Please don’t let the world say ‘I told you so’, Britain!

Published: June 25, 2016

The EU's 28 European Affairs Ministers meet in Luxembourg to lay the groundwork for Brexit talks at the EU summit on June 28-29. Talks start at 1230 GMT. PHOTO: REUTERS

I have a British passport and I’m a UK trained Chartered Accountant, having worked in the city of London for over a decade – which some would think means I am slightly better placed than many others to understand the implications of Brexit.

However, it’s too early for anyone to predict the socio-economic implications. I can say though, with quite some certainty, that at least in the short term the fallout is going to have far reaching implications.

Waking up this morning to Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is beginning to take on Black Friday like proportions.

Every social media platform is inundated with peoples’ views about Brexit and its dramatic implications. There will be much conjecturing ahead and a great deal of theories will take shape and fall by the wayside – academics are already saying there is a fear that Brexit will also become an acronym for the next brain drain or ‘brain exit’ out of the UK!