No Action Plan

Published: January 27, 2016

Meeting sheeting hoti hai APC bhi hoti hai Lekin kaam nahi hota Aaj bhi kuch nahi badla hai PHOTO: AFP

This poem is dedicated to all the martyrs of Pakistan who have lost their lives at the hands of terrorists, especially the martyrs of Army Public School (APS) and Bacha Khan University.


Is naye zamanay mein
Roz naya charcha hota hai
Khoon ki holi hoti hai
Phir naya parcha hota hai
No Action Plan bhi bantay hain
Phir naya kharcha hota hai


(In today’s day and age,
A new commotion is raised everyday,
Holi is played with blood,
New papers are filed,
No Action Plans are also made,
And to top it off, there is more expenditure.)


Pehle bhi sirf tasveerain theen
Aaj bhi mehaz taqreerain hain
Siyasi laffazi pehle bhi thi
Aaj bhi kuch nahi badla hai


(Pictures were printed before,
Hollow speeches are still made,
Political contortions have always been present.
Nothing has changed till today)


Meeting sheeting hoti hai
APC bhi hoti hai
Lekin kaam nahi hota
Aaj bhi kuch nahi badla hai


(Meetings are still taking place,
All Party Conference’s (APC) are also held repeatedly
But  what  needs to be done is never done.
Nothing has changed till today)


‘Noon’ Punjab kay baasi hain
Apnay ghar kay rakhay hain
Doosray ghar jalain tu jalain
Aaj bhi kuch nahi badla hai


(PML-N are the reigning residents of Punjab,
They are the guardians of their home only,
Other homes may burn in hell, as long as theirs doesn’t.
Nothing has changed till today.)


Chotay Mian youn kehtay hain
Jitthay phatna ay uttay ja
Itthay yaara ghar ay saada
Saaday ghar tay gand na dha


(The younger ‘Mian’ says,
Go blow yourself up wherever you like.
This here, is our home.
Don’t create a mess here.)


Diesel aaj kal mehanga hai
Apna dhanda chalta hai
Siyaasi jihad rahay qayim
Apna mufaad rahay dayim
Aaj bhi kuch nahi badla hai


(Diesel is still expensive,
As long as our business remains lucrative.
Political jihad should be the order of the day,
Since this means more profit for us.
Nothing has changed till today.)


Haan karkay Na karsaktay hain
Barh kay peechay hat saktay hain
Aakhir hum Moulana hain
Munafiqat ham bhi karsaktay hain
Aaj bhi kuch nahi badla hai


(I have the power to say no after I’ve said yes,
I can retract my statement after agreeing.
I am a maulana after all,
I can easily practice hypocrisy.
Nothing has changed till today.)


Operation Wana ja kay karo
Wahin ja kay laro maro
Shehroon main jo martay hain
Zindagi say jo dartay hain
Keh do khauf karain na itna
Jeenay ko tarjih dain na itna
Aaj bhi kuch nahi badla hai


(Go conduct an Operation in Wana,
Fight and die there.
Those who die on the streets of our city,
Those who are afraid of living,
Tell them not to be frightened.
Tell them not to love life so dearly,
Nothing has changed till today.)


Ye jang hai, Jang hai aakhir
Collateral Damage hota hai
Loug bhi iss main martay hain
Mayain bhi is main roti hain
Nayee baat nahi hai aisi
Azadi say reet hai aisi
Aaj bhi kuch nahi badla hai


(This is a war, a war after all.
There is bound to be collateral damage,
People lose lives in this war,
Mothers wail and scream in this war as well,
But it’s not a new thing,
It’s been like this since Independence.
Nothing has changed till today.)


Compensation hum dainge un ko
Jin kay tukray bikhray thay
Lakht e jigger jinkay maray thay
Zakhm kha kay jo giray thay
Jahan phool toray gaye thay


(We will give compensation of course,
To those who lost a part of themselves,
To those whose hearts wept in tragedies,
To those who suffered due to wounds inflicted on them,
Where their flowers were trampled upon.)


Mout kay saye mandla rahay thay
Aaj bhi kuch nahi badla hai


(The feeling of death loomed over their heads,
Nothing has changed till today.)


Compensation lay lain apna
Vote bhi hum ko day dain apna
Awami hukumat rayij hai apni
Noton say jo aye hai apni
Tanzeemain tu yaar hain apni
Voton ki bharmaar hain apni
In pay Operation kaisay kardain
Sar pay bundooqain kaisay rakh dain
Touq main in ko kaisay dalain
Jail main in ko kaisay palain
Agla election larna hai hum nay
Voton ka collection karna hai hum nay


(Take your compensation from us,
In return, cast your precious vote for us.
Our democratic government is in full power,
Which was only possible due to the massive amount of money injected into it.
These organisations are our friends,
After all, they are bags of votes for us.
How can we conduct an operation on them?
How can we put guns to their head?
How can we put them in chains?
How can we raise them in jails?
We have to run for the next election,
We have to collect more votes next time around.)


No Action Plan
No Action Plan
Aaj bhi kuch nahi badla hai


(No Action Plan
No Action Plan
Nothing has changed till today.)



The author holds an MPhil in Public Administration and has taught Politics and Public Policy at the University of Karachi.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Parvez

    That was forceful, truthful and poetic.Recommend

  • Naeem Khan, Kansas.US

    You are the voice of
    millions in Pakistan. I have said it many times that if the ruling
    class has to live and abide by the laws of the country, all this
    mayhem will subside. They are living in bunkers and travel in bullet
    proof vehicles while the rest of the citizens are exposed to every
    day life threatening scenario. Some time I wonder if we could ever
    produce another Jinnah, Qayum, liaqat Ali, Nishter and others who
    cared for the country and not for themselves. It was so sad to know
    that the Sharif brothers made a deal with the religious extremists to
    spare Punjab but it was OK that the rest of Pakistan becomes a
    killing field. They could order massacre at Model Town Lahore
    because some political activists were making noise and got away with
    it. It seems the laws of the country applies only to the common
    citizens of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Rohan

    Like Pakistan itself NAP was destined to fail when it was createdRecommend

  • Sane

    Anyways Pakistan shall either kill or flush out all terrorists sent by some neighbor countries.Recommend

  • Rohan

    You can continue looking in the wrong places, that will only lead to more attacks from places where there are terroristsRecommend

  • guest

    A bitter truth wonder when this will end. Hoping for a bright sunny day soonRecommend