Is India making the same mistake Pakistan made by allying with the US?

Published: June 26, 2016

U.S. President Barack Obama shakes hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the end of their meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington September 30, 2014. PHOTO: REUTERS

The post-colonial history tells us that Uncle Sam has been more of a destabiliser than a divine presence in the region. Pakistan has been a close ally of the US since the 50s. But has the Islamic country been a real beneficiary by playing the western world’s game in South Asia? In its blind desire to get military parity with India and neutralise the existential threat from its eastern neighbour, Islamabad became a front for Washington in the NATO’s war against communist Soviet Russia.

As a result, Pakistan, a newly born country, lost its strategic autonomy quite early in its life and became a pawn in the larger game of the western countries.

America used to fete the Pakistani leaders and military generals whenever they visited Washington. This gave them a bloated sense of their importance. What used to serve the egos of the Pakistani leaders was not in the larger interest of the nation.

Many of the evils afflicting the Islamic Republic today are by-products of its close embrace with the US.

India, under the first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, decided to make a different tryst with its destiny. Victim of colonial power for more than 200 years, it decided to chart out a different foreign policy path and, instead of becoming a camp follower, it took steps towards becoming the leader of third world countries. Non-aligned Movement (NAM) was a by-product of this thinking. No doubt New Delhi has been a close ally of Soviet Russia ideologically and strategically. It, however, never rented out its strategic autonomy and independence in foreign policy.

But India, an emerging economy with overweening ambition, is ready to play Pakistan in the second decade of the 21st century. Unmindful of its colonial past and the history of the last six decades, New Delhi is willing to embrace the US in a close strategic hug, thereby auctioning its military independence and strategic autonomy. A leader of the NAM is in a great hurry to become a stooge of the US led alliance. Fearing the overwhelming presence of China in South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, New Delhi, is willing to join the American camp to thwart the ambitions of Beijing.

The Logistics Support Agreement (LSA) or Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) that the South Asian democracy has agreed to sign in principle with Washington, would give the American military access to India’s bases. That would mean that New Delhi becomes a military lackey of the US, the way that Japan, Philippines and South Korea are. The South East Asian nations have different historical experiences and concerns, and they have reasons to join an Asia-Pacific alliance meant to contain China.

But India has its own place in history and nurtures a future which reflects its glory and achievement rather than being a flag bearer of another country’s ambition. It’s a fact universally acknowledged that America is in a desperate situation to play a leadership role in the world vis-à-vis China. Its depleted economic might limits its military ambition and outreach. Washington wants to rope in New Delhi to play its game and compensate its declining power.

The problem is that the governing party in India today is a Hindu right wing party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a group that has never participated in any anti-colonial movement and its ideological parent, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), always served as a stooge of the British during the freedom struggle. A party with such a dubious history is bereft of the larger vision that shaped the struggle for independent India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a man with highly constricted intellectual horizons, believes that by bringing India into a close military embrace with the US – he is venting the aspirations of new India. He wants India to think that anti-China strategic alliance with the west and a membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) are the best things that could happen to the country. But Modi, a man with limited ideology, does not understand that the corporatisation of the foreign policy might serve India’s corporate and business interests, but harms the larger vision of the nation.

He does not understand that India’s interests and the interests of the west are at odds with each other. Terrorism in the region found its roots, not because of Pakistan but because of the western world. Today Afghanistan is suffering not just because of Islamabad; Washington played a great role in legitimising destabilisation in the Hindu Kush.

A military alliance with the US would mean the sanitisation of the American sins in South Asia and elsewhere. Can we escape the consequences of accepting an international evil? If India allows Washington to launch drones from its territory against the Taliban or the ISIS, can we remain unscathed from the resultant consequences? A military alliance with America means India will also be drawn into war against terror, and that would make India even more vulnerable to terror attacks.

Friendship with the US comes at the cost of South Asian solidarity. It will not allow India to normalise their relationship with Pakistan. Joining the American camp pushes Islamabad deeper into the rival camp. Any future friendship with China becomes all the more difficult. The LSA means institutionalisation of historical animosities in South Asia.

You can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your neighbours. India has no option but to deal with its two neighbours – China and Pakistan. Why should New Delhi buy into the western notion that China’s rise is a threat to India? China is in a different league and India is nowhere close to the communist regime. Although ideally, establishing peace and stability in the larger picture would require New Delhi and Beijing to engage with each other more. However, at the moment, India’s alliance with the US creates tension in the region – with both the big neighbours looking at each other with greater distrust than ever before.

If New Delhi thinks that military alliance with the western nation would bring stability or parity in South Asia, it suffers from myopia. Bilateralism between India and Pakistan suffers. Normalisation of relations between the two neighbours becomes all the more difficult. As a result, Afghanistan remains just as disturbed as it has always been. Overall, the new military alliance promises to cause more destabilisation in South Asia than has ever been witnessed before.

If we don’t learn from history, history condemns us.


Sanjay Kumar

The author is a New Delhi based journalist covering South Asian and international politics.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    The intelligence of Indian journos is low and this is evident from this article.
    India is not a US ally.Recommend

  • sParthiv

    People sitting in Pakistan have no clue wats happening around. End of the day logistics agreement gives access to US to refuel in Indian harbours and Indian navel vessels in theirs. Now Indians will have a foot print in Pacific and South China sea. India didn’t give anyone permission to use their soil like Pakistan. U guys sold ur country by providing land bases to foreigners.Recommend

  • Asad

    Excellent analysis, India should realize that with USA the terms of business are always against you. If USA is providing free access to nuclear material they will make India use it against their enemy as well i.e. China. Learn from history, how Pakistanis were happy when they received famous stinger missiles from USA and then these missiles were made to use against MI-24 Helicopters of USSR is Afghanistan. In the end USA was able to eliminate an enemy and Pakistan was left to deal with her own hangover. As history suggests USA is not giving access to nuclear technology to India because it wants access to Indian market, they are arming you to use this technology to fight with their enemy i.e. China.Recommend

  • SHAH S

    Absolutely, and YES; Indians feels big and elevated, but for now are blind as it was their dream to be looked and seen with so called super power; Previously it was Soviet Russia, but after their demise, only one left, USA, and India needs that profile desperately to the extent it makes them blind and deaf; So much for friends and well wishers around them and who cares as long as they are with their newfound support. Now, the way it is, India has become a pawn for the chess game that USA is playing; They will do anything whenever USA wants them to; But there still is time and as long as Indian has Cash Money, USA will sell Trash for Cash; Take all the Money till India runs out of it, then Dump it in the Gutters and walk to the next country which has the Cash for Trash;Recommend

  • PatrioticSoul

    A perfect pieceRecommend

  • vinsin

    NAM was a product of Indonesia not India. Islamic countries were closed to India and Nehru also. Pakistan had GB as strategic autonomy since Independence. India used to pay money to USSR to get Kashmir Resolution vetoed, so much for Independent foreign policy. What Nehru foreign policy gave to India? India was never military Independent and had strategic autonomy. India cannot stop China.

    You are contradicting yourself, Nehru sent Army to support China and oppose Korean unification. You call that as Independent policy but oppose same with current Indian government.

    BJP didnt exists before Independence. RSS is not a political party neither now and not before Independence.

    Just because Modi doesnt want to give AP to China unlike Nehru doesnt make him anti-China. Congress is also running for NSG since 2008 not BJP alone.

    What is the vision of India,apart from Muslim appeasement?
    It is congress policy that Pakistan is responsible for terrorism, Isnt it was Nehru/Menon in 1955 declared there is only one enemy of India, Pakistan?

    Isnt India herself is an International evil or atleast in south Asia?

    India never had normalize relation with Pakistan.

    It was OK for Nehru to call USA for help during 1962 war and congress to go into USA camp but it is wrong for current government. Tension in the region exists since Independence, India can give AP to China and J&K to Pakistan and yes should get partitioned again to establish peace.Recommend

  • Milind A

    ” But Modi, a man with limited ideology, does not understand that the corporatisation of the foreign policy might serve India’s corporate and business interests, but harms the larger vision of the nation”
    What can be more to ‘larger vision of the nation’ than bringing FDI, creating jobs, development for all? If corporatisation of foreign policy serves it, so be it.. Your friend China has already dumped hopeless Communist ideology and has embraced capitalism bigway.. The problem with our leftist pen-pushers as this writer is that they remain in ivory towers, wedded to an hopeless & outdated ideology that the whole world has rejected. Nobody takes them seriously here in India, however Pakistanis continue on with their whinings and rage…Recommend

  • wb

    No we’re not. Are you lacking in history lessons or in common sense.

    When Pakistan became USA’s glove, right after 1947, it was a begging bowl and fundamentally sold itself to USA for money. In 1979, Pakistan literally became a mercenary for USA/Saudi alliance. In 1979, Pakistan was weaker.

    During the 70 year long history, Pakistan neither had good people to people relationships, money, might, trade, commerce. Pakistan wasn’t exporting anything to USA.

    Basically, Pakistan had nothing to sell to the USA except for itself. Pakistan neither had any soft sell, like democracy, pluralism.

    Pakistan’s economy wasn’t growing at 7% (although the lesser growth was also coming from US aid). Pakistan neither manufactured hairpins back then, nor it does now.

    Pakistan was weak in terms of integrity, sovereignty. None of its states were with Pakistan except for Punjab. Not Balochistan, not Bangladesh, not Sindh, not KPK.

    With regards to India today, it’s just the opposite.Recommend

  • SD

    Here goes Sanjay again with his anti Modi diatribes Recommend

  • Srinivasulu Mekala

    The author is absolutely clueless. He better go back to primary school and start reading history in the right perspective.

  • MT

    He has been criticizing Modi & india for last 2yrs. He should 1st learn to write unbiased article without making personal comments on modi.

    His hatred for modi & his organisation trashes his entire argument!Recommend

  • Gratgy

    This guy can’t possibly be a journalist.Recommend

  • W R

    Indians as opposed to Pakistan have always kept their integrity in check and reserved the right to make decisions that derived from internal nationalistic priorities. A recent example was the snub to the US and Boeing for France and Airbus.

    While corruption is rampant in both countries however as opposed to the hapless, corrupt to the core Pakistanis Indians display some pride in keeping India first in their foreign dealings. Pakistanis old wine in a new bottle is China which is slowly but surely taking this country down the path to nothing more than being a serfdom.Recommend

  • gamal

    Dear Author, in the first few paragraphs you have described the US character very well. Then by saying the following,

    “It’s a fact universally acknowledged that America is in a desperate situation to play a leadership role in the world vis-à-vis China. Its depleted economic might limits its military ambition and outreach. Washington wants to rope in New Delhi to play its game and compensate its declining power.”

    You have described the current economic and political state of US, I would say quite accurately.
    Now, what is beyond comprehension is that, if a person of your credentials can understand these facts so clearly, is the Indian leadership that has been put in place by a majority, not capable enough to see this?
    The rest of your write up is not only irrational and illogical, it is also an insult to a leadership which seems to be making the best out of the current international situation for its masses.
    While comparing the current Indo-US relationship with that between Pak and US, think over what you have written yourself. Is currently US really in a position to take India for a ride? Is India in a situation which Pakistan was when it fell prey to US bait?
    A country should come before any political party affiliations.Recommend

  • Xman

    The author has brought forward some interesting points.The region on the whole has suffered because of flawed foreign policies on both sides of the border. India spends only 1% of its GDP on health. 50% of Indians don’t have proper shelter, 70% don’t have access to decent toilets, 35% of households don’t have a nearby water source, 85% of villages don’t have a secondary school, Over 40% of these same villages don’t have proper roads connecting them. On the other hand expenditure on military budget has jumped by 43% in past 10 years. Situation is no different in Pakistan. The western civilization has bequeathed a system that creates super luxury for the 5% at the expense of plundering the other helpless 95% and centuries of colonization has embedded slave mentality in our psyche. Why can’t we get over it?Recommend

  • Jayman

    Pakistan had military dictators that US could arm-twist. India has strong institutions and a robust economy that will only kowtow with the US inasmuch as what it can gain from it. Pakistan and India can hardly be compared.Recommend

  • FactCheck


    Nexrt time you are around an Elephant by any chance, look at the difference between the Elephant and an Ant crawling around on the ground then, crefully focus on the size and comapre the size and deeply think of the size difference between the two.

    Once you thoroughly and clearly undersand the difference in size, you will understand the difference between India and Pakistan.

    For all it fault, US has stood behind its allies sometimes to a fault. Pakistan is a country which systametically lied and deceived the US and you expect the US to stand by Pakistan.

    Name one Ally US has abandoned. If you name Pakistan then, you are the most ignorant person on planet earth.Recommend

  • FactCheck

    You forgot to mention that, Pakistan only sold geographical importance and as technology progressed at rapid rate, geography became less and less important and today it is completely obliviated.Recommend

  • Lakshman

    Oho. somebody said that Pakistan actually made a mistake. Somebody is saying that India is only, perhaps, making a mistake.Recommend

  • zoro

    Well for us here in India we think that its exactly the opposite ….
    Anyway now i can vouch that ants do not have brains ….Recommend

  • zoro

    The problem here is of the mentality of the nation ….
    Pakistan had designs on India and was a beggar anyway and wanted to bring the whole Ulema under them in the name of “Ïslamic Atom Bomb “…
    India is rich in Culture and heritage and has self pride … whereas Pakistan was born with the idea of NOT INDIAN … so wanted an identity of ARABS… well arabs have shown what they think of Pakistanis …
    Pakistanis were clients and were dependant on US alms … well India is equal partner and NOT dependant on outside help …
    Well the list is long …
    9/11 has shown the world what Pakistan is what mentality it has …
    Rest is history …
    And yes comparing India and Pakistan is like comparing Apples to Oranges …Recommend

  • abhi

    If you have gone back to Jawaharlal Nehru then please also tell how China repaid him for his Asian solidarity. I think if China had behaved responsibly, the situation would have been different. China wants to play big bully in Asia (now in world) and if we don’t act now it will be too late.Recommend

  • Paki Terrorist

    It was not a mistake by any stretch of imagination that Pakistan made, by being an ally of the US … Pakistan is still the major non-NATO ally of the US, as I write. Pakistan made tens of billions of dollars from its alliance with the US led NATO … over $33.0 billions since 2001 alone, in economic and military aid. Add the numerous loan waivers and loan re-scheduling by the IMF … and you will know the exact amount Pakistan received as the reward … who is this author trying to kid … ??!!Recommend

  • Paki Terrorist

    What else do you expect from a JNU trained leftist Bihari … ??Recommend

  • Paki Terrorist

    Pakistan never had cash … then why did the Americans pay attention to Pakistan … ??!!Recommend

  • Paki Terrorist

    There is a big difference here … India buys weapons with hard cash, and the US just gave the Stinger missiles and F-16s to Pakistan for free. Pakistan acted as their mercenary, which self respecting India will never be …

    and you are right … India has a bigger and powerful enemy on the border. It has no choice but to buy superior weapons from the US, in order to protect its borders … !! … therefore the onus is on China to shape India’s relations with the US … Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    India is flip flopping around, its unstable foreign policy, one minute the UK ally, next minute the USSR ally, now the US ally. Recommend


    India has brains to utilize, that why many Indians are working as CEO for US Corporate companies, where as Pakistan has no brain or little, used Faisal Shahzad for terrorism.Recommend

  • Raj – USA

    There are four types:
    (1) He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool – shun him.
    (2) He who knows not and knows he knows not: he is simple – teach him.
    (3) He who knows and knows not he knows: he is asleep – wake him.
    (4) He who knows and knows he knows: he is wise – follow him.

    This author Sanjay Kumar and the other one Sapan Kapoor are this type.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    U guys? Whom are u talking to? We didn’t write this piece,it was written by one of YOURS. Talk to him and don’t involve us. You can sell yourself to US or parmatma, we don’t care.Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    The little man beating the big drum for the Congress Party and the Gandhi family, relics of yesteryears fit only to be consigned to the dustbin of history. Mr. Sanjay Kumar is an expert on limited intellectual horizons since he has suffered from the disease congenitally. He sees salvation for India by friendship with Pakistan and China, ignoring all the history such as Tibet occupation, 1962 operation and the Kargil war. No thanks! let Modi deal with them.Recommend

  • Noble Intellect

    India is poverty struck nation where more than half the nation lives below the poverty line….this subservience to US is a drastic mistake and a big price will be paid in future by india. One thing most people overlook is that India is not a martial nation…their entire history has been under some imperial power or the other, they just trade masters……for close to a thousand years they were under muslims, then another 300 odd years under British empire.

    There are no friends in Geo-politics only national interests; At this juncture in time India is expedient in Americas imperial ambition and useful for their pivot towards containing China. However; it is clear and obvious that America is a dying superpower and is pretty much on a downhill slide, as such it is at wrong juncture in history India has decided to Align with US.

    The Us will use Indian territory for its war machine transits and refuelling; setting up India as prime target for China and Russian offence to contain the US.

    America has a history of defeats in southeast Asia. Middle east and elsewhere after the second war and things will not change now, Unfortunately for India; it has no statesmen with vision to lead…Recommend

  • Eddied

    Terrible article filled with lies and untrue conspiracy theories..Recommend

  • Sarfaraz A.

    Wish, India had utilized little bit of brain to build toilets for its half a billion population!Recommend

  • Sarfaraz A.

    What….! History is taught in the primary schools to children in India? No doubt why all these Indian zombies here don’t know what they are sayingRecommend

  • curious2

    Article makes little sense – but neither does the myth that India or Cuba were “non aligned” countries who happened to receive Soviet weapons and vote the Soviet line on every UN issue.Recommend

  • Sarfaraz A.

    This author of the article ‘Sanjay Kumar’ is from India not PakistanRecommend

  • Bharat

    By Sanjay’s logic, the big tension between China and a lot of SE asia is cause by the alliance with the USA?

    gee, Vietnam is allied to the USA?

    Or for that matter, The alliance with the USA caused the incursioons of Chinese troops into India ?

    Go back and get some clear thinkingRecommend

  • Sarfaraz A.

    So, the moral story is that Indians are actually brainwashed to hate Pakistan from their childhood!Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Modi looks like a Bollywood clown with his outfits. Modi’s small mind can be seen in his obsession with costumes.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    India acts like a used tire, used by UK, USSR and now US. India acts like fascist Nazi Germany treating Christians, Muslims and Untouchables, just like Nazis treated Jews. India is so backward they don’t have restrooms for women, yet they think launching satellites makes them a modern state. India claims to be a democracy, uses troops to suppress the democratic rights of most of its states. Indian fascism does not allow referendums like the Scottish Independence referendum or Brexit referendum. India is only useful to us in America as long as they call us Sahib, sell us cheap clothes and telephone call centers, buy our used outdated ships, cars and planes, and force China to move troops to their southern border. We know China would bury India in any war, China being five times larger than India. We can count on Indian worship of white people to get the job done.Recommend

  • LS

    International politics is issue based. For example India and USA do not see eye to eye on pakistan getting more arms and ammunition, or Indian immigrants contributing to Social Security when they themselves cannot use it, or visa fee hikes or many other topics.. but they do agree on NSG, Terrorism, trade, limited military collaboration.

    Mr. Paki – get it?Recommend

  • Indusengineer

    Modi is a circus clown!Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Can the robust Indian economy make toilets for the Indian ladies? Recommend

  • LS

    You have very shallow understanding of international politics.

    International politics is issue based. For example India and USA do not see eye to eye on pakistan getting more arms and ammunition, or Indian immigrants contributing to Social Security when they themselves cannot use it, or visa fee hikes or many other topics.. but they do agree on NSG, Terrorism, trade, limited military collaboration.

    India is investing in Russian Military while Russia is Investing in India big time too, AK-47 manufacturing plant, Kamov helicopters, Brahmos, Ship building with Private companies, Submarine repairs at pipawav port and many more while we talk with them on FGFA and PAK-50 FA and possible lease of another nuclear submarine…

    Finally, when was the last time pakistan had cash and lets assume even if it did why were you so eager to by those american “trash” called F-16’s in large numbers? Today the only blind and deaf is pakistan which is ONLY in the laps of China and NO OTHER partners. While India has relations with not only EU, Muslim world but also Africa and Americas and Far east… While North Korea, China and Pakistan seem to stand together after startling revelations that pakistan was supplying nuclear parts to North Korea!!Recommend

  • LS

    “This” type is what type out of the 4 according to you?, According to me they are type 1 but not sure how are you categorizing them :-)Recommend

  • LS

    If these are the type of people you like… no wonder why pakistan is today what it is…Recommend

  • Reddy

    it’s funny how all commies find refuge in pakistan websites these days, when did commies start caring enough about india to give her a advise….now the dying breed doing a chinese bidding on a US bogey about india in a pakistani website…maoists talking about nuclear power is exactly like saudis heading human rights at UN…illiterate commies would rather prefer india to go black than to have nuclear power or nuclear weapons while the real commies in china wouldn’t bat an eyelash for these nuts..
    “But Modi, a man with limited ideology, does not understand that the corporatisation of the foreign policy might serve India’s corporate and business interests, but harms the larger vision of the nation”
    classic communist rant about globalization and large corporates,UFOs,martians taking over while making an elitist deriding comment against a PM, no wonder commies going extinctRecommend

  • LS

    “Bilateralism between India and Pakistan suffers.”

    India always had relations with western countries since it inception but was not married to and dependent on A country like pakistan was. Even today India’s foreign policy is NOT married to US, Russia, UAE, SA, UK, IRAN or anybody. India looks for its own interest, which you have failed to notice. India continued to trade with Iran to the chagrin of US despite US sanctions.

    No one in India “NEEDS” a bilateralism with Pakistan given the history of pakistan’s “security state” mentality and constantly and childishly threatening and using non-state actors against India since 1947. They have spurned the hand of friendship every time it was extended and resulted in Parliament Attacks, Kargils, Mumbai Attacks, Pathankot… At some point in time India needs to learn a lesson and it has…

    Pretend to have talks, but don’t talk, stall because India is happy with status quo where as pakistan is revisionist, just like Chinese. There would NEVER be any bilateralism… so NOTHING suffers.

    Lastly, It was Congress that acted as a stooge of British, became corrupt, self serving, vision less and still had the historical baggage that Nation cannot be run without them. Their appeasement policies, divide and rule policies in the name of cast, reservation, religion, language only created more divide.

    BJP does not have that baggage and focuses on development if only some of those RSS appointed ministers could keep their mouth shut and work for the people instead of constantly issuing controversial statements.Recommend

  • SKChadha

    We don’t have permanent friends or foes in diplomacy …. :-)Recommend

  • LS

    “Friendship with the US comes at the cost of South Asian solidarity. It will not allow India to normalise their relationship with Pakistan. Joining the American camp pushes Islamabad deeper into the rival camp. Any future friendship with China becomes all the more difficult. The LSA means institutionalisation of historical animosities in South Asia.”

    Reverse ain’t true buddy? The camp was chosen by pakistan first. while India was non-aligned and still is.. we ain’t in no-body’s camp

    What is south asian solidarity? Like pakistan attacking us 4 times? constantly saber rattling its nukes to the likes of Sheikh Rasheed

    Hafiz Saeed, Sartaz Aziz, Musharraf and what not… You call this solidarity? Musharraf who proudly mentioned that we supported, trained and financed Kashmiri separatist movement, Khalistan movement? you are talking about solidarity? really? with pakistan?Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Notice the Question!
    Is India making the same mistake Pakistan made by allying with the US???
    Rewrite Question!
    Will India stab the US in the back while pretending to be an ally like Pakistan did using the Good Taliban??Recommend

  • rationalist

    True to his communist leaning, the author would rather have India become a Chinese stooge serving the dragon masters the same way as the author does.Recommend

  • Test Test

    This author is another one of those leftist liberals. In todays world, India needs close relations with atleast 2 of the Permanent members in the UNSC. India needs to maintain great relations with both Russia and USA. This will be difficult but India needs to do that. Russia is not worried about South China Sea, so India can work along with US and Japan on South China sea and have closer relations with Russia specifically on purchasing oil and gas and close defence cooperation. Russia is also wary of China and this benefits India. India can contain China and works for both Russia and USA. China is already showing its card like it did at the NSG. Given that Indias economy is to become the 3rd largest in the next few years, India can ensure it can leverage this potential to make China struggle in its markets. Also India can increase its heft in Africa and South America. China is growing increasingly isolated in its neighbourhood with many or all of its neighbours angry with it and India needs to tap this to improve her relationships specifically defence with Vietnam, Phillipines, Singapore, Taiwan etc. While many of Nehrus policies were good for India, his position and policies on defence were bad if not outright stupid. India could have been a permanent member of the UNSC if not for this idealist stance. And these stupid leftist liberals as they would like to call themselves are intellectually deficient to even understand todays international games.Recommend

  • wiljose

    You are chinese stoog , right?Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    It is not anti Modi.
    This author basically is clueless about Indo-US relationship.
    This did not suddenly evolve under Modi but has been a slow process that started in 1998 after India decided to have nuclear tests. US immediately put various embargos on India.
    Stobe Talbot and Jaswant Singh had a serious of talks from which emerged this strained relationship.
    It took several years of patient negotions to evolve into the present form, both under Congress and BJP.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Wow ! Look at all the hindu comments. Writhing/percolating in their
    slow burning poison. With no reason or rhyme.
    Paid Rs.17.50 for each comment in ET. by RSS, Shiv Sena and
    the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.
    Enough for one idli and one dosa.Recommend


    India wants to take whatever it can take from anybody. 70+ billion dollars from UAE, can you even imagine that? then there is Japan. Defence and nuclear partnerships with the US. trade with China. The word used here is strategic partnership. The author should be mature enough to differentiate between the two relationships.Recommend

  • IAF101

    If being an “ally of the USA” results in become a state like Pakistan than ALL American “allies” must exhibit the same phenomena.

    However, that is not the case. Each “ally” of America has either benefited greatly or collapsed miserably based on its own ambitions and aims for itself. Examples of South Korea, Israel , Japan, Singapore, Germany, etc come to mind for the positive impact of US “alliance”. While Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc come to mind in terms of the regressive effects of US alliance.

    India’s destiny is very much in India’s hands and it is upto India’s leaders to set the course for India as a US “ally” . Blaming the US for Pakistan’s failure is absurd considering that the US never stopped Pakistan from embracing liberalism, secularism, genuine democracy or free markets.Recommend

  • brar

    No we will use your toilets which are in excess of your population.Recommend

  • brar

    We are talking to him and why you are here ?Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    The money you speak of was compensation for supplies provided to US forces in Afghanistan. The US has not paid their bill in full, behaving like a deadbeat creditor to the embarrassment of Americans. Pakistan did not profit from the alliance, in fact they suffered financially and in terms of casualties. Don’t forget, the massive burden of the Afghan refugee population, going on since the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, all of these consequences of Pakistan’s support of its double-crossing ally.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    IAF can barely fly a MIG-21 without crashing the plane, can’t build a plane like the HAL Tejas rejected by the IAF, can’t operate Russian submarines without setting the lot on fire. The average Indian’s incompetence with modern technology is a result of copying ancient English cars and motorcycles for decades, stifling Indians from technological competence. Indians like Satya Nadella, operate Microsoft like they fly MIG-21s, crash and burn.Recommend


    RSS, Shiv Sena and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. better than TTP, LeT, JeM, HM, LeJ. RSS, Shiv Sena and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.dont do suicide bombing, beheading, whipping,place bombs in mosques Recommend

  • Milind A

    Nope.. Moral is Pakistanis have this siege & victim mentality… that anybody who shows them a mirror is their enemy.. Whoever showers them with praise (with or without ulterior motives) is their friend…Recommend


    If Indians are actually brainwashed, then India would be way far behind in science in technology than Pakistan, What is taught in Pakistan books is well known in madrassahs.Recommend


    Google the corruption list, Pakistan is way ahead of India.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    India cannot maintain relations with Russia or the US, the gap between Hindus and Christians is too wide to cross. The gap between the Russians or Chinese atheists even greater. Confucian Chinese see the belligerent violent Hindus as an alien people, what with their RSSRecommend

  • Milind A

    Its better to look like a clown rather than a bearded zealot… At the end of the day, the world listens and affords respect to our ‘clown’… whereas on the other hand, you’re not capable producing a clown atleast.. All darkness.Recommend


    Do you have toilet for yourself in Pakistan,(49% living under poverty) if you dont have, your all weather friend China can give you the substandard quality, painted green. Recommend

  • wb

    Correction. We only get paid Rs. 12.25. That’s just enough for one single idli.

    And you know I love you.Recommend

  • wb

    You don’t find my facts accurate?Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Obama and Modi might as well be from alien planets. Obama diplomatically barely conceals his displeasure with Modi’s obsequiousness and kowtowing, for the purpose of the antiChinese alliance. Obama knows that in the end India, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea will fall under Chinese dominance soon, Japan will follow later. The Chinese juggernaut will eventually dominate south Asia.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Yes India and USA collaborate on terrorism in China, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. The “trade” is merely US payment for the terrorism.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Indian population does remind people of ants.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Amusing how Indians think they are elephants. Elephants are cowardly animals who run away.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    India is being used by the US as proxy cannon fodder against the Chinese. That is not called a “strategic relationship” Obama calls them “client states”Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Commies you say? India with its large Communist party and Communist governed states. Pakistan never had a Communist party, forget about Communists running a province of Pakistan. The Commies are overwhelmingly in India.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Nehru was a British stooge, more concerned about his attempted affairs with white women and the bribes he collected for allowing the British a monopoly in selling junk cars in India.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Dear Sanjay,

    If Pakistan is in one end of the spectrum of US relationship then another end is surely post war Japan, Germany, Canada, South Korea, UAE, etc.
    What makes you think that relation ship with US will turn India into another Pakistan and not another one of those above mentioned nations?
    After all we have no Kashmir to conquer and don’t face existential threat even from our number one enemy China. China can be our main enemy , main competitor and main partner depending upon circumstances.
    We are not a militant state like Pakistan and share our world vision with US, Japan and others.Recommend

  • zoro

    And for the same reason the whole world is after India to have business …. :-)
    just in case for you to knowRecommend

  • Stephen Lee

    This article is of a typical leftist of India who would never feel ashamed of putting India down through their nonsense articles and sucking up to communist China. These are same Chinese stooges of India who supports China during the defeat of 1962 war against ChinaRecommend

  • Jayman

    But they will need to make toilets for Pak soldiers who will be tripping over themselves to surrender. In 1971, 91,000 surrendered but in the next showdown, the number may triple. You’re right. Toilet factories will be working overtime.Recommend

  • whatever

    its strange to see that a Paki is trying to count toilets in India while unable to count their own population from decadesRecommend

  • nasir ali khan

    Pakistan was used like a condom and India will face the same consequence. Recommend

  • LS

    “NAM was a product of Indonesia not India”, it wasn’t Indonesia either. The idea came from President Tito, meeting took place in Bandung, Indonesia and the 10 points of the Bandung conference. Though all these people are considered as founding fathers of NAM:

    Jawaharlal Nehru, prime minister of India
    Kwame Nkrumah, prime minister of Ghana
    Gamal Abdel Nasser, president of Egypt
    Achmed Sukarno, president of Indonesia
    Tito, president of Yugoslavia

    “Pakistan had GB as strategic autonomy since Independence”
    No pakistan simply sent a british along with some soldiers to capture the area and called it instant revolt and occupied the area… Like I have said before.. they have been revisionist from the day pakistan was created.

    “India used to pay money to USSR to get Kashmir Resolution vetoed”
    Never see any evidence for this but this is a big accusation that vetoes are for sale…

    “Nehru sent Army to support China and oppose Korean unification”
    This is pretty outlandish statement, India sent a 6000 people as custodial force while India, Uk, Canada, China, Russia and US negotiated peace…

    After the fallout with China and Nehru’s forward policy and ill equipped army (Nehru refused to listen to their concerns) – we all know what happened…

    Not defending Nehru – he made lots and lots of blunders primarily due to this NAM alliance and due to initial camaraderie with Chinese at that time (While India and China were not enemies and India negotiated for china during Korean war)…

    Rest I agree with.. :-)Recommend

  • Nasser

    All are same. However Taleban etc are better in one accept…they committed the ugliest crime and accept it whereas RSS ..SENA etc commit crimes (refer..Ajmer blasthe..Makkah masjid…samjhauta express) and blame it on Muslims. This us the difference..hypocrisy. and hypocrisy is the trait responsible for all kind of terrorism. Recommend

  • LS

    Like LeT, JeM, ETIM (Uighyur), Talibaan, Al-qaeda, Haqqani Network.. and the Trade money you got of 33 Billion dollars?

    Get out of your delusions…Recommend

  • LS

    You don’t know India.. He is factually wrong and stupidity as arguments.. and has been countered by many others including me (read those comments).. as for extremists calling the shots.. one created your country after butchering 10,000 people, another butchered 3-4 Million in Bangladesh, yet another dictator culled 25,000 Palestinians in Jordan, and last dictator culled up 15,000 in Baluchistan…Recommend

  • zoro

    Yes … ants with lots of brains !!! we believe in nanotechnology …… we have proved that big head does not really means big brains …Recommend


    Let’s look at it this way. India has its own ambitions, it needs all it can get from anybody to fulfill those ambitions. Also, India is maintaining decent relations with China. Just look at how much Chinese companies are investing in India. Moreover, India too wants to be able to stand up to China. If the goals are aligned, then it is called a strategic partnership. It is in the interests of both the countries. We need to differentiate this with what happened to Pakistan during the cold war. I hope you understand the difference.Recommend

  • zoro

    Is that all you can find ???
    Google for more …Recommend

  • zoro

    International politics does not have permanent friends nor permanent enemies …Recommend

  • zoro

    Time will tell …. wait and watch this spaceRecommend

  • zoro

    Pakistan’s greatest friend is China … rings any bells ???
    A complete and utter mismatch … now trying to warm up with Russia .. a complete mis match again ….Recommend

  • zoro

    Pakistan has that Stooge mentality NOT India ….
    Do not judge others when you are at the deepest end of SHITRecommend

  • zoro

    When your history book says Pakistan got Independence from India … I rest my case …Recommend

  • zoro

    No wonder you still eating grass ….Recommend

  • mimi sur

    Dear Sanjay,

    Do not worry , We are Hindus, not block-headed muslims . So chill ..Recommend

  • LS

    They know what they are saying but it does not agree with your doctored national narrative.. that is where the chasm is.Recommend