Will Amir “King” Khan be able to knock out Saul “Canelo” Alvarez?

Published: February 17, 2016

Khan will box well for the first four or five rounds and give Canelo trouble with his jab and movement. Eventually, Alvarez will start to catch on and if he manages to hit Khan with a shot that wobbles him he unlike any fighter Amir has fought is a punishing finisher and won’t allow Khan to hang around the ring and buy time like he did versus Maidana.

The announcement made by the Welterweight champion Amir Khan that he will face the Mexican superstar Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez on May 7, 2016,  shocked the entire boxing world.

  • Usman Khan

    I would love for him to win but I have to take facts mentioned above into consideration too. Lets hope he wins.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    he is going 155lbs, contrary to he’s last fight on 145 or 147lbs (if i remember it correctly).
    he needs to put on 10lbs of sheer muscle in just couple of months, which frankly is going to be an uphill task. & even if he does, it will be at expense of his punching speed.

    As much as the whole Britian & pakistan (including myself) wants Khan to win this…statistics & facts tell, it aint gona happen.
    Khan surving a KO will be an accomplishment in itself….He is opting for a “BIG PAY DAY” before he retries.Recommend

  • Nuke

    “Will AKK be able to KO Alvarez”? No, because James Kirkland couldn’t do so. Khans gameplan will have to be similar to Erislandy Lara, which was to box and move, otherwise, Khan himself might get KO’d. If Khan talks about KO’ing Canelo, its just a pre-fight ploy/attempt at playing mind games. Your question really isn’t a very good one at all. It should be “will Khan beat Alvarez”. Ko’ing Canelo is just totally out of the question, esp at 155lbs… I dont think this is a cashout fight for Khan. Its an attempt for Khan to temporarily deny Brook a payday, and turn the tables on Brook, to force Brook to take a bigger fight…interesting to see Brook now calling out Golovkin lol. Both Khan and Brook will definitely fight down the line with more money on the table imo.Recommend

  • It’s payday for khan

    Khan has a chance but if he puts on too much weight he’ll mess up his best asset his speed. Also he’ll have to fight more outwards doing quick combos and moving out to safety.
    Canelo is the likely winner tho khan gets in too close and it’s a knock out. But for God sake stop avoiding gggRecommend

  • DiscussDisqus

    Kell Brook and Hearn don’t want to pay Amir Khan fairly. They offer Amir Khan 5 million quid, but the fight is going to generate 15 million quid+ and Amir Khan is the A-side. If Hearn offered Khan a fair price, he would have fought Brook, but Hearn was low-balling Khan, so he lost the fight.Recommend