I was not allowed to enter Memon Mosque in Karachi, because I am a woman

Published: March 14, 2016

The man who stopped me from proceeding towards the inside of the mosque was a caretaker of the vicinity, as we discovered. It was as shocking for him to see me enter a mosque, as it was for me being stopped from entering. PHOTO: HAMMAD SHAKIL

A beautiful combination of chaos and serenity: yes, you are now in the most picturesque area of Karachi. An extension of Saddar town escalates towards the lighthouse, a grandiose Memon Mosque situated along the way. I had always seen this huge structure of reds while passing my route to college. I found myself thoroughly intrigued by the long bearded men who would come out of the high floral grilled gate in flocks of white kurtas and shalwars rolled up.

A knack for photography has always had me attracted towards architecture that has history attached to it. One fine summer afternoon, following the hues of yellows with our cameras, we decided to visit the mosque for its well-known symmetrical domes and arches. A group of young adults comprising of eight boys and two girls, decently dressed to respect the sanctity of the place, entered Memon Mosque.

Our spirit of adventure and the thirst for discovery was at its peak, when suddenly we were interrupted by an elderly man, perhaps in his late fifties, speaking of religion as he owned it. The man approached me as I was the one moving ahead of my friends,

Who let these girls inside?”

I was taken aback, shocked to my core.

“Why, yes, we were let in by the gates our male counterparts were let in from,” I replied.

Bibi, you are not allowed in here. Can I talk to an elder male member who supervised you inside?”

Meanwhile my friends had paced towards the maulvi and a male friend interjected,

“Maulvi sahab, we are just students and here for a project. If there is a jamaat going on inside, we will leave. But we saw the masjid empty and thought there’s no harm in entering.”

The man who stopped me from proceeding towards the inside of the mosque was a caretaker of the vicinity, as we discovered. It was as shocking for him to see me enter a mosque, as shocking as it was for me being stopped from entering.

“You are not understanding, child,” he referred my friend, “women are not always in a condition to enter pure premises. It is a place for namaz, hence it requires purity.”

As much as it hurt for me to reply, I realised that I would have to speak up.

What offended me wasn’t only the use of a woman’s so-called ‘impurity’ as an excuse to dismiss their right as a Muslim, it’s how the same pious men seem to forget that women pray inside Masjid-e-Nabwi too. The ignorance of such men is astounding. It’s equally sad that women in Pakistan have no public space whatsoever, let alone congregational praying places where they are fully welcomed.

This is one of those times that I, as a feminist have imagined, coming face to face with. This is the moment when the power of a male religious man tries to suppress my rights as a woman, infantilise me, and yet I respond unharmed.

“Sure, maulvi sahib, we will go to the wudu khana (place to perform ablution) and perform our ablutions before we enter the prayer area. That would guarantee our purity in the eyes of God.”

All of a sudden his eyes had made me lose all respect for him and the place. With his look of disapproval, it was hard for me to distinguish between his lust for misogyny and the struggle he was undergoing for the belittling of women.

“It is useless to argue with girls like you. Please keep the girls from entering.”

He signalled the guards towards me and my female friend, meanwhile our male friends had wandered off inside the prayer area and these are some of the pictures they clicked, as part of our collection based on the heritage of Karachi.


My day ended in a confused state of being. I could question my male friends as to why they entered when the maulvi sahab had asked us to refrain from entering. I could question the maulvi, that just because I bleed seven days every month and bear excruciating pains, I wouldn’t be allowed in a sacred place of worship? I could ask God, why he gave men so much power so as to let them undermine women? I could ask myself, am I still the ‘other’ sex?

I could, but I can’t, because a girl with so many questions can only be an outcast in our public spaces.

All photos: Hammad Shakil

Manal Zahid Khan

Manal Zahid Khan

The author is a Journalism student who loves taking pictures of unnoticed scenarios. She tweets as @manalkhan07 (twitter.com/manalkhan07)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

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  • The Truth Bro

    Mullahification of pakistan for you, ladies and gentlemen.Recommend

  • Rafidi

    There are always some less educates maulvis. However every men and women have the right to enter any mosque when the Prophet (PBUH) allowed women to pray in the Masjid then who are these people.Recommend

  • Salman Shareef

    This has become fashion to defame Islam and Pakistan by writing such articles. Writer is just an attention seeker and nothing else.Recommend

  • Zahra

    Preventing women from entering the masjid is anti -Islam,it’s anti-Quran , it’s anti -human ,it’s anti-pathy! Discriminating against women is not allowed in Islam.The Quran makes it very plain you cannot call yourself a Muslim and show disrespect for women.The act of wudhu it is made clear is as purifying for women as it is for men.But what Allah (SWT) regards far more is the purity of intention, heart and mind.Alas, this maulvi is your typical brainwashed madrassah jahil who understands little of deen and too much of madhab ready to pronounce judgement on a woman without a moments hesitation .Spouting what is in direct contradiction to the Quran makes makes him a disgusting KAFFIR as are most maulvis in Pakistan including Maulanas Fazul-ur Rehman, Sherani and the CII et al and the fat bespectacled one with the Sindhi topi (I forget his name). Self styled psuedo authorities.Did they pass any public vote test. It’s high time we got rid of these pests which have long acted as menace and created intolerance and violence in Pakistan.They should be sent to some remote Island which they can call their own caliphate and be free to pass fatwas on each other to their heart’s content.Recommend

  • Muhammed Usama Aziz

    A person is not allowed to enter a masjid, whether male or female, if he/she is not in purity state. A female can enter if she is not on her monthly periodsRecommend

  • Patwari

    The hindus do the same thing. No women allowed
    in their mandirs. There is a battle for women rights
    to enter the mandir, [ war raging on between the
    swamis/sadhus and women in Hindu Desh.]Recommend

  • Bibloo

    The hindus do the same thing. No women allowed
    in mandirs. That is called sadhufication of Bharat.
    Get a life.Recommend

  • Hollande

    God Himself has said that a woman is not allowed to offer Salat/Fast during her menses period, not to touch the Holy Book, not to enter Mosque etc , if God has said so, there must be a reason which our limited knowledge can not understand. You might think God is sexist but that is the way it is. Rules are Rules, if you don’t agree, chose another God whose laws you can write yourself and amend them as you wish,

  • Ziauddin

    It doesn’t that women are not allowed entering into a Masjid. As author mentioned Masjid-e-Nabvi’s example herself.
    Unfortunately Masajid in Pakistan don’t have arrangements for men & women prayers desperately – however in any circumstances on one has right to refrain anyone from entering into. Its not anyone property but houses of Allah.Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    Religion is yet to come out of 12th century.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ziad

    With all respect they should’ve let you in. Nevertheless what the man meant by impure was that to let you know that women are not allowed in the state of periods to enter the mosque hence his words as quoted by you that they are not always pure. Same is for the men in the state of janabat , so much for your feminist agenda.

    You can ague though that why did he only question you and not your male colleagues , that’s why I believe they should’ve allowed you. Recommend

  • http://www.techpail.com/ Chris Mathews

    Very thought provoking for all of us indeed.Nice articleRecommend

  • Mr. Saheb

    Sister, don’t worry.
    Just because, of that attitude of that person don’t feel embarrassed.
    GOD is not harsh with you, Islam is not harsh with you.
    MASJID ALLAH ka ghar hai
    kisi ki koi oqat nahi kay manah karay kisi ko enter honay sey.

  • Mustajab

    Did the caretaker disrespected you? Did he shout at you? He explain his point of view which I conclude from above in a very humble way. How this statement “only the use of a woman’s so-called ‘impurity’ as an excuse to dismiss their right as a Muslim” declare your right of being Muslim? Let me not bring religion in it but one thing we are thought from our child hood is to respect what elder say and obey it. Sometimes if a beard elderly male guide us, let us accept it without the “Maulviphobia” in our mind. Peace :)Recommend

  • Kumar

    In India Hindu and Sikh girls aren’t allowed in temples while menstruating too :(Recommend

  • Khan

    Good Article need to eradicate the Gender Discrimination among people’s minds …. I feel that Both men and women have the Right to enter the Place of worship.Recommend

  • Xpecialist

    Yah since we’ve already solved all other and much bigger social issues facing our society so now lets focus on women’s right to enter masjids. Yet another feminist crusader trying to make issues out of nothing just to hog some limelight. And what better way to acheive that than dissing religion? How many years has she spent learning core principles of religion and gaining knowledge about Sharia? Yet in her peanut size brain, she thinks of herself bigger than God and His beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) and feels entitled to question religious edicts that have been clearly established through Quran and Sunnah.Recommend

  • Umair Chaudhry

    “speaking of religion as he owned it” So you conclude even before talked to him. Neither you mention the part where he claims the same nor I conclude even after reading the whole article. So please stop jugging the people.

    According to your discovery he was the caretaker of the mosque, So he has the right to stop you and ask you a Question. Please don’t take it personally.

    “women are not always in a condition to enter pure premises. It is a place for namaz, hence, it requires purity.” That is what his point of interruption (according to you) Did you answer and explain your current situation to him?

    Actually, when a bearded man, in his late 50s, stopped you and ask you some questions, your ego hurts and force you to write this article and present him in a totally wrong way.Recommend

  • http://thoughtsandotherthing.blogspot.fr/2015/09/hyderabad-as-i-know-and-feel.html Supriya Arcot

    Free flowing blood carries germs / microbes and prone to spread infections .Those days there were no disinfectants / germicides.Recommend

  • Xahid

    “as we discovered. It was as shocking for him to see me enter a mosque, as it was for me being stopped from entering”

    Why its shocking for you lady? is it because you enter into masjid for the 1st time in your life? or does your parents never teach you about rules of masjid in pakistan?
    Most of the masjids in Pakistan belong to Hunfi group of Islam, they don’t allow women to enter into Masjid (yea, they’re the one you can blame for your Right Killer)
    you have already given example of Masjid-un-Nabvi, since they don’t follow Hunfi Fact. so they don’t block women.Recommend

  • knightridrr

    You are even allowed to ignore your parents if they are wrong when they teach you something that is not a part of the Islam. Read the Qura’an/Sunnah and you’ll know it.

    Women are allowed in mosques. Period!Recommend

  • knightridrr

    Or these are the actual issues that exist because of religious thugs who have taken over Pakistan!Recommend

  • Annum Shiwani

    more of a one-sided opinion. women did entered and were not forced to leave the premises on the spot. as far as memon masjid is concerned writer should have spoke to the family who have roots with it because the basic bunyaad of this masjid is on a grave and women are restricted to enter any graveyard for thier own safety.
    even the family who have roots thier women never entered the masjid just for that reason. there should be another write up questioning ALLAH as to why these impure creature ‘women’ are not allowed in graveyard? can anyone?Recommend

  • Tauha

    If the girls were properly dressed according to Islam then they shouldn’t be stopped at all. That’s what Islam says. Men are also not allowed to enter if they have ejaculated with desire and hence are not pure.

    The caretaker was imposing what is the traditional view of Islam in Pakistan not the actual values. Having said that, mosques are not places of tourism and entering them for the purpose of just taking pictures don’t seem to be a valid reason and most probably disliked in Islam. Mosques are places of worship that provide a place to disengage from worldly life and focus on the eternal one.Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    If impurity is the issue, in that case men should never be allowed to enter such place as they may ejaculate any time …….. ?????Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    Two wrongs won’t make thing right?Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    Incorrect presumption. Quran never prohibit Salat during mensuration. It prohibit only under intoxication (4.43). As to cleanliness/ mensuration under Sura 2.222 & 2.223 are only in relation to intercourse? Please correct me if I am wrong?Recommend

  • AY

    “Purity” was just an excuse; most probably he was himself unaware that women are allowed to pray/enter in Mosques, like menRecommend

  • Keyboard Soldier

    Yup, for pakistanis, there is only one thing that matters, and that is comparison of their lives with the indians.

    Pakistanis can never think independently on what matters to them, but instead all they think all day is if they have outdone the indians.

    It is like a crazy ex-girlfriend syndrome, that majority of pakistanis suffer from.

    What indians do is also wrong. Gender discrimination like this should not be allowed, but your argument that indians do it, so its okay is not right.

    Pakistanis should heal themselves first. and forget about the indians.Recommend

  • http://thoughtsandotherthing.blogspot.fr/2015/09/hyderabad-as-i-know-and-feel.html Supriya Arcot

    Its not discrimination per se. Menstruating women ( in the absence of disinfectants etc) are prone to infect .Recommend

  • RJSS

    Much heart felt after the article and later the comments clearly show how lost we are. No woman is stopped in Medina or Makkah, so who was he to stop? Rest are all assumptions

  • neil

    Don’t talk nonsense.. Temple or Gurudwara don’t check girls or ask them if they are menstruating.. All devotees remove sleeper and enter temple …then take darshan.. How exactly do they know of such case she’s menstruating ..to allow or not allow ?Recommend

  • neil

    Nonsense. Hindu woman are allowed in temples.. Only those saints who took bhramacharya vrat (celibate/nunhood) temples are kept out of opposite gender (be woman or men devotee)… depending upon which gender the deity is.. If deity is is female celibate then men are not allowed..and visa versa.. Rest temples are open for both genderRecommend

  • neil

    Nonsense. Hindu woman are allowed in temples.. Only those saints who took bhramacharya vrat (celibate/nunhood) temples are kept out of opposite gender (be woman or men devotee)… depending upon which gender the deity is.. If deity is is female celibate then men are not allowed..and visa versa.. Rest temples are open for both gender…Recommend

  • neil

    First off woman are allowed in temples.. There is no gender discrimation..Only those deity which took celibate oath (nunhood) be woman or male deity are kept away from opposite gender devotees to respect their oath to shun materialistic life.. It’s same for both gender..Recommend

  • Midhat Shahab

    The Hanafi masjids in many parts of the world allow women in masjids. I have been to several. It is just misogynist , uneducated mindset of Pakistani men who can disgest women sharing any public spaceRecommend

  • Midhat Shahab

    The Sharia Allows for women to go to mosque. The Prophet PBUH himself cautioned men not to stop women from going to mosque. Please read history for yourself before questioning her knowledge. Women regularly visited mosque in the time of the PROHET and even now in rest of the worldRecommend

  • Midhat Shahab

    Religion allows women to go to mosque. The so called custodians of religion dontRecommend

  • Midhat Shahab

    Did he ask the male members if they were in the state of purity? If he assumed the male were pure and the women were not, then that is discrimination.Recommend

  • Midhat Shahab

    She is not defaming Islam. it s quite the opposite. Islam allows her to visit mosque. tthe care taker was taking away her right giving to her by GodRecommend

  • Midhat Shahab

    even men are not allowed in the state of impurity. Did the care taker ask any male member? Do all the women get asked in Masjid nabwi or other parts of the world if they are pure?Recommend

  • Hobo

    Chadha Sahib, Narrated Mu’adha: A woman asked `Aisha, “Should I offer the prayers that which I did not offer because of menses ” `Aisha said, “Are you from the Huraura’ (a town in Iraq?) We were with the Prophet (PBUH) and used to get our periods but he never ordered us to offer them (the Prayers missed during menses).” `Aisha perhaps said, “We did not offer them.” Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 1, Book 6, Number 318Recommend

  • Hassan

    Actually, prayer and touching the Quran during the menstruation is not allowed.Recommend

  • gp65

    But know one stops women from entering the temple on the assumption that they are menstruating. Since this is private information which is not checked by anyone, it stops women from entering a temple only if they themselves believe they are unclean during ‘those’ days. If they themselves believe that God’s doors are open to them at all times (like I do), thee is no third person stopping the entry.
    In the past women could not sleep in main bedroom or cook food or enter kitchen during ‘those days’. Now such practices are rare. It may have been a hygiene issue earlier, now it no longer is. These outdated practices will die away since they are not rooted in religion but social practice.Recommend

  • gp65

    I do not know the Holy Quran, so I cannot dispute what it contains or not.
    However, is there any indication in the blog that she had her periods then? Or are you saying that because women sometimes have period, they should never be allowed to enter the mosque?Recommend

  • gp65

    How is she defaming Islam? She is saying that Islam permits women to enter the mosque but the moulvis are acting as gatekeepers to God – something Islam sought to do away with.Recommend

  • gp65

    So in a country that is formed for Muslims and whose capital is called Islamabad, half the population being prevented from entering the mosque is a non-issue for you?Recommend

  • gp65

    Where is it written in the blog that the woman was menstruating? According to the moulvi, women should never enter the mosque because sometimes they are menstruating.
    Also I do not know about olden times but these days it is perfectly possible to manage hygiene during menstruation. Otherwise using your logic, women should be consigned to a corner of the house during those days. BEcause if they go in any bus or train, go to school or college , go for employment then they are likely to infect others.
    Tell me, if your maid refuses to come for work 5 days a week so as to not cause infection, would you be okay with that?Recommend

  • gp65

    Hindu women can and do go to temples and in fact in any temple at any time you are more likely to find women then men.

    The battle is to enter the sanctum sanctorum of some temples.Those stopping women from entering the sanctum santorum are wrong and there is nothing in Bhagvad Gita or the Vedas or Upanishads that prevents women from doing so.Recommend

  • gp65

    Have you ever been to any temple in India? You will find far more women then men.
    Yes there are some temples where women are not allowed to enter sanctum sanctorum, which is wrong and this is the fight that is being fought. But by a long stretch of imagination, this is not the norm – rather it is very rare.
    In any case, if something wrong is happening in India, you will support the same thing in Pakistan? Where is the logic?Recommend

  • Ahsan

    The same goes for you too don’t act like Indians don’t compare themselves with Pakistan which is very evident from the comments on this website. Recommend

  • Rednecks for Legalizing incest

    Cry me a river. I wasn’t allowed to enter woman only gym and work out because i m a man. Equality goes both ways.Recommend

  • Anwaar

    how in God’s name did that old man knew that the girl was on her periods? !!! .. idiotic argument from your side sir …Recommend

  • Anwaar

    Best comment :P ..Recommend

  • Anwaar

    a little empathy would be nice :) …Recommend

  • Xpecialist

    Hmmm … so you’re telling me that in your everday life you quite often see half the population of this country lining up in front of the mosques and being refused entry? wow! your intellectual capacity or the lack thereof is mind boggling!Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    I need quotation from Noble Book, not interpretations …. :-)Recommend

  • Umair

    Madam, please study up holy Quran and study the hadiths.Recommend

  • gp65

    No. I am saying that women constitute half the population. OF course if it is a norm to deny them entry, why would they line up? But the question I posed is, is a policy that denies access to a place of worship to half the population a good policy?
    You are the one that has problems with comprehension it seems.Recommend

  • http://thoughtsandotherthing.blogspot.fr/2015/09/hyderabad-as-i-know-and-feel.html Supriya Arcot
  • rationalist

    Apparently, you haven’t studied the scriptures in any details. If you did, you wouldn’t be making these comments.Recommend

  • sana

    is she wrong?Recommend

  • Abdul Qudoos

    Per Islam women cannot enter a place where there are na-mahram (not related by her family) men. Please study Islam.Recommend

  • Xpecialist

    Let’s not jump all over the place shifting focus when I call you out. You obviously lack intellectual capacity to understand social dynamics of the society and to correlate issues.

    In most of Hanafi sects, women are discouraged from attending congregational prayers in mosques. It’s been practised for centuries and noone have had issues till wannabe feminists like the writer decide to take a casual walk in a mosque along with her peers and then pretend to receive the shock of her life. And then there are brainless dummies like yourself who would use gigantic phrases like “half the population” to try to morph it into root cause of all evils in our society.

    There are much much more serious and real issues women in our society are facing everyday, for instance rape, sexual harassment, honor killing, domestic violence. But the feminist brigade would only cry hoarse when they get “discriminated” in pursuit of their personal gratification.Recommend

  • Gp65

    How do you know that no one had a problem? What if they had a problem but in the past did not have a voice?Recommend

  • ab

    you just can’t enter any mosque with your friends and roam there. yes you can go to the ladies only place in the mosque where men are not allowed. it is not a park.

    There are lot of stuff going on., people reading Quran etc. there are rules for everything. I just understand why can’t so called feminist find offense in everything. If you really want to go there you could have gone through proper channel. They might have cleared the people there doing stuff, so nobody would have found any offense and every one would have been happy.Recommend

  • Bibloo

    There was a battle raging between a women’s
    org. and temple keepers/sadhus/swamis in Bombay.
    About women not being allowed in the temple. This was
    recently. Sadhus won. So far swamis/sadhus-1,,,,women-0.
    There was also a hue and cry about mullahs not allowing
    women inside a shrine. Some sainted Sufi’s shrine/durgah.
    [also in India]
    So? Looks like sadhus/mullahs winning. This extremism
    war. With a mindset, that goes back at least 1,200 years,
    if not thousands of years.Recommend

  • Xpecialist

    Come back when you’ve developed enough mental capaibilities to understand what’s being discussed and how to put together at least half intelligent arguments instead of going off on tangents.Recommend

  • Gp65

    So are you saying that entry to a worship place like mosque is comparable to entry to a woman’s only gym? One is a place of God and the other is a place for profit. Secondly, if Quran does not stop women from entering a mosque, why should the mullah do that? Thirdly, there is some logic for why a man would nit be allowed in a woman only gym. Can you please provide logic for why a woman should not enter a mosque?Recommend

  • Gp65

    Correct. So preventing entry in that temple was wrong and preventing entry in this mosque is equally wrong. Pakistanis should not allow something bad in their country just because it happened in India. In any case, I was just challenging a blanket statement that Hindu women are not allowed to enter temples. In 99.99% temples you will find more women than men at any time.
    When the women were fighting for entry into the temple, no one gave a rationale that many mosques in Pakistan deny entry to women, so therefore it should be okay for this temple in India to deny entry to women.Recommend

  • Gp65

    would also like to point out that the debate on women’s temple entry is far from over in India and hence I would not say that sadhus won. Just yesterday there was a statement by RSS that restricting women’s entry into temples is unfair. Also there is another temple in Kerala called Sabarimala where women’s entry has been prevented and women have gone to the court to allow entry. So women are fighting back at level of civil society, media and courts. Are you seeing a similar fight in Pakistan to redress the wrong?
    Secondly, your original statement was a blanket statement that women are not allowed in temples in India and my point was that in most temples women are allowed and at any given time you would find more women than men.Recommend

  • http://alkaramseo.com Khuram Shahzad

    Best online quran academy you can learn basic of quran with tajweed.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Nowhere in Islam is it that men cant enter a mosque after ejaculation, however they only need to take a bath (ghusl) after ejaculation to pray. Men and women are different and have different bodily functions, when will you dumb feminists finally realise this.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    In Islam women are allowed in mosques too. But not when they are on their periods. Same is the case in Hinduism.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Well, the author didnt really deny that she was on her period, so we can assume that she was indeed on her period. As per Islam she wouldnt be allowed in a mosque.Recommend

  • Jatt Sher

    Yes she is. As per Islam, women arent allowed in mosques while on their periods. The author also didnt deny that she was on her period and didnt tell the maulvi that she wasnt menstruating so we can assume that she was indeed on her period.Recommend

  • RJSS

    That I know already.Recommend

  • Anwaar

    *slow clap* …Recommend

  • neil

    Sorry woman are allowed in temple..period or not.. Since nobody is there outside temple to check whether she’s in period or ask her.. My sisters go all the timeRecommend

  • Rednecks for Legalizing incest

    Women should be allowed in mosques,church, gurdwara, mandir, synagogue, temple, etc as long as they wear the proper religious attire. As for the gym comment, i am saying that man are being demonized for being man, no one raises their voice about men`s issues. Man get raped in prisons, they get bullied as kids and even as elders, they suffer psychological and emotional trauma too, they suffer domestic violence, verbal abuse and for some reason media is always portraying all men as evil, controlling, abusive individuals while all woman are humble, pious, kind and harmless. The same woman who complain about inequality will probably beat their spouse if given a chance, when a man defends himself from physical assault or returns the favor he is called an animal. Equality goes both ways. Hopefully i clarified it for your peasant mind.Recommend

  • Thejellybeanchronicle

    Hi. Firstly, it was really wrong of you to comment such a thing as a man not allowed in an all girl gym. It had no connection with the context of the article. And for sure, it was a funzie comment to cool down the situation. This is not a matter to cool down tho. Unfortunately, men have “definined” spaces for women rather than giving them an open floor, which reflect the misogynistic mind set. Secondly, men do voice their opinions for their assaults and harassments all over the world. It’s just that you didn’t research it properly. i have guy friend’s who have written articles, poems, letters, etc about their bully experiences, sexual harassment, rapes and all, One shouldn’t wipe their experiences under the rug, but explicitly state what happened to them. This gives courage to the other person who’s scared of the gay label to voice his experiences. Hetronormativity exists, but no one care.
    Thirdly, wouldn’t you mind if a girl just stares at you in an all boy gym. Stares only you. youll probably like it a few minutes, but then youll feel awkward. That’s why you’re not allowed in an all girl gym. Because men stare, and girls being an object in the present, feel vulnerable.Recommend

  • http://gravatar.com/skchadha SKChadha

    The ‘prohibition’ and ‘self restraint’ are two different aspects. I could not find imposition of it anywhere in Islam? Recommend

  • Rednecks for Legalizing incest

    Dunno what kinda gym ya been going too, but girls do stare at boys and they do make comments at guys who work out. girls stare at guys bodys all the time.
    I have a female friend who is always talking about guys bodies.Recommend

  • Rednecks for Legalizing incest

    I feel like man should start apologizing to woman for being man. The whole feminist movement is getting out of control. If a man tries to convey their toughts they are called misogynist, while girls can talk crap about boys wihtout consequences. If a girl gets in an accident every one on the street takes her side, if a girl slaps a guy she is called brave and if the guy returns the favor he is called an animal. I think men should start a movement to curtial this discrimination. Just because you are a girl doesnt mean you are entitled to respect. You are demanding equality and respect. Sometimes you gotta choose , you cant have both. If you want equality then maybe next time stop the men from opening doors for you, paying for your dinner and letting you get to the front of queues.Recommend

  • Hasan Q

    Article is a well expression of feelings of author, but it
    primarily concentrated on the darker side even from the “Title”. in fact our
    liberal society are very much sensitive and aggressively feel every incident
    and word of mouth, especially the working girls who try to notice each and
    every action of surrounding men, thinking he is teasing or taunting, so I think
    this biased philosophy should be changed.

    Now about the article, most of the people are hypocrite, he
    shouldn’t use such discriminatory words that can hurt anyone feelings, our
    religion taught us the respect and equality. He should talk to the male
    companions separately about his concerns instead of publically announce what
    the only fact he knows about the girls (and ignore the respect that Islam taught
    us for women).

    About the author, one cannot totally ignore the society,
    trend and culture, if you are liberal and modish it’s your school of thought
    but no other belongs to the same. You should be enough aware with the norms and
    practices where ever you go, “Jesa Daise Wesa Bhais”. So don’t be so depressed
    if you are broad minded so think broadly……

    Twitter: @dhasanqRecommend

  • D.

    should she publicly announce about her purity?? could you assume this from your girls upon stranger query?Recommend

  • AA

    This is incorrect that only “women are restricted to enter any graveyard” There is a Hadith narated by Hazrat Ayesha (RA) in Sahi Muslim, Bukhari, Tirmizi and Musnad Ibn e Ahmad, that she came back to Medina after her brother passed away. Before going home she visited the graveyard where her brother was berried.One of her cousin asked why she did that when Rasool Allah (SAW) prohibited it. She said he allowed it later. FYI, Rasool Allah (SAW) prohibited all men and women from going to graves first, then after the conquest of Mecca, he allowed them. That is also widely narrated by many. However many misconceptions are prevalent, please read the original sources, that is Quran and Hadith, everything else is an opinion, which could be based on prejudices.Recommend

  • AA

    Can you quote a hadith or an ayah from Quran specific to the claim that, “women cannot enter a place where there are na-mahram ,” This literally confine her to four walls. It needs clarification please.Recommend

  • AA

    So every woman needs to first confirm at the entrance of the mosque if she is on her periods or not ? Why we make private matters public which Allah left on personal discretion. There is clear ayah to prohibit people entering a mosque while intoxicated. Would you suggest a breath test for every man who wants to enter the mosque?Recommend