Pervez Musharraf killed my grandfather

Published: January 20, 2016

On August 26, 2006, Musharraf’s murderous hands finally reached him, and he died under dubious circumstances.

On March 17, 2005, bombs were dropped at my ancestral house in Dera Bugti on Pervez Musharraf’s orders. My grandfather, Nawab Akbar Bugti, and my father, Jamil Akbar Bugti, were in a tin roof bungalow within the perimeters of our living quarters. They felt the ground under their feet shake for four hours and then decided to flee.

Whenever my father recounts the story, he ardently says,

“We didn’t want to make it easy for them to kill us. We refused to be sitting ducks”.

As they headed to the hills, a string of bombs followed their footsteps. They were tracking my grandfather’s movements throughout. This operation was meant to result in his death.

Sixty-six people, most of them Hindu women and children, perished in the aggressive assault. For centuries the Hindu population has lived under the security of the sardar, within his living quarters.

My father often says,

“The very house that was supposed to offer them protection became their deathtrap.”

That day, the lives of my father and grandfather were saved due to sheer luck, and a little bit of fate.

You see, my grandfather was fated to die another day. On August 26, 2006, Musharraf’s murderous hands finally reached him, and he died under dubious circumstances.

Whenever I think about his death, Musharraf’s cold words ring in my ears and make me shudder.

“(I will) hit him from where he wouldn’t see it coming.”

To think that the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) has acquitted this murderer makes my spirit writhe in rage.

On March 23, 2005, a 15-member parliamentary committee, which included Sherry Rehman, came to inspect the damage that was done. My father recounted the entire episode of the bombing to silently apologetic faces. But nothing really happened. Nobody’s conscience woke up screaming and nothing was done to protect my family.

A few months after the March 2005 bombing, I went to Dera Bugti to be at my grandfather’s side. The muscles in my heart were taut with worry as I entered his tin roof house. I didn’t know back then that my grandfather, a man who lived in the most humble of circumstances, would be saddled with the label of luxury and opulence. He had entrusted the renovated house to his family and had retreated to a simple bungalow much like the ones in Quetta. In the enclaves of my memory, when I visit that house again and again, the contrast between his image of extravagance, which was constructed to harm his repute, and the reality of his simplicity, makes me shake with anger.

The pictures that were floating on the internet which depicted a cave of grandeur are fake. That’s not my grandfather’s house.

The truth is that everyone in this country has been made to believe certain things about him to serve a particular agenda.

I’m here to tell you that no, you do not know who Akbar Bugti was, and I refuse to let Musharraf dictate his legacy.

He was the man who opened up schools for girls in Dera Bugti when there were none.

He never supported the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and did not have any separatist agendas.

He did not live the life of a millionaire. In fact, his modest ways were utterly humbling.

He was a loving and affectionate grandfather, who used to spend time with his grandchildren as often as he could.

Some of my favourite memories of him are when my cousins and I used to have interesting conversations with him.

The day I visited him after the first bombing, I opened my eyes to his real grandeur; the way that he held himself in the most dignified manner. He did not seem afraid, even though an attempt at his life had been made. As I was leaving his house, I hugged him goodbye. The muscles in my heart had not loosened. And I couldn’t help myself from sobbing on his shoulder. I clung to him like a child latches onto her father, when she senses that the father might leave.

My gut told me it was the last time I would see him. Dread seeped into my soul and time proved me right. I lost my grandfather.

That bitter taste of doom found its way into my taste buds once again, when I read the news about Musharraf’s acquittal. Whatever disease that plagues our justice system that led to such a verdict needs to be dealt an antidote strong enough to eradicate all traces of it.

I like to think about what happened in the courtroom when Musharraf was told he was free to go. In the privilege of my imagination, I visualise hyenas telling a hyena that hyenas can’t be jailed.

Musharraf had a personal vendetta against my grandfather. Under the military mantle, he was able to carry out crimes that have put humanity to shame. Sometimes I wonder if he has a conscience. His lawyers approached my father with an apology from him. My father waved them away and did not accept it.

Musharraf, atonement for ones crimes does not come through the sentence,

“I’m sorry I killed your father.”

Whatever apology he presented, he retracted it swiftly and told the world he had never approached my father, Jamil Akbar Bugti.

The fact is that I will never forgive him for the murder of my grandfather, Akbar Bugti, on August 26, 2006.

I will never forgive him for putting huge locks on his coffin and not allowing us to bury him. I don’t believe anyone else’s coffin has ever been locked away in this manner. But guilt can make you do many things, can’t it Musharraf?

I will never forgive him for making it impossible for us, his family, to mourn his loss, or visit his grave.

I find it unequivocally sinful that the ATC has forgiven him.

I pray that soon this country will see a day when hyenas too can be in handcuffs.

My family and I will not rest, will not attain peace, will not back down, until Musharraf is behind bars and made to pay for his crimes.

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Mariam Bugti

Mariam Bugti

The author is the daughter of Jamil Akbar Bugti and the granddaughter of Akbar Bugti. She was born in Denmark and raised in Karachi and Quetta. She works as a graphic designer, is a co-creator at MoonBug, and lives in Karachi.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Well man

    ” dubious circumstances” ? No. the internet is full of videos where Late Bugti is boasting of killing Pak Army Soldiers…. One thing is very clear to Pakistanis that Late Bugti did believe in armed struggle and that’s what he did which eventually led to his death. May his soul rest in peace (Amin).Recommend

  • Y Malik

    Sorry to hear about your grand dad. However, he wasn’t an angel either. He admitted to killing people and you know Karma? You eventually pay for what you did. Finally, if Dera Bugti progressed so much under him, why don’t you go there and do “graphic designing” and “co-create Moonbug” there. Fact is that Dera Bugti remains one of the most under developed places in Pakistan. Be fair, recognize what is wrong and admit it. That is what is called bravery.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    sorry for your loss…hope you have the same sympathy for all the people your grand father had killed and kept in poverty while you and your family lived like kings…Recommend

  • Usama

    And how many people your family have kept oppressive,deprived and ignorant because of stone age sardari system.your family is real culprit of your own people and their condition.they live like animals under you guys so stop complaining all this and look inside mirror and reflect your families actions.Recommend

  • Khan

    How did your grandfather amount so much fortune, while living in caves? He deprived his own people of basic necessities and he reaped what he sowed.Recommend

  • Nauman

    Proud of Musharaf for getting rid of the man who tried to hold the state hostage, incited anti Pakistan sentiment and tried to stop the Gas flow from Balochistan!Recommend

  • Acorn Guts

    I am sorry for your loss. Your grandfather was a man who was sincere to his people and did his best to secure good future for them. May his soul rest in peace.

    Whether his actions were justified or not is a separate debate which I’m not going to go into.

    I do not however agree with your rather brutal criticism of the courts though. I find the comparison with ‘hyenas’ very disturbing and in bad taste.

    You may not have got the decision you wanted but it could be due to poor prosecution, strong defence, poorly compiled evidence, non-compliance or several other reasons .. but blaming the judicial system at its core is completely out of place.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Well that is the price you pay when you help create a murderous nation. RIP anyways.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Hyenas will be ashamed to be seen in the company of Musharraf.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    You loot their resources and they don’t even protest?! From injustice rises discontent and resistance. May Allah give strength to Balochistan people to overthrow the tyranny of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Funny Karma is, just saw the news of terrorist attack on school, condolences!Recommend

  • koi toh hain

    Thank you Musharraf Sir for doing the right thing & setting the slaves free . God bless you always . AmeenRecommend

  • KF

    There was a tussle in between two Armies…in the end Pak Army wins over the Bugti….Recommend

  • Mohsin L

    There can’t be a state within a state. Bugti himself murdered at the age of 12 that he boasted off quite regularly. It’s divine retribution.Recommend

  • Anon

    Wasnt Bugti complicit in helping Bhutto overthrow the democratically elected government of Balochistan… while he became Governor to help the military operation?Recommend

  • Fahimuddin

    Even I am supporter of Musharaf, I am sad on Bugti’s murder. It should be handled in a proper way.Recommend

  • Junaid

    @author Think about how many people your grandfather killed and oppressed and then relate your pain with those people’s relatives. Sorry, but Musharraf was just to operate against Bugti.Recommend

  • Junaid

    I was curious if you share the same sentiments for MQM. You loot Karachi’s resources and then don’t even allow MQM to protest. There are false cases against their people and extra judicial killings. How would you like to hear this:

    “From injustice rises discontent and resistance. May Allah give strength to Karachi people to overthrow the tyranny of Pakistan”Recommend

  • Kushal

    Sorry for your loss Marium. But this is the price you pay when you help create this nation. See below. This picture will say million words.Recommend

  • Azkaar Abbasi

    Dear whoever.
    Please stop guiding ppl
    who ur grand father was I think all of us here know Akbar bughti’s simplicity and modesty.
    I am not a pro Musharraf person but what he did made sense whether Lal masjid or ur stuff whatever u r shouting above
    Pakistan is a sovereign state and every one is bound to respect that
    I am sorry for u personal loss but will request u don’t take it personally
    No one is bigger than Pakistan
    No one


  • Mohammad

    24 SSG Commandos killed by your grand father and he accepted live on BBC!!Recommend

  • Asif

    You compare innocent children with a got totting and a 12 year proud killer Mr. Bugti. He was involved with all kinds of nefarious and unlawful activities during the time he lived. This is basically how the sardari system works. If Dera Bugti has been made a heaven, why is it that no one is able to see it. During his time, loads of people were forcibly sent from their homes and it is all kosher as your granddad was modicum of sincerity and righteousness.Recommend

  • Jude Allen

    I visited the PPL site under strict security before and after Akbar Bugti. Did you know that AB had a lavish guest house in the premises of PPL where he entertained his women? Where he treated the locals with impunity as a dictator? Did you also know that the guest house was perhaps one of the most lavish guest houses I’ve ever seen – all the furniture was directly imported from Italy. Where did he get so much money? Did you know that right outside PPL gated premises, school children played on the streets because schools were closed? I know because I was there. Do you also know that right after AB, several schools reopened in the area. Yes, I always traveled with security protocol but I just felt a lot safer after AB. I am happy Musharraf was acquitted. Please get your facts right m’aam.Recommend

  • A Khan

    Dear Mariam, Its brave of you to write this article knowing that majority of the people have a false image of your grand father. A false illusion carved around him by the interests that be (comments below gives the idea). Yet you write , its admirable. From the grand daughter of a man who stood by his beliefs till his last breadth, this was expected. Admirable still.
    I cant help but feel helpless while your kin and clan fights. As a Pakistani I am ashamed to see you struggle for what should be your basic right.
    With the verdict once again we were reminded how the state likes to play with a loaded dice. Head I win, tail you loose.
    Stay brave !!Recommend

  • saman

    No body allow to challange the writ of state,He killed no of army personnel too So dont think he was innocent.Recommend

  • salman

    ya, everyone has to pay price when help to create nation!Recommend

  • A Khan
  • Syed Muhammad Antiq

    It was a sad day in the history of Pakistan. It made us believe that Pakistan Army is the ultimate Goon of the country who can kill anybody on their own agenda.Recommend

  • A Khan
  • Waleed

    Proud of Musharraf!Recommend

  • Midas

    Very unfortunate what your family had to go through, however, you have to look at ground realities. Your grandfather and the clan were not in favour of creation of Pakistan. Since 1952 to 1978 they received an annual royalty of Rs.470 million in cash and kind – not a dime has been spent on this province and is all sitting in banks in Switzerland. This was then split up into half by Zia ul Haq and rest was distributed among the other two prominent tribes of Baluchistan. The resources this province has this could have been a star province, but no ego and personal greed of what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too led them to side with India. Most of the Indian infiltration was through Baluchistan, so go figure.Recommend

  • goldconsumer

    I wasted my time reading it thinking I might get some insight in why the court let Musharaf go.
    By the way I have a few questions

    1) Urdu is my mother tongue and I not Mqm. Can I ever go to dera bugti anf come back alive? My friends at ppl think I am joking when I ask this

    2) Gas was discovered in 1963 in Sui. I read somewhere your grandfather was the governor then. He signed the agreements that led to the establishment of ssgc and sngp. When gas was pumped to punjab their industries flourished. Realizing his mistake of lower gas tarif Bugti sahab threatened Bhutto sahab to increase the rate Now we all know how nice Bhutto sahab was. Is this why you and your family never challange the so called looting of the baloch resources in court?Recommend

  • Abdulrahman Khan Mengal(Kalat)

    His sardari system was oppressive and kept the people of Balochistan in poverty. The sardar system will fall. Recommend

  • wb

    Really? You’re talking abt ignorance being a Muslim? Then you must question your own faith first.Recommend

  • abhi

    This is the history of Pakistan Army.Recommend

  • shahid

    We understand your dilemma and know that you cannot tell the true and real truth . All his life he blackmailed various governments to get his pocket money and cuts of commissions increased. You should really do some research and come up with real facts of your grandfathers real hidden life.. and then we will see if we have to console you and share your grief .. Musharraf was at the time, the State, the Government and your grandfather did not even be counted as visible.. so where and how Musharraf is responsible for your grandfather’s life or death; He was nothing; I can sympathize with you only and just because you are his grand daughter.. be real, be brave and dont be afraid to face the truth of the real life of your grandfather.Recommend

  • Jaggadakoo

    Hes your Grandfather and you have to defend him. Yes we get that. But what about all the people he imprisoned in his personal jails. All those poverty stricken people who had to live under the terror of your grandfather. Hes not no Abdul Sattar Edhi and everyone knows that. YOU mentioned that he built schools, it makes me laugh. That man had a personal army with AK 47s. What kind of a humble soft hearted guy needs hundred of people carrying AKs around him. Oh yes, the one who wants to make a state within a state and challenge the writ of the government and go against the PAK army. Dont you ever wonder where all these expensive cars and BUngalows came from. Yes family inheritance. BUt I am sure at the very least there is a tinge of blood of people of Dera Bugti along with that inheritance.Some people here (not many) who are sympathizing with you are actually Musharraf haters. The only reason they are commenting on here is because they hate Musharraf. I dont give a crap about Musharaf personally. Recommend

  • Shabir A. Khan

    Good to see someone from Bhugti family writing and sharing something most of us don’t know. I have great respect and personally admire people like Nawab Akbar Bhugti, Sardar Akhter Mengal, Mir Sarfaraz Bhugti and many others who have remained sincere to Pakistan through thick and thin over the years. Most of us accept that our political governments and military establishment have ignored Baluchistan over the years and the most resourceful province is now the most deprived province. But these things had not happened in the blink of an eyes, it took years and during those years the nationalist elements remained in power from major tribes like Bhugtis, Marris and Jamalis but they could not change the fate of the province because of tribal mindset (if not feudal).
    You did not mentioned the circumstances where national installations were attacked and FC personnels were killed. I am sure Nawab sahab was influential enough to stop the people behind those attacks. I think Pervez Musharraf was one of the better leader in our history but still he should have been punished for killing Akbar Bhugti because Pakistan is more important and providing justice to everyone is the state responsibility. The only reason I see why people may not have sympathy for Akbar Bhugti is the province remained backward although the nationalists remained in power for more than four decades.Recommend

  • greywolf

    someone ask the author what her grand father did to the kalpar bugtis, and where they were living for 30 years. i’m guessing she will not answer the question. no one killed akbar bugti. he was killed in a bomb blast inside of a cave where 4 other army officers were martyred. musharraf would not kill army officers of his own institution to kill one 70 year old man.Recommend

  • Parvez

    There would be many, especially in Baluchistan who would accuse your grandfather of the same………but then he’s your grandfather so one can not blame you for your bias.Recommend

  • ZeeCarolina

    Dear Mariam, I know Musharraf personally as he is a family member. So I know the story first hand. I sincerely feel for your loss as any granddaughter would hurt under these circumstances.

    The reality is your grandfather took up arms against the state of Pakistan. He was personally responsible for the killing of Pakistani forces, not to speak of the scores of civilians he had killed. These are facts, not open for debate as there are videos of AB admitting so. What about the tribal wars in which they killed hundreds? Now do you honestly believe that any sovereign country can allow such an individual to continue these acts without repercussions? Absolutely not! Whether Musharraf personally ordered the operation or the local command did is immaterial. It is the duty of any government to do so. If your grandfather had laid down weapons and surrendered he might be alive today.

    In a sovereign country no one is allowed to conduct military action against state forces, no one. The tribal mindset has to change. You live a civilized life. You should encourage your family members to allow the same for all Bugti people and end armed struggle. Your peaceful struggle for the rights of Balochi people will find majority of Pakistanis with you. But not an armed struggle.

    Hope you heart finds peace some day.Recommend

  • ZeeCarolina

    Wonder what kind of law or justice you believe in. A self confessed killer of hundreds, who conducted armed struggle against his state, is what was Bugti. It is the duty of the state to take such individuals to task. Name any sovereign country that would have done otherwise?Recommend

  • tarzon1

    The comments here have done justice. AB got what he deserved. He was an enemy of the state and I think PM should get a medal for getting rid of this enemy.Recommend

  • Aqeel khan

    i wonder in every article musharraf’s these words are referenced “(I will) hit him from where he wouldn’t see it coming.” but no body like to mention when it was said and what happened before, let me tell you. Musharraf was addressing a public gathering in Kohlu and he was attempted to kill by firing rockets from the nearby mountains, and nobody knew from where these rockets came and Bugti tribe took the credit that we tried to hit you guys and u didn’t have a clue then Musharraf said those words. I wonder why people just like to know half facts and ignore the cruelty done by these Sardars. These Sardars are enemy of their own ppl, like the author and other Bugti family members are born educated and lived abroad while their local people remain uneducated, poor and suffered..Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Mariam Bugti,

    You must not forget that you are a member of the Bugti family. It matters not. if the accused is found not guilty in the court of law, justice will face him in the higher court after death, this is what we believe in as muslims and condemn vengence or a revenge in this world since nothing can bring back your grand father in life. May God bless him and give peace to his soul.
    It is not easy to live in the cold Denmark but given the current volatile and unrest in Pakistan, it is perhaps the right decision. Good luck.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Aamir – Toronto

    Condolences or just being sarcastic…….shame on you for making a mockery of recent incident !!!Recommend

  • Aamir – Toronto

    Baluchistan is an integral part of Pakistan and its resources are the property of Pakistani government……Recommend

  • Fwaderas

    Someone doesn’t just randomly kill someone over nothing. Your grandfather obviously did something which incurred the wrath of the president of the country at the time


  • Despicable

    Yes you should beRecommend

  • Voice of Reason

    Perhaps Mariam can post a picture of the ‘humble’ abode that her grandfather lived in, rather than expecting people to believe her on face value.
    And why is she living in Karachi, why was she born in Denmark?Recommend

  • Bashir

    Our army is carrying out operation in FATA area. If the families of those killed in military operation file suits against army chief or the president will they be justified. Several senior army officers and Jawans also lost their lives in Bugti operation. I will be grateful if you visit their homes and console their familiesRecommend

  • Furqan

    Your grand father killed many innocent Pakistanis, salved them, jailed them.. black mailed Pakistan govt for years.. This nation is thankful to Gen. Musharaf Recommend

  • goldconsumer

    Is it the same price Gandhi and his family have paid, so far?Recommend

  • Zubair Siddiqi

    I must make you aware of a phrase “he who lives by the sword, dies by it” your grandfather was in open and armed rebellion against the state of Pakistan and was responsible for civilian deaths in his cause. Not counting his own personal prisons, the man flouted every law in the state. This by definition makes him a traitor. I am no fan of Musharraf but I find it appalling that this case against him got this far. You have lost a loved one and that is hard, but expect no sympathy for someone who can only be described as an enemy of the state.Recommend

  • hyra

    Stop whining ..fix ur grandfather’s mistakes.. he kept and treated his ppl like animals since ages.Recommend

  • silversurfer

    Dear indian, dont worry about Karachi.Recommend

  • silversurfer

    The conflict started because of an incident of Dr. shazia.Recommend

  • silversurfer

    this is true for all land lords in Punjab, and sindh. In fact some are even much worse. Why the likes of Pir Pagara, Jatois, Junejos, Gillanis, Qureshis and Chaurdhys are not bothered by the state? Are they special?Recommend

  • Emran

    Ms Marium…Please concentrate on graphic designing..Balochistan is none of your business.
    Mr Akbar Bugti himself claimed that he did first murder when he was only 11 years old…Its really painful that kids of all war lords are not living in their areas…People of Balochistan are totally helpless…Great People but unfortunately being governed by these war lords….They have money to keep their own armies but can,t provide basic necessities to people of Balochistan….Recommend

  • Khiz

    Madam, your grandfather was once a great Pakistani leader whose contributions to politics and civil society must be acknowledged. However, the day he picked up arms and mounted rebellion against the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, he become a traitor. The President of Pakistan acted appropriately to ensure that no one dares to challenge the writ of the federal government through the use of weapons. The Sardar chose to not challenge via the ballot box or the pen, but by the gun,and hence it was apt that that gun was what ended him. Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    It was genuine sadness but the Karma part is the point isn’t it?! All the terrorist activities by ISI will have a repercussion on Pakistan as a nation and pity is that for the bigotry of generals poor people of Pakistan like these kids will suffer. And I am a Hindu so am not bothered with death as I know they will be born again to live their Karma but sheer waste of lifetime due to wonderful policies adopted by Pak Army and ISI in the past. Same way the LeT, JeM etc will come calling tomorrow whose leaders the Pakistani forces give protection to shamelessly.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    That is the whole point isn’t it? I am not taking sides but just saying that Karma doesn’t spare any one. You don’t mix and match issues. Pakistan will suffer for the terrorism they spread in the world and if Bugti has wronged his people he will too but both are different issues. Pity that the poor Pakistani kids get to enjoy the results of policies of Pak Army and ISI.Recommend

  • Nasser

    Jude Allen proves the point
    AB &his followers always see the things through west’s eyes…like NYT.


  • Linux Novice

    It depends. Pakistan is a false state without any basis for existence. So there will always be exploitation and inequality even among the people of the pure! Recommend

  • Linux Novice


  • Linux Novice

    Lol, so you are conceding that tomorrow India invades Pakistan then Pakistan will become integral part of India and can exploit the resources?!Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    So is for Pakistan! People say Karma is a ………Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    What was the commandos doing in Balochistan?!Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    Those who spread terrorism fall by it!Recommend

  • Nasser

    Typical Indian troll with fake identity Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    So how many Indian terrorists have been killed or captured?!Recommend

  • A Khan

    First of all, as she has mentioned in her article, pictures of the lavish houses and caves doing the rounds are false pictures. They are from someplace in Italy , as per my knowldge, and has nothing to do with AB.
    But you wont open your eyes and keep beleiving the narative fed to you by the state and its cronies. Educated yet illiterate.
    What a shame
    On a different note, how much do you think a general is worth when he retires???Recommend

  • A Khan
  • A Khan

    He stood up for the rights of a rape victim against an Army Captain.

  • Ahmed

    The only mistake that Musharraf made was not taking out a few more of the worst examples of Sardars, Waderas & Landlords while he was at itRecommend

  • saqib salman

    LOL. What were his beliefs? I mean actual belief. Please enlighten us. What good Bugti has done to Balochistan. Name few. The royalti he was given from oil fields was for his people. But he has all spent on himself and his sardari so that he remains stronger in the area and be a Sardar. Just because Parvez Musharaf executed him doesn’t make him a saint. Sorry for Marryam’s lost but he was a disaster for the people of this Nation.Recommend

  • saqib salman

    Excuse me whose resources? These are states resources. Not a drop of oil belong to these thugsRecommend

  • saqib salman

    Musharraf’s nailed it even better :D isn’t it?Recommend

  • Maqsood Baluch.

    R.I.P.Nawaz Sahib . Revenge was due since a long time , however your sons went for the
    law to decide , Which is against the Baluch tradition of AN EARLY & EXPEDITED PALAND. Being a friend of your eldest son SALIM (A lion ) for many years until he passed away fighting bravely with death . In my opinion if Salim was still living ,your assassination would have been avenged a long time back .
    SURE ENOUGH . Recommend

  • Maqsood Baluch.

    Totally a farce my comment is no more , and a jude favorites Musharaff . Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    I know Musharraf personally as he is a family member! Whether Musharraf personally ordered the operation or
    the local command did is immaterial. It is the duty of any government to
    do so. If your grandfather had laid down weapons and surrendered he
    might be alive today.

    No madam, it matterr a lot whether the order was a legal one or an illegal one and who ordered the operation? The member of your family is an indicted criminal who defied the State and rode roughshod against its institutions through a military coup takeover, sending present Prime Minister to exile.
    What makes him apologise for the blatant murder of the head of the Bugti tribe if he is innocent of his murder which you insinuate?

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Rex minor

    I am not a pro Musharraf person but what he did made sense whether Lal masjid or ur stuff whatever u r shouting abovet

    Not so fast Sir, you have not the sense to understand what sense is? There is no sense in violence and soldiers who are attack on the house rained to kil have least sense of all. You consider that the attack on the house of God, violating its santity, makes senser ? You sir are an infidel not a believer in the God of Ibrahim.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Rehman Siwani

    It is not the same. Stop generalizing.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Well, the man annoyed me. I’ve forgotten what it was about now, but I shot him dead. I’ve rather a hasty temper you know, but under tribal law of course it wasn’t a capital offence, and, in any case, as the eldest son of the Chieftain I was perfectly entitled to do as I pleased in our own territory. We enjoy absolute sovereignty over our people and they accept this as part of their tradition.

    -Nawab Akbar Shahbaz Khan BugtiRecommend

  • Raja Hindu Stani

    Yes, we all know where karma will be hitting soon.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    And there are millions who have already given up the hope to remain as part of todays Pakistan which is gradualy turning into a land of the military in active service or retirees while the civilian talent is turning to migration.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Jai Mata Ki

    Fantastic, now go do something useful.Recommend

  • Boy


  • Arch Shahaan

    We all know that neither musharaf not bugti was an angel. but it vvas an aggression by a military dictator towards AB due to vvhich vve have had ten years of violence in the region. Yes they call us Baloch traitors but killing bugti vvas not even in the interest of Pakistan as vvell .. I hope vve soon have peace and the country becomes a better place to live.Recommend

  • siesmann

    Pakistan itself lives in 7th century Arabia, Mr.Usama !!Recommend

  • Riaz Papin

    What is wrong with seeing the things from another angle may it even be of West’s. They are at least more neutral with some integrity and principlesRecommend

  • Saad Ahmed Khan

    I work in sui, I know the situation first hand. Mr Musharraf did an excellent jobRecommend

  • Shahzad Jam

    They were guarding their country-land.Recommend

  • Kushal

    Not exactly. Gandhi is treated as a martyr, his face comes up in the currency notes. Here you are debating his nationalist credentials.Recommend

  • Midas

    I think you live in the past, these days you have to follow the money. No one sends people any where, most of the problems in Pakistan are caused by people of the land but through sponsorship from else where, even the Mumbai shoot-out would not have been possible if people in India were not helping those goons. India supports Abdullah Abdullah and his clan of the northern tribes and they instigate the anti-Pakistan element in Pakistan, so grow up. After reading your comments you sound like someone who is an International critic.Recommend

  • Rex minor

    It was a sad day in the history of Pakistan. It made us believe that
    Pakistan Army is the ultimate Goon of the country who can kill anybody
    on their own agenda.

    No civilised democracy will allow its army to rule over the people,simply becauses they are trained to kill the enemy. Pakistan army unfortunately is the left over relic of the colonial army whom the Brits trained and used to suppress natives of India. Unless a National army is formed in the country from the conscipts who have affiliations from the locals, the army civil rule in turn will linger on until the State is completely disintegrated.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Azkaar Abbasi

    Stop givingcertificates of good believer or infidel because one u r not authorized and 2nd he knows best and no one can take his place
    The problem is this we think we are saints we are the best Muslims Allah gives u n me hadiath
    Coming back to it topic Bro what was going on in Lal masjid
    Kidnapping weapons
    Mashallah this is what a mosque is for
    It’s for worshipping only it’s a hadith that u can’t even announce lost found in a mosque even
    Read what shariah says if you go against a state and what is the punishment for that
    Everyone tried to convince them as far as I remember and that was the last option I believe
    there were so many from my area there but what is wrong is wrong whoever doesRecommend

  • Custard_Pie_In_Your_Face

    Feudal political figure murdered eh? My heart bleeds.

    The only way I can see this country getting itself out of the mess it’s in is by just letting the ruling classes continue to blow each other away until they’re all gone.Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    That she can write against a former president and COAS shows how much liberty and freedom she enjoys , can the same be said for people living under the brutal rule of her family ?
    Balochistan has no industry and very poor education system.
    No schools and no hospitals.
    How many Graphic designers and CEO have come from the area where the grandfather reigned supreme.
    Very few, i imagine, because her family has kept the people in ignorance and poverty.
    While her own family members are scattered in Denmark , karachi and everywhere except Balochistan the people are forced to suffer.
    Think before you write.Recommend

  • Linux Novice

    I always am, Ana Al Haq.Recommend