Zardari stands tall amidst disaster-struck Pakistan

Published: December 16, 2010

Although dislike for Zardari could not be clearer, he still stands tall.

With the intellect of a potato, the Punjab leadership recently banned sugar in all government offices.

The cosmetic step left many offices with tasteless tea and coffee, and achieved absolutely nothing.

The politician-owners of many sugar mills, in the sitting government, continue to print money with high prices while harping about their nonsensical policy to save sugar in government offices.

Having said this, the Pakistan Muslim League is the most likely alternative available to the present federal government. The existing government is a symbol of inefficiency and corruption. But then, so were all the other previous governments. Our parliament consists of feudal lords, businessmen and gangsters that are not capable of performing any better. The army, with its single track thinking, is busy implementing its vested interests. But all of them have consistently sucked Pakistan of its rich resources and done nothing but served themselves. With the media on their backs, day and night, the present government is suffering exposure like no other previous government. Yet, the layer of shamelessness on their skins lets no part of honesty, modesty or sincerity absorb. They continue with the corruption scandals, one after the other, each time stronger than before.

And if not Nawaz, then what other options do we have? The army? Dislike for Zardari could not be clearer, courtesy Assange. But the world is beginning to realize that Pakistan needs to get over the military rules and tame its army. Surprisingly, even Nawaz Sharif has understood this and let’s hope he sticks to this particular thought. From the whole Wikileaks episode, the only political champion that emerged was Imran Khan. Few doubt Khan’s honesty, but most have issues with his ideology. With his party’s popularity graph, we won’t see him in power any decade soon, so let’s move on.

With all the mess going on, Zardari still stands tall. The credit does not go to Zardari or his family business the Pakistan Peoples Party. He owes his success to Nawaz Sharif and General Kayani. Both these gentlemen are as hungry for power and authority as Zardari, but at this point in time, ruling Pakistan is the most challenging job in the world. Had the economy been in a slightly better position and had there been no floods, things would have been different. Sharif would have ripped apart the coalition within seconds and easily taken over as the Prime Minister. And in no time, the ambitious General would likely have jumped into the scene to repeat history, something we are really good at.

However, this is certainly not a good time to rule Pakistan. There is a fuel shortage, flood affected population, inflation crisis, tax implementation and a terrorism problem that no one is willing to face. Hence, the General stays in the barracks while Sharif sticks to the coalition. Kayani conveniently pulled himself a three year extension, which by the way, had to be announced by his boss, Prime Minister Gilani, on national television – funny to some, ironic to others and tragic to most.

Pakistan’s problems will not be resolved in the next few years. Whoever holds the government is certainly going to face bitter criticism and be labeled as incompetent.


Samir Butt

A former Youth Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Fulbright undergraduate scholar, freelance writer, public speaking trainer, IT consultant and marketing professional. He blogs at

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  • Aisha Alvi

    Laughing out Loud after reading this one, this is really funny piece.

    By the way just search it out, zardari owns 6 sugar mills and research yourselves the corruption in every department under current govtRecommend

  • parvez

    You have written after quite some time and I thought this article was hard hitting and down to earth. Your ending was limp, suggesting that there’s nothing much to look forward to and that disappointed me.
    Your opening description of the Punjab leadership ” with the intellect of a potato ” was hilarious and so true.Recommend

  • Abdullah Zaidi

    Samir Babu,
    good hogaya hai…. I hope you start saying “Jiye Zardari” soon. Kudos on the article!!!Recommend

  • Hammad

    If you knew anything about Kayani you would know he’s not power hungry or looking to come in the front. He likes to stay quiet and do thing quietly. The only reason Zardari is still in the office is because Kayani doesn’t trust Sharif and knows his only option is Zardari. The start to the article was good but mid-way you just lost me. Recommend

  • Samir

    Dear Hammad, all the previous dictators liked to stay quite and do things quietly. Nobody knew Musharraf or Zia before the coups. Nonetheless, this is just an opinion. Recommend

  • Mohammad naeem

    Very true. Every coming govt to b called incompetent bcoz whole system has spoilt and it needs the current rough process for cleansing.Recommend

  • Ali Nizami

    ok i know pakistan’s not easy to rule etc etc, an we dont actually care who rules, zardari, nawaz, kayani cus they’r all corrupt, BUT dude they could atleast try and hide all the corruption, i mean they shud atleast give something back to the people. even if u say that inflation and all were a result of the previous governments policies, they could atleast make a sincere effort to imporve the situation for the masses, thats all tht we need. we dont expect miracles overnight or evrything to be good and happy in the next few years, but atleast make an effort. if they cant even do that then they dont even deserve to be in powerRecommend

  • Asad Shairani
  • http://[email protected] Malik

    Welldone, so you are saying that Nawaz and Chief are doing a bad job!.
    look its good to have an opionion and even better if you have a good intent. But please be careful when addressing the head of our Instituions, esp and importantly the Army. Recommend

  • wajih

    And if not Nawaz, then what other options do we have? The army?

    How can you write this and how can this be newsworthy – Do you really think we do not have a choice.

    How tunnel visioned are we with no qualification or caliber to publish a perception of YES intellect of a POTATO.

    We have choices and we need to make them rather then questioning each comment and using the word HOPE.Recommend

  • Ali Hassan

    I wish if things were that simple.Recommend

  • F. Alam

    Zardari seems to be public enemy No 1. Reality is that he is just our reflection

    ‘Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve’ (George Bernard Shaw)Recommend

  • Muhammad Rizwan

    Assalam o alaikum

    I agree with Ali. Samir, action speaks louder than words and here we just listen ridiculous speeches.
    Some actions too, but these are not in favor of an average person. They are just to save their positions.Recommend

  • Ghausia

    I love the opening lines. The intellect of a potato lol although fries come from potatoes so that’s kinda demeaning to one of the best vegetables out there. :DRecommend

  • Muhammad Adnan Khan Qadri

    Oh WE, just talking about the bitter options available ie. zardari, Nawaz etc. but for CHANGE we have the scarcity of words.Recommend

  • James

    i love Pakistani politics.thanks for express news Recommend