My salon was ransacked on the orders of the wife of a NAB officer

Published: April 7, 2016

A point that I left out earlier was that Mrs Hina Khan is the wife of a director at our very own National Accountability Bureau (NAB). PHOTO: SCREENSHOT

It all started on Tuesday April 5, 2016, around 1 pm, when a client at my salon started to create an issue about a chain – a chain which she had taken off in order to get her services done. She claimed it was valuable, which it must have been, considering she returned to my salon the next day to look for it.

At first, she kicked up a fuss over her calls not being answered at 11 pm the night before; please do keep in mind that our closing time is 9 pm. I politely told her that our phones, whether mobile or landlines, only operate during business hours, just like every other business in the world.

Next, she completely refused to acknowledge her own irresponsibility. When I told her that I, along with my staff, would do our best to look for it but could not make any promises of finding it, she became infuriated.

I happen to have a giant sign at the reception which clearly states that the salon will not be held responsible for any loss whatsoever, and every client must look after their own personal belongings. This is why, might I add, we have brides bring attendants along with them in order to look after their personal belongings.

Despite this, the lady became hyper and her behaviour started getting out of hand. I politely asked her to calm down and assured her that my staff and I would do our very best to help her find her chain. Keep in mind, this entire conversation was taking place over the phone.

And I kept my word.

My staff helped her look everywhere, even in the trashcan. When all our search efforts went in vain, I told her that there was nothing more that we could do to help. At this point, she lost her temper completely and started screaming, insinuating that my staff had stolen the chain. Maintaining a calm voice, I explained that, just as the sign at the reception stated, my employees and I could not be held responsible for her loss as it was her responsibility to keep check on her own personal belongings.

This, unfortunately, did not deter the lady from blaming my employees. I assured her, firmly, that all my employees have good morals and have been working with me for many years without a single complaint of this nature; they are like family to me. By now, she herself exclaimed that it wasn’t about the chain anymore, because it was valuable but not that valuable. She demanded I show up at the salon to address all her concerns in person as soon as possible and then she shut the phone.

I rushed to the salon to find her sitting at the main reception, still yelling at my staff. I tried talking to her and politely asked her to calm down several times, but she refused. There were two other clients of the salon present in the reception area, one of whom was an elderly lady who tried to douse the situation by giving the enraged client a glass of water to calm her down. At this point, this lady started yelling even louder and almost assaulted the elderly lady.

I told her that behaviour like that would not be tolerated under any circumstances and she was crossing the line when she started harassing the other people present.

I asked the elderly lady to take her seat and apologised to her on behalf of the lady. She proved to be such a sweetheart, held my hand and told me to take it easy and not be bothered by such people.

Coming back to the woman, Hina Khan (who I refuse to refer to as a client any longer) had gotten up by this time and was making her way past the reception in order to scare my employees and impose her alleged ‘authority’ over them. They were trying their best to ignore her. This further angered Mrs Khan.

While it would be very easy for my staff and I to lose our tempers too, and people who know me can vouch for my temper, we maintained a calm and composed demeanour throughout the time Mrs Khan repeatedly threw threats our way. To calm her down, I even tried to apologise for any offence that she claimed I caused her.

Unfortunately, no amount of politeness made her calm down.

I requested her, repeatedly, to come outside the salon with me so we could talk without disturbing any of the other clients present. I even told her that once we were out, she could yell at me to her hearts content. But adamant to make a public spectacle of herself and my salon, she accused me of trying to kick her out.

God knows how much I wanted to kick her out, but it took all of my willpower not to do exactly that.

She said she wouldn’t leave and would continue yelling until her husband got to the salon. I eventually had no choice but to call security for help, and that’s where things took a turn for the worst.

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She started verbally abusing the entire staff. Two of my employees (one is pregnant and the other has a fractured arm) went to calm her down yet again and she had the gall to harshly push both of them away.

By this time I had had enough. There was nothing more we could do to help her, we had exhausted all our options, and ourselves, and so I asked for my staff’s help to firmly escort her out. It seemed to be working until she looked me dead in the eye for two seconds and then punched my face with full force.

Astonished by the sudden impact, my staff quickly led me out the salon through the back gate, so I could compose myself.

Despite having physically assaulted my person, Mrs Hina Khan refused to leave the premises of my salon. She did, however, go sit in her car – but she made sure she parked right in front of the salon door and insisted that she would continue to wait until the police mobile arrived.

She continued to threaten us and say that we didn’t know we were dealing with. And that she would make us pay.

Eventually the police mobile did arrive, and that is when things got really ugly. Thank God for CCTV cameras.

A point that I left out earlier was that Mrs Hina Khan is the wife of an assistant deputy director at our very own National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

The police mobile unloaded four men, one of whom included the director himself, a police officer (stationed at the Shahrah-e-Faisal police station) and two of the director’s employees. None of these men, including the police officer, were in uniform, but they were all armed. They emerged from the police mobile and started beating my guard (who was also armed). They snatched his gun and almost broke his leg. Next they beat up a 14-year-old boy once they found out that he, too, worked at the salon. They made their way up the stairs whilst my girls quickly locked all the doors and immediately called ADT security. Upon their arrival we learnt that they, too, were helpless if the police were involved.

Those men trespassed without a warrant and vandalised my establishment. They forcefully entered a place full of women, scared my staff and clients, and ransacked my salon. They went door-to-door, trying purposely to kick every room door open and scare the people around. My staff remained as cooperative as possible during this entire fiasco. Upon nearing the massage area, however, a room with booths and curtains to maintain the client’s privacy, the manager informed them they could not proceed further. Instead, these men barged through the door and opened all the curtains and even broke one of the curtain rods. They stumbled upon one of my clients who lay bare-backed on one of the massage beds. Once they realised that many of my clients were now infuriated and could charge them for assaulting them or breaching their privacy, the men left the massage area.

The bare-backed client was so scared and humiliated, she gathered her things, and despite having left money at the counter of the salon, immediately left the premises. (She did return the next day to take back her money and refused to enter my establishment ever again. To this we constantly apologised and helped ease her concerns. What she went through was unfair and violating, and we understood that. But we apologised incessantly for having her exposed to such a fiasco, and promised she would never have to be put through something like that again. She thanked us for our support and returned a satisfied customer).

I honestly could not even believe this had happened until I saw it with my own eyes on the CCTV.

These men searched and broke my staff’s phones in order to erase the videos they had recorded at my request (there is no audio in the CCTV footage). One of my staff members was pregnant and she was manhandled by one of the officers because he refused to let her leave when her husband came to take her home, upon hearing what had commenced.

What’s worse?

Mrs Hina Khan then had the audacity to walk back into my salon with the four men she had called, and verbally assault my staff. She pointed fingers and called out the names of the employees who she had problems with. Now please imagine, a woman enters the premises with armed men and then points finger at an already petrified staff. What was she trying prove? That she could have them kidnapped? Jailed? Or worse, killed?

Outraged at the audacity of this woman, we made our way to the police station to file an FIR. Mrs Hina Khan, too, made her way to the Shahrah-e-Faisal station. This time, however, she appeared in a dishevelled look, with rumpled hair and scratches all over her face. My mother and sister were completely shocked at her shameless acting. She limped into the station as if she had just fought an entire war all on her own. We decided not to comment on her attention-seeking disposition and instead went ahead with trying to seek justice. We had full faith in the authorities.

Boy, were we mistaken. We should’ve known better.

The next minute we found her wailing in front of the officer exclaiming things like, “maar kha ke aee hoon main” (I have just come here after being beaten up) amongst many other fabricated stories about the incident at the salon. Ironically, I was the one who had been punched in the face by her. She had not been touched by me or any of my staff members, other than when they tried to escort her out of the building (when she punched me) or when the staff tried consoling her.

When we started narrating our story, she began to threaten us. She told us that she had ‘connection’ through her husband and would not hesitate using them against us, and warned us of all she was capable of.

At this point, when we noticed the authorities backing away as well, we had no choice but to respond to her threats by surrendering.

I am so terribly and deeply saddened by the misuse of authority in this country. Despite taking extraordinary measures, my girls and I felt unsafe because of four men, one of whom was a policeman and the other a director at NAB! How ironic!

Aren’t these people meant to protect us? Then why were they trying to antagonise us further?

Isn’t the director of NAB supposed to be busy putting all his resources to use in managing the affairs of the country? How then did he have the power to terrorise me, my staff or my family?

When the authorities turn on you, where do you go for justice?

This woman had my guard beaten up, trespassed on my property and scared my staff, over a chain that she was responsible for in the first place. My staffers are hard-working girls who are trying to make a living, just like the rest of us. These women choose to work despite all odds. The least we can do is provide them with the choice to do so and a safe environment. Do you really think my pregnant staffer’s husband will allow her to come back to work after all of this? Probably not! And whose fault is that?

Is this the level of protection our government affords us?

If those who are supposed to hold criminals accountable are criminals themselves, then where do we go?

How can this absurd misuse of authority be permitted? And when can we tether genuine law and safety? What happened was unforgivable and I will make it my duty to not allow such an event to take place again. I will approach every media house I possibly can to make sure that justice is served, and this abuse of authority is stamped down upon. Please help me spread the word. Justice needs to be served and these people must realise that they cannot get away with misusing authority.

I have jeopardised my mother’s entire business by publishing this article here and on Facebook, but if this is the sacrifice we have to make then so be it, as long as it protects others from suffering the way we did.

Haiya Aly

Haiya Aly

The author is currently completing her bachelors in media studies from IoBm. She wishes to pursue a career in journalism and help make a difference.

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  • Baja

    VIP lunatics..Recommend

  • Hasan

    Good lord! What a nasty situation!Recommend

  • Ali Agha

    So disgusting! From start to finish. I was waiting to see what “connection” she had then it was revealed. She should be in jail for assault, I hope you pursue the case.Recommend

  • Ali Agha

    This shows again how police only serve those with connections, totally unprofessionalRecommend

  • Patwari

    Great article. Kudos to the author of this blog.
    May this nasty women start shedding hair tomorrow
    May this nasty wife of this official go BALD.Recommend

  • Kolsat

    This is pakistan for you where might is right and will continue to be so till the Government establishes its authority and sacksand jails officers such as this lady’s husband for an illegal raid. The officers who accompanied him in this raid should be sacked and jailed.Recommend

  • liberal-lubna-fromLahore

    and here i am trying my level best to promote a soft image of paki women. but how can i when we have barbaric women like this ego maniac in our country? thats not that muhalaa’s uneducated class living in poverty nor are they the extremist type that are also happen to present in our country. they are your normal every day middle class women behaving like animals.

    no wonder civilized white women are so afraid of approaching desi aunties and afraid to visit Pakistan no matter how hard I try because they are smart enough to know the kind of result they will end up having if they were to approach these barbaric women.


  • Qasim57

    The media can be helpful in teaching these vultures a lesson. At the very least, this asst. Director should loose his job.

    I hope they get what they deserve!Recommend

  • Fatima Khan

    What a shameless woman Mrs Hina Khan is and what shameless person is her husband and the authorities. This is just ridiculous. Such people should be beaten in squares and asked to publically apologized and then being put behind bars.
    Ashamed of the GOOD GOVERNESS the authorities should be.
    Feel so bad for poor women who have been harassed. Clearly shows what vandalized background ladies like Hina Khan and their husbands come from. These people are learly not among the well wishers of Pakistan or even deserve to be in the ruling stances.Recommend

  • asma akhter

    Why I am not even surprised?? It’s not the fault of our Government that we lack so behind from the World in different things. A country where people of this kind live, where misuse of authority is part of daily routine & where the victim never gets justice, how come that country suppose to stand up in the list of developed nations?
    Now this “Miss Hina Khan” is a simple citizen of Pakistan & the way she behaved, no wonder we have got these kind of rulers !
    for you, like many other victims, I can only hope that you get the justice you deserve. !Recommend

  • Read Below

    Some how I believe we are only seeing one side of the story. Theft of jewelry is sort of common in such joints.
    No one goes to such levels to settle a score.
    Either way the guard got beat up unnecessarily, when the management of the joint should have been apprehended.

  • UzairH

    If this is truly the behavior of the wife of the NAB director, then he should either resign immediately, or else publicly separate from his wife. Otherwise NAB will have no authority on legal matters and the ethics that drive such matters.

    Sorry for you and your family Haiya.Recommend

  • Sane

    This country is ransacked by those who are in power. I sympathize with salon owner, that’s what myself and other powerless 20 crore people of Pakistan can do.Recommend

  • Hassan

    The more i read this, the more my bp felt hitting new highs, what was that? specially how could a man enters a place dedicated for women only??? how did the police officers walk through the massage area that too without wearing a uniform in a civilian dress, i normally don’t get upset too easily but this was the limit, i am going to share it on Facebook, and let everyone know who the lady was and who is her husband along with the police officer who had absolutely no right to enter any place let alone the parlor without a warrant. if i were u i would have called 1101 to rangers, then i would see how dare would they enter the place. seriously u should have called the rangers right away. whoever she was i don’t care then let her husband be the president of the states i would not have tolerated that. Good for nothing NAB is our servant they don’t rule us. I want to see her pay for all this, authorities must take action against her ASAP.Recommend

  • DogLover

    It’s what I say… thanks to security cameras that show the ugly face of bureaucrats. Similarly a Child was dead because of Bilawal secuity… and the deceased father was offered some job…. By the way it’s very strange that now security guard of the saloon will be offered some job or stuff like that, and he will come and say….”NOTHING HAPPEN… HM THO MAZAK KR RAHAY THY”. Wasa Girls go to saloon to keep them-self in better shape… but this seems girl/aunties firstly need some ethical or/and spiritual saloons to understand themselves.Recommend

  • Hassan


  • ارشد حسین

    How can i comment. There is 2 Huquq e Niswan involved. No men can do anything after this bill is passed.Recommend

  • Aam admi

    If our police and court can’t give justice, become a slave dog of these kind of people, it is better they should wear a dog collar, bangles and anklet and dance in a brothel.Recommend

  • Fed up

    why hit the innocent guard ? what was his Fault ? Please answer Mrs so high & powerful.
    what was the Guards’s fault in all of this ???

    Reason : he is poor & has no strong backing RIGHTRecommend

  • maz3tt

    congrats to you for writing this up and not suffer in silenceRecommend

  • ab

    the people such as this nab officer’s wife should be afraid of the power of social media now. social media zindabad.Recommend

  • Fed up

    Now what ???

    what is the NAB going to do ?

    who is going to take responsibility of this crime ?Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    TOO BITTER.. TOO … TOO MUCH.Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    These kind of acts are being done by mediocre people. And these elite women… may god save from their thoughts.Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    They should fear the power of God, power of rise and fall. Power of Nature hitting back.Recommend

  • junaid

    So, we expect from this NAB to investigate major corruption issues of current Govt. Wao.. its happened good because this way it has been exposed and people know now very well who is right and who is wrong…..Recommend

  • Cheeko Beeko

    Had I been the owner of salon, I would have kicked the lady out due to her arrogant attitude.

    NAB or no NAB.

    It does not make any difference to me, as I know how to take out the iron rods form the necks of public servants, who wait for tax payers to pay taxes so that these public servants draw their monthly salaries to meet their end needs.Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    If you have written the truth (which i am certain, after all no one lies on the Internet).
    Then this shows the indifferent attitudes of bureaucracy around the country.
    Not only they but also their spouses abuse the very power they are trusted to uphold.
    However social media is a new tool by which we can make a change.
    “The pen is mightier than a sword .”
    Good luck with your business.Recommend

  • Silver Black

    For that people are saying that the guard evicted the angry woman on the orders of his employer. There is more to this story then what this salon girl is telling every one.Recommend

  • Asif

    Really? So because we are only seeing one side with VIDEO EVIDENCE. Doesn’t mean that crazy psychotic woman and her clearly power hungry abusing husband can do whatever they want? Everytime I read this story I thank Allah that I don’t live in Pakistan because if that crazy woman tried that stunt in Western Europe it’s JAIL TIME and her HUSBAND TOO! So no this isn’t a question of what sides of the story is right this is a question of what happened in the CCTV footage of NAB officials illegaly using their power for personal gain.Recommend

  • Desi auntie

    I guess you have never seen your so called civilized white women behave worse than this woman ,and why are you only ashamed in the context of whites ,what has this incident got to do with them? ..grow up .mind it only as a bad behavior from one person ,not paint all Pakistani women with the same brush .Recommend

  • Parvez

    Small wonder NAB has close to zero credibility.Recommend

  • Shansha e Pakistan

    I am glad you broke this story!! People like him should be taught a lesson. This country’s resources are not their private property. They are people’s servants and should be penalized for missusing their powers. Bloody arrogant rascals!!Recommend

  • Jerry

    Haya ali u did the rite thing in spreading this news. she was such a violent woman. i have never seen such type of woman before. Justice will be served. IA. however i do recommend that tell your staff not to steal jewelry if they intentionally do it. idk if staff stole it or not and if a staff member did, obviously she is not gonna accept it. just give ethical lesson.Recommend

  • Sohail Anwer

    @ The Author: Miss Haiya; Quite perturbed and shocked to the chain of horrific events that took place. I wish i were present in Karachi to help you out, however i practice the law in Lahore and i have managed to get justice for the downtrodden in some cases, and i strongly suggest that you get a good lawyer. As there are tons of remedies against this NAB officer, the delinquent police officers and that woman who assaulted you. Do not lose hope the law is there and so are the courts and they pay heed to the oppressed you just need a strong lawyer and will power for that venture.

    Sohail Anwer-Attorney At Law

  • Gp65

    what rubbish. That law is against domestic violence. This dispute is not abouy domestic violence at all. This is about abuse of authority.Recommend

  • Np

    She should have put her chain in her purse. Alternatively, when she goes to parlour she should take out chain and earrings at home itself because usually during facial you are requested to remove them. Searching without warrant is unacceptable.

    The fact that the call came at 11:00 pm in the night means that many other guests could have been in the same parlour room and one of them coukd have picked up the chain. You cannot assume there was theft.Recommend

  • ME

    oh this lady is really without any moral considerations.. she is representing her class where poor people like saloon girls are looked down upon, these people hate others as they are lower to them.. she came to parlor for a pretty face but she carried an ugly heart inside and she could not anymore hide it.. if her necklace was stolen, the matter could be solved in a decent way.. this was not the way, she threatened everyone with her power.. I think this police and security is only for rich people while poor people have to wait for the day of judgment for justice.. pathetic.. God Help!!Recommend

  • ارشد حسین

    First i think You are a woman. Second in the name of domestic they are working to prove the eligibility of non-eligible. So beware of woman every where. They are not gonna prove equality by themselves but want the men to accept that.Recommend

  • Iqra

    Im appalled to see such the disgusting behaviour of this lady towards a sweetheart like you,Haya.Recommend

  • Iqra

    Im appalled to see such the disgusting behaviour of this lady towards a sweetheart like you,Haya.Recommend