The women molested were your responsibility, Khan Sahib, and you fed them to the wolves

Published: May 10, 2016


Dear Imran Khan,

I write to you today, not as a woman, but as one of those supporters who, whilst having issues with your ideology, had belief in your ability to unite the nation.

You are one of the few leaders the nation believed in and idolised for being vocal about equal rights for all. Women, in this misogynistic society, needed a leader like you to stand up for their rights.

But disturbing events have started to occur.

While on one hand, you talk about women empowerment and equal rights for every individual, your female supporters are still being harassed and physically abused, as was seen in your recent town hall session.

And this incident in Lahore is not the first of its kind.

similar incident took place in Peshawar yesterday and you, like any other politician, played the blame game instead of addressing the issue head on or talking about taking proper precautions to ensure security.

I am sure you haven’t forgotten the rally at which your voters and supporters threw women supporters onto barbed wires.

And then of course when Quatrina Hosain was attacked by a mob at your rally in Wah?

Do you notice a vicious pattern emerging from within these stories?

It looks like the male wing of your party does not want women to participate in any of your public gatherings. But that’s not surprising considering your stance on the Women’s Protection Bill. You looked towards one of the most archaic and sexist bodies, the Council of Islamic Ideology, to approve a provincial women’s domestic bill.

Should be have been alarmed by these decisions of yours?

The frightening situation that took place yesterday clearly indicates that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) rallies are about women getting exploited, not a political meeting. The ‘Movement of Justice’ – that’s what the party is called. This is the same party where hopes of women are torn apart at almost every public meeting.

But you choose to remain silent on these matters. How very convenient. We thought we had found a messiah in you. But was I wrong. You don’t realise the damage you’ve inflicted on your female supporters, and I say you, because you solely are responsible for the ideas you support, which have now dribbled down to your supporters.

This damage goes beyond just physical harassment and molestation, it encompasses emotional trauma as well. It reiterates the fact that women don’t belong in the public sphere. That’s just not their place.

  • Naila

    Dear writer, I understand your feelings n to some extent I endorse your views but I personally feel that some foul play is definitely going on to malign IK’s name.I have personally attended nearly all of his rallies in Islamabad during last four years along with my family and I never had such terrifying experience.What has gotten into Pti workers NOW,all of sudden why they are acting like this,these recent reoccurring hooliganism is all planned n targeted.Having said that i feel PTI should do very serious personal investigation about it and take measures for its prevention in future otherwise their image will be badly marred.Recommend

  • Umair Hashmi

    So by this logic, if a woman is harassed at mall its mall owner’s fault or at office its the fault of CEO? … No…Its the fault of individual people, we need to educate our people… You expect Imran Khan to do everything for you… We need to develop a society and thats only possible with educationRecommend

  • Muhammad Waqas

    A disappointed piece!Recommend

  • Sheraz Khalid

    Yes it was Imran Khan’s responsibility and he failed us.
    But dear writer I just want to remind you that you living under Sharef’s rule.
    Glance towards him alsoRecommend

  • Imbibed

    I have a question/clarification from you. Dont you think its more of a mentality issue in our country where these ‘wolves’ ogle and harass women no matter where they are. It is a personnel issue so please dont make it a political one.

    With your logic if IK is to be blamed for men harassing women at his rallies, Islam should also be blamed for every wrong that Muslims do.Recommend

  • Milind A

    You didn’t get it. She’s not blaming IK for women being harrassed at his rallies. She’s blaming him for not saying out anything against this atrocity or not acting against the wolves.. By remaining mum, he becomes complicit to this act, which further emboldens these wolves.. Hope you get the difference…Recommend

  • Parvez

    Excellent point made.Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    Imran would be responsible if it happens next time too.It had not happened earlier to that extent..I don’t think the molesters were from PTI.These were outsiders, may be sent by ML(N).to cause panic.A force is being raised by PTI to safegaurd ladies.Anything can be expected in this frustrated society.Recommend

  • Hammurabi

    Its exaggeration. He was loved by women and he was not a molester.Our religion forbids false accusations.Strange logic!Recommend

  • hammurabi

    you should not watch tv and watch news. all are na mehramRecommend

  • Hammurabi

    Are women not present with men during Hajj or Jihad?Dont blame women.Its the frustrated society which has been created by the bigots and extremists.Islam is a practical religion . It does not want women to do nothing and stay only in four walls.Recommend

  • Humza

    I don’t think you read a word of what I wrote ! Just ask yourself about the current state of the country in terms of economic stability, progress and security. Don’t ask me but read why international financial analysts have upgraded Pakistan’s ranking. Then cry some more !Recommend