They feared him. They hated him. They wanted him dead.

Published: January 4, 2016

An armed Shi'ite protester holds a poster of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr during a demonstration outside the Saudi embassy in Sanaa October 18, 2014. PHOTO: REUTERS

They feared him. They hated him. They wanted him dead.

His name was Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, and his reformist voice threatened the very foundation of a family business disguised as an Islamic Kingdom.

In 2008, The Guardian described him “as the most popular Saudi Shia cleric among local youth”.

Following his arrests, thousands flooded the streets in Saudi Arabia, in what was an unprecedented event for the country.

On the surface, his means were reportedly peaceful. In 2011, he told the BBC he preferred “the roar of the word against authorities rather than weapons… the weapon of the word is stronger than bullets, because authorities will profit from a battle of weapons”.

In 2012, the cleric was arrested yet again for taking part in demonstrations against the Saudi Kingdom. Here, as before, he is said to have suffered from torture.

In 2014, he was sentenced to death, resulting in national and international outrage.

Al-Nimr stood with Shias who faced persecution at the hands of the Saudi regime. He also openly criticised the Kingdom’s allegedly violent meddling in the predominantly Shia neighbouring nation of Bahrain. But perhaps the kicker for the Saudis was his stance in favour of democracy, and his call for elections. Elections are, of course, Saudi Arabia’s kryptonite:

The Guardian,

“Nimr had long been regarded as the most vocal Shia leader in the eastern Saudi province of Qatif, willing to publicly criticise the ruling al-Saud family and call for elections.”


“Arguing that he is portrayed publicly as much more radical than the true content of his words and beliefs, the Sheikh also espoused other conciliatory ideas such as fair political decision-making over identity-based politics, the positive impact of elections, and strong ‘American ideals’ such as liberty and justice. Despite this more moderate tone, al-Nimr reasserted his ardent opposition to what he described as the authoritarianism of the reactionary al-Saud regime, stating he would always support ‘the people’ in any conflict with the government.”

We can all agree that by its very structure, a monarchy is un-Islamic. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is said to have commanded Muslims to choose their leader in a democratic process rather than a dynasty, and the Prophet’s (PBUH) grandson, Imam Hussain (AS), died fighting against a ruler who had defied this teaching in one of the most pivotal moments in Islamic history.

Here was al-Nimr, a rising cleric, rabidly popular among the youth and standing for non-violent demonstrations in favour of elections. Democracy is a very Islamic ideal, yet for the so-called gatekeepers of Islam, to follow this teaching would mean losing their grip on a profitable enterprise.

As anyone who has seen The Godfather knows – a powerful family business will put out a hit on those who threaten their way of life. In this case, the hit-men were members of the Saudi justice system.

Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme,

“The death sentence against Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr is part of a campaign by the authorities in Saudi Arabia to crush all dissent, including those defending the rights of the Kingdom’s Shi’a Muslim community.”

As Boumedouha explains, the Saudis wanted him out of the way, by any means necessary.

“Sheikh al-Nimr’s trial has been seriously flawed. Eyewitnesses, whose testimonies were the only evidence used against him, were not brought to court to testify. This violates the country’s own laws. The Sheikh was denied the most basic means to prepare for his defence and was not represented by legal counsel for some of the proceedings because the authorities did not inform his lawyer of some dates of the hearings.”

History will decide whether al-Nimr was a true freedom fighter, but the role of the villains of this tale is without doubt.

I leave you with the partial transcript of a speech delivered by the late cleric.

“For the past 100 years, we have been subjected to oppression, injustice, fear, and intimidation. From the moment you are born, you are surrounded by fear, intimidation, persecution, and abuse. We were born into an atmosphere of intimidation. We feared even the walls. Who among us is not familiar with the intimidation and injustice to which we have been subjected in this country?

I am 55-years-old, more than half a century. From the day I was born and to this day, I’ve never felt safe or secure in this country. You are always being accused of something. You are always under threat. The head of the State Security Service admitted this to me in person. He said to me when I was arrested, ‘All you Shiites should be killed’.

That is their logic. The head of the State Security Service in the eastern province said so himself.

They are still plotting to carry out a massacre. They are more than welcome. We are here. Our blood is a small price to pay in defence of our values. We do not fear death. We long for martyrdom.

A few months ago, the flame of honour was sparked in the spirits of the youth. The torch of freedom was lit. The people took to the streets demanding reform, honour, and freedom. There are people who have been held in prison unjustly for more than 16 years. In addition, the Peninsula Shield Force and the Saudi army invaded Bahrain.

Then, there were more and more arrests. So who was it who instigated strife and unrest?

The strife and unrest in Awwamiya were instigated by the regime, not the people. We will continue to defend the veteran and the new prisoners. We will stand by them. We don’t mind being arrested and joining them. We don’t even mind shedding our blood for their sake. We will continue to express even stronger solidarity with Bahrain. It is our own kin in Bahrain. Even if the Saudi army and the Peninsula Shield Force had not intervened, it still would have been our duty to stand by the people of Bahrain, our kin. Let alone, when the Saudi army takes part in the oppression, the killing, the violation of women’s honour, the plundering of money.

(The Saudi regime says) that we are acting at the ‘behest of a foreign country’. They use that as a false pretext. By ‘foreign country’ they mean Iran, of course. You can’t really tell if it’s Iran, Turkey, a European nation, or the US… but they usually mean Iran. In December 1978, there was an Intifada to defend the honour of the Awwamiya, when the riot police attacked the town. This was on December 10, 1978, before the Shah was deposed, before the Islamic Republic of Iran was even established. It was in 1978 – four months before the fall of the Shah.

A group of people convened to perform the religious rite of taziyeh for Imam Hussain (AS). It had nothing to do with political or security matters, but the security forces arrived and attacked them, and a confrontation ensued. People were defending themselves as well as their faith and honour.

That night, they arrested a hundred people. This was prior to the fall of the Iranian Shah. So how can they talk about foreign interference?

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Iran has been developing its military capabilities. If you are worth your salt, develop capabilities of your own, instead of talking. Iran is doing actual work. It has a military industry and is making progress. Instead of talking about ‘a behest of a foreign nation’, go ahead and sever your relations with Iran.

You keep talking about a ‘foreign nation’. I dare you to name that nation. Do you not dare to even mention its name?

At the end (the Saudi statement) read: ‘We will use an iron fist’.

Go ahead and use your ‘iron fist’ against that ‘foreign nation’. Why are you using it against us, against 40 or 50 wretched people? If such a ‘foreign nation’ exists, attack the head of the serpent. If you mean Iran, go ahead and attack Iran, or any other country. Let’s see your ‘iron fist’. It will turn out to be a cardboard fist in the face of that ‘foreign nation’.

We have no ties with Iran or any other nation. We are connected to our values and we shall defend them, even if your media continues with its distortions.

The Peninsula Shield Force and Saudi army are mired in the quagmire of Bahrain. They are finding it difficult to leave. They are entangled there. They haven’t accomplished their goals and they cannot leave. They are stuck in a quagmire, and they will find themselves stuck in a worse quagmire. If they come here they will find themselves in a worse quagmire, because we are in Saudi Arabia.

Not by violence, but by our determination, by our belief and by our steadfastness, shall your power be defeated.

We have the determination to resist your injustice, and we will not surrender. The most you can do is kill us and we welcome martyrdom for the sake of Allah. Life does not end when a man dies. Real life begins when he dies. Either we live on this land as free men, or die and be buried as pious men. We have no other choice.

We submit to the authority of Allah, his messenger (PBUH), and his family, and that’s it. We do not submit to the authority of a ruler. Never. No ruler, whoever he may be, has authority over us. (Political) power does not grant a ruler legitimate authority. The legitimacy of authority emanates from Allah.

Authority is bestowed by Allah, and he does not bestow it upon the unjust. We are not loyal to other countries or authorities, nor are we loyal to this country. What is this country? The regime that oppresses me? The regime that steals my money, sheds my blood, and violates my honour?

What does a country mean? The regime? The ruling clan? The soil?

I don’t know what a country means. Loyalty is only to Allah! We have declared, and we reiterate, our loyalty is to Allah, not to the Saud clan. Our loyalty is to Allah, not this country. Our loyalty is to Allah and to those whom Allah grants authority. That’s it.”


Noman Ansari

Noman Ansari

The author is the editor-in-chief of IGN Pakistan, and has been reviewing films and writing opinion pieces for The Express Tribune as well as Dawn for five years. He tweets as @Pugnate (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • someone

    This is really sad . A great loss to the worldRecommend

  • JP

    The Wahabi/Khawariji Sunnis [Royal family and bedouins] have never
    been a united force. It is a Tribal Society. They can’t even raise a full
    strength army of their own citizens. And have to beg around for mercenaries
    from Egypt, Turkey, Sudan, Somalia, the Islamic Maghreb and Pakistan by
    flashing their Petro dollars. Pakistan is their favorite, because it is nuclear
    armed and has the best trained armed forces. And Saudis hope to buy some
    nuclear weapons to counter Iran. Which will not happen. No sale. No deal.
    With the latest, state of the art equipped armed forces, they are unable to defeat
    a ragged rag tag bunch of Yemeni nationalists. All of this taking place in a pint size country like Yemen for the last 6 months.. It is now becoming Saudia’s Vietnam.Recommend

  • Raheel

    He supported only his people to ouster the regime.Recommend

  • Hyder

    They plotted him, they paid him, they wanted him alive.Recommend

  • Nabeel

    And again, another article over exagerrating the situation in Saudi Arabia.
    Yes, it was not right from Saudi government’s part to execute him.
    But having lived here all my life, I can safely tell that the discrimination Shias face over here is not more than what they have to face in any other Sunni Majority Muslim Nation. Ofcourse, nobody should be discriminated based on their beliefs, but highlighting a single country and declaring it as the “Villian” is not right.
    In Saudi Arabia, lots of key Goverment institutions employee Shias in majority (Especially in Eastern Province). They are free to pray in Sunni Masjids without being creepily stared at and vice versa. Best possible security arrangements are put into place during the month of Muharram and other occassions. I am pointing out these facts to counter the not entirely true perception being created.
    Yes, unfortunately Shias do face discrimination as a minority in Saudi Arabia, no doubt about that, but not as much as the late Cleric’s speech or this article suggests.Recommend

  • Haney

    He was reformer and voice of oppressed. He had truly undertood the meaning of Karbala and implemented it in His own life. Life doesn’t end after death infact real life starts after the death. You either live as a free man or die as pious martyr. What a man he is. Truly my ideal.Recommend

  • Adil

    You’re definitely set for an Iranian citizenship after this article. Good luck :)Recommend

  • Ranjem Fedas

    I think we should butt out and stay away from other countries fights we have plenty of our own. Iran should’ve protected the foreign mission, SAudia is not Iran territory for it to dictate to them how they should govern. None of u have ever wrote about the plight of sunnis in iran who can’t perform azan or build a mosque in shia majority area in iran as per law. Saudi shiites have more rights and religious freedoms than iranian sunnis having lived in Saudi eastern province Qatif area for 5 years i can safely confirm that. Plus we have our own sectarian issues which we can’t solve better stay away from other fights and concentrate on our own problems.Recommend

  • JP

    This is the same country that exported extremely toxic Wahabi brand of Islam
    all over the world. Funded and armed the virulent Wahabi ISIS, until the monster turned on it’s master. A huge number of the madrassas teaching radical Wahabi version of Islam in Pakistan, receive their funding from Saudia.
    Germany, Switzerland and Austria will no longer allow any mosque funded by Saudia. The whole World condemns Saudi’s record of human rights violations.
    The Saudi’s don’t allow ANY Human Rights organization in the their country.
    The list is long nearly endless as to the involvement of Saudia into the spread
    of extremist Islam, all over the Islamic World. Including the West. Over the
    last 40 years. Rather, since the price of oil took off.
    And here you are making excuses for them, even praising them!
    We all know which side your toast is buttered.Recommend

  • Rafidi

    Saudi Arabia should not have executed him but as far as Iran is concerned it is the biggest hypocrite in middle east they talk about the plight of Palestinians and on the other hand support ruthless dictators like basher assad they use poor shia Afghanis to fight for them in exchange of citizenship they support armed militias who ruthlessly kill Sunnis in Iraq and sham. Iran is at war with Sunnis they do not want to see a stable middle east. They are involved in spreading sectarianism trying to wage a sunni shiite war.Recommend

  • tman

    lol .. this writer is always hating on Saudis .. move onto a new topic as your hatred is now boring and use some articles for your own country and for the wonderful justice we have in Pakistan ..Recommend

  • vinsin

    First two lines contract next two lines.Recommend

  • Alter Ego

    Dear Author,
    Do we have peace , stability,fair justice system, useless resources that we need to
    put our long nose into everyones business but our own?
    Think on it.Recommend

  • Zee

    Have you lived in Iran too?Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Who’s ‘butting in’? Nobody.

    Unless you’re saying that social media users and analysts expressing their opinions on matters outside the boundaries of Pakistan (like in Denmark, Syria, France, or Palestine) counts as interference.Recommend

  • abc

    Last year the only Sunni Mosque is Tehran was also demolished. May be the writer hadn’t seen it. Be fair.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The KSA is the only country in the world named after a family……..a family installed in place by the British. With such a beginning and no history behind them, it is small wonder that the Saudi royalty are unable to comprehend the need for accommodation an invaluable trait in today’s troubled world.Recommend

  • siesmann

    It is strange that Shais and Sunni “Ulama” could not sit together and iron out minor doctrinal differences over 14 centuries.Ulama’s favourite tools are Fatwas(against whoever they fancy against)and violence.Still defunct concepts like Ummah, Khilafat,Jihad hold sway-off course common man just wants to live peacefully,but Mullahs won’t let them.Recommend

  • KahnaKacha

    Definitely a sad moment, and should be condemned. When it comes to executions. China usually always tops the list in absolute numbers, while Iran has highest per capita executions. Both Iran and China are also notorious in executing political opponents. Iran also routinely executes Sunni clerics. Iran uses Moharebeh (waging war against God or people) law, which carries death penalty, to regularly execute anyone who opposes the regime in Iran. They say speaking against the regime is same as speaking against God, thus deserving to be killed.

    According to Amnesty International, other countries making up the world’s top five executioners in 2014 were Iran (289 officially announced and at least 454 more that were not acknowledged by the authorities), Saudi Arabia (at least 90), Iraq (at least 61) and the USA (35).Recommend

  • Syeda Ali

    Wow! You have a great mind to see the unforeseen. Kudos to your blind thoughtsRecommend

  • Syeda Ali

    A brave & true article. Thank you for writing thisRecommend

  • umar ali

    great one sir al saud will soon vanished from this planetRecommend

  • khan

    Both Saudia and Iran suppress minorities. Iran executed a man called Abdul Malik Regi for the same reasons as Nimr, however, the response from human rights watchdogs was not so profound, mainly as Regi was accused of violence. Though Regi was fighting for sunni rights in Iran. Therefore, we need to restrain ourselves from getting involved in Saudi-Irani conflict.Recommend

  • Ahad

    Sheikh Nimr is Bhagat Singh of KSA. A revolutionary of 21st century.Recommend

  • Jack Lord

    As per islamic version there is no sympathy for rebels or rebellion.It should be quelled with full force Nimr was insurgent and threatening the stability of KSA. Irrespective of his religious affiliation with any sect.Just like red mosque in islamabad Molvi ghazi was eliminated as he was destabilizing and creating state within state and justifying his ignorance with islamic references.Every country has right to crush rebels as per their law.God forbid if pakistan do the same iran and shia in pakistan will become enemy of pakistan as terrorism has no religious face.insurgents can also come as religious scholars.The rule is simple and brutal Zero tolerance when state is challenged either Sofi Muhammed of pakistan or Nimr of saudi arabia all will be treated as per laws of the country.Recommend

  • Jack Lord

    What do you say about things happening in yemen and nigeria ? who is exporting revolution in these countries ? irani mullas are no better than wahabbis.Their brutalities , atrocities of bisijis against peaceful green revolutionist in iran viewed by whole world during last elections.devil remain devil either it wears black or white turban :)Recommend

  • Patwari

    It is strange that Hindu Sadhus, Swamis and Devdasis and other assorted
    Hindu holy men and scholars, could not put an end to the caste system, the
    Sati system, the Untouchables system, the the killing of infant girls system,
    and the Beef system. This inability of Indians to accept other Indians
    is the reason why india will get nowhere. It is just blatant communalism or
    provincialism or sectarianism or any other ” ..ism..” that defeats India at every
    turn. Common Hindu [all 1.5 billion] wants to live peacefully, but the Swamis, Sadhus, Devdasis and the political caretakers of Hindutva Raj won’t let them.Recommend

  • Chitral wala

    You advise against “butting” then proceeded to lay laurels on the
    Saudis heads? How nice they are, how they allowed 3 Irani Shia
    families to settle in Qatif. How much religious freedom there is in
    Saudia. How every Shia gets 3 meals a day due to the benevolence
    and largesse of the Saudi royal cartel.
    Now that is pure unadulterated hogwash. Shias are non entities in
    Saudia. They are not to be heard or seen. Everyone knows that.
    Last year, the Saudis shot and killed 7 Shias in the Eastern Province
    because they were attending a religious gathering in a private home !
    22 were wounded, arrested, and never heard from again.
    Same country that says women should not drive because they may
    damage their ovaries !?! That’s roughly 50% of the population, that
    is not allowed to drive.Recommend

  • Minerva

    What a knowledgeable person you are Patwariji! Devdasis are Hindu holy men!? And what is “beef system”! FYI, it is not the same century when your poor ancestors were forcefully converted by Muslim invaders. There is no Sathi any more! India might not get “anywhere”, but will reach everywhere before Pakis (Mars, anyone!).Recommend

  • Nabeel

    I am praising nobody. Just pointing out what I have witnessed over here myself (one should not totally rely on raw media reports to form an opinion about anything). Moreover Iran too cannot claim of having clean hands themselves ( I do not want to get into details as the whole world is aware of it). There are clear evidences of Iran’s negative interference and attempts of creating unrest in Saudi Arabia.

    They violate human rights as much as Saudis do (Have you ever met a common citizen of Iran and asked them about their opinion on the current and past authorities in their country?) Secondly, please enlighten about the human rights Sunnis enjoy in Iran.

    The Sheikh everyone is mourning over wasnt entirely clean either (Try and read about other side of the story as well before jumping on to conclusions).
    Unfortunately no Muslim nation can boast about having 100% human rights for their citizens, there are discrepancies in one form or the other everywhere.
    @disqus_rs50opNaR7:disqus: Absolutely, most of them have blood on their hands.Recommend

  • Rex minor

    Nothing and nothing justifies the murder of a shia cleric who was living in the holy land! May God give him peace in life after death that both Sunnis and Shias believe in!

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Time Is Up

    Did you miss the context? Let us stick to the point of discussion Shia/Sunni. Challenge siesmann on what he said, do not divert from the topic.Recommend

  • Time Is Up

    Iranis should not have burned the Embassy. They should have protested without violence. Peaceful protests should be encouraged.

    Was Nimr a Iranian citizen or Saudi? My understanding is he is a Saudi citizen. As a sovereign nation, Saudi can do what they want with their citizens, and brace for sanctions if they believe they were unfair.

    One may say its about brotherhood, etc. By in that regards Saudis have beheaded Pakistanis without fair trial and letting them have consular help, then we should be burning down Saudi embassy in Islamabad, however we are peaceful and protesting against it via pressure on our Govt. Violence is not a answer here.Recommend

  • anjayz mirza

    No Sir my father worked for Saudi telecom based from Hofuf. Hofuf, Qatif, Al-Ahsa has a significant shia majority where they notonyl practice freely but also get obs in police and other public sector. Also does’nt a lot of Pakistani, Lebanese, iraqi shias earning livelihood in Saudi Arabia. If Saudi Arabia really how u r describing will Iran employ even half of those million working in Saudi? Iran’s sunni treatment is in alot of human rights org.s papers with proof and legal work not mediaa reports only. Iran hung 6 sunni men in March 2015 for converting few shias towards sufi. They were all hanged just on the basis of this. Did any Saudi bombed Irani mission due to that? Iran also is 2nd ranked in mass executions. They use propaganda and play victim card to galvanize shia from other countries.Recommend

  • Ajay

    Please comment on my words: unless corrupt dynastic rulers and clerics of the islamic world do not stop misusing religion in government, education and social norms, the Islamic world itself will be ruined. Please see the writing on the wall. The Muslim people’s role is important. Please behave like modern educated people not like medieval clans under a Beduin leader.Recommend

  • FrancesHA

    Saudi officials can not silence the voices of justice by force, eventually they will have to pay for their deeds. The very fact that government takes action against whoever speak against their set-up shows that they are worried and know they are headed for a downfall!Recommend

  • Patwari

    Feeling better? But of course ! Devdasis are temple prostitutes.
    Only in India, temple ‘female’ workers are given this reverence.
    Now, then, read the comment again. Slow and easy.
    Devdasis are part and parcel of the hindu temples, and they acquire a holy connotation, a reverence, a piety in the hindu
    scheme of religion. So, any questions?
    [You don’t have a leg to stand on. Not even a crooked one]Recommend

  • JP

    You don’t have to rely on one media source to form your opinion. You form it after reading analyzing articles reports, blogs from very distinguished news outlets. Like BBC, NBC, ABC, Bloomberg, Wall Street journal, NY Times, US News Report, CNN, Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times, Boston Globe, MSNBC ITV,UTV, RT, published over the YEARS, plus the Internet [you don’t have any access in Saudia]..exception being the Khaleej Times, Fox News, Strait Times [Singapore] Gulf News [Emirates]
    The fact of the matter is the Shia cleric DID NOT receive a fair trial. It was a sham, a ridiculous affair. That’s why the world is in an uproar.
    This blog is about Saudia murdering a Shia Cleric. A well known dissenter. This blog is NOT ABOUT IRAN. If Iran murders 50 Sunnis a day, that allows Saudia to murder 150 Shias a day?
    You, very obviously, are a Sunni. And your opinion is biased.
    You are looking at all this, through a sectarian lens.Recommend

  • Zee

    “Exported extremely toxic Wahabi branch of Islam”. Disagreed. Rather world read Islamic word was more safer before extremist Shia inqillab in Iran and then dream of Iran to implement the same ideology in other Muslim countries resulted what we are seeing today.

  • Zee

    WoW, if someone disagreeing with your opinion and then s/he is sectarian and have biased opinions! Hats off to you the most enlightened one.

    Pl enlighten yourself further to just google Iran and see the plight of minorities over there. Both Saudia and Iran are extremist countries and who loves both countries more then Pakistan should settle there immediately.Recommend

  • Zee

    Author, so called civil society and the protestors on Pakistan streets!

    Where were you when Bangladesh hanged JI’s leader without fair trail and even BD and Pak did agreed that no body will be punished for 1971 war crimes. I haven’t seen a single protest or blog! Why?

    Everyone who loves Saudia or Iran more than Pakistan should settle their permanently. Enough we don’t want you.

    ET Mods, pl publish my comment without moderation.Recommend

  • Zee

    Greta loss?Recommend

  • Zee

    Totally agreed! Any one challenging state should be treated with iron hand and no other country is allowed to meddle in internal affairs be it Iran, Saudia etc. Recommend

  • Milind A

    But then also we don’t make tall claims of Hinduism, Hindu ummah either. Unlike you we have already accepted faults in Hinduism and worked/working on rectifying these.Recommend

  • talha usmani

    There is a huge misconception about the plight of Shiaas in Saudi Arabia. I haven’t seem them degraded by the authorities at any moment at all. They are living peacefully and owning huge businesses as well as working for the biggest oil producing firm (Saudi Aramco) in the world. They are some times even better educated than their Sunni peers and command a lot of respect in the society for being very peaceful. There is a huge Saudi Shiaa student population studying in foreign countries based on scholarships provided by the government.

    There are only a handful of Shiaa activists in a small village who make all the noise at the behest of a foreign hand and that gets echoed all around the world.But if for a second, people look at the plight of Sunnis in current Iran and Iraq, they will understand what persecution is at the hands of the government. I would advise to look at the ground realities before pointing your guns based on perceptions created by paid media outlets.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    As per islamic version there is no sympathy for rebels or rebellion.It should be quelled with full force

    Says who? .There is wickedness in your narrtive, it is obscene, inhuman and Evil, and is outside the jurisdiction of the religion of Islam. Those who participated in the destruction of the house of God in Islamabad were evil forces too. whose leader has been disgraced, indicted as a criminal and is awaiting trials of his deeds.
    The laws of an Islamic State must reflect the Islamic values; “though shall not kill” is Gods commandment and this is clearly being violated ruthlessly in several muslim countries barring Turkey.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Mihir Thakkar

    salmean taseer was murdered in paksitan so was sabeen mehmud and many others in in Pakistan . Millions of people were killed in east Pakistan, which is now bangladesh, people are killed in gilgit balistan, balochsitan, pashtunistan . sindh and serkaistan and there is no protest at allRecommend

  • Mihir Thakkar

    why is there such a hue and cry over a murder of a muslim.
    so many muslims are killed in Pakistan, bangladesh, myanmar, sri lanka, thailand, yemen, libya, syrria, iran, iraq, saudi arabia , turkey, Egypt, tunisia, libya , sudan somalia, eritirea, and last of all israel. muslims are being killed in many palces so it is not news at all Recommend