Making India an NSG member state will be a mistake

Published: June 16, 2016

China, a devoted friend of Pakistan’s, has stated its condition to support India only if Pakistan is also elected as a member state.

Recently, India initiated efforts to become a member state of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Correspondingly, Pakistan — in an attempt to subdue India — has also submitted an application in its desire to join the club. However, both countries don’t meet the prerequisites to join the NSG. I personally believe that Pakistan needs to focus on stability rather than gaining access to this group.

NSG restricts the proliferation of nuclear weapons by controlling nuclear commerce. India, the fastest growing economy in the world, has a huge population and an enormous demand for energy. It has various domestic nuclear industries that require international exposure for them to expand their businesses.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, rightfully, initiated a ‘make in India’ programme to create jobs and boost technology. This program plans to produce reactors in India with Moscow’s assistance and sell them to various countries.

The aforementioned reasons sum up India’s keenness to obtain NSG’s membership. Once India is granted admission, it will be in a great position to meet its goals. On the other hand, Pakistan’s foreign policy has put forth no such strategic goals in order to gain membership into the club.

India already enjoys benefits similar to NGS’s existing member states, for which reason several member governments have opposed its membership. Washington has a nuclear cooperation deal with India (only after it made an amendment in its law) which granted NSG rules for India in order to take part in civilian nuclear trade. This step was regarded as unequal treatment by the member governments, so much so that it led to massive opposition, but the issue was settled as a result of tactful US diplomacy.

The reason for not supporting India’s inclusion in the group is because these member states do not back Indian delegates. It could be owing to unfair treatment, considering these countries themselves have formally submitted a request for becoming members. These countries include New Zealand, Ireland, Turkey, South Africa, Austria and China.

China, a devoted friend of Pakistan, has stated its condition to support India only if Pakistan is also elected as a member state. Trust good ol’ China to back us during testing times. The fact is, India has a growing consumer market, and India and China both benefit from bilateral trade. Subsequently, it is naturally expected that China will support India’s admission into the group over the course of time.

Nevertheless, Modi’s recent fast paced visits to significant member countries ended up in gathering important recommendations from these states. India has been an ally of the United States for a long time now and therefore, the US supports India on this occasion. It is obvious Modi had thought this through.

Even during his previous two visits, in 2010 and 2015, President Barack Obama gave encouraging statements in support of India regarding this issue. Moreover, recent meetings between the two leaders ended up in a 100 per cent support for the hoping-for-membership state. Other countries who support India are France, UK, Russia, Switzerland, Japan and Mexico was the latest addition to this list.

Making India a member state will be evidence of poor management by the NSG governing members.


Due to perceptive diplomacy, India has been exempted from NSG laws and has made great leaps and bounds in the production of its nuclear weaponry. Therefore, the decision to admit India will clearly reflect on the integrity of the governing members. NSG does not allow member states to trade with countries that are non-signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and India is amongst the countries who have not signed this treaty.

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In contrast, Pakistan will surely benefit from NSG membership by trading nuclear materials with the global community. Our inclusion will also prove to be economically beneficial.

Leaving the obvious benefits aside, there are also factors that may create an obstruction for Pakistan in gaining NSG membership.

So far Pakistan has not been able to set up its own nuclear reactors without assistance from other countries. The first reactor was provided by Canada in 1971, while the other two reactors were provided by China. One of the foremost questions that come to mind is; is Pakistan capable of being self -sufficient?

Moreover, Pakistan is rumoured to have supplied nuclear secrets to defiant countries such as North Korea, Libya and Iran which undermines the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons clause of NSG.

One of the reasons Pakistan wishes to join NSG is to access nuclear materials that are not manufactured in Pakistan. The country manufactures heavy water, nuclear manipulators, maraging steel and zirconium, but not in enough abundance to export it. This requirement can be fulfilled by establishing a civilian nuclear cooperation deal with the international community without being a member of the NSG.

Pakistan should stop competing with its rival neighbour — India — and focus more on its fundamental concerns. Illiteracy, unemployment, an on-going energy crisis, poverty, corruption, poor health care and terrorism are among the top issues that the government needs to resolve. Unlike India, Pakistan still stands nowhere on eradicating its core problems. Owing to these reasons, it should not be eyeing membership of the club at the moment.

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Lastly, Pakistan should be targeting its stability issues and independence. Our country has a shaky and uncertain global image and that is why other countries do not back our choices. Pakistan has a history of military coups, an unsteady law and order situation and political uncertainty, which does not support our application for being its member. In the end, it all comes down to the phrase,

“Actions speak louder than words.”

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Azhar Saeed

Azhar Saeed

The author has done his bachelors in Political Science from LUMS. He has an interest in world affairs and cricket. He tweets as @theazharsaeed (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Jayman

    Even without the NSG membership, the special status accorded to India provides us with the latest technologies anyway. The only additional thing NSG gives us is the ability to make and sell nuclear products – which is not India’s prowess anyway.Recommend

  • jay

    “China a devoted friend of Pakistan ” this line says all about how Pakistani see themselves ! its basically means , Pak now has presented themselves to China to be used as per Chinese convenience ! Some years ago USA was a devoted friend, used to curb Soviet march , , now China. Pakistan looks more like a Vine that constantly needs a strong tree to crawl upon just to survive !Recommend

  • Paki Terrorist

    Of course it will be a mistake … from Pakistan’s point of view, which the entire world is not in agreement with, except China of course … !! … It is time for Pakistan to realize that nuclear blackmail will not work any more, and it is time to revisit policies that are outdated …Recommend

  • rahul

    for the next ten years india will be advancing like a monster in manufacturing industry and defence manufacturing with its technical skill and manpower only thing is investment and energy fdi has already started to pour massive energy is required for the industries to function at this juncture modi tries to acquire nuclear reactore to produce power as well as for export thats why nsg is paramount pak or even china cannot come near india in technical expertise in india one side is far superior with science and technogy and the other side is poor and poverty and there is no balance once it is put in place there is no competition for india on the world forum unfortunately the congress which ruled the country for >50 years has failed to do this but now with modi an energetic and dynamic leader that is possible unless other secular idiots are silenced but paks story is different it is highly amusing that pak has a pm only on books but it is the rougue military which spoils everything and for the enmity with india pakistani people are not that bad it seems but leadership the military and their associates the terror groups always hate india and the root cause of all the problems paks cricket team itself is a victim of such political turmoil though it has a talented teamRecommend

  • whatever

    so according to Author , AQ Khan was house arrested on just rumors. God save Pakistan judiciary and executives. BTW don’t just do the things because India did.Recommend

  • haris

    India needs peaceful nuclear energy for it growth. Anyway everyone is saying Pak has more nukes than India. India not worried about having nuke superiority as long as it has enough to counter Pak.
    This looks more of ego problem for China and Pak time to give it a rest and not act like crabs in the well preventing other crabs which want to climb out. Pakistan is like a crab inside the well and China a crab outside the well!!!Recommend

  • EightZeroThree

    This author rightly mentions that India already has an NSG waiver by which it can access uranium and civil nuclear tech from around the world. So, for all civil nuclear needs India has enough support from across the world. India however, cannot sell its civil nuclear technology that easily. Also, NSG for India is but a status symbol. India being a large economy wants a seat at the nuclear high table. Other than that there is nothing NSG can give India.

    Why must Pakistan’s application be linked to India’s ?

    No reason whatsoever. It is true that India and Pak have not signed NPT and are both rivals but unlike Pak, India has an impeccable non proliferation record. India did not have a AQ Khan who smuggled nuclear tech to rogue countries. Also, India being a big market for corporations around the world would help the economy of other countries which will have access to a fast growing market. India is not developing its nuclear arsenal at the fastest rate either. In fact, India has the lowest number of nuclear bombs among all countries with developed nuclear program.

    Why Pakistan is so desperate to get into NSG ?

    The only reason Pakistan wants NSG membership is to rival India. A membership in NSG means acceptance by the world of a country’s nuclear program. Pakistan already gets nuclear reactors from China. Pakistan fears that if India gets membership it will forever veto Pak’s application thus keeping its nuclear program away from the legitimacy that it enjoys.Recommend

  • Aarti Dixit

    Pakistan is only applying for NSG and being used by China. China sees Pakistan as a market place for China’s slowing economy and coasting industries. Bigger picture is Chinese trade agreements will eat up the local industries of Pakistan thus draw Pakistan further towards instability.
    Regional Nuclear imbalance is just a negative propaganda, NSG is only there to prevent the proliferation of Nuclear technology. Unfortunately Pakistan’s reputation is not very encouraging with the deals with N Korea. Bottom line is Pakistan should not worry about anything from India, as Pakistan has nothing which India needs. Its is just Pakistan’s paranoia Recommend

  • firstpostcommenter

    There should be a formal criteria for NSG. Why cant pakistan not join but India can join?

    International community will not accept it.

    At the same time, India cannot be willing to join NPT because NPT gives special privilege to 5 countries

    So leave this. Wait till 2050 when India GDP will be 20 trillion dollars. Then everyone will give exemptions to us so that we can do whatever we want

    If paris agreement forces us to reduce our pollution then we can say we cannot achieve it. Thats itRecommend

  • Neutral

    and adding Pakistan will will make sense lolRecommend

  • Kaushik

    It is evident from this article that the author tried to be as dispassionate and patriotic as possible at the same time. So, kudos to him! AFAIK India has not opposed to Pakistan’s NSG application yet, and probably India will not oppose simply because there is nothing to gain from it. One thing that must be understood here is India put forward its NSG application mainly because of its ever-rising energy needs. The other thing that must also be understood here is that the world is gradually moving toward unconventional sources of energy in order to meet its energy requirements, and India is doing pretty well in that area. What Pakistan wants to do is totally upto Pakistan, but India IS doing the right thing here. Let’s face it: Pakistan can never win any race with India. Pakistan’s diplomatic machinery failed time and again, and like the author mentioned its post-independence history is marred by coups and assassinations, illiteracy, fundamentalism, in-bred terrorism and whatnot. It’s high time Miyan Sahab’s government did some good things for the people who voted him and his minions to power.Recommend

  • Critical

    Pakistan is like that jealous neighbor who wants to have everything the other guys have….

    Pakistan has proved itself to be a rogue Nuclear state who had passed their knowledge to countries like Libya,North Korea….

    This author’s blog is like asking Ahmed Shehzad to be included in the 2016 WT20 Team of the year just because Virat Kohli could be nominated for thatRecommend

  • neil

    You are factually wrong on many counts. France didn’t sign NPT when it became member of NSG. China being part of NSG didn’t hold up to its commitment of maintaining NSG principles. Instead it did nuclear trade deal with Pakistan which was non NPT signing nation without seeking permission of NSG members, clear violation. Where as in India’s case NSG with consensus allowed India to do civil nuclear trade seeing it’s non profilation record. Unlike Pakistan which gave nuclear secrets to libya, North korea, Iran. 2. This is for civil nuclear commerce not nuclear bombs. They also come under IAEA Inspection, so no cause to worry. Also all other countries like South africa, New Zealand, Austria you mentioned have softened their stand. Only Turkey and China are opposing as of now. China in today’s article said it would back India’s entry if india signed NPT. Don’t think india would agree… This year india won’t be included..but next year China will bend just like it did in case of 2008 civil nuclear deal. Delay the deal then accept. Recommend

  • Ahmed

    In contrast, Pakistan will benefit….

    Why in contrast? Your previous point, Saeed Sahib, was that admitting India would reflect badly on the group as it is not a signatory to the NPT. Pakistan is also not a signatory – there is no contrast there. Admitting either Pakistan or India as non-NPT signatories would reflect badly on the group either way.

    Admitting Pakistan with ‘its rumoured’, leakage of nuclear secrets, would, “in contrast”, reflect even more badly on the group.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Pakistan should worry about its own jihadi zoo rather than India becoming an nsg member.
    The hate India ideology won’t work anymoreRecommend

  • gp65

    “NSG does not allow member states to trade with countries that are non-signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and India is amongst the countries who have not signed this treaty.”
    Not true. France has not signed the NPT either, so the precedence exists. In fact US, China, UK and Russia have not signed NPT either. the NPT is inherently unfair and that is the reason India does not sign it.Recommend

  • Nitin Johri

    I am really surprised at such a clear understanding of ground realities, & I salute this author. You need to understand, we in India don’t focus on Pakistan while applying for such memberships, but purely for our energy needs. Unfortunately Pakistan always takes any action of India , as against itself, nd makes it an ego issue.
    Well if people in Pakistan really focus on the suggestions given in this editorial, I would be happy to see Pakistan prosper nd give competition to India in a positive way just like Canada gives to US. Recommend

  • kadwa each

    It would be an even greater mistake to admit Pakistan into the NSG group. Pakistan’s track record to clandestinely supplying nuke technology to rogue nations and thus lowering the proliferation bar, should be an adequate reason to deny it admission to any group connected with the nuclear industry. Also, it has zero achievements to back up its claims for NSG membership other than just tailgating India.Recommend

  • Kolsat

    The author ignores the fact that it was Pakistan which sold nuclear technology to rogue states like Libya and North Korea. India has not sold such technology to anyone. Furthermore India has used used it for generating electricity for national use. That is why it makes sense that India should be a NSG member-state.Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Hmmm, the author should look up “Abdul Qadeer Kahn” on Wikipedia to see that there was no “alleged” but instead “fact” in his role in the nuclear weapons proliferation ring back in the early 2000 s!Recommend

  • harkol

    > Pakistan is rumoured to have supplied nuclear secrets

    If only it was ‘romours’. President of Pakistan General Musharraf had admitted that Pakistan proliferated Nukes, but chose to put blame on only one man Abdul Khadir Khan(as if it is even possible to lift multi-ton equipment without Army consent). It was a transparent attempt to protect the actuall culprits – because he promptly ‘Pardoned’ Abdul Khadir Khan.

    Besides, Pakistan’s ties to Taliban and other declared terror groups is way too well documented for world to trust it.. So, as author says – “actions speak louder than words”. China can only stop India to a small extent, beyond that even China will have to bend, because China-India trade will be far too valuable for it to let go, and India will be way too formidable an enemy to have, in it’s own backyard.Recommend

  • Srinivasulu Mekala

    A fairly written blog. The votes on line also support the views of the author. Recommend

  • MKRao

    I think Pakistan trying to compete with India is a Joke Why?
    1. Our nuclear technology is purely home bred.
    2. We are most advanced (even USA cannot compete) with us on FAST breeder reactors based on thorium reactors.
    3. We have the largest reserves of Thorium in the world but only we have the technology to build an operator-less reactors first of which will go critical this year.
    Now compare that to you smuggled technology?! By getting into NSG you will only put yourself in more trouble as you do not have the requisite skills to handle them! Also why would anybody support Pakistan? As the world believes that Pakistan is the weakest link in protecting its nuclear bombs from falling into terrorists hands! It would be of a great help if you can just make sure that existing nuclear installations are in safe hands. Also try to industrialize(terrorism as state industry cannot last) your country so that you make a case to ask for reactors for power generation. Recommend

  • Headstrong

    Slightly incoherent, no?
    1. “The reason for not supporting India’s inclusion in the group is because these member states do not back Indian delegates. It could be owing to unfair treatment, considering these countries themselves have formally submitted a request for becoming members. These countries include New Zealand, Ireland, Turkey, South Africa, Austria and China”
    ??? So are they member states or not? They have themselves applied to become members? Make your mind….

    2. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi, rightfully, initiated a ‘make in India’ programme to create jobs and boost technology. This program plans to produce reactors in India with Moscow’s assistance and sell them to various countries”
    Er… no The ‘Make in India’ programme covers a much wider canvas. Exporting reactors seems quite some way off, considering India’s requirements for itself

    3. “Due to perceptive diplomacy, India has been exempted from NSG laws and has made great leaps and bounds in the production of its nuclear weaponry”
    Er… no NSG has nothing to do with weaponry. It is for commercial ties in the nuclear energy sector. Yes, it does free India’s domestic uranium for ‘weaponry’.

    4. “NSG does not allow member states to trade with countries that are non-signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and India is amongst the countries who have not signed this treaty”
    “In contrast, Pakistan will surely benefit from NSG membership by trading nuclear materials with the global community. Our inclusion will also prove to be economically beneficial”
    In contrast??? Remind me again when Pakistan signed the NPT. Hyprocrisy much?Recommend

  • Faraz Husain

    I completely agree with the author and I salute him for his impartial and in-depth understanding of the region.Recommend

  • donna taylor

    only in Pakistan that half-baked article with half-truth’s can see light. Author conveniently forgets A.Q. Khan, H.Saeed, M. Mansour, M.Azhar etc.Recommend

  • vinsin

    One more is Pakistan do not manufacture or have R&D for reactors, what will she sell?Recommend

  • vinsin

    What is AHWR then?Recommend

  • Paki Terrorist

    Yes, China will eventually fall in line … it is only a delaying tactic as of now …Recommend

  • Limpkisar

    The plutonium used in India’s nuclear test was diverted from the ‘safeguarded’ Candu reactors supplied by Canada. It resulted in creation of NSG. India’s NSG participation seriously threatens the credibility of the group, particularly given the irony of adding a member whose action was the very impetus for the body’s creation. Acceptance of India would also permanently preclude later admission of Pakistan, as Delhi is most likely to vote against Islamabad’s entry. NSG membership for India will increase resentment among those non-nuclear NPT states that regard the NSG as an illegitimate instrument of industrialised countries, which aim to refuse less developed countries access to economically significant technologies.Recommend

  • Heart Breaker

    One thing is for sure if India gets into such group than Pakistan has far more credentials than India to be a part of this cartel. Also the NSG membership to Pakistan will regain the distorted equilibrium balance in the region.Recommend

  • H. Haris Flyn

    Pakistan must pursuit for the membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group immediately with proper political lobbying. Pakistan has acquired skilled manpower to handle nuclear technology. There are several engineers and scientists which are working in the nuclear institutions operating in Pakistan. Pakistan being the member of NSG can get maximum economic benefits by providing services to other states as well.Recommend

  • Arvind Baba

    Its Qadir Khan not Khadir khan.. do not just comment for the sake of propaganda.. India also have dark sight when its come to nuclear proliferation. India used Canadian provided technical expertise and financing to make nuclear weapons. Former Chairmen Dr. Y. S. R. Prasad and Shri Ch. Surendar of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) were both sanctioned by the United States on September 23, 2004. They violated the Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000 by transferring equipment to Iran and technology of proliferation significance since January 1, 1999 and were sanctioned by the U.S. in November 1998 for being “involved in nuclear or missile activities.”

    In April 2003, CIA released an unclassified report to Congress about India’s illegal nuclear trade with Libya. Nowadays policies of major powers, including U.S., are seem to downplay India’s flawed nonproliferation record. India was extensively involved in leaking sensitive centrifuge design information, illicitly procured goods for its nuclear weapons programs, and never thrived to adequately enforced export controls.Recommend

  • Arvind Baba

    India also sold the technology to these countries you mentioned

  • G. Din

    I think the author has dealt with the subject much more fairly than one can expect from his Pakistani origin.Recommend

  • Jayman

    Thorium reactors are almost the holy grail in power generation (besides cold fusion). India has been researching this for a long time.Recommend

  • harkol

    Everyone uses expertise they have. Proliferation is not about using an expertise – it is sharing an expertise with other countries.

    You have half baked information on proliferation issues. USA sanctions anyone under suspicion of transferring any sensitive tech (Nuke or missile), but lifts it once the investigation clears them.

    Neither YSRP or Ch Surender were sanctioned for transferring nuclear technology, their activities in Iran were under investigation for transfer of some equipment that may help Iran’s nuke/missile tech. They were sanctioned pending investigation, but their sanctions were lifted after clarifications… long long back. It is the difference between allegation and conviction.

    On the other hand Abdul Qadeer Khan (as the US Non proliferation list spells it), was convicted with evidence and then Pardoned by the president of Pakistan. An entirely different kettle of fish.

    Don’t mix allegations/suspicion with Proven accepted facts.Recommend

  • LS

    Every country is responsible for proliferation including US (Gave the tech to UK and France), Russia (Gave it to China), China (Gave it to North Korea, Pakistan) which in turn sold it everywhere they can. So selective finger pointing does not help. Which is why signing NPT does not make any sense and India is right in that.

    Using Uranium for a reactor PURCHASED by India and transferring the Plutonium to manufacture bomb at that time DID NOT amount to international LAW violation and CANNOT be called Proliferation.. You don’t get brownie points for make the definition as you go… India used the plutonium for ITSELF

    Nuclear proliferation is the spread of nuclear weapons, fissionable material, and weapons-applicable nuclear technology and information to nations not recognized as “Nuclear Weapon States” by the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons, also known as the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty or NPT.

    Also what technology was transferred matters… What YSR and Ch S transferred was never made public…
    Lastly, India ultimately got to the same design as was publicly available from URENCO for a price. So anyone who wanted centrifuge design could have directly purchased from URENCO rather than seeking it from India.. So the assertion that India has been leaking design information is flawed.. and there has been NO evidence of that.

    India already has the 5th gen Carbon Fiber centrifuges (Contrary to paki belief they are many times better than their Maraging steel stolen design) called P4 in pakistani circuit. India would never jeopardize its chance for getting into NSG or SC by engaging in rogue behavior

    So heed to YOUR OWN LESSON… that you are giving freely to every one here..Recommend

  • LS

    Let me make it very clear… Selling “titanium centrifugal pumps” or powdered Aluminium does NOT amount to nuclear proliferation. A titanium Centrifuge is too slow to be used in any meaningful way in enriching Uranium.

    Also YOU ARE IMPLYING that selling ANY technology could be deemed as selling NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY. Which is WRONG.

    Though these chemicals and pumps could be used for manufacturing CHEMICAL WEAPONS…These pumps are publicly available for 14-15k. The only reason NEC head was removed because there was sanctions against Iran. STOP spreading Misinformation and also READ the articles you post.. Mr. Paki..Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    You are bringing up an Indian firm’s “alleged” (because it was never proven unlike Qadeer Khan) links to Iraq and equating that to a full-fledged network where military planes were used to airship equipment? Something is definitely wrong with your head!

    If India weren’t bogged down by the communists, India would have moved far ahead by now.Recommend

  • LS

    Too many factual errors…

    0) …has a huge population and an enormous demand for energy
    Yes, and No – India currently is overproducing by 7-10% though distribution losses and old/broken grid causes lot of loss which is being upgraded but will take very long. India’s target is to get to 60,000 MW nuclear power energy and gradually retire them in favor of home built Thorium powered reactors. The idea here is to not to build it for itself but use that technology understanding to commercialize it.

    1) …This program plans to produce reactors in India with Moscow’s assistance and sell them to various countries – No Atomstroyexport does not sell technology so this assertion is FALSE.

    2) India has been exempted from NSG laws and has made great leaps and bounds in the production of its nuclear weaponry..
    Very poor understanding of what the NSG exceptions were. All those exceptions were for Civil Nuclear material and technology and had NOTHING to do with military ones and the civil nuclear technology according to the deal would under preview of IAEA once India made a demarcation which ones were civil v/s which ones were military. So implying that NSG laws exemptions helped India make great leaps and bounds is a fallacy.

    3)NSG does not allow member states to trade with countries that are non-signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and India is among the countries who have not signed this treaty..
    Reality is every nation in NPT group has proliferated the nuclear technology Including US–>UK, US–>France, Russia–>China, China–>North Korea, China–>Pakistan, Germany–>Anyone willing to pay the price for limited technology, France–> Anyone willing to pay the price for limited technology.. Moreover France was grandfathered in and never signed NPT. So signing NPT or not signing NPT is useless.

    4) Moreover, Pakistan is rumoured to have
    Really there is enough proof and by its own admission of AQ Khan/Musharraf that they proliferated.. so it is a FACT not rumored as you imply.Recommend

  • LS

    You realize that it is going active this year?Recommend

  • LS

    NSG was created in response to explosion… NOT diversion.. Like I have mentioned in other comments.. Every NPT nation has violated NPT by exporting it to others.. Which is why NPT does not make sense, in fact France, US, Russia also have not signed it…

    Pakistan’s stance is basically we won’t sign NPT because India does not.. or We also want NSG because India wants it.. more over Pakistan has NOTHING that they can export nor does it have any know how of building a nuclear reactor where as India has been building its own reactors since 1972 and not only includes PHWR, PFBR, FBR/TBR, as well as AHWR (India’s own design)… We also have worlds largest deposits of Thorium for Thorium cycle and power generation among other technologies like enrichment (5th gen) and Thorium cycle know-how…

    Lastly India is better ranked than Pakistan in Nuclear theft index

  • Mike Pilgrim

    India is a well known nuclear proliferator. Israel and India work hand in glove in the fields of terrorism and nuclear proliferation. India and Israel have non existent fissile stock control regimes which is a global terrorist threat. Israel in particular assassinated president Kennedy in retaliation for demanding Israel stop nuke production. Israel was not exposed to avoid massive retaliation against Israelis and Jews living in America or military strikes against Israel. Virulent rogue terrorism sponsoring states do not belong in the Nuclear Suppliers Group. Pakistan was questioned regarding its safeguards by then president Bush and president Musharraf allowed access to US teams who verified Pakistan has adequate safeguards. Pakistan has a valid claim for NSG membership, India does not. Recommend

  • maynotmatter

    you got your facts from written by Anaya Shahid from Rawalpindi and you call it a legit source of information ?
    It was Pakistan who sold nuclear tech to Iran, North Korea and Libya, here is the legit link

  • maynotmatter

    Again, your argument is at best just a lie. I advise to at least read your own article before pasting the link here by making google search. The article does not say anywhere that India sold nuclear tech to Iran, Libya or North Korea.Recommend

  • maynotmatter

    Pakistanis especially love to disown such facts. And use terms like “rumored” to shy away from stating the dark facts about Pakistan.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Niels Bohr, Danish physicist, and Klaus Fuchs, nuclear proliferators by the same definition gave the Soviets nuclear bomb making materials. The French, proliferators by the same definition gave Israel nuclear weapons making capability with their construction of the Dimona reactor in Israel. Israel engaged in belligerent nuclear proliferation using Johnathan Pollard and Ben Ami Kadish to steal US nuclear technology traded to India for purchases of Israeli drones.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    India, Canada, Soviets and Israel have a long history of trading nuclear technology. India’s fissile materials were sold to Iran and Israel. India merely seeks the ability to continue these sales openly. It makes no sense to allow India into the NSG, as they will supply US enemies with nuclear materials once Indian usefulness to America in encircling China runs its course. The angry India will retaliate against US selling nuke materials.Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    NEW DELHI — An obscure Indian trading company has provided the first clear evidence that Iraq obtained materials over the last four years to produce or deliver weapons of mass destruction.

    The company, NEC Engineering Private Ltd., used phony customs declarations and other false documents, as well as front companies in three countries, to export 10 consignments of raw materials and equipment that Saddam Hussein’s regime could use to produce chemical weapons and propellants for long-range missiles, according to Indian court records.

    The shipments, valued at nearly $800,000, took place between September 1998 and February 2001. The exports — highly specialized supplies like atomized aluminum powder and titanium centrifugal pumps — ostensibly went to Jordan and Dubai. But they subsequently were traced to Iraq’s Fallujah II chlorine plant and a rocket fuel production facility at Al Mamoun, according to U.S. and British intelligence reports.

    The NEC case marks the first illicit Iraqi procurement scheme traced to a specific company since December 1998, when U.N. inspectors were withdrawn from Baghdad. Iraq did not identify the Indian company as a supplier in the 12,000-page weapons declaration it handed to the Security Council last month. Los Angeles Times article.

    The Indians are liars claiming they are not selling nuclear materials nd technology.

  • siesmann

    very poorly written.Recommend

  • Fiori you know full stop or comma in english grammer?
    Just bored while reading your comment. any way nice suggestions on NSG raw.Recommend

  • Reddy

    nope ,first neither IAEA nor NSG was formed until we made use of our existing fastbreeder reactor,hence whatever rules you may feel india flouted didn’t exist to start with,definitely can’t be applied to india retrospectively…Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Indian racist attacks on posters. Recommend

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Indian courts convicted Indian companies of selling nuclear technology to Iran. Lying will get you nowhere.Recommend

  • LS

    Like I said before.. He was removed for selling TECHNOLOGY to Iran DESPITE BAN. IT WAS’T NUCLEAR AT ALL.. Since when a Titanium Centrifuge Pumps” have been used in nuclear bomb creation? Mr. Paki? It is like saying the baby’s toys were used for cooking and feeding the marriage party.. use some sense before blabberingRecommend

  • LS

    Paki is NOT a race. It represents a Nationality Pakistan. In UK, it is used as a derogatory term to represent all South Asian immigrants. Got it? You learnt something today! Here Mr. paki is representing the Nationality.. i.e a person from Pakistan. Not the UK version because UK isn’t the WORLD.Recommend

  • Murryam Khalid

    I think you must handle the ongoing fascism in your country .Alas,your prime minister is a terrorist and named by states earlier .Quite funny that you owe a terrorist prime ministerRecommend