The day I was almost mugged

Published: December 9, 2010

I suddenly realised that my bank cards and my CNIC were in the wallet.

On the way to work yesterday, I stopped by the bank to take some cash out owing to my empty pockets. Ready to head out to cover a story, I hopped on the F-11 which goes to Tariq Road.

The bus was not exceedingly crowded, so I had nothing to fear. But what happened next, is something one can’t stop to imagine.

Grouped in a number of six, were big-built women clad in colourful burqas. Next thing I knew I was shoved across one end by one of them, while my over-sized bag was pushed towards the other end. I screamed in protest, “What’s happening around me?”

My bag lay unzipped and my wallet was gone. Gone!

At first instance I didn’t bother about the cash, but when I realised that my bank cards and my CNIC were in the wallet, I had a momentary panic attack.

However, it took me exactly two seconds to snap out of it and act smartly before the women got away with it. So, I stood blocking their way in front of the doorway – me, up against six of them.

Even now, while writing about it, I almost can’t believe I did that. I screamed on top of my voice, “I won’t allow either of you move out of the bus until you return my wallet.”

It was not a plea, and definitely not a request, rather, an insult in their face for robbing me of my identity. They continued to deny the theft, but I remained persistent.

The bus was moving slowly and I knew that if it stopped they would manage to escape. But alas, either by default or deliberately, my wallet fell from one woman’s hand. All they said was, “You dropped it, from your bag.”

The moment I picked it up, they got out of the bus.  Although, I was successful in repossessing my wallet, I was left with an awful feeling; the feeling of being cheated by those whom I call my fellow country-men.


Saadia Qamar

A reporter on the Life and Style desk of The Express Tribune

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