Are Pakistani brides actually ready to pay up to Rs66,000 for one night’s wedding makeup?

Published: February 17, 2016

I’m sure all these artists invested quite a bit of their time and effort in creating the name that they have but is Rs200,000 really the amount we should be spending on makeup? PHOTO: AFP

Everywhere in the world, winter comes with chilly days and hot chocolate but in Pakistan it brings along wedding season. It is my friend’s wedding this season also and as all the wedding plans were materialising, the last thing on my friend’s mind was her makeup costs. Unfortunately, amidst all the instructions and warnings that were pouring down from the whole family regarding clothes, food, set-up, no one addressed the skyrocketing costs of salons these days.

Searching for the right place was rather easy; making peace with the costs of the right place was not.

We came across the rates of Natasha Salon’sShamainBina Khan and a few other competitors. Their rates left me flabbergasted; I couldn’t even comprehend how one could simply pay between Rs55,000-Rs66,000 for one night!

Adding up three events to almost Rs200,000!

I’m sure all these artists invested quite a bit of their time and effort in creating the name that they have but is Rs200,000 really the amount we should be spending on makeup?

Considering that weddings are already a nightmare in our society for girls and their families, do we really need one more element of extravagance?

Ask a girl anywhere else in the world the most important aspect for her wedding ceremony and she will probably say the presence of the guy or her happiness, while for most of the girls in our sub-continental culture, it would be the worry of the debt their fathers will have to bear, the amount of jewellery that will be extremely necessary in order to make the in-laws happy, the expenses of the brand new imported furniture, the bridal dress cost and the car or the bike. Such is the story of every girl coming from the lower or middle class, maybe even the upper middle class.

Your wedding day is the one day where everything needs to be a picture of utter perfection. Isn’t that the dream? Every petty detail: the décor, flowers, food, dress and even the right shade of lipstick – not just yours but your family’s too.

This is the day where no one has any right to talk ill about any of your family members or how you didn’t spend enough over the most inconsequential of details. A lot of times this peer pressure leads many of us to believe that it’s okay to rob our fathers.

I’m sure many of us can relate to statements like:

“We only get married once”

Aik hi toh beti hay” (I have only one daughter)

Betiyon ka toh haq hota hay” (Daughters have a right)

Yes, it is true that most of us will get married only once. And yes, we’re daughters but does this really entitle us to weigh our fathers down with the constant worry of the debt they have accumulated?

Even from the salons, makeup is not our only worry. All the “considerate” people around us have fed us all sorts of negativity about our skin, complexion, hair, eye-brows, fat and cellulite. So there we are, poor perplexed souls, entering the salon wondering about all the things we’ll need to get done in order to put up this façade of perfection, score the hash tag ‘prettiest bride ever’ and prove all those aunties wrong.

We are bombarded with packages and all the services we will absolutely have to get done. The salon’s reasoning is that all brides are getting this done. We, in a state of bewilderment and disorientation, pick up the package we feel can offer us the most services in the least amount of money yet which even when being the cheapest usually goes up to Rs15,000-Rs20,000.

Wait! This is just the beginning of the salon expenses.

Let’s talk about makeup. Most top-of-the-line salons are charging similar prices, some even higher for some glitter on your eye lids and colour on your lips.

Whenever the conversation turns to the cost of wedding makeup, people respond that they charge for their talent. Cribbing about it is belittling their work, but I’m actually shedding light on the worth of those few high-end products and 45 minutes of “artistic” work.

Sure, artists deserve to be paid for their art. I, myself, love the art of makeup.

But the astronomical prices these makeup artists are charging is simply exploitation of their customers. No matter how excellent they are, they have created a “beauty mafia” and this equals to looting. Unfortunately, it seems we are willing to be taken advantage of.

I, for one, will not fall for the “perfect bride mantra”. I believe every bride is perfect on her D-day. The100-watt glow (as advertised by one beauty artist) should be happiness not artificially created to last one evening only.

Forgoing unnecessary expenditures can only enhance the beauty of the bride simply because it replaces the stress and worry!

Would you be willing to spend Rs66, 000 per night for makeup on your wedding?

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Maham Idrees

Maham Idrees

The author is currently studying Psychology at Szabist and plans of becoming a successful clinical psychologist aiming to eradicate child sexual abuse from the society.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Petrolhead

    Glad to see someone writing on this topic. Hope people realise that paying 50k plus on makeup is an absolute excessiveness, even if you’re a multi-millionaire.Recommend

  • SamSal

    If one can afford it, then why not?Recommend

  • Gurion

    Almost missed the wedding makeup part of the sentence :PRecommend

  • Adeela

    That being true, at the end of the day it’s a choice right? The brides/family are choosing to go to an expensive makeup artist, choosing to buy an expensive bridal dress, choosing to have a large wedding with 400+ people. It isn’t a salon, a designer or event managers responsibility to cater to every persons needs, they advertise to expand their business, as does any brand all over the world. You choose to buy into that or not. And FYI, the prices the top names in Pakistan are charging in any medial related field, doesn’t even begin to compare the prices top names in the rest of the world charge. At the end of the day the whole spending an exuberant amount of money on weddings themselves is ridiculous, but to each their own right?Recommend

  • Adnan

    winters bring wedding season only in karachi, not in the entire country. get your facts rightRecommend

  • Princess

    So there is someone who highlighted this topic…they really are a ‘beauty mafia’..can’t agree more! Brilliantly written!Recommend

  • Maha

    The wedding itself has become so costly. Lets not forget the bridals dresses. None of the designers quote you an amount less than 5 lac if you ask them abt bridal dress. Its ridiculous. Recommend

  • Rabiyah

    I agree with some of your points & very well written.. But, I feel it’s wrong to target a certain makeup artist. Why I am saying that? You have mentioned only her price & about “100 watts glow” – where as there are many others charging more than that. I believe the article should’ve been a general article without quoting her price “66k” and her makeup style “100 watts glow”Recommend

  • zahra

    Finally! I always thought WHY should one spend so much.. imagine removing makeup on your wedding night and doing a mental calculation.. here goes my 5000 (ref eye makeup) here’s another 5000 (ref cheek) my 10000 worth lipstick… God! Recommend

  • Javeria

    I think 1 out of ten can afford it.even if one can afford it going to them means encouraging the beauty mafia.

  • Sara

    Personally I love to go for best things I can get on wedding day . I would love to pay Natasha 66k for my big day . There are plenty of choices for saloons and range of make up artist available in such a big city . Every one can select according to their preference and affordability. I love her latest makeup trends and wow look. I paid 42k on my wedding day for best makeup Artist in my town , cos I want the best look on my Nikkah . My inlaws are in Karachi and when ever I attend the weddings there and compare brides or makeup trends , I found Natasha’ s doing very unique and fabolous Job. Other s are just getting money and their work is ordinary . Recommend

  • M

    I think the real reason brides are ready to pay that amount is because such establishments listen to what the bride wants, what she feels she is comfortable with, and puts her at ease without giving her the extra mental stress of the hair dresser not listening to what she wants. This is the ONLY aspect of the wedding that the bride feels she can control, and to some extent I think she is taking this plunge she is afraid of the future and all the things she will not be able to control. This is the one thing she can control and such establishments lend to that and listen to what she wants and how she wants it without chachis mania tais breathing down her neck about “humaray khaandaan Mai”Recommend

  • IK

    It’s not that you can afford it, it’s just that once this cycle begins, everyone wants to do what to the other is doing, without thinking what sort of burden they’re putting on their family or how they’re wasting money. We have the “impressing others” and “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” factors that cause a lot of problems. A bride’s natural glow is beautiful, not the 100 watt glow that barely lasts 4 to 5 hours.Recommend

  • Amna

    its so unfortunate. women in Pakistan are taught wasting money on such luxuries are right but contributing to the society in terms of work, helping out the poor and doing social work is not needed !Recommend

  • Maha Siddiq

    Excellent topic to write on these days. Weddings these days have become social gatherings where people are judged according to how much they spend rather than being a mere celebration of two people starting a new life together.Recommend

  • Asif.A

    Excellent article.As a recently married girl, totally relate to,and agree with this!!Recommend

  • Sami

    Infact it is not the problem of beauty mafia, but people have a AUNCHI NAAK and LOUG KYA KAHAIN GAY syndrome. As long as we want to show off the so called mafia of beauty boutiques, wedding dresses, wedding halls, rent a cars and jewelers will continue to loot.Recommend

  • Z.

    And the rest of the country too. You get your facts right.Recommend

  • Mania

    Thank you so much for this.
    The disappointing part is the costs you have mentioned are for those artists who lie on the lower rungs of the ladder (the assistants). Getting a signature look (to boast about, duh)is everything nowadays, which itself can cost up to rs. 100,000 per event. And don’t get me started on the status symbol photographers.
    It’s a sad place to which our society is headed. Such conspicuous spending just to get ahead in the rat race. Simplicity is a thing of the past, it seems. With religion taking a backseat in such traditions, and the materialism and blind following of trends, this will be the death of us all. Recommend

  • Sara Khan

    trust me all those who have voted against spending this much money are going to get it done on their big day from a reputable saloon ,its ppl’s own money ,let them spend it the way they want ,its just not any day its THE DAY !! sorry but I cant be a hypocrite to say and do things differentlyRecommend

  • hooria

    U didn’t mention the MARIAM KHWAJA….Of Lahore…!Recommend

  • Sara Khan

    exactly if u marry in dec,jan feb in isloo u can feel really sorry for the bride ,its frost biting coldRecommend

  • Sara Jamali

    I do not really agree…. the facts dont seem to be 100% accurate…
    1st thing I just got married in Dec 15 and got my make up done from one of the top make up artists in karachi and paid 65k for both the functions in total.
    Secondly, as already mentioned in the conversation, it is a personal choice. People who think it to be too expensive can choose to go for the parlours or designers (for dress) which fit their budget. So if someone can afford it and are ready to pay, there is no reason why they shouldnt. Its not mandatory for girls to wear a designer dress costing 10 lac or spend 200k on makeup. People should make choices as per their budget.Recommend

  • Khan

    If one can spend yes they should but for people who can’t it creates un necessary pressure. And a lot of brides not only make their fathers bankrupt but also their brothers if they are earning. In the end u hear a typical sentence behno ka haq hota hai ( bhai ka diwaliya nikalien).Recommend

  • faraz

    actually the bride’s don’t pay for anything bicharay ghar walon ko pay karna parta hai.Recommend

  • Emmefemme

    I recently blogged about this…and i’ve been blogging about my experience as someone about to get married. I read a comment here that ppl pay more abroad or something…no, wait, it said, ‘ And FYI, the prices the top names in Pakistan are charging in any medial related field, doesn’t even begin to compare the prices top names in the rest of the world charge.’ Dude, that is because the currency is RUPEES. and people earn in Rupees. Hence its not and it wont be comparable to ‘world wide prices’ … my q is…what’s world wide? The US, the EU ? Let me remind you that even there, there are nominally priced clothes available, you just gotta know where to shop :) ANYWAYS, yes, to each their own BUT this is a waste of MONEY.

    An excerpt from my post on my page: [ ]
    7. ‘You only get married once so…’ And generally this statement is used with ‘spend as much as you want’… Here’s the thing, I am not looking to start a marriage in financial ruin. Thanks though! Budgets I have set on myself MUST be followed and I think in sha Allah, everything will go well. I want a wedding NOT A TAMASHA! My concern is how to live after the wedding. Will I adjust? Will he adjust to me? Will we understand each other ? How will we make it work!?!?!?! Those are such important questions guys … not the dress, the photographer, the salon… these things matter for 3 days…and then I get to go home with a new person after all of you get to party!Recommend

  • SZ

    You’d be really surprised to hear about the make up rates in Lahore if those in Karachi left you flabbergasted! Salons like Amina Raja and Mariam Khwaja are charging well above 80,000/ day.Recommend

  • fze

    No, it brings everywhere in the country. Lahore, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Peshawar you name it.Recommend

  • Kasturi K

    It’s not your wedding day which should be picture perfect but your your relation with your hubby in a wedding relationship which should be picture perfect. No beauty in the world can rival it. The rest is all secondary and not that important. That should be the focus of every girl from the day one.Recommend

  • Erum

    I am wondering for these 10% yes votes… lolz ppl are insane… i can afford but WHY ? For few hrs which has to wash in sink anyways… I got my bridal makeup done in 25k… which was surely far much better than most of these well know names listed above.. when you got gud options available in reasonable rates also than why running after unacceptable so called society status figures.. Recommend

  • Pooja Sachdev

    Natashas Salon charges 20,000 Rupees for one night
    and 30,000 with all services.
    Its 60,000 for 2 nightsRecommend

  • TAM

    Well I live abroad, but I amcoming to Pakistan to get married, and considering the fact that I am used to a certain standard of services I would hate to go to a salon that uses cheap products and doesn’t really know its stuff than spending a couple extra hundred bucks to get done by the best in the industry. Its just your perception, I don’t wanna invite 400 people to my wedding, I am happy getting married with just my family there but I refuse to compromise on the quality of my makeup, it HAS to be done by the best. I don’t care if the food is average or if the decorations aren’t done by the best, but come on! As the bride, I need to look my best. May be if you had done the article about the whole wedding, and the freakin facade that we put up and spend money on shit like decorations, and horses and fire works and dowry and stuff, it would make more sense.

    But makeup is something personal, and its up to whoever is getting it done to go to whoever they want for it. I only use high end, great quality products, because i dont wanna compromise by saving a few bucks and ruinning my skin or looking like a pastry. In the end, its to each his own. If you think its a waste of money, don’t spend on it. I think huge weddings that we have are a huge waste of money, so I am not spending on it.Recommend

  • Hamid Pasha.

    The author of the blog forgot to mention one thing.
    Freedom of Choice. No one will force the bride to get
    this Rs.66,000 worth of make up, for one day. True,
    no one will hold a gun to your head to get this done.
    There are places that charge much much less. Simple.
    So the author can moan and groan and bitch about the
    rising prices. If you can afford, then go there!!Recommend

  • Urooj Mujahid

    Oh pleaaasssssseeeeeee! Dont compare a medical professional holding a 15 course degree and charging. They deal with the life and death.. for heaven’s sake. Whats wrong with the world.. a doctor spend ebndless sleepless nights in wards and OTs .. they DESERVED to be paid.they cure the sick!!
    But these beauticians… seriously.. what do they do.. they paint ur face, do tons of contouring, give u fake facial profile and then u wash it all off in ur sink..
    N u r comparing this to doctors… like.. i would suggest next time when u get a heart attack or a n asthma or even sore throat please go to these beauticians … im sure they can cure you. Recommend

  • Sabina Ahsan

    I would never pay salons so much money for just 4 to 6 hrs mkeup. I could buy so many makeup products for myself that wud last months . This is why I did my own makeup on my wedding , mehndi and valima . The best choice I have ever made . Recommend

  • Sal

    Although I completely agree with you on everything you said, but calling them looters or “beauty mafia” is no justice either. We can’t force someone to sell their services at the prices WE want. No one is forcing you (apart from your own peers) to go to such saloons, as there are undoubtedly countless no-name saloons that charge close to nothing, relatively. The reason the middle class won’t go there is because of no trust in the expertise of these saloons.. And hence thats what you pay for, to the “beauty mafia”..Recommend

  • Sal


  • NKAli

    Wow! For a ‘one night stand.’ The father really cusses the wastage of his hard earned income and the mother argues with him. Mafia! Extortionist! Bhattkhors! Salams Recommend

  • Sadaf

    I wouldn’t mind paying IF the makeup was actually worth it. Honestly, all the bridal make up in Pakistan looks the same to me from years. Every few months, new trends and techniques are introduced, particularly in the west and europe, which the makeup artists have to pick in order to remain up to date and to bring variation in their makeup. I highly doubt these big names in Pakistan invest money to travel every few months to learn with experts around the globe. Also, there is no concept of trial makeup in Pakistan, which is pretty unfair to the client who’s paying so much. Trial makeup is not even offered by these so called big names. I understand the artists knows what they are doing as it won’t be their first time doing makeup, but it’s a first for me so I would still like to know what to expect and how my face would look like on MY big day. Recommend

  • zahid

    Makeup is not a necessity… The saloons are free to charge and you are free to choose!Recommend

  • Mary

    PKR 66,000 in Karachi?! in Lahore its much more expensive at the top notch salons! around 85-100k!
    A rip off!!
    I remember contemplating on paying 50k for makeup on my wedding day (and that too from an above avg salon…Not the best in town)… I wasn’t too comfortable paying this amount, but ended up doing so :/ peer pressure.Recommend

  • Moorat Gopi Chand

    Brilliantly written!! But the truth is everyone will vote for NO but will eventually end up spending that amount of money on their big days.Recommend

  • Patwari

    Great. Good for you. Glad your special day was great.
    As they say, to each, their own.Recommend

  • Hn Queue

    The keyword is “luxury.”

    People would pay for makeup, or any other service that appears to be a little “extravagant” just as they would have a cup of tea for Rs. 350/- or a dinner for Rs. 2,500/- per head from an expensive hotel. But the dilemma here is that no one would bat an eye while having an expensive cup of coffee, but rather target and criticize service providers that are essentially providing a “luxury” that is absolutely one’s own choice to opt for or not.

    Also, I would like to politely disagree with the part where you mentioned that the said amount is spent for something that lasts only for one evening.
    One of the reasons decent photographers are providing their services on weddings is so that the memories (including expensive makeup) in the form of photos and albums can be preserved for a lifetime, and if the love remains between the couple, and their families, for them to be enjoyed each and every time whenever they’re viewed.

    It’s all a matter of perspective. It’s very easy to criticize people that have worked hard to reach a level where they earn what they want to and call them a “beauty mafia.”

    The reality is that we’re all a victim to this class system, because of the fact that it’s rooted in every society. However, if one doesn’t want to get their makeup done for Rs. 60,000/- for one evening, their are other less expensive options as well, just as there are options for less expensive bridal dresses, wedding decors, halls/marquees, etc.

    Yes there is definitely lot social pressure on the bride and her family, but truthfully we’ve brought this up on ourselves. It’s time to change that. Recommend

  • Sane

    Not even 1 out of thousand can afford. Even if one can afford this would be a vulgar display of wealth. Such traits are harming the society. This money can save many starving children in Thar and other areas of the country.Recommend

  • Sameen

    To be honest now a days its not a choice is a necessity whenever anyone looks at a bride the first thing they ask where they got their makeup done.Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    You see the difference, one would pay any thing for this magic.Recommend

  • Amy

    Very well said,hope those extravegent also understand that…Recommend

  • uzma saleem

    Salam. I think people have excess of money otherwise I don’t think so a girl like me as a middle class family could afford these useless expenditure well for me 20,000 is also a lot. 66,000 tou rich people can afford who have too much monet.
    saloon should charge not more than 10,000 that is more than enuf for one day.Recommend

  • Brain Think

    Come on, its the wedding day and if she can afford it then why not.

    Pretty positive the author wouldn’t mind a hefty set of makeup for her special day too no matter how much it cost.


  • Karim Javed

    LOL i went for a expensive salon on my engagement day and asked him that my friend is getting married and i want a party makeup. That saved me thousands :DRecommend

  • Shahrez

    No person worth his salt would ever go to sleep hungry as long as there are a few fools alive in the world.

    While the rising costs of make-up are definitely a cause of concern the things which should make us more alarmed are the superficiality and stupidity of our society’s expectations. Being a nation, that is neither entirely Western nor entirely Islamic, we are a bunch of identity less people running around trying to prove our worths by superficial means and not by somehow enhancing our intrincsic values.

    To the males out there: We all know that no matter how perfect the better halves may look on the wedding, post marriage they just won’t look “as” good. So why the hell not marry the same persons we are going to spend the rest of our lives with? What’s the point of marrying an epitome of perfection, a Hoor, only to wake up next to a human being for the rest of our lives? Are we that superficial that we need to have a Hoor look alike wife for 3 days so that all our relatives could see her, objectfy her, and consider her beauty as an accomplishment and cause of celebration for the husband?

    To the girls out there: Yeah,you only get married once, so why not be the most real you you can be? Someone you are going to be for the rest of your life? Consistency, in looks, matters much more than the spike shifts between Hoor and an ordinary human being.

    To the humanity and soon-going-to-be couples: Let me reveal a closely guarded secret, both of you are going to wake up next to each other with morning breaths, sweat, and after a couple years, with blemishes, wrinkles, dark circles and a lot more cellulite than either of you thought you could accumulate.

    Human beings are supposed to age and look imperfect, get over it already.Recommend

  • Moorat Gopi Chand

    Finally someone is highlighting the actual side of bridesRecommend

  • Sane

    Very correct.Recommend

  • Sarah

    My sister got her bridal makeup done in August 15′ by Natasha and she paid 60,000 for one function. I see she has increased her rates within a few months. By the time it’s my turn to get married, she’ll probably charge 1 lakh! SighRecommend

  • AamAwam

    I don’t think it is that big of an issue. I believe we are taking the liberty of discussing personal choices here that has no concern with our life. The reason why people are willing to pay is not because its art its because if we pay ‘economical’ well then we get economical I don’t think it is that big of an issue. I believe we are taking the liberty of discussing personal choices here that has no concern with our life. the reason why people are willing to pay is not because its art its because if we pay ‘economical’ well then we get economical. None of the parlors force any one to pay. If someone decides they dont want to pay 60k and 15 instead. Well then they can go to local parlors with substandard products, or better — do it at home. There you go save all the money.

    Even I dont agree with hiring expensive services because people expect you to. But if that makes them happy, no one should tell them otherwise. Dont tell people what they want

    Parlors arent setting the culture. They are barely answering the demand.. None of the parlors force any one to pay.Recommend

  • Sofia Rehman

    The make up as well as the the dress ,beauty mafia plus the designer mafia making right fool of the people ,it’s really pathetic ,and people are happy to become fools at the hands of these fashionable robbers,who play the BRAND GAME,and charging astronomical amount of money…while these fashionable robbers are filling the banks …SAD !!Recommend

  • Saaliha Obaid

    Oh, and I regret paying 2000 Dhs for pre marriage medical and court fees which were definitely a must. Lol. Glad that I didn’t spend a single rupee on anything. Got married in court (wearing my jeans and t shirt) and in laws(5 people) were invited over to my house for a home cooked dinner. 4 years of marriage and never regretted for even once not having a function Recommend

  • Saaliha Obaid

    How about also donating a few hundred bucks so you have prayers of poor with you?Recommend

  • Ghostrider

    Wondering if these “artists” are taxed or not. They sure rake in millions during shadi season, but do they pay their taxes??Recommend

  • rationalist

    Not only that, make up is against Islam.Recommend

  • Dxb chick

    That’s my question too. Only salaries person is Payibg tax. Not the businesses. Recommend

  • Miss Khan

    Weddings have become very commercial in Karachi now. Even our Mehendi events are inspired by Bollywood, from the wedding dresses and make up to photographers and event planners. It seems mandatory to proudly announce ‘Falanay se karwaya hai!’ and the brand and status conscious crowd follows them blindly despite knowing that they’re paying for things that are way too overpriced. Natasha’s that was charging 45k almost 2 years ago has increased it to 66k just because it got really popular in recent years. One of the best things I learned from my father was to make sure if something is really worth the price instead of its actual price or not. So to sum up, I believe it is your personal choice if you want to spend more than half a lac on some facepainting that’d literally go down the drain after a few hours. I think I’d rather spend that money on traveling later on. Though I don’t think even 48 out of the 3948 would actually do what they’re saying lolRecommend

  • E x p a t r i a t e

    You can’t do bridal makeup by yourself, so be realistic. There are so many good options in an affordable price also. Sabs Beauty Salon is one them, well known and quality makeup, and they have bridal makeup around 20,000. There are also so many other options as well in this cost, and many good salons are there. One can select as per his/her convenience and affordability. It’s not necessary to spend 50-60k just for a showoff.Recommend

  • Arsha

    Agreed about how it’sthe same.template these salons use for every face. The worst part is its not really makeup, it’s like putting a strange, pasty mask on the real face which makes her look horribly artificial.
    Reminds me if the white paint that Chinese courtesans used to put on their face in old times. Or the clowns in current times Recommend

  • TAM

    and how the hell do you know I don’t do that? Typical pakistani behavior, calling out people without ANY respect and without any knowledge!Recommend

  • Patwari

    Very likely so. Seems like Natasha is in great demand.
    True. Probably, it’s a matter of supply and demand now.Recommend

  • Sadaf

    45k 2 years ago? Now it’s 66k, and im sure she didn’t upgrade her own skills and techniques in these 2 years to justify the big increase in priceRecommend

  • Syema

    its high time females should go for self grooming….with all awareness nowadays it is doable…66k not worth for a nightRecommend

  • Suliman

    The real question should be,does the makeup last for hours and hours,presumably making the girl look pretty.I don’t care how much she pays for it but if she looks like a bat the next morning its not worth it.Recommend

  • Emma

    I think people forgot Mariam Khawaja saloon in Lahore. She is charging 1 lakh and 15 thousand for one day. Ouch! it hurts!Recommend

  • Emma

    Exactly! Now the rates are even higher for example 115k for barat. This thing needs to be highlighted at government level like one dish ban this must also have some check and balance. because they even don’t quote rates in written.Recommend

  • Emmefemme

    I wonder if you got married already…I went to PK to get married and when you get there, you notice that they have all the stinking products there but no real technique; or they have the product there, but they don’t use them. No one really gets trained…every bride looks the same UNLESS you speak up. Make sure you have pictures, make sure you don’t look oddly pasty…tell them straight up how you want it and if they tell you that they do this everyday, tell them you do too. READ Aabout my experience getting married in PK.Recommend

  • Shajee Fareedi

    Very true! Most of people spent so much extra money on branding thing and makeup on their wedding that is totally waste of money .Recommend

  • Anam Baig

    I am so glad that someone posted about it. I live abroad and I am a makeup artist myself. I recently got nikkafied in Pakistan and had to get my makeup done. To my surprise the charges were really high to what they were offering. No one was using a really good products and makeup is also not very fancy.
    Pakistani saloons are just setting their rates high to show they are better thn the other. But trust me ladies thats not the case. Not everyone, who charges in thousands, are providing equivalent services.
    The staff is too rude and if you guide what kinds look you want, they end up doing the same rainbow eyes they know.
    Look around and book someone better.
    Higher rates never means satisfactory results.

  • Sumbul Naqvi

    great work Maham I totally agree with you in fact I have been a victim by both the families (my in laws and my parents) they have delayed my wedding because for now or a couple of months they can not afford a so called ‘grand wedding’ they can’t gift me 5 6 gold jewelry sets to be kept in the safe for the rest of my life but yeah still they want to do this warna log kya kahaengy.. I don’t understand zindgi ki sari jama punji ap ek shadi pe kharch krdo bhale qarz le k or phir baqi sari zindgi qarz k bojh tale dube raho . I mean what’s the point. .:( This is because we are far away from the teachings of Islam..Recommend

  • Hums

    You forgot Mariam Khawaja’s rates (the no.1 salon in Lahore) 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees for just barat make up! Recommend

  • Awais Qureshi

    Its peer pressure. If you want to have an inexpensive wedding there are many societal hurdles. That makes these weddings difficult for middle and lower classesRecommend

  • fencer.x

    66,000 x 3 ……. itnay mein tau plastic surgery ho jati hai jo 24/7 shakal per nazar ati hai !Recommend

  • Shay

    A bigger problem than pricing is thr psychological one.. the need to ape everything that the people of higher social status do or following trends. These different pricings for different packages exist all over the world and people go for what they can afford. Its not wrong at the end of the beautician to sell their skill at the price they like and then there are options of other salons as well. I personally believe that it is the responsibility of educated classes to help people break through psychological need to follow every trend. The mebtality of our people is that they take pride in wearing the first copy or replicas of Maria B and brands/ designer houses which look nothing like the print but only to say its the copy of xyz brand. This psyche needs to be changed to gratefulness to what one can afford!Recommend