If my father dies, I will hold Islamabad’s Shifa International responsible for his death

Published: January 9, 2016

The nursing staff was irritable throughout the evening and no one came to check the pulse or other vitals of my visibly emaciated father. PHOTO: SHIFA INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL FACEBOOK PAGE

As I write this, my father is fighting for his life, unconscious with a ventilator pumping oxygen into his frail body from a makeshift tank in the surgical step-down of supposedly one of the best health facilities in this unfortunate country, the Shifa International Hospital of Islamabad.

But my father was not like this a couple of days ago.

He came to this hospital expecting humanity, civility, hospitality, professionalism and some refined attitude. None of his expectations were met and instead he nearly lost his life. As his bed was being darted into the ICU, he was unconscious and heartbroken. He had been let-down so badly.

Perhaps it wasn’t just him. Perhaps many others came to this facility, only to end up paying through their noses for insults, carelessness and outright disgrace in this formerly great institution.

My father came to Shifa after he suffered a stroke. The effects on his brain temporarily incapacitated his food intake ducts and impaired the natural functioning of his bladder. Hence he got a so-called peg penetrated straight into his stomach and a catheter inserted into his bladder for passage of urine.

The catheter was so unprofessionally inserted that he suffered multiple, profuse bleedings. During one of such emergencies, we had to rush him back to the emergency room at Shifa International. When the bleeding stopped, the nursing staff refused to wipe the blood off his sick body and wanted us, his family, to do that. After a heated exchange, they finally agreed to do us the ‘favour’ followed duly by a rather ‘international’ financial transaction with the billing department of the hospital.

During another rush to the hospital for yet another bleeding because of the catheter, the nursing staff was extremely rude, if not outright insulting. One nurse snapped,

“Hato bacho!”

(Move aside children!)

His colleague muttered a sorry’ behind him.

When discharged and declared ‘good to go’, the male nurse told us that since he was too tired to change the patient back into his home dress, we should simply take him out into the chill of a 6am Islamabad morning in the white, knee-high, two-piece hospital gown.

A written complaint – euphemistically called ‘feedback’ by the hospital – was promptly filled and submitted about the whole episode. However, the ‘international’ facility is yet to get back to us on our ‘feedback’.

At around midnight on December 29th, when my father was in the care of the Urology Department of the hospital for yet another catheter complication, the nursing staff nearly killed him. They were irritable throughout the evening and no one came to check the pulse or other vitals of my visibly emaciated father. When we yelled for help and someone hesitantly came to the rescue, he had already passed out and was nearing a fatal level of consciousness. After some frantic chest presses, he was rushed to the ICU and finally put on a ventilator.

There he lies now fighting for his life – a life that would have been a happy, cheerful one if the Shifa International staff had professionally discussed the side effects of the sedatives that were given to him, if the Urology department had more than the only one ventilator and if the nursing staff had stayed alert and kept an eye on the vitals of a severely ill patient.

We are submitting another ‘feedback’, but deep down, we know they will not bother. I don’t exactly know how to furnish all the technical arguments proving that my father is nearly dead because of the callous and unprofessional bunch that peoples this hospital. My story will be one of a happy, healthy life that was brought down by disgustingly inhuman and professionally criminal attitudes.

If he dies, I will hold Shifa International responsible and I will never forgive them.

Sumaira Khan

Sumaira Khan

Sumaira Niazi is a recent graduate of English Linguistics and Literature from National University of Modern Languages. She currently works for herself.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Kdada

    Though I don’t know the exact severity of the stroke. It looks like he was fed via the PEG This shows that he is a frail person. There was no point in putting him on a ventilator as they can’t be taken off the ventilator plus the quality of life, if they survive, is misrable. With a patient in such a vegetative state he is prone to complications. The best thing would have been to keep him comfortable and let him die in peace. Death is a reality and it should be accepted. Recommend

  • Sleepless

    I have been witness to the callousness displayed by Shifa International Hospital, first in the case of my Chacha who was brain dead, but still the doctors tried to resuscitate him. In the case of my father-in-law, they were extremely unprofessional and took a lot of time with his documents.Recommend

  • Zalmay Khan

    my prayers with the affected family..but though this whole affair might be a routine affair for the hospital administration but having said that not for the family….hospital administration must be sebistive to the family pains and moreover counsel them regarding the treating procedures and complications…i hope all hospitals will adhere to this basic in the coming days….Recommend

  • Dr Zaheer Asghar Khan

    I am a personal example to repeat the above story. The Shifa International Hospital has destroyed my knee joint in a series of operations from 1999 to 2007, all the time charginging ‘international’ at ‘international’ rates.

    Where can one go after suffering from these so-called ‘messihaas’?
    In some countries, there are ‘lawyers’ cells’, that take up such cases and see that the culprits are punished. Not here. Even the legal fraternity here leaves much to desire.Recommend

  • majid

    health delivery providers are too commercial minded , lack empathy and ethics and no more accountable as t he govt never bothered to put the system on right track. VIPs go abroad for minor problems and least pushed to inculcate professionalism and hence we are bound to suffer. Sumaira , you take up the case with PMDC and sue the people in court . May Allah shower blessings and rstore health of your fatherRecommend

  • rizwan

    Problem is no one from the civilized society will bother to even stand with you until it’s a mass murder or an ethical issue. I hope your father gets well soon. I hope even my comment passes moderation.Recommend

  • Fawad Sharif

    This is so true, I work in TMF a sister organization of SIH and I know this. My niece had to under go a surgery while signing the paper outside the O.T. we identified that medicines which were to be injected were expired. That could have turned fatal if my brother had not found it.

    Sister if you are reading my reply consult Dr. Qazi (C.E.O SIH) and Dr. Samea k. Ahmad (daughter of the founder).Recommend

  • Abdullah Zafar

    Sue them!

  • TM

    Unfortunate for you. The story doesnt lead to any medical negligence , as far as i can comprehend. Attitude of para medical staff is what bothering me. Having said that, i knw this hospital, pays meagre salaries to their nursing staff and they are over committed , which subsequently results in bad attitudes.Recommend

  • Dr. Reema

    I totally feel your agony and pray that your father gets well soon. Ameen

    As a doctor and having worked at Shifa, I absolutely agree with your account. Shifa has long ago sold its morality, good medical practice and patient care. All they care now is money flowing from every corner, not even letting go of the income through their parking lot !! As a doctor, it is terrible to see patient care being graded as per the affordability. You are bound to not offer any help to the patient until he pays and rubs his nose against the hospital walls. If you work there you literally sell your soul.
    It is so unfortunate that some patients still deem it as the highest standard across the country and gather all their scrapings to pay off their dues. What they get in return? God the poor souls don’t even know !Recommend

  • Najam

    It’s highly unfortunate but they claimed to be international and charging high bills as well so they should provide best health careRecommend

  • Xghostx

    Reads like it’s Written by a petulant child. Grieving is no excuse for spreading ridiculous statements. And you need to go look up what the word negligence means. The realities of health care are harsh and jarring. Medical staff are not obliged to be courteous merely competent, your hurt sentiments are your problem. Deal with them like a grown up. And also regarding the complaints about the medical bills, I advise you check the price of a service before availing it rather than bemoaning it afterwards. The are plenty of cheaper alternatives Recommend

  • Jayman

    At a time like this, dua or dawa are the best suggestions anybody can offer. There are many stroke victims I know who have lived for decades after the stroke. A stroke can range from mild to severe. The above case was made worse by rupture of the internal organs through mistreatment and/or negligence.Recommend

  • pacer

    Sadly the health facilities are in a very bad conditon in our country. People die in hospital because there are no ventilators. Thos happens when govt puts roads before hospital and schoolsRecommend

  • Ali

    Im sorry you have to bear such humiliation . I have my self faced such instances not so long ago in nuclear medicine department where my 6 month old went through a torrid time.May allah grant your father health and wish you never have to go the same expwrience again.Recommend

  • Naveed

    I feel for the effected family, my prayers are with you. I myself have a really bad experience in this good-for-nothing hospital where without providing the least bit of care in the emergency unit for an accident victim, they charged a huge sum of money at discharge. Similar is the case for Maroof Hospital which was publicized for offering incentives to doctors to make patients spend more. The fact is nobody cares enough to do anything about it. I myself felt like a loser when the complaint I wrote against a doctor of Maroof was finally picked up after my constant insistence and was dismissed as no big deal. This happens in countries with no law … Sorry for your father again.Recommend

  • Savant

    PEG placement after stroke is common and does not necessarily mean the outcome is poor. It is done to prevent aspiration of food contents into the lungs since swallowing mechanism is impaired after a stroke. It often recovers with time – of course it’s a matter of patients and families wishes but I would not necessarily look at just PEG placement as indicator of having a long term poor quality of life. Recommend

  • Rd px

    Being a doctor, I have often seen both genuine malpractice and frivolous complaints. Both exist in every society including the best in the world. There are complications everywhere, some avoidable some not. Shifa is a good hospital but to reach genuine international standards u need to charge even more money I am afraid. Until u charge same as a private hospital in UK, u can’t deliver the exact same care. It all boils down to money.Recommend

  • Osama

    Shifa Management and staff are in state of confusion with Zero coordination. Maybe the staff is not trained well to handle crisis situation or standard processes/protocol do not exist or are not followed properly.
    I have personal bitter experience of this mis-handling by Nursing Staff in Gyne Department at Shifa International Hospital.
    After discharge my wife was allowed to go home and another appointment was confirmed for next week. In follow-up appointment, stitches were removed and doctor asked if patient’s drainage was removed from operated region. Patient’s file notes has no where mentioned of drainage pipe removed from body. Resident Doctor on-round was called and asked to verify notes but even deny to recognize patient.
    My wife was sent for ultra-sound to ensure existence of any foreign body. After an hour of ultra-sound, We were made aware that drainage pipe still exist in body and need to be remove immediately. We had already been through trauma initially during c-section and were again asked to be prepared for another shock. After short procedure, drainage pipe (around 8 inch long) was removed from patient’s body and patient was allowed to go home ensuring that Resident doctor on-round would be removed from gyne department.
    My wife initial discharge Procedure that took more than 3 hours yet failed to ensure very basic Protocol to ensure that all foreign body was removed from Patient. This particular staff mis-handling case would have gone unnoticed unless Patient’s doctor would not have taken immediate action and presence of mind saved patient from any infection/trauma.

    After incident, We provided immediate feedback to make thorough investigation regarding staff coordination, training, responsiveness and crisis management.
    It was promised to take legal action against resident doctor who was responsible. After 2 months We received call from Shifa and all they could do was patch up whole incident. They tried to defend their staff and said resident doctor did exactly as told by Patient’s doctor.

    Unless any steps are taken in this regard it would continue to remove the long live trust that common man has on shifa hospital. Problems can only be solved unless it is realized there are any in first place and sincere measures are taken to fix them.Recommend

  • Sidra

    This hospital seems to be an imitation of Lahore’s Doctors hospital. These private institutions suck the blood out of their patients and yet provide abysmal health care. No regulatory system to keep a check on these health care facilities allow them to keep continuing with their inhuman practices. Sumaira, my prayers are with you. May Allah bless him with health and may he be with you in his best health.Recommend

  • Jahangir Satti

    It’s the biggest fraudulent so called hospital in the world. I took my mother there in 1999. They asked us for blood. For what? Well we provided them. She was put on ventilation just to fleece us. They did not read her xrays. Did nothing. I had all the proofs that she was murdered. I went to couple of attorneys. They asked me how long I was in the USA? I told them for a long time. I came to know the elite of the country had shares in it. Nobody will take my case. I came back shocked.
    Jahangir Satti, Ph.D., Diplomat American Board of Radiology.
    Asst.Clinical Professor/Medical Physicist Albany Medical College, New York, USARecommend

  • Acorn Guts

    I wish your father complete and quick recovery. I’ve been through something similar not long ago and I can understand your feelings ..

    I was however let down not by shifa but UK’s best cardiology hospital St. George’s. Following a CABG surgery my father was wheeled into CCU where he fought for his life. At one point he was left under observation of a medical student when the main nurse decided to go for a lunch break, during that time he went into a medical emergency which the student nurse didn’t recognise and insisted that we wait for nurse to come back or the medical equipment to beep which would flag if anything was really serious. In a nutshell, following the episode my father went through a tough time and eventually passed away without gaining consciousness soon after.

    What I’m trying to say is that sometimes you just do the best you can under the circumstances but even the best you’ve done does not guarantee best outcome you hope for. Sometimes you just have to put your faith into another human’s hand and if it goes all wrong you have to remind yourself that we are all humans after all .. some of us are just negligent while those who aren’t can still make honest mistakes … you can not fight fate. Stay strong my friend.Recommend

  • rehman

    these ruddy peolpe caused my grandmother multiple organ failure after a minor treatment for chest treatment.

  • Muhammad Rizwan Arif

    SHIFA is a profit making entity and human lives dont matter for them, its like routine for them.

  • Reach Man!!!

    My family and friends have also witnessed maltreatment by the hands of Shifa Hospital. They pride themselves as pulic listed money making hospital rather than their true purpose. Recommend

  • Sfk

    Shifa hospital is known for their unprofessional and greedy attitudes. The doctors there are required to reach a quota. They are paid for getting in more and more patients using the expensive treatments. But as this is Pakistan where no one gives a shit about the disgusting treatment people like the other get, there is just no hope that our voices will be heard. Recommend

  • Ali Ashraf

    I have a more bitter experience than this as they almost killed.my 5 year old daughter who was a prey to Dr.Yawar Najam of peads department along with Dr. Arsalan of neuro department. I would request tribune to please please help the victims like me to raise or voice at a forum where it can be heard in the halls of the VIP People. Recommend

  • http://bilalfiroz.wordpress.com Bilal Firoz

    This hospital is trash, I still remember how they treated my father – he passed away almost three years ago and I remember when we took him to Shifa Hospital , the way he was treated. The doctors at Shifa are too proud of themselves and almost all of the staff is rude and uncooperative. I will support you in any action that you take against this vile and corrupt institution.Recommend

  • Qz2932

    That is an extremely rude comment. Death is not always a reality… it can be prevented in certain cases, and that is what the hospital is there for. If you read the article in full, her father has survived and is alive, no thanks to that appalling hospital.Recommend

  • K

    I experienced the same level of unprofessionalism at Shifa international. My father went in for pancreatitis and ended up in the ICU because the nurse was busy chatting away while injecting medicine. She gave him a potent dose, he had to be immediately taken to the ICU. My brother witnessed the whole thing.
    Alhamdulillah, my father is better but he was only tended to once we started making calls to pull some strings. Before that he was being treated miserably even after our “priority/vip” payment. In Pakistan you get your work done only if you use sources. That’s the sad truth.

    Prayers for your father and family. Please get a second opinion from some other hospital. Recommend

  • Fahad

    My sympathies with the affected family, May Allah bless him with health. There are always good and bad examples, in my case I took my younger brother almost dead after a terrible car crash and he was on GCS 3 at that time. Almighty gave him life and now he is able to communicate, sit and eat. Doctors, nurses in the ICU or in step down ICU did do any sort of negligence and I am a witness that they gave the best of the care to him. The problem is Shifa is over crowded over burdened due to broken health system of Govt of Pakistan. You can see thousand of people walking inside that main lobby, i know this cuz i sat there for 2 months.That much crowd is impossible to handle, doctors, nurses & support staff are still human. Business aside, they cant ask a sick person to come back later or cant stop treating emergencies.
    I know the reasons of the author maybe are well founded but they did deliver to us all what you said is missing in your case.Recommend

  • Noman

    A doctor here.

    How do you know the catheter placement was unprofessional? Do you have a medical background?

    If your father had a stroke, what kind of stroke was it? Haemorrhagic or infarct? If he had had a bleeding tendency, that would explain bleeding while catheterizing.

    It’s easy to blame when you’re panicked. I’m a doctor and I see panicked attendants every day.

    I hope your dad recovers shortly. Recommend

  • Noman

    Care to explain how?

    Did they misdiagnose you? Did they institute the wrong treatment? What exactly went wrong? Recommend

  • Noman

    Did they know he was brain dead at the time they tried to resuscitate him?

    Did they have a DNR order?

    Please explain. Recommend

  • Noman

    But you’re not the one to be making that decision.

    That’s someone’s dad you’re talking about. There is absolutely a point in putting people on ventilators and yes, people do come off ventilators.

    You are nobody to determine what’s best for a stroke patient who you’re totally unrelated to. Recommend

  • Mustafa

    as in my experience the staff there is not cooperating at all and no required level of management to check the doctors and staffRecommend

  • Malik Ammar

    I’ve no doubt about it. My father was also treated the same hospital for colan cancer but there careless ness cause complication and died just in 11 days. I think this hospital should be shut down. I heard they treat poor free but at the sametime rip off others. It’s nothing but a business. Every doctor come to visit a patient even a follow up there is a charge. It’s ridiculous and cruel.Recommend

  • sohail

    I hv a bad Experience ever in life,i have heard about this hospital a lot that .,it has latest health related, equipment ,services but my friends plz beware of this hospital because.its only about money making , there is no such type of facility or sympathy, management and medical staff use every trick to snatch Money, thanksRecommend

  • Muhammad Belal Gulfraz Abbasi

    I had same sort of experience some days before when they refuse to treat one of my students , badly injured in a bike accident, as they discovered that his father is of nominal income and Bill climbed up to 82000 in just two hours of stay . He had head injury and they asked us to move him to PIMS . After involving some high rank officials and advance payment of one Million Rupees they favoured us with his cure. Recommend

  • Siddique

    Many have lost thier lives like this at shifa urs is just another crying voice May God help u and this nationRecommend

  • AmericanMuse

    Shifa International has problems it seems!Recommend

  • Rashidk

    It seems he was never supposed to be put on ventilator but at times, rather most of the time it’s attendants like the writer of this blog who force doctors to do so! By the simple fact that you can write a few lines in a newspaper, you assume that you know everything and try to dictate the doctor. And at times, the simple fuss created by the attendants forces doctors make wrong decisions. I’m sorry, ur dad is sick but I, being a practicing doctor can assume from the way u presented it that u r partly to be blamed for all this. If u had let doctors make decision which are rational one not emotional (which u tend to make as a family member), ur dad shud not have been put on ventilator in the first place. A frail person who suffered a stroke, can’t eat and can’t pee is a critical patient and all he needs is comfort care. Let him die peacefully!!Recommend

  • usman niazi

    get a lawyer asap and bring him to your father and get him to record every evidence… then sue the hell out of the institution(get a really good lawyer who wants reputation rather than money)Recommend

  • Tinkerer

    Sumaira, My prayers and sympathies are with your father. Stroke is a debilitating condition and depending upon age and general health, could result in vegetative state. It can be painful and frustrating for the family. A hospital, no matter how sophisticated, cannot alter the outcome of an irreversible situation or prevent death.
    They do however must treat patients and their families with empathy and due consideration. If the nursing staff’s services are not satisfactory, you may want to speak to the attending physician.
    The people commenting about “international rates” probably aren’t aware of what treatment costs in developed countries. I had a chance to seek treatment at this hospital during my past two visits to Pakistan and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of treatment provided as well as professionalism of the staff. It matched what I would receive at a US hospital at about a tenth of the cost I would have to pay here.
    My advice is to be firm but polite and don’t hesitate to escalate to higher levels if you don’t get results from the people you’re working with.
    Best wishes. Recommend

  • Naveed

    I belong to a family of doctors.

    It’s sad that an institution like Shifa is still operating legally after the horror stories doctors in my family have told me.

    While my heart goes out to you and all my prayers and well wishes are with your family. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

    Shifa’s mantra is to operate. If you don’t walk in there with a problem they can operate on, they’re gonna give you one. Operate on you. Cause 5 more problems. Operate on them too. And then effectively ruin your health while sucking your bank account dry.

    I hope you dad survives this. Recommend

  • Maria M.

    Have experienced many such incidents at Shifa International with family members and without a doubt their medical staff is callous and negligent especially the nurses. Do not want divulge in details of all incidents but just to give example of their negligence as silly as marking the healthy eye instead of the sick eye for a cataract surgery . The nurses are overworked and underpaid , usually one nurse is looking after multiple patients in ICU and CCU during a single shift and unable to monitor and cater to all patients satisfactorily. Post surgical complications do happen at night when the family is not around and the hospital staff is not vigilantly observing the sedated or unconscious patients .In international hospitals , there is a practice of risk management in medical practice , e.g. if a person commits suicide or dies within few hours/days after a surgery , the hospital is liable to have an investigation of the events and the ones respondible are penalised . We need to stand up against such malpractices and demand quality services from” international ” hospitals in return of the internationally charged rates for treatment.Recommend

  • Raheel Ahmed. Junejo

    Brother you need to sue them. Shifa is no more a hospital it is a completely commercial mall. I am also victim to it. They made me lose my child during my wife’s pregnancy by non-professional nursing staff.

    And I brother its your father, dont compromise on less be violent and teach them lesson then let it be slapping the doctor or nursing staff and lodging an FIR of attempt to murder on basis of will ful negligence by hospital.

    I have done that when my matternal aunty got unconcious and doctor was so easy in emergency that he was asking to wait until he haves tea. We drageed him from his neck from the table putting tea all over his clothes, he shouted and tried to call security on which we warned him that if we can drag u in front of entire staff we can also drag you through police courts and even whatever way required to teach you less that this is not the way to treat sick when you r hospital because nothing is more valuable then beloved ones. They charge madly and they dont treat anyone. It is time that this hospital should be shut down so that no more patients suffer that badly.Recommend

  • Quratulain Khan

    If you are a healthcare provider you just stepped over your boundaries and insulted your profession. I’m a nurse in US. Here even after MRIs and CAT scans clearly show the extent of brain damage doctors and other healthcare providers do not call a patient vegetative or make any affirmative declarations. Shame on you for making such statements without knowing the patient’s health history or the event preceding his current condition. If you are not a healthcare provider you are extremely ignorant and disrespectful to another human being’s self respect. Recommend

  • isloo pak

    I think you should move your father to a decent hospital. Let them know you are not satisfied and don’t use their services.

  • Waqas Ali SAQIB

    After going throw a quick review of blogs your blog forced me to stop for a while and read all that.First of all i am sorry for your father and may ALLAH grant him a fastest recovery!!

    I would like to add here that our family is one of the victim of this so called”SHIFA”Hospital when my mother was suffering from back pain,Dr Inayat ULLAH KHAN suggested her surgery which went unsuccessful wasn’t much needed i assume,Later on it got worsen,the wound was painful for years..She been going back to the same Dr he diagnosed her tuberculosis and start giving her treatment for that which we found out wasn’t the case at first place and she had to lose her much needed fluids and marrows because of all those treatments.

    Make the long story short we are experiencing all that since last 8 years and my mother is still suffering but now we have decided to quit them and we have started her treatment from SKMH Lahore which is really helpful now.
    I was planning to sue them and will be seconding you in further demonstration against them it might help too many others.

    Good LuckRecommend

  • Anas Ali

    Ma’am, is there any way to get in touch with you? My grandfather went through almost the same thing in 2011. He was over dosed on anesthesia by the anesthesia specialist. He went in to a coma and passed away after 11 days.
    We paid shifa Rs. 48 lac in those 11 days. And in the end his body was not released until we cleared the remaining bill of Rs 320 (Three Hundred and twenty rupees).
    We protested in front of Islamabad press club, and took they case to the Senate standing committee on Health which was chaired by Senator Kalsoom Parveen. And it was decided there that Ministry of Health was to take up the case and investigate, but the ministry was probably approached by Shifa International and the case was never investigated.

    I hope and pray for the good health of your father. May he recover form this soon. But I would like your help reopening the case for the ill treatment of the patients.Recommend

  • M Zafar Khan Safdar

    Shifa Islamabad may be a good hospital for many but my experience with it is horrible too as that of Sumaira Khan. My Brother in Law who was a senior civil servant of customs group preferred this hospital over SIUT for his kidney transplant. He was on dialysis at CMH Peshawar where he was asked to think about transplant instead of weekly dialysis.

    Since i remained with him at every visit and till last moment, i noticed Shifa more as an enterprise than a hospital, for we were being treated as customers and not patients. In the first few weeks, they took a million rupees in the name of tests of every kind. All test results were normal but they still used to send us to every doctor of the hospital to add to more tests and to pay him the fee.

    More than 2 months lapsed, still they did not give any date for the surgery. My brother in Law felt irritated of long travelling (From Peshawar to Islamabad) every week, and even twice a week, without bearing any fruitful results. On one fine morning, he felt dizziness and rushed to CMH but couldn’t last.

    The Shifa just wasted our time and squeezed a major amount in the name of ‘treatment/ tests’ but did no good to us. They delayed the surgery resulting in his death….Recommend

  • inayat

    Our exp, In so many hospitals ……..
    My mother was a cancer patient, she had been treated for one and half year in shifa hospital. The behavior of consultant and higher management was really disappointed. However, their nurses and junior Doctors were cooperative. We had no option to take treatment anywhere else as when we came to know , that was last stage of my mother deadly daises. SKCMH don’t entertain who are already passed to last stage. The most hurting attitude, once i had only 34k in cash , (while every time we had to deposit 50 K to 60 K before get into ward ) They refused to admit despite being constant cancer patient from past year. When we arranged, then they shifted to ward.
    I also want to quote here that they collect millions of donation while no option to treat deadly daises out of them. Same goes to every hospitals in our country.Recommend

  • Naveed

    You comment is the height of insensitivity. How are you gonna treat someone when you do not have empathy towards them? Its not a burger making process, its a human life. Read above and below about all the other people having bad experiences there but you assume that the families are to blame. Your behaviour is ‘non-Pakistani’ sir!Recommend

  • Noman

    Sue the hospital for what exactly?Recommend

  • Noman

    1. Pancreatitis patients do need ICU care on a routine basis. Pancreatitis is a medical emergency and the patient can deteriorate very quickly.

    2. Which drug did the nurse inject? Potent or not, the nurse was ordered to inject the drug by the attending physician. So are you saying that doctors prescribed the wrong medication? Or did the nurse overdose your dad? Recommend

  • Noman

    Can you explain what exactly happened?Recommend

  • Noman

    It’s not unusual for patients to be initially suspected of having one disease and later found to have a different disease.

    So if your patient had TB, the doctors did the right thing by starting them on ATT.

    What condition is your mother suffering from now? Is it MDR TB?

    A doctor here. Please share the details. Recommend

  • Noman

    Do you have his medical records?

    Overdosage of anesthesia would lead to a more rapid death.

    What was his diagnosis and what happened in the 11 days between surgery and expiry?

    Sympathies with you regardless. Recommend

  • Noman

    Transplant surgeries are scheduled unlike emergency surgeries.

    For the transplant to be successful, all sorts of tests have to be done and those tests do take a while.

    The doctors have to make sure that the person receiving the transplant will have the least chances of rejection and/or complications.

  • Noman

    So you dragged a doctor by his collar so he could save your patient’s life?

    You must be really proud of what you did. Recommend

  • Noman

    Post surgical complications can happen at any time.

    It’s not like because the attendants are by the patient’s side, his surgery magically doesn’t complicate.

    And FYI, there’s one nurse per patient in ICU/CCU, and there’s one nurse per two patients in HDU. Recommend

  • Noman

    I agree with all of what you said except the last line.

    But being a doctor myself, I think you should be ashamed of yourself for the last line in your comments.

    Did you not have medical ethics in med school? WHAT KIND OF DOCTOR TALKS LIKE THAT? Recommend

  • Noman

    Treatment comes with a cost.

    Head injury patients need to be admitted and monitored for any possible scenario. There will be imaging tests, and there may be a need to operate, in addition to initial resuscitation.

    It costs a lot. Recommend

  • Noman

    What exactly happened?

    Which stage was it? Mets? What was his prognosis with the surgery? What exactly was the complication that occurred? Recommend

  • Noman

    I’m sorry to hear that.

    Could you share the details? Recommend

  • Noman

    A doctor here, Sir.

    Can you share the details? I think I can help you find a lawyer that might help if there really is a legitimate claim.

    What condition did she have? What was the clinical course? What did she die of? Recommend

  • Noman

    That may be true. That may all be true.

    But as a doctors, would you say that the bleeding upon attempted catheterization was traumatic or do you suspect bleeding diathesis?

    Because I think the OP is blaming the staff while completely ignoring the bleeding tendency. Recommend

  • bilal mustafa

    I think its more of a “communication gap” btw family n medical team rather than negligence.
    However, Few things hav to b kept in mind

    1. Death is absolute reality.

    2. Medical knowledge isnt absolute, everything isnt curable.

    3. Getting to a hospital never means u r guaranteed to b ok. Every disease has its dynamics. An elderly person coming with a massive stroke or a massive heart attack carries v bad outcome even if u take him to john hopkins.

    4. No procedure is carried out without a consent taken on a proper form mentioning important complications. Bleed, aspiration, infection, bed sores r some of complications of any debilitating disease. These complications r not negligence, they r “sequele” of the disease. Furthermore,
    Even medical negligence is something thats not “Pak” specific, its a worldwide issue but it doesnt mean u go around bashing an institution

    5. Putting a patient on a ventilator is “family” decision, dont pin it on the treating team. Every critical pt is councelled about pros n cons of a ventilator beforehand. If family opts for it only then such pts are put on vent watever the odds of survival are.

    6. U hav a case only if u really didnt sign any such documents before putting in a PEG or putting him on ventilator. WERE U NOT COUNCELLED ABOUT THIS WHEN THE DIAGNOSIS OF STROKE WAS MADE N PEG WAS INSERTED??

    7. Putting a health providing institution’s reputation into question through a BLOG is a shame to say the least. Its an insult to thousands n thousands of pts who hav been successfully treated til now n wil continue to do so in future inshallah. PMDC is the right forum.Recommend

  • Farrukh Naveed

    Shifa International is worst hospital for treating heart disease. They killed my mother as the result of wrong PTMC (They caused the wall leakage). Later after 4-5 days of discomfort they performed they suggested us Open Heart Surgery. She went on ventilater and got killed in very next day.

    Never every opt for Shifa (They have bad doctors + nursing staff now adays)Recommend

  • Faizan

    This shows how much of a human you are. As it has to happen someday why not now? It is a reality. Choose your words carefully. If you’re a doctor you have no right to straight away use auch words. Recommend

  • bilal

    most unfortunate..

  • Ali

    Please create a forum or fb page where we affectees register our complaints and let our voice be heard. We should not be apologetix to these criminals and not afraid to name names.Let us help others to expose theae piernahs and make them a symbol.Recommend

  • Mubeen

    Wishing your father a speedy recovery.

    Just like banking mohtasib there should be a health mohtasib where someone can atleast lodge an official complaint. Unfortunately nothing can improve without followups and complaints.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    I, being a practicing doctor can assume from the way u presented it that u r partly to be blamed for all this.

    usualy it is the patient or the doctor or the hospital staff, who are at the receiving end of the fault, you are blaming the daughter instead simply because she is traumatised with the whole experience and complaining about the impersonal and insensitive treatment that she reckons her father was provided by the hospital staff, which to be honest is not uncommon in any and most advanced hospital of the world . The function of the physician or the surgeon is to save life and not wish the patient to die peacefully.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Nadeem Alamgir

    My father died at Shifa international in 2011 after he,was given 2ml of a generic Bupivacane for TURP instead of recommended 1ml or less due,to his age. He suffered apnea and hypotension due,to overdose while recovering after the,procedure. DR Abdulrehman the anaesthatist kept on bluffing with us the whole night that it was only a,minor reaction of only 1ml dormicum injection that is an intent dose. During the,time he remained in coma till finally dying I have seen number of mishandlings and deaths due to incorrect procedures and medications. A dead child was kept on ventilator for whole night just to mint money from his father who was an Expat.
    After the death of my father on May 29,2011 his body was not released till I paid Rs.320/- even after paying millions of rupees for getting him killed.
    I approached Senate and three cases of same nature were taken up by the,Senate with my representation, one,was of M.P Bhandara and,other was of killing of,Dr.Javed,Chaudary ED of,Federal Government Services Hospital Islamabad. The,other two cases were on point of order of,Senetor Waseem Sajjad & Haji Adeel. The,Senate committee orderd ministry of health to establish a,committee of experts from out of city and submit report before end if June. Nothing happened. We along with other victim families protest in front of Press Club hold press,conference and,I approacheD Islamabad,High Court but my petition was filed by Honorable,CJ I also wrote to human right cell of Supreme Court but a,chief justice who even took suomoto for price if a,SAMOSA never to on a notice.

    The hospital is a money minting institute that is established as a private company on a land allotted for establishing a charity hospital. company they,are still killing people and no one is,taking any notice of it.

    I propose that we all victims of this killingmachine shall form a group and fight to get this hospital closed and the victims compensated by this hospital.

    Those,interested can reach me at [email protected] Recommend

  • Fahim Roshan Siyal

    No wonder why people say….. ‘MONEY CANT BUY HAPPINESS’….Recommend

  • Anas Ali

    I propose joint efforts to save lives of other patients from the clutches of Shifa International. Those who would like to join us can email us at, [email protected]Recommend

  • Bilal Chaudhry

    I agree with all above…Shifa does not have doctors but money making heartless machines. I had the same experience when my premature baby was born and they made huge mistakes due to which still he is carrying hearing complicationsRecommend

  • Sohail Abbas

    You are not the only victim here. We had a same experience and these butchers did their best to practice on my father’s heart after his heart attack and make double money out of him. His Dr. Was Dr. Yousuf Hassan and long story short he was a simple incapable and totally a butcher Dr.Recommend

  • salman

    they put on ventilators to make more money thats business , they are worst then butchers, i remember i took my father to shifa and they said we have to put him on ventilator and he never revived just want the money . strange world in my opinion there shouldnot be any private hospitalRecommend

  • Zartasha

    I went through this…my father didn’t make it. I was too broken to even take action against shifa. Recommend

  • talat

    Happened to me in my mother case,died in same hospital.not a very professional hospital…more of a bussiness oriented then a good hospital..Recommend

  • umar5150

    Back in 2007 Dr inayat ullah of shifa international did a spinal cord surgery of my brorher in law.since then he is paralysed and at bed for 9years.we have visited almost all the major hospitals in pakistan.even tried to go india for surgery but in vain.We went to media but shifa hospital nevr let that story come to public.Recommend

  • Kamran Saleem

    well sir in UK the average salary of a doctor is around 60 K pounds per year while that in pakistan is around 12K pounds average salaries of nurses in uk are around £28,180 per year while those in pakistan are around 4k pounds so how can u say that internationals standards can be achieved by charging more moneyRecommend

  • Kdada

    Prognosis of stroke depends on the type and extent of stroke and the associated immediate complications and not by dua alone.
    I am talking about the condition of the patient after the stroke as he was put through the strain of artificial breathing when there is no medical evidence that these group of patient do well on ITU.
    Its quite clear that the nursing care was pathetic and I am not justifying that.Recommend

  • Kdada

    I have clarified in my first comment that I don’t know the severity of his disease.Long term mortality following PEG placement is high, presumably reflecting the seriousness of the underlying stroke. Mortality rates at 30 days, 6 months and 12 months are in the range of 20%, 40% and 50% respectively (source SIGN guidelines: management of stroke, management of feeding).
    PEG insertion is not a common procedure and only used if dysphagia still persists after fourteen days and the patient quality of life post recovery is good. Swallowing and language assessment teams and dietitians prefer and try textured diet before going for invasive treatments.Recommend

  • Kdada

    This is not a rude comment but a very realistic explanation of the situation and prognosis. Being a medical professional that is my job. I am not hear to give false hopes to people and try interventions which are not useful and clearly futile. Every disease has severity markers. some of the severity markers are mentioned in this article. I have read the article in full and it is not clear how the writer father was after the stroke.
    There is a clear evidence of appalling nursing careRecommend

  • Kdada

    I am not making that decision. I am just informing people like you of the futile treatment options that has been used in this case.
    People who have good physiological reserve and good pre morbid state do good on ventilator till they recover. It doesn’t look like the case here.Recommend

  • Kdada

    I am a medical registrar in the NHS, Uk. I know my boundaries. I have good understanding of the medical ethics surrounding patient care and decision making. In the USA where decisions are made by families/patient, as pt pay for the medical insurance, who usually opt for the maximum treatment possible and hospitals provide it as the y get good amount of money in return. In the UK it is a medical team decision to decide about the most appropriate treatment for the patient keeping in mind medical ethics of autonomy, beneficence, no harm and judicious use of resources. Families/patient wishes are also taken in to account.
    As a medical professional I am expected to tell the patient and the families the true extent of the disease and the prognosis. I think your this assertion is not correct that in US doctors don’t take any decisions even if the result shows a big stroke and keep mum.Recommend

  • Salman Mansoor

    Well, sueing the hospital, writing articles defaming organizations as big as Shifa, blaming others have become a fashion these days. All those supporting the arguments in favor of the writer how can they surely say the patient wasn’t debilitated enough. Some indicators like prolonged catheterization and peg insertion does give a clue to patients inability to eat or void. The writer complained about him /her put up in a situation where she expected the nursing staff to clean his/her parent for the reason she was paying bills. I see a similar sort of disgust towards the act by he/she for her parent too. Stroke care is a long term rehabilitation which requires compassion, care and rehabilitation by both doctors, nurses, and family. You don’t babble about cleaning your parent even if you are paying. You are the blood relative. No one can show more compassion towards your parent than you. Everyone else is a human being. Stop taking healthcare as a commodity. It’s more of a service rather a hotel facility. With this mcdonaldization of Medicine its not a fancy that I might hear God being sued for negligence too in coming times. Recommend

  • Ahtisham

    Shifa international Hospital is only a business community model with inexperienced doctors. I also had a bad experience… May Allah safe us from these kind of butchers…Recommend

  • P A Khan

    Same experience. Unnecessary use of ventilators, the decisions mostly based on financial reasins than medical sound practices. Shifa is a one end street for old people. Recommend

  • Tahira

    I have also experienced such situation when my father in law’s blood pressure went low and he was sweating and we rush to the Shifa International Hospital H/8 as we thought it is a heart attack. Hospital admitted him and we were told that he had a heart attack and need angiography as early as possible. But we decided for second opinion. Next day while in a day without asking any of the family member they ask him to change dress as they were taking him for angiography. Only his nephew was with him and he refuses to take my father in law for process without consent of his uncle’s sons. We make him discharged and took to another hospital in Blue Area. After few test not ”not Angiography ” he was declared healthy and we were told that it was just a low blood pressure. Recommend

  • Haleema Hassan

    I really feel for you Sumaira and I hope your father recovers soon. Except for the attitude of the staff, I cannot really figure out what actually went wrong as I am not a doctor. I just feel that people have taken this as an oppotrunity to share their bad experiences they had with the hospital. I am however sure many must have had good experince with Shifa as well. And I am one of them. My mother had knee replacemnt surgery there in 2009 and alhamdolilah she is doing really well now. Our experience at Shifa was great, everyone from the surgeon to the staff all were compassionate and demosntrated positive attitude. Then I had my daughter at the hospital, thr time was really critical for me as I experinced severe bleeding during my c-section. My family was told I just had a 50% chance of surviving. The surgeon was immediately called and I had to undergo another surgery. And I survived only because I was at Shifa. Most women die due to this condition. Shifa has a lot many facilities and there were various options they had to save my life, which unfortunately many hospitals don’t have. I was lucky enough and feel indebted. Do we really have many options in this region when it comes to getting treatment for a good health facility? I guess Shifa is the first option that comes to mind when we think of hospital that provides so many services under one roof. I won’t say everything is perfect there. But we can’t blame the whole hospital for attitudes of a few. I still hope that your matter is looked into and you leave satisfied with your healthy father.Recommend

  • Parvez

    When the P.M or a CM or even one of our Lawmakers gets a twinge in his / her knee they rush off abroad ( at the county’s expense ) to get treated….so what do you expect ?Recommend

  • Haleema Hassan

    I really feel for you Sumaira and I hope your father recovers soon.
    Except for the attitude of the staff, I cannot really figure out what
    actually went wrong as I am not a doctor. I just feel that people have
    taken this as an opportunity to share their bad experiences they had
    with the hospital. I am however sure many must have had good experience
    with Shifa as well. And I am one of them. My mother had knee replacement
    surgery there in 2009 and alhamdolilah she is doing really well now.
    Our experience at Shifa was great, everyone from the surgeon to the
    staff all were compassionate and demonstrated positive attitude. Then I
    had my daughter at the hospital, the time was really critical for me as I
    experienced severe bleeding during my c-section. My family was told I
    just had a 50% chance of surviving. The surgeon was immediately called
    and I had to undergo another surgery. And I survived only because I was
    at Shifa. Most women die due to this condition. Shifa has a lot many
    facilities and there were various options they had to save my life,
    which unfortunately many hospitals don’t have. I was lucky enough and
    feel indebted. Do we really have many options in this region when it
    comes to getting treatment from a reputed health facility? I guess Shifa
    is the first option that comes to mind when we think of hospital that
    provides so many services under one roof. I won’t say everything is
    perfect there. But we can’t blame the whole hospital for attitudes of a
    few. I still hope that your matter is looked into and you leave
    satisfied with your healthy father.Recommend

  • Kdada

    The best thing that you can do to a dying person is to let him/her die in peace. This will be more humane. There is no benefit in putting them through the agony of intubation, ventilation and CPR.Recommend

  • Sane

    In this case if anyone sues the hospital, the doctors fraternity becomes supportive to negligent doctors and hospital. They ‘assist’ the court/prosecution to save their cronies. No ethics, no morality works. Nothing against doctors or hospital could be proved.Recommend

  • abubakar

    Please share your contact or email, I have same case about my mother (late).
    [email protected]Recommend