Would Nergis Mavalvala have made it had she stayed in Pakistan?

Published: February 16, 2016

As far as I am concerned, Mavalvala didn’t earn professional success because she is Pakistani. PHOTO: John D & Catherine T, MacArthur Foundation

Overnight, astrophysicist Nergis Mavalvala’s star went supernova in Pakistan. As news spread that the Karachi born scientist’s research played a role in one of the greatest scientist discoveries of our time, people who couldn’t spell ‘gravitational wave’ began celebrating her achievement with the fervour of Neil deGrasse Tyson dreaming about first contact.

Meanwhile, our right-wingers quickly started combing through scripture, seeking evidence of a Nostradamus like foretelling of gravitational waves, perhaps in hopes of winning a reductive reasoning award.

But I digress.

As TV channels and news dot coms broke the story, social media hit fever pitch.

  • Manjit Singh

    So What??? salute to her brilliance irrespective of her gender or sexual choice, those are personnel and it is none of anybody’s business.Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    Good to see Pakistanis celebrating a Parsi.

    Next in the line is Ahmedis.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    That was the point of the blog. Here it would have been a hindrance.Recommend

  • Eighties Perm HairCut Lady
  • knightridrr

    Their achievements should be appreciated regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and religion. Stop being a bigot. Got enough of those already in the world!Recommend

  • Rabya

    Dude, she wouldn’t have discovered gravitational waves if she was still living in Pakistan because we dont have the facility or the instruments. Its that simple as that. Period.Recommend

  • knightridrr

    As much as I think she wouldn’t have made it in Pakistan, I hope you stop brushing the whole Pakistan with a single brush. For every father who makes it difficult for his child to pursue his dreams, there is one who tries his best to educate her child. You just need to broaden your view to see the world as it is and not the way you want to see it. Stop being a brash commentator on these topics because then you are no different from the one who you criticize.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    The State of Pakistan is not dependent on the “Nergis’s, Salam’s and Chinoy’s for a Rating. It is an individual achievement for which they are to be lauded.

  • Anushe

    Thank you! I have been seething about the irony ever since the news broke! somebody needed to give that wake up call to all the suddenly proud countrymen!.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    What hindrance. You cook up such stories to fill the pages. Write something which can bring about a change in the lives of the common man.Recommend

  • sabin muzaffar

    Love the last line. Educate & Empower!!Recommend

  • ovais

    first she is not a muslim so her homosexuality is not in conflict with islam so lets cut that portion out . Recommend

  • khan

    Offcourcse not!!! She would have never done this in pakistan, its v obvious. However, appreciating her for having pakistani roots is also OK. I dont know why some people cant digest it.

    On other hand same people will always force us to belive that any pakistani origin terrorists/criminal or with any sort of link to pakistan, is one of us and we all pakistanis share his/her idealogy.

    We should learn from indians in this matter as no indian ever said same for Sundar pichai or Satya Nadella. Recommend

  • Ravi Blr

    If she had stayed in Pakistan, she would have been in a burkha, and a mother of 10 kids! Pakistanis need to respect women’s potentialRecommend

  • Rayan

    Brilliant piece. I’m glad you said it.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    ganda bacha.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    I’ll try to follow your examples from the comments section.Recommend

  • Faulitics

    You live in a bubble of your own creation protected from reality. So reality may seem as cooked up to you. By the way, nice long beard.Recommend

  • Azmat Ali

    The point is that the “best” education in Pakistan, cannot and will not enable or empower someone like Nergis to do what she did in the US. We simply do not have the educators, the curriculum, the attitude and the infrastructure required to achieve any cutting edge scientific research.Recommend

  • Azmat Ali

    Cook up? Which part of his article was cooked up, Sir? I hope you would clarify. He’s simply highlighting that those who are beating their chests about her “Pakistaniat”, ought to open their eyes and minds too. Ms Nergis could not have done, what she did, had she stayed in Pakistan. Even if her safety could have been guaranteed by an awesome law and order situation, Pakistan simply does not have the setup to produce world-class scientists or researchers. Each such event should push Pakistanis towards demanding an education system that will allow the production of similarly talented and knowledgeable people, instead of simply trying to own and usurp the efforts of others as “Pakistani”.Recommend

  • Nida Ali

    Brilliant and honest.. Thanks for writing this.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Maulana sahab if they said you can’t join the army because of your beard would you have been able to? Think about it. Then think about it some more.Recommend

  • Adeel Ansari

    im a pakistan, my mom n my sis are a pakistani, they dont wear a burka, so ur statement is invalid! we pakistanis respect women and foreigners more than these bloody americansRecommend

  • Adeel Ansari

    dude Pakistan doesnt have the facilities to support her for her achievements..Recommend

  • Adeel Ansari

    she is still a pakistani, no matter what country she lives in, u r born and thats permanent.Recommend

  • Adeel Ansari

    Pakistan gave her much more than what she did now, Pakistan taught her to be bold, strong, hardworking and from scratch everything was done in Pakistan. American received was someone already made in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ak

    By this logic no one in developing world ever deserves to own up and be proud of anyone since all cutting edge scientific research is done in west currently. Even Indian professionals like Google CEO and nobel prize winner Amrtya Sen reached the pinnacle of their success in west. Instead of the usual sarcastic negative rant on ills of Pakistanis, try to spread some positivity. If Pakistanis are owning her and celebrating her success, that’s a good thing and should be encouraged. Will make the people more moderate.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    If terrorists who are raised in America but born in Pakistan can be labelled as Pakistani born Americans, then why can’t we apply the same terminology and give them credit as Pakistani born Americans?Recommend

  • Wallis

    I think this author should start thinking in a positive manner which is lacking in these kind of people.

    Tell this author to pls read about Nergis Malavala on wikipedia.com , even in wikipedia.com ,she is mentioned as “PAKISTANI AMERICAN”.

    Even the educated and great Pakistanis in USA are praising her for her work and giving credit to Pakistan about it, so what problem do you have?

    She was born in Karachi and studied from “CONVENT JESUS AND MARRY SCHOOL” but she left Pakistan to USA for further studies, just as many Pakistanis do.

    Their are several Pakistanis who did intermediate or GCE A-levels from Pakistan and they went to USA for higher studies, some of them have settled in USA and have become American Citisen, so does it mean that they are no longer Pakistani?

    If an American comes and lives in Pakistan, and becomes a Pakistani National, so it means that American will have no connection with USA?Recommend

  • Wallis

    Ask this ghatia author that who is the CEO of Microsoft and Google? Aren’t the CEO of these two IT Companies Indians? They were born in India and studied in School and College of India, but later they moved to USA for higher studies, they studied in USA for their Masters and got success, they are also US citisen, so now does it mean that they are no longer Indian? Does it mean that these 2 CEO have no connection with India?Recommend

  • JChaudhari

    Great achievement by Dr. Mavalvala. But I think we are being just a little dishonest when we proudly declare that “Zoroastrians fled Persia after facing persecution” and that they came to “South Asia”. The author fails to mention that Parsis faced persecution from Muslims. Further, they sought refuge with the Hindus of Gujarat because they were tolerant and welcoming. So, while I think it is great that Parsis are still alive and well in Pakistan, let us not pretend that it is any kind of generosity on our part that they are still here. We are still rabid and intolerant. Take a look at what we did to Dr. Abdus Salam.Recommend

  • curious2

    Nice blog. One of the reasons that the USA is so successful is that it tends to create an environment which allows a person to achieve their potential. Consider – it has a black President, one of the leading contenders for next President is a women, and the top candidate for the recent opening on their Supreme Court was born in India.Recommend

  • Truth

    Her accompishments may not be due to being Pakistani, but I do believe her Parsi heritage played a role in her success. There’s something within the Parsi culture that enables success and a ballsy attitude. There’s a little more than 1,000 Parsis in the whole of Pakistan but so many iconic figures came out of the community, not just Nergis Mavalvala, but also Ardeshir Cowasjee, Jamsheed Marker, Bapsi Sidwha, Seth Edulji Dinshaw and some of Karachi’s greatest mayors. Unfortunately their population is quickly diminishing.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Calling it like it is……..ha, ha, its almost funny and sooo depressing.Recommend

  • Raja Osama

    Sadly, these are just all of the reasons of failure we tell ourselves for inner satisfaction.. She found her way to where she is! If she was here, she would have found a way to be the best here too!
    We Pakistanis.. seriously…Recommend

  • Amin Amin

    Please watch what you sayRecommend

  • Zeeshan

    Imagine if you have lived outside of Pakistan – do you think you’ll get to blog this often? Credit Pakistanis for having the patience to hear your daily tantrums.

    I don’t care about Nergis. She left Pakistan 30 years ago. There are plenty of talented Pakistanis living in Pakistan who are producing amazing achievements.

    Do you know anyone in the West who could come close to Edhi? He is heterosexual Muslim man. Just in case you are not aware the role of Edhi’s gender, religion and sexuality in all of his amazing work.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    She would probably create a few missiles to keep you safe from the Indians next door.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    What’s wrong with being a mother with 10 kids wearing Burkha?

    Imagine what you mother could have been doing if you didn’t come to the world and torment her and the rest of the world.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    Not all Pakistanis care about her achievements. So stop using social media as way to judge Pakistanis.Recommend

  • wb

    Like what? Please suggest retired soldier. What would bring change in the life of a common Pakistani?Recommend

  • wb

    Yes. The state of Pakistan is a dependent one.Recommend

  • saadat fauzi

    PLEASE READ IQBAL ,READ RUMI, human progress is indebted to all types of humans intertwined together,,,,,where a person will end.and …. rewarded… is with the Creator.The Universe is still expanding….Dr.Nargis remembers had her inspiration from a cycle repair technician in Karachi…celebrate her roots.and hope for a time when our children will get the education opportunities they deserve here so many pakistani and muslims have done and served a lot in medical fields all over the world.we condemn the war ,mongers.. politicians …. producing wars and weapons and selling wars in middle east, AFGhANISTAN [ USA AND RUSSIA etc. ]and else where in the world.we.collaborate in good and constructive and do not collaborate in evil and sinful…Recommend

  • Salim Alvi

    Is NoMan some alien creature from space?Recommend

  • So at the end of the day it is always ISLAM that you have to write against. Everyone is praising her, let it be so. Don’t drag your desires to malign religion in every story.
    You raised a good point if you would have kept it to facilities and education in Pakistan, but then you came on your sick agenda of dragging religion…. Grow up!!Recommend

  • Hamza

    One of my formative experiences in Karachi happened when, as a 10-year-old, I would take my bicycle to the bike repair shop right outside our apartment compound,” she recalls in an interview with The Express Tribune. “Rather than just repairing my bike for me, the man at the shop taught me how to do the repairs myself.” in the country where everything is bad ( according to you anyway) she manages to learn that and share this with the world. She is not ashamed at all about living in Karachi.Recommend

  • Ehsan

    I would prefer celebrating her accomplishments rather then her religion and sexual preferences. We don’t know whether both of these have contributed to her achievements or not. Would you have insisted on celebrating a guy’s religious values, race and secual.preferences, if he was a typical male, practicing Muslim sunni who was straight and didn’t support lgbt?? Recommend

  • Swaadhin

    If I support X, it does not mean I do not support Y. Stop jumping to conclusions.Recommend

  • chanakya_the_cynic

    Both Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella went to college in India, so we do have slightly greater claim to celebrating their success.

    But at the same time we appreciate that our environment is not ideal and needs to change, and we are changing, and in the right directions.

    It certainly doesn’t seem like Pakistan is doing the same. You guys are still stuck with an increasingly important state religion, playing the victim card(instead of the responsibility card) when it comes to terrorism, and having an army that is much too powerful for anyone’s good, either your own or your neighbours.Recommend

  • Nabeel Khan

    One word bruh #Respect for calling the bullshyte. I don’t get how Pakistanis are quick to own a whatshisname Briton boxer yet fail to acknowledge the diamonds in the rough.. Case in point the boxer Shah and other Olympic, hockey, kabaddi and others sports stars. Recommend

  • Vikram

    It is against the laws of Pakistan as set in the constititionRecommend

  • Noman Ansari

    This is like asking if I would celebrate pizza in a pizza shop where hot dogs aren’t allowed. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Oh bhai. Islam kahan likha hay?Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    You realize that anyone can edit Wikipedia. Also you kinda missed the point of the blog. So uhh… have fun.Recommend

  • Rohan

    If she hated India, Hindus and Jews and worn a burqa and was born in a rich family then shed have been a successRecommend

  • Rohan

    True, the scientist was a non state actor so Pakistan has no role in itRecommend

  • Waqar

    Her homosexuality is not an issue.Recommend

  • Alina

    Because they learnt science in America.Recommend

  • Junaid

    The point isn’t owning Nergis or disowning her, the point is: why didn’t the country of her birth have the productive environment, quality education and institutional support where she could have made her scientific accomplishment?Recommend

  • Siva

    Compelling piece. If only there were more like you in both nations.Recommend

  • Siva

    Compelling piece. If only there were more like you in both the nations.Recommend

  • Uzair Javed

    Col. sb, I think you will enjoy this more.


  • Ali

    The constitution is messed up.Recommend

  • Cancerian_Sethi

    Pakistani women work shoulder to shoulder with the opposite gender in every walk of life, be it private or public sector, government offices, armed forces, judiciary, medical and nursing field, science and technology, media organisations, education and even as elected legislators of provincial and national assemblies, even the office of the Prime Minister at least twice. It wouldn’t be impertinent to wonder how come the United States of America, a country which is most advanced and highly developed, never had a female as head of the state ???

    If viewed in light of the above, there appears to be a fallacy that our women are not into decision making processes in the country and are oppressed and majority are still in the kitchen. And what is so unusual about women being in the kitchen? Same is the case in the west. Who do you suppose, takes care of the kitchen and domestic chores out in the western family? Here, at least due to labour being cheap most of the middle class upwards, women folks are blessed with domestic help, whether it is kitchen, laundry, house cleaning and even many with chauffeurs to drive them around. How many of those in the west can afford that luxury?Recommend

  • Asad Bhatti

    First of all, i would like to know where did you find out about these things about homosexuality and stuff. Secondly, its all about what you think and how you think. I personally believe that a child should be taught on what to do and what not to, yes, when he/she grows up they will automatically understand whats best for them. The parents’ upbringing is a huge factor in this. Pakistan is a country that came out of India and were under british control for over 2 centuries. In that era, muslims were downgraded and considered useless. Before that the mughals ruled the country for over 400 years. They never valued education. Our country is descendant to such people who had to fight to earn some level of education. Coming back to the topic, in pakistan people can easily get education and achieve something out of the blue. We can not deny that women like Rabia Garib, Saba Gul etc grew up in Pakistan too.

    About the educational system, let me tell you something, we may be an independent country but we are slaves in our minds. A huge majority of us follow what the internet or the “free countries” tell us. We see their outward beautiful elements and we ignore their hypocritical realities. Talking about Rawalpindi, a person doing BS mathematics from Asghar Mall College or Gordon College will be ridiculed whereas another person doing BS Mathematics from NUST or LUMS would be hailed by the society for no apparent reason. The only reason they see is that these are prestigious institute according to a certain ranking. They have never been to these institutes, they do not even know the course material or the faculty. A person from Matriculation or intermediate is downgraded whereas a person from O levels or A levels is thought of as some visionary.

    Another fact of the matter is that in our country, the so called educated people are playing a far worse role than the uneducated people. The latter don’t even know the rights or wrong but you know. They have alot of time to argue on facebook but they wouldn’t let go of their luxurious style to help other people. And even if they do for one day, they would upload more selfies than the number of hours they spent there and yes, at the end would right “Alhamdulillah” because it ofcourse, attracts likes. These educated people would never in their lives invite the poor people in their homes for dinner without advertising their little efforts. I have never seen these high ranked official families having the families of their sweeping staff have dinner with them. So this post is doing an adverse effect and is totally against the original spirit of our nation. Loving your country is not to celebrate the 14th of August and the rest of the country thinking about how to get rid of this place and flee to America or Australia. You are not in the position to talk about our beloved education system if you don’t even understand what self sacrifice really is. I understand that our systems have mistakes and I really believe in them getting better but dude its all gradual. You dont expect things to turn out your way within a second. As far as Nergis’s sexual orientation is concerned, Allah knows best, He knows about her and He is the most Just of all judges. As far as her invention is concerned, YES Pakistan played a huge part in that. I understand that she studied bachelor level studies from abroad and even masters and phd. That makes up 10 years of her life but she was raised in Quetta and did her O and A levels in Pakistan and that makes it 12 years. Those 10 years may have taught her stuff she needed for her discovery, but those 12 years made her personality and gave her stuff she needed to spend the next 10 years of her life. Which are more important.Recommend

  • King

    such a negative, dry and humorless article noman! Recommend

  • siesmann

    Really?The same way you have treated Abdus-salaam and Malala.Recommend

  • siesmann

    The Mullahs would still have her stoned to death.Recommend

  • siesmann

    yes Pkaistan is dependent on the army-your institution.Recommend

  • siesmann

    True she is not ashamed,as Salaam was not.It is Pakistan who feels ashamed of them.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Pakistan don’t have enough schools to educate its children.And madrassas can hardly produce anyone useful.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Yes,like procing water kits for cars,calculating the temp of hell etc.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Salam also considered himself as a Pakistani.It was Pakistan that abandoned and denigrated him.Same goes for Malala.Recommend

  • Ehsan

    I don’t think you have made a correct comparison… I was expecting a better response… an individual’s accomplishments can be celebrated based on the actual matter not his/her personal choices… I like Wasim Akram as a bowler however I may have issues with his personal choices which really doesn’t matter… Recommend

  • Shah (Berlin)

    i dont know wht tge Author wants to convey to be honest……I am myself works as an Research and development branch in Germany. It is true tht u cannot achive an R&D achievements of this scale, becoz of lack of resources…not becoz of knowledge. V=IR remqins same in Pakistan and in USA. Differnce is, US or Europe can invest millions for a small development which Pakistan cannot afford. So when ppl post of positive of achievement of a Pakistan, remaina true becoz tht was ur origin. Nevertheless according to bloggers tgeory Nobel prize ahould not have an link to a country as basic achievement is of the person not tge country! Such knews are always given to give motivation to the next generation.than u blogger for ruining it!!!!Recommend

  • LS

    Those are PERSONAL characteristics found everywhere in the world in each country, nook and corner. Nationality does not bring those.Recommend

  • LS

    Even if 10 Million women don’t they would still be a minority. There is not need to badmouth anyone here. People are respected for what they have done, not where they come from. Can you ask Pakistan why it does not report any crimes against women if you so much respect women?Recommend

  • Moz

    Any member of Pakistan should think a gazillion times before posting a comment. This is one institution that has done unthinkable damage to our country. This is one institution, that is filled with cowards. This institution trampled on our constitution, broke the country in half, created dictators, lost all wars against India. Most of the retired faujis become religious after they retire and preach the nation about security. You are responsible for creating the monster of terrorism that we are facing td.Recommend

  • Zulfiqar Ahmed

    how could ms. Nargis have been able to achieve what she did had she stayed in Pakistan when Pakistan doesn’t even the resources, the infrastructure the educational institutes that are a must requirement to to study the field of astrophysics?
    what, you think only a sunni male hailing from punjab stands a chance at excelling in that field? first build something remotely close to the MIT in Pakistan and then complain whether people have equal chance of attending it.Recommend

  • Atif

    So her being a lesbian has something to do with her achievements?And we should celebrate that fact because she was part of a team of researchers that made a scientific breakthrough?To answer your question,it would be simply to say that if there are enough facilities,opportunities and support in Pakistan then people like her or from any other community of all sexual orientations would be able to excel in their respective fields.I agree with the fact that she has spent the last 30 years of her life abroad and gone through the majority of her educational career in the States,that is where her loyalties lie and best wishes to her.However to bring up her sexual proclivity as a facilitator in her work is preposterous.If she had access to the same research facilities and funding in Pakistan,then she would have obviously had to be more circumspect about her proclivities if she choose to go down that path.You may recall that the British Mathematician Dr.Alan Turing who broke the Nazi war code Enigma and helped turn the tide in favour of the allies at a time when Europe was at war was prosecuted years later when he was found guilty of a lewd homosexual act with a man which he confessed to and under the laws of the time had to go through hormonal therapy which led him to suffer from depression and culminated in suicide.nations have principles which they posit to uphold and practically whether they implement them or not is affected by popular sentiments and the states priorities.So to put it into context,if she stayed in Pakistan and had access to the same facilities(which dont exist therefore its a non sequitor to start with) or at the very least had completed most of her education in Pakistan,then perhaps the nation could have owned some of her achievements,as that is not the case then I dont think that we should feel the need to do so.Interestingly another scientist who was also part of the team is Dr.Imran from Quetta who completed his higher education from Pakistan and perhaps should be owned by the country as well.Bringing her sexuality into it is a non sequitor in my opinion and our religions morals and values are above all and sundry.so we shouldnt feel the need to apologize for our stance on homosexuality at all.Recommend

  • Cricket Lover

    Alright Sir,firstly,Pakistan has its fair share of problems,but you need to get your head out of the ground if you think corruption,religious extremism,RAPE,gender discrimination and caste segregation/discrimination doesn’t happen in India!

    I don’t even know where to begin,isn’t India in the news every other day because of rape cases? Weren’t Muslims recently killed because they ate beef? And you’re claiming Pakistan has religious issues? Laughable! Your PM Modi is the biggest perpetrator of interfaith mob attacks! Please stop with your nonsensical allegations!

    Secondly,stop calling Pakistanis the responsible party for terrorism,we ARE the victim here. More Pakistani citizens and soldiers have died at the hand of terrorists than just about any other country in the past 5 years. We are fighting terrorism not causing it,otherwise we wouldn’t have 140 Army public school children killed last year in Peshawar because their parents are fighting terrorists!

    About the Army,what are they supposed to do? Give up Nukes so India and Israel can unite to destroy us? No thanks! Only reason India hasn’t attacked us yet is because they know we have nukes!Recommend

  • Cricket Lover

    If I’m not wrong,I have read other comments of yours in the past where you are constantly bashing Pakistan. You are an educated member of this society and you know that only bull**** gets highlighted in the media. It doesn’t matter if your hindu or muslim or parsi,you can walk around and do whatever you need to do so long as you don’t cross any social norm boundaries. The general public truly just doesn’t give a ****. Also,I think you are unrealistically presenting Pakistan’s image as discriminatory against women’s education,more women are enrolling for medical schools in Pakistan than men,we have had heads of state as women,whether its banking or finance or media,women get their fair chance to climb up the ladder. That’s not to say they don’t come across people who are sexist or harassing them,but that has nothing to do with Pakistan or Islam,this happens everywhere,including the USA. I think if you really hate Pakistan so much then maybe you should move over to the neighbors or any other country of choice. Or else,maybe present solutions and not unrealistic false rants on social media to sound important. Get a life please mr keyboard warrior. You are just like Sharmeen Obaid,highlighting only the bad to get praise because they think they are above the others,why don’t you go write an article on the biggest humanitarian Pakistan has produced;mr Edhi. Or talk about burney ansari etc. Or just keep doing what you’re doing,this kind of arrogance usually leads to a swollen head. ThanksRecommend

  • Hamza

    It doesn’t look like Pakistan is ashamed of her as well….or did i miss something…………..??Recommend

  • Hamza

    Really?? no crime against women has been reported in Pakistan?… Come back to earth Recommend

  • Rajiv

    Her achievements are because of her Zoroastrian heritage & upbringing.
    Pakistan has nothing to with her success.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    May be that’s why she left PakistanRecommend

  • Rajiv

    What mob attack you are talking about?Recommend

  • Rajiv

    you can’t be a mother of 10 kids & a scientist at the same time.Recommend

  • Rajiv

    How do we know if you are speaking the truth?Recommend

  • chanakya_the_cynic

    Thanks for illustrating my points so well.Recommend

  • 19640909rk .

    We (means Pakistanis and Indians) must not go overboard with the achievements of Parsis (aka Zoroastrians). These people belong to a community dwindling fast into extinction. Parsis were thrown out of Iran about 1,000 years back when Muslim invaders overthrew rulers of their community and converted most of them to Islam. Luckily they found refuge in India and they prospered. In any other nation at that time, they would have been discriminated against.

    My point is they are neither Indians or Pakistanis. Since they had small families and the community itself is small, they have better living standards and wealth compared to Hindus, Muslims and other religious denominations. Natural that they do well all the time. Similar example is Jews and Sikhs. Most of them are spread around the world at this point of time. They are more like an international community.Recommend

  • truthhurts

    she was karachite … wouldnt even pass the parchi system … or not being punjabi or sindhi would have taken her outRecommend

  • truthhurts

    In punjab’s pakistan she couldnt have made past school teacherRecommend

  • Wallis

    Don’t Indians leave India?

    Do you even know that their are more Indians who are living and working abroad than Pakistanis?

    Now does it mean that those Indians don’t like India and have problem with their country?Recommend

  • Wallis

    Pakistan does have the resources and infrastructure but yes it can’t be compared with the resources in the Universities of US,UK and other Western Countries.

    You must also know that Western Governments spend much more of their budget or wealth on their education especially R &D .Recommend

  • Wallis

    Yes that is true but that was on religious bases ,not on the basis of his origin or nationality.

    After all, haven’t you seen that many people in Pakistan have appreciated Nergis for her achievement in the field of Science irrespective of her faith?She belongs to a Parsi family in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Wallis

    Mr. yes it is true that information on wikipedia.com could be edited but pls note that the wikipedia.com only accepts those information which is relevant with the topic .

    So people who add info to wikipedia.com are those who have knowledge about the topic and they even mention the references to the topic. Do you even check the reference given below each article of wikipedia.com?

    Pls check this article from Science Magazine and the author of this article is an Indian, this article is about Nergis Malavala and even he doesn’t have problem mentioning her as an immigrant from Pakistan.

    What problem do you have?

    In wikipedia.com ,she is mentioned as “PAKISTANI AMERICAN”.

    Do you even know what does it mean by “PAKISTANI AMERICAN”?


  • LS

    No – Pakistan does not report crimes against women to UN or any other outside agency. In fact as a state it does not publish any of those statistics. There are occasional reports in Media that is a different story. Recommend

  • Sajjad

    Please stop channeling your own frustrations as the voice of the whole nation. At one point, people were reluctant to celebrate Abdul Salam because of his religious school of thought, but this is a big shift in terms of open celebration of a person’s achievement who has roots in Pakistan despite her not being Muslim. I would prefer to see the positives in this, rather than your good for nothing article.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    this happens when you learned about Pakistan and Pakistanis from Express Tribune.Recommend