Lashing out at Bangladesh for Moti ur Rahman’s hanging will not change history

Published: May 16, 2016

Motiur Rahman Nizami, the top leader of Jamaat-e-Islami until his hanging. PHOTO: AFP

On May 11, 2016, Bangladesh hanged Motiur Rahman Nizami, the 73-year-old leader of the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami. He was the leader of the militant group Al Badr. The searing irony of this saga is that Pakistan’s ruling elite in 1971 outsourced the safeguarding of Pakistani nationalism to unsavoury characters from the Jamaat-e-Islami’s student wing when Jamaat-e-Islami itself had opposed tooth and nail the creation of Pakistan just 24 years earlier in 1947.

The brigands of Al Badr were launched by the Pakistani military against a Bengali population which had in 1947 stood unwaveringly with Mr Jinnah and the Muslim League in the Pakistan Movement. In 1965 the same Bengali population had voted en masse for Fatima Jinnah against Ayub Khan. On both occasions – in 1947 and 1965 – Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman, the future father of Bangladesh, was at the forefront of the movement. In the 40s, he had famously cycled from one town to another to attend a Muslim League rally. It was young men like Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman who had taken the message of the Muslim League to the nook and cook of Bengal. Without Bengalis, Pakistan would never have been possible.

In 1971, the same Bengali population was being treated as traitors to Pakistan by a military regime that was incapable of telling friend from foe. We must recognise as Pakistanis that the demands Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman had laid before West Pakistani rulers were in complete consonance with the Lahore Resolution of 1940.

We must also accept that Sheikh Mujeeb had won the election and instead of imposing a centralised majoritarian rule on Pakistan, the Bengali leader was offering Pakistan a vision that was not too different from the one Mr Jinnah had asked for in United India.

Truth be told, a stronger, fairer and more democratic Pakistan would have emerged had we had the foresight to accept Mujeeb’s six points, just as a fairer more democratic and truly federal India would have emerged if Congress had accepted Mr Jinnah’s vision for a United India. Instead both Mujeeb and Mr Jinnah have been cast as separatist founding fathers of the states that they fathered only reluctantly. Every Pakistani should read Mujeeb’s unfinished memoirs to at least learn the other side of the story.

Mujeeb was a patriot who wanted equal rights for his people in the Pakistan that he had fought for as a young activist.

Instead of learning from history, the myopic centralising objectives of the Pakistan’s ruling junta put us squarely on the wrong side of history. We let loose gangs of brigands, including people like Motiur Rahman Nizami, on a hapless population whose only crime was that they had voted for the Awami League. In the last days of the unfortunate war which saw the dismemberment of Pakistan, Al Badr along with Al Shams and the Razakars went on a killing spree against Bengali intellectuals. It was for these crimes that Motiur Rahman Nizami was tried and hanged by Bangladesh.

One is not enamoured with the death penalty but one cannot help but think that if there was any occasion for the award of the maximum punishment, it was this.

As a Pakistani, I am ashamed of my country’s response to the matter. The Foreign Office denounced the hanging saying that Motiur Rahman’s only crime was that he was loyal to the Pakistani constitution. What constitution was in force in Pakistan in 1971?

The Constitution of 1962 had been abandoned. The interim Constitution of 1972 or the present Constitution of 1973 were yet to be enacted. There was no constitution to be loyal to. What we had was an illegal usurper regime in power in Pakistan which was denying the elected majority party of Pakistan, the Awami League, the right to form its government and to fashion Pakistan according to its will. When history is written impartially this is the only version that will survive. The great tragedy of Pakistan was that usurpers were in power by virtue of their bayonets and not by the will of the people.

Bangladesh has attempted to right the wrongs of the past through making war criminals accountable. One can disagree with their approach, but one cannot deny that it is their internal matter now. Pakistan’s reaction on the issue will only widen the gulf between the two states. More importantly it is a message that we still have not learnt from the mistakes of the past. Indeed we continue to repeat the same mistakes, be it while dealing with Baloch separatists or through our continuing relationship with the ‘good’ Taliban in Afghanistan. The situation calls for a clean break from the past but it seems that the think-tanks of the Pakistan’s deep state are only busy regurgitating questionable wisdom of the past.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s decision to recall its ambassador from Bangladesh in wake of this hanging is also instructive. That country, too, has unfortunately been unable to come to terms with actions of the Ottoman Army against its Armenian population at the end of the First World War. It sees, therefore, a parallel between Bangladesh and Armenia. Both Pakistan and Turkey are living in denial about the past. Modern nations, secure in their identity, do not need to sweep past atrocities under the carpet. Both Pakistan and Turkey must accept that atrocities were committed against sections of populations that were their own citizens at the time. It does not mean accepting extravagant claims of genocide necessarily and, truth be told, on all sides there has been a lot of exaggeration. Still, both Turkey and Pakistan must accept that they failed their own citizens. Lashing out at Bangladesh will not change the facts of history.

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Yasser Latif Hamdani

Yasser Latif Hamdani

The writer is a lawyer based in Lahore and the author of the book Mr Jinnah: Myth and Reality. He tweets as @theRealYLH (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • tariq

    even a sold out RAW agent couldn’t have come out with such pathetic arguments based on pure Indian propaganda.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    As usual, the article is more on Pakistan and Bangladesh’s ugly history than the case of Nizami, or the targeted prosecution of JI (current govt.’s opposition in alliance with Khaleda Zia) – very few in Pakistan deny their mistakes with regards to Bangladesh. West Pakistan’s injustice with East Pakistan does not equate to ‘punish JI’.

    The writer has presented no solid reasons for calling Al-Badr as ‘brigands’, when simply put, it was a civil war issue and one side supported Pakistan and the other didn’t (Quoting Nadeem Paracha’s opinion piece doesn’t make it a fact). Many atrocities were committed from both sides (quite how one ignores what happened from Mukti Bahini and its supporters baffles me).

    Yet, it seems the writer conveniently forgets that all JI leaders being hanged right now are Bengalis – sons of that particular soil, who have actually taken an active part in Bangladeshi politics. What has the govt. got to achieve after passing of 45 years one must ask? One must research the low standards of Bangladesh’s International War Crimes Tribunal, the controversy surrounding the judges who are involved in this, the govt. that is pressuring them to give certain verdicts. One must research the scandal where one of the judges was recorded taking verdict drafting dictations from Brussels, and how the local media channel who broke this story was banned. Also, check history of Bangladesh since 1971. Awami League & Sheikh Haseena herself has been in power before. JI also has been an active part of Bangladeshi politics post-war. These guys have all been jailed and charged post 2008, after all cases related to war crimes, all suspects had been identified way back in the 90s, and pacts were held not to even prosecute those that were identified. In addition, no JI leader was named in comprehensive post-war reports prepared in the aftermath of the civil war. This is sensational BS the current govt. is cooking up to control national policies.

    I was there for 3 months, have lived in Dhaka during the times of the Motijheel massacre in 2013. Research that. Research how Awami League rigged their elections in 2013, how they refused to provide a caretaker set up for elections, how the main opposition parties BNP and JI were hunted, forcing them to boycott. Research on Khaleda Zia, leader of the opposition and in alliance with JI, and the threat she posed to the current socio political environment in Southeast Asian politics.

    Also, unnecessary inclusion of ‘JI didn’t support Pakistan in 1947’ – which itself isn’t true. A careful read of historical documents will tell you exactly that – to me this article seems more of an expression of bias against JI rather than an objective study of facts.Recommend

  • vinsin

    Jinnah’s fourteen point and cabinet mission plan were horrible. Congress accepted Jinnah all point except right to force convert after Noarkhali riots. Jinnah was not demanding equal rights. Wiping out Armenian is not genocide, wow?Recommend

  • SuccumbingToSanity

    Welcome to Pakistan. where any dissenting opinion is deemed a “foreign conspiracy” against Mamlikat-e-Khudadad.Recommend

  • Feroz

    Oppression and suppression of people and an inability to honor an electoral verdict were the triggers that unleashed violence and gave birth to Bangladesh. What everyone wants to believe is up to them, though facts may not change in the interim.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    In your long diatribe, you have not answered the key question. What business is it of Pakistan’s what Bangladesh does with its judiciary? It’s a Bangladeshi citizen executed by a Bangladeshi government according to a sentence handed out by a Bangladeshi court.
    Where do you people come into the equation? Is Bangladesh questioning the verdicts of your ‘military courts’? We know that those are kangaroo courts – but, hey, that’s your prerogative. Keep your noses out of other countries – be it Bangladesh, India or Afghanistan.Recommend

  • Hameed

    Exactly the kind of attitude that makes all non-Punjabis wonder about the veracity of creation of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Hameed

    “Yet, it seems the writer conveniently forgets that all JI leaders being hanged right now are Bengalis – sons of that particular soil, ”

    No one who supported military action against Bengalis in 1971 is a son of the soil. Next you would declare Maududi the founder of Pakistan despite opposing its creation.Recommend

  • Rahul

    Pakistan is not only living in denial about its past (Partition/Separation of Bangladesh), but also living in denial about its present(Baluchistan/Karachi). It seems they are making the same mistakes they made in 1971.Recommend

  • Shehryar Hassan

    Dear writer…..please go through the clause 15 of tripartite agreement of 1974…………overlooking of such an important fact by a LAWYER!! ….shouldn’t it be called a biased write up?…….Recommend

  • AA

    Rubbish Article but an immature person..Creation of Bangladesh was revenge of India for 1965 war…India used Sheikh Mujeeb-ur- Rehamn as their puppet…DID Pakistan start hanging JI leaders because they don’t support Pakistan…Recommend

  • Indian Guy

    ….And the truth shall set you free!!!!Recommend

  • Khan

    Karachi And Balochistan Is Our Problem You Indians Should Worry About Red Corridor And Seven Sisters,Your Internal Problems.Recommend

  • Khan

    There Was No ‘Right to Force Convert’ In Jinnah’s 14 Points Just Goes To Show You Have Not Read Them And Are Just Passing Bigoted CommentsRecommend

  • BlackHat

    Quite an objective and reasonable article. Yasser Hamdani, it is going to be hard to convince those who have not been able outgrow Pakistan Studies. It will take a long time but keep doing your good work.Recommend

  • Khan

    Dear Mistakes Were Made On Our Part RAW Was The Enemy They Just Took Advantage of Our Mistakes

    At The End Of The Day The Idea of Administering Two Geographically Disjoint Parts Separated By 1000 Miles Of Enemy Territory Was An Unnatural
    Arrangement.That Was The Biggest Reason for The Separation of East PakistanRecommend

  • samandar kayuspar

    Thia article is an absolute fact.
    Nothing more to add.
    Pakistan, or should I say the #Army? is still living in denial.Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    Please read the Tripartite Agreement once again. No one beats Pakistanis in their selective quoting of agreements to suit their purpose and you wonder why no one takes you seriously.

    Clause 15 of the Tripartite Agreement states that clemency would be given to the 195 Pakistani citizens under the custody of Bangladesh who were guilty of war crimes and were subsequently given clemency and repatriated to Pakistan. FYI, the bulk of Pakistanis including POWs were under the custody of India as they surrendered to India who they felt would treat them better.Recommend

  • gp65

    Did India force you to impose Urdu on Bengalis when when in fact Bengalis were a majority in United Pakistan?
    Did India force you to deny the right to become PM for entire Pakistan after he had won the mandate?
    Did an Indian general threaten to change the nasl ofBengalis?
    No, no and no.Recommend

  • gp65

    Can you please point out a factual error instead of simply labeling the author?Recommend

  • gp65

    In a civil war, soldiers of one side kill soldiers on another side. IF someone kills civilians, they are considered war criminals.
    In any case, why did Pakistan deny Pakistani citizenship to those people who were loyal to Pakistan and wanted to move to Pakistan after Bangladesh was formed? Had those people been allowed to move to Pakistan and become Pakistani citizens, there would have been no one left for Bangladesh to prosecute.
    It is Pakistan who let down the people loyal to it. Bangladesh is doing exactly what can be expected.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Pakistans ministry of foreign affairs said that the executed was acting within the constitutional framework of the country(both east and west)
    But yahya Khan the mass murderer and ayub Khan had already abrogated the constitution and imposed martial law which rendered the constitution uselessRecommend

  • Aman K. Chandran

    What a refreshing article. One had become accustomed to all the “treachery of Hindu baniya” and the “short dark-skinned Bengalis” terminologies that usually surround the ’71 debate in PakistanRecommend

  • Yasser Latif Hamdani

    It is clear that you haven’t read the 14 points or the Cabinet Mission Plan. Nor did Jinnah ever raise any demand for conversion. It would help if people check their facts before posting.Recommend

  • Yasser Latif Hamdani

    The link is broken. Thanks.Recommend

  • Yasser Latif Hamdani

    1. Let a Bangladeshi write about the atrocities committed by Mukti Bahini.
    2. The fact that they are Bengali sons of the soil only proves the point that this is an internal matter of a sovereign state.
    3. Jamaat-e-Islami’s opposition to Pakistan and Maududi’s famous “chaste prostitute” comment is an established fact of history, no amount of Jamaat e Islami propaganda can change.Recommend

  • Munir Basha

    Even after 45 years, the truth is still bitter to some Pakistanis. They are unable to digest the truth about shameless acts of Pakistan army and JI leaders.Recommend

  • The writer is saying nothing original with his fulminations on the mistakes of the Pakistani establishment and the ill treatment of Bengalis. We are forty years out from 1971 now, however, and Sheikh Hasina’s government today is setting fire to Bangladesh’s society and politics with a vengeful, populist, and deeply flawed quasi-judicial trials process, which, incidentally, targets only her political opponents.

    What about the powerful Bangledeshi army circles who murdered her father and her whole family? What about the draconian military rulers of the late 1970s and the 1980s? What about the Indians who killed 5,000 Bangladeshis at Nellie in 1983?

    I would have hoped that the writer, as a lawyer, would have had something interesting and insightful to share as to all that.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Jinnah actually created 2 countries – Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    He created Bangladesh the moment he imposed, in his ignorance, an alien language Urdu over the Bengalis, who formed the majority. This act was the seed which grew into Bengali nationalism and eventually Bangladesh.

    Congress had better sense(well, duh!). Today 29 languages are official languages of India. No language is imposed on anyone.

    So, Jinnah was not responsible for the breakup of India alone, but Pakistan too!Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    You somehow neglected to point out where the author was wrong in his assessment of history! perhaps you can’t muster any facts so you resorted to throwing rocks!Recommend

  • numbersnumbers

    Dear S!
    Please go through the clauses of the Tripartite agreement of 1974 where Pakistan agreed to put on trial more than 100 Pakistanis for war crimes! Note that Pakistan renigged on this part of the agreement, among other clauses following 1974, leaving the agreement void!
    So what part of the VOID agreement do you think has any bearing on current events!Recommend

  • worst post

    Most Pakistani`s even now dont seem to realize the facts stated by the author. The Junta even now oppresses people in NWFP & Balochistan. Even now, the Junta is suppressing the Mujahirs. 10`s of 1000`s disappeared. The Junta has flooded the country with Arms and drugs by Participating in the Afghan war. Not a single soldier has been held accountable either for the loss is the Bangladesh war nor the kargil conflict.Recommend

  • Yasser Latif Hamdani

    The primary responsibility for the partition of India lies with Congress which rejected the Cabinet Mission Plan which Jinnah had accepted.
    Jinnah had argued for a state language not national language. In any event Bengali became the co-national language of Pakistan in 1952. Bengali nationalism could have been accommodated in Pakistan if West Pakistani leadership had the foresight to accept the 6 points by Mujeeb.
    Blaming Jinnah for everything is not cool.Recommend

  • Yasser Latif Hamdani

    That is what I thought.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    In this very long ‘diatribe’ as you call it, there’s the reference of the tripartite agreement. Bangladesh is violating that agreement. Next, Bangladesh is also violating Human Rights laws, through its oppressive tactics (Motijheel massacre for e.g.) and interference with judiciary decision.

    Also this war crime tribunals is a direct assault on Pakistan’s global image as well – they are reigniting hatred within the Bangladesi masses, and also the people being tried were loyal to Pakistan – hence becomes a very Pakistani problem. Pakistani masses as a whole generally accept their part in the atrocities that were done with the people of Bangladesh. However, there was also a lot done from the other side, it was a civil war that saw human rights atrocities from both sides, though more from West Pakistan of course. However, 45 years later with all the time in the world to prosecute war criminals, the BD govt’s timing to raise this issue now and their methods should be a cause of concern for the Pakistani state. Isolation of Pakistan is in full flow.

    Bangladesh can question our courts if they want, no body is stopping them, but we are not passing judgements in courts related to matters that involved both Bangladesh and Pakistan, and THAT is the key difference. I am surprised it took two attempts to emphasize this point.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    JI supported a united Pakistan, not the plunder and rape that the army did. The people who actually were involved in those crimes and named in the Agreement as war criminals have all escaped accountability and punishment.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    1. Why should you get to make a call on who writes about Mukti Bahini? That equates to saying as a Japanese war veteran of World War II, I will only speak of the mistake we did by attacking Pearl Harbour, not the US obliteration of our cities through nukes. When you write on a war, you cover all aspects, otherwise you look like a writer with an axe to grind.

    2. Not really. Since Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan when the civil war took place, since there’s a tripartite agreement between Bangladesh Pakistan and India in place, since these issues relate to Human Rights violations as pointed out by many foreign journalists as well by the way, and since the war crimes are being held against those who supported Pakistan in 1971, and are still part of the pro-Pakistan lobby with opposition leader Khaleda Zia, this does not make it an internal matter of a sovereign state.

    3. You are confusing a lot of statements given by Maududi on the Muslim League, with statements given on Pakistan. Yes, Maududi was initially, ideologically against the creation of Pakistan (which we conveniently forget so was Jinnah for the initial years), but most of his reservations was on Muslim League leaders within Pakistan, the future of Islamic governance and the muslims in the subcontinent which would not form part of Pakistan. If you genuinely read Maududi’s detailed views instead of tidbits from tabloids and newspapers, you will know better. You would also learn that once Maududi and Jinnah saw eye to eye, Maududi did a lot of work during Pakistan’s creation as well. Also I don’t see why this acts as a support to your article? What relevance this has to the events in 1971?

    As a final comment, I just find it unbelievable that we are concerned with every else globally in the muslims and non-muslims world, write blogs on their policies, their atrocities, their good factors, yet it has become a common trend to question ‘WHY DOES IT CONCERN US?’ for anything that has some link with the muslim identity or religious aspect itself.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    Agreed with gp65. Of course India had a huge part to play in this though, but the root causes were generated by our own people and their mistakes. All 3 points said by gp65 are true. We were arrogant. We were without sense.Recommend

  • RAL

    Well said khansaab. The label “liberal fascist” can most aptly be applied to Mr. Hamdani whose hatred for everything and everyone related to religion becomes apparent with every article he writes. I am sure his response to all the world leaders who objected to Bhutto’s hanging would be that it was Pakistan’s internal matter. He would also have the same response for every outsider who criticizes any action of the Pakistani government related to its citizens as an internal matter. But wait, in those matters he has all the right to become a “true” liberal! As for the Indian trolls, they are simply incorrigible.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    Its funny how matters that seem to be of inconvenience particular related to religion or religious groups become matters not related to us. This is bogus logic really. If tomorrow Balochistan was separated from Pakistan, and the people fighting in Balochistan to keep it within Pakistan, in co-operation with the establishment become nationals of Balochistan as Balochistan attains independent state status, and get prosecuted against unfairly on biased trials, the government of Pakistan will be right to abandon them? Wow this logic really defines patriotism for me.

    JI is being prosecuted for charges that relate to JI providing service to Pakistan’s then government and military by fighting to keep Bangladesh a part of united Pakistan. The same war crimes, of which it was cleared of where a list of 195 people tried for war crimes, there was no JI leadership involved. Neither did the Awami League (the party in government now) tried JI leadership on war crime charges when it was in power in 1972-75 and 1996-2001.

    In addition a multi-lateral agreement was signed between India Pakistan and Bangladesh that decided to drop war crime charges against the 195 people that were identified by the government of Bangladesh itself. Bangladesh government have also made amendments to their 1973 constitution on clauses covering war crimes that are in direct violation of the Treaty of Rome they signed to become a state member of International Criminal Court. Also, by accusing JI of war crimes, government declaration of JI guilt before trial, and the subsequent harrassment violates the International Covenant of Civil & Political Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. So my dear friend, considering that many international agreements and declarations have been broken by the State of Bangladesh in carrying out hasty tribunals which constitutes as pre-poll rigging to thwart pro-Pakistan political parties, it is indeed a matter of global importance, even though none of the 195 were related to JI. A law or decision that grossly violates fair disposition of justice in courts and human rights, is never free from global scrutiny and political pressure. This case is no different.

    If I may add further, every country in the world wants to protect its interests. So would I assume, a Pakistani government. Where illegal interefernce would be wrong and breaking universal agreements, lobbying for pro-Pakistani political parties is only going to help Pakistan in the future is it not? It is common knowledge that BNP which is pro-Pakistan was widely tipped to beat Awami League which has on several occassions displayed anti-Pakistan sentiments. When other countries that have interests vested in Pakistan speak openly on matters that may affect their interests, it is downright ridiculous for the Pakistani government to reject a legitimate opportunity to lobby for justice in the case of Bangladesh, with which Pakistan can forge great strategic relationship if fair elections are held over there.Recommend

  • jay

    We Indian do care about so called Red corridor and hence dont bomb our own citizens ! Can Pakistan say that it dont bpmb its own people?Recommend

  • RAL

    So you are back once again with your drivel. Since you have to defend anything that is even remotely going against Pakistan or Islam, let me remind you that you have in the past defended justice and rule of law in other contexts on this forum. So, of course if Pakistani courts don’t punish those you consider anti-Indian, you’ll have a problem with our courts, miscarriage of justice and all without any proof from your side, but if Bangladeshi courts violate the most basic requirements of justice, you obviously have no qualms, just like the writer of this article, because, hey, the person who was hanged belonged to a party that the writer considers his ultimate enemy, and for you, the word “Islami” in the party he was heading is enough to condemn him.Recommend

  • RAL

    Great response! You hit the nail on the head when you write “… for anything that has some link with the Muslim identity or religious aspect itself”. That is the problem with most liberals in general and Hamdani in particular. If you have read his other articles, particularly on Pak Tea House, you would know that he has a visceral hatred for most people in the public domain who have a religious identity. He has to mention Mawdudi because that is his bread and butter, just like Nadeem Farooq Piracha. Ask him to write about ANP’s spiritual leader and his thoughts on Partition. Oh I forgot, secularists are free of any blame.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Mr Jinnah was the genuine product of the colonial East Indian Company who with a number of administrators using the unique strategy of divide and rule, were able to colonise the entire sub-continent. The guy was neither a visionary nor a genious but simply a good fellow traveller who took a number of comrades and the manifesto of the muslim league in baggage and crossed over to the promised land leaving millions in turmoil on both sides of the border . What remains of him today is a symbolic photo decoration in Government offices.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Hameed

    Our problem? What does that mean? Any Baluchi and Karachite can be killed at will and their resources taken over? Who gave you that right?Recommend

  • Hameed

    No mass murders and rapes are under any constitution anyway. Its nonsense from all angles.Recommend

  • Hameed

    Jamaat Fasadi killed and raped Bengalis and who wants to stick around with mass murderers and rapists? Hence JI made sure Bengalis were not going to stay with Pakistan.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    In a civil war, soldiers of one side kill soldiers on another side. IF
    someone kills civilians, they are considered war criminals.

    In a civil war only civilians are in action not soldiers per say, Pakistan army not the people of pakistan, has committed the crime against humanity by waging a war against the countrys own population as it is currently engaged in KP and Baluchistan using the terminology of miscreants, exemists and terrorists in place of resistance as was the case in former East Pakistan.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Milind A

    Your forgot to add Mossad & CIA to that list..Recommend

  • Milind A

    Partially sensible response.. Mistakes were made on your part..agreed.. but RAW was not that powerful to take advantages of your mistakes.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    The Tripartite Agreement related to 190 odd Pakistani citizens who had been arrested for war crimes. They were not tried and were repatriated to Pakistan. These sentences relate to Bangladeshi citizens, and Bangladesh judiciary has found them guilty and sentenced them to death. You may disagree with the decisions, as no doubt the rest of the world does in relation to the military courts of Pakistan, but does not give you the right to interfere.
    The ‘image of Pakistan’ argument doesn’t hold much water, I’m afraid. A criminal is a criminal. If that criminal had links to another country, who is now concerned about its image, maybe that country should not have had relations with such persons in the first place.
    The point is that, in the view of the Bangladesh courts, some persons have been found guilty of serious crimes which were punishable by death. Presumed injury to Pakistan’s image is incidental. You people have to deal with it.
    I shall not be surprised if my second attempt also fails in the point registering with you people.Recommend

  • AA

    Did Kashmirs and Sikhs are demanding new land due to operation by Indian Forces.
    So why Sheikh Mujeeb was demanding Bangladesh…If he was a patriotic Pakistani he would try to resolve issues through parliament..

    Every time Pakistan is not Wrong and India is not right..Recommend

  • Vish

    Pakistan would have had more credibility if only it had taken back thousands of pro-Pakistani Biharis who are stranded in Bangladesh without citizenship. After slaughtering tens of thousands of its own compatriots in East Pakistan, the Pakistan establishment to date refuses to acknowledge those who gave up everything for the unity of Pakistan viz. the Biharis stranded in Bangladesh. So shedding tears for JI politicians accused of rape and murder in Bangladesh is nothing more then hypocrisy.Recommend

  • Vish

    So when is Pakistan going to bring back the thousands of Pakistani Biharis who worked tirelessly for the unity of Pakistan but have since been left in the lurch by the governments and people of West Pakistan. When Pakistan is not concerned about them it is only fair to ask ‘why does it concern us?’ Pakistani hypocrisy is unmatched.Recommend

  • Vish

    So when is Pakistan and its people going to show the same concern for all those Pakistanis stranded in Bangladesh? Hypocrisy much.Recommend

  • RAL

    If you don’t have any logic to respond to an argument, please don’t resort to fallacies. Even if I accept your charge of hypocrisy against Pakistan, you have still committed the “look who’s talking” fallacy. I can also use the same to show your country’s hypocrisy in many matters.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    I have not such a view of Mr Hamdani in his articles who is definitely a pucca muslim but anti- political established organisations who instrumentalise the name of Islam more or less similar to those who use the term ‘muslim’. With r negard to the episode of revenge killings in Bangla Desh, this is evil and the one who is orchestrating it on er watch evil too. Those who are committed to violence and kill humans, do not belong to the human race nor have an association with any faith. By her own act she has condemned herself in this world and the world after death. This is what the scriptures say.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • siesmann

    These people were not only traitors to the Bengali population,but participated in a genocide of them on behest of an arrogant West Pakistan army and its self-aggrandizing people. You can laud them as much you like ,the trials and punishments gives closure to hundreds of thousands of families that suffered murder, rape and humiliation in 1971. Pakistan should have repatriated them to itself,if it was so concerned.Pakistan haven’t even have the decency to apologize to Bengalis officially-and you talk of forging strategic relationships with them.Recommend

  • siesmann

    It would have behoved Pakistan to execute a few of its own people who unleashed murder and destruction on a land and people it called its own.It is people like you who rub the salt into the wounds of Bengalis still.But where murderers like Mumtaz Qadri ,Osama and TTP are heroes,,attitudes like yours is not so unusual,and expected.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Some sons of soil.!!!Who participated in a genocide and rape of their own in collusion with Pakistan army.Off course traitors of Bengalis will be your heroes,and their heroes your villains.If you people are so concerned about the standards of Benglai justice,you should make your own tribunal to punish those of your countrymen who committed horrendous crimes on Bengalis.Your asemblies haven’t even formally apologized to Bengalis.Recommend

  • siesmann

    You have much more to tarnish the Image of Pakistan than this.And why should it be of concern to Pakistan,what BD does to its criminals.And such audacity -saying Pakistani courts are doing anything for Bangladesh.Pakistan is fighting its self-created demons.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Pro-Pakistan lobby?So traitors still are colluding against their country.All the more reason for their trials and punishment.Recommend

  • Rohan

    But it still means the ministry of foreign affairs gave a ridiculous justification.That also means they are ignorant of their own historyRecommend

  • Montage

    What a refreshing and excellent read. Thank you YasirRecommend

  • Parvez

    I thought that was a interesting and an informative read……..I liked the way you correctly pointed out that without the Bengalis there would have been no Pakistan.
    The government of the time made serious errors in judgement resulting in the formation of Bangladesh, although I am of the view that Jinnah knew in ’47 that the Eastern part was in reality a separate country but acknowledging that would have upended his total strategy …… at that time it was all about the independence of India and the birth of a Muslim state Pakistan, a difficult proposition in itself…..complicating it with the thought of the creation of a second state was not workable.Recommend

  • Anoop

    If I proposed that Pakistan be split into 4 parts, each part will have almost full autonomy and the freedom to declare independence after 10 short years, not a single Pakistani would even consider the thought. Pretty hypocritical of Pakistanis to expect Congress to accept such a proposal with same conditions.

    Besides, there was no obligation on the part of the Congress to accept it. It initially considered it, but later decided to pass on it. How can you force a deal onto an uninterested party?

    Jinnah accepted it, yes, because it was beneficial to him and Pakistan was to get a much bigger land share. Why on Earth would he reject the CMP?
    If CMP had been accepted, India would be much smaller than today with at least half a dozen states ending up in Pakistan. Nehru saved India.

    Language of a Nation State whose majority pupils speak Bengali should be Urdu? Does that even make sense?

    Jinnah said in his grand ignorance: “Let me make it very clear to you that the state language of Pakistan is going to be Urdu and no other language. Anyone who tries to mislead you is really the enemy of Pakistan. Without one state language, no nation can remain tied up solidly together and function. Look at the history of other countries. Therefore, so far as the state language is concerned, Pakistan’s shall be Urdu. ”

    Giving Jinnah the clean chit and covering up his goof ups by his fanboys is utterly uncool as well.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    By Pakistan, I hope you mean the state, not the people. As it stands, the state stands guilty on both account, pro-Pakistani Biharis as well pro-Pakistan JI politicians. So there’s no hypocrisy from their end, just complete shameless inertia.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    Thanks, at least one person agrees with the actual facts surrounding these trials. Also, I prefer not ‘tagging’ anyone with labels, let’s leave that exercise to others. In addition, Vish is right to point out Pakistan govt’s failure to raise voice for the stranded Biharis living in worse than human state in Bangladesh even till now. However, as I commented earlier Vish, it is not hyporcrisy, it is a failure to act on both counts.Recommend

  • Khansaab
  • Khansaab

    Before the existence of Bangladesh, it was East and West Pakistan, but still Pakistan. The Bengalis who are being tried now were then also Pakistanis. What you are suggesting is that the Bangladesh govt, and the Awami League has found groundbreaking new evidence about 40 years after the war, and after being twice before in power, and after these JI leaders have already spent their lives as a vital cog of Bangladeshi politics.

    Also you keep stressing criminal is a criminal when the facts around this case are suggesting this is not the case, which is of course a point you are consistently ignoring. Like I said before as well, what Bangaldesh is doing is an international concern for Human Rights. Their ‘International War Tribunals’ are hardly recognized by any of the leading War Tribunals in the world, and the scandals around the injustice of these cases has also come to the fore. I have made other comments in this conversation as well, you can do a quick read if you are unfamiliar with it.

    Also, loved the ‘you people’ remark. Very insightful. Third time now ….Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    300 were killed in Nellie. Don’t lie. It was another tribe who are today mostly Christians killed them.

    19 Killers of Mujibur and his family, were given green cards and citizenship. Many of them are still living in USA.Recommend

  • Headstrong

    I see you’ve dropped the Tripartite Agreement and Pakistan’s image arguments.
    I don’t think there is any doubt about the guilt of these people. If Bangladesh’s politicians found it inconvenient to try them earlier, it doesn’t lessen the severity of guilt. What is happening in Bangladesh today is hardly unique – it has happened in Armenia and other parts of the world where there have been internecine conflicts.
    Yes, the objectivity of these courts can be questioned. Again, this is hardly unique for this part of the world. The bottom line is that Bangladesh is a sovereign country, conducting trials under their law. For Pakistan and Pakistanis to blatantly interfere in this process is to beg the question of its own processes in its own courts – including military courts handing out death penalties like candy.
    The ‘you people’ remarks were of course meant for Pakistanis. But if you feel it is derogatory, apologies – I withdraw the phrase, but it was not meant as an insult.Recommend

  • Mridul

    Everyone is forgetting some points here. Let me remind you:

    * Shaikh Mujib was not deamnding separation, he was only deamnding the legal right to form state govoernment, as his party was the elected mejority in East Pakistan

    * East Pakistanis were not trying to wage civil war, it was “Operation Searchlight”, the dispachment of army foot and artillery upon mass people in the midnight of 25th March, 1971 that started the war.

    * Rajakar, Al-Badr, Al-Shams were gangs of armed brigands created for the sole purpose of terrorising, looting and killing civilians, while army was busy in waging war

    * Among others, Nizami was charged with

    “On May 10, 1971 Nizami invited residents of Baushbarhi village of Pabna’s Santhia Upazila to a gathering at Ruposhi High School to announce that Pakistan Army was due to ensure peace. The troops arrived on May 14 and killed 450 people of Baushbarhi and Demra villages at Santhia.”

    “On Nov 27, 1971, the Pakistan Army raided the house of Abdul Awal and other nearby houses at Dhulaurha village of Pabna.

    Thirty people were held during the raid and brought to a local school before they were shot dead. The prosecution stated that the operation had been conducted under Nizami’s guidance.

    After the army left, Razakars led by Nizami rounded up another 22 people and killed them by the bank of Ichhamoti River”

    These sorts of tasks were the job description of these Al-Badrs, Al-Shams

    * On 14th December 1971, 200 intelectuals were picked up from their homes in Dhaka by Al-Badr and were killed. Nizami was the chief of Al-badrRecommend

  • Kath Molla

    The killers of Mujub, the ones who were in BD or could be extradited were tried and punished.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    There were and are many even in Bangladesh, non-JI affiliated Bengals that wanted a united Pakistan, would they be labelled traitors? This civil war was a divided war of opinions. Need to better understand what being a traitor means. For e.g. you can regard Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as a traitor, who oversaw all this, betrayed the constitution and was a direct factor to what happened. Can’t hold people who were part of this war on either side as traitors.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    lol – you’ve got to be insane right? Pro-Pakistan means wanting favorable relationship with Pakistan, not acceding to them. There are many in Bangladesh that want it. Not just JI. The general people as well. Not to mention the 2nd biggest party and main opposition rival to Awami League: BNP led by Khaleda Zia. Recommend

  • Khan

    Gentleman Senior RAW Officers Have Written Books Boasting Separation of East Pakistan As Their Biggest AchievementRecommend

  • Khansaab

    I haven’t dropped those arguments, my first para was a direct reply to your Tripartite agreement logic. My arguments on those points still stand.

    There’s a lot of doubt on the guilt, again a concern expressed by many foreign analysts as well; the biggest scandal of course being a recorded conversation of a war tribunal judge taking verdict dictations from Brussels (would be laughable if it wasn’t a death penalty).

    Also you say objectivity of courts can be ‘questioned’, yet again express no doubt on the guilt. It seems of little importance to you that these very courts were judging the guilt … also no country’s sovereignty protects itself from human rights violations, specially not when its a signatory of all of those conventions. So far, the Bangladesh govt. has been involved in all of it. Massacre of protesters. Forceful oppression of opposition parties. Elections rigging. Interference with the judges of their courts. Constitutional amendments in violation of the Treaty of Rome.

    Pakistan has every right to interfere. As has any one else on Pakistan’s court procedures that abuse human rights. And again, reminding you again, since these cases are directly linked to anti-Pakistan sentiments in many cases being unfairly fueled again, considering we haven’t been at war and have had mostly friendly relations with Bangladesh (Bangladesh and Pakistan’s military forces have even collaborated with each other; Pakistan has even trained Bangladeshi military programs and technological advances in the early 90s specially), Pakistan is directly concerned.Recommend

  • Khan

    You Don’t Bomb Your Own People???? So You Are Admitting That Mizos Are Not Your People

  • Khan

    Our Problems Means Our Internal Matter And The Only People Who Are Being Killed Are BLA and MQM Terrorists

    FYI I Am An Urdu Speaking Karachiite Myself Who On Earth Gave You The Right To Speak For MeRecommend

  • Headstrong

    Justifying interference in another country’s judgments because they ‘fuel anti-Pakistan’ sentiments is a very slippery slope indeed. Tomorrow, if a MQM member is sentenced to death by Pakistan’s military courts after judging him a RAW agent, do you think India would be justified in summoning Pakistan’s High Commissioner for a dressing down? After all, that could also be construed as fueling anti-India sentiments. If that is true, the High Commissioners of India and Pakistan would have no time to do anything else other than trudging back and forth between the Foreign Ministry and the High Commission.
    My limited point is that, while we may all have doubts about the soundness of Bangladeshi courts on this particular issue, and question their objectivity in sentencing the accused to death, I doubt anybody actually questions the guilt. And, as in all such cases, Pakistan has to just lump it. By doing what it has done, Pakistan has alienated Bangladesh even further. Especially, given Pakistan’s far patchier record on such issues.Recommend

  • Ramesh Vellingiri

    Dude, tamilnadu doesn’t have Hindi as language of communication. Yet it gave Apj. And still integral part of India and no one can deny it. — Indian from tamilnadu

  • disqus_MKeynes

    This guy should not have been hanged but given 1200 lashes followed by Crucifixion.Recommend

  • siesmann

    They are not prosecuting and hanging all pro-Pakistani people.The charges against these miniscule few were much more horrendous,and beastly,and people have been accusing them ever since 1971.Bangladeshis are mostly milder and forgiving people.But don’t expect them to start loving Pakistan and its people ,when Pakistan Government even doesn’t acknowledge they have done anything wrong.Force your representatives to make them formally apologize to Bangladeshis,and people will believe what you people say and claim.Pakistan is much past dictating them.Recommend

  • Feroz

    Worshipping a man whose vision was so flawed and short sighted is pointless. A million lives lost, please enlighten us what was gained ? Read the Constitution of both India and Pakistan and tell us frankly in which country would any thinking and freedom loving individual wish to live. Pakistani’s want to escape their country spending all their worldly possessions and risking their lives. Why, why ? Does any Muslim want to emigrate from India to Pakistan ? Why not ?
    Creation of Pakistan was nothing but a land grab by feudal classes who knew that Congress were wedded to land reforms. Religion was only a tool for instigation and provocation. 80% of Indian Muslims saw through these promises of fake utopia as nothing but drivel and refused to move to any promised Heaven. Today as Indians they are well placed to reap the benefits of their labour, get visas to travel wherever they want to seize opportunities. They understand Islam a lot better than the rabid fanatics who wish to kill in name of their religion. If you cannot understand, detoxification will help.Recommend

  • sabit

    Sheikh mujeeb has tried a lot of to being a part of united Pakistan. Don’t forget it was only possible for bangalis to form Pakistan from India. Mujeeb tried but he couldn’t. Because the ruler of Pakistan was oppressive. Recommend

  • TK
  • Hameed

    Who cares, compared to the genocide you did in Bangladesh.Recommend

  • Hameed

    No one needs to speak for you specially when you support genocide and rapes. No one made you judge jury and executioner over non-Punjabis. Genocide and rape are no ones internal problem. Those committing genocide of Baluchis and Urdu Speakers must be brought to justice. Bangladesh is doing it we should too.Recommend

  • Hameed

    And so should it be. Bengalis were being killed and raped by us and they needed a saviour. You can’t have it both way; commit gencodcie and then compalain when someone comes to save the victimsRecommend

  • Rohan

    I’m not a PakistaniRecommend

  • Imran Ahmed

    It is still not too late to see the writing on the wall. To back off from our paranoid, belligerent stance against others. If we control our population growth, rein in our Defense related spending, shift focus to providing universal justice and responsive governance, treat others as we wish to be treated, we can step back from the abyss ahead.Recommend

  • Sane

    What you do with Maoist and Jharkhand rebels who are fighting to get liberated from India. Would you tell about Kashmiris, are they your people. If they are your people then why you do systematic genocide. Don’t read your newspapers and watch immature TV channels. They are grossly misguiding Indians and create a world of illusions and lies just for commercial purposes. All those terrorist who were sponsored by Indian govt. have been killed or flushed out. Your mastermind of terrorism in Pakistan has also been caught. Karachi having a population of 20 million is a peaceful city.Recommend

  • Sane

    Last was Russia breakup and now this is India’s turn. India cannot survive with around 60 very active liberation movements. Many others are to catch up the intensity.Recommend

  • Sane

    Would you also enlighten us about Gandhi.Recommend

  • BZ

    @[email protected] Most of the killers of her father were hanged in 2009. And Bangladesh had two military strongmen, the assassinated Zia, and Ershad, who is still alive at 81 after serving 6/7 years in jail on a corruption conviction. Recommend

  • siesmann

    Yes,there are.And they are machete-bearing murderers who won’t tolerate anything progressive ,as most Mullahs in Pakistan won’t.Recommend

  • Khansaab

    An article on the legal issues with the trials – my friend if you can question the courts you can question the guilt. There’s no two ways about it. If you are saying you are already confirmed about their guilt, it only shows inherent biases, not objective fact finding. It’s pretty much the same what the current BD govt has done. No surprises there then that you are supporting it.

  • Rajiv

    that was your own problem
    why don’t you guys learn to behave?Recommend

  • Anoop

    Lets test your general knowledge. Why did Soviet Union breakup, oh genius?Recommend