose of hope from Mullahs.

  • A Khokar

    At the moment it is seen that Blasphemy law is the most dangerous weapon ever wielded and handed over to Mullah for his free use as ‘Islam specific lethal weapon’.

    Mullah is not likely to abandon it easily while he is using it against every opponent of his, the way he feels like— even he is challenging the present government to black mail.

    But if we are unable to repeal it; in the fairness of the business it would be most appropriate that subject protection sought which this Law provides to prophet Muhammad must be extended to all the other Divine prophets. And why not? If 96+% of majority requires a protection law for their own concern, the best option would be that; better ‘Amend it in order to Extent it to all the other divine prophets too. That God also says that in the eyes of God all the prophets are equal and He makes no distinction between them.’

    The option of ‘amending it to extend it, is the sure solution to eliminate the existing indiscrimination against minorities.

    In the colony of deadly scorpions; where all carry the most venomous sting ready armed at their tails to strike;;; but their colony always remains very safe and calm. Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    The problem in our country is that if a person has a beard he is called Mullah so if he do somehing bad people say look what Mullah is doing. I will not say Mullah because in Pakistan every beard person is a Mullah, i would say there are some peoples who called themselves as Religious preachers but they dont have knowledge about Islam and they dont use wisdom, also there some who potray themselves as religious just to show people but on the back they do bad things and creates hatred amongst each other. On the other hand There are Scholars and Religious preachers, they have knowledge of Religion, they use wisdom but at the same time if there is something wrong going on they will say its wrong, they have to do that, for example tomorrow people say we have freedom so to drink alcohol is ok, The scholars have to take action against it, it doesn’t mean that they are creating hatred.

    I want to ask on question to my brothers and Sisters what kind of ISLAM do we want does we want the same ISLAM which Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) taught us OR does we want to follow that Islam in which we can edit and delete things according to our desires. As i see today we are following Islam but not the one which we have been told to follow that is why our condition is like this. In Islam there is no compulsion so if anyone of us doing things which is wrong in Islam and if somebody just tell us, not stop us, just tell us that it is wrong please dont say that person is wrong or bad, accept it is wrong but i am doing it and if we follow islam properly we will be better human beings, better Muslims, our country will prosper and by the way Islam never stopped us to work, neither it stopped Women to study or to work but it has certain laws and criteria to follow.

    Lastly Regarding about minority Religion in Pakistan. In Pakistan Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, etc they have the full right to practice and they do practice freely.
    Thank you for reading.Recommend

  • Ali

    I have point 3 confirmed by numerous Ahmadis. They claim that main stream Islam that existed pre the “prophet” Mirza sahib is similar to the idolatry prior to Ibrahim as pbuh. I have heard these claims from senior Ahmadis. Recommend

  • Ali

    Talha, please read the book “The Truth About The Split” and then tell me if you agree with the contents of it.
    please confirm or deny that you believe that a denier of a prophet is pukka Kafir and outside the pale of Islam, just as a red indian or eskimo.
    My third point about Ahmadis praying to be raised to prophethood was confirmed by ahmadi missionries to me.Recommend

  • Angelos

    who is controlling the comment aprroval here? Tribune team or author?Recommend

  • A Khokar

    Blasphemy law is no more a subject of religion—-far from it.

    Rather, after having wielded the Blasphemy law into tool the Pakistani politico-religious parties are using this tool now as a weapon to topple the government and be in power.

    This is same monster that has been breeding initially in Swat—Malakand but unfortunately after suffering a defeat in swat operation is reappearing in new garbs…. but their aim remains the same.

    Even Fazlur of JUI has left the government and has joined to head this regime toppling movement—but in disguise with the new label as ‘Tahafuz e Namous e Rissalat Movement’.Recommend

  • A Khokar

    Dear Mr Ali and friends,

    Nice to see that Mr Ali has a craving of probe in the matter of belief of— others.

    But in this probe, one is called cherry picking and other which is named as Fig picking. Cherry picking is an act to pick—out of context references or the remarks learnt in passing and are highlighted and reproduced with an intent to delude or misguide the audience.

    Whereas fig picking is what all is seen positive that you find and high light it as a word of wisdom and light.

    Mr Ali intent may not be to misguide others but is trying ti interpret his findings as per his preconcieved idea.

    But what I know of is that Ahmadiyya belief of Islam is same belief as of main stream Muslims in Pakistan; which is Hanfia, Ahl e Sunna wal jammah.

    The only difference lie where Ahmadiyya they claim that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) is the same Promised Messiah, the Mahdi and Reformer in Islam who was prophesised by Hazrat Muhammad (saw).
    So this field is where one has to trek with caution and care. There is new advent of a prophet After Muhammad among us as a reformer of Islam who came to reset the oar of islam on right course and high light where Ummah is trekking a wrong route.

    People do not want to change their adopted rut so they strongly resent and resist. That is the Dilemma which lies with the Reformers that they are rejected straight away.

    We know the case of Jesus (as) that how he could not be recognised by the people among whom he came as the reformer and was rejected by the so called religious zealots of the day. They declared him imposter and even put him on the cross to die an humiliating, cursed death.
    They kept on boasting for 580 years that what a great job they had done but then Quran revealed for us some different story that how the Judea (Jews-Israelites) transgressed and how they were placed defunct and made as the recipient of wrath of God.

    Don’t you think we are trekking the same route?Recommend

  • Qaim R

    Dude its a really good article, the artifacts that you have tried to align are partly correct apart from the Ahmedis things.

    With all due respect people belonging to any sect or sub-sect believe in one thing that Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the last prophet sent down to the universe for our guidance while that fact is being denied by the Ahmedis.

    Apart from this article seemingly looks good.Recommend

  • A Khokar

    Mr Khokar
    Thank you for spreading your propaganda. Now do you care to answer the questions I put forward. Have you read the book “The Truth About The Split” by Mirza Mahmood Ahmad son of your prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, also prophesised by his father as the great “reformer of Islam” and the second Qadiani Khalifa? Did he not write that none Ahmadis were Pukkar Kaffir outside the pale of Islam just like Eskimos, Red Indians because they are deniars of a prophet. This is as much Hanafi school of thought as Bahais are Shias.
    Also would you like to explain 4:69? Do Ahmadis not claim that this verse means that new prophets can come? Also did your prophet not claim that blessings in surah al fatiah, which you must say when you pray are those in 4:69. (Although there may be nothing wrong with this part) Ahmadis claim that verse 4:69 shows that we can actually BECOME prophets. Main stream Muslims believes that in 4:69 we are asking to become the like of prophets, i.e. aquire their qualities, but not actually Prophets our selves.Recommend

  • Talha

    @ Ali

    Please stick to one name when commenting on this blog because your confusion causing ways are making your argument look false.

    Similarly, I would like you to point to the exact line and page where what you mention is written.

    Here is a link to the book ‘The Truth About The Split’ for your perusal.

    The Truth About The SplitRecommend

  • Ali

    Out of interest are you the same Talha who wrote the piece: Intellectual poverty: Troubles of the Muslim World?

    Sorry for posting under the name of Khokar, an error when posting for some reason it just defaulted to that name.

    The page of the book that is of interest; (well it’s a great read in general and helps one understand what Ahmadiyya is really all about) is page 59 according to the page number on the book and 73 in terms of adobe acrobat numbering. Here is an extract below:

    As for the question of Kufr (unbelief) of non-Ahmadi Muslims, my belief is that Kufr really arises from a denial of God. Hence, whenever there comes any revelation from God of such a nature that its acceptance is obligatory on every man, a rejection of the same leads to Kufr. Belief in such a revelation, however, presupposes belief in the bearer of the revelation. Hence it follows that a belief in the bearer of such revelation is a necessary part of one’s faith.
    The man who rejects a Prophet thus necessarily becomes a kafir, not because he denies the truth of any particular Prophet X or Y, but such denial will necessarily lead him to reject a revelation of God. …. And in as much as the revelation of which the acceptance is obligatory on mankind comes only through Prophets, it is the rejection of such recipients of Divine revelation, and not of others that leads to unbelief. Now, as we hold that the revelation which came to the Promised Messiah as are such that their acceptance is obligatory on mankind in general, to us, the man who rejects the Promised Messiahas is a kafir agreeably to the teachings of the Holy Quran, although he may well be a believer in all the other truths of religion because the presence even of one of the necessary conditions of Kufr is sufficient to make a man kafir. ….. , as Islam bases its judgments upon what is patent and not upon what is possible, it cannot but class as kafir such as fail to accept any of the Prophets, even though such failure may be due to their want of information concerning him. In the latter case, they will not, of course, be the objects of Divine punishment. The denial would be due to causes altogether beyond their control. It is in accordance with the same principle that Muslims have so long with one accord designated as kuffar all those who have not accepted the faith of Islam, without taking into consideration the question whether or not such failure is occasioned by want of adequate information concerning the Holy Prophetsa. And the doctor is yet to be born who will class in the category of Muslims the Esquimaux of the North Pole, the Red Indians of America, the Hottentots of Africa or the Maoris of Australia, or those millions of Christians, who living in central Europe or in other out of the way places have not yet heard anything regarding the teachings of the Holy Prophetsa.

  • Ali

    Mirza Mahmood Ahmad was the leader of the Ahmadis for about 50 years, and seeing as though the movement has only been around 100 years his works are quite authorative. I think Allama Iqbal said that Mirza Mahmood Ahmad and present day Qadiani leadership were the true followers of the prophet Mirza Ghulam. The Lahori movement is just a watered down version of Ahmadiyya that found it conveniant not to continue calling noon ahmadis Kaffir. Recommend

  • Talha

    No, I am not that Talha.

    As for your quoted text, it never once explicitly states what you are referring to that Ahmadi’s consider all other Muslims to be Non Muslims.

    Intact it is stating clearly the difference between non-Ahmadi Muslims and Ahmadi’s in the background of beliefs and the matter of accepting a Prophet.

    Similarly the use of the term non-Ahmadi Muslims is evident enough that others are considered Muslims too and referred as such.

    As for Mirza Mahmood Ahmed, he was instrumental in setting up Ahmadiyya as global movement. He was also very politically active with Iqbal himself, both setting up the Kashmir Committee and the work done for Pakistan by this particular person is also very substantial.

    It was Mirza Mahmood who was in correspondence with Jinnah through Ibrahim Dard persuaded Jinnah to return to India for Pakistan.

    Iqbal had an interesting background too, his brother, father and son Aftab Iqbal were ardent members of which group.

    Look it up.Recommend

  • Talha

    To clarify once again, Kufr translates to unbelief, the mainstream Muslims do not consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmed to be their expected Reformer and the awaited one. This merely indicates that those who do not believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed are unbelievers for Ahmadis alone and are to be termed non-Ahmadi Muslims or Ghair Ahmadi’s if you may.

    This has been clarified over and over again that Ahmadi’s do not consider others to be Ahmadi Muslims but rather Non-Ahmadi Muslims.

    However you can continue to hold the view you want if it suits your requirements.Recommend

  • A Khokar

    Where have those comments gone marked as awaiting moderation?Recommend

  • Ali

    Talha & Company
    If you read page 57 of the book, or 71 in terms of the numbers allocated by Adobe, you will see the point of the book and what the so called “Promised Reformer Of Islam” is trying to prove:

    “These changes, according to Maulawi Muhammad Ali, relate to three matters; (1) that I propagated theb belief that Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was actually a Nabi; (2) the belief that he was ‘the Ahmad’ spokenn of in the prophecy of Jesusas referred to in the Holy Quran in Al Saff 61:7; and (3) the belief that all those so-called Muslims who have not entered into his Bai‘at formally, wherever they may be, are kuffar and outside the pale of Islam, even though they may not have heard the name of the Promised Messiahas.

    That these beliefs have my full concurrence, I readily admit. What I deny is the statement that I have been entertaining these views since 1914″

    The extract I posted was the proof of point 3. And what was he trying to prove?

    the belief that all those so-called Muslims who have not entered into his Bai‘at formally, wherever they may be, are kuffar and outside the pale of Islam, even though they may not have heard the name of the Promised Messiahas.

    Notice he refers to ghair Ahmadis as so-called Muslims, what else can that mean other than non muslim. Infact in my experience Ahmadis still use this term an awful lot in their everyday language. Should the majority refer to Ahmadis in such terms they cry persecution from the hill tops.

    The author then goes on to refer to ghair, non -ahmadis as “are kuffar and outside the pale of Islam”. If that does not mean that the author believes non ahamdis are infact non muslim then I don’t know what does.Recommend

  • Ali


    You have mis read the extract I posted origianally on purpose. You just don’t want to be the one to admit what Ahmadis really believe. the authior clearly lumps ghair ahmadis in the same category as Eskimos, Red Indians etc. If he is not trying to say that ghair ahmadis are non-muslims then what on earth is he tying to say.

    There are numerous other books like this published in the same era. So when you opine that even educated muslims call ahmadis non-muslim, just may be that because they are.Recommend

  • Shehryar

    you defeat the whole concept of column.Recommend

  • Jeddy

    My cable service provider has dedicated 6 channels for mullahs. If there can six for Islam then why not an equal number of channels for each religion? Recommend

  • rizwana

    well done.very well written.Recommend

  • rizwana

    because they are afraid that illiterate Pakistani population who knows nothing about their religion even most of them can not recite kalima will get “manipulated” Recommend

  • shahina

    People say that illiteracy is the main problem in Pakistan but i have seen many litterates having no knowledge of there religion and totally relying on mullahs makes every thing worse though !
    As said by the Holy Prophet(saw) of Islam that in the laters days these Mullah will be the worst creatrures on earth we all can see with our own eyes this being fullfilled with our own eyes how these Mullahs have nothing to do other than engraving hatracy among each others sects and giving fatwas of killing ! May Allah help all of us follow the true teachings of hazrat Muhammad (saw) and apply ir in our daily lives Ameen !Recommend



    here we go . . . one more “thekedar” of ISLAM from Mullah IncRecommend