Putting rapists behind bars isn’t enough, castrate them!

Published: May 7, 2016

There’s a very powerful, but controversial video about rape, doing the rounds on social media. This video accurately portrays a rapist’s mind-set and highlights the sense of entitlement and legitimacy with which many perpetrators view and justify their heinous actions.

Rape is a horrific crime, not just against the victim, but also against all of humanity. A man uses his physical power to subjugate a woman and use her to fulfil his sexual desires. Many experts argue that rape is not about sex, instead, it is about exerting power and domination. However, it is undeniable that unbridled sexual desire also plays a major role in many rapes.

The first deterrent then is cultural conditioning. If a man believes that forcing himself on a woman is an abhorrent act, he will be more likely to desist from allowing his desire to get the better of him.

In many cultures, men are conditioned to believe that women are inferior creatures and need to be punished if they cross certain boundaries. Women aren’t seen as having any autonomy over their own lives. Men make decisions for them and virtually ‘own’ every aspect of their being.

Women are there to be ‘used’ and rape becomes a weapon to exert control over women. A man with this mind-set will not think he’s doing anything wrong when he rapes a woman. It is as natural as seeing a fruit on a tree and plucking it to satisfy the desire. He sees his penis as being a divine endowment and a symbol of his superiority and entitlement over any woman’s body.

Then comes the law.

The fear of stringent punishment can douse the fire of many men with out of control libidos and also act as a counterweight to any cultural conditioning.

That’s where the radical punishment, castration of rapists, proposed by this video deserves attention and deeper consideration.

Rape is unlike any other crime and in our failure to combat it effectively, we as a society have thoroughly let down our women. In no other crime is the perpetrator allowed to retain the weapon of the crime, then why is a rapist allowed to retain his penis when he has used it as a weapon in a crime? A man who has raped once is likely to do it again if given the chance because he has no moral or emotional barriers that stop him.

The only true deterrent to rape is to take away that sense of entitlement and power that drives the rapist. Cruel and barbaric as it sounds, a truly safe environment for women can only be created when no man would dare to violate her. No doubt re-education and sensitivity are vital in this regard, but they will take a long time to take root. Punishment like castration will go a long way in de-incentivising and deterring rape. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and maybe it is time for this radical solution to be tried out to correct the physical imbalance and wipe out the tears, fears, and exploitation of the fairer sex.

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Amit Nangia

Amit Nangia

The author is a learning and development professional with a background in finance and human resources that informs his commentaries on geopolitical and socioeconomic trends. He tweets as @amitnangia06 (twitter.com/amitnangia06)

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  • Jeddy Khan

    There two issues which were raised 1- The woman provoked rape, hence was raped 2-A raped woman has lost her stature in society after she has been raped.
    This not the perception of one person, it is the perception of society on the whole. Mothers have taught this to their sons. Women vehemently hate other women, they are afraid of the challenge they pose.
    Another woman would steal their husband. The love and responsibility a son towards her gets divided after he gets married. When he starts paying more attention to his wife and eventually moves out to avoid endless squabbles. Sisters judge their brother’s wife and look for reasons to condemn her.
    A man with extreme devotion to his mother and sister, would go ahead and defile another woman, just so that they can feel proud. He instantly becomes a hero at home. It is through this societies consent that rape occurs.
    A castrated man may not be able to rape but his aggressiveness and rage will remainRecommend

  • Ahmad

    How to castrate female rapists? O.oRecommend

  • Keyboard Soldier

    So fix a wooden house by burning it down.

    What can men do to protect themselves from women who would want to claim rape just to get back at them?Recommend

  • Nomad1412

    And what do we do with those who write vacuous articles like these? Recommend

  • NKAli

    “Justice delayed, is justice denied.” The girl’s life is permanently ruined whereas the rapist comes out after a few years of imprisonment…that is if the judge is strong enough to give it to him.
    Castration will send a mega earthquake through the minds and bodies of rapists and potential rapists. Salams Recommend

  • Abdullah Ahmad

    So should a person who insults someone have his tongue cut off, and one who hits have their hand cut off? Somebody who commits fraud should have his brain removed and a oogler in public should have his eyes removed?

    We are not as barbaric is you would like us to be.
    Go back to the 18th century. Or africa. The modern world, and the developing world has no place for you.Recommend

  • Howard Gordan

    And how about the hundreds of men released from prison in the past several years after it was proved they were not the rapiists? And how about the 53% of rape accusations in the past 15 months that were shown to be lies in India for the purpose of revenge and bribary? How about Brian Banks? The Duke Lacrosse accused rapists? The frat of UVA that “Jackie” claimed gang raped her when it was all a hoax? The list goes on and on.
    And what should be done to rape liars? Does that video say we should cut out the tongues of those women? If not, why not? Because feminism supports rape liars and demands they never ever be punished. The feminist in the video and those like her only want to enjoy seeing innocent men be castrated anytime a woman decides she wants that to happen to them. They are sadistic man haters.Recommend

  • Sane

    A DNA Test?!!Recommend

  • Shehryar Khan

    Really? How does a DNA test prove rape?Recommend

  • Shehryar Khan

    The same way I suppose. Remove her sex organs and ability to conceive, have children. The author of this article has idea of justice fitting the crime, but no knowledge of jurisprudence.Recommend

  • http://www.nustweb.com/ Nustweb

    The rapist should be given Islamic punishment of lashes after getting proven from medical test or it is clear….
    this is the cure….Punishment before public as Quran states in Surah Noor….Recommend