This Coke advertisement makes us smile over a stereotypical concern

Published: April 28, 2016

Coming from a joint family system, I’ve closely observed different kinds of relationships. Yet, being the only child, I’ve never had the privilege to experience what being a sister feels like.

Dont get me wrong, being the only child has its perks. But, watching this advertisement made me realise just how much I’ve missed out.

The bond that siblings share is complicated, yet it’s one of the purest; one moment, they can be the best of friends, and the next minute they’ll turn into the worst of enemies.

A point to highlight is that the younger sibling always looks up to the elder one; something that can also be seen in the advertisement. As a matter of fact, it’s drilled into their mind from a very young age; to be the perfect role models for their younger siblings. They often keep an eye on their siblings to make sure they are safe.

The younger one can be naïve, and the elder one is usually the bully, but that too in fun and games. Moreover, they believe that it is their right to intimidate their baby sibling, but embody unwavering protectiveness  when anyone else dares to even try. The elder one is nurtured in such a way that a father/mother figure resides within them, who feels obliged to protect their younger sibling.

Being the younger sibling has its benefits, but it can also spoil them, making them dependent in ways that are not so healthy. The advertisement exposes how he constantly submits to his elder brother, a reaction that shapes his personality, disabling him from defending himself towards the end, and his brother has to step in to make things right.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the advertisement. It’s cute, but I can’t help but question, is this message fair in the long run?

One’s childhood shapes a person’s personality. The elder brother has an added responsibility considering the younger sibling is incredibly reliant on him. Both are not the best of places to be in, so perhaps fun and games aside, we should start delegating responsibilities with time and also empathise when needed.

We need to be our own person. And keep in mind that in order to maintain a healthy relationship, there should be a balance.

Imane Babar Wahedi

Imane Babar Wahedi

The author is a Social Sciences graduate, her interests include writing, poetry, learning about different cultures and social issues. She tweets as @Imane_B_W (

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