How will the Kulbhushan Jadhav case affect Pakistan’s relations with India?

Published: March 31, 2016

Yadav is not the first RAW operative caught conspiring in Pakistan though he is potentially the most significant.

A video showing the confession of the detained Indian spy has gone viral on social media. It is not just a video featuring a confession. Recently, we had Mustafa Kamal expose the internal workings of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) in his confession on the media which became a huge affair. This video outrivals the former big confession because it involves a Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) agent directly.

Kulbhushan Jadhav, a serving Indian naval officer and a suspected RAW agent was arrested by security forces while he was trying to cross over in Pakistan at the border from Iran. His confession has revealed disturbing facts, confirming some longstanding fears. Despite concerns over authenticity of claims, the confession can have profound implications. The discovery could be yet another test for Pakistan-India relations. Assuming that he spoke the truth, let’s explore why his claims are significant and their potential repercussions.

In the video,  Jadhav exposed his country’s top intelligence agency’s role in destabilising Pakistan, particularly Balochistan through supporting its separatist insurgency. He revealed that they planned to target key ports in the region including Gwadar to sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). He explicitly revealed his intentions of creating instability in Pakistan.

Jadhav is not the first RAW operative caught conspiring in Pakistan though he is potentially the most significant. The most notable among dozens of Indian spies caught in Pakistan earlier was Ravindra Kaushik who had acquired proper cultural training before entering Pakistan. He had even married a local woman and kept on passing valuable information to RAW from 1979 to 1983.

Another famous RAW agent Sarabjit Singh was convicted of terrorism by the Pakistan Supreme Court for a series of bomb attacks that had killed people in Lahore and Faisalabad during 1990. He died in April 2013 following a fatal attack by fellow inmates in a prison.

Kashmir Singh is another prominent name who was released after spending 35 years in prison in Pakistan upon presidential pardon by General Pervez Musharraf. He later confessed that he was indeed an Indian spy.

And the list goes on.

But like stated earlier, the revelation of  Jadhav far outweighs the previous discoveries. So what makes Yadav so big and consequential?

Timing is paramount. It comes when Pakistan is deeply embroiled in a desperate war against terrorism and militancy. It also coincides with the state’s controversial efforts of implementing a potentially transformational economic project; CPEC. The scourge of terrorism and religious extremism is perhaps the greatest challenge confronting Pakistan at present. Terrorism has both internal and external dimensions. The roots of home-grown extremism can be traced to Ziaul Haq’s regime which saw an explosive growth in madrassas that preached a deeply conservative version of Islam.

But why were those madrassas created in the first place?

Pressure from the West and funding from Saudi Arabia supported the process. Hence, the external factor was critical. Looking at the problem of extremism in the Arab world, there is no doubt that corrupt autocracies and criminal neglect of the youth in the region have unleashed an unprecedented wave of fundamentalists. But even here, despite a favourable internal climate, western foreign policy was instrumental.

While it is common to blame foreign elements for local problems in Pakistan, the external motives cannot be ruled out. Blaming India or America for anything that goes wrong in Pakistan is a fairly standard practice by default. But given the recent revelations, it is difficult to dismiss the Indian factor. The confession offers irrefutable evidence that India has been involved in supporting terrorism in Pakistan. It has lent renewed credibility to previous claims by army officials in Pakistan over India’s alleged involvement in destabilising its neighbour.

Now the state must also take the Indian factor seriously, besides other factors such as madrassas in its fight against terrorism.

But what will it mean for Pakistan-India relations?

Pakistan and India have traditionally had a complex history. The relationship has been one of controversy, conspiracy and complexity. It has swung like a pendulum between animosity and goodwill, war and peace. A deep sense of mistrust has prevented any meaningful reconciliatory strategy. Years of progress can be thwarted with a single event. All it requires is one spy agent on either side of the border to undo months of trust-building efforts.

How influential  Jadhav’s confessions will be in driving the future direction of Pakistan-India relations will soon become clear. It will depend on how intelligently Pakistan plays the golden card.

The importance of friendly ties between India and Pakistan cannot be overemphasised. An amicable foreign policy can be transformational for both countries. At a recent conference titled Expanding Linkages in South Asia in Lahore, renowned regional specialists underscored the need for a closer alliance between India and Pakistan for the region’s development. India-Pakistan hostility is a major force stifling South Asia’s growth potential.

While India and China are celebrated as recent economic success stories, India’s reluctance to forge productive relations with its neighbours keeps it from realising its full potential. While enjoying growth rates comparable to rich countries, India is not prepared to play the role of a big economy. We have entered a very volatile period in global economic system. The global economic centre is gravitating increasingly towards Asia. In order to benefit from regional growth, stability in South Asia is paramount.

For that, India will have to move beyond supporting instability in its neighbour country. It should instead focus on the immense trade and tourism potential both countries can offer each other and the wider region. Pakistan, on the other hand, must also extend goodwill and sacrifice. It must use the confession card to turn the threat into an opportunity for the future. South Asia has extraordinary growth potential but for that one of the two nations would have to show magnanimity.

Hamza Siddiq

Hamza Siddiq

The author teaches global politics and international development for the University of London International Programme. He tweets as @hamzasiddiqkhan (

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  • Hamdani

    Liberals are awefully quiet. The Modi they worshipped, his country that has caused hundreds of thousands innocent children to death are getting exposed. Blood stained hands the liberals always kept so close to their hearts.Recommend

  • wb

    I personally believe that he was likely an Indian spy.

    But, the world won’t. The world will laugh at your face

    Simply because, YOU PAKISTANIS have absolutely no common sense.


    1) You edited the life out of a confessional video.

    2) Not only did you edit it out, you even stylized it.

    Who edits the life out of a confessional video? Even my 8 year old daughter knows that you MUST, MUST, NEVER-EVER, NEVER EVER edit the following kinds of videos:
    a) confessional
    b) sting
    c) cctv videos.

    But, Pakistani agencies don’t have as much common sense as my daughter.

    3) You gave a script to him instead of making him speak naturally. He uttered the word “criminal” 9 times. NINE TIMES. No one confesses using the word Criminal. They may admit to their crime, but they won’t admit to committing criminal acts.

    4) You guys cannot prove that he was caught in Balochistan.

    5) Instead of restricting him to the propaganda of Indian spying on you, you used him to propagate that India is spreading terrorism. And you have absolutely no material proof, except for the joke of a confessional video.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Pakistan has sent thousands and thousands of terrorists in Kashmir for 70 yrs and started 4 wars and now 1 induan who hasn’t done anything Will disrupt the relations??? Worst piece of hypocrisyRecommend

  • whatever

    by the way who believes Pakistan? no one after the OBL episode.Recommend

  • LS

    There are no governmental ties today to speak of that this incident would affect. Countless attacks, subversive activities originating from Pakistan since 1947 has made sure that it would NOT change, India has also seen what it means to initiate peace with Pakistan and the result was Kargil, Parliament attack and Mumbai incident while their civilian leaders visited India and talked peace and gave references of their big bigheartedness while their Military/ISI planned sabotage operations. Did Pakistan really think that there would be no reaction? Hundreds of state/non-state or state actors posing as non-state actors have been either been killed or arrested inside India originating from Pakistan. As of today 7 out of 10 in Gujarat and 2 in Punjab (including an ex Pakistani Military officer) are being hunted (As informed by Pakistani NSA). So if Pakistan arrested one under questionable circumstances and gave him a script to read… that does not prove anything or solve anything.

    I don’t see a possibility of ties as long as these two nations exist and I think it is good for these two countries to NOT have any ties, but just agree to cease and desist from each other but I know those obsessive attitudes on the western border to inflict death by 1000 cuts or Gazwa-e-hind or 1 Muslim = 10 Hindus or India is a Baniya Nation attitude remains despite results speaking contrary to the propaganda spread in Pakistan it would not happen.

    Yes, there is trade between private parties, people visit… More from Pakistan to India than India to Pakistan… cannot be called ties by any means… People from US also visit North Korea but cannot be called ties…Recommend

  • hp kumar

    Well pakistan doesnot offer anything to India.Pakistan is a beggar country full of turmoil.Recommend

  • Mirestan

    If India keep sending unlawful combatant to destabilize Pakistan and create another satiation like East Pakistan. East Pakistan was 1500 miles away they were successful.
    Now Situation is different, They can not do same thing in our back yard.Recommend

  • Jayman

    What relations? Fact is, India and Pakistan’s median is one of conflict. Any deviation from that will only be temporary. Something fundamental has to change in one of the nations to breakout of this cycle.Recommend

  • zoro

    Freeing Baluchi people Will take care of Kashmir problem by itselfRecommend

  • Sane

    Relationship with India; A country which sends terrorist to Pakistan who killed thousands of innocent citizens including minorities. With which mindset you talk about relationship with India?!!Recommend

  • Sane

    See your cities and count beggars roaming on streets. India isa country of rapists and beggars.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    What relation? India needs to stop all interaction with Pak. No Anglo designed Aman Ki Tamasha. Pakistan funda..

    1. To play matches… they come to India..

    2. To sell books.. they come to India…

    3. To sing gazhals…they come to India…

    4. For medical treatment.. they come to India..

    5. To become a famous actor.. they come toh India..

    Then why the hell did we give you a separate nation?? Just to make bombs?

    And height of irony is.. even to blast those bombs… they come to India..Recommend

  • ihtisham khan

    Ban them…if you don’t need them don’t let them in. simple. demand and supply. Pakistan will still exist as it existed 20 years ago when no singer was coming to India, when no actor was coming to India .when no player was coming to India and still none of them are playing in the ipl and everything is fine..its just in you mind that somehow mother with out the ‘great India’ Pakistan won’t exist….in other words, India can do without Pakistan true no doubt, but so can Pakistan, so can everyone else in the world. get off your high horse.Recommend

  • ihtisham khan

    you do the same thing…blame everything on us with no proof but somehow your is word of God and we are stupid when we do the same thing.Recommend

  • zoro

    At least they don’t rape boys … LOL LOLRecommend

  • Jatt Sher

    They are invited by Indians themselves to play matches or to sing ghazals due to lack of talent in India. No Pakistani goes for medical treatment to India, if they wanted to get it outside Pakistan and could afford it, they would go to USA or Dubai. Not to the worlds biggest open toilet. Pakistani or Pashtun (the Khans) and Punjabis (Kapoors etc who form only about 2.5% of Indias population) are basically worshiped in India due to their inferiority complex. And we can see who blasts bombs where by the case of Kulbashan Yadav. Just like Indian trolls on this website, RAW is obsessed with Pakistan and destabilizing it.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Kashmir, according to the way Pakistan and India were partitioned, was supposed to go to Pakistan due to being an overwhelmingly Muslim majority province. The Hindoo ruler, Hari Singh, carried out a genocide of Kashmiri Muslims and then the Indian army intervened. By the same logic Hyderabad State and Junagadh both had Muslim ruler and should have gone to Pakistan. Even Gandhi opposed the open barbaric actions in Kashmir and he paid for it with his life when he was assasinated by Hindootva nationalists.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi
  • Parvez

    To dispassionately answer the question posed in the title……this case simply manages to bring about a little balance in the accusations traded between both countries.Recommend

  • shahmmd

    our govt need to take this case to the UN , Raw agents killing our people , and we just watching, this is a strong proof with us, but how our Govt will Cash them, its a BIg ??
    watch the Confessional video of raw agent

  • Rohan

    What you said is irrelevant to the discussion.Kashmir was a princely state whose ruler and people had a choice but Pakistan violated this choice by sending terrorist in 1947 and grabbed gilgit and azad Kashmir.
    Even the UN resolutions say that Pakistan has to vacate its entire army for a plebiscite
    And the situation as per UN ,azad Kashmir and gilgit baltistan is far worse off than Indian Kashmir
    Indian kashmir is designated as partly free and Pakistan is Saud to be ‘not free’, oh and your army and ISI have carried out the worst genocide in Pakistan occupied Kashmir so much so that al Jazeera called it the last standing colonyRecommend

  • Salim Alvi

    No. Talent is plenty because the Dance, Music art etc came from divine to worship the divine in the temples of India. Recently real music and dance happened but Anglo & corrupt controlled media did not promote but it reached to billions

  • Salim Alvi

    Real majority Pakistan ie Bangladesh exists because of its Bangali native language and the culture. If Bangalis lose their nativity then they will become barren land of terrorism like Pakistan.Recommend

  • Simla

    Before posting a comment please search the internet to check how many Pakistanis come to India for medical treatment. Denial seems to be a river in Pakistan. Pakistan does not need anybody to destabilise her, she is doing a fine job all by herself.Recommend

  • maynotmatter

    Gandhi was dead way before Kashmir issue. But not surprised by your history knowledge.Recommend

  • maynotmatter

    you are right, the comments only makes more sense when it comes from the mouth of prejudiced and extremists.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Gandhi gave an entire speech on the Kashmir issue on 4th March, 1948. You can google it. Not surprised by your history knowledge at all either.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Kashmir was a princely state indeed whose Hindoo ruler Hari Dogra was carrying out a genocide of Muslims in his state which is why Pakistan intervened. Ans by law and the way the sub-continent was partitioned Kashmir, being an overwhelmingly Muslim state shouldve gone to Pakistan and it would have had a plebsicite taken place, which was taken to the UN but India didnt allow it. Nehru, being originally a Kashmiri, was interested in it and was determined to make it part of India. Gandhi was definitely against India’s brutal actions in Kashmir. Women were openly raped, houses were destroyed by the Indians but you are still saying Indian Kashmir is better than its Pakistani side.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    We all know the medical and hygiene condition of India, which is the world’s biggest open toilet. Most of your population does not have access to toilets and live in sub-human conditions in slums. The progress of a few billionaires does not represent India.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Posting a totally unrelated link from YouTube does not make any sense but than again most your comments do not, makig references to Anglos and what not. ‘Music came from divine to worship?’ Hindooism itself is an abstract set of ideas/deities that were imposed by foreign invading Aryans on native Indian Dravidians (which most Indians are) to subjugate them and make them Shudras in caste system. Hindooism itself was given its name by the British.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    gandhi died on 30 Jan 1948Recommend

  • LS

    We provide material evidence like call trace, phone Numbers, ID cards on them, their addresses, their un-edited confessional videos and when those are sent to security agencies outside India (viz, Interpol, CIA, etc) they believe it.. It is not about word of GOD but common sense Recommend

  • LS

    Like Pakistan has’t done any of those in India since 1947? You have no moral high ground to speak of.Recommend

  • LS

    Ya we tried banning them, asking them NOT to come, dug the pitches so that they don’t come to play, kicked the artists out from Mumbai, insulted them, but some how they keep coming back… In fact they crib in Media constantly that were not given hotels to stay in or insulted and sent back or not treated fairly or not invited to participate in IPL or India does not play cricket (well, lately they aren’t even worth playing). Of course we cannot stop granting visa since that goes against International rule but you guys don’t seem to get the message do you? I am sure Pakistan would do just fine.. we are just saying LEAVE US ALONE will ya?Recommend

  • LS

    There are more rapes in Pakistan than India. Its just that you guys are good at hiding them, the proof is in how your countrymen behave outside Pakistan.Recommend

  • LS

    Oh please stop all this propaganda.. will you? Learn about Sikandar Butshikan and how he converted, killed whole of Kashmir by committing genocide prior to the Hari Singh. The Law that you cite DID NOT apply to princely states… your hypocrisy has no bounds… who gave Pakistan Rights to invade a princely state despite signing “Stand Still” agreement? Was Pakistan representing the Muslims of Kashmir? No. Was it part of Pakistan? No. That is the reason UN resolution asks Pakistan to vacate Kashmir and GB and treats pakistan as an aggressor nation. Kashmir was a princely state and NOT part of India until Pakistan attacked and Hari Singh ask for Indian Intervention after signing IOC. So your imaginary “India’s Brutal actions in Kashmir” does NOT hold water.

    Yes Indian Kashmir is better than pakistani Kashmir. In fact Indian Kashmir is better than whole of Pakistan.

  • Rohan

    More women were raped by the tribal marauders sent by Pakistan to gilgit baltistan and India was not against plebiscite, Pakistan is because it has to vacate its 5 lac army.
    Pakistan had no right to grab Kashmir, no law allowed jihad in 1947 Recommend

  • Fareed Shahid

    @LS: The training of Marine Commandos is shown as training of militants. At least learn to cook up something which can be believed to be real. Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Hari Dogra’s genocide of Muslims of Poonch and Jammu is well documented, upto 70,000 Muslims were killed. This is not a Pakistani statistic, but one by an independent writer/journalist, Christopher Snedden. After the uprising in Kashmir after the ethnic cleansing, Hari Dogra signed the document of accession with India. By the same logic India also comitted violence in Hyderabad a state with a Muslim ruler which did not want to join with India. India has comitted gross violations of human rights in Kashmir. Go search the Gawakdal massacre committed by Indian troops. In 2008, 500,000 people came out to the streets of Srinagar crying Azaadi and waving Pakistani flags. There is an entire article on Times on it. Those Kashmiris want to join Pakistan not the worlds biggest open toilet (India) where people do not even have access to toilets and forced to defecate in public.Recommend

  • Humza

    So if Indian occupied Kashmir is better in your eyes, why not show the world and allow a referendum of its people take place. You fool no one because the majority of people in Kashmir do not consider themselves Indian and wish to be free of Dehli because India needs over 600,000 soldiers to control them. Ever wonder why the people in GB and Zad Kashmir sign up for Pak army voluntarily to free their families across the border. Why not just accept the obvious and negotiate in good faith with the UN letting the people there vote for their preference?Recommend

  • LS

    Why should we leave our land? Read the UN resolution 1000 times… Like most Pakistanis who talk about referendum but have never read the resolution. The first step in that resolution (all are sequential and the next step can only be taken if the first one is verified by UN to be complete) is for Pakistan to get out of AJK and GB… Why not just leave it and get out of there as per UN resolution? Huh?Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Yes, of course, all the rapes in India are all comitted by specially trained ISI agents sent in to tarnish India’s name and Pakistan just basically hides it’s rape stats. Then you people wonder why nobody takes Hindootvas seriously.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    There is no such thing as ‘Baluchi’, it is Baloch. It really goes on to show your ignorance.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    It was a mistake on my behalf, the speech was on 4th January, 1948. Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Go tell that to the 500,000 Kashmiris who came out to the streets of Srinagar crying ‘Azaadi’ and waving Pakistani flags. Or to the mothers who lost their children in the Gawakdal massacre comitted by Indian troops. Kashmiris want to be with the Land of the Pure not the Worlds’ biggest open toilet where most people still defecate in public.Recommend

  • hoshiar singh gill

    The author of this article stressed that both India and Pakistan should find “amicable” ways of improving their relations. In comments section people from both sides have started cursing each other. This is not “amicable ” nor will it produce any understanding and love.Borth are recquired in vast quantities to find a way forward.Rabb Rakha !Recommend

  • LS

    There has never been a protest with 500,000 people. 5-10 people wave those flags… There is no need to spread ISI propaganda. You worry about baloch where waving Pakistani flag is a crime and your leaders fear to go there. Indian Kashmir has more democracy than whole of Pakistan…

    Land of pure has no pure is land of oppression, terrorism, rape, hunger (world 10th highest), illiteracy (worlds largest) and second largest open toilet… Those AJK traders and GB traders who occasionally come to India tell us a different story about Land of pure. A hell hole.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    In 2008, 500,000 people took the streets of Srinagar against Indian occupation. There is an article on Times about it. You can easily google it.
    If by democracy you mean massacres like the one at Gawakdal and countless others, then it would be accurate. It’s funny that you mention rape and poverty for which India is known throughout the world for, having the most slums in their country. India is the worlds biggest open toilet, where people dont even have the basic facility of having toilets. That also makes it the world’s smelliest country.Recommend

  • zoro

    Whatever u call me …. the fact remains … that “Baluchi” people must be freed from Pakistani clutches ….Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    The fact remains that BLA (RAW trained terrorists) have laid down their arms and most Baloch people do not have any interest in independence. I’m sure you have never met a Baloch, I have many Baloch friends and they do not have any love for Indians.

    On the other hand Assam and Khalistan both should become seperate from India (the worlds biggest open toilet and slum infested country).Recommend

  • LS

    How did you reach that conclusion with my comment? Did I allude to that fact anywhere? No points for your lack of comprehension but to tell you the truth most of them ARE committed by a certain community including the Delhi Bus (Mohammad Afroz – The one with Rod, disemboweled and threw her out of the bus), The Calcutta Nun (Mohammad Selam – Bangladeshi), Kashmiri Shawl seller, A moulvi, A Muzaffarnagar (India) resident who violated a mid-wife who came to deliver his sister-in-laws baby… there are many more but these are most prominent ones…Recommend

  • LS

    I am not trying to convince you. I am telling what happens in the world of Intelligence. Who cares if you believe it or not. Did I talk about anything Marine Commandos in my comment? Not much was expected comprehension wise.Recommend

  • LS

    Read about Sikandar Butshikan of Kashmir… and then we can talk… Hari Dogra came much later… Do you think only Muslims have rights to butchering? Hari Dogra was also followed by butchering of more Hindus/Sikhs by Pak Army in 1947 and Kashmiri Muslims in 1989. There are today demonstrations in POK against Pakistan… that are PRO Indian… so no point bringing that up and Baloch also want to kick Pakistan out.Recommend

  • LS

    50 people killed does not become a massacre… What do you have to say about 300 or more killed by same Muslims in trying to kick out Pandits? 300 (by some account it was more than 1200) it is 6 times more… More over Kashmir valley has nothing to do with Pakistan… you have no claims on Kashmir at all..Recommend

  • LS

    What has India got to do with the actions of a Princely state at that time? Anyone would oppose a massacre. We also oppose the massacre that led to conversion of hindus by Muslims esp by Sikandar Butshikan or any muslim marauder… but you seem to believe that Muslims can kill any number of hindus in Millions but nobody should kill muslims for any reason even if they are terrorists, marauders, separatists.. isn’t that the reason why there are protests against killing of OBL or the protection such people get in your country?Recommend

  • zoro

    Yes i can spot a madrassa graduate now …. Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Your comment was dubious as it was, claiming that Pakistan managed to somehow hide it’s rape statistics while India fails to do so, a very poor rationale. A recent rape in Islamabad of a patient comitted by a male nurse, Krishan Kumar (Hindu) was covered widely in the news and there are other such cases but you don’t see us blaming it all on the Hindus. The majority of rapes in India are not comitted by the Muslims, those cases are the exceptions not the majority.

    In Indian villages lower caste or untouchable women are raped with impunity because Hinduism allows it with that barbaric caste system of it.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    So apparently the death of 50 innocent people does not constitute a massacre in your terms. Does the killing of 70,000 or more Muslims of Poonch and Jammu (statistic by Christopher Snedden, independent journalist/historian) satisfy your bloodlust? There are many more massacres such as Sopore and Bijbehara massacre committed by Indian troops.

    India has absolutely nothing to do with the Kashmir Valley. The rivers of the Indus flow from it and the legacy of the Indus Region belongs to Pakistan. Historically the Indus Region, including Kashmir, has been ruled by different kingdoms than Mainland and Peninsular India. Go Google the Harappa DNA Project or the Harvard Genealogical Study on South Asia, you will see that Kashmiris are genetically more related to Pakistanis (Punjabis, Pashtuns, Sindhis and Baloch) than majority of Indians (UPites, Bengalis, Tamil etc.) 500,000 Kashmiri on the streets of Srinagar crying Pakistan Zindabad is a testament to that.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Giving the example of a 14th century king is really irrelevant here. What happened during Hari Dogra’s time was genocide and ethnic cleansing of more than 70,000 Muslims of Jammu and Poonch (statistic by independent historian/journalist Christopher Snedden) and India’s illegal and barbaric actions in a Muslim majority state bound to join with Pakistan, similar to Sikkim, Hyderabad and Goa.

    Those few RAW funded BLA terrorists have given up their arms long ago and most Baloch people don’t want independence. I’m sure you haven’t met a Baloch, I have a lot of Baloch friends and they don’t think positively of India and Indians.Recommend

  • Ghulam Mustafa Chakkar Rind


  • Ghulam Mustafa Chakkar Rind

    now, I shall never comment where disqus is employed as moderator. It allows only anti pakistani false propaganda, I shall also tell my friends from avoiding disqus.Recommend

  • LS

    You can blame anyone you want… But the in India we maintain and publish our criminal records. Pakistan does not. Nor does it publish those data. So poor rationale is yours.. not mine. One rape does not make a trend but when multiple happen over decades,, it does… 40% of jailed inmates are of that community… Majority of crimes ARE committed by them…

    “In Indian villages lower caste or untouchable women are raped with impunity because Hinduism allows it with that barbaric caste system of it.” – That is another example of raging rhetoric without any basis…

    Maybe Islam does allow it as evident in UK (1400) rapes (All Pakistanis), Sweden (77% of rapes- All Muslim immigrants) and ratified by Muslim Egyptian Priest? Raping Non-Muslim was allowed?

  • LS

    Why is it irrelevant? He also engaged in Ethnic cleansing and mass conversion and massacre.. Like I said before J&K at that time was a princely state.. What he did in his state was none of India’s business.

    A princely state took its own decision what it wanted to do… You have gripe with Dogras so be it.. Who cares.. Sikkim has 1.4% Muslims and Goa has 8.33% Muslims and Hyderabad at that time and today also a Hindu majority state with 55% hindus… None of these are Muslim majority and could not be part of Pakistan by any logic… You desperately need education…of real history and not just rhetorics… Lastly FATA which did want to become part of Pakistan and wanted to join India was also rejected by India because it was non-contiguous territory at that time. By same logic Goa (Portugeues at that time was over-powered) and so was Hyderabad.. Just like Pakistan over-powered baloch…

    Why do I care about baloch.. I did not even talk about it in my prior comment.. but your government is sure oppressing them and killing them in thousands… What do you think your baloch friends will tell you? Pakistan is bad? when they are getting education in Pakistan? How gullible are you?Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Yup, when presented with cold facts and truth Hindutvas come up with dumb replies.Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Yes. No UrduShurdu artists fartists visiting India, no Aman Ki Tamashi visiting India… No kirket opium selling kammentators and coaches… India has much more in common with China. Indians can learn work ethcs from Chini… what can Indians learn from Bakis/Wasted Indians?Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Army rule needs ban on truth.Recommend