When Quratulain Baloch made Sain Allan Faqir roll in his grave with Tere Ishq Nachaya

Published: January 9, 2016

The Express Tribune had earlier predicted that the government will initiate a historic move in 2016 — slap a ban on companies making fizzy drinks, SIM cards and coffee from ‘manufacturing’ Pakistani music.

Sources say ‘honouring’ folk music, making tributes and covers, and pushing them down people’s throats will be punishable by law. Until that happens, we present to you the latest that the corporate-backed music scene has on offer – Quratulain Balouch’s Tere Ishq Nachaya.

At the finale of Pepsi Unplugged, the very talented singer unleashed a vicious cover of a song she has been performing for long. In fact, Quratulain made her first mainstream appearance with the same song on Coke Studio Season Six, alongside Jal.

But this time, her piercing vocal tone cut right through the hearts of Muhammad Ali Shayki and Sain Allan Faqir and their countless fans.

It is times like these you want to thank the invention they call auto-tune.

Throughout the length of what out in the streets they call ‘murder’, the singer is off-key, off-beat and off-track. The performance is accentuated by recorded crowd chants that appear out of nowhere every now and then. The singer seems lost, lost in the parallel universe on whose throne she sits, wielding a microphone in one hand and a bottle of fizzy drink in the other.

While Faqir rolls in his grave, we really hope Shayki doesn’t find out what’s being done to his classic and a legacy that is being devoured, bit by bit, by caramel flavoured soda.

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Music Maniac

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