If you cannot protect the Sindh Assembly, Mr Qaim Ali Shah, how will you protect us?

Published: May 2, 2016

How long will you continue living in a state of denial? PHOTO: NNI/FILE

Mr Qaim Ali Shah, we have always known that your government (or non-government) is terribly incompetent. This was recently proven when the host of a private TV channel managed to bring an armed person into the assembly without being searched.

Of course you and your speaker made the right noises about the sting operation being illegal and your government arrested the TV channel’s host (Iqrar ul Hassan) and his associate. The fact is, you live in a state of denial and have brainwashed yourself into believing that Sindh is a model province that is being governed very efficiently. We, however, are incredulous that you and your ministers are not able to adequately protect even the hallowed chambers where you and your minions decide how to spend that part of the budget money which has not been siphoned off to foreign countries.

You, of course, will say that security is already enough considering most of our policemen are employed to protect you and your ministers. As far as you are concerned, the rest of the province be damned. But we, the people of Karachi, who provide 96 per cent of the budget revenue, have a right to ask when you will do something to solve our numerous problems.

We live under the constant threat of being looted because there are very few cops on our streets. Our roads are filled with potholes, our traffic signals don’t work, and our traffic policemen believe they have been appointed to extort money from innocent citizens. One of the reasons for all this inefficiency is that most employees (including policemen) in your government have been hired only because they are related to you and your ministers. This is why most of your government employees do not show up for work most of the time, except to collect salaries.

Now that you have seen how easy it is for anyone that is armed to enter a heavily protected building like the Sindh Assembly, will you do something to improve the situation?

Will you continue believing that everything is okay while our policemen risk their lives because they have been given fake bullet-proof jackets?

Will you keep ignoring that our armoured personnel carriers are fitted with useless and defective CCTV cameras?

Will we go on having ghost hospitals and ghost doctors, so that the poor people of Thar see their children dying without medical attention?

How long will you continue living in a state of denial?

Shakir Lakhani

Shakir Lakhani

Engineer, former visiting lecturer at NED Engineering College, industrialist, associated with petroleum/chemical industries for many years. Loves writing, and (in the opinion of most of those who know him), mentally unbalanced. He tweets @shakirlakhani (twitter.com/shakirlakhani)

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  • Gemini

    LOL don’t pressurize them more for this otherwise they will also call remaining police from city to protect parliament house and people will suffer in this case as well.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The C.M is old, a bit senile, quite clueless, malleable to a high degree, qualities that endear him to his boss …….. pointing a finger at him is like whistling in the wind.Recommend

  • Nazir Hussain

    Grand Pa Chief Minister is innocent. He is only doing the Zardari duty. For him MPAs are dispensable , new will be recruited to do the duty.Recommend

  • Fahimuddin

    People party is worst thing that happened to Pakistan.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Who is “WE”? You mean the people? The population of Karachi? Sindh?
    Qaim Shah took no oath about defending or protecting the people of Sindh.
    You should all know this. He is only beholden to the liege lords Zardari and
    Baby Bhutto. He never promised anything to the people of Sindh. He is now
    85 years old. He still need to save a few more $millions [US] for his retirement.
    Yes, he owns villas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Yes he owns apartments in Dubai.
    Yes he has 3,800 ‘ghost schools in his province, under his patronage. Yes he
    gets money from the Water Mafia and Land Grabbing Mafia.
    So? What is the problem here? Go, and rejoin the sheep and cattle..Recommend

  • ahmed saeed

    Does the same logic stands for Army? if they cannot protect GHQ how will they protect Pakistan?Recommend

  • http://indiathefake.tumblr.com/ Indusengineer

    You are right about inability of provincial government to deliver to the people; however whatever else you have said is not relevant.

    People of Karachi had largely voted for MQM (true or false we don’t know), hence you should instead be addressing to MQM about what are they doing inside Sindh Assembly and National Assembly of Pakistan with the mandate that people of Karachi had given to them? Qaim Ali Shah did not receive a single vote from Karachi, therefore it’s duty of MQM to solve the problems faced by people of Karachi. Or does it scare you to question MQM :-D (lol)Recommend

  • Shakir Lakhani

    Karachi needs to have an effective local government with full powers (like when Mustafa Kamal was mayor of Karachi). But the Sindh non-government ministers know that if they give MQM the money contributed by Karachi, they will get nothing for themselves. Unfortunately they don’t even spend the tax money on other Sindh towns. Larkana, for instance was supposed to get Rs. 46 billion this year for development, but all that money was siphoned away, and there is absolutely no development in Larkana, or in the whole province. Ultimately Sindh will have to be divided into four or five provinces, if local bodies are not given their due shares.Recommend

  • Sarfaraz A.

    Wise people will disagree with you on that and point you towards Gen: Zia-ul-Haq! Recommend

  • http://indiathefake.tumblr.com/ Indusengineer

    The author should instead ask this question from MQM’s 49 MPAs sitting in Sindh Assembly in Karachi & 23 MNAs in National Assembly, whom both Mr. Lakhani & the people of Karachi had actually given the mandate. Ask them (MQM) what are they doing about Karachi inside those assemblies in Karachi and Islamabad?Recommend

  • Sarfaraz A.

    You talk about ‘security breach’ in the article and then take a deep dive into non-topical issues of local government, local bodies, Kamal Mustafa, four and five provinces! You need a rest!Recommend

  • Syed Hadi Hussain Naqvi

    Every this is fake in zardai/ Nawaz Gov.
    Every thing you can found just at papers .
    CEO http:evolutionsol.comRecommend

  • Fahim

    I think after death of Zia the aftermaths were either uncontrollable or BB/NS couldn’t realize to control it in 90’s. That doesn’t make PPP little better.Recommend

  • Patwari

    You can keep up your jingoist ethnic chants and mantras.
    The Local Govts. or Karachi governing entity has been made
    toothless. It cannot do ANYTHING unless it’s approved
    by the Zardari/Bhutto Cabal/Provincial Govt. So, any projects, any public works, programs never get off the ground because
    of people like Qaim Shah. The money never arrives. It disappears. [Just to make sure MQM does not get any credit]
    Two years ago, 80,000 bags of wheat for famine ridden Thar
    were sitting in warehouses, They never reached the starving children. They were sold on black market. Ask Qaim why.
    Qaim Shah is totally responsible for 685 babies dying in Thar in last two years.The clinics/hospitals are broken down wrecks.Equipment does not work. Doctors are barely paid
    Shah is the same man who allows Water Mafia to siphon
    off extra water for Bahria Town. Water that is destined for Karachi. There is a severe water shortage in Karachi. The driving economic and financial engine of Pakistan!
    The Water Mafia in Karachi makes $7 million dollars a day!!!
    That’s selling water to the citizens! By tankers. Small tanker,
    or large,…. you have a choice.
    Rest assured there WILL be a separate province. That will
    be Karachi, Thatta, Hyderabad.Recommend