Dr Abdus Salam and all the wrong choices Pakistan made

Published: January 29, 2016

Today is the 90th birthday of Dr Abdus Salam. The best way to wish him is to let freedom of religion and intellectual thought prevail in the country. PHOTO: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT

What does it take to be a genius?

The other day this thought struck me. Is it the environment that nurtures the genius or does nature simply endow certain individuals with a special gene? Maybe both propositions have merits of their own, but for the time being, let’s drop the latter. Let’s suppose there are no chosen ones, there are no saviours.

The idea of saviours arises when we start to believe in pseudo-science and seek miracles to solve our problems. But mind it, Aladdin’s lamp or magic wands don’t exist in the practical world. The only magic that works is the labour of hands at the end of one’s own arms and the thinking brain in one’s own head.

The third-world countries need the same magic for their socio-economic development; self-reliance, hard work and stimulating intellectual environment. Mix these ingredients and a successful society will develop. Pakistan, I regret, still misses these elements, and hence, is still far from being developed.

Today, at the 90th birthday of the first noble laureate of Pakistan, Dr Abdus Salam, it would be wise to take a look at his life and to introspect what wrong choices we made.

Salam was a genius for the world, nonetheless a discarded one in his own country. Born in a village near Jhang on January 29, 1926, he studied in an ordinary Urdu medium school that lacked furniture. He belonged to a lower-middle class family. His house had no electricity, or any other basic facilities. His circumstances were challenging, yet they never served as an excuse.

The fact that he scored the highest marks ever recorded for the matriculation examination at the age of 14 and published his first research paper at the age of 17 indicated his gifted potential. But who, at that time, could have imagined that this young prodigy would have received the most prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to the unification theory.

Dr Abdus Salam recieves the Nobel Prize for Physics from King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden on December 10, 1979. Photo: ahmadiyyapost.blogspot.com

The list of awards and honours which he received and his contribution to Pakistan need a separate volume. Some of his services, for instance, include working as the science advisor for President Ayub Khan to lay the infrastructure of science in Pakistan. He persuaded him to acquire Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) – the first commercial nuclear reactor of Pakistan. He served as a founding director of Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), worked for the establishment of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) and The Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (PINSTECH). Not to mention that he mentored the scientist who designed the atomic bomb for Pakistan.

Not only was his unification theory a touchstone of modern physics, he also laid the pioneering work for the discovery of Higgs boson (referred to as the God-particle) in 2012 which happens to be the most important discovery in Physics in the last four decades. This discovery took place at the Large Hadron Collider established at CERN, a European organisation for nuclear research.

Last year on July 31st, Pakistan became the first non-European country to become an associate member of CERN. In his recent visit to CERN, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hailed the contribution of Pakistani scientists, and also paid tribute to Salam calling him the pride of the country.

This statement, however, couldn’t wash out the stain of guilt that the subsequent governments of Pakistan and the entire nation still carry. While the entire world applauded him, Salam was never regarded as a hero in his own country. He’s considered the opposite – a traitor.

What we did to Salam is shameful to say the least. When he returned to Pakistan after receiving the Nobel Prize, no one received him at the airport. Right wing propaganda concocted conspiracy theories to accuse him of nuclear espionage. When he was invited to Quaid-e-Azam University for his lecture, he was threatened by the fundamentalist students. Ziaul Haq refused to endorse the candidature of Salam as a Director General of UNESCO even though Salam visited nearly 30 countries in 1987 and gained their support. In 1988, the then Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, refused to meet him after making him wait for two days in a hotel. Similarly, Nawaz Sharif, in his first term of premiership, conveniently ignored Salam while mentioning the distinguished alumni of Government College, Lahore while addressing its convocation. Had Salam given up his Pakistani nationality, he would have easily avoided such humiliations, but he remained a Pakistani national until his last breath.

Salam’s biggest failure was not some personal tragedy – a person of his stature with generosity of spirit could forgive personal sufferings. His agony was due to a far bigger tragedy. Salam dreamt of establishing an international research centre in Pakistan for third-world physicists. He wanted to stop the brain-drain, but no government showed interest. He ended up setting up the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy that was later renamed the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics.

All of this took a toll on him, and in last years of his life, he became the victim of a neurological disorder and was confined to a wheelchair. He died in Oxford, England on November 21, 1996. He was buried in Pakistan on his request. No government official attended his funeral. His misery didn’t end with his death. The epitaph of his tombstone was defaced as a final disgrace to remove the word ‘Muslim’ from it.

Defaced tombstone on Dr Abdus Salam’s grave. Photo: Aziz Bilal

If we look back in history, the Mongols invaded Baghdad and demolished Baitul Hikmah, a centre of excellence during the Islamic Golden Age. Ibn-e-Rushd was exiled and his books were burnt. When Europe found the light to get out of the Dark Ages, the Muslim world lost its way. And now the country where Salam was banned from delivering his lectures in universities is witnessing terrorism in those very educational institutes.

I again seek your attention towards the dilemma that I mentioned in the start: What does it take to be a genius in any society?

There are no chosen ones, there are no saviours.

For socio-economic development, self-reliance, hard work and a stimulating intellectual environment is required. Where there is no such environment, there are no scholars, there are no intellectuals and there are no heroes. Even if someone, like Salam, somehow manages to prove his talent, he would not be treated as a hero. He would be shunned.

Today is the 90th birthday of Dr Abdus Salam. The best way to wish him is to let freedom of religion and intellectual thought prevail in the country.

Nayyar Afaq

Nayyar Afaq

He is pursuing a doctorate in Physics from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad and his objective in life is to become a better human being. Nayyar tweets @Nay_Af (twitter.com/Nay_Af)

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  • Acorn Guts

    In Pakistan, Salam is a traitor and Qadeer is a hero. The rest of the world has it the other way around. I think this alone sums up our unfortunate predicament.Recommend

  • Raheel

    This article almost made me cry. Thanks Nayyar, for literally reminding us about one of our forgotten super heroes. It doesn’t matter in his private life, who he was and what was his religion but what matters most how patriotic he was and his services to this nation. Hats off Dr. Sahab! We owe you an apology big time. I hope we still have people who has the same passion and zeal to make this nation proud. I honestly believe in this era of social media and freedom of speech they will not be forgotten and denounced even their services will be highlighted at a bigger stage with the name of our beloved Pakistan.Recommend

  • Suresh Sanyal

    A country born of hatred, feudalism, fanaticism and without character will only see these misfortunes!Recommend

  • Necromancer

    A true Human Being and Pakistani…………Salute to him for his undeterred cause towards Pakistan…………….and shame on all of us for not recognizing him………I am ashamed of calling myself PakistaniRecommend

  • UzairH

    Well written and thought provoking article.

    I especially like
    your self-description at the end “his objective in life is to become a
    better human being.” Alas rational thinking and self-awareness as you
    demonstrate are in dearth in our country.Recommend

  • Sami

    Well some weeks ago i was invited in a conference where they were talking about Space travel. All heads were rolled when we told that Pakistan was one of the few countries in the world to have an ambitious program to reach space in the early 60s. I was like Wow i never knew that. Our first project was “Rehbar 1” and Mr Abdus Salam was the man behind that team.. Europe remembers “Rehbar-1” and we forgot it.

    It is a shame that the Projects like “Rehbar-1” were dropped as Abdus Salam was not allowed to work and no one was willing to give him any credit.. Imagine if that project would come to fruition then we would be ahead of our neighbors in this region.

    Similarly many people do not know that the Pakistan’s first Nuclear reactor Kanupp 1 was already working under the supervision of Mr Abdus Salam even when Mr Abdul Qadeer never set foot into Pakistan.

    It is a pure murder of history where no one is told that Pakistan acquired the Nuclear technology well before Mr Qadeer and even we were operating Nuclear reactors well before him.

    Kindly value the talent. Punjab has produced two brilliant Noble Prize Winners. One is Abdus Salam and the other is Haar Gobind Khorana ( pre-partition born in Central Punjab).. We should value them and should make universities and research centers on their names.Recommend

  • Shadaan

    Why people make things complicated.
    Why Qadinis insist they are Muslim? As per any definition in any Muslim country they’re NOT. Above aĺl Pakistan Constitution do not accept a Qadiani/Ahmedi as a Muslim. Dr A salam could have realize and announce him as a PakIistani Noble prize winner without wrongly insisting him being Muslim. He’d have been a hero.Recommend

  • Bairooni Haath

    Why is this surprising? This is the same nation that called its Madr e Millat (Mother of the Nation) Fatima Jinnah an Indian agent.Recommend

  • Raheel

    Salute to your mindset! no words at all.
    If you are religious which seems like from your comment then ready to be judged by Almighty rather than doing His work.Recommend

  • Light

    You nor any government entity is God. You have zero rights to infer governmentally, who is and/or who is not part of any faith. If you’re a Muslim, follow the Holy Quran – “Persecution is worse than killing”.Recommend

  • Monica Lewinsky’s stain.

    You need serious help.
    First, there is no accepted definition of Muslim. Being a Muslim yourself, you are obligated to accept anyone as Muslim who calls himself/herself so.
    Second, Pakistan was meant to be a secular state. Ahmedis were excluded from Islam “for constitutional reasons”. Which mean that their was no case against Ahmedis in the first place.
    Third, if he were a non Muslim, would he have been treated any different? I think not. In fact he would not have received this much attention that you religious zealots give him now.
    So tell me? Who is making things complicated here? Recommend

  • Nfs

    Thanks Nayyar! You did a great job showing his services to all of us. Hes indeed a Hero.Recommend

  • Sami

    Kindly do not transform it into a religious debate. The world is not listening to these statements of intolerance anymore. Religious freedom dictates that everyone has the right to declare their religion. This practice is now the order of the day. The West has adopted it and soon all countries will follow. Pakistanis will eventually follow this , sooner or later. The day of Religious bigotry are coming to an end.

    Also do you know that this group is considered Muslim in 90 percent Muslim countries. In countries like Ghana this is considered the official religion and 15 percent population now profess this faith?. Even the main university in Ghana is known as International Ahmadiyya University of Theology, Ghana.

    . Similarly India, Bangladesh, Malayasia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Egypt etc consider them Muslims and they are registered as Muslims there.
    Only Saudia Arabia and Pakistan declare them Non Muslims. Otherwise give me any example of any country where they are considered Non Muslims by Constitution?.Recommend

  • Acorn Guts

    That’s the thing, you can consider them non-Muslims as a matter of opinion but you can not declare them non-Muslims if they claim to be Muslims especially through a parliament which stands on political greed and religious illiteracy.

    Declaring them non-Muslims goes agains the basic tenets of Islam and basic human rights as you are not given the right by the Almighty to decide such things for those who read the kalima and follow all tenets of Islam.

    Yes there are doctrinal issues and yes I also understand that if you are from the previous two generations then you’ve been indoctrinated to hate Ahmedis like plague but that is not an excuse for ignorance.

    Dr Salam was a pious Muslim. He read from Quran during the prize ceremony. He gave all credit for his discoveries to Quran. He chose to embrace your scorn than deny being a Muslim and that in my eyes makes him a better person than many around here.

    Please take your hate speech and vent it somewhere else.Recommend

  • Acorn Guts

    This country is born out of determination, respect, equality and bravery. It has only been hijacked by few feudals, fanatics, characterless bigots and occasional hate mongers (who sometimes frequent this forum) but rest assured our core is still there .. once (if) we ever get rid of these hijackers we’ll bounce right back.Recommend

  • ChessMaster

    Muslims are incapable of civilizationRecommend

  • Rex Minor

    Punjab has produced two brilliant Noble Prize Winners. One is Abdus Salam
    and the other is Haar Gobind Khorana ( pre-partition born in Central
    Punjab).. We should value them and should make universities and research
    centers on their names.

    You must not forget Sir, the great Ranjeet Singh whose reign in history is regarded as ” Sikha Shahi” the road model for Sharifs.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Zameer

    What a confused and misguided person you are. “Definition in any Muslim country” which you seem to be using as a yardstick is as much man made as the last lie you told.Recommend

  • Asim

    wow.. this made me emotional. All this shows is we have crucified our heroes and worshipped idiots.. i wish we were different.. i wish we were not idiots.. or traitors..Recommend

  • Messiah

    More than 50 countries offered him nationality,along with the awards and honours,and a huge amount of wealth..but what he wanted the most…he actually wanted to see pakistani students being honoured and awarded outside pakistan,in different fields.He also told the world ,whatever he had learned was from Holy Quran.He was just like a diamond ,and blind never knew what its like to have a diamond.Recommend

  • suchosach

    get a life, its your loss if you don’t accept his contributions. He’s resting in peace for the last 20 years.Recommend

  • Salman

    So Dr Abdul Salam’s services mean nothing because we declared his faith “Kufar” and him a “Kafir”? We do not want to give him credit because he was from a different school of thought? Oh you know what I believe? we would have had shamed 124,000 prophets of Allah had they come to us because WE are the real “Gumrah ” not anyone else. Dr sahib didn’t give up his PAKISTANI nationality even when he could do so. Find me s single Pakistani who would KEEP his Pakistani nationality for European or American visa. So grow up and think like a grown person.Recommend

  • Faisal Ashfaq

    “Nation” called Madr e Millat indian agent?

    Please go back to school.Recommend

  • Faisal Ashfaq

    I love how indians try to be experts on Pakistan. Recommend

  • Human

    Islam doesn’t allow one to call another person a “Kafir” until the person has openly expressed disbeliefRecommend

  • Baaghi

    Just focus on your own faith and let God be the judge of others. Ignorance like this has brought Pakistan to the verge of annihilation, wake up and see the light!Recommend

  • ahmed

    well written article he was true pakistani and i would like to add few things more about him

    1) His nobel prize receiving pic says it all ,about how much he love his homeland . While receiving the Nobel Prize, Dr Abdus Salam wore the dress of the land he belonged to and loved with all his heart: achkan, shalwar, turban, and shoes normally worn by the village folk from where he hailed

    2)When munir ahmed kahn ( father of Pakistan plutonium based atomic bomb )last met him this is what he said

    “My last meeting with Abdus Salam was only three months ago. His disease had taken its toll and he was unable to talk. Yet he understood what was said. I told him about the celebration held in Pakistan on his seventieth birthday. He kept staring at me. He had risen above praise. As I rose to leave he pressed my hand to express his feelings as if he wanted to thank everyone who had said kind words about him.Dr. Abdus Salam had deep love for Pakistan in spite of the fact that he was treated unfairly and indifferently by his own country. “Recommend

  • Shadaanreplier

    Get a life!Recommend

  • Qaiser

    Nayyar Afaqn! Very informative article on a Great Man born on.the Pakistani soil.Besides,his contribution to Science in Pakistan what you have narrated,he had pioneered revision of science curriculum for schools in the Ayub era.so instead of continuing the same science course books that was prevaing in the country as a legacy of the British Raj,he Introduced latest scienctific developments including atomic physics and the blend of Math in Physics.This was a great effort for the future builders of the Nation.When Bhutto declared him and others non Muslims,his only comment was that only Allah decides who is Muslim and who is not but not Mr Bhutto! It was that tyrant Zia who instead of giving him the due respect for a noble laureate of this country,whether Muslim or non Muslim,probably none in the Arab Muslims including his Masters from Saudi Arab,ever recvd such an award or recognition!Dr Salam was above all a great human being,a pious person and loving soul who worked selflessly for the progress of science and humanity.We as a nation will never get out of this shame of the treatment given to him driven by the bigots of Zia ul Haq’s brigade. Recommend

  • Leo

    @Shaadan,guys like you still beat the bush as to who is Muslim and who is not.Please do your Islamic duties which are farz and let Allah decide who is what?Pls try to respect a great human being,a pious soul,a through gentleman and above all a totally honest person,like Dr Abdus Salam,which may not be born in this era,keeping in view the prevailing situation where the religion Islam has become hostage by the Mullah brigades.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Now you will decide for Allah who is a Muslim.It is so called Muslims like you who have made Islam the laughing stock of the world,and Pakistan a terrorist country..What an unfortunate country that has the dubious distinction of denigrating and exiling its only two Nobel laureates.No wonder Hakimullah Masood, Mumtaz Qadri and OBL are your heroes.Recommend

  • dante

    Pakistani constitution is a man made law and a failed one.Recommend

  • Ily Khan

    Mr Bhutto should have had the foresight to imagine what a Jinn of a mess he was letting out of the bottle by involving the state in the business of defining faith. I am not an Ahmadi, and having lived in England for the last 52 years, I have witnessed their proud demenours turn into almost apologetic posturing , all the while defending their exclusiveness. It is sad. Abdus Salam was the personification of that sadness.Recommend

  • alimran

    No Question of Traitorship, no question of patriotism. The thing is How can u say a Person “Muslim” when he Breached Islam’s BasicsRecommend

  • Naeem Ahmad

    Why don’t all sects of Muslims accept themselves to be either non muslims or kafir when most of other sects consider them so ? How shameful is it to try to take away the right of religious freedom which Allah Himself has granted to every human being. This mentality is the root cause of decline of Pakistan and most of the Muslim world. Please read “Pact of Madina” by our beloved Holy Prophet (saw)and see how each and every citizen of state has equal rights. I hope one day society can overcome the poison of Hate spread by ignorant mullahs. Recommend

  • Zain

    When I hear my own family praise Anwar Ali for amputating his hand I realize the lows that we have reached as a country.Recommend

  • KT Shamim

    Article conveniently ignored that Salam himself believed in a savior Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. His patriotism was motivated by his religious beliefs that were fuelled by miraculousRecommend

  • M.M

    Shadaan- Just who, and I mean who are you and your blood thirsty Jahil Mullas who even called Muhammad Ali Jinnah ” Kafir e Azam ” to declare Ahmadis ” Non Muslim ” ? Who has given you the divine right to do so ? It’s on Allah and Allah only to decide. before accepting his Nobel Prize Dr. Salam recited Quran Majeed. It’s people like you and inkling like you who are racing Pakistan to Jahil country.Recommend

  • Azwar

    You are so full. Recommend

  • Nangamujahid

    Why do you complicate things and breathe? Recommend

  • Bibloo

    It is so tragic, true, PUNJAB produced two geniuses. Great.
    But look how far Punjab has slid down, in the abyss. Punjab,
    now, has the largest number of banned outfits. Terrorists roam
    the streets freely. Peace process with India destroyed, by Punjabi
    terrorists from Multan. Still not caught or apprehended. They are
    still free. Model Town Massacre. 14 people shot dead on orders of
    CM Sharif. Burqa Mullah threatening to bring down the Govt.
    The Chief Minister made deals with extremists to leave his family
    and businesses alone. And he will provide a safe haven for them
    in Punjab. Which he is doing now. By not arresting the planners of
    Yes, a very sad age for Punjab. Indeed. Ruled by co-regents, whose
    sole purpose is to loot as much as they can, before the Golden Goose
    stops laying eggs. The Rajas of Raiwind and Cabal Inc.Recommend

  • sec500001

    Question: Is it the environment that nurtures the genius or does nature simply endow certain individuals with a special gene? This has been answered long back. Two examples. One, Crimson war. Till then it was thought that only royalty and gentlemen could lead in a war. This war broke this myth. And from then on leadership in war was taught and common men also became war leaders. Second, till 19th century it was thought that managing was a god given ability. In early 20th century USA recognised that management can be taught and produced managers from common men in hundreds. It is precisely because of this that they are ruling the world today. Similarly what was genius thirty years ago is common today eg working with computers.Recommend

  • Rd px

    He never insisted on anything. Ahmedis have a right to live. If he wants t ogive a lecture, why should he be stopped. its not a religious lecture. We have declared them non muslims but that doesn’t mean they can’t live and work. Why protest a lecture by him? U can’t stop someone thinking the yr muslim. Everyone is entitled to his concepts. Its enough that we don’t think they r muslim and state doesn’t think they r muslims. Don’t take away their right to study, work and contribute to pakistan. The white part of our flag is for the minorities.Recommend

  • Daviduke

    Unfortunately all of your statement resembles in your beloved “civilized” nation India.Recommend

  • GAhmed

    I insist you to dig deeper on why were Qadianis genuinely declared non-muslims. You’d be surprised to know that it was far less religious than political and even more it was about attaining khilafat in Muslim world to become very powerful. Saudia and Petro Dollar are biggest keywords if you really try find the truth.

    Also, there are videos available of different other Pakistani muslim sects who tell what other sects should’ve been declared as non-muslims if it was at all about “definition of Khatm-e-Nabuwat”

    Pakistan could’ve achieved far far much more success than where it is right now if Pakistani Govt. had(or even now have) guts to limit the religious extremism and violence from getting in way of Law at first place. Do you like any one of your family members to be burnt and killed by a mob over just a false accusation related to religion ?Recommend

  • Najam

    An articulated blog on Dr Salam. He was really a great scientist and human being. He always praised Pakistan in quest of humanity, prosperity and well being. Dr. Salam was the pioneer of Pakistan science and technology frontiers. We as a nation is indebted to Dr. Salam. But we are so sefish to give him his due regard. We indulge in muslim, non muslim and kafir debate. Look at our deeds .. every sect is kafir in other’s eye. I must quote Allama Iqbal’s saying: `Ya muslaman hay janhayn dakh kay shurmayan yahood’.


  • Bibloo

    And then we have The Saffron Lord Modi. Also known as the Gujrati Hitler.
    Who stood and watched as 3000 Muslim men women AND children were
    hacked to death, or burnt to death, or hanged to death by hindu mobs.
    His assistant, Amit Shah was indicted for murder. For planning mass Muslim
    murder. He is now the President of BJP ! And ALL charges against him have been dropped, by the Indian Supreme Court.
    Same Modi who was there at the destruction of Babri Mosque. He helped
    take apart the mosque. Brick by brick.Recommend

  • Ali

    You dont have to be an indian to know pakistan is in fact a place for hatred, fear, and oppression of women and non muslims.Recommend

  • Sami

    My comment was relevant to the Science and technology sector.Recommend

  • Sami

    Your comment is irrelevant and full of negative connotations. Punjab is not sliding down. It is progressing in my view.
    I have a simple question that how many times did you see Religious parties form any government in Punjab.? But they manage to get hold of KP, Balochistan, Karachi many times.
    Even tough extremism is rife but progressive behavior is always there and will remain there. There are many who question and still they survive and thrive. We should not forget that Punjab is the birthplace of One religion known as Sikhism.
    Moreover even tough we can disagree from their believes but the Quranists and Ahmedis evolve from Punjab as well. Even i have met many who are active contributors of Deism in Punjab.

    I totally disagree with you that this age is a sad age for Punjab. Rather i would say that the golden age is about to start and extremism will tone down with the passage of time.

    People in Punjab are not stubborn in their traditions and they realize their mistakes. This is the basis of liberalism and this behavior will not change no matter what.Recommend

  • zaryab

    Dr Abdus Salam is also a recipient of Nishan-e-Imtiaz  – awarded by President of Pakistan for his outstanding services to the nationRecommend

  • Nabeell


    Rehbar-1 was launched on 7 June 1962. In a period of nine months; the Pakistani team was established, their training completed in US facilities, the rocket range equipment and instrumentation procured, the scientific payloads selected, construction of the rocket range at Sonmiani completed and the first rocket successfully launched. This was a unique achievement that even surprised NASA’s specialists. Pakistan was the first amongst all developing (including Brazil, China and India) and Islamic countries to carry out a scientific rocketry program.

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rehbar-IRecommend

  • Honest

    @Shadaan,pls be a little realistic in your thinking.In the 60s when a Pak Hindu named Brojan Das came first in the English Channel cross swimming,he was given a Hero’s welcome upon his return to the Pakistan.The difference was that it was President Ayub then.But in the Zia era he behaved with Dr Abdus Salam same as a Mullah,who are ruining this country.Remember it is only Allah who can decide who is a Muslim or not.Our job is to fulfill the obligations of Humanity first,then worry about other things.The Qadianis were declared non Muslims only in Pakistan because of vested political interest of Mr Bhutto by his Parliament.This Parliament also approved the Constitution but not Unamiously.So before this Parliament the Qadianis were Muslims because no one had declared them as non Muslims.Dr Salam was a great humanist,a gentle man and above all a scientific genius.This should be respected and the Nation should even today honour him on his great achievement.Trust me no Mullah will ever qualify for even a small scientific prize because of his myopic view points.
    I hope like Galileo’s history when the Church denied his ‘and yet it moves’,i.e.,the movement of planets around the Sun and not otherwise,as believed by the then Church.The present Parliament will offer its Apology to Dr Salam and restore his due position in the country’s history for the future generation.The Church did this similar act for Galileo recently that is after few centuries!Recommend

  • Ali

    Pakistani society is one that sends out baseless accusations and rumours. Just ask Christians if anyone tried to kill them for something they never said.Recommend

  • brar

    did he lied ?Recommend

  • brar

    Who are u to decide it whether one is Muslim or not it is between man and Allah a human has no right to do this, there are so many sects of Muslims and every sect calls the others a kafir and non Muslim.Recommend

  • Iftikhar Ali

    two things have caused the most damage to the humanity, those are religion and scienceRecommend

  • Rakesh Kasba
  • Rakesh Kasba

    Forget religion for a moment, think like ‘Vasudev Kutambh’, one universal family, where all support each other. Why Muslims for Muslims only, aren’t all of us equal in each and every respect ?Recommend

  • Sridhar Kaushik

    Since many are talking of Pakistani Punjab here, here is a question for all. How many schools in Punjab actively teach Punjabi as a mother tongue?
    Is Punjabi spoken in Punjab Assembly?
    Which language do Punjabis prefer: Urdu or Punjabi.
    Usually, the world over, first preference anywhere is always for one’s mother tongue. Not so, I am told, in Pakistani Punjab.
    Once you lose touch with your soil and culture, the slide down is inevitable.
    How many in Pakistani Punjab revere Shahid Bhagat Singh or Maharaja Ranjit Singh?
    Arabic version of Islam seems to have replaced Punjabi culture.Recommend


    Religion yes, but how science?Recommend

  • Gangadas

    The Vedic literature is scientific.Recommend

  • Gangadas

    Why blame Mr.Zia and Bhutto.Did they put a gun to your head and bring about the changes?Recommend

  • Gangadas

    If every citizen of state had equal rights then why jihad against nonmuslims,why death for apostacy,why jaziya tax?Recommend

  • Gangadas

    Why are you so scared to print my comments?Recommend

  • Mahmud Majeed

    That is Human made definition not a divine one. Which one will you follow?
    See the definition by the prophet PBUH and read it aloud and you will know who is a Muslim and who is not.Recommend

  • Faisal Ashfaq

    Lol please learn to differentiate between reality and perception. Recommend

  • Faisal Ashfaq

    Make sure you don’t do qurbani next Eid. Otherwise this time it will be your family on the news talking about how nice guy ali was before hindu mob lynched him.


  • Ali

    Im guessing your one of those many Pakistanis who would kill Christians in the name of blasphemy, attack ahmadees, sufis, and shias for being “heretics”, or one of those many Pakistanis who want women to be nothing but burka covered housewives who would need 4 witnesses if raped.Recommend

  • Faisal Ashfaq

    Thats a good indian… shabaash! Sit! Sit! Good boy! Good Indian.

    Just don’t have beef I wanna see you on the news. Recommend

  • Sami

    But now we have no rocket program. Imagine what the bigotry can do to any country. In 60s we were reaching space and in 21st century we cannot reach space. If we would be progressive then we would evolved to such an extent that reaching mars until now would not be a problem.Recommend

  • Ali

    Muslims in India (including shias, sufis, and ahmadees) are much safer and better off than in Pakistan.

  • Faisal Ashfaq

    Ab ki baar modi sarkar, you’re still telling yourself that?Recommend

  • Ali

    Like i said, more muslims are killed in Pakistan than a few incidents here and there.

  • Omar Khan

    It is surprising that persons like Nayyar Afaq expect people under the influence of religion to act rationally. If Dr Abdus Salam is not expected to use his prodigious intellect and belong to a petty sect then why expect Pakistanis (arguably not as intellectually developed) to make the right choices. I think if Pakistanis made the wrong choices then so did Dr. Abdus Salam. He had a great opportunity to unite the people in his homeland. I could argue that if he had moral courage he should have come out and just said that he does not belong to any sect and that he is just a Muslim. But unfortunately this is not how people behave.Recommend

  • Wajahat Shafi

    dear ur casting pearls before

  • Gulfam Ahmad

    Dr.Abduslam was a greart hero individually in pakistan and he proved it by achieving the honour of Noble Prize.
    But Pak do not understood it………Recommend